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Chapter 700 Arrangement

Abi’s heart lurched within her even as her eyes blurred at the sight of her friend laying there, silent and lifeless. However, as she blinked, and the tears fell from her eyes, her gaze seemed to have cleared a little and she could see Alicia’s features more clearly. She did not even look as though she was dead, but just trapped in a long and endless sleep. Her cheeks were still ruddy with colour and the complexion of her skin was healthy looking. Though Abi still ended up choking on the sobs that were coming out in small bursts, she was thankful in her heart that at least Alicia still looked the same as she did the last time Abi saw her. There was no trace of death or rot that seemed to have touched her physical body.

Slowly, Abi approached Alicia and the tears she was trying so hard to hold back ended up falling from her already flooding eyes. She did not know when, but Zeres had come to her side, and he patted Abi’s back as an attempt to offer her comfort and support.

Alicia’s spirit was standing right across of them, watching as Abi mourn for her. She had decided not to let Abi know about her being still around in her ethereal form as well. So, she had told Zeres to keep the fact that her soul was still there from Abi too.

It pained Alicia seeing Abi cry and mourn for her, but Alicia thought that there would not be any difference if she let her know she was still there. It would not change the fact that she was already dead. She would not go around giving Abi any false hopes as well because she knew that one day she would be gone for good. And when that happens, she did not want Abigail to cry again when that time comes.

Worried about Abigail, Zeres tried his best to console Abi. Until eventually, Abi finally stopped crying. She knew she could only accept everything that had already happened and let go of her friend and allow her to rest in peace.

Zeres then nodded at Lilith before she finally started the final phase of the queen witch’s burial ceremony.

After glancing one last time at Alicia’s body, Zeres brought Abi out of the cave. Abi and Zeres then joined the vampires as Lilith, the new queen, and the witches perform the witches’ ritual.

None of the visitors said a word. They all stood there still as stone except Abi who was still giving out little sobs and constantly wiping at the silent tears which were flowing down her cheeks as the witches sang their mourning song.

The moon was bright that night, shining upon the dark forest.

Until at last, the ceremony ended and the witches slowly dispersed, leaving the guests with Zeres and their new queen.

Abi stepped forward and stood by the now sealed door of the Crystal Cave. She stood there for a long while then after bidding her final goodbye to Alicia in her heart, she placed a white rose at the base of the secret door.

Kyle went after her and bid his farewell to the most amazing queen he had ever met. The young prince’s eyes were filled with sadness. Even though it had not been all that long since he met and befriended the witch queen, he had already created many unforgettable memories with her.

Placing his white rose to the ground, Kyle expressed his gratitude and goodbye to Alicia in his heart and then went back to his spot.

The other vampires followed suit, Lucas, Raven and then Alex dropped their white roses too, saying their final goodbyes to Alicia within their own hearts.

Lastly, Zeke came forward. He quietly stared at the white flowers that were all neatly arranged on the ground. His expression remained unfathomable but the silence around him was strangely heavy. Then all too soon, he too dropped the white rose he was holding in his hand before turning his back. He then walked off without glancing back at the cave where Alicia was laid as he followed after his comrades who were now leaving.

Upon reaching the exit of the forest, everyone stopped as Abi turned and faced Zeres. She reached out and embraced the man knowing that he was in much pain and obviously, self-loathing and self-blaming.

She could not say nor think of any words of comfort for him because she herself was still grieving. She could only give him a comforting hug, letting him know that he was not alone in his grief.

Alex then patted Zeres on his shoulder once the two parted. "You are going to stay here, right?" Alex asked, assuming that the man would want to keep vigil at the final resting place of Alicia.

Zeres’ gaze suddenly flickered towards Zeke before he answered. "No. I’ll be going with Kiel." He said without averting his eyes.

Zeke met his gaze and the men both stared at each other for a long while before they seemed to come to an understanding between them. Then Zeres spoke again. "I am going to stick with you whether you like it or not." His tone was soft, but everyone could hear a trace of intense firmness in them.

Everyone fell silent, waiting for Zeke’s response.

"Do what you want," was all Zeke said.

"Well, this can’t be helped. I guess Zeres’ decision is not bad at all," Alex nodded his agreement to the arrangement that had been set. "This way, you both can watch over each other closely for now since I’m not going to be available to watch over anyone now or any time soon in the future. I have my husbandly duties to carry out now and very soon... fatherly duties too." Alex added, as if he were talking about a very serious matter.

Chapter 701 To the end of the world

When Alex and the others boarded the car, Kyle just stood by Zeke’s car and did not seem to want to move. The young man looked roguish as he stared at Zeke.

"Please go on without me, I’ll catch up to you guys later. I’ll be back in the castle before sunrise." He informed no one in particular. Zeke turned to look at his younger brother with his deep and expressionless eyes.

After staring at Kyle for a few seconds, without a word, he signalled Raven to start the car and drive off. Their cars accelerated and quickly moved away from the entrance of the Black Forest, leaving Kyle just standing there as he watched them slowly disappear from his sight.

He let out a deep sigh before turning around. As he looked up, he saw there were still the two silver-haired witches still standing by the front of the Black Forest’s entrance. As soon as Kyle met Zeres’ gaze, Zeres turned around and silently entered into the forest.

Kyle then turned his gaze and fixed his eyes on Lilith. Seeing her lithe form clad in pure white garments and looking like a moon goddess, Kyle felt his pulse kick up its pace and his breathing becoming heavier again.

Slowly, he approached her, one step at a time, all the while without averting his eyes from hers. He remembered they did this exact same thing before. However, in Kyle’s mind, it felt as though that had happened such a long time ago. He then wondered how Lilith felt about this. Did she even remember that once upon a time they danced to the exact same steps as they were doing right now? Did she feel as though it was an eternity since then as well? Or could she have forgotten all about it? It all happened when she was still the red-haired and green-eyed little witch that he had fallen in love with at the very first sight. He remembered how they had said their goodbyes right at this same place too.

Kyle had a lopsided smile on his lips as he thought about how nostalgic this moment was. Looking at them now, they had gone through quite a lot of changes. That innocence present in their eyes back in that moment was already long gone. Even though the irony of it was that it had not been that long.

When he stopped just one step before Lilith, Lilith felt her heart skipped a beat. She looked up at him and she realized he had become a lot taller and much more manly compared to that last time when they were together. It was like the boy she had met just a month ago had already become a man. And she knew that he thinks the same about her and she could not argue with it.

"I hope..." he started, even his voice sounded deeper now. "I hope you have been keeping well."

"I am." Lilith answered simply. "Don’t worry, I know everything will be alright." A small smile curved on her lips and Kyle stilled, just staring slightly foolishly at her. Lilith saw the look on his face and had to give out a small laugh at how silly he was behaving. Though he looked all grown up and manly, this fact made him more approachable and helped Lilith feel less awkward being in his presence.

All they did was just stand there and stared at each other for a long while. The tension between them ended up rising steadily but neither one of them moved nor tried to ease the tension. It was until the silence had become so unbearable that Kyle suddenly whirled around, walked a couple of steps away and threw his head back. He ran his palms over his face then shoved them into his dark brown hair as a frustrated groan escaped from his throat.

Lilith could only watch him as she clenched a handful of her dress on both her sides. Her heart was racing as it beat wildly.

Then he turned and faced her again in a sudden twist. An ironic smile curving on his handsome face. "Do you want to know what I am thinking about right now?" he asked and though hesitant, Lilith nodded.

"I am..." he trailed off, gazing at her intensely. "I’m thinking of just forgetting about everything and anyone else and just... just kidnapping you from here and bringing you away to the end of the world and be with you forever." Kyle blurted all of that out without taking a breath in between that at the end of his sentence, he gasped in nervousness and ended up panting to catch his breath.

Lilith’s eyes widened. That seemed to be too much like a confession in her ears. Then the next thought in her mind was ’what is Kyle thinking, saying things such as these?!’.

Seeing her expression, Kyle’s smile faded. He took a couple of steps closer again and he was so glad that she did not step back.

"Are you wary of me now?" he breathed as he took the next step closer to her.

"No," she answered without hesitation. "I don’t think you’d be able to do such a thing."

He froze in mid-step and stared at her then smiled bitterly.

He lifted his hand and caressed her face ever so gently. Then he pulled her against him and hugged her tight. "Lilith..." he uttered her name as his grip on her tightened even further. "Please listen... I don’t know how or why but my feelings for you are just this impossible. It’s so strong and I think it kept on growing every single day. Even during those times when I thought I would never be able to see you again, my heart didn’t stop longing for you, wanting you. I tried to control it but failed miserably. I realized it’s something out of my control and I’m afraid if this keeps on I... I might do something very selfish and wrong just to have you..." he trailed off and he drew in a deep breath even as his body shuddered a little.
Chapter 703 Due

Several months later...

Kai and Kelly had arrived at the hospital as soon as they had received the news that Abi was already in the hospital as she was due at any moment now. The baby is going to be finally here!

The couple had just come from an important event of Qinn Corporation. In fact, Kelly and Kai are now hailed as the new and reigning King and Queen of the business world. The couple even graced famous magazines together and with their stunning and exotic looks, the both of them had long since been labelled as the hottest young tycoon couple.

And because of that, they have been extremely busy. So much so, that they could not take time off and have their private escapades as they had used to do earlier on in their relationship. It would be a lucky thing if they could even have the weekend uninterrupted together. However, despite the couple’s busy schedules, a message from Alex was all it took for the two busiest young tycoons to come flying over to wait in on a birthing.

As Kelly held both of Abi’s hands in her own, stroking them with small comforting strokes as the two best friends laughed and chatted up a storm and caught up with each other on every topic under the sun – as only women could – Alex and Kai stepped out of the room, knowing that their presences were not needed there for the moment with the two women going on as they were.

"You know that Abi’s case is normal, right?" Kai started, seeing that the almighty Alexander looked incredibly jumpy already when Abi was even yet to give birth. He wondered how the man would even pass his minutes and hours in waiting once Abi finally entered into the active birthing phase. He could only internally give a light chuckle looking at the currently frowning soon-to-be father.

"Her due is supposed to be the other day, yet the baby’s not coming out yet." Alex replied tensely, unable to hide his intense worry any longer in front of his friend. He had held it all in and tried to be as calm and collected as he could when he was with Abi so that he would not affect her and stress her out in turn. However, now that she was with Kelly and he could get away to chat with Kai, this was the time for him to release his pent-up worries.

"Sometimes that happens to many women, Alex. I believe the doctor would have told you not to worry too much already, right?"

Alex did not respond. He instead glared at the glass window for a while before looking at Kai again. "Where is that devil brother of yours? I have not seen his face for a long time now."

"Well, he had found himself a new job to keep him busy right now. He’d killed the boss of the infamous Blood Mafia months ago during one of their hunts in Europe and took over the boss’ position after he found out that the former boss was a noble vampire."

"Tch... so after he’s bored of playing at being a CEO, he now runs off to become a mafia boss? That guy’s going to run out of a job to keep himself busy pretty much very soon." Alex shook his head.

"But knowing him, he must have another hidden agenda on why he took over that organization. It’s an organization the whole world is notoriously watching and chasing after right now."

"Of course. We already know that whenever he does something, it only means he is up to something. But that’s not my concern right now," Alex’s brows creased and then his gaze became extremely serious. "I don’t care if he’s a mafia boss or whatever, just get him on the phone and tell him to come. Now!" Alex growled irritably as he scrunched both his hands into his hair, making them stand up comically.

"You want Zeke to be here?!" Kai was surprised.

Alex looked away again. He looked like he hated the idea, but it was obvious that his worry for his beloved wife overruled everything else. "Just in case. I only need him here to be on standby. So, go give him a call. And if by any chance he’s not here by tonight..." his eyes gleamed dangerously, "I’ll force him to come... one way or another."

While Kai was speechless, Abi’s father approached them, and Alex’s dangerous and fierce expression immediately smoothened out before settling into one that was extremely docile. Kai was flabbergasted as he saw the sudden transformation of Alex before his very eyes. He smirked as he looked at Alex, thinking that how hen-pecked he was now that Abi had fully tamed this powerful immortal. Alex caught the smirk and only gave a quick narrowing of his eyes as a warning before reverting to that docile fa├žade as his father-in-law was only a few steps away from them. He knew what Kai was thinking. However, he laughed within himself as he thought, ’Wait till your turn comes. Then let’s see how you behave then, brat!’

After patting Kai’s shoulder heavily and giving him a meaningful gaze, Alex led his father-in-law towards Abi’s room.

A deep and long sigh escaped from Kai’s lips, and he looked over at his secretary who was with his wife’s bodyguards not far away from them. The secretary immediately approached him with one glance from himself. He was Ezekiel’s secretary before he had left, and he was an intelligent vampire who loved dealing with business intricacies and was a top-notch hacker as well.

"Connect me with Zeke now." Kai ordered and the man nodded briskly. His manner was professional and no-nonsense which Kai appreciated. He could not stand those bootlickers who could talk more than they could get things done.

It took a while longer before the secretary managed to connect to Ezekiel’s phone. However, no one was answering the call.

"They’re not answering." The secretary reported.

Kai sighed as he looked at his wristwatch wearily. "Leave him a text. Tell him Alex is cooking up some kind of trouble." Kai said and as soon as the secretary sent the message off, he tried calling one last time. This time, someone finally received the call.
Chapter 704 Boss

Somewhere in Europe.

Inside a dimly lit room, the smell of blood and death reeked in the air. There was a messy trail of blood all over the floor.

A man was sitting regally in a large ebony chair in the middle of that blood splattered room. He was wearing an expensive looking dark-coloured suit. His sinfully handsome mien showed no emotions as he stared at the man kneeling on the floor a few steps away before him.

"Speak," his deep voice echoed menacingly in the heavy atmosphere.

But the man who was already soaked in blood just smirked at him. His eyes bloody red as well. "You will get nothing from me Ezekiel, f*ck all of you stupid royals! If you think only few vampires are against your stupid vampire law, then you’re wrong. Our numbers are far greater than you think, and you will never find out why we are this hard to be detected." He laughed hysterically. "So go to hell you... you ancient old vampire! We refuse to abide with your idiotic laws. We will drink human blood as we want, whenever we want. Because that’s our nature and we refuse to be deprived from our natural needs just because you bloody forbid it!" The man screamed out maniacally. His eyes looking deranged.

"Are you done?" Zeke’s expression was bored, and tone was bland as it did not even change as if he had heard nothing at all.

The man gritted his teeth and moved to throw himself at Ezekiel, but a dark-haired young man stepped on him mercilessly before he could do anything.

Stepping on the man’s head, as if it was a piece of wood, he glanced at Zeke. He did not say a word, but his eyes looked to Zeke, as though he was asking for permission if he could smash the vampire’s head now.

"Not yet Kyle. You know we don’t give someone like him an easy death." Zeke said and Kyle looked disappointed as he eased his step on the man’s head.

"Put him in the torture room, it’s not time for him to die. Not just yet." Zeke said and as other men came to picked the bloody vampire up, the vampire cursed and screamed, asking them to just kill him.

Zeke then lifted his eyes to look at his younger brother. His observant gaze fell on the patch of blood stain on Kyle’s collar. "He managed to wound you?" Zeke asked as he leaned back, one of his brows lifting.

"He’s not alone. Like the previous cases, I didn’t detect any vampires at all until I caught the smell of human blood. He was already draining the poor girl dry when I had found him." Kyle explained in a flat voice, as if he was reporting something so mundane. However, his furrowed brows gave away his annoyance on the matter. "When I caught the rogue, two others suddenly appeared out of nowhere it seems. I was careless." Kyle simply explained the reason to the blood stain on his shirt.

Since a few months ago, Zeke had investigated the case of the increasing deaths of the humans in the West. He had found out that the deaths were all linked to vampires and Zeke was forced to clean up the mess by disposing of the bodies just so that it would not alert the humans and give them hints about the presence of the vampires. But they all knew that just disposing of the bodies will never work in the long run. They must end the killings. However, they had also discovered a greater problem behind it.

A group of rogue vampires had found a way to make themselves undetected. Zeke himself was the first to discover their presence and since then he was hunting these vampires who could actually blend in in the midst of humans. The only way for the vampires to detect their own kind when they were not using their abilities was through their heartbeats. But strangely, these vampires’ heartbeats had exactly imitated the human’s heartbeat. Zeke had dissected a number of them and found nothing unusual in their organs and that was why he had eliminated the theory that these vampires had made some changes within their organs.

Staring at his brother, Kyle brought out his handkerchief and wiped off the blood that was on his hand. "He said that there are many of them. If that’s true, this problem might be much more serious than we had expected." He stated.

Zeke rose from his chair and walked over to stand by the window. He took the glass of blood a vampire had brought to him, and he twirled the glass around thoughtfully before taking a mouthful and gulping it down as he looked up at the full moon.

"It is. But this hunt will end soon."

Kyle narrowed his eyes. "Did you already find something?!"

Before Zeke could respond, Lucas piped in. "Uhm, Your... boss," Lucas said. It had been months, but he was still unable to get used to calling Ezekiel boss instead of Your Highness! "I think you would want to see this."

Lucas showed him a message and Zeke’s eyes twitched.

Then a call came. Zeke gulped down his drink as if slightly ticked and grabbed the phone from Lucas’ hand.

"Geez, you finally answered!" Kai’s voice immediately rang out loudly that Zeke had to move the phone away from his ear. "Alex wants you here tonight. Pronto! And If I were you, you better get your royal self here. And do make haste."

"Tell me what happened." Zeke asked, though his expression was unfathomable, the air around him immediately changed and became heavy. He had men monitoring the city where Alex was residing in. If trouble happened, which was highly unlikely, he would definitely have received a report as fast as lightning – or even faster. And therefore, this call just intrigued him as to what was the matter.

"Stop asking and just come over, Zeke. Quick!" And Kai ended the call.

Chapter 705 School

After the call ended, Zeke stared at the phone silently for a few moments before turning to look at Lucas.

"You heard it. Go prepare for the trip." He ordered and the man immediately nodded and left the dark room. "As for you," he glanced over at the young man who was now drinking a glass of blood as well as he leaned quietly against the wall.

Kyle lifted his gaze as he sipped from his glass and looked at his brother, waiting for what he was going to say.

"It’s time for you to go to a university." He said and Kyle’s eyes narrowed. He? Attend a university?

"University of ...?" Kyle prompted his brother, not able to guess what he was planning this time.


Surprise etched itself on Kyle’s face.

"You want me to attend a school for humans and it’s a school outside of our Kingdom?" he asked, mouth hanging open in shock. He could not believe what Zeke had just said. What was he up to? Was there anything that he could learn better in attending a university meant for humans?

"Yes. I’ve already chosen the school you’re supposed to attend, and everything’s already prepared. You’ll be staying in a dormitory in campus, and you are not allowed to go anywhere else unless I say so. And when I mean anywhere, that means you are to stay right there within campus at all times." Zeke said in a calm yet absolute voice. "It’s time for you to learn to blend in with the humans – humans who do not know about vampires. Humans who are not aware we even exist. This is part of you carrying out your responsibility."

Kyle’s grip on his glass tightened but before he could shatter the glass, he clamped down on his emotions and let out a heavy breath. He hated this. It totally sucks being controlled like this. But he knew this was just how it was for them. In the past months, Kyle had learned a lot of things, going along with his brother and helping out in his tasks. He had seen many things that had really opened his eyes, and even more so, his mind. The reality of this world was not as clear-cut and straight forward as he had used to think. Though he knew that it was cruel to many, but now he has come to see how much worse it was. It was far worse, and far more complicated than he could ever imagine. He never thought that this world which was being ruled and dominated by humans was not as simple as he once thought it was.

He knew better now and that was why he could only obey even though he felt very unreconciled about it. Because as his brother had mentioned, this was his responsibility. He also knew that Zeke had already attended universities many times in his long lifetime, even his older brother Kai had also attended many schools as well. As for him, this will be his first time attending a school and trying out living like a normal human and studying too.

"Also, there will be rules that you need to familiarise yourself with before going off to school." Zeke’s voice pulled his attention from straying and Kyle just gulped down the rest of the blood left in the glass. He knew Zeke’s ’familiarise yourself with the rules’ meant that he basically had to have all those rules at his fingertips and down pat. He just pressed his lips as he continued listening to Zeke’s instructions. "I’ll send someone to educate you about the rules and everything else that you need to know while I’m away."

When Kyle did not respond, Zeke walked past him but stopped when he reached the door that Raven opened for him. "I will be the one to send you to your new school. We’ll depart as soon as I am back from settling this." He said and then he left.

Kyle let out a sigh and threw his head back. He thought that this must be for the better. He knew schooling would take years. Meaning, he could not leave that place for years until he was finished with his studies. Perhaps this was in itself, a blessing in disguise. This way, maybe he will be able to forget about her during his long stay there. He could only hope. As he was the only one left there, he dared to let out a tired and lonely sigh.


When Zeke’s private jet landed at the airport, a chauffeur sent by Kai immediately came running to receive the man. There were only two of them. Zeke and Lucas.

As soon as Zeke and Lucas were seated in the luxurious sedan, the car immediately accelerated.

"What do you think happened?" Lucas asked, curious and a little excited. It had been months since they had last seen Alexander. And it was because the man had never stirred up any trouble. Somehow, the past months after the battle with Zeres had been the most peaceful ones in many years. And the reason was because the troublemaker Alexander was no longer a troublemaker. So, it really came as a big surprise – especially to Lucas – that they suddenly received such a strange request related to him this time.

Zeke did not reply. He just looked out of the window as if he was leisurely watching the city pass them by as the car sped on.

Finally, the car came to a stop. Lucas’ mouth hung open the moment he stepped out of the car and surveyed his surroundings. As he looked at the green cross plastered on the building before them, he could only stare wide eyed.

He then turned to look at Zeke and the expression on the man’s face showed that he already knew what was going on.

Suddenly, Zeke turned around as though to get back into the car when a hand clamped down on his shoulder. Someone actually stopped Zeke! It was Kai.

"Don’t leave right after arriving, Zeke. Geez! Don’t make this any harder for me than it already is." Kai said as he moved to put his arm around his brother’s shoulder.

Zeke threw him a sharp gaze.

"I haven’t seen you in months and this is how you look at me? But never mind. Just come inside. Quickly. Don’t worry, I promise you will be seeing something that might... highly entertain you once you’re inside." Kai said while laughing merrily as he led the man inside the hospital. Lucas could only trail along after the two men.
Chapter 706 Delivery

As soon as Zeke, Kai and Lucas arrived on the delivery room floor level of the hospital, the scene that welcomed them were two nurses trying to lead – or more like coax – Alex out of the delivery room. From what they saw, Alex was having none of it and was trying his best to be stubborn and adamant in keeping himself in that room.

Seeing that the nurses seemed to be having a hard time in getting him out, Kai rushed towards them.

"What’s going on?" Kai asked one of the nurses who was sporting an exasperated look while staring helplessly at Alex.

"Uhm. The patient in this room had requested for her husband to leave the room, sir." The nurse explained with a wry smile. "We also think it’s better for Mr. Qinn to wait outside." She then stepped closer to Kai and murmured in a low voice, "He is not helping his wife relax by being in there. In fact, we think he is stressing her out more..." Kai raised his brows as he turned to look at the nurse in surprise.

At that moment, they heard Abi’s pained voice and seeing how Alex’s reaction at what he had heard, Kai understood why the wife had given him the boot. A lopsided smile hung on his lips even as he immediately grabbed Alex by the upper arms and pulled him out – none too gently, in fact – and the nurses shot Kai looks of gratitude as they sighed in relief and ran to quickly close the door behind the two men.

Alex spluttered in protest as he was dragged backwards out of the room and still attempted to reach for the doorknob with his free hand to open it. However, Kai had anticipated that he would do that and was one step ahead of him as he pulled Alex back to the bench where the other two men were waiting silently. "Quit it, Alex. Didn’t Abi said that you don’t need to be there? Kelly’s already in there beside her to give emotional support. And you definitely aren’t helping at all especially with you being in your current crazed state. My god, just stay here and relax, will you? Jeez! And stop acting so crazy. Abi’s not the first lady to ever give birth in this hospital. The doctors and nurses know what they’re doing." Kai told him, exasperated. Before Abi was wheeled into the delivery room a little while ago, she had told him not to accompany her in her delivery. Kai knew it was because Abi knew of Alex’s temper. She knew very well that her husband definitely could not take it seeing her in so much pain. And they were right.

When Kai heard that Zeke was coming, he had left Alex on this same bench and had told him to stay calm and wait right there. Did Alex force his way inside after Kai left and when he heard Abi’s scream as she was going through her labour contractions?

Letting out a sigh, Kai glanced over at Zeke who was standing there, looking at Alex with a deadpan face.

"Ah, Zeke is here now. So don’t worry anymore and just calm down." Kai told Alex, hoping to distract the stressed out father-to-be. It seemed to have worked as Alex lifted his face to look at Zeke.

Zeke let out a quiet sigh and sat leisurely next to them. "I can’t believe you called me here for this." Zeke commented dryly with a subtle twinkle in his dark eyes and Alex immediately glared at him.

"Shut up. This is a serious matter, Zeke." Alex gritted his teeth angrily. His emotions were all over the place right now. He could not calm down at all, especially when he was hearing his wife’s screams of suffering right now. Each scream literally drove a sharp lance of pain into his heart, making feel as though he would lose his mind at any moment. However, he dared not do so as he was afraid that she would call for him in the event that she needed him to be by her side. The anticipation of his child coming into the world and the worry for Abi’s wellbeing made him so antsy and restless he did not know what to do with himself. If he were a lesser man, he would be wringing his fingers already!

"She’s an immortal, Alex. You know there is nothing bad that will happen to her –"

"That’s not the issue here. My wife’s in so much pain." Alex groaned as he dropped his head into his hands.

"That’s normal. All humans suffer like that when they give birth, I know you already know that."

Alex’s aura flared, angered at the unsympathetic and apathetic tone that Zeke is taking with him. Though he knew full well that child birthing was not something new, Alex usually do not even care anymore about Zeke’s usual emotionless responses but at this moment he could only flare up in anger.

Thankfully, they saw Andrew and Abi’s grandparents rushing over. Seeing that the ever so regal looking husband of their beloved granddaughter now looking so dishevelled and panicking like some fragile piece of glass, Abi’s grandma immediately approached him and held onto Alex’s hand. The firm but gentle grip from Abi’s grandma managed to lend some semblance of calm to Alex’s chaotic heart and mind.

"It’ll be alright, son." She smiled at him as she patted the top of his hand. "Do not worry, you know our Abi is a strong girl, right?" Her eyes twinkled comfortingly, helping Alex to breathe easier.

Somehow, Alex finally mellowed down. Kai let out a huge sigh of relief seeing him calm down and glanced at Zeke, shaking his head.

All of them then sat there in a comfortable silence and Alex stopped his nervous rambling. He sat there quietly, staying calmly in his seat. Kai offered to go with Alex to the roof top for a while so he could at least get a short reprieve from not hear Abi’s audible suffering. But Alex shook his head in refusal and then commence to just sit there unmoving like a statue. His hung his head down and stared at the floor as if in intense concentration.

Chapter 707 Congratulations

"Don’t bother him." Zeke told Kai and Kai just sighed again. He thought for a moment that Zeke would leave but to his surprise he did not. Zeke just sat there with them quietly and Kai knew his presence there was making Alex somehow feel a little more at ease.

Meanwhile, the red-haired sidekick of Zeke could hardly believe his eyes. He had never thought he would ever see the great and invincible Alexander looking this vulnerable, and so damned human in his emotions. And he also could not help but steal sideway glances at his master from time to time, the cold hearted Ezekiel. Lucas wondered if one day, he would ever see Ezekiel in this almost unbelievable state as how Alexander is behaving right now. Somehow, he shook his head, unable to imagine it. Lucas could only imagine Zeke sitting exactly with the same pose and with the exact same expression he has on his face right now and a helpless sigh escaped from his mouth.


When a nurse finally stepped out of the delivery room, Alex immediately jumped up from his seat. His heart was beating so ferociously.

With a brilliant smile, the nurse congratulated him heartily on the successful delivery of his child and Alex drew in a sharp breath of relief.

"Can I see my wife now?" he asked, his voice shaky and utterly emotional. When the nurse nodded, Alex did not waste another moment and zipped into the room as though he had totally forgotten about everything else.

Everyone who was watching him at that moment understood him and could not help but smile in relief. They, except Zeke, had all been worried this entire time that Alexander would actually have a mental breakdown or something. They had been so suffocated with his intense aura the entire time.

"Guess the gender of his child, Zeke." Kai playfully asked.

"I hope it’s a girl." Zeke replied.

"Oh, I thought you’d like a boy."

"A boy would definitely be more troublesome. You know the humans have a saying, ’like father like son’." A tiny smirk flitted past his lips so quickly that Kai missed it.

Hearing that saying, Kai could not help but chuckle. Looking at Zeke, it was obvious that the man was already trying to figure out or envision the future or what sort of troubles Abi and Alex’s child will bring to the world if the baby turns out to be a son. "So, you think a baby girl is less troublesome because of the humans’ saying, ’like mother like daughter’? Now I can’t help but want to root for a boy." He teased and Zeke just glanced at him sideways.

"How about you? Your wife’s not pregnant yet?" Zeke’s statement suddenly caught Kai unawares.

Kai was suddenly silenced, and he rubbed the back of his neck, looking a little conflicted. "Not yet, but we’ll get there soon." He said then lifted his brow at Zeke. "How about you? When will you get married?"

Even Lucas who was quiet all this time had his ear twitching in anticipation as he waited excitedly for Zeke’s response.

But to their dismay, Zeke just stood up calmly from his seat. "We’re leaving now." He said as he signalled Lucas.

"Hey, won’t you at least take a look at Alex’s child?!" Kai was shocked at the thought that Zeke would just up and leave before giving his congratulations to the new parents and having a glimpse of the child. Did he not already wait the whole time here with Alex? Why not just wait a little while longer?

"Tell Alex I will drop by tomorrow, before I leave the country."

And they were gone, just like that. Kai was left standing there alone, sighing again.


Inside the room, Alex had finally calmed down. He had been holding Abi’s hand, kissing her fingers and her sweaty forehead as he looked at her, eyes brimming with love. It was obvious that if not for the worry he has now of hurting her, she would long be in his embrace since the moment he entered the room.

But now that the nurses have brought their babies in their bassinets, Alex stilled. Just like the doctor told them before, Abi gave birth to twins and now that he was looking at the two babies, Alex could not help but feel panic welling up within him as it threatened to overwhelm him. He thought he had prepared himself enough throughout Abi’s pregnancy, but now that he was actually seeing the little ones with his very own two eyes, he could barely move. He was a father now!!

"Okay, here you go," Kelly brought the baby girl to him, and nervousness immediately carved itself into his face. Even Abi could not help but let out a slight laugh at the sight of Alex’s panic filled face.

"It’s okay, Alex." Abi told him and Alex looked at her. Their baby boy was already in her arms, nursing at her breast.

Kelly instructed him on how to carry the baby and then she slowly placed the cute baby girl in his arms. The little bundle of joy looked so tiny in his large arms.

Alex’s heart was racing again. His eyes were now gleaming with so much happiness. In fact, he could not quite explain how he felt now. He could not even speak. All he could do was to look at his wife and both of them smiled at each other with so much happiness shining in their eyes.


Meanwhile, in the Black Forest, Alicia and Lilith were celebrating. They saw Abi’s babies in the crystal balls and Alicia immediately had the urge to go and visit her friend’s cute babies. She wanted to see them very badly, but she knew she could not go there yet. However, she planned to visit the babies very soon.

For now, she needed to go and speak with Zeres about something important. She had not seen him for months now because the last time she had gone over to visit him, Zeres had sent her away.

Zeres had told her that he suspects that Zeke could actually see her. And that was why Alicia refrained from visiting Zeres. Now that she saw Ezekiel was not with Zeres, she decided that it was now the best chance for her to speak with him about this new information she had found out about Ezekiel before he returned.

Chapter 708 Twins

The next day, early in the morning found Alex carrying both the twins in his arms – one in his left and the other in his right. He thought he had prepared himself enough when this day came but he was still incredibly overwhelmed as he looked down indulgently at his two tiny babies who were contentedly sleeping in his arms. He was already a father now and his heart was constantly filled with intense emotions.

He looked at Abi who was lying on the hospital bed, still recovering from the tiredness of her labour the day before and when she smiled at him with the same intense emotions in her eyes, Alex relaxed and smiled lovingly back at her. It felt as though they were even more connected now that their babies were born. When their eyes met, words were not needed, and they could understand what the other is thinking.

At that moment while the couple were still basking in the afterglow of their newfound connection to each other, the door opened, and Zeke and Lucas entered the door.

Zeke's gaze immediately fell to the babies who were cradled in Alex's arms as he paused by the door. Lucas eyes instantly widened. "T-twins?" he exclaimed, and Alex smirked at them. They could literally see him puffing out his chest in pride as he held the twins close to his body.

The words 'aren't I amazing?' were flashing across his eyes proudly as he looked at the two men.

"Girls?" Zeke finally stepped forward and approached Alex who was sitting leisurely on the comfortable and padded chair with his two babies sleeping in his arms.

Alex gave him a taunting smile and then said, "Sorry to disappoint you Zeke, but you're wrong this time." Zeke's face darkened for a millisecond, but he kept his unfathomable face as blank as usual as he sat on the empty chair across from Alex.

Zeke ignored Alex and turned to Abi. "Congratulations." He wished Abi sincerely, and she smiled at him.

"Thank you." she said when Alex stood and approached Zeke.

"Here, carry him." Alex pushed his right arm forward which was carrying his son and Zeke's eyes widened a little but before he could refuse, Alex had already carefully placed the baby into his arms.

"Wait, I –" This was the first time either of them detected a hint of nervousness in the great Zeke's voice. Normally he would sound deadly cold at his worst or neutrally indifferent at best. So, catching the slight wavering of his voice was an extremely interesting matter, more so for Alex than Abi. Abi only smiled gently. Alex however, wanted to burst out laughing but managed to curb it and held it back as he told himself that he was now a father, thus he needed to behave more maturely.

"Just raise your arm like this. Yes, like that. Careful. That's our precious little one." Alex completely ignored the look on Zeke's face while Lucas was pressing his lips tight together as to restrain himself from not bursting out into an all-out grin.

This was the first time he saw Zeke looking as though he were trapped in a very sticky situation. And this man had never been in such a situation for a very long time since. The way he held the baby was so stiff and unnatural. His shoulders were frozen, and he did not move at all as he kept throwing sharp glances at Alex, silently telling him that he had enough and wanted the baby out of his arms. Alex, however, was having none of it as this was truly the sight of the day! He wanted to enjoy looking at Zeke being this thrown off and not being able to maintain his normal cool and calm self. He grinned mischievously and determined that he would drag on Zeke's torment as long as he could. That would serve him right for all the other times the man had shown him up one!

Alex pulled away as soon as he was certain that his son was held securely in Zeke's arms. He looked over at Zeke and smiled proudly.

"There you go! Now, you're officially the proud uncle of twin babies, Zeke. Congratulations!" Alex grinned at him.

Zeke took in a deep breath and looked as though he was enduring some huge ordeal that needed him to be longsuffering. After a few seconds, he then let out a small sigh and looked down at the baby that was nestled in his arms – courtesy of being put there by his very own father. It was really so tiny. "If you are planning to ask me for help to raise your sons –" Zeke started out before being cut off by Alex again.

"Son and daughter, Zeke." Alex corrected with a snicker which did not reflect much on his earlier determination to be more mature and fatherlike at all, and Zeke whipped his head up at him.

"Oh, I have yet to tell you their names. His name is Alexis," Alex gestured to the baby in Zeke's arms then back to the one he was cradling. "And this is my little princess, Alice." He added. Last night, Abi and Alex had discussed between themselves and decided on their babies' names. It was actually Abi who had decided on both their names as Alex had just nodded and gone along with everything Abi suggested. She had named their princess after her late friend, the witch queen and named their son Alexis. Abi told him it was the combination of his name and Lexus, her dragon friend in her past life.

"By the way, where is Zeres?" Alex then asked as he realised that he had not seen the guy yet. "Why did he not come to visit his brand-new nephew and niece? He definitely knows about my children by now."

"I'm sure he'll be dropping by for a visit to your family one of these days." Was all Zeke said as a response to Alex's question and after a long while, Zeke and Lucas finally stood to leave.

Chapter 709 Jerk

Zeke had gingerly but with much relief, placed Alexis back into the baby's mother's – Abi's – arms and then turned to face Alex.

"We'll be leaving now." He said and with a wide grin, Alex patted his back and whispered in his ear.

"Next time I see you, I hope you won't be this stoic anymore. And most of all… to be in love." He then waggled his brows at Zeke.

Zeke's face remained deadpan. "I hope your son won't cause you too much trouble. He's your son after all."

"Well, if one day he ends up becoming uncontrollable and you still remain that the stoic man that you are and still unmarried and without any children, I will just ship him off to you to settle." Alex smirked at him, and Zeke's gaze sharpened again. "You're their uncle now. And uncles, especially the unmarried and childless ones, have the great and honoured responsibility of taking care of their nieces and nephews whenever they run into troubles. Am I right, Lucas?" Alex winked at Lucas and Lucas agreed with Alex by nodding his head enthusiastically.

When the two men finally left the hospital, Alex returned to Abi's side.

He sat next to her. "Are you feeling alright, my love?" he asked, his voice mellow and soothing – a complete contrast with the playful tone he took with Zeke earlier.

Abi smiled. "I'm fine. I think we should be able to go home now, Alex."

"Are you sure?"

"Very sure."

"Alright, my love. We'll go home very soon." He said and kissed Abi's forehead lovingly. "Thank you, Abi for making me the happiest man in this world. I love you." He then ensured the twins were secure in their bassinets beside Abi's bed before going off happily to settle the discharge procedures, eager to head home with his newly expanded family.

Last night.

Alicia had a hard time tracking down Zeres' whereabouts as that man had made sure to hide himself so well that no amount of summoning on the crystal ball could give her hints on where she would be able to find him at all. He had grown so powerful to hide himself from her and even from Lilith.

Thankfully, Alicia had found Kyle while looking for Zeres. Even though she could not communicate with the young man, Alicia did not want to read the young man's mind. So, she opted to go through the memories of other guards who were with him. And that was how she had found out about Zeres' hideout.

When she arrived at the place, Alicia was amazed. She found herself in a luxurious apartment located on the highest floor of the building.

Somehow, Alicia did not expect that Zeres would be found living in such a modern place with conveniences and luxuries. Was Ezekiel the one who gave him this apartment to live in? Or was it his choice to get this place himself? She had somehow expected Zeres to be living in an ancient house which was only slightly modernized, but never in her wildest dreams would she expect him to be found in a very modern one like this. But where was he?

Alicia was standing by the floor to ceiling window overlooking the large and lively city when she heard the door to the penthouse swung open.

She whipped her head back. Only to find Zeres entering the door… only that there was

someone else with him. It was a beautiful human girl.

Alicia was frozen on the spot as she blinked and watched the two of them enter the living hall, slightly stumbling as they walked.

The girl was clinging tightly onto his arm while Zeres looked as though he was drunk.

Before they could even close the door, the girl immediately grabbed Zeres and kissed him, causing Alicia's eyes to widen. The girl was so feisty that she resembled a hungry female wolf despite her outwardly delicate beauty. She pushed Zeres against the wall as she kissed him, and her fingers then started to undo the buttons on his shirt.

However, Zeres caught her wrists before she could even undo the top button. His eyes which were dazed before, were now suddenly sharp when he looked down at the girl. "Not tonight," he snapped, his voice harder and colder than Alicia could ever remember it being.

But the girl was unfazed. She pulled away gently and smiled at him invitingly. "Oh, can you really resist me, handsome?" she crooned, her voice seductive and utterly vixen-like before she started to undress herself in front of him, hoping to seduce him into continuing what she had initiated.

Zeres closed his eyes and pinched the space between his brows in undisguised frustration. Then he opened his eyes and spoke brusquely to the girl. "Fine, since you want to be used by me that bad…" he said and in an instant, he grabbed the girl.

"Face the wall," he growled out and the girl who looked like she was already drooling for him, bit her lower lip and turned around obediently. She even looked as though she could not wait anymore as she stuck out her bottom and rubbed it against Zeres' crotch.

Zeres only stood behind her and calmly started to unbuckle his belt.

"Hurry, handsome… ah, I can't wait anymore…" the girl panted out, but Zeres did not look like he had heard anything she said. As he was about to unbutton his pants, he suddenly halted.

All of a sudden, Zeres' head whipped around.

Alicia who had been standing frozen by the large window and was about to take her leave and disappear, froze in her tracks the moment their eyes met. Oh my, did he notice her presence there?!

Alicia did not dare move, trying to conceal and minimize her presence as much as possible. She was extremely embarrassed and strangely aggravated with the scene that she had seen just now.

"Leave." She heard him bark out irritably. Was he telling her to leave? Somehow, Alicia felt angry.

"Huh?" The girl said. "Why did you stop –"

"I said leave. Now!" His voice thundered and the girl was terrified. Alicia then realized that she was not the one Zeres had ordered to leave. It was that indecent girl that he was referring to.

The girl gritted her teeth. "Jerk!" she yelled at him before grabbing her handbag that was thrown on the floor and then stormed out of the door.

As soon as the door was closed, Zeres run his fingers through his hair and then let out a harsh breath.

Before Alicia could determine why she was feeling happy when Zeres shooed that immoral girl off, she was given another shock. "I know you're there, Alicia." Zeres' voice rang out, startling Alicia who was about to make her escape.




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