Married to the Devil's Son Volume 1 Chapter 41- 50



"I don't know if I can do this." I said looking myself in the mirror.
"Yes you can My Lady. If you don't do this then princess Klara will."
Irene had made me wear a beautiful white gown with nothing underneath.
"But isn't this too much?"
Irene smiled.
"You are not n.a.k.e.d, My Lady. You are still wearing a dress, just showing a little more than usual to make him want to see the rest." She winked.
I didn't even know if this was a good idea. He had only yesterday warned me to not seduce him, but I wasn't seducing him really. I was just going to brush my hair and put oils on my skin, just as I do every night before I go to sleep. The only difference would be that I would be doing it in front of him now, which Irene thought would make him want me.
I was doubtful but Irene was convinced. Well, she knew more about men then I did so I decided to take her advice.
"You don't have to do this if you don't want to." She said putting her hand on my shoulder.
"I do want him. I am just not sure if he wants me." and that made me scared of wanting him.
"He does want you and if he doesn't, then make him."
Yes, I had to make him want me otherwise Klara would.
"Is he even coming tonight?" I asked.
"Yes, he is." She said with a frown. "I'll leave you now." On her way, she blew a few more candles off and gave me a reassuring smile before closing the door behind her.
As soon as Lucian walked into the room a wonderful smell penetrated his nostrils. It smelled of roses and fresh air and... Hazel. He looked around. The room was mostly dark, the only light coming from a few lit candles and the full moon that shone outside the window.
His eyes searched the room until they found Hazel who was sitting in front of the mirror brushing her hair. She stopped for a while and looked at him.
"You came." She smiled.
That smile, that weakness of his, tugged at his heart in strange ways.
"Yes," was the only thing he managed to say and she went on brushing her hair.
She looked more beautiful than ever in the dim light and smelled of honey and coconut. He inhaled deeply, he wanted more, more of her scent, more of her. He wanted to run his hands through her hair, hold her tight, kiss every inch of that honey scented skin. His body urged him forward while his brain screamed at him to turn around and leave before he lost control.
Hazel stopped brushing her hair and looked at him questioningly.
"Lucian?" her voice so sweet, called to him, woke his deepest desires. "Will you just stand there?" She asked.
No, he wanted to turn back and leave but found himself taking a step forward. Cursing quietly he walked past her and to the bed. He began to take his armor off deciding that he would go to sleep as fast as he could.
"How was your day?" She asked using that same sweet tone.
His gaze traveled back to her. She had her leg up on the footstool and had lifted her dress up above her knee.
Swallowing Lucian quickly turned his gaze away.
"Good." was all he said. He should have asked about her day but he was fighting a battle inside his head, a battle between his body and brain. He could feel how his demon was slowly clawing his way out.
"I have made a new friend." She continued. He could hear the joy in her voice but he got worried. Who could this friend be?
"Who?" He asked turning to her but regretted it immediately. She was now rubbing something into her skin, slowly running her hands up and down her bare leg.
He had warned her. He had warned her not to seduce him, why could she never listen?
"Her name is Irene?" she smiled swinging her legs down and standing up straight.
His eyes scanned the length of her body, taking in every detail. She was wearing a form-fitting white dress that enhanced the curves of her body. The fabric was thin but not revealing, still, he knew she was wearing nothing underneath.
While enjoying the sight he could feel her body warming up under his gaze and her heart began to beat rapidly. She seemed to contemplate whether to approach him or not. God help her and him if she did because now he was losing all sense. The only thing he could focus on was the deep and raw hunger that rose within him.
I felt my cheeks flush as his gaze moved over me, the intensity in his eyes clearly telling me that he liked what he saw.
Slowly he lifted his gaze to mine and our eyes locked. Heat blazed from the depths of them, warming me from the inside, drawing me to him like gravity and I found myself taking a few steps forward but stopped, afraid he would draw back. But he didn't.
Instead, he stalked toward me, slowly, his eyes never leaving mine and it took all my strength to stand still and not run away or fall on my knees. I don't know what it was about him, about the way he moved or the way he looked at me that made me both frightened and excited at the same time.
I forget to breathe as he neared and stood right before me, so close I could feel the warmth of his body, wrapping itself around me like a blanket, making me yearn to be in his arms.
As if he knew what I wanted he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close.
"I have waited too long." He said his voice rough with suppressed need. "I can't hold back anymore."
"Then don't" I whispered.
His hold around my waist tightened pressing our bodies together while his free hand grabbed my hair roughly and brought my face dangerously close to his. I closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss me as roughly as he grabbed me, but I felt the softest brush of his lips on mine sending shivers down my spine. Then another soft brush and my breath hitched.
He was making me wait, but I didn't want to wait. I wanted him, I needed him. I wrapped my arms around his neck but before I could press my lips to his he pulled my hair and tilted my head back.
"Patience wife, I want to savor this moment." He said his tone like a hot wave against my throat.
I clung on to him, unable to stand on my own as his lips skillfully moved over my throat kissing and nibbing. His hands moved down my back, grabbed onto my h.i.p.s and pushed me even harder into his body as if I wasn't close enough. His scent wrapped itself around my mind making me unable to think.
I was lost, drowning in an ocean of pleasure. I felt myself float on air, my feet no longer touching the ground and suddenly I lay on the bed with Lucian on top of me, pinning my hands above my head. Desire and hunger blazed through his eyes and he crashed his lips on mine. His kiss was raw, intense sending a wave of heat through my body. His hands slipped under my dress and caressed me to heights that were both frightening and arousing.
Lucians kisses turned from sweetly intense to painfully intense almost bruising my lips. Before I could protest I heard the tearing sound of fabric.
"Lucian..." I began breathlessly as I pushed him away.
"What did you..." the words died in my throat as I looked into his red eyes before he shut them.
"Hazel, leave quickly before I hurt you."
His voice sent chills down my spent and I considered running for a moment but something in me refused to run. Something that heard the pain in his voice.
He opened his eyes and his gaze burned into mine.
"I said run." He growled.
"No, I don't want to."
"I can't control myself anymore Hazel." He said with clenched teeth as his body shook violently. "You don't want to see me like this."
I had already seen him like this and he hadn't hurt me. He had saved me. I refused to be scared of him, I had no reason to.
Lucian was trying everything in his power to make his body move, take himself as far away from Hazel as possible, but his demon was too strong, too hungry. It had tasted Hazel and it wanted more. He was no longer in control and he feared for Hazel but she wasn't listening to him.
He shut his eyes and fought his demon once more but to no avail.
"Lucian, open your eyes." He felt Hazel's hand on his cheek.
No! He didn't want her to see him like this but he found himself opening his eyes.
"Look at me." She whispered.
Raising his gaze slowly, he looked into her eyes. It was as if his body listened to her instead of him.
There was no fear in her eyes as he gazed into them, only curiosity and... tenderness. He wasn't used to this. He was used to seeing fear and disgust in people's eyes. To see Hazel look at him the way she did warmed his heart and without thinking, he leaned down and kissed her again. She parted her lips invitingly and wrapped her arms around him.
A familiar feeling he knew as love filled his heart. It warmed him, calmed him and slowly he felt the color of his eyes returning to normal and his nails retracting.
He had no time to think of what was happening as he was consumed by the desire that pulsated through him.
Slowly he drew back and took his shirt off while studying her face. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes hooded with desire. He could hear the fierce pounding of her heart as her gaze traveled down his bare upper body.
Knowing that she wanted to touch him he took her hand and placed it on his chest. She hesitates for a moment but then her hands slowly began to explore his body.
She ran her hands down his chest, stomach, up his arms and shoulders her eyes showing nothing but admiration as she touched him. Then her fingers traveled down his spine and he groaned with pleasure that burned so deep it was nearly painful.
Although he was in a sweet agony he waited patiently, letting her satisfy her curiosity and getting acquainted with his body.
When she was done it was his turn.
He pressed his body intimately into hers, holding her down with his h.i.p.s while his lips claimed hers in a kiss. His tongue swept across her lower lip and she writhed beneath him creating a sweet friction that made him groan deep in his throat. Knowing the effect it had on her he repeated the deed and she m.o.a.ned in response.
Taking her dress off smoothly he began to explore her body using his hands, lips, and tongue. He savored the feel and taste of her skin, relished the sound of her m.o.a.ns.
"Lucian!" She gasped as he grazed his finger down her inner thighs coaxing shivers out of her. He did the same thing again but this time with his tongue making her quiver uncontrollably. He couldn't help but smile at her reaction as he continued teasing her with his lips and tongue.
"Lucian please..." She said breathless as her hands fisted in his hair bringing his face to hers.
He gave her the kiss she wanted and she kissed him back with a hunger that both surprised him and aroused to an excruciating level. His hand slid between her thighs and she cried out in pleasure as his he touched sensitive, aching flesh.
She was his now and he was going to show her that no other man could pleasure her the way he was going to.
I was mindless, nearly breathless as Lucians hand stroke me slowly, rhythmically making the pressure in the pit of my stomach increase with every stroke. I dig my finger into his hair as the feeling became overwhelming, making my muscles tighten and then a spasm went through my body and my head fell back with a cry.
I just lay there, my body limp, astonished by what just happened. Whatever it was I didn't want it to end.
"This is just the beginning, wife" Lucian whispered in my ear.
And then the kissing and stroking began and my body was on fire once again.
Lucian grabbed my h.i.p.s and I felt a sharp pain, but it was only brief. Next came the incredible feeling, our skin moving together, the friction igniting a fire that burned to my core.
Yes, I was on fire. A fire that no amount of water could quench.




I opened my eyes slowly, unwilling to succ.u.mb the sweet dream I had been having. I realized it wasn't a dream, as I felt Lucian's arm around my waist, pressing my back against his chest. His legs entwined with mine under the sheets, his breath in my hair, fanning my neck.
It hadn't been a dream. Lucian had made love to me last night in the most sensual, tender manner. I felt my cheeks heat and my body burn anew as I recalled the beautiful memories. It was an experience I had never had before and never thought I would have. Actually, I never thought such an experience could even exist. How could a single kiss make my head spin? A light touch burn my skin?
My heart skipped a beat as I felt Lucian's arm tighten around my waist.
"Lucian? Are you awake?" I whispered.
"Hmm..." he said in a sleepy voice. Then it was quiet for a while. Had he gone back to sleep?
Slowly, I turned around to face him. His eyes were closed but I knew he was half awake. Maybe he was tired and wanted to continue sleeping, so I kept quiet as to not wake him.
Lord, he was beautiful. Just looking at him made my heart race and my fingers itched to touch him. I let my fingers slide up his shoulder and down his arm feeling the smooth and warm texture of his skin.
"Do that again" he said his voice husky with sleep.
Smiling, I did the same gesture again feeling him shiver slightly under my touch. Then I ran my fingers down his neck, his jaw, his lips, admiring the smoothness. Craving to touch him more, kiss him and hold him.
He grabbed my wrist stopping me, then he opened his eyes.
"Are you done tormenting me, wife?"
"Not yet," I smiled teasingly.
Taking my hand, he kissed my palm then entwined his fingers with mine.
"I have never slept so peacefully before," My heart warmed up at his words. "I wish to sleep with you in my arms every night from now on."
"Every night?"
"Yes, every night." He stated, his eyes boring into mine and suddenly an image of his red eyes from last night appeared in my head.
I had looked into them, into his blood red eyes and still let him make love to me. I should have been scared, should have screamed, or at least asked him what he was, but I had been blind with l.u.s.t.
"Hazel?" He grabbed some strands of my hair and tugged them behind my ear. "About last night...what you saw...I really don't know how to explain it."
He seemed to think for a while before his eyes slowly became unfocused, distant. All of a sudden, images of a young boy with black hair and golden eyes appeared in my head.
The boy, who looked to be five years old, was happy as he ran.
"Papa," he shouted with a smile and enveloped his father in a hug. The smile quickly died on his face as he felt his father stiffen and recoil from his touch. He looked up at his father to see him look down at him with disgust. His heart dropped to his stomach. With teary eyes, he watched his father from a distance hugging and kissing his brothers while smiling and laughing, and wondered why he had been treated so differently.
Now the boy was a little older maybe eight. He was sitting at the lunch table with his brothers and father.
"Where is your mother?" one of his brothers asked. The boy looked at the empty chair next to him where his mother was supposed to sit, then he looked at his brothers who all were sitting next to their mothers.
"His mother is dead son. Leave him alone." The woman who was his mother said.
The golden eyed boy looked down at his hands feeling all alone. He had heard people whisper that he was the reason his mother died. Because she had to give birth to a monster like him.
Indeed he was a monster, at least when he looked himself in the mirror and saw his eyes red and nails sharp like blades. He was terrified by his own image. He hated what he saw so he broke the mirror with a single thought and then sat in the middle of the shattered glass. Tears rolled down his eyes.
With a shaky hand, he grabbed a piece of the broken mirror and placed it on his wrist. Slowly he cut through his flesh but the pain was nothing compared to the one in his chest. He looked at his wrist, the cut had already healed. If only the wounds in his heart could heal as well.
Why was it so difficult? Why was life so cruel to him? He just wanted to be loved, to be held just once. He wanted someone to tell him he wasn't a monster and that he didn't need to be scared.
But once again he sat in the corner of a dark room, scared, crying in his pillow to stifle the sound. He had almost burned his brother, with just a thought. How was that possible? Maybe he was a monster, who had killed his mother and almost killed his brother today. He deserved to be hated, he deserved to be feared. No wonder his father didn't want him, he had killed his wife and could kill him as well.
The golden eyed boy who was now a teenager had accepted that he was a monster. His heart had become numb from all the pain and loneliness he had to endure so he shut his feelings down.
He had heard all kinds of bad things about himself. He had heard them so many times that it didn't matter anymore. No one cared and nobody would ever care, so why bother? He isolated himself from everyone else but still, he couldn't be left alone. His brothers would mock him every time they got the opportunity and his father would sometimes barge into his room in an intoxicated state.
"You!" his father would shout, pointing at him while trying to keep his balance. "You have made my life a hell! Why do you have to exist you repulsive thing? Why?!!!"
"Don't! Don't call me that. I am not your father!" he would scream. "And don't look at me with those eyes!!"
His father hated his eyes and so did he. Some people said his eyes were made from hell fire while others said they were stones from hell. If people looked into them they would sin and eventually go to hell.
"Father? Why do you hate me so much?" the boy asked gathering some courage.
"Hate?" his father laughed. "I don't hate you, I despise you."
"Then why don't you just kill me!" the boy yelled, tears falling down his face.
"I wish I could." his father spat.
Later that night, the boy stood at the top of the castle's tower, looking down. He took a deep breath. He was going to end his miserable life. No more pain, no more loneliness. He closed his eyes. This was the end he thought.
"Nooo!!" Hazel screamed and Lucian came out of his haze.
Startled he looked at her, her cheeks were wet with tears. He realized that she had seen his memories. How?
"Hazel." He reached for her and held her tightly while she cried hysterically against his chest.
"I am sorry you got to see that. I didn't mean to." He said but she just kept crying.
Lucian cursed inwardly. How was she able to see his memories? To see him in pain was the last thing he wanted.
"Hazel?" He whispered her name while gently stroking her back. "That was a long time ago. Yes, I was lonely. My heart had frozen spreading the coldness throughout my whole body. I lived on, enduring until you came into my life."
She slowly stopped crying and looked up at him. He wiped some tears away from her cheeks. It pained him to see her cry.
"You have given me a reason to live. You have brought warmth into my life, making the ice around my heart melt so it could beat again. And now my heart beats and it beats only for you."
She looked at him surprised, blinking a few tears away and then wiping them with the back of her hand. He could hear her heart race inside her chest. She knew what he was going to say and she waited for him in anticipation.
"I love you Hazel. I love you with all my heart."
Then he covered her mouth with his and kissed her til she was breathless.




Lucian watched Hazel in her sleep. He had been watching her for a while now, but he never seemed to get tired. How could he? She was the only thing he ever wanted and now she was his.
He looked out the window, it was almost midday but they were still in bed and Hazel was sleeping. He was relieved that she was safe even though his demon had taken over completely last night. It had scared him but Hazel hadn't been scared. She had still wanted him and for the first time, he hadn't despised his demon. He had accepted it instead and it brought a strange feeling of freedom. No more demon crawling under his skin anymore, rather, he and his demon had become one.
This made him remember the strange man's words. Don't fight your demon too much, accept it instead.
How did the man know that he would find peace if he accepted his demon? Whoever the man was, he wanted to meet him again.
He gazed at his wife again. His foolishly courageous wife. To seduce him even though he had warned her clearly, it amused him. He traced her cheek with his fingers. She was indeed stubborn, very stubborn he thought. Her eyelashes were still wet from crying and her lips swollen from all the kissing. He should have gone easy on her, but how? He had waited so long. So long to hold her, kiss her, and touch her and now he could do all of that, without the fear of hurting her.
Tugging her into his arms, he closed his eyes.
I woke up with a smile on my face. The words I love you echoing in my mind. There has never been a happier moment in my life then that when Lucian, my husband, told me he loved me. The sincerity in which he said the words made all of my doubts and fears disappear.
And then he had kissed me, like never before. His kisses expressing the unspoken words, making me forget everything else than the man holding me in his arms.
Lucian. He was indeed 'Man of light'. I just wished he could see that and stop believing he was a monster.
The memories I had seen had been so painful. I was able to feel the void in his heart and my heart ached for him. I couldn't imagine how it must have been for him to live like that, all alone, unloved, scared, and confused. How much pain he must have endured, so much that he was willing to take his life. My heart clenched in pain at the thought. He was just a child. How could his own family have treated him like that?
They were the monsters not him.
Looking at him I ran my fingers through his hair. "I'll make you forget." I whispered.
His lips curved into a smile.
"I thought you were asleep." I said.
He opened his eyes.
"I was. Your finger in my hair and your sweet voice woke me up." He trailed his fingers down my cheek.
"Now tell me. What will you make me forget?" He asked.
I shook my head afraid to tell him. Would I be able to make him forget all the bad memories?
"Nothing." I said.
He drew me closer and pressed his lips on my neck while running his finger down my spine. "Tell me."
"I just..." I began trying to keep my voice neutral as it became hard to breathe.
"You just what?" he said nibbing at the sensitive flesh under my ear. I bit my lip to stifle a m.o.a.n.
"I want... to make you forget all the bad memories." I breathed.
He drew back and looked at me, his eyes filled with love and tenderness.
"Hazel. You make me forget how to breathe, let alone bad memories."
With a smile I snuggled against him, but then my stomach growled.
Lucian chuckled. "We should get something to eat."
No, I didn't want to leave his arms but I wanted to eat something too. We had been laying in bed for too long that we had missed our breakfast and maybe he was hungry as well. I forced myself to sit up then swung legs down. That's when I saw my beautiful white gown on the floor, ripped and torn.
"I am sorry about that." Lucian said running his finger through his hair, innocently.
Wrapping the sheets around me I jingled the bell on the nightstand and a maid came in immediately.
"Bring me Irene." I ordered.
"I am sorry My Lady, but who?"
"Irene. Bring me Irene."
The maid, I think her name was Nora, looked at me confused.
"My Lady, I am sorry but there is no one called Irene."
"Alright. Just bring me the maid who was here last night."
"I was here last night My lady."
Alright, now I was confused.
"No you were not. A maid called Irene was here with me."
The maid looked at me, confusion and fear in her eyes.
"My Lady I have never even heard that name." Her voice quivered.
How was that possible? Irene had been with me all these days.
I stood up. "So are you saying I had been without a maid all these days?" I asked.
She shook her head.
"I was serving you My Lady."
I sighed in frustration and disbelief.
"Little girl. Why don't you call the head maid." Lucian said standing up, the sheets only covering his lower body.
The maid looked down quickly her cheeks turning a bright red. Nodding she left the room.
"What's happening? Who is Irene?" Lucian asked.
"Irene is my personal maid. She had been here with me all these days and now she is telling me there is no one called Irene."
He frowned. Yes, I was confused too, but then suddenly I got scared. Irene was a witch. What if she had been discovered and burned alive? Or maybe the bloodthirsty king had found her and made her his s.e.x slave? No, no. I shook my head.
"Is something wrong?" Lucian looked worried.
There was a knock on the door and next an old lady came in.
"My Lady, Your Highness." She bowed deeply. "I am Margaret, the head maid. You called for me. How may I help you?"
I looked over at Lucian.
"Do you happen to know someone called Irene?" He asked.
"No Your Highness. Never heard the name."
"Who had been attending my wife?"
"A maid called Nora had been serving My Lady, Your Highness."
I stared at her in disbelief.
"You may leave." Lucian said and she left.
"She is lying," I told Lucian.
"What makes you think so?"
"I think the king took Irene and told everyone to keep it a secret or maybe they discovered that she is a w.."
"She is what?"
I hesitated for a while then decided to tell him.
"A witch," I whispered.
Lucian blinked several times then laughed.
"A witch?"
"And what makes you think Rasmus took her." He asked.
"Well, he loves women, and she is extremely, extremely beautiful," I said.
"If she really is a witch I think she can take care of herself, and if Rasmus took her, then... you know we can't do anything about it."
Well, it was true. Maybe she could use some magic to save herself. Still, I was worried.
I took a quick bath then joined Lucian for lunch. We both ate in silence and for the first time we both finished everything on the plate.
"I think you regained your appetite." He said.
I had always loved food but had lost my appetite since I came here due to all the stress.
"I don't think I could ever get enough of food." I smiled picking a strawberry from the fruit basket, and taking a bite of it.
Heat flickered in his eyes. "I know I could never get enough of you."
Heat rose to my cheeks at the way he looked at me.
"You shouldn't look at me like that. We just got out of bed." I said.
"I know. Yet I want to take you back there right now."
The intensity in his eyes made me swallow the strawberry without chewing it completely and he laughed.
"We have plenty of time for that, I am in no hurry." He smiled.
The thought of him making love to me again and again made my heart flutter.
Clearing my throat "Lucian, how was I able to see your memories?" I asked.
He thought for a while.
"I really don't know." he said with a frown.
"And you don't know what you are?"
How confusing and lonely it must have been for him to not know what he is and not be able to tell anyone.
"What happened when you...when you..."
"When I decided to end my life?" He finished. My heart clenched once more.
"Did you jump?" I asked carefully.
"No, I didn't."
I let out a sigh of relief.
"What made you change your mind?"
"I guess there was just a part of me that refused to be weak. I refused to give up and give my father and brothers the satisfaction of seeing me dead." He explained.
I thought about what would have happened if he had jumped. I would never have met him, and I would never have married him, but most of all I would never have fallen in love with him.
Yes, I loved this man.
I think I felt something for him from the first time I saw him, when I had looked into his golden eyes. I was spellbound since then.
"Do you know your eyes are the first thing I fell in love with? You shouldn't hate them. They are beautiful."
I could see in his eyes that if the table hadn't stood between us he would have kissed me. Even though I enjoyed the food, I suddenly wished the table hadn't been there.
As if he knew what I was thinking he stood up and walked to my side. Then he reached for my hand and pulled me out of my chair, bringing me closer to him.
"Hazel." The warmth in which he said my name made me want to melt. "Thank you for existing."
He took both my hands in his and kissed my knuckles.
No one has ever thanked me for anything and this man was thanking me for existing. I didn't know what to say or feel.
"No one has ever cared for me so I never learned how to care for someone. I know I have been a bad husband, avoiding you, hurting you and not being able to protect you. I promise to be a better husband from now on, I promise to cherish you."
I felt tears in my eyes. The truth was, I was the bad one. Yes, he had avoided me and hurt me but now I understood why. He was hurting himself, it must have been so hard for him to avoid me, to live hiding the real him because he was afraid I would hate him just like his family. It must have been hard to live afraid to hurt the person you love.
He had been so alone and I hadn't noticed. Instead, I had distanced myself from him, misunderstood him and denied him his rights as a husband. I know that if it had been any other man he would have used me without my consent and then ignored me for the rest of my life.
But this was Lucian, the man I loved. I must have had a reason to love him and I knew the reason now.
"And I promise to be a better wife."




Lucian left saying he needed to take care of a few things and I just lay in my bed, daydreaming about him. I had Irene to thank for everything that happened. I wished she was here, I felt lonely without her.

Was she alright? What if something really bad is happening to her in this moment and I am just laying here in my bed?

"My Lady?"

Startled I sat up and turned my head.

"Irene!" I almost jumped out bed.

She smiled.

"Where were you? You made me worried."

She looked at me confused.

"You were worried about me?" She asked.

"Yes why not?"

"I am just a maid My Lady?"

"I...I thought we were friends."

Lord, I hated this. I knew that it never worked to be friends with a maid. I had already tried with Lydia and Ylva and they would always say the same 'A Lady and a maid can never be friends'. They were right. I was naive to think that.

How could they see me as a friend when they had to serve me all the time?

"We are if that's what you want, My lady?"

I looked at her surprised and she gave me a smile.

"Could you call me Hazel then?" I asked hopeful.

"Yes, Hazel."

Finally!! After so many years I got a friend. I felt like crying.

"So what happened? I thought something had happened to you. That maybe the bloodthirsty king had taken you."

"No, I am perfectly fine."

"Then why are the maids saying they don't know you?"

She looked around and seemed to contemplate about something.

"Can I tell you a secret now that we are friends?" She asked approaching me.


"I am not a maid Hazel. I am just a witch."

I blinked a few times confused by what I heard.

"I came here to help you and your husband." She contini├║ed.

"Help us? Why?"

"I can't tell you much, but I need you to believe me."

"Believe you? You just lied about being a maid. I trusted you Irene."

"I am sorry." She said and she looked sorry. "But there was no other way I could have spoken to you. I really need you to believe me."

"Why would I?"

"Because you don't want your husband to die?"

"How do you know Lucian?"

Suddenly a thought popped into my head.

"Is he a witch too?" I whispered and then I thought he couldn't be. Why did I even think of that? Witches didn't have red eyes or did they?

"Your husband... is something very powerful that has never existed before. If he uses his powers in the wrong way he could destroy himself."

"What are you saying?" I asked confused.

Grabbing my arms she sat me down on the edge of the bed.

"Hazel, do you remember I told you magic is not a thing to use easily, that it has consequences?"


"Any power anyone possess has its consequences if misused. Your husband... I don't think his is very familiar with his powers, he really don't know how to use them and he could overuse them and bring destruction upon himself."

"How do you know that?"

"He doesn't even know what he is, do you think he will know how to use his powers?"

I was quite for a moment trying to digest all the information I just got.

"Listen, I am a witch right?"


"Alright. If I try to cast a very powerful spell and use all my power and overexert myself I could die, if not I would be weak for several days and my enemies would kill me meanwhile I can't protect myself. The same goes for your husband, he needs to use the right amount of power, and to be able to do that he needs to be very familiar with his powers."

I just looked at her, many questions swirling in my head and doubts on whether to believe her or not.

"So your husband must not think that he can fight an whole army himself. He could but that would make him very weak, or worse he could die."

"And what makes you think he will fight a whole army himself?"

"He might have to do that, because of you."

"Because of me?"

"Yes. He is planning on escaping with you. He is not safe outside these walls. Both his brothers have sent their men everywhere looking for him."

"How do you know that?"

"I got the information from someone I trust."

"So is Lucian a witch or not?"

"Some things I can't tell you." She said. "I need to leave now."

"Wait! Why are you helping my husband?"

Somehow I was afraid to hear the answer. Was she a previous lover of his?

"I was not his lover, Hazel." She said looking amused.

"Can you read my thoughts?"

"Just one of my many talents." She said swirling and then she was gone.

I blinked several times. What had I just seen? She just disappeared in front of my eyes. Impossible.

"Your highness. Please consider your decision." Lincoln begged.

"I have already made up my mind." Lucian said irritation clear in his voice. He knew Lincoln feared for his life and wanted to protect him but he wished the man would stop begging.

He had promised Hazel to be a better husband so he wasn't going to hurt her anymore.

"Have you prepared everything?"

"Yes Your Highness."

Leaving Lincoln behind Lucian entered Klaras room through the window without anyone noticing him. It was late but he hoped she would be awake, and she was.

She lay on her bed reading a book. He approached her slowly thinking it was stupid of him to do this.


Startled she sat up on bed "Lucian?" she looked at him with a questioning look then stood up.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

Yes, how stupid. What was he doing here? He should just have escaped with Hazel.

Something flickered in her eyes.

"Lucian..." She began a warning in her tone. "I don't know what you think of me but I am not like that."

He knew what she was talking about. She thought he had come here to take her to bed. He couldn't blame her when he had snuck into her room in the middle of the night.

"Klara, I can't marry you. I am sorry that I am changing my decision all the time but this is my last and final decision."

Her eyes widened as she put the pieces together.

"You are escaping aren't you?"


"No," She shook her head "you can't. Then why did you come here to tell me?"

Because he knew how she felt about him. If he just escaped without saying goodbye when he had promised to marry her, he would scar her for life. And he knew how painful it was to live with a scar.

"I am not the right one for you. You will realize the day you find the right one. I have to go now." He said turning around.

"I will scream if you go." She threatened.

"Go ahead."

"Lucian I'm going to scream." Ignoring her he continued toward the window.

He knew she wouldn't scream, at least not if her feelings were true.




"Are we really escaping?"

"Yes" Lucian said packing a few things.

Oh, lord. Irene was right.

"Lucian," I said grabbing his arms "I know you are doing this for me but I really, really, really don't mind you marrying Klara."

"Do you want me to marry her and then isolate her somewhere?"

That was terrible. No women deserve to be treated that way.


"Then you don't mind me touching her, kissing her and taking her to bed?" He said frustration clear in his tone.

No. I didn't like that either. Looking at my hands I tried to come up with something to say that made sense, but nothing came to mind. I was confused and scared.

"Listen Hazel." Lucian said taking my hands. "I don't want to marry Klara because I don't want to neglect her. I know how it feels, I have been neglected my whole life. If I don't ignore her it means I have to be with her, and I don't want that either. I don't want to be with anyone but you."

I never thought about what he wanted. It would be wrong to force him to be with someone he didn't want to. I knew how that felt.

"Alright." I said.

We packed a few things and then sneaked out. Outside we met Lincoln, Oliver and few other of Lucians men.

"Your Highness, the weapons and horses are ready." Lincoln informed.

"Yes. But going outside the gates will be too difficult. The guards are too many, we have to at least distract some of them." Calum explained worriedly.

"Don't worry, soon they will fall asleep," Lincoln assured.

"That's very clever of you Lincoln," A familiar female voice spoke from nearby "but I am afraid many of our guards are immune to drugs."

Klara? What was she doing here?

Oh god, we got caught. We were as good as dead.

"There is another way out if you follow me." She gestured.

I looked at Lucian skeptically but he just grabbed my arm and nodded toward his men, then we followed Klara.

Why would she help us escape?

"Can we trust her?" I whispered as we followed her into a dark tunnel.

Lucian nodded.

"This tunnel leads to the back of the castle. It was made in case we got attacked so that we could escape." She explained.

As we reached the exit we found that a few guards standing there.

"Don't worry. These are my men." She explained as she saw the questioning looks on our faces.

"They have prepared a few more horses and weapons. You will need them." She continued.

She was helping us escape. Why? She was making me confused.

Klara studied Lucian while he put his weapons in place and prepared his horse. As she looked at him her expression was filled with sorrow and another feeling I didn't want to admit yet.

Turning to me she walked closer.

"Why are you helping us?" I asked before she could say anything.

"I am helping him not you."

"Helping him is helping me." I said.

She narrowed her eyes.

"I am trying to hate you. You are not helping." She said.

"Neither are you."

I think saw her lips twitch a little into a smile.

"This is not the end. I have not given up on him yet." She said folding her arms across her chest.

"I am sure there are many men who like you why Lucian?"

Walking closer she leaned in.

"I don't think you understand, but your husband is one of a kind."

Then taking a few steps back "I trust you will protect him, or I will come for him." She smirked.

"Princess Klara," Lucian said approaching us "thank you for your help."

As she looked at him her eyes softened and for a short moment, I thought she would cry.

"Take care of yourself." She said.

We were riding fast through an empty land and once again I felt dizzy. I thought I had gotten used to this but I guess I didn't.
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Lucian slowed down, "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes," I breathed, but I wasn't.

Throughout the journey, I fought my urge to vomit as I held on to Lucian until I discovered something. Inhaling Lucian's scent took the nausea away. Grabbing some strands of his hair I kept inhaling his spicy scent until we decided to take a break.

"Lincoln will bring us food." Lucian said as he sat next to me on a cliff while I was watching the sunrise.

It was my first time seeing the sun rise and it was the most beautiful sight. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Lucian watching me.

"Isn't it beautiful?" I nodded toward the sun.

"Very beautiful." He said but he was still looking at me as he said it.

I turned to him. "I am speaking of the sunrise, Lucian."

"I see nothing but you right now."

We just stared into each other's eyes unable to look away until we heard some guards speaking behind us.

Tearing my gaze from his, "Where are we going? What's your plan?" I asked.

"There is only one way out of this mess and to keep you safe. I will kill my brothers."

"But how? You brothers probably have a very high security now because they know they can be attacked any time. I am sure they are prepared for everything." I said.

"I don't know exactly how Hazel, but I will come up with something. First I need to take you to a safe place."

The thoughts of him leaving me and maybe not coming back sent shivers down my spine.

"No, " I said. "I don't want you to go."

"Hazel, I have to. We can't live running and hiding our whole life."

"But what if something happens to you?"

He smiled.

"Nothing will happen to me." He said cupping my face with one hand."I can't die now when I know the feeling of having your bare body in my arms."

His eyes burned into mine and heat crept to my face.

"Your Highness, I have brought some food and clothes." Lincoln interrupted us.

Lincoln brought us commoners clothes so that we wouldn't be recognized easily. We changed our clothes, ate some food and then continued our journey.

Leaving trees and empty lands behind, we came to the city. Getting off the horses we walked among common people till we came to a little village outside the city.

We stood in front of a white house with a brown roof. Lucian had told me that we would go to Lincoln's home, I guessed this was it.

Lincoln entered the house and after a while, he came out with a woman. She seemed to be in her late twenties or early thirties with blonde hair and brown eyes.

"This is my wife Malia, Malia this is His Highness Lucian and His wife Hazel." He introduced.

"It's an honor to meet you, Your Highness." She greeted. "Please come inside."

It was a small house but it was neet and looked comfortable. I could see Malia glancing at Lucian now and then looking surprised. From the way she looked at him, I knew she hadn't expected him to look the way he did. I couldn't blame her, I never thought he would look like this either before I got married to him.

Lucian and Lincoln spoke to Malia about me staying with her until they took care of things.

"Callum will also stay here in case anything happens," Lincoln explained and Malia nodded.

After giving us lunch Malia took us to a room.

"You have been traveling the whole night, I am sure you need rest." She smiled.

"Thank you." I said and she closed the door behind us.

The bedroom was small, at least for someone like me who was used to having very big bedrooms but it looked nice. To share such little space with Lucian brought butterflies to my stomach.

He had already made love to me but I was still behaving like an innocent girl. I needed to stop this.

Looking at Lucian, he was still utterly handsome even when wearing commoners clothes while I probably looked awful. He was wearing a pair of black boots, khaki trousers and a white shirt which he was taking off by now.

Looking at his body I remembered how shamelessly I had touched him without holding back. How smooth his skin had felt, how the muscles on his arms and back had twitched... and his strong neck, I had a sudden urge to place kisses down his neck.

"What are you thinking about wife?"

From the smug look on his face I guessed he knew what I was thinking about.

"Nothing." I blushed.

"And why would nothing make you blush?" He drawled crossing the distance between us.

"Can you hear my thoughts?" I asked.

"No, but I can hear your heart race, your breathing change and your temperature rise."

"You can hear my heartbeat?" I asked surprised.

"Yes, I have sharp senses."

"Oh..." I said trying to digest everything. "What else can you do?"

"I can speak inside your head."

I wasn't very surprised by that. I had heard his voice in my head before.

"What else?"

"I can control fire."

He had burned the men. It was him. "Now you are scared." He said.

"No, I am not."

He was quiet for awhile "Let's get some rest."




Lucian lay facing the other side and I wondered if he was angry with me.

"Are you angry with me?" I asked.

"Why would I be?"

"I don't know" I whispered.

He turned around facing me.

"I am not angry." He said his voice soft.

If he wasn't angry, there was something else he wasn't telling me.

"Will you hold me then while we rest?"

Without waiting he drew me into his arms and after a while, he fell asleep. I was very tired as well after being awake the whole night but I didn't want to sleep since Lucian would leave after we woke up I wanted to be awake and savor the feel of being in his arms. But I couldn't.

I kept repeating Irene's words in my head and it made my stomach twist in fear. What if something happened to Lucian? What if he never came back? Maybe I should have convinced him to marry Klara.

"You haven't slept?" Lucian asked surprised when he woke up.

"I wasn't very tired." I lied to no avail.

"Hazel, you don't need to worry. I will come back safe." He assured me.

Lucian's men gathered their horses outside, getting ready to leave. Lincoln was speaking to his wife, it looked like he was assuring her he would come back safe but she still looked worried. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and a reassuring smile. Surprisingly I had never seen him smile before. This was the first time and he looked like a different person.

By the way, where was Lucian? Looking around I found him stalking toward me. By the time I realized what he was about to do it was too late and he had already pressed his lips to mine, in front of everyone. On top of that it wasn't a light and quick kiss, but a long and passionate one that knocked all air out of my lungs.

He drew back, a smirk on his face. What was that for?

"This is for slapping me, wife."

Embarrassed I looked around and everyone looked away quickly. I wished the earth could open up and swallow me and I glared at Lucian accusingly.

He laughed. "Do you still want me to come back?"

"Yes. How can I pay you back otherwise?" I said.

"I look forward to that." He smirked.

Placing a kiss on my forehead, "I will be back wife." He said then rode off with his men.

It has been a week since Lucian left and for every day that went by I got more and more worried. I couldn't live on like this, the anxiety was eating me alive.

"My Lady, You haven't been eating well lately." Malia pointed. "You should eat something."

"I am fine." I said. She looked at me skeptically.

Suddenly the door flew open and Callum stood there breathless.

"My lady, we need to leave now." He said.

"Why? What happened?" I asked standing up.

"I saw some guards with drawings of you and his highness asking the villagers if they saw you. Soon enough they will find us if we don't leave."

"Oh lord," Malia said. "We should hurry then."

Only grabbing a few important things we left the house. I sat behind Callum on the horse while Malia rode on her own. Even she could ride, why couldn't I?

Well, I had my father to thank for all the things I couldn't do.

When we thought we had come far enough we stopped.

"What now?" Malia asked confused.

"I really don't know." Callum said with a frown. "Maybe we should go to my house."

"No! I have already put Malia in danger I don't want your family to be in danger as well." I said.

"Thank you for your concern My Lady, but protecting you is my priority. Besides we can't stay here for long they will find us."

He was right but it didn't take the guilt away. We continued riding but realized that we were surrounded as every road we tried to take was blocked.

"We are trapped." Callum said.

"Malia, you should leave. They don't want you anyways." I said.

"But how can I leave you My Lady?"

"Just do what I say, we don't have time." I ordered.

"Yes, you should leave Malia. They won't recognize you as long as you are not with us. Besides if you leave you can bring us help." Callum suggested.

She hesitated for a while but quickly rode away when we heard men with their horses nearing.

"They are here, catch them." I heard someone yell.

Callum took his sword out ready to fight.

"Don't." I said. He looked at me confused.

"But My Lady..."

"I will take care of this." I interrupted him. I didn't want him to fight because he would probably lose. They were just too many, he wouldn't be able to fight all of them.

The men surrounded us with their horses. One of them got off the horse and approached us.

His gaze moved over me then he smirked.

"Our little princess is wearing rags I see." He smirked. "What happened?" He asked mockingly and then his men laughed.

His gaze moved over to Callum.

"I only need the princess alive. I think your time on earth has come to an end old friend." He told Callum with a faked sad expression.

Callum stood in the same place his expression unwavering.

"There is no need to pretend to be brave when you are going to die. Why can't you beg for your life while you can?"

"You won't kill him." I said.

The man looked at me then laughed.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Because I will make sure to remember your face and tell my husband to kill you in the most painful way." I said.

He laughed again.

"That's only if he finds me, little princess." He said.

"Oh, he will. The devil finds its way everywhere. By now he is probably on his way while planning your death and everyone's here."

I could see that he got a bit scared. It was working.

"You fear the crown prince?" I asked speaking louder to everyone. "Well, then you fear the wrong person. The worst prince Pierre can do is kill you, but prince Lucian will torture you, kill you and then torture you again in hell, because trust me none of you is going to heaven." I threatened.

They looked at each other hesitantly for a while.

"What are you waiting for." Their commander yelled. "Tie them up!"



VOLUME 1 Chapter 47

They threw us into a cellar with our hands tied behind our back.
"Don't touch the Lady. The crown prince wants her untouched." Their commander told the men. His gaze shifted to Callum.
"You can do whatever you want with him." He said and left.
The two men that were left with us walked toward Callum with a smug look on their faces.
"Leave him alone if you care to live." I told them.
Turning their head they looked at me.
"You can't kill me because the crown prince wants me alive. Before you take me to him Lucian will already be here and if he finds that one of his men is dead or hurt he won't be happy." I said with conviction in my voice. "I don't think you have seen him unhappy, have you?"
They looked at each other, one of them clearly more scared than the other.
"Trust me you don't want to see him like that?" I added.
"That's only rumors. Don't try and scare us, Lady." One of them said.
"Rumors?" I laughed. " There is no smoke without fire and should be scared. No one wants to be burned alive."
Now they were clearly scared. It was visible in their eyes.
"By tonight Lucian will already be here. Think about it. If you want to live you will let us go and I will spare your lives, and maybe even tell my husband to make you join his army. And if you want to die, well then ask God for forgiveness because if you go to hell..." I shook my head "Lucian will enjoy torturing you for eternity."
Their gazes shifted between me and Callum in confusion then they decided to leave us alone.
"My Lady, You are very clever," Callum said once they left.
"Not clever enough though. They didn't let us go."
"They will." He said.
"How do you know?"
"They were very afraid and as time goes by their fear will grow."
"I hope so." I sighed.
After sitting in the cellar for so long I got cramp in my legs and my stomach growled. Callum looked at me wearing an apologetic look on his face.
"I am alright." I assured him.
Soon after, we heard the fumbling of keys and the door to the cellar opened. The two scared soldiers entered still looking afraid.
Without a word, they began to untie our hands.
"Let's go." One of them whispered. "The men are drinking outside. Most of them are intoxicated so we can leave if we are very quiet." He explained.
He was right. As we made our way out we could hear their loud voices and laughter as they sat around a fire. Without them noticing we snuck into the woods and began to run as fast as we could.
We kept running until I couldn't anymore.
"My Lady, are you alright?" Callum asked when I stopped.
"Yes, I just need to breathe a moment," I said breathless, but the truth was my legs were hurting so much after sitting for a long time and I didn't have energy since I hadn't eaten the whole day.

"We have to continue." One of the men said. "They have horses they can easily come after us."
As soon as he finished the sentence Callum slit both their throats letting their bodies fall to the ground.
"Callum?" I breathed shocked.
"They betrayed their prince." He stated simply. "We should keep moving."
Taking their weapons we continued to run.
I don't know how long we have been running or walking but my legs were hurting so much, my throat was so dry and my head began to spin. But I continued walking in spite of all that. If I wanted to live, if I wanted to see Lucian again I had to keep moving.
Eventually, as I kept walking my legs gave in and everything went black.
I woke up from someone splashing water on my face. I opened my eyes with a groan.
"My Lady, drink this." Callum said holding a bottle of water next to my mouth.
I gulped the water down quickly.
"Where are we?"
We were surrounded by trees and there was a small lake to the left.
"Unfortunately not far away."
"Then we should go." I said standing up abruptly which led to me losing my balance.
Before I fell Callum caught me. "I don't think you can walk My Lady. Your leg is swollen."
"Of course I can w..." I shrieked in pain as I shifted my weight on my left leg.
"Sit down." Callum urged helping me.
"But we can't just be sitting here." I protested. It was already morning and he had said that we hadn't come far. "I will try to walk."
"There is no point in that." He said calmly. "We are surrounded. I tried to find a way out but they are everywhere right now."
"Then what should we do?" I asked.
"It's too late to do anything, My Lady. We were from the beginning fighting a war we would lose anyway. Even if we escape this time, how many more times will we be able to escape? Sooner or later they will find us." He looked at me narrowing his gaze. "We all will die My Lady."
The calmness in which he spoke told me that he had expected all this to happen and that he had accepted it.
"Callum, you should leave me here. At Least alone I am sure you can escape."
"No my lady I cannot do that."
"Think about your family, they need you. I will be fine, they won't kill me. Their prince wants me alive."
"No, I..." He stopped as we heard the sound of horses and men.
"Look for them everywhere!" A man yelled.
Callum looked around quickly trying to find a place for us to hide but unfortunately we were only surrounded by trees and hiding behind them wouldn't help.
"My Lady, I will distract them and lead them that way. You endure the pain and run that way." He whispered pointing in different directions.
I nodded and tried to do as he said but the pain in my leg was excruciating. I tried my best to ignore the pain and limped my way to the opposite direction of where Callum went.
"Someone is there!" I heard a man yell and then the clinking of swords. Would Callum be able to fight all those men?
I felt like a coward leaving him behind and contemplated for a while to go back. But how would I be able to help him? I could barely walk.
"There she is! Catch her!"
Oh no, they found me. Maybe it was for the better I thought since I couldn't decide whether to leave Callum behind or not.
"Don't move lady, there is no point." The soldier who was approaching me warned.
If he only knew how painful it was for me to move he wouldn't have said that.
He grabbed my arm harshly and was about to drag me when something caught his attention. I turned my head to see what was going on and then saw soldiers fighting someone wearing a helmet. The helmet man moved smoothly cutting and killing with his sword.
"Who is that? Kill him!" The soldier who held me yelled but unfortunately, the soldiers had a hard time killing the man with the helmet on and they all soon fell to the ground.
The man holding me pushed me away causing me to fall and then went to fight the helmet man. After a short while, he fell dead to the ground as well.
The helmet man put his sword back and looked my way. Whoever he was, he was skilled even though he didn't look strong.
Stalking toward me he took his helmet off.
I gasped.
She smirked. "Who did you think it was?"
I just looked at her astonished for a while. "Will you just stare at me or stand up?" She asked.
I stood up grimacing in pain. "What are you doing here? How did you find me? Why did you save me?"
Ignoring my questions she whistled and a black horse came galloping toward us.
"We need to leave quickly." She said.
"But Callum..." I began
"It's his duty to protect you and not the other way round. Now hurry!"




Klara made me wear dirty torn clothes, she put mud on my face and hair and tied my hands.
"If you look like a beggar no one will ever suspect you are a princess 
." She explained.

I was angry at first. Was she making fun of me? But as we passed many guards and none of them even looked our way I guessed she was right. It must really have looked like I was a slave bought by her from the way she rode her horse and I was being dragged behind with my hands tied. I still hated her for this, but I had to admit she was smart and she was helping me.
Once we passed the guarded place we stopped near a lake and she gave me something to eat. I had never been so hungry in my life before so I ate the sandwich quickly.
"What happened to your leg?"
"I really don't know. I think it's swollen from all the sitting and walking or maybe I wrenched it." I explained.
She just nodded and looked away.
"Why did you save me?" I asked.
"I promised Lucian to protect you the way he would." She said, "Even though that was when we were supposed to get married."
"You saved me to keep a promise you made to Lucian?" I asked surprised.
"I am stupid, I know."
"You love him very much." I said more to myself than her.
She truly did love him. I tried to deny that for a long time but it was a fact. She had helped us escape and she saved my life because she knew it did matter to Lucian.
"Don't worry, I am not here to take him away from you. Now sleep for a while so we can keep going."
Klara watched Hazel while asleep. She really tried to dislike this woman but why couldn't she. This woman had taken away the man she loved, the only man has ever loved so why didn't she hate her?
Maybe because she knew deep down it wasn't Hazels fault. She had been forced into marrying Lucian, it wasn't her choice.
Sighing Klara lay down on the ground and tried to find some sleep but her thoughts went back to the time she first met Lucian
"Klara, you won't participate in this war. It's final." Rasmus said.
"But why?"
"Sweet sister. We are fighting against the most powerful kingdom and their armies leader is the seventh prince. He has never lost a war before."
She had heard of the seventh prince of Decresh, the prince rumored to be the devil's son. He kills without mercy and always goes back home with a victory.
"Brother, I can't stay just because we might lose. What will that make me? A coward?"
Rasmus sighed in frustration.
"Astrid! Please knock some sense into your sister." He said standing up and leaving the room.
Klara glanced at her sister giving her a 'don't even try' look.
"If you want to die why don't you just jump off the window." Astrid said sipping her tea.
"And what makes you think I will die?" Klara asked.
"No one survives a war against the seventh prince."
"So we are basically sending our men to die? That's not right sister. That's why I need to go." Klara insisted.
Astrid stood up from her seat "Klara you care too much about other people and I care too much about you to send you to die."
Klara took her sisters hands in hers. "I won't die sister, how many wars have I survived? Just please convince brother to let me go. Please, please." She begged.
Astrid sighed. "Alright, but I will train you to death before you go."
"Thank you, sister." She said and gave Astrid a peck on the cheek.
Klara spent the rest of her days before the war training and coming up with new war strategies. She was determined to win and bring her men back home alive, and whoever this seventh prince was she wanted to defeat him.
"Are you sure you want to go?" Astrid asked when the day had come.
"Yes." Klara said without hesitation. She was a warrior and a warrior would rather die in a battle than hide.
"Be careful," Astrid said. They said their goodbyes and she left to fight.
Klara led her men to the battlefield where they stood face to face with their enemies. She was surprised to find that the enemies army wasn't large, but they didn't seem intimidated by their large army and began to attack directly.
She had fought many battles before but this time she got a very bad feeling. She could smell sweat, blood, and death. But she could also smell defeat. Most of her men were already dead, while most of the enemies men were alive. How was that possible? They had trained and planned so much.
Klara was confused until her eyes landed on a man wearing a mask. But that was not what caught her attention. He was fighting with two swords, swinging them swiftly as if they didn't weight anything. His movements were too fast, giving his opponents no time to defend or attack. Bodies kept falling dead to the ground as he moved between them with such ease aiming for his next target. It was as if he wasn't even making an effort.
The very short amount of time Klara was watching him he had already killed almost twenty of her men. He had to be the seventh prince Klara thought. She needed to kill him first.
Killing off the man she was fighting with she moved toward him tightening the grip on her sword.
Lifting her weapon into the air she was about to strike him when he suddenly turned and knocked the sword out of her hand with such force she fell to the ground. She was about to take her other sword out when she felt the sharp tip of a sword placed on her throat.
With heart pounding, she slowly lifted her head up and found a pair of unearthly eyes staring down at her. Eyes that seemed to be burning burned into hers making her breath hitch and her heart stop.
"Your Highness, we have killed everyone." A man spoke from nearby but Klara couldn't take her eyes off the man standing in front of her.
The prince didn't respond, he just stared down at her. He was wearing a mask that only hid his lower face. Klara could see his perfectly shaped eyebrows and his silky black hair.
"Who is she?" The man asked.
The prince removed his sword from her throat his eyes narrowing.
Klara felt small under his scrutiny. There was just something very powerful about his presence that sent chills down her spine. She was usually the type to fight to the end but her limbs refused to move. It scared her that he was holding her in place with just a look.
"She is the kings' sister." Another soldier spoke and Klara realized she was surrounded by a bunch of soldiers who were her enemies.
Oh, no! Panic kicked in. They knew she was the Kings' sister. They wouldn't just kill her, they would probably **** her, torture her then kill her.
"She looks very young, Your Highness." The previous soldier whispered into the prince's ear.
The prince nodded toward his men then turned around and left. Klara panicked. Did he just give them permission to have their way with her? Never!
Taking her sword out she decided to fight them to death. But they outnumbered her, pushing her down on the ground they tied her up. Klara screamed and kicked but to no avail.
Throwing her on a horse they rode off with her to god knew where. As they arrived at some unknown place they pushed her off the horse and she fell to the ground.
"Bastards!" She snarled.
They just laughed as they got off their horses.
"She is a tough one." One of them said and the others nodded in agreement.
Klara looked around and realized they brought her to their camping place. Some of them were tending to their wounds, some cleaning themselves while other ate food.
No one even looked at her as if she didn't exist. Klara didn't know if it was a good or a bad thing. Anyways now she needed to think of a way out. Maybe if she made an agreement or a bargain with the prince she could go home unharmed even though she doubted that.
Just the idea of speaking to the prince sent chills down her spine, but she needed to do something before these men violated her.
"What do you want from me?" she asked but they continued ignoring her.
"I am talking to you." She yelled, still no reaction.
"I want to speak to the prince." Finally, she caught their attention.
"Nobody cares about what you want here," One of them replied.
"You will when I separate your head from your body." Klara snapped.
The men laughed then stopped abruptly.
"Your Highness." Turning her head she found the prince standing there. "The lady wants to speak to you."
He gazed at her with those flaming eyes. Klara had never seen such eyes before and it made her wonder if the rumors could be true.
It wasn't only his eyes, but there was a raw power that emanated from him making fear crawl into her skin. She had fought with many powerful and scary men but this one, he made her terrified when she couldn't even see his face.
"You wanted to say something?" He spoke and Klara froze.
His voice, it was so different from his aura. It was like nothing she had heard before, warm and deep. The silkiness of it felt like an intimate caress on her skin.
"Hey princess, His Highness is speaking to you." Someone called.
Tearing her gaze from his piercing eyes she tried to think. What was it she wanted to say? Yes, she wanted to bargain.
"What do you want of me?" She asked looking up at him.
"I don't know yet but I am sure you will be of great use."
Good lord, his voice. It reached deep inside her and made her feel things she didn't want to feel.
"I will be of more use if you let me go. I will tell my brother you saved my life."
He crouched to her level which took her by surprise. A royalty never did that, especially to the lever of someone they brought as a prisoner or a slave even worse someone who was their enemy.
"Your brother trades slaves and s.e.x slaves over the border. I want to stop that by offering you as an exchange. You will be free as long as you cooperate."
Klara stared at him in surprise. She knew her brother's dirty affairs and she didn't like it, but she wondered why a prince would care about such thing.
Usually, princes supported the s.e.x trade, especially from other countries since they could have mistresses with different nationalities. It surprised her that this prince wanted to stop it.

"Alright." She agreed. If it could buy her freedom and stop the trade why not.
"Alright then." He said standing up and taking his mask off, revealing a face that made her heart stop.



Klara couldn't help but stare at the mesmerizing beauty in front of her. How could a man or a human possible look like this?
She took in every detail. The perfectly sculpted face, the defined eyebrows, the flaming eyes, the sharp nose, lips made to kiss and a flawless skin. And his hair, it was long, thick and black and shone in the sunlight. Klara realized that none of his hair was out of place or dirty even though they had spent the whole day on a battlefield.
The prince leaned down and reached behind her. His scent reached her nostrils, he smelled of spices. He should smell of sweat and blood after killing almost all her men.
After hearing a cutting sound Klara's hands were free. Before she could stand up he grabbed her jaw and made her look at him.
"Don't ever think of running." He warned his voice low.
Klara was never the obedient type but she found herself nodding.
He slowly let go of her face and her body tingled with carnal awareness as his fingertips brushed her skin. It terrified her. She needed to keep a safe distance from this man.
The rest of the day went by quickly. They offered her food and didn't treat her badly. Most of the time they didn't even look her way which was both odd and comforting.
She was used to men ogling or looking at her inappropriately. Most of the time she knew what was on their mind but they never dared to act on their thoughts out of fear for her brother.
When she reached the age of marriage many powerful men had come and asked for her hand but she had denied all of them.
"Sweet sister. You are at the age of marriage but you are denying every man. What do you want me to do?" Her brother would ask time after time.
"They only want me because of my looks, Rasmus."
"Is that a bad thing?" Rasmus would look at her confused. "You should be happy that you are a beautiful lady."
No one understood her. Of course she was thankful for her beauty but she wished someone would see her for who she was.
Klara looked up at the sky. The sun had gone down and the night covered the sky like a black curtain. The soldiers sat around a fire and chatted happily while drinking and eating. Klara sat away from them leaning against a tree. She was tired but she couldn't fall asleep afraid they would take advantage of her. They hadn't treated her badly so far and even offered her food and a blanket to warm herself but she was not the type to trust easily.
"Don't worry. My men will do nothing without my permission."
Klara knew this voice because it brought butterflied to her stomach. She always got the strange feeling of wanting to run and stay at the same time every time she saw the prince.
Sighing he sat down leaning against a tree in front of her. Klara couldn't help but stare at him, he was very pleasing to the eyes.
"And how would I know you wouldn't give them permission?"
"I am asking you to help me stop a s.e.x trade. Why would I ask my men to **** you?"
Well, that was true.
"What's your name?" She asked unable to stop her curiosity.
Klara thought she liked his name. Even though she didn't want to admit she liked everything about this man. She liked how he looked into her eyes when he spoke to her instead of scanning her body.
"My name is Klara." She told him.
He just nodded.
"When I have helped you, how can I trust you will set me free."
"You have no choice." He retorted.
"Why do you want to top the s.e.x trade?"
"I just don't like it." He shrugged. Klara had the feeling that there was more than him not liking the trade but she didn't ask any further questions.
Lucian leaned his head back and closed his eyes.
Klara watched him as he went into a deep slumber. He looked even more beautiful when relaxed. Somehow she felt she could trust him so she closed her eyes as well and fell asleep.
The next morning Klara woke from the sunlight poking her eyes. Blinking several times she looked around and found that everyone was awake and ready to leave somewhere.
Standing up she grabbed a soldier. "Where is the prince?" she asked.
He nodded behind her. Turning around she found Lucian standing there.
"Have you eaten something?"
Klara shook her head. Why? Had she lost her voice? She was really mad at herself for acting like this and feeling this way toward her enemy.
"Give the Lady something to eat." He ordered.
"Yes, Your Highness." The soldier nodded and left to bring her food.
"We need to leave quickly so that we can reach the border before sundown." He explained.
Klara found herself nodding again. Maybe she did lose her voice after all. The soldier came back with a sandwich which he gave to her then he took Lucian to the side and spoke to him about something. Lucian just nodded a few times then looked her way. Were they speaking about her?
Looking away she began to eat her sandwich. Klara was still not sure whether to trust Lucian or not. She contemplated escaping while they traveled but if they caught her this time they wouldn't leave her to live. Maybe she should just do as he says.
When she was done Lucian came riding on his horse "If you are done we should leave." He said.
"I am done."
He reached his hand out. Taking it she jumped on the horse and sat behind him, then they rode off. It felt strangely intimate to ride with someone Klara thought, especially when she had her arms wrapped around his waist.
After hours of travel they finally reached the border which was near the cost. Getting off their horses they entered an old large ship.
"Is it here?" Klara asked confused.
"Yes. Slaves get shipped through the ocean from different countries to this place and this is their main ship. This is where they register the slaves, buy and sell them."
As they walked through the ship's hallways the old wooden floor made a creaking sound. They passed a few slaves tied and sitting on the floor, some of them were wounded while other seemed hungry. Klara saw girls her age and some even much younger, sitting there looking both scared and starved.
Klara's stomach began to hurt. What were these innocent peoples fault? She didn't like this at all and would scold her brother once she gets back home. But unfortunately, as Lucian spoke to one of the sellers they found out that her brother didn't own the trade anymore.
"Lord Rasmus didn't want it anymore and sold it to Lord Nicholas." The seller explained.

Nicholas was the king of the Eslarian Kingdom. He was known to be the only decent king, it surprised her that he took over the slave trade.
"Lord Nicholas has opened the trade for everyone. Are you here to buy or..." He looked at Klara his eyes gleaming with l.u.s.t "..sell?"
Dear Lord. She was in trouble. Now when Lucian had no use of her what if he sold her. These men wouldn't believe that her brother was a king before they defiled her.
Looking around Klara thought of a way to run but Lucian grabbed her arm as if he knew what she was about to do.
"Neither." he said.
"Just name the price...any price." The man said licking his lips.
Lucian ignored the man and dragged Klara out of the ship.
"Let's go." He said getting on the horse.
Klara got on the horse and held onto him tightly.
"Thank you!" She whispered as they rode but where was he taking her exactly? "Where are we going?"
"I am taking you back home." He said.
"Really?! But I haven't done anything to help you." She said surprised by the disappointment she felt. She should be happy to be going home.
He laughed. It was a deep rich sound that made her insides melt.
"You sound disappointed."
"No I am not. I just...I just wonder what you will do now to stop the slave trade?" It was partly true. She was curious to know.
"I will take care of that." He said shortly then they continued riding in silence until they reached the border of Gatrish.
Lucian got off the horse and helped her down.
"Can you find your way from here?" He asked.
Klara nodded. "Yes, thank you."
She still couldn't understand why he saved her. He didn't seem impressed by her beauty and if he was he should have kept her. Maybe he was just a decent man. An utterly handsome decent man.
Sadly she had to say goodbye already, now that she finally met a man that intrigued her.
For the first time, his eyes traveled down her body but there was nothing l.u.s.tful in his gaze. It must have been because of her dirty torn clothes she thought. Taking his cloak off he wrapped it around her and Klaras heart fluttered inside her chest.
"Thank you." She whispered.
Without saying a word he got on his horse.
"Be safe princess." He said and rode off.
I hope to see you again, she thought.
"Klara!!" Astrid ran to her and enveloped her in a tight hug. "Thank god you are safe. I thought something terrible happened to you. We have been looking for you everywhere. Where have you been?" Her sister asked without breathing once when Klara reached back home.
"I am fine Astrid. I'll explain everything if you just let me rest. I am very tired." Klara couldn't feel her legs and her eyelids had become heavy.
Astrid pulled back and scanned every inch of her sister's body. "You are not hurt are you?"
Klara could understand her sisters worry but she was too tired to cooperate.
"Klara!" Someone shouted.
Oh no. Now it was her brothers turn to search her body and ask a thousand questions. Rasmus came hurrying toward her. "Are you alright? Who did this to you?" He asked grabbing her shoulders and searching her body.
"I am fine, alright. I am not hurt or anything. I am just tired, hungry, thirsty and I need a bath."
Astrid and Rasmus looked at each other for a while then nodded.
"Prepare a bath for her, bring food...." Rasmus began ordering the servants around hysterically.
"Hurry!" He ordered.
Astrid grabbed Klaras arm and dragged her to their room.
"By the way sister, You look awful," Astrid said as she helped Klara change. "Next time you listen to me when I say you won't go to war. Do you understand?"
"Yes, yes."
"I am serious Klara. Do you know how scared I was?"
"I am sorry." Klara apologized. She really didn't want to fight with her sister when she had already made her worry so much. Astrid was the only person Klara loved above anyone else. She wasn't only her sister but her friend. They had shared everything even their mother's w.o.m.b.
Klara didn't know what she would do without her sister.
After bathing, changing, eating and drinking Klara lay on her bed to rest. She couldn't stop thinking about Lucian. She kept hearing his voice and his laughter, she kept seeing his eyes, she kept remembering the feel of having her arms around him and how his touch made her body tingle. What had he done to her? Maybe she would forget about him after a while but she didn't.
As days went by she only thought more and more about him and slowly she realized he was someone she would never forget because he...he had stolen her heart.
"Are you thinking about him again?"
Klara woke up from her daydream and looked around. Astrid stood in the middle of the room a smirk on her face.
"Who?" Klara said pretending to not know but Astrid knew her too well.
"The prince who saved your life."
Klara had told Astrid and Rasmus about Lucian. She hadn't given them details but she had told them that he had saved her. Both her siblings were surprised that the dangerous prince had saved her instead of killing her.
"I wonder why he saved you." Astrid said thoughtfully as she sat beside her sister. "Maybe he was bewitched by your beauty."
"I don't think so, Astrid. He never looked at me the wrong way and he didn't even try to touch me. He was a total gentleman and ...and he is a good person."
Astrid arched a brow. Of course, she had a hard time believing that the prince who killed without mercy, who was rumored to be the devil's son, whom everyone feared could actually be a good person.
"If he was bewitched by my beauty he would have had his way with me but he didn't. Instead, he took me home, why? And sister he covered me with his cloak and told me to be safe." Klara explained.
Astrid looked at her sister with a worried expression.
"What is it?" Klara asked. She didn't like when Astrid looked at her that way.
"Nothing," Astrid said shaking her head. "Just don't think much about him and try to forget him. You know Rasmus would never give you to the enemy."




I woke up feeling sore. Sleeping on the floor wasn't the most pleasant thing when you were used to sleeping on luxurious beds.
Klara sat leaning against a tree with eyes closed. Was she asleep? It looked really uncomfortable to be sleeping that way. Yawning, I tried to get up but almost yelped as a sharp pain stabbed my leg. Sitting back down quickly I looked at my foot, it had swollen more.
"What happened?" Klara was suddenly next to me.
Grimacing in pain "My leg has gotten worse." I said.
She looked at it closely. "I think we need to take you to a doctor."
"Is that possible?" In the current situation, it would be difficult to find a doctor.
She ran her fingers through her hair. I could see the confusion on her face.
"We have to. You could lose your leg since we don't know what caused the swelling."
She stood up and gave me her hand to help me up. Then she helped me walk to the horse.
"We need to get to the city." She said as she helped me climb the horse. "We might find a doctor there."
Getting on the horse herself we rode into the city. On the way, Klara bought us some food and asked some locals where we could find a physician.
"You will find a little white cottage around the second corner to the left. There lives an old man called Robert. He might help you." An old woman told us.
"Thank you." Klara said and we moved on to find doctor Robert.
Abruptly Klara stopped and turned her horse.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"My brother's men." She whispered and the began to ride as fast as lighting.
"Oh god..." I held onto her and shut my eyes tightly.
I could hear the sound of galloping horses behind us. They were getting closer by each time.
Klara sped up even more and I gasped as the air whipped my face with such force. I didn't have enough strength to hold onto her especially when the dizziness was coming back and my stomach threatened to hurl.
"What are you doing? Hold on!" I heard Klara shout but before I knew I was falling until I hit something hard and groaned in pain.
"Really?!" Klara said irritation in her voice as I felt her grab my arms and help me stand up.
"Stop being so weak."
Weak? I hadn't had enough sleep or food for days and my whole body was aching with pain.
I grabbed onto her until the spinning stopped and I was looking into her crystal blue eyes.
She frowned. "Are you alright?"
I nodded.
"Well, you won't be alright for long." She said looking around.
We were surrounded by soldiers in blue.
"Your Highness." One of them spoke coming forward. A higher rank soldier from the batch on his arm.
"Sergeant Jonathan. I don't want to fight you so take your men and go back." Klara ordered.
"I don't want to fight you either Your highness so please come with us. His majesty is worried."
"I am not coming with you."
"Then I have no choice but to force you." Jonathan said.
Klara placed herself in front of me and took her sword out. Jonathan took his sword out as well and stood in the middle of the ring created by the soldiers. Lord, why could we never get a rest?
Klara walked to the middle of the circle and began to fight Jonathan. I knew she was a skilled fighter but she seemed to have a hard time defeating him. Maybe she was tired, hungry or was she maybe hurt? She had to be because she had killed several men alone back then.
Jonathan knocked the sword our of Klara's hand.
"You have lost. Remember I was the one who trained you." He said.
Klara was panting as she shook her head. "I am not coming with you."
Jonathan ignored her words and nodded toward the soldiers. "Bring them both."
The soldiers began to move toward me and Klara. Callum was right. There was no way out and sooner or later we would all die. If these men took me back to Rasmus he would kill me without hesitation for escaping.
Two soldiers grabbed Klara's arms and were about to drag her when they fell to the ground. Soon after the other soldiers fell to the ground as well.
Klara and I looked at the bodies on the ground with confusion then at each other.
"What happened?" I asked appalled by the situation.
Crouching, Klara shook Jonathan's body lightly. "Sergeant Jonathan?" But he still lay unmoving on the ground.
"Is he dead?"
"I hope not." She said as she pressed her fingers on his wrist.
"Don't worry. He is just taking a nap." A familiar voice spoke.
Turning my head to where the voice came from I found Irene walking toward us wearing a red cloak with a white dress underneath. She looked beautiful as usual.
"Irene? How...what...what are you doing here?"
"Do you know her?" Klara looked at Irene suspiciously as she stood up.
"How did you find me?" I asked Irene.
"Magic my dear." She smiled as she walked closer.
"What did you do to my men?" Klara interrupted.
"I just put them to sleep." Irene stated simply then turned her gaze back to me. "What happened to you?"
I knew what she meant. I was wearing torn clothes and had mud all over my face and body.
"Nothing much just hurt my leg." I said lifting my dress up slightly, showing my swollen leg.
"Oh dear." She said taking a closer look. "This is awful. You must be in a lot of pain."
If she only knew.
"We need to take care of this." She said.
"First we need to get away from here." Klara spoke looking around for more threat.
"Yes, right. Let me fix that."
Irene raised her hands in the air and closed her eyes. She began to hum words in some unknown language as the wind slowly began to blow wildly causing me to almost lose my balance.
Klara stood with her arms crossed, looking unfazed by the whole situation until a black iron gate appeared out of nowhere.The gate opened with a creaking sound and Kara and I looked wide-eyed at each other.
Irene turned to us. "Let's go." she said.
Klara looked at Irene skeptically then turned to me.
"We can trust her." I assured.
Klara raised one brow. "She is a witch."
"She is a friend."
Klara still looked skeptical but she didn't argue.
"Shall we?" Irene gestured toward the gate.
"Where will this take us?" Klara asked.
"Somewhere safe. My home. You don't have to come if you don't want to and if you do just follow me." She said then turning around she entered the gate.
"We can trust her." I told Klara. She looked hesitant for a while but then followed me inside.
As soon as I entered I felt a pulling force throwing me off balance and I fell flat on my stomach. I groaned in pain, tired of falling all the time and hurting myself.
"Are you alright?" Irene grabbed my arms and helped me up.
"Where are we?" Klara asked as she dusted herself off. She must have fallen to.
"Welcome to my home." Irene smiled as she gestured toward a big white mansion.
Wow, it was beautiful. The mansion hovered proudly behind a big blue Iron gate which opened with a wave of her hand.
"Come on in."
Irene entered first and we followed her inside. As we entered we were confronted by a beautiful garden. Short trimmed grass, rectangular beds of flowers, aromatic leaves, and the air, it was scented by the sweet fragrance of several flowers.
We walked on a looping stone path which led to a threshold. There stood a white marble fountain and birdcages hang from the roof. Further ahead stood the white mansion, flanked by several trees and bushes gently swaying to the warm spring breeze.
It was a very simple looking mansion with its garden yet there was something magical about it. Was it the melodic sound of gurgling water combined with the singing of birds or was it the sweet scent of flowers carried by the soft breeze?
Suddenly a crow came flying out of nowhere, startling both me and Klara then landed on Irene's arm.
"This is V. One of my many pets." Irene explained as she stroke it's black feathers.
"My Lady?" someone spoke.
Turning my head, a tall blonde man was standing at the threshold holding a black cat in his arms.
"I was just about to come looking for you." He said descending the marble stairs and walking up to us.
As he neared I realized how strikingly handsome he was. His blonde hair cascaded down to his broad shoulders and his eyes were a beautiful forest green.
"Oh Enoch, this is princess Hazel and princess Klara and this is Enoch." Irene introduced. "He cousin. "
Averting his gaze he looked at me then at Klara.
"Nice to meet you." He said while stroking the cat in his arms.
"Enoch, why don't you take Klara to a nice room and I will tend to Hazel." Irene suggested.
Klaras eyes widened as she looked at me. I nodded to reassure her.
Enoch looked at Klara. "This way My Lady." He said and she followed him hesitantly.
"Lets go inside and take a look at you injured leg." Irene smiled once we were left alone.
"How did you bring us here through that gate." I asked.
"Oh... I will tell you all about it."
Klara followed Enoch through the halls. She still didn't trust this Irene so she had her hand on her sword ready for anything that might happen.
"No need to be scared. We don't hurt our guests." Enoch spoke as he walked in front of her. How did he know?
Enoch stopped in front of a wooden door and opened it.
He looked her up and down but he didn't seem to like what he saw. "There is a bathroom inside and clean clothes in the closet." He said then gestured for her to walk inside.
Klara entered the room, her face red with embarrassment. She could only imagine how awful she looked and how bad she smelled after being on the run for days. She turned around to thank him but he was already gone. Strange man, she thought but he was good looking.
Klara wondered around the room for a while, opening the closets, testing the bed, looking out the window then she decided to take a bath. After the bath, she slid into a blue chiffon gown that she found in the closet then began to dry her hair. Now she only needed some food and some sleep, she thought.
After drying her hair she exited the room and went to find Hazel. Klara had to make sure Hazel was safe and that this Irene could be trusted. But as she wandered around the halls she realized that she always came back to the same place. Was this some kind of magic? Was Irene keeping her away from Hazel?
"Mwew mwew..."
Klara turned to find the black cat that Enoch held earlier. Walking closer Klara crouched down and stretched her arms toward the cat.
"Come here.." She smiled but the cat just stared at her before it ran away.
"No wait..." She began to run after the cat but it was already gone.
Klara sighed. She was too tired to walk around that she even contemplated to go back to the room and sleep for a while. But she had to find Hazel.
Walking around, looking and getting frustrated by each time Klara came to a halt as she noticed something strange. It was a room, entirely made of glass, the walls, the roof everything. Entering the room she found green plants everywhere, kinds she had never seen before and animals. Different animals in cages. Some she recognized, hamsters, rabbits and frogs and some she had never seen before.
Klara found another glass room or more like a glass box. It was filled with water and fished swum inside. She had never seen anything like it before. Caught in studying the beings inside the box she suddenly felt something touch her feet.
Looking down she screamed in horror as she found a snake slingering around her. Kicking wildly she ran while screaming at the top of her lungs until she hit something hard and fell backward.
Groaning in pain her eyes landed on a pair of black boots then her gaze traveled up long powerful legs encased in a pair of black pants. Skimming over powerful arms and broad shoulders covered by a black silk shirt her gaze landed on a pair of beautiful Hazel eyes. The amber in the middle contrasted beautifully with the bright green on the edge. Those eyes were breathtaking.
"My my what do we have here?"



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