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Chapter 777 Everything

Time seemed to have moved into the slow motion kind of pace. Alicia felt her heartbeat missed a beat and slowly, her eyes widened.

Ezekiel too nearly had reacted the same way. His eyes stretched noticeably wide as if he had surprised himself at the words that his own mouth had just uttered.

For what felt like a long while – but might actually just be a few seconds – the both of them just sat there and stared at each other. Unmoving. Wrapped together by a thick shocked silence. And it looked as though neither of them were breathing with how still they were.

Until Alicia began to hear the loud pounding of her heart. His words… they finally registered fully into her mind that had short-circuited and had now rendered her entire being paralyzed under him. What… did he just… say? Did he just…

Alicia searched his face in utter disbelief. And what she found on it only surprised her even more. She could now see real emotions flickering in his eyes and they were not actually subtle ones. In fact, they were so vivid and so intense that it was nearly hard for her to believe that this was really the very same Ezekiel that she had known all this time. It was hard to believe that this was the very same man who had been so eternally emotionless.

And the look in his eyes, that human-like expression, seemed to be able to just take her breath away. Ezekiel looked like a totally different person right now in her eyes. And this version of him, she was hard pressed to admit it even to herself, but she did find it… simply mesmerizing.

That new and unfamiliar kind of gleam in his eyes was just something she could not explain with just mere words – as words somehow were just too plain to be able to describe how he was right now.

She had no idea he was capable of showing such emotions. She did not even think he ever would show such a face as what she was seeing on him now. And… she was nowhere near prepared for it. His words and emotions took her so much by surprise that now she could not stop her hand that was already reaching out to touch his face and...

Kiss him. Hard. The overwhelming yearning to kiss that mouth just exploded without warning within her. It was so primal and so strong that she felt the joints in her whole body almost gave way at the intensity of it.

"Ez… Ezekiel…" She did not know why she had uttered his name. It had just automatically fell from her lips in a breathless sound, as if someone was torturing her. Then her fingers somehow gained independence and moved on their own accord and started caressing his jaw ever so gently and fluttery light.

But just as she cupped his face to kiss him, he drew in a sharp deep breath followed by an inaudible curse.

He grabbed onto her wrists, pulling her hands away from his face. His jaws were clenching hard that she saw his jaw muscles working. His breathing came in sharp and rapid pants. And the expression he had on his face changed once again. Only this time, it was into an emotion that she could not quite fathom.

Then before she could even take the time to ponder more about that new expression he was showing, he pulled away. His movement so swift from on top of her to the floor that it made it seem that her vision had an afterimage. The next thing she knew, he had already slid down and leaned against the couch, turning his back to her as he sat there.

Alicia felt like the cold north wind was blowing all over her. The cold was quickly replacing the warmth of the fire that had been left in his wake and jolted her senses that had all fallen crazy hard under the spell of his words and that momentarily show of emotions awake. The warmth was now totally gone – as though it had never been there – except for the one single warm touch of his hand around her wrist. That one connection that they had which cannot be broken – at least for now.

"Forget what I just said," his usual calm voice echoed in the silence around them, breaking it like a hammer to a mirror. Just like that, he was once again back to the usual cold and emotionless Ezekiel. "Just like you, I'm… I'm not myself right now." Was the only excuse he gave for all that upheaval of emotions earlier.

She stared at the ceiling, pressing her own flattened lips into a tight line before letting out a shaky breath when she was sure her emotions that were running amok were sufficiently under control. Her body did not move an inch, but she turned her head to look at him. "W-what?"

It took him a long while to respond to her simple one-word question. As if he had struggled silently in secret for quite a while on whether to open his mouth and answer her or not.

Then he started doing something so unlike the Ezekiel she knew, rattling off the very same explanations he had told her before. He was repeating himself. "This demonic power running through you… is not only messing with your emotions and everything else. It also messes up mine just the same because you are…" he paused for a moment, as though not sure how to word the next part, "…you are a part of me right now. An extension of my own body. My power flows into you, circulates and then returns to me, bringing everything… all of your confusion and every intense emotion. They all come at me endlessly, persistently, without any filters or exceptions. They mess with my composure and thoughts and…"

"Emotions?" she picked out the word she thought he was meaning to say. Her voice was quiet, coated with some kind of serene mask.

"Everything." he uttered in a way that Alicia could not tell if it the word he used was a correction or not.

She swallowed the stupid lump in her throat and forced out another word. "And…?"

"So for your sake, do not believe in what I say and do while I'm in this messed up state."

Chapter 778 Great relief

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The corners of Alicia's lips curved up into a bitter, angered smile after hearing that last statement that he made. As though making a disclaimer in order to clear himself off all responsibilities to the actions that he had done. "You're saying that the things you said earlier weren't real? That they were nothing but the result of your messed up state? So I should not be taking them seriously?"

He fell quiet again. But this time she waited for him to respond.

"Yes." He answered. His tone completely undiscernible.

"I see…" Alicia pushed herself up to a sitting position. "So these… all that had happened earlier were all nothing but a result of our messed up situation." She made a statement and nodded as if forcefully convincing herself what he said was the truth. She hated the feeling of disappointment that had rose sharply within her. All this was just so absurd. She should feel relieved that all that had happened were nothing as he claimed. Because if it was all real… she would not even know how to proceed anymore. What would happen between them… that was another huge headache that needed to be dealt with as well.

Thinking more about it, all she knew was that everything would most probably fall apart. The little bit of defense left in her, her mission, every implication… everything… Therefore, things as how they stood now was for the best. Right…?

Relief should be flooding her entire being. The world might turn upside down and the two of them would still be enemies. A vampire and a witch will forever be forbidden. But why was it that there was this little spark of regret that she was feeling deep within her heart?

"That's a great relief." She breathed out, looking away, retorting back at him, acting as though she was happy that everything was back to 'normal'.

Alicia had failed to realize that even at this moment, they were both in what they called 'their messed-up state' and that like what Ezekiel had said, they must not believe what each other would say.

"Then you should keep it in mind not to believe the emotions you feel coming from me as well, Ezekiel. That intense lust I am feeling towards you was nothing but a result of this messed up situation. Just like you, I don't have any control over it. You of all people should know even better of my current physical condition." She spouted with bravado.

What she had just said sounded so utterly ridiculous even in her own ears, but this was better. It was for her own sake and peace of mind. She must keep in mind that if they were both to lose control again and give in to this so-called carnal desire of theirs, one of them would die. And that someone would be no one else but her.

Not that it even mattered, because she was already dead. But she must stay on, now that she had regained her physical form. At least until the last day of her mission.

He turned his face sideways but did not move further enough for him to look at her. She saw his lips opened and she could tell he was about to say something else. But for some reason, he refrained and turned to his front again.

She wanted to hear what he was going to say but she remained quiet. And he did not speak again.

After a long time of nothing but silence, the doorbell rang. It sounded like a loud gong in that extended silence between them.

Ezekiel stood and Alicia quietly followed behind him.

No one was outside the door. It seemed that they had just left the shopping bags on the floor and ran off once their duties were done. Ezekiel took them and shut the door after them.

Once they were back at the couch, Zeke handed the bags over to Alicia.

He propped himself on the couch while Alicia took out the clothes in the bag using her one free hand. Her lips parted in shock at the sight of the lingerie she was holding. Her face immediately burned.

Her reaction made Ezekiel turn to look at her. Their eyes met and Zeke's brows creased, wondering what had caused her to be so flustered. Slowly, his gaze fell on the article of clothes in her hand. It was one hell of a provocative pink lingerie. It was the ones that could barely cover anything when worn. In Alicia's opinion, it was as good as not wearing anything if she put these on.

Alicia shoved the lingerie back into the bag and pulled out the others in there, only to discover an even more seductive two-piece inside. Her blushing face flamed into a darker shade of red.

She grabbed the other bags and peered into it and her jaw dropped as they contained no decent clothes at all. It was a whole different set of provocative sleepwear. Some were made of laces and transparent vintage gowns. What the hell?!!

Her head whipped towards Ezekiel. Only to find him taking in a sharp breath while his jaws were working hard, as though he was having a hard time controlling his instincts too.

Swiftly, he brought his phone out from his pocket and speed dialed Lucas' number.

"Boss, uhm. It's not me! I swear!" Lucas immediately began spouting off excuses the moment he answered the call, even before Zeke could even say a thing.

Then Alex's voice echoed out next.

"I hope you liked what the saleslady had helped to choose. I made sure to tell her to pack the sexiest, most provocative lingerie ever –"

"Alexander." Zeke said Alex's complete name with a clipped and controlled harshness.

But the man at the other side of the phone just guffawed in laughter when he heard Zeke's tone, as though he was just waiting to hear that. Then the line was immediately cut off.

When Zeke looked back down at his phone's screen, he saw that it had shut down. Alex must have hacked into it for sure. He knew that the damned man was making himself busy the past few months by learning how to hack because he had said it was crazy fun. And damn him for being so good at it too.

Zeke sighed, shutting his eyes closed, looking as though he was struggling to fight for calm himself, while Alicia looked at the multiple seductive lingerie sets again, blushing and shaking her head in disbelief.
Chapter 779 Hate you

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Back at Little Flower bookstore.

Iryz was drawing Zeres again – this time while he was sleeping on the floor. The man was lying on the floor instead of sitting in his usual position against the wall.

Last night, she had really dreamt of something that she believe will certainly lead them to the whereabouts of the book that he was desperately searching for. She was excited to tell him more about it and she could not wait to see his reaction. She was sure Zeres would be ecstatic with the news.

But for once, the man was not waking up. Iryz thought that he must have just fallen asleep, so she did not move from her bed and just grabbed for her sketch pad – as it was as good a time as any to grab this opportunity to draw him.

She thought at first to go downstairs and check on that spot where she had seen in her dream. But she did not want to wake Zeres up. He always wakes up the moment she tries to open the door or even when she just climbs off her bed. So she stayed where she was. She must at least let him sleep a little bit longer.

Until time passed and she finally finished her sketch. Surprisingly, the angel-looking male witch was not waking up and still seemed to be in dreamland!

Iryz creased her brows and she wondered if Zeres was finally tired out after all those restless nights he had spent browsing through those countless books.

A quiet sigh escaped her lips as she laid her sketchbook on her lap and looked over at him. He looked a little more comfortable this time sleeping flat on the floor. Munching on her inner cheeks, she so wanted to approach him, drape a blanket over him, touch his unusual silver hair and…

She bit down on her lower lip the moment she caught herself smiling a silly grin from ear to ear as she stared at him. Shaking her head, Iryz forced her eyes back to the sketch she had just completed. No, she should not. She must not continue adoring this man more than she already had. Because… because she could never have him. He could never be hers. He would never look at her – not in the way that she wanted him to, anyway.

Repeatedly, Iryz told herself that Zeres was like those fictional characters in books she would quickly fall in love with. Someone that she can only adore from afar off and dream about. Nothing else. It was not like she did not know how he was pining for that other woman who he was putting in all this effort for. It would be detrimental to her heart and mental health if she were to get caught up in this dream and lose herself. No, she had more realistic issues to deal with – like being able to pay off her house. She needed to focus.

Closing her sketch pad, Iryz took a deep breath and forced a smile. She lifted her gaze to look at him just to see him suddenly rise from the floor into a sitting position.

He was breathing hard, and his angel-like face looked like he had just seen something that totally horrified him. Did he just wake up from a nightmare?

Iryz hastily climbed off her bed, poured a water from the pitcher into a glass and brought it over to him. Squatting on the floor right across him, Iryz looked at him with so much concern shining in her eyes. "Are you okay?" she asked him so gently, reaching out hesitantly, wanting to touch his forehead to see if he was perhaps running a fever.

"Uhm… here's a glass of water," she added when suddenly, his eyes brightened. It almost look like a weak flashlight. Then without warning, he moved so fast and stood up, knocking her hand that was holding the glass of water, causing Iryz to be knocked off balance and fell backwards on her bottom. It was as if he had never seen her nor heard her in the first place at all. 'What could have caused him to react so urgently?' she wondered to herself.

The next thing she realised was that there was a sharp pain in her palm. When she looked down at it, she saw that it was bleeding. It was only then that she realized that the glass she had been holding had broken when it fell with her, and she had cut herself on the shards.

Whipping around, Iryz saw that the door was left opened, and Zeres was long gone. He had stormed out like the room was on fire. She winced at the pain in her hand and grabbed her hand towel that was draped over her chair and pressed it down onto the wound, putting pressure on it to stem the bleeding. Then she quickly rose to go find the first aid kit downstairs.

She was nibbling on the insides of her slightly trembling lip as she descended the stairs. And it was not just because from the pain of the wound. Her throat felt swollen, and it hurts. She could not quite help it. She told herself that he did not notice her at all. That he did not know that she was there. That was why he had unknowingly bumped into her on his way out. She had seen that strange and slightly crazed light in his eyes after all. But still, it did so little in soothing her hurt feelings. The fact was, even if he did unknowingly and accidentally bump into her, he did not even stop to turn around and throw out an apology. It was as though she was invisible to him.

"I… I hate you," she muttered weakly as she fumbled with opening the first aid kit. "I really hate you right now, Zeres. Do you know that? I really don't adore you anymore. I mean it –"

Iryz gasped when she felt someone's presence suddenly looming behind her. Oh no! Did he come back and heard her bad-mouthing him?

Whipping around, Iryz was about to force out a smile when she froze. The man standing before her was not Zeres. He was wearing a black hoodie so she could not see his face but his presence and physique alone told her this man was someone else. Someone sinister.

"W-who are you?" she stumbled back a few steps and before she could run off or scream for help, the man in the hoodie came at her, inhumanly fast.

Then everything turned completely dark.
Chapter 780 Ten days

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Zeres had rushed over and just reached the building where Zeke was residing in when Alex suddenly showed up, stopping him from going further in.

"Yo White Dragon! Been a while! How have you been?" Alex was grinning as he draped his arm around Zeres' shoulders.

"Alex, what are you doing here?" he was taken aback at seeing Alex in front of Zeke's place.

"What. You're not happy to see me?" Alex arched one of his brows at Zeres and the silver-haired man only shook his head.

"I'm sorry but I need to go. I'm in a rush." Zeres attempted to remove Alex's arm from his shoulders, but the man did not even budge an inch, causing Zeres to frown at him. Why was Alex stopping him from going in?

"Are you going in there to go check on Alicia?" Alex bent his head next to his and spoke in a low voice.

Alex's whisper made his eyes widen. How did Alexander know about Alicia? Did Kiel tell him about her?

"You don't need to go there anymore. Don't worry, Zeke's keeping her from disappearing." The shock that came over Zeres' face upon hearing these words worsened. What had Zeke done?

"How… How come you know about all of this, Alexander?" Zeres asked, eyes still widening. He had just had a nightmare where Alicia had reached her time limit in her spirit form, and had disappeared for good now. It shocked and scared him to his very core, causing him to be jolted awake from his deep sleep. He could never accept it if Alicia was indeed gone.

"I have my own source of information I can't disclose to you, you know that right. But listen here…" Alex's face was serious now. "Be rest assured I know exactly what's going on with her. Alicia won't disappear as long as she does not get physically separated from Zeke." He explained the gist of it to Zeres to reassure the man that Alicia was in no danger of disappearing right at the moment.

Zeres' frown became deeper. "Explain to me in detail Alexander, or I'll go to Kiel myself right now." Zeres eyes were flashing with a threatening light and Alex knew that if he did not tell the man what he wanted to know, he would definitely barge in and cause a ruckus right now.

"Zeke's using his demonic powers to keep her here. He had returned her back into her physical form because that's the only way to keep her here for now. Due to that, her physical body now only has the strength of a normal human being, though. I know I don't need to explain to you anymore, but I'm sorry. I can't let you get past me, Zeres."

"Why?" Zeres voice was rumbling low as he asked Alex that. He sensed that many strong vampires were milling around in the vicinity. They were all here to guard someone. And that someone was no other than Kiel. But why? When did Kiel needed guards – like in ever? And to think that Alexander is here too to guard him? What on earth was happening? There must be something else that Alex was not telling him.

Bending over, Alex whispered in Zeres' ear. "I know you see all these people here. That's because Zeke's pretty vulnerable right now. Keeping Alicia from disappearing requires a hell lot of his power. What he's doing right now was something unthinkable after all. Since he's basically keeping someone dead, alive. And if someone were to come and attack him now, there's no way he could fight back properly, since Alicia is with him too."

For a long while, Zeres did not speak. He just stood there quietly after hearing Alex's statement.

"And you're not going to let me near him because I am a threat to Kiel's life right now. Is that right?" Zeres eventually broke the silence and Alex held his gaze in a rare serious manner.

"Yes." There was no hesitation in Alex's voice. "You're a witch and I know the issues between Zeke and the witches. I don't intend to take sides between Zeke and you but… if Zeke comes at you when you're the one in a vulnerable state and couldn't fight back, I would also do the same thing for you. I would definitely stop him."

Zeres did not talk back and just stared hard at Alexander. His impassive face did not show what was going on in that mind of his.

"Don't worry about Alicia. I can assure you that she'll be alright as long as you don't go in there and attack Zeke. And if you think about it positively, this will buy you more time to find that book. And isn't that a good thing to you?"

A small disbelieving smile tugged at Zeres' lips when Alex mentioned that.

"I can't believe you know about this too. Was Kiel the one who told you this?"

"Nope. It's not Zeke. Told you, I have my own sources. And they are very reliable." Alex said in a serious tone but winked at Zeres.

"Fine…" Zeres breathed out, giving up on his intention of barging into Zeke's place. "You can take your hands off me now, Alexander. As long as Alicia's alright, I am not going to do anything. But I am holding you to this…" he ended with a veiled warning to Alex.

Alex's gaze seemed to search his face before nodding and letting go of him. "Good. I can guarantee it."

"Before I go back, do you happen to know if there's a time limit for Kiel to keep Alicia here?" Zeres was calm now. If the person talking to him now was not Alexander, he would have already bolted inside Kiel's house even if he had to fight off all these vampires around.

But it was Alexander this time, and he knew that he just… trusted him.

"Ten days to be exact." Alex said. "So you have less than ten days left to find that book. You think you can make it?"

"So you also know that the book I am looking for will really be able to save Alicia?"

"Yep." Alex's simple confirmation was enough for Zeres.

Another stretch of silence reigned between them. Zeres really wanted to know what or who was Alexander's source of information to become this certain about things. He was itching to ask, but he just had a hunch that the man would not tell him about it no matter how he asked.

"By the way Zeres you, idiot," Alex raised a brow at him as he called him names. "How could you not come visit your niece and nephew?"

Those words made Zeres stilled, and he could not answer Alex's question.

"You're going to come for their baby shower, or I'll come drag your ass over, do you hear me?" Alex grumpily said when Zeres turned around to leave.

However, after taking a few steps, Zeres halted and spoke without turning back to Alex. "When? The baby shower, I mean."

Alex grinned. "Next week."

"If I can find the book before that, I will come." He replied before he disappeared, leaving the obvious opposite unsaid.
Chapter 781 Zeke“s goal

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A long sigh escaped Alex's lips as soon as Zeres was gone. He understood what Zeres meant if he still could not find that book.

"I guess I can go back now to my darlings?" he muttered to himself, shoving his hands inside his pockets.

Alex actually was not here to invite everyone. The truth was, the baby shower was still two weeks later. But he had to come today after hearing about all these matters last night.

The vampire prophetess had personally visited him in his house last night. She had told him about her visions and told him what Zeke was planning to do. Alex was shocked at first but when he began to ponder about it more, his decision was not actually shocking.

In fact, Alex had realized, Zeke had been planning about this one thing all this time. For so many years, Alex had always wondered about Zeke's goal in life. Sure, he was into keeping the peace. But Alex was not really convinced that it was his ultimate goal. Zeke had been waiting and aiming for just one thing ever since that day.

Now he finally understood what it was. It was actually a bit obvious and yet none of them would ever have thought of it if the prophetess did not see it in her vision.

Just like the prophetess, Alex did not agree with what Zeke was planning to do. But who could stop Zeke when he had been aiming for this his entire long life? Honestly, Alex was certain even he could not do anything to change his mind. Unless…

Unless something actually happened within these ten days, and someone managed to mess Zeke up and shake his entire world like what Abi had done to him. He knew it would be very tough for Zeke though. In fact, this was the one thing he was not very confident with when it comes to Zeke.

Nothing, no one, ever managed to bring Zeke to his knees. Yet. And he was not sure if there will be a day that it would happen. Zeke was someone not even an inferno could soften and bend. He was unbreakable and whatever he was aiming, he will certainly get without question. This was the reason why he was the most dangerous creature he had ever known. Because nothing else can sway him.

But oh well, he could only hope. Zeke's impossible, but there were things that proves that nothing was impossible as well. The hope was really slim, but Alex could only hope those lingerie he sent him would do something, no matter how little.

Letting out another deep sigh Alex signalled Lucas to approach him.

"I'm leaving. So make sure to do everything I instructed, understand?" he sternly said to Lucas and the ginger-head nodded at him.

"Yes, sir!"


"What should we do if Zeres come back?"

"He won't be coming back any time soon. Not until he finds that book." Alex was quite sure about this at least.

Inside Zeke's apartment.

"Sorry but you need to bear with those undergarments for now." Zeke told Alicia. He had shut his eyes close while his head was thrown back over the couch. Even as he spoke, he did not open his eyes even for a second. And it seems like he was not planning to open his eyes any time soon.

"What? You… you want me to wear these?" Zeke could hear that Alicia sounded scandalised even if he was not looking at her.

"Better than wearing nothing at all underneath, Alicia. Do you not agree?"

Her cheeks burned. This man still could get under her skin when he was tired out and not even paying much attention.

"Wait. I don't get it. Why don't you call for someone to come over again and get a decent one this time? Don't you have another phone?"

"I only have one. And I didn't install a telephone. I don't have a laptop here. They're all in the car."

Alicia was speechless. How the hell did a mafia boss only have one phone in the first place –

She cut that line of thought, realizing that Ezekiel really did not need technologies to communicate. He could just go out himself if needed. He could travel anywhere in the blink of an eye after all. She then pursed her lips at that thought.

"How about you teleport us somewhere? Anywhere that we could buy me an undergarment or ask someone to buy it for us?" Alicia threw out suggestions somewhat mindlessly. She just could not wrap her head around putting on those scraps of cloths on herself.

"I can't teleport right now." Zeke said matter-of-factly.

"And why is that…" she trailed off, realizing the change in his tone. He sounded like he was dozing off.

"Are you really going to doze off?" she asked a moment later. "What if I utter the spell to kill you?"

The corners of his lips curved up.

"You won't."

"And why wouldn't I? That would be my best chance." Alicia retorted, slightly displeased at how he was so sure about her actions when she herself was still in confusion with her own.

Another inaudible curse came from his mouth and then in one swift move, he pulled at her and she fell on his lap again.

Before she could protest, Zeke positioned her and pulled her head to lean against his shoulder. "Sorry… but you and I need to just sleep to avoid more trouble. This is for your sake too." He whispered into her ears and then something like a black wisp snaked over her face.

Her eyes that were initially fully awake suddenly began to droop.

"Damn… you… Ezekiel…" she managed to force out before her head collapsed limply on his shoulder and she fell deeply asleep in his arms.

"Yeah. Damn me to hell, Alicia." He whispered into her unhearing ears, smiling before he too finally succumbed to the irresistible pull of slumber.
Chapter 782 Cold blooded

When Iryz opened her eyes, she found herself sitting and bound up in a chair. A bucket of ice and water that had been poured over her head had jolted her awake so rudely and suddenly that her entire face was still dripping from the ice-cold water.

Shocked at receiving such treatment that she had only thought happened in the movies, Iryz belatedly struggled to free herself from the chains, but of course to no avail. The chains did not even budge one bit. Whoever was it that had captured her had done a great job in making sure her restraints were perfect.

"Stop struggling, little lady. Your efforts will all be futile." A cold voice echoed out from somewhere in front of her.

She lifted her eyes and saw a man. He was not wearing a hoodie anymore, but she could tell this was the same man who had kidnapped her and brought her here.

"Who… who are you?" Iryz asked, not sure why this was happening to her right now. She did not remember offending anyone dangerous. Ever.

He squatted before her, smiling. "Young lady, I don't want to hurt you. So be a good girl and answer my questions, okay?" he sounded so gentle but Iryz's heart still trembled in fear. No matter how sweet his voice was, she could see nothing but cold bloodedness in his deep dark eyes. Looking into his eyes just caused her to shiver with dread. "Now tell me… where is the book?"

Iryz stiffened when she heard his question, but she tried her best not to give herself away and feigned confusion. "Book? W-what book?" she managed to say as normally as she could. She did not understand what was going on. But what she knew at least for now was that this man was also looking for the same book Zeres was looking for. Why? Why would this man look for it too? Was he going to use it to bring back someone he loves as well? "Do you need to find a book from my bookshop?"

The man snorted. "No, no… don't you play games with me, little girl. You don't wanna do that…" his voice was still smooth like the sweetest honey. "I am going to ask you just one more time, baby girl. And I am warning you. Give me the answer I want, or you might not even live to regret it. Understand? Now answer me, where is the book?"

"I'm sorry but I don't know –" Iryz insisted on not knowing.

His hand was suddenly in her hair, gripping a handful so hard that Iryz screamed out in pain. Her eyes were tearing up from the sharp pain of the roots of her hairs almost being ripped out.

"Bitch! I told you should not try playing games with me!" he hissed. The sweet voice had turned into venomous sharp blades. He gripped her hair even harder like he was really planning to uproot them. "Answer me. Where. Is. The. Book?!" his voice thundered into her head, causing her entire body to shake from fear.

"I… I really don't know. If… if you're talking about the book Zeres is looking for, we still could not find it." she replied in a shaky voice, tears falling from her eyes. She no longer had the courage to keep pretending as though she did not know what he was looking for. This psycho might do away with her even without a warning.

The man let go of her hair and stood up. But before Iryz could breathe out in relief, he struck her face. His hit was so strong that Iryz felt her whole right cheek go numb.

"What a little liar." He grabbed on her face and pressed on her numb cheek hard. When he made her look up at him, she saw his eyes were red and his fangs were pointing out from his mouth. "Such bitchy liar… I am going to tell you, my secret. I can detect lies so if you value your life, tell me where the book is. Now."

"I… am telling you the truth –" Iryz sobbed out.

Another hard strike hit her face. She was seeing bright spots in her vision now.

"Fine, you bitch. You left me no choice. I shall take the words I want from your mouth by force then." He said and he kicked her right in her stomach. She and the chair she was bound to tumbled to the floor as she gasped desperately for breath that seemed to have left her body and did not want to come back.

When she could breathe again, she found herself tied up in a standing position this time. Her hands were held above her head, and she seemed to be suspended from the ceiling with her feet just barely touching the floor.

Then without warning, another hit took her breath away – not in a good way. A whip. Someone had whipped her back so hard, so strong.

"Speak now, bitch. Tell me. Where is the fucking book?" she heard him shout at her again, demanding the answer, while grabbing at her face. And when she could not open her mouth, he struck her. Again and again. The blows landed on her face, her head, her back. Her whole body. It never seemed to stop.

She could hear her own shrieks and tortured gasps echoing in the dark and enclosed room.

Iryz was so shocked at this torture that her mind and body seemed to have turned paralyzed now. Why… what happened? What was going on? Why was this suddenly happening to her? Was this just a nightmare? But it was painful… so painful that a part of her started wishing someone should just kill her now to end the pain.

"SPEAK NOW BITCH! TELL ME!!! I am running out of time so tell me now before I kill you!" he roared. The man sounded like a madman now as he continually whipped her, not even giving her any chance to breathe, much less to speak. "OPEN THAT DAMNED MOUTH OR I WILL SLASH IT OPEN!!"

Her body was already limp as she dangled loosely from the rope when he stopped and threw his whip on the floor. Then he walked up to her and grabbed at her face, forcing her to look at him.

"Now look at you. Poor baby girl. I told you not to play games with me." he tsked and spat to the side. "If you don't want to go through that again, tell me now. Where. Is. The. Fucking. Book?!!"
Chapter 783 Stay

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Iryz could barely see the man clearly due to the tears, sweat and probably blood as well that had gotten into her eyes.

"Do you see this? Take a good look!" he gripped her jaw and she saw a sharp and shiny blade being pressed up against her face. "Answer me now. One more lie, and I will use this blade to cut an extension for your mouth from the tip of your lips all the way up to your ears. That way, your beautiful face will turn into a clown since you seem to like to be one. Do you hear me? I'm counting up to three. Open that damned mouth of yours now! One! Two! Three!!"

His eyes turned bloodshot, and he pushed his blade as Iryz cried out.

A reddish glow appeared, suddenly enveloping her. It appeared the moment the tip of his blade touched her skin, wanting to pierce it.

The man suddenly could not push his blade forward anymore to cut her. His red eyes widened as he withdrew his blade. "A witch? No. You're clearly a human. A human protected by a powerful spell?!" he screeched with displeasure.

He violently let go of her face and cursed.

"Shit!" he grabbed at his blade, turning around as the door behind him flung opened.

Zeres stood by the threshold, his eyes wide as he looked at the girl who was still tied in the middle of the room, hanging from a hook in the ceiling. Then his silver eyes blazed into argent hellfire.

The vampire attacked him, aiming to escape. But Zeres caught him in the blink of an eye. His hand was already curled around the vampire's neck, his hold getting tighter and tighter as he was choking him to death. The vampire struggled but his meagre strength was futile against Zeres' overwhelming show of power.

When his gaze fell on the little human girl again, looking lifeless and limp, he felt his heart shudder with fear.

He loosened up his grip from the vampire's neck and touched his head, wanting to know at this instant if this man was really the one who had hurt her. And in just few seconds, he got his answers. He had seen it all. The torture… everything that he did to her.

His hand trembled, it took almost everything he had not to kill the man right this instant. No, he would not kill him. How dare he… how dare he hurt her. How dare he torture a helpless girl. He will grant him the torture tenfold over of what he had delivered to Iryz. But this would be saved for later.

Using his magic, Zeres rendered the vampire paralyze and mute, and left him lying on the floor. Then he rushed towards Iryz, cutting the rope as he held onto her bloody figure. His fingers were trembling as he reached out to check her pulse. He prayed that he would still be able to find one.

A sharp breath was wrenched out from his mouth when he felt her pulse and found that she was still breathing. But she was very badly hurt, and her pulse was so faint that he could not help but panic.

The first thing he did was to place his palm over her chest and his magic flowed out, enveloping her like a cocoon.

"Fuck! Why is it not working?!" he cursed loudly, desperately. Why was the girl not healing as she should be?

At that desperate moment, Iryz opened her heavy eyes.

He stiffened for a moment, seeing her look at him. "Iryz… I'm here now. It's okay. I'm going to heal you, okay?" he told her as gently as he could, struggling to keep his voice from sounding panicky.

His magic brightened up as he kept increasing the amount of healing magic being poured out on her.

But Iryz's eyes began to flutter and looked as though they were about to close again, causing his panic to skyrocket. "Don't! Don't close your eyes. Stay with me, please! Iryz!"

She opened her eyes again at his shouting. Though only slightly, her response relieved Zeres so much.

"Yes, stay with me. I'm going to heal you." he told her reassuringly when her bleeding lips opened and whispered to him something. But too soon, her eyes fluttered and closed again.

"No, don't! Iryz!" Zeres called out loudly when another voice echoed out behind him.

"Zeres!" Alex's emerged from the door, running quickly towards him. He had felt a brewing trouble just as he was about to leave Zeke's place, and he was right! Why does trouble seem to follow Zeres around?! What a troublesome little white dragon he had befriended.

He rushed over to Zeres after seeing how desperately the man was looking at him from his kneeling position beside that girl he was holding. "My magic doesn't seem to be working on her Alexander. I don't know why!!" the way he called out to Alex almost sounded like a wail.

"That's because she's human, Zeres! Have you forgotten that witches can't…" Alex trailed off after seeing the panic and fear blooming uncontrollably in Zeres' eyes. "Come on. Let's bring her to the hospital. Don't worry, she won't die, trust me. Just teleport all of us to the nearest hospital now and make it quick! Make sure we are at the hospital's garage, Zeres." Alex managed to remind Zeres before he teleported. It would not be good if any of the humans suddenly catch them suddenly appearing out of thin air.

"Grab that vampire first. Can't leave him here so he's coming with us." Zeres snarled and the moment Alex looked at the man on the floor, he pinched the skin between his brows. 'Goddamn Zeke. I can't believe these vampires are getting loose like this the very moment you lose your sight on them.' Alex muttered to himself before hesitantly picking up the guy, knowing full well that a massive headache had already started. 'Damn… this is going to get ugly real fast.'

Chapter 784 Unforgivable mistake

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Moments ago, after the doctors had taken over and wheeled Iryz into the emergency room, Zeres took the vampire along with him. But only after asking Alex to stay back at the hospital to wait for Iryz to be out of the emergency room. He only trusted Alex to watch over the safety of Iryz at the moment.

Knowing what Zeres was going to do with the vampire, Alex could only agree to stay. He would rather let Zeres vent out his anger on that idiotic vampire than have him pace up and down here in the hospital like a caged lion, just waiting to explode and then end up causing a much bigger trouble for them all.

A massive trouble was the last thing that Alex wanted to deal with at this point. As it was, he was already caught up in the mess of both Zeke as well as Zeres. He just wanted to go home as soon as possible! That was where the love of his life and their precious twins were at!

Now the same room where Iryz had been tortured was now reeking with the heavy and metallic scent of fresh blood that was slowly oxidising. The vampire was currently tied up in the middle of the room. He was covered with wounds that were all dripping and bleeding out. The corner of his lips had been cut up all the way up to his ears. Exactly the same way he had threatened he would do to Iryz earlier.

"What goes around, comes around, you bastard!" Zeres had viciously whispered to him as the knife he held had sliced slowly and excruciatingly up the sides of the vampire's face. "Let's see how you are enjoying being on the receiving end this time."

Zeres had really tortured him to the extreme. And despite the vampire being barely alive, Zeres did not seem to intend to stop the torture. He was now whipping the vampire, strike after strike, rhythmically, with ice-cold and merciless eyes.

Until his phone vibrated inside his pocket.

The whip in his hand was then flung to the floor as he picked up the phone to answer the call.

"Come over here now, Zeres. She's out of the emergency room and safe." Alex reported the latest updates on Iryz.

Zeres's fingers trembled a little as he clutched the phone tightly in his hands. He felt like someone had pulled out the sword that was stabbed right through his chest.

After quietly shoving the phone inside his pocket, he stared at the vampire he had been torturing, approached him and stood right before him. "Just… kill… me…" the man begged.

"No. Not yet." Zeres' flat and cold voice seemed to belong to a heartless beast, so opposite from his outward appearance of the silvery angel. "You will stay like this, tortured, for a bit longer. Have fun."

Then he casted a powerful and cruel spell on him no other witch can undo but silver haired witches. The spell would double his pain and will stop his vampiric ability to heal his wounds, but it will continue to keep him alive. Thus, prolonging his suffering – which was what Zeres was aiming for.

When the man started growling in so much pain, Zeres turned his back. Two male witches were standing by outside. They were the ones he had called to come over to him beforehand.

"Bring him to Reign castle." He ordered. "Make sure that the King of vampires will see to him personally."

"What shall we say to the vampire King?" his two subordinates asked.

"Nothing. He'll receive my message once he sees this man." Was all he said before disappearing.

Zeres had returned to the hospital just a few minutes after Alex's call despite the fact that he had to quickly drop by somewhere to wash off the blood that had gotten all over him and get changed. His hair was still dripping from his shower when he emerged from the door.

"How… how is she?" he asked, slowly approaching Iryz's bed.

"She's alright." Alex replied calmly. "It's a relief that she didn't suffer any broken bones. I'm not sure how that happened, but that is a miracle."

Slowly, Zeres looked at her, his eyes travelling the length of her – from head to toe. The sight of the wounds all over her face and her uncovered hands made him clench his fists hard.

"I saw strange red wisps of smoke-like thing appearing over her. I believe it's magic. A spell to be exact." Alex continued. "I think it was trying to speed up the process of her healing. At this rate, she'd be totally healed much faster than a normal human. The doctors will surely get suspicious, and we don't want such unsolicited attention. Not to mention that the magic that is appearing is very much visible. So I suggest that we transfer her out of here, pronto, my friend. Maybe bring her to your place for now? I will arrange for a personal doctor to care for her while she is over at your place."

"What kind of doctor? A vampire?" Zeres' voice hardened, not liking the idea of another vampire getting close to Iryz.

Alex quietly stared at him for a while.

"You've already read that vampire's mind. So I'm sure you already know the reason behind all this, Zeres. The king is desperate and fearful. He is against Zeke's decision that's why –" Alex tried to explain it to Zeres but got cut off.

"No matter what the reason, the damage has already been done. Look at her! They hurt an innocent girl, Alexander!" Zeres hissed out, anger blazing clearly in his eyes.

"Yes. The king just made one unforgivable mistake and that's why I'm going to meet him myself after this." Alex's usually relaxed and playful gaze became serious. The one Zeres knew he would only ever wear when preparing to go to war. "I will assure you I will teach that old man a lesson he would not soon forget. So leave this to me. Time is crucial for all of you here. Don't forget that you have only ten days left for Alicia. So forget about the vampires for now, I'll deal with them. Just focus on this girl and the book. I will make sure no one else will do anything stupid anymore." Alex reassured him.

Chapter 785 Not even once

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At Zeres' apartment.

"I'm leaving." Alex said. Everything was finally settled and he even managed to find a human doctor he could trust.

Alex did not insist on a vampire anymore, so he went to find that human doctor he had somehow ended up saving from an accident many years ago. The doctor was old now, but he was still practicing and was actually one of the most expensive female doctors in the world.

More importantly, this doctor also knew about the existence of vampires and witches. So Alex thought that she was the best suited for this job they had in mind for.

"She'll be checking in to take a look at her. You can also just call her if you need." Alex added and Zeres just nodded quietly. The man had been quiet since their talk at the hospital.

Turning around, Alex reached on the door handle when Zeres finally spoke up.

"Thank you." he said and Alex simply lifted his hand and waved without turning back to look at him. But once he shut the door closed behind him, he was actually grinning cheerfully.

Lucas appeared from the next corner and joined Alex, maintaining one step behind him. "I think I need to go wake His Highness up and tell him about this." Lucas's expression was pretty serious as he spoke.

But Alex shut him off with a wave without hesitation. "No. Don't disturb him. He doesn't need to hear about this."

"But –" Lucas frowned at Alex's instructions.

"No buts, Lucas. I know everything's really tense right now, but I've settled Zeres already. I'm going to settle that king of yours now too. So all you guys have to do is just stand by and watch, okay? There is no need to do anything. Understood?" Alex sternly commanded, causing Lucas to only bow his head low and nod. Now that Zeke is somewhat out of commission, Alex is the one calling the shots on Zeke's behalf.

"I'm leaving the rest to you for now. Your job is pretty simple. Just don't disturb any of them. No matter what, don't let anyone get near Zeke's house. Just remember that. If you fail, I'll punish you myself." Alex flashed him a sharp grin, one that is teasing yet at the same time giving sufficient warning that he would keep his word if Lucas did fail in his duty.

Lucas rubbed the back of his neck and bowed again. "I will not fail, sir." He then promised and Alex patted his shoulder rather amicably before he finally left, leaving Lucas sighing helplessly. Dealing with these powerful personas really wore him out. Every one of them have their own quirks and eccentricities.

Back inside the apartment, Zeres was quietly standing by Iryz's bed, just staring at the sleeping girl. The marks of the whips that were left on her face made him clench his fists tightly again when suddenly a knock on the door distracted him from his dark thoughts.

When he opened the door, the two witches he trusted were already in the living room, with stacks of books in their hands. Zeres had ordered them a while ago to fetch the stacks of unread books for him. He needed to continue working on finding the book. Not only because he had to due to the already shortening deadline that they were racing against, but also because he needed to focus on something else like what Alexander had told him to do. Or else, he might…

Zeres shut the morbid thoughts off and dismissed the witches, telling them to go back to the bookstore and continue looking for more books that had yet to be flipped through and to send them over. He had also made sure that the place was heavily guarded now. He did not want a second incident to happen on his watch.

Picking up a random book, Zeres entered the room where Iryz was in, sat down on the couch nearby and started flipping the pages.

Soon it was already past midnight. There was a neat pile of books on the floor next to his feet. Zeres who was initially sitting on the couch had now moved to a sitting position on the floor as well.

He somehow managed to keep his intense focus on the books, ignoring everything else except what was in his hands. In fact, he was so focused that he never did move from his spot for hours until he finally felt the pangs of hunger that he had been ignoring for hours on end now.

Without realizing it, Zeres had been waiting for the coffee and cookies Iryz had always prepared and brought over for him while he would flip through the books. But hours passed and his normal snack and drink did not come, forcing him to lift his head to looked to the right side. Iryz's desk was not there where it normally was. She was not sitting and flipping through books or drawing him on her sketchbook. She was now there, lying so very still in the bed, badly hurt from the unfair attack that she had absolutely no part in.

He stiffened as realization dawned on him. Then he buried his face in his palms. Strings of regret started to surround and haunt him again. This girl… she had been nothing but good to him. His days since he came in her house flashed in his mind and the rage and regret bloomed in his chest. Her life was nothing but peaceful and simple. She has been nothing but kind and patient when dealing with him and yet he never thanked her – not even once. He never truly looked at her. Why did she continue being nice to him when he had been ignoring her like he had been doing?

Pulling himself up, Zeres approached her bed. This girl was supposed to be in her own house right now, living her normal life. But he had come and ruined that for her and now that she was here, wounded all over and suffering for a fight that was not hers. All he gave to her was this. He could not even protect her. He had barged into her peaceful life and dragged her into all this mess.
Chapter 786 My faul

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"I'm sorry…" he uttered, his voice cracking. "I'm so very sorry."

As those words left his lips, Iryz's lashes fluttered open. Zeres did not see it because his head was bent down, staring down at her hand that was also covered in wounds. His hands were holding onto hers ever so gently, as though he was holding onto a fragile piece of glass.

Iryz took a while to focus her vision, just blinking. Until her eyes finally could clearly see her surroundings and the first thing her eyes fell on was him. The angel was standing next to her. And he looked… utterly broken. A broken but beautiful angel.

'What happened? What did they do to you to look like you're…?' Iryz was about to reach out to touch him, wanting to hug him, to at least soothe him even for a little when his whole body suddenly jerked. His gaze flew towards her. Those silver eyes she was so obsessed over widened as though in shock.

"You're… you're awake!" he exclaimed, leaning over her.

His reaction made her crease her brows. When she attempted to pull herself up, he seemed to go into a slight panic frenzy.

"No, no, don't. Please, stay still." For a moment, she saw him struggle on whether he should touch her or not. Though in the end he gently held her shoulders, supporting her as well as stopping her from moving too quickly on her own. "Lie down, please. You had been really badly injured."

Iryz was so taken aback by his sudden caring actions and the way his voice sounded so flustered that she could only listen to him and obediently allow him to guide her movements.

"Are… are you okay?" she asked him gently, remembering how broken and dejected he seemed to be earlier. She then realised that her voice was so hoarse that it was croaky.

He stilled, looking surprised by what she had just said. Then he dropped his gaze and smiled, it was a bitter and pained smile.

"Zeres?" she called out again, so hesitantly. He had dipped his head so low that he seemed to be trying to hide his face from her.

"Mm." was all he replied to her question, causing Iryz's expression to become even more confused and worried. What was wrong with the usually arrogant and proud man that she had come to be familiar with? Why was he behaving this way all of a sudden?

"You don't look alright –" Iryz prodded, trying to dig out more from him.

"I'm fine." he cut her off, still not looking at her. "You're the one who's not alright." His voice sounded almost like a whisper when he said that last line.

Then he lifted his gaze and met hers. Intense emotions shone in his unusual and beautiful eyes. They looked like gleaming silver buttons and were totally breathtaking. This was the first time she had seen him let emotions that were not anger nor frustration fill his eyes. But she did not like these emotions he was showing too. Because it was simply… heartbreaking. Why was this beautiful person always so sad?

Could it be that something had happened to the woman he was desperately trying to save? Was that why he was looking like this? She wished that she was wrong, but what else could make this man look like this?

"I'm sorry." He said, averting his gaze from hers again. "I am not saying this because I want you to forgive me."

She saw his facial muscles tensing as he shook his head. "No, don't forgive me. You should hate me for doing this to you –"

"Wait a moment." she finally stopped him, not being able to follow where his thoughts were going. "Stop. I don't understand… What are you… saying?"

He met her gaze and neither of them spoke until Iryz took her gaze off him and looked around. It was then that she noticed that she was not in her room anymore and… slowly she lifted her hand.

The moment she saw the awful marks from her elbow to the back of her palm, she felt her insides shudder violently. Then the memories of the nightmare of her torture returned like a tidal wave hitting right into her body. That inhumane torture and that red-eyed monster.

"I'm sorry," she heard him utter almost inaudibly. "I'm so… so sorry."

Iryz took a long while to process everything, calming herself from the sudden panic that was about to shake her entire being once again. She no longer felt any pain at all right now, but the memories were threatening to break her.

However, every time she heard him apologizing as though he was the very monster who had tortured her, she somehow found herself successfully keeping herself from falling apart.

"You're not the one who hurt me." Iryz said that matter-of-factly.

"It's my fault. I left you alone." His voice was full of self-loathing and guilt that she could feel it clearly.

She could not help but smile though a bit bitterly. She remembered that she was telling herself that she now hated him before she got kidnapped. Now she understood why he was like this. He was guilty, blaming himself for what had happened to her. And she could tell that whatever she ends up saying, nothing would change his mind.

"Where is that man now?" she asked instead of insisting on relieving him of his guilt. "Did you hurt him?"

Zeres looked away, his jaws clenching hard. "Yes." Came his one short reply.

"Did you punish him for hurting me?"

He nodded.

"How hard did you punish him?"

He did not answer her this time, so Iryz asked him again.

"Did he beg you to just kill him?" she guessed.

When Zeres nodded once again, she smiled with much satisfaction. "Then that's enough for me. For a monster like him to beg like that, you must have tortured him many times harder than what he had done to me. Am I right?"
Chapter 787 Warmer

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Zeres looked at her in disbelief, obviously never expecting this petite, gentle and caring creature to say something so vindictive like that, that he had ended up standing stock still, staring unbelievably at her, completely shocked.

She propped herself up once again and when Zeres attempted to stop her, Iryz quickly protested. "No, please let me sit. I need to get up. I'm tired of just lying down the whole time."

"But –" Zeres was worried that if she sat up, she might pull on her wounds and reopen some of them.

"I don't feel any pain." She reassured him but the way his face was looking seemed as though he was having a hard time believing her. "It's true. I don't know why, but maybe the doctors gave me a lot of pain killers for me not to feel the pain?" she said and shrugged her shoulders lightly.

"Are you… telling me the truth?" Zeres was quite sceptical at her claims. The girl was only recently out of the emergency room not too long ago.

Iryz did not respond and just meet his gaze seriously, making him understand that she was not lying.

He seemed to get it and somewhat reluctantly let go of her shoulders.

The next thing he did was to grab his phone and dialled a number. Iryz cocked her head as she wondered who he was calling at this point.

"She said she's not feeling any pain right now. Is that normal?" Zeres asked over the phone as Iryz surveyed herself. Her ears were focused on Zeres' call though. Was he speaking to a doctor? He even had a doctor on call?! How resourceful was this guy?! She really had to hand it to him.

After a long while of listening to the person on the other side of the line talking, she heard him sigh out before saying, "I see. I understand. That must be it." before ending the call.

"What did the doctor say? I am assuming it was a doctor you were talking to? Did they give me painkillers?" Iryz questioned him. She was trying her best not to pity herself after seeing all her awful wounds that will definitely leave scars. She was also trying her hardest not to think about how she looked like right now, knowing that that monster did not spare her face when he had whipped her. This realization made her not to look at him anymore and just let her hair fall to the sides of her face. She did not want him to keep seeing how horrible she must look right now.

"No. The doctor said it must be the spell on you."

"Hmm… I see. Wait… what?!" she whipped her head towards him, momentarily forgetting about her face. But she held onto her long hair and covered her lower face with it.

Her action made Zeres' brows crease a little, but he did not comment anything about it.

"There's a powerful spell that was casted on you by a powerful witch. I believe it must be Calliste or Diana's magic. The magic has protected you and now it's even helping to cure your wounds much faster than a normal human's would." He explained and despite Iryz being already quite familiar with witches' abilities, she still felt so amazed and surprised. She could hardly believe it. She had a protective spell on her?!

"R-really? Oh my, that's… crazy amazing!" she could not even stop herself from exclaiming these words. "Will it also help make the scars disappear –"

She suddenly stopped and she looked away from him, a bit ashamed at the last part that she had inadvertently blurted out.

"I'm not certain, but I have asked Lilith for a special ointment that will surely keep the wounds from scarring."

"Li… Lilith?"

"She's the current queen of the witches." Zeres answered and Iryz's eyes widened again.

"Is she… going to come here?!"

"Do you want to see her? I can ask her to come over." Zeres said simply.

"Oh no. It's fine." She smiled at him, shaking her head. "She doesn't need to come here at all."

Silence took over after that for a while until the two of them asked each other simultaneously.

"Where are we now?"

"Are you hungry yet?"

Iryz grinned behind her hair. "Okay, you answer me first."

"My place." he answered her question. Iryz nodded, looking around.

"I see… okay, my turn. Yes, I think I'm hungry. Do you have… umh… instant noodles?"

Zeres blinked. Then suddenly he brought his phone out and made another call. Thinking that he would probably ask his men to go buy some, she did not bother to stop him anymore.

"Is it okay for her to eat instant noodles?" he asked and Iryz whipped over to look at him. What? Was he asking the doctor again? What time was it now?

He moved the phone away without ending the call.

"Sorry, the doctor said it's not advisable for a patient to consume junk foods. Do you have other kind of food that you fancy right now?" he told her and Iryz could only look at him, speechless.

Returning the phone to his ear again, Zeres spoke. "What are the foods that are good for her?... Okay, I understand."

Right after that call ended, Zeres made another call to someone else before he finally shoved his phone back into his pocket. Somehow, Iryz could not help but feel amazed at how different this man seemed to be right now compared to how he was before. And she could not deny that she preferred how he was behaving now. It made him seem more approachable and more… normal. She continued staring at this new and improved version of her silver angel, still in disbelief that he was behaving so much warmer to her.

"Give me a moment. I will bring in the food as soon as possible." He said and before Iryz could respond, he had already turned around and left the room. She could only blink at how fast he was.
Chapter 788 Kitchenware

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Zeres went straight to the main door. When he opened it, Lucas was already standing out there. It was helpful that his place was not that far from Kiel's place because it made it possible for him to call this man and have him come over to help with things like this. Though Lucas was a vampire, Zeres trusted him. He has been among their gang during their journey to that cave after all. But that was not the main reason why he had chosen to call Lucas instead of just picking a human or a witch to come over.

"Is there a problem?" Lucas looked alert and seemed to be expecting some kind of big trouble to be brewing. "Is a vampire trying to mess up in here?"


"Then why did you call me so urgently?" Lucas was confused.

"I am in need of a good cook." Zeres looked intently at Lucas.

Lucas. ". . ." He could see now that there was a hopeful shine in Zeres' eyes when he looked at him.

Lucas looked like his system just suffered a hard blow and now he was lagging. "Cook…??" he could only echo the last word he heard.

"Yes. She's hungry and I don't really know how to cook for her."

"You could've just hired a professional chef you know?!" Lucas was barely able to hold back a scream.

"I don't think there's anyone better in cooking meals than you." Zeres praised Lucas highly.

". . ." Lucas thought that it was not the point. He could not help but feel embarrassed with his extremely serious expression as he praised him.

"Flattery won't work on me." Lucas answered flatly.

"I'm not flattering you. I just don't trust anyone but you to cook for her as well. You're not going to decline me, right?"

The red-head let out a deep and long sigh. "You should've at least told me it's nothing serious, you…" he trailed off and just shook his head as he walked inside, already taking his jacket off. He sighed again defeatedly. "Are the ingredients ready? Do you have them? What should I cook?"

"Nothing is ready yet. I'll have my men buy them for you really quick. Just tell me what the things are –"

"Wait a moment. What kind of food do you want me to cook?"

"Something nutritious. Something good for a patient."

Lucas sighed again. "I got it. Where are your men? I'll inform them myself." Lucas looked as though he had given up and just went along with the flow.

And with that, everyone scrambled to buy the ingredients and due to Zeres' urgency, the men returned really fast.

"Since you're so damned impatient, come over and help then." Lucas threw Zeres a dirty glance and the man was quick to approach the kitchen, pushing his sleeves up.

"What must I do?" Zeres stood next to him, looking at him awaiting an instruction. He was obedient and ready to help in whatever way he could.

Lucas arched his brows silently before handing over the vegetables to him. "Wash these carefully."

Somehow, Zeres managed to do the simple tasks Lucas asked him to do. However, when he asked him to wash the glass and bowl that seemed to have never been used for quite a while, Lucas was instantly reminded by that nightmarish time when Zeres and Kyle asked to help wash the dishes before.

And just as he looked at Zeres to stop him, the sound of the glass falling into the sink echoed out in the kitchen.

Sighing tiredly, Lucas waved his hand at him. "Your job is done here. You go there and sit and wait. Patiently. And don't come over and be a nuisance over here." He told Zeres with a strict expression and just like him, Zeres also remembered how it seemed to be such a big deal for Lucas if his kitchenware broke.

Afraid that the red-head might get irritated and kick him out just like that last time when he was with Kyle, he listened and took a seat like a good little boy until the meal was finally prepared.

"You can take this to her now." Lucas said as he took his apron off. "I'm leaving. Just ask your men outside to wash these. It's better if you don't come anywhere near the cups, plates and bowls." Lucas warned Zeres seriously.

The man then turned to leave but was stopped by Zeres' words for a moment. "Thank you." Zeres said with much sincerity and Lucas just glanced back and replied "no, problem" before he left the house.

Grabbing the tray, Zeres brought it up to Iryz's room. The nice smell of the freshly cooked porridge was so good, Iryz even closed her eyes as she took in its scent.

"Mmm…!! That smells absolutely divine!" She excitedly muttered as Zeres put the tray on the small serving table before her. "Makes me feel as though I am even more starved now." Her eyes flew open as it twinkled when she looked down and ogled the food.

Zeres watched her eat as she savoured the food. He was truly convinced now that Lucas was the best cook he had ever met. The fact that she even completely forgot about hiding her face now was proof that the food was so good. She had forgotten everything else – other than the porridge in front of her.

He could not help but smile in relief at the sight of her face enjoying the food.

Back at Zeke's apartment.

Alicia and Zeke were still together on the same couch. Just that this time, they were not in a sitting position anymore. Zeke was lying on his back while she was sprawled on top of him, using him as her personal bed.

Alicia was the first to wake up again. She blinked for quite a few times without moving until she realized that the heartbeat she was hearing was not actually her own.

Slowly, she lifted her head, only to see Zeke's sleeping face so very close to her own.

Her cheeks quickly flushed a bright red at their suggestive sleeping position. And when she tried to get off him, she felt his strong arm suddenly wrap itself around her waist, and it caused her face to blaze even hotter at the realization that her shirt had already hiked up to her stomach and that he was touching her completely naked hip.
Chapter 789 Erotic dreams

Alicia felt her throat run dry as she became more conscious of the fiery hand holding her completely naked lower body. How did they manage to get into this kind of situation again? Her eyes were still wide as she kept her gaze on him, her own body frozen stiff, expecting his eyes to open.

They did not. And he looked like he was still genuinely asleep. Was this despicable man fake-sleeping again? Was he trying to cheat her again?

Her flushed face was currently turning even redder in anger when he suddenly made a sound. It sounded like a moan to her, and she felt as though it travelled straight down to her toes.

She felt him move his cursed hand, trailing a burning path upwards under her shirt, causing her to stifle a gasp. She should be yelling at him now, hitting his handsome face even to forcefully awaken him from his fake-sleep.

But goddess help her because her body refused to move. It still stayed in that frozen state, not quite knowing what she should do now. Her mouth did not open to yell at him, and her hand stayed still like they were now rendered useless. And she knew why. She could no longer even deny it to herself anymore.

Her body liked his strong muscular arms, his fiery touch on her naked skin. It was happening again. This furore of need and lust had been smouldering on the back burner, was now ignited again into a burning inferno, just like that.

His hand caressed her back, his slightly rough finger pads sliding across her smooth pale skin while the other hand began to trail languidly towards her side. The fiery trail of fingertips made her heart thud even harder, faster, as they moved upwards, searching for her breast.

When his hand finally reached it, Alicia found herself biting down sharply on her lip to keep herself from shouting out her pleasure. She kept her now dazed eyes locked on his face. The blasted man was still having his eyes closed.

He still looked like he was dreaming as he continued touching her, his hands having their own adventure on her body. Was he really dreaming right now? He truly looked like he was. But Ezekiel? Dreaming about touching someone? The thought alone was so unlikely that Alicia almost scoffed out loud.

That seemed to be harder to believe than him just faking sleep right now.

He gently massaged her breast and her body burned, sending violent thrills crashing into her all the way to her toes. Then she felt his arousal thickening, hardening against her. It did not help one whit that he was wearing trousers. The feel of his length, hot and throbbing was enough to send all rational thoughts scattering out of her mind and into oblivion.

His name was about to be torn from her lips, but he beat her to it as her name instead, fell from his lips first.

"Alicia…" he uttered lowly, and she was shocked at the raw desire and longing she heard in his voice.

Then his eyes flew open. She stilled. Both of them stilled.

Their eyes locked onto each other's. She could see his eyes slowly stretching wider.

"Y-you're dreaming…" she stammered, still in shock. There was no mistaking it. Ezekiel was really dreaming of touching someone just now. And that someone was… her!

There was just no way that was fake. He had really just woken up. And that sound of him calling out her name just now… he was not faking sleep this time, she was certain of that!

"You were dreaming of me…" she said again, staring at him in disbelief. She was not sure if she was just informing him of what he had done, or just voicing it out to herself that her sworn enemy was having erotic dreams of her.

Alicia did not know how to explain what she was feeling at the moment. All she knew was that she wanted him to admit it. She did not even know why she wanted him to admit it. What for? What was she hoping to happen once he admits it? More importantly, was she going to respond positively to him if he really did come out and admit it?

A part of her was screaming internally at the top of her lungs for her to stop insisting further about this. As if this part of her was afraid of something. No, afraid was an understatement. It was terrified and horrified of what might happen next.

But right now, that did not seem to be enough to stop her.

"Answer me, Ezekiel." She bugged him recklessly. "You were… dreaming of me. All the while you were touching me all over and while you're… hard and moaning out my name. Don't you dare deny it!" Hearing herself, Alicia was feeling aghast. But her body did not seem to want to cooperate with her mind to shut up. Her mind was screaming that she should just zip her lips and stop digging into this matter any further, but her treacherous lips kept on talking.

His lips parted open to say something, but he shut them closed again. For the first time, she watched Ezekiel really struggle for words. She even noticed now that he was even starting to sweat. This was a first!

It was an almost unbelievable sight.

He moved his arm and covered his eyes with the back of his hand, his jaws working. But Alicia daringly grabbed at his wrist and pulled his hand off his face, surprising him, causing him to blink at her.

"Don't hide from me and just admit it." she told him sternly. "Or are you afraid –"

She was roughly pulled against him in an instant. His face now serious and close… so close their noses were almost brushing. His arms now tightly wound around her small waist, not giving her any room to navigate or wiggle free.

"Tell me, Alicia. What will you do if I end up admitting to it?" Ezekiel asked, almost breathlessly.
Chapter 790 You win

This chapter is dedicated to @offthemenu! Thank you so much for the supergift!

"I don't know." Alicia answered immediately. "I don't know! Why don't you just say it and let's find out what I will end up doing?! Huh? Why don't we do that?" she yelled at him in frustration, not caring that she was challenging him right now.

Ezekiel stilled for a moment in the middle of his movements then he shook his head a little. "Listen to me, Alicia." His voice seemed to turn deeper if that was even possible. "If I answer I know what you will do… it's either that you end up kissing or killing me. And right now…" she watched apprehensively as his throat work after hearing him replied to her that way. He had swallowed hard as his deep and penetrating gaze smouldered at her.

A warning was clearly flashing like lightning in his irises. "… whatever you end up doing, whatever path you decide on… once I give you my answer, I will…" he paused for quite a few breaths after that. Alicia felt herself holding her breath and her heart rate seemed to speed up.

"You will what?" she challenged, as she could no longer take his silence. She was secretly dying to know what he would do. She dared to challenge him, not knowing where her courage came from. She could feel it. Whatever it was that he had been warning her from… seemed beyond serious to him. Or else he would not be warning her of it. Giving her a chance to reconsider. And if he were to follow her lead and go ahead and do it, nothing would stop him then.

The look in his eyes sent shivers down her spine and those words and voice of his made her stomach clench in a knot. Yet it did not offend her despite the way he phrased it. In fact, it did the exact opposite, and she was bravely or idiotically pressing for it. It was as though she was a moth that was inexplicably drawn to that attractive yet deadly flame.

"What, Ezekiel?!" she snapped. And it was getting tiring, frustrating, and goddamned maddening to the point that she is almost about to pull out her hair in clumps. Yet she kept desiring him, lusting after him despite all these. She hated it. She hated what she had become since the moment he had touched her. She did not like that she had become this desirous and a woman full of hatred. "Just stop this tiresome madness and spit it out loud for goodness' sake. You will what? Kill me?!" she raged at him. She did not realise that in her anger, her eyes were spitting fire and had turned her into a flaming seductress in Ezekiel's hungry gaze.

"… I will devour that little brave and stubborn mouth of yours. And I will not stop there until I fuck you out of your brains until you turn senseless, Alicia. That is what I will do."

His heavy aura spread around them and enveloped them as though trying to keep them in a world of their own.

The world seemed to stop spinning. Her lips did nothing but opened and then closed, like a fish that was out of the water. She had an inkling that that was what he would have said. But having an idea compared to listening to the man himself spelling it out word for word right in her face was truly no comparison. And added to that, his overwhelming sex appeal and majestic force that was just part of him, Alicia felt her mind struggle to find stability in this suddenly topsy turvy reality.

Seconds ticked by but no word came out from her lips. She just stilled and continued staring back at him.

She could not tell what emotion might be appearing on her expression right now because of all these contradicting emotions were just wreaking havoc inside her, fighting to take the reins. But whatever he saw on her face made his expression change again.

Then his body went fully rigid before he suddenly gave out a deep sigh before dropping his head back onto the pillow.

His breath was now harsh, laboured and hot against her neck. "Damn it all to hell!" He breathed out, his voice coming out ragged. It sounded like a restrained anger to her, but for some reason she somehow felt that the curse and rage were not aimed at her but at something or someone else. Maybe himself? His actions were confusing her again.

Still, she did not speak and that seem to make whatever he was going through to worsen. She heard him curse under his breath again before pulling away and stared down at her. His grey eyes were intense as he seemed to be considering something silently. So intense that it was breathtaking.

Alicia found her breath hitching and tried to say something to break the stalemate between them.

"You… what you said is the same thing as you wanting to kill me, right? After all, I will die if you… fuck me."

He shook his head. Then he smiled in disbelief. As if everything right now was just too unbelievable to him.

"Fine, I lose." He said, giving up before throwing her a look of surrender. "You win, Alicia."

Then he pulled away from his position on top of her. His hand slowly wrapped around her dainty ankles, causing her heart to drum up a commotion before he lifted her feet and then sat on the couch, letting her naked feet land on his lap.

After taking another breath, he reached out his hand and tugged at the tails of her shirt down to cover her down there. Where his eyes seem to keep wandering back to.

He was not looking at her now, but neither did he let go of the hem of her shirt after pulling it down. As if he was making sure that it would not roll back up and reveal her nakedness to his starving gaze – yet again.

"Nothing will happen to you if we have sex, Alicia." He finally spoke, dispelling her belief of that happening if they were really to have any intimate relations.


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