is a Big Scam Beware

PHYSINEWS REPORTS: We won't Stop Exposing Fake Sites and Fake human being Out there all they care is to Steal people Sweat and think they are smart not knowing that their Mysterious Death is behind them for using Smartness hijack people's Sweet.
I horlawahle physinews Media Head Admin like to Risk fund to test fake Sites Like and Others We've Exposed..
I registered on this Site in January 9 2022 to mine a coin called Trons , I sent $9 worth of Trons to the site evidence of payment on the site below

As you can see it was sent on 11th of January 2022 to mine trx, I was given 27ghs addition to default 100ghs total 127ghs, the minimum withdrawal for trons is 350trx which I waited to reach after mining up to 353 trx I made withdrawal to my Wallet which you can find the Screenshot below

It's Over 12 hours Now I haven't receive the withdrawal, I messaged the Support no one Response before I knew it my IP was blocked to access the Site, if you're planning to invest to mine on please resist it is 100% Fake and always be am sure the owner of this site will soon go a sickness he will never see the cure 😉 because people sweet will surely come for vegeance...
Beware of Scam site, is a scam beware please...
Need to reach out on physinews media click here to mail the head Admin, we exposes site that scam, if you have one or two site to report with solid evidence feel free to mail us we will love to help you expose them to tell others 

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