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"Your mind is a battlefield. Be its commander, not its soldier."
Irene kept staring and studying the mark in disbelief. "It doesn't look like a new mark." She said.
"No, it is not. It looks exactly like the previous mark. Almost as if it reappeared again." Zamiel explained. "And the urge to renew the mark has disappeared."
Irene was thoughtful for a while. "I have never heard of anything like this before." She finally spoke.
"Neither did I." He said.
He never heard of anything like this in the demon world before, that is why he came to her. Maybe being a witch, she knew something that he didn't.
"You are wondering if this has anything to do with the witch," she began, referring to Razia. "but I don't think so. There is nothing a witch or a spell could do to play with a sacred bond. I think this is more a force of nature."
Heaven and Zamiel looked at each other, then listened carefully to what Irene had to say.
"I know that to resist the urge long enough for it to disappear and the bond to break, there must be a stronger urge for something else. But in your case, when the urge disappeared, instead for the bond to break it renewed itself. Which leads me to think that the other urge that was stronger than the one to bite her is critical to why the mark renewed itself. Do you know why you decided to wait?"
There were many reasons to why he wanted to wait. He wanted the mark to mean something since the first time had been an unpleasant experience for both. He wanted Heaven to want the mark for other reasons than to ease his pain, but most of all he wanted to protect her from himself.
His mind was a dark place, with many dark memories. The bond would allow Heaven to see his memories and feel his emotions. He wanted to heal first before putting all that on her. She deserved better. But just when he was healing and moving forward, learning to live and be happy, her grandfather came back to remind her of his pain. Day after day he reminded him of his failure.
How was he supposed to heal when someone kept poking his wounds?
"Because I want to protect Heaven's happiness." He said.
Irene smiled and nodded as if it was the answer she expected. "And that is how the marking began. A mate's strongest urge is to protect his female, and that is why he marks her. The bond allows you to know when your mate is in danger. Your case is unique. You chose to protect her by not marking her, which is the root to why marking exists. So the mark renewed itself." She explained. "My mother taught me that you can't fight nature. It will either reward you or punish you."
Zamiel studied her for a while, not knowing what to say or believe.
"I am saying the nature is rewarding you for your selfless act." She told him.
Rewarding him? How was nature rewarding him? 

First, he was forced by a spell to mate with Heaven against his will, and now nature forced a bond on him against his will. It wasn't that he didn't want to be bonded to Heaven. He just wanted to do it at the right time and now with him suffering even more she would see all those horrible images in his mind.
Irene noticed that he wasn't excited about it. "Nature is all about balance. When balance is lost, destruction follows. You were torturing yourself too much in order to protect someone else. When you destroy yourself, you can protect no one. This is nature helping you find a balance. You can't punish yourself for not being able to protect your loved ones."
The last sentence woke him up. How?
How did she know his deepest, darkest feelings that he didn't even admit to himself yet? The fear of being unable to protect, the fear of being someone's mate when being a mate meant being a protector, which he failed to be.
Yes. It was about him. No matter how many times he told himself he was worthy of being someone's mate, a voice inside him kept telling him he was unworthy. He was bad luck.
Suddenly he felt Heaven take his hand.
"Zamiel." She looked at him worriedly. "Are you alright? You look pale."
He squeezed her hand. "I am fine." He assured.
He looked at Irene, and she stared back at him. She was right. Nature was rewarding him because he was deserving. He deserved to be happy and find balance and peace. Nature gave him a second chance. Nature gave him Heaven and now bonded him to her. A bond stronger than any bond. That had to mean something. If nature believed in him and Heaven believed in him, it was time to believe in himself.
"I am more than fine. I am happy." He told her and he was.
Now he would not fight himself anymore. He would be with this wonderful woman without feeling worthless. She was a clever woman. If he was her choice, he could not be bad.
"I am happy too." She smiled.
Now they only had to get her grandfather out of the way.
Zamiel turned to Irene. "I brought Heaven here to tell her about the nightmares. She is having them too."
"Mother." Suddenly Heaven interrupted them and stood up when her mother came to the garden.
"Heaven." Her mother smiled, and Heaven went to hug her. "Oh darling, you look so tired. Did you eat? Did you sleep?"
"Mother, I am fine." Heaven assured her with a smile. "I feel better than ever. How are you?"
"I am fine, love." She said and then her gaze went to Zamiel, who already stood up to greet her.
"Your Majesty." He bowed.
Her mother suspected immediately that something was going on. She walked to the table, greeted him and then they sat down.
"What is happening?" She asked.

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"My best dreams and worst nightmares have the same people in them."
Once Heaven's mother joined them at the table, a few silent looks were exchanged and Zamiel knew that Hazel had noticed the mark on her daughter's neck. Heaven gave her mother a look that said she would explain later, and Irene didn't waste time to move on to the nightmares and ask about them.
Heaven told her grandmother about the nightmares she had been having, and Irene told her what she suspected. That it was her grandfather's doing.
Zamiel sat silently and watched Heaven's expression as Irene spoke to her about her grandfather's plan and the five kingdoms. To his surprise, Heaven remained calm at the beginning, but then instead of feeling disappointed, he sensed anger coming from her as her grandmother continued to speak.
Her mother's thoughts were distracting. She was extremely worried for her daughter, but most of all she was scared. She just wanted to hide her somewhere, but because she grew up very sheltered, she didn't want to make Heaven feel like she couldn't enjoy her life. Her mother already felt sad and guilty that she couldn't give her daughter a different life than she had.
"What can we do to stop this?" Heaven asked when her grandmother finished talking.
Her grandmother sighed. "There isn't much you can do. You just have to resist his manipulation and not let your fears control you."
"There is no spell that can help?" Heaven wondered.
"Most spells don't work on ancients. They are too powerful for that. Very complicated spells need to be used, and those spells can kill you unless you have a direct source of power. Like an ancient demon." She explained looking at him.
Zamiel knew what she meant. Razia had poisoned him. Then she drew power from him to lock him inside. Otherwise, her spell would never work. She would end up draining herself, but she drained him instead.
"With your grandfather, there is no spell that can stop him from manipulating. That is his special power that nothing in this world can take away from him." She continued turning back to Heaven.
Now it was Heaven's turn to sigh. She was frustrated. He could feel her emotions stronger now with the mark. He had been skeptical at first, but the mark truly renewed itself. He could feel the bond with Heaven even though he didn't understand her grandmother's explanation. Maybe because he didn't see nature the way she looked at it.
Heaven's mother took both of daughter's hands in her own before gazing into her eyes.
"Heaven. I am proud of the strong woman you have become. I want you to believe in yourself and know that no one can frighten you or use you. And I want you to always remember that this is you home. No matter where you are or where you go, this place is your home."
"Mother, I am not going anywhere. I have no intention of helping grandfather so don't worry." Heaven assured.
Zamiel could see that all three women were worried and frustrated that nothing much could be done. This was Heaven's fight alone, and only she could do something. Resist her grandfather.
The devil could not be killed, so he had nothing to fear. There was nothing that could be used against him either. He cared for no one and nothing but himself.
Zamiel could only guess what the devil was trying to do with the nightmares. He would keep doing this until one of them gave up because of the constant worry, fear and lack of sleep. He would exhaust them, and Heaven not having the same strong demon mentality as he had, she would break easily.
Zamiel wouldn't let that happen and the devil knew that, therefore giving him his own nightmares to keep him occupied.
Or maybe he was all wrong, and the devil was planning something else entirely.
"Heaven." Her mother broke the eerie silence first. "Don't think much about it. You need to stay strong, so make sure to rest and not let this worry you. You look exhausted. You should go to your room and rest."
"Mother, I need to go back to Valish." Heaven protested.
"No, you don't. You completed your mission. Now the rest will be taken care of by your father. It is important you rest."
Her mother's tone was resolute, but not harsh. He could feel the strong bond between them. Sometimes they only needed to exchange looks to communicate.
"I'll make your father arrange so it looks like you left Valish and I'll make sure no one comes to your room."
Heaven nodded.
Zamiel thought of excusing himself and leaving before things got awkward, but both Hazel and Irene stood up from their seats before he could do something. 

"We will leave you two alone for a while." Her grandmother smiled.
"Thank you for lending us your time." Zamiel said.
Her green eyes that looked exactly like Heaven's looked at him with a feeling he couldn't tell. But he could tell it was a good one, unlike the one her mother showed who was still careful with him.
He didn't blame her. She was only worried for her daughter, especially now knowing about the nightmares.
As soon as they left, Heaven took his hand and teleported them to her room. They stood right next to her bed. She gazed up at him, her eyes filled with concern.
"I am sorry for my grandfather." She said.
"It is his fault. Not yours." He told her.
She sat down on the bed with a sigh and he sat next to her.
He could feel her stress, her confusion. He could feel the weight on her shoulders. So much had happened in her life over the last weeks. The mission, Zarin, the nightmares and now the mark and her grandfather. He could feel her shrink. This is what he had worried about. Maybe he should have waited and not put everything on her at the same time.
Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her close to him. "Don't think." He spoke against her hair. "Let me do the thinking."
She turned to him, her green eyes meeting his. "I don't want you to do everything. You said you resisted the urge to protect me. From what? Your memories?"
"Yes." Zamiel admitted.
She caught on fast.
"I know you want to protect me, but you don't have to go that far. I can handle it." She said.
"But you shouldn't have too. That is something I should have left in the past, and not something you should bear. I will share with you things in the present, but I should deal with my past alone."
Heaven took his hand. "It is not your fault. Now it is my grandfather's doing, so you shouldn't feel guilty if I see your past."
Zamiel stared into her eyes. "Heaven, promise me one thing." He said.
She nodded.
"If it gets too much, you can just leave. I'll be alright. Then you can come back when you want too. I'll always wait for you."
His memories were nothing to be taken lightly. It was horrifying. Something no one should have to see daily.
Heaven nodded, even though he could clearly tell she had no plan of listening to him.
Stubborn, as always.
Then she frowned. Her hand reaching for her neck again and rubbing the mark. She stood up and went to the mirror in her room, taking a closer look.
"I still can't believe it." She said.
He couldn't either.
There wasn't one time when she came to him and his gaze didn't travel to her neck, causing his gums to itch badly. He would have seen it if she had the mark before. It had only reappeared now and since the urge to bite her was gone and he could feel the connection between them stronger than before; it had to be the mating mark.
Heaven turned around. "You don't feel the urge to bite me anymore?" She asked.
Zamiel was confused. Did he hear disappointment in her voice? Did she want him to bite her?
Standing up, he walked up to her. He looked down at the mark between her shoulder and neck before his gaze traveled up her slender neck. He felt a hunger rise within him, but it was not the same as the one to mate her. This was only to take pleasure from biting her.
Unlike the urge that clawed at him every little moment, this was just him wanting more than he needed.
When it came to Heaven, his greed was endless. She unleashed his demon with all its sinful traits. But she was his now, and only she could unleash his demon and restrain him.
"No." Was his short reply.
"So… you won't bite me?"
He gazed into her emerald eyes. They looked pleadingly at him, expecting his answer to be what she wanted to hear. And she wanted him to bite her. He could see she was curious about it. Nervous, but still curious.
He grabbed her wa*st and pulled h*r against h*s b*dy. He leaned in and brushed his l*ps along her ch**k, then followed the line of her jaw. She shivered in his arms.
"Do you want me to bite you?" He spoke in hushed tones, his hand moving up her back and entangling in her soft hair.
He could hear the rapid beat of her heart and her shaky breath.
"Yes." Her reply left her lips like a silent cry.
She tilted her head back, baring her neck for him.
It didn't take long for his fangs to elongate and his demon to come alive, pushing him to act on his impulses and whisper things in his mind.
'She is ours now. Calm down.'
But as soon as he tasted her skin and her sweet scent filled his senses, all rational thought fled his mind and he buried his fangs into her flesh.



"Shine is my favorite color."
Heaven's breath caught in her throat as Zamiel pulled her aga**st h*s body. His strong arms imprisoned her, his warmth welcomed her, his scent intoxicated her.
He leaned in, then ever so gently his lips brushed against her skin like soft feathers, causing her to shiver. She wrapped her arms around him and clung on to him as his l*p* teasingly moved along her jawline, his hot breath making her skin tingle.
She felt his hand slide up her back and into her soft hair. He held h*r g**tly, made her wonder what his next move would be, and she waited in anticipation.
"Do you want me to bite you?" He asked. His tone was low, an inviting whisper tempting her to say yes.
Heaven closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She could barely hear the yes that left h*r l*p* and h*r head fell back.
Zamiel tightened his hold around and as soon as his l*p* touched the sensitive skin on her neck, all air left her lungs. She was completely breathless as his mouth skillfully moved over her skin, leaving soft k**ses along the way. Heaven grasped the back of his shirt in sheer desperation. Her stomach turned into a battlefield for butterflies.
Lord. What was he doing to her? He made her skin ripe for his mouth to have a taste. A bite.
Then he flicked his tongue over the mark. Heaven felt a strange sensation go through her. It was something deep, something raw, something very intimate that she couldn't understand. The mark tingled and itched again, adding to the need to be bitten.
And then she felt the tip of his fangs graze her skin, sending shivers down her spine. It was a like warning for the bite that was to come.
Heaven's heart raced. The battle of butterflies in her stomach picked up, and she held him tighter. He flicked his tongue one last time over the mark and then his fangs pierces her skin.
Pain shot down her neck and she whimpered, but it was soon followed by a warm sensation that made her dizzy and weak in the knees. Heaven was lost, flying in what seemed like endless clouds, and she didn't want to descend.
Zamiel held her firmly in place. A soft growl left his lips as he pulled away, then his tongue swept over the wound. Heaven's eyes were still shut as if she refused to wake up from this dream.
"Heaven." His voice was low, hypnotic, forcing her to open her eyes and look into his silver ones. They were gleaming like liquid metal. "Are you alright?"
She saw his long, sharp fangs as he spoke. Did he bite her with those? How come it hurt so little?
She opened her mouth, but only a breath came out. Lord, she didn't have the energy to talk. She just leaned into him and rested her head on his chest.
Zamiel leaned down and scooped her up in his arms. He took her to bed and lay her down carefully. Heaven looked up at him where his tall figure loomed over her, his eyes showing concern.
"I am alright." She said, her voice barely a whisper.
Zamiel sat next to her, reaching for her face he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. Slowly her heart calmed down and her breathing become normal again.
She gazed at him. His eyes still gleamed with that light and his fangs were still out. Did he want more?
Zamiel watched Heaven rest in her bed. Her silken black hair spread across the pillow, her cheeks flushed a light pink like the color of her lips and her emerald eyes still swirling with so many emotions. Now that his demon had a taste of her, it didn't want to rest.
He needed to get away from her, away from her intoxicating scent, away from her mesmerizing eyes.
His demon had been starving for a thousand years. Letting him out now would cause storms that would shake even trees with the deepest roots.
He pulled away from her and stood up.
Cursing quietly, he clenched his jaw. Hearing his name coming from her lips like a plea was not what he needed to hear right now. He knew she was going to ask him to stay.
He took a deep breath and turned to her. "Heaven. You need to rest. I will come back some other time."
He tried to sound normal, but he could hear the irritation in his voice. She looked him at with those vibrant eyes, not reacting to his tone, just his words. "Can't you stay?" She asked.
Oh, no. Resisting her was the hardest thing he had to do.
Heaven moved away, making a place for him in her bed, almost as if she knew he wouldn't deny her.
Calling himself all kinds of awful things, he got into her bed and she immediately snuggled against him.
Zamiel stiffened. His demon raging, creeping under his skin, scratching his way out. He closed his eyes, trying to shut it out but to no avail.
It was too late and now he was greedy, selfish and l.u.s.tful.
Heaven stirred and rested her hand on his torso. This woman was pure torture, and he wanted to scold her for moving. Suddenly he heard her heart race and heat stemmed from her body.
One corner of his mouth lifted, relishing in the fact that he wasn't the only one restless.
He frowned. Now he was being selfish, awakening her desire before he could fulfill it. Unaware, he let out a sigh of frustration.
Heaven shifted and looked up at him. "What is wrong?" She asked.
Now he felt bad, but decided to be honest. He pushed himself up in a sitting position and then looked her straight in the eyes.
"Heaven. I am a man." He told her. She probably knew nothing about the struggles of a man. "Not even a normal man. I am demon."
She looked at him, confused. "I know." 

He chuckled darkly. No. She didn't know, and he didn't blame her.
"And you are a woman." He continued. "A beautiful woman. The most enticing I have ever seen."
The confusion in her eyes changed to something else. She was starting to understand, and a blush crept to her face.
"I'll return to you once I calm down." He told her, standing up. He leaned down and k**sed her forehead. "Rest well." He said, then he teleported back to his room.
Once he was alone, he thought he would calm down, but he should have known better than to give in to his desire. His demon kept troubling him, and he was losings his mind. If he didn't know better, he would think his mood was the cause for the sky to growl and cry. The rain fell down heavily, knocking on his windows for entrance.
His maid Helen served him tea, but he needed something cold to calm his nerves.
Something to numb his demon. Falling back onto the couch with a sigh, he suddenly heard a sound outside his mansion. A giggle, and then a familiar scent mixed with the scent of rain reached his nostrils.
Zamiel stood up and went to the window. Looking outside, he found Heaven getting soaked under the rain.
What was she doing?

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"We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson."
Heaven tried to rest after Zamiel left her, but she was tense and kept turning back and forth in bed. She threw the blankets off of her body and hoped to relax and fall asleep. But as soon as she closed her eyes, she remembered Zamiel's body against hers, his lips on her neck, his fangs in her flesh, and she was restless and hot all over again.
Shutting her eyes tightly with a groan, she tried to push those images to the back of her mind, but to no avail. It was impossible to make her brain forget when her body remembered every touch and every k**s so clearly.
After a lot of groans and rolling in bed, there was a knock on the door. Her mother peeked inside and walked in when she found her awake.
"You haven't slept yet." Her mother pointed.
Heaven sat up, completely fl.u.s.tered and frustrated. Her mother held a tray with a lid in her hands. She went and placed it on the table in the middle of the room before looking at her.
"I brought you some food in case you are hungry." She said. Then she tilted her head, and a frown settled between her brows. "Is something bothering you?"
Heaven shook her head. "No, mother. It is just taking time to sleep." She said.
Her mother came and sat next to her. She removed a few strands of her hair from her face and smiled gently while cupping her cheek. "Don't think too much. Everything is going to be alright. You just make sure to rest and eat well. You can't fight if your body is weak."
Heaven nodded. "I will."
"Alright then, I'll leave you alone." She rubbed her shoulder before standing up and leaving.
Falling back on bed, Heaven decided to try to sleep again since she had no appetite. Curling in bed, she shut her eyes.
Don't think. Don't think. She chanted. And then she cursed when she failed. It was his scent. It still lingered in her room, reminding her of the things she wanted to forget.
Getting out of bed, she decided to eat. What better way to distract herself than with food. She sat at the tabled and removed the lid from the tray. Rise, chicken, and vegetables were served on a plate. There was soup in a bowl and then bread at the side. Heaven picked up her spoon and tasted the soup. God, she was full after all the food she stuffed into her belly at Zamiel's house. She didn't feel like eating. The butterflies swirling in her stomach didn't make it easier either.
She forced herself to eat a little, hoping it would distract her, but it was pointless so she went back to bed. After a lot of struggle to sleep, she heard a loud thunder outside followed by rain that poured down heavily.
Turning back, Heaven looked outside the window. It was raining a lot. Almost as if the heavens were having mercy on her. Heaven pushed herself out of bed and went to open the door to her garden. She looked outside, at how the rain fell over her garden, listened to the sound of it and the smell.
Oh, it reminded her of Zamiel. She missed him already.
Without thinking, she stepped outside under the rain. She shivered as the cold drops of water fell on her burning skin, easing the heat that had made her restless.
How long had it been since she walked outside when it rained? It felt like forever since the last time. When she was little, she used to sneak out when it rained and let herself get drenched. Lydia and Ylva would be worried and try to get her inside.
"You will get ill, Your Highness." They would say.
And then at some point she had just stopped. She became obedient, leaving behind the rebellious girl she used to be. No more running around in the castle, or hiding, or fighting with Zarin, or dressing like a boy. No more playing around under the rain.
Heaven looked up at the sky, holding her hands out at the sides of her body. Letting the rain fall over her, washing her worries away, cooling her heat and bringing forth joy. She felt like a little girl again. The girl she used to be, where she listened to her brain less and followed her heart more. It wasn't necessarily a good thing to do, but it made her happy. And now her heart longed for Zamiel.
Before she knew, she found herself outside his home. Water splashed under her feet and she realized she had stepped on a puddle as she arrived. She used to love playing in puddles when it rained. Tossing her shoes aside, she flicked the cold water with her feet. She was completely wet, cold and playing with water like a little girl. She giggled at her silly behavior, but then her hand flew to her mouth.
What was she doing? She had come here…
Her body that had turned cold under the rain suddenly grew hot and her cheeks burned. She remembered Zamiel's words. "Heaven, I am a man. And you are a woman."
Her heart raced as she looked over at his mansion. The voice inside of her told her to be bold and walk inside, but her heart was jumping out of her chest. She knew what happened between a man and a woman. Gina had told her stories. And Zamiel's eyes had looked at her in a way that made her heart cease to beat before he left her alone. There was no denying he wanted her. Badly. 

Losing her courage, she decided to go back home. She slid her foot into one shoe, but then she heard her name.
Oh Lord. Have mercy on me.
She put her other shoe on quickly and turned to him.
He stood at the terrace with a roof above his head that covered him from the rain. "What are you doing?" He asked.


"When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind."
What was she doing? She didn't know. She was being stupid and childish. 

Turning to Zamiel, she looked at him where he stood. He still had that dark look in his eyes that sometimes flickered with an unknown emotion. Or maybe she knew, and that was the reason her heart skipped a beat. He leaned forward, placing his arms on the fence, and watched her closely. His eyes narrowing, his gaze scanning the length of her and then darkening even more.
"What are you doing here, Heaven?" He repeated when she didn't reply.
I am a man. A demon. And you are a woman. The words echoed in her mind. Yes. It was true. He was a man. Her man, and she was a woman. His woman.
"It is raining." She said. And it had nothing to do with his question. "I love rain."
She was being unreasonable.
"I am sure it rains back home too." He said.
He didn't seem pleased to see her.
Heaven shuddered. The heat left her body and now she was cold. Really cold. She wrapped her arms around herself and looked at him. "I missed you." She admitted.
Zamiel pushed away from the fence and straightened himself. His dark gaze regarded her with such intensity she shivered again.
"You shouldn't have come here." He said. But this time he didn't sound angry. He sounded regretful.
He walked along the fence, his eyes never leaving hers, then he descended the stairs and walked out into the rain. As he crossed the distance between them, Heaven felt her heart race. Without warning, he grabbed her by the hair and k**sed h*r fiercely. His soft lips firmly moving over hers, instantly inflaming her, and then he pulled hair back, breaking the contact between their lips.
"Heaven, don't bite me because I intend to k**s you long and hard." He said.
Before she could reply or even think of what he said, he covered her mouth with his again. His lips were eager against hers. Hungry. Moving with a feverish need. And then suddenly she felt her back against something hard. A tree.
Zamiel trapped her with his body between him and the tree and then k**sed h*r like a starving man. Nipping and s**king until h*r l*p* felt sore. Until her entire body flushed and burned. Has it not been the rain Heaven would think she would go up in flames. His hands roamed the sides of her body and his lips moved downwards. K**sing h*r jaw, nibbling at h*r neck. He placed k**s*s along her collarbone then removed the dress from her shoulders, k**sing h*r bare skin.
Heaven bit h*r l*p*, suppressing the sounds that rose to her throat. She held on to h*m t*gh**y, h*r kn**s refusing to support h*r, but then abruptly he distanced himself from her.
Heaven gasped, shocked by the chilling cold that followed his absence. She lifted her hooded eyes, her heart beating wildly, her breath shaky. Zamiel stood across from her, a safe distance away, next to a tree. They were somewhere in the woods.
He refused to look at her while one of his hands covered his mouth and nose. Heaven could still not speak or think, so she just stared at him while catching her breath. Eventually he dropped his hand and looked her way.
His eyes. She had never seen them look so silver. It looked like when the sharp edge of a blade hit the sunlight. Zamiel ran his fingers through his hair, looking uneasy.
"Heaven, I promised to make you mine once we get married. I don't want to break that promise." He said.
Heaven opened her mouth in a protest. She wanted to tell him to break his promise. She didn't want that promise; she wanted him. But she knew the kind of person he was. Even if he broke his promise because she told him, he would feel guilty after.
Determined, Heaven walked over to him. She took his arm and teleported them to outside his home, under the roof of his terrace. She wanted to talk to him and not have the rain disturb their conversation.
"The marry me." She said. "Now."
Zamiel looked at her, confused. "Now?" He asked.
She nodded. "We are already married the demon way. You want to marry me the human way, so let's get married like humans. You have lived for so long. What is the easiest and fastest way for humans to get married?"
Zamiel opened his mouth but seemed speechless.
"We will have our Royal wedding, of course. I am doing this so you don't have to break your promise." She explained. "I… I want to be with you."
She looked down, her face turning all shades of red. It was quiet for a while, then she felt Zamiel's cold fingers under her chin. He lifted her head, so she was looking into his eyes. They gleamed with another emotion. Something that made her feel warm and fuzzy.
"A thousand years ago, humans got married by tying a ribbon around each other's wrists. It was a sign of the bond between them." He spoke in a low, calm tone.
His hand reached for the sleeves on her dress. Heaven's gaze followed his hand. Her sleeves were cut open in the middle and tied together with a ribbon. Zamiel's fingers grabbed the end of the ribbon and tugged at it, opening the knot then removing the ribbon from her sleeves.
"Will you marry me, Heaven?" He said stretching the ribbon between his two hands.
"Yes." Heaven smiled, holding her arm above the ribbon. Zamiel tied it around her wrist. Heaven felt strange as he did so. A little emotional.
Zamiel held his arm out.
Heaven removed the ribbon from the other sleeve, then tied it around his wrist. Then they looked at each other with a smile.
"K**s me, Heaven." He then spoke.
Heaven tiptoed. Wrapping her arms around him, she k**sed h*m without hesitance. Another kind of warmth surrounded her, and she realized that Zamiel teleported them to his room. Using his preternatural powers, he shut the door and put fire in the hearth.
He pulled away from her, gazing into her eyes as if searching for an answer to an unspoken question. He lifted his hand and traced the lines of her face. Heaven closed her eyes. She loved every time she touched her face. Nothing felt more intimate.
His finger moved lower, over her lips, down to her throat, tracing her collarbone, then to the front of her dress.
In the room's quietness, with only the firewood crackling in the hearth, she heard her shaky breath and the wild beating of her heart when he began to untie the front of her dress. Heaven felt suddenly nervous. She had never been n.*.k.*.d in front of anyone since she came of age. Not even her maids.
As if sensing her nervousness, he leaned in, showering her face with k**ses.
"I will take good care of you." He promised, as he untangled the ropes that held her dress together. Heaven relaxed as his lips found hers and he k**sed her slowly, tenderly.
Then he undr**sed h*r, welcoming each newly bared skin with his l*p*. Heaven was lost, flushed, dizzy. She didn't care that she was completely bare, completely vulnerable with this man.
And he was fully clothed. Zamiel gazed at her, urging her to und**ss h*m. Heaven reached for his shirt. Her hands trembled as she unbu**oned it, but with each piece of clothes that came off, her nervousness left with it. The beauty of him mesmerized her.
She reached for him. Her hands trailed down his body, gawking and admiring with no shame. Zamiel groaned in approval and dr*w h*r into his a*ms before taking h*r to b*d. He lay her down, pinning h*r b*d* down with his. She saw the dark look in his eyes again before he claimed her mouth in a searing k**s that made her toes curl in pleasure.
Then his mouth moved down h*r b*d*, his l*p* exploring every inch of h*r skin. Tasting. Savoring.
He to**hed h*r as if he wanted to imprint his hands into her flesh, and his touch into her mind.
Heaven became her body, only. It was acting on its own accord. Arching, writhing, trembling. She was lightheaded and aching. She was gasping and m.**.n**g as his fing*rs and l**s reached places she had never been touched. Never been k**s*d before.
Zamiel found all her sensitive spots and lingered a little longer there. Stroking, teasing, punishing and soothing until she couldn't endure anymore.
"Zamiel." She pleaded as if he would know what she wanted when even she didn't know.
But Zamiel was well aware. He knew exactly where she wanted him, how she ached for him. He placed h**self betw**n h*r l*g* and then she felt a burning pain as his body became one with hers. But it was nothing compared to the pleasure that followed.


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