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A Sweet Time Before a Good Show 🔞🔞

WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content at the first part. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter

Regaleon was pinning me down on the couch. His kiss was deep and hungry, as if he wants to eat me up.

Our lips were interwined with each other, dancing in the rythm of our heart beat. I was starting to feel hot and wanting.

Regaleon's hands started to explore my body. His hands that were holding my hands up traveled down to my shoulders and then to my chest. He skillfully unbuttoned my dress in front, letting my breast out in the open. His hands kneaded them gently, pingching my budded nipple along the way.

"Ahh..." I was surprised with his sudden movements that my voice broke our in a lewd way and my body flinched.

"I love your reaction, Lili." Regaleon whispered to my ear while still doing his prior actions.

"L-Leon..." My voice came out in a panthing and lewd way. "W-We can't..."

I want to say that we can't do such things in the middle of the day but I was not able to say the words out because of the sensation Regaleon was giving me.

"We can't what, Lili?" Regaleon asked playfully. "Are you worrying that someone might come in and see us doing naughty stuff?"

I nodded shyly with his words.

"Do not worry, no one will try to distrub us. I specifically told them not to." Regaleon flashed a wolfish grin.

Regaleon's lips treaded it's way from my ears to my neck. His light feather kisses were leaving a trail of warmth. The hair on my neck and arms started to rise with the ticklish sensation of his lips.

Then his lips travled from my collar bone towards my chest. His lips found one of my breasts and sucked it hard.

"Ahh...hmmm..." The sensation in my body was rising up, my voice was letting out lewd sounds that I tried to supress.

"I want to hear you more, Lili." Regaleon said seductively. And then he bit my budding nipple.

"Hiyah...." I was surprised with Regaleon's sudden action.

The bite was not that painful but the sensation that it brought to my body was intense.

Regaleon's hand explored down south towards the hem of my skirt. Slowly he raised my skirt up while caressing my legs in the process. His touch ignites an electric feeling inside and travels all over my body.

"Ahhh...L-Leon..." Regaleon's hands reached my private part that is still covered by my underwear. He slowly teased my entrance thru the thin fabric. "N-No..."

I was feeling very shy. We are doing such things in broad day light. But something inside me doesn't wish for Regaleon to stop. Such a contradiction is brewing up inside my head. My body is yearning for Regaleon's touch but my mind says this is not the time nor the place.

"Ahhh...yaahh." Regaleon's fingers were teasing the entrance of my private part with a little bit of force.

'Knock knock' I was at the height of my body's sensation when there was a knock on the door.

"L-Leon..." I said, but he was still going thru with his prior actions. "Ahhh...L-Leon...someone is..hmmm." I covered my mouth with my hands to muffled out my moans.

"Don't mind them." Regaleon said to me.

'Knock knock' and there was a knock again. Regaleon looked irritated now.

"Your highness, sorry to disturb you." It was the voice of Dimitri. "I am here to report something important."

"Tsk, I understand. We will be out in a minute." Regaleon said with an irritated voice.

Regaleon stopped his actions towards my body and I was panthing heavily. I can feel the heat on my cheeks, I must be flushed right now.

Regaleon looked at me and smiled. He gave me a kiss on my forehead and helped me button up my dress.

"Our sweet time was interrupted." Regaleon whispered. "But do not worry, we will resume this tonight. For now I want you to watch a good show."

I looked at Regaleon with curiosity.

'What could he mean by a 'good show'? I wondered.

Regaleon helped me get up from the couch. He walked towards the door and opened it.

Outside Dimitri was standing attentively. He bowed once Regaleon came out.

Regaleon gave him a serious look. "Await your punishment later." He said coldly.

"Yes, your higness." Dimitri replied.

When I walked in front of him, I worded him a silent 'sorry'. I felt apologetic towards him because it was not his fault that he came at a bad timing, and he would be punished because of it. Dimitri just gave me a warm smile.


At the hall of justice, general McGregor and his wife was seen at the center of the room. Their hands and feet were chained on the spot where they are standing.

Around the room, the ministers were sitted. They were there as spectators for the trial of the general and his wife. They were murmuring to each other, talking about the general's crimes.

King Edward was seen coming inside the hall. Everyone became silent. The king walked towards the front and took the jugde's seat.

"Where is the queen?" King Edward was scanning around the hall.

"She is on the way, your majesty." Prime minister Murdoc was the one to answer the king.

Not long, the doors of the justice hall opened. The queen with her hands chained, came inside the hall with two palace guards escorting her.

The queen was looking frail. She was under house arrest after the incident on the engagement party. 

The palace guards led the queen on the center as well and chained her on the spot together with her uncle and aunt in law.

The minsiters around began to murmur again. They did not know why the queen was also chained together with her uncle. Speculations started to rise inside the hall of justice.

"Silence!" The king said with a loud voice.

The hall became silent in an instant with the fear of angering the king.

Once the king saw the hall became silent, he started his words. "Let us begin this trial."

At one side of the hall, the crown prince of Jennova is sitting and watching. He had a sly smile on his face.

"This is going to be a good show." Prince Gladiolus said. "I was thingking of what to do with them. After what they have done with aunty and cousin, I was thingking of punishing them myself. But with this happening, it seems I don't have to lift my hands anymore."

The Conviction (1)

I walked inside the hall of justice with Regaleon. There where more people inside than I have anticipated.

'Who is being judged here today?' I wondered.

Regaleon took my hand and led me down the stairs and into the front row seats. While I was walking, I looked at the people at the center. There were two women and a man, with their hands and feet chained to the floor.

'Are these people the ones on trial today?' I thought.

While Regaleon and I are nearing the front row seats, I can see the people in the center more clearly. I am not familiar with the man and the other woman. But the other woman seems familiar to me.

Regaleon ushered me to my seat and took the seat right next to mine.

"I am sure you are going to love this show." Regaleon whispered near my ear that tickeled me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up instantly.

I was still curious as to what 'show' Regaleon was talking about. I looking at the persons on trial at the center of the hall, when I was shocked internally.

The other woman that seemed familiar to me at a distance is none other than my step mother, queen Erica.

I wasn't able to recognize her because of her current features. She looks a lot thinner since the last time I saw her, and that was at me and Regaleon's engagement party. Dark circles are visible around her eyes and she looked very frail.

I looked at Regaleon, trying to convey my question thru my gaze. He just gave me a warm smile as a reply.

'Is this all Regaleon's doing?' I was curious. But deep down I knew that he was the one who did this.

"We are here for the trial of these three persons." Prime minister Murdoc announced. "General McGregor, you are charged with the crimes of treason and rebellion against our country of Alvannia, the murder of our king's concubine, and the attempted murder of our third princess, princess Alicia."

My eyes went wide with this information. So this man was the one that hired those men that tried to kill me. And not only that he was the one that killed my mother. Anger was brewing inside of me. I clenched my fists hard.

Regaleon saw my reaction and soothed my clenched fists. "Do not worry. They will get what they deserve." His voice was soothing that it made me calm again.

"The wife of general McGregor is charged with human trafficking, smugling, and illegal business conducted inside our country of Alvannia." Prime minister Murdoc continued. "And queen Erica, is charged as the master mind of the murder of our king's concubine Leticia and the attempted murder of the third princess Alicia."

The hall of justice was in an uproar after they heard the queen's charges. I myslef was shocked. But deep down inside me, I knew that my step mother had something to do with me and my mother's ill fate.

"Silence!" My father roared and the people started to be silent. "What can you say for yourself?" He asked the people on trial.

"Your majesty, we are innocent. Someone is trying to frame us." General McGregor's wife was crying. She kneeld down to ask for pity.

"This here shows the evidence of your illegal businesses." Prime minister Murdoc walked towards the wife and gave her a thick folder. The wife skimmed it's contents and her eyes went wide with shock.

"T-This... this is not true. Someone is trying to frame me. This is not true!" The wife screamed frantically.

"The evidence speaks for itself." Prime minister Murdoc said and looked at the king.

"You are convited with these crimes. According to the laws of our country, you are hearby sentenced to death." The king said with authority.

"Guards, take her to the dungeons where she will await her sentence." Prime minister Murdoc said.

The guards unlocked the chains from the floor and took general McGregor's wife.

"No, no... your majesty I am innocent. I demand a re-trial." The wife was squirming out of the guards grip. "Unhand me you low lives. I am a noble. You can't do this to me."

The wife was escorted outside the palace trashing and squirming, screaming that she is innocent.

"Next is general McGregor." Prime minister Murdoc continued. "Do you want to see the evidence against you?"

"Heh, do I still need to defend myself?" General McGregor said arrogantly. "I know what I have done. In this game, I have lost. As a general, I am prepared to take the responsibility of my own actions."

"I see." King Edward glared at general McGregor. "All of your crimes are punishable by death. You are sentenced with three death sentences and would be given the most slow and painful death for your treachery." His every word was coated with fury, resentment and hate.

"Guards, take the general away to the dungeons to await his sentence." Prime minister Murdoc ordered.

The guards in the vicinity carefully unlocked the chains of general McGregor. Once he was free, the guards escorted him. But just after some steps, the general paused.

"Your majesty." General McGregor turned around to look at the king sitting on the high seat. "The crimes I have committed, I plead to all of them guilty. But, there is something that I have to say before I go."

The people kept silent, curious as to what the general has to say.

"I am a great general of this country. I have fought in the last war and defended our country's borders. I have given my own blood and sweat for our country's future." General McGregor said. "I would die a death I choose of."

A smile crept from general McGregor's face that sent goosebumps down my spine.

"I always finish what I started." General McGregor looked my way with a piercing gaze. My body froze in an instant.

General McGregor elbowed the guard escorting him in the stomach. The guard was caught by surprise that he wasn't able to counter, he writhed in pain. By that time, the general took out the guards sword from its sheath and launched towards me.

"Guards, stop him!!!" The king roared.
The Conviction (2)

"Guards, stop him!!!" The king roared.

Genereal McGregor was holding a sword that he stole from a guard and launched right at me. I was in shock with the happenings that I wasn't able to react fast.

It happened so fast that only my eyes were keeping up but my body's movement felt slow. I see the guards ran towards the general, trying to stop his advance towards me.

But the general was a veteran fighter and a master in using a sword. The guards did not stood a chance against him. In a flash, the general was able to fight past against the guards that were trying to block his advance.

My head felt heavy and my heart was thumping rapidly.

'What will I do?' I thought in panic.

I can use my magic to stop the general from attacking me. But if I display my magic powers now, I am afraid I would be the next one to be persecuted just by having Atlantian blood.

I can sense the danger coming near me, my body was feeling very heavy. I am feeling the fear of losing my life at this moment.

When general McGregor was just a few feet away from me, I felt that time slowed down. My mind was racing fast but my body was heavy, stuck with the slow moving time around me.

'Is this what you feel when death is right in front of you?' I wondered. It was like time was in slow motion.

But I won't let him kill me now. He was the one that ordered his men to kill my mother and me. He succeded in killing my mother, I won't let him get the satisfaction of killing me as well.

I will kill him right now. I don't care if the secret about my magic will be exposed in front of this many people. I would kill him, the one that helped my step mother kill my mother.

I clenched my fist hard and ready myself to launch a magic attack, when time ran at a normal pace again.

Shadows flashed in front of me, three shadows in total. And to my surprise I see general McGregor stop in his tracks, just a few steps in front of me.

'Cough cough' General McGregor was coughing out blood.

"I never thought...someome could defeat me in speed and agility." General McGregor said. "Maybe it is true...cough... I am getting old."

Around general McGregor are three people I know of. William, who was wearing his white knight's unifrom. Regaleon, who was wearing a dark gray attire. And the crown prince of Jennova, who was wearing a dark blue attire.

Their swords were sticking out the general's body, his blood was dripping on the floor.

"Hahaha...hahahaha!" General McGregor was laughing like a maniac. "The young generation is quite promising...cough least I was able to die by the sword."

General McGregor made one last smile and then his body went limp. The three men one by one took out their swords that was stabbing the general's body.

"Ahhhhh...uncle. Noooo..." My step mother, the queen, screamed frantically and fainted afterwards.

"Escort the queen back to her quarters immidiately!" The king ordered the guards.

The guards bowed and lifted the queen out of the hall of justice.

As for me I was standing in my place, quite in a daze. I look at the three men in front of me. I have forgotten that I was not alone, and Regaleon was just right beside me. I didn't need to make any actions against general McGregor's attack because Regaleon would definitely save me.

"Lili, are you okay?" Regaleon walked towards me at once, caressing my cheek with his hand.

"Hmmm, I'm okay." I nodded. I felt relieved with Regaleon's warm touch.

Regaleon must be worried because I was in a daze just now. I am getting used to seeing blood so he need not worry. It was just last night when I saw my first blood bath and people dying in front of me.

Then I looked at William in a confused way. I am happy that he was here to protect me. But as I remember, I have ordered him to take a day off for his wounds to heal.

Looking at William, some of his wounds were re-opened again because of his sudden movement just now. Some blood was staining his beautiful white unifrom. His action just now infuriated me.

"William Maxwell Cunningham!" I roared his full name in anger. I stompped my way towards him, looking at his blood stained clothes. "As I remember, I have ordered you to stay in bed to recover from your wounds!"

I fight the tears that were trying to get out of my eyes. I do not know if I wanted to cry because of anger or because of sadness.

"Don't worry Alicia, my wounds are not that serious. Some of it just re-opened because I moved suddenly." Willian tried to comfort me.

With William's comforting words, I can't stop my tears any longer.

"You were wounded because of me. And now your wounds opened again because of me as well. Don't you know how sad I am feeling right now?" My words just flowed out like a river. Tears are coming out from my eyes. "You go back to rest this instant if you still want to be my personal knight. I swear that if you disobey me once again, I would fire you myself!"

William was stunned with my words. This was the first time felt really mad, maybe my face looks ugly.

"I suggest you follow your princess' orders if you still want to keep being her personal knight." Regaleon walked to my side. I burried my face on his chest and cried myself out. Regaleon patted my head gently.

"Ahh...I understand, princess. I will head back to my quarters to rest, so please don't cry." William said apologetically but I didn't look at him. After a moment I heard footsteps leaving.

"The princess' tears are quite powerful." I hear someone say. When I lifted my face out of Regaleon's chest, I see the prince of Jennova looking at me with a smile. "You still look lovely even when crying."

The Queen's Sentence

I look at prince Gladiolus in a daze. I forgot about him. It was embarrassing for others to see my crying face.

Regealeon gently pushed me into his chest, burrying my face in the process.

"I would like to extend my gratitude for helping us stop the traitorous general." Regaleon said politely.

"Don't mention it." Prince Gladiolus replied. "Such a man deserved to die. It is just a pity he got away with only a quick death. I was sure king Edward was thinking of other methods that will make his death more painful."

I took a peak from Regaelon's chest. I see the prince of Jennova smiling brightly at us.

"Umm... thank you, for saving me." I said to him meekly.

I would like to express my gratitude to the prince of Jennova face to face, but Regaleon was hugging me tightly on his chest. As if he doesn't want anyone to see my face.

"I am happy to be of help. I just extended a helping hand. You are well loved princess Alicia." Prince Gladiolus said.

"Alicia and I will take our leave." Regaleon said. "I am sure my fiancee had a great shock just now. I will take her back to her quarters to rest."

"I understand." Prince Gladiolus replied.

Regaleon ushered me out of the justice hall. We have just taken just a few steps when prince Gladiolus called out to me.

"Princess Alicia." Prince Gladiolus called. I reflexively looked back when I heard my name.

"Can I ask some time to have tea with you? Consider it as thanks for helping you today." He smiled.

"I guess it's alright." I said and looked at Regaleon instinctively. He nodded at me in agreement. "Then maybe tomorrow afternoon, if you are free, prince Gladiolus." I said politely.

"Then tomorrow afternoon it is." Prince Gladiolus replied.

After that Regaleon and I exited the hall of justice.


(Regaleon's POV)

I escorted Alicia back to her quarters to let her rest after the incedent in the hall of justice.

"Have some rest." I helped Alicia lay down on her bed. I can see her eyes that was red after crying, sleepishly fluttering.

"Where are you going?" Alicia asked. She was looking drowsy. She must be tired after the incedent and the crying.

"I will be paying your father a visit." I replied. I kissed her forehead gently. "Take a nap. I promise, I will be here once you wake up."

"Promise?" Alicia said with droopy eyes. She looked so cute that I cannit resist her charms.

I bend down to give her lips a sweet and passionate kiss. I kissed her deeply, my instinct wanted to devour her completely. I inserted my tongue between her plump lips. I find her tongue inside and hooked it with mine. My hands are exploring her body once more.

It took a lot of effort from me to break off from the kiss. I slowly let go of her sweet tender lips. Alicia's face was flushed red under me. Her gaze towards me was seductive that I fought my urge to devour her here and now.

"Sleep well." I said thru my teeth. "I will be back in no time."

I stood up and walked quickly out of Alicia's room. I closed the doors softly and sighed heavily.

"That was dangerous." I whispered to myself.

As time passes by, my Lili is becoming more and more beautiful. I need every ounce of my self control just to stop myself from taking her fully.

After I have calmed down completely, I walked towards the king's office.

I went to king Edward's office for a quick visit. After the sentence was passed down to the queen's uncle and aunt in law, I want to know what is the sentence for the queen's crimes.

'Knock knock' the guard who was guarding the entrance of the king's office knocked on the door to announce my presence.

"Your majesty, prince Regaleon is here to ask an audience with you." The guard said.

"Let him in." King Edward's said from inside the room.

The guard opened the door and I quickly entered.

"What bring's you here prince Regaleon?" King Edward asked.

"You know why I am here." I said while taking a seat in front of the king. "You have not yet passed down queen Erica's sentence. I am here to know what is her sentence for the crimes she has committed."

King Edward sighed heavily. I knew that he was anticipating me to ask this question.

"Erica is guilty of all the charges. She is the mastermind to the poisoning of Alicia's mother and my concubine Leticia, and also the attempted assasination of Alicia." King Edward said. "I also want her to pay for her crimes tenfold."

I can see the anger and resentment in the king's eyes.

"But..?" I looked at him seriously.

"But Erica is still my wife, at least in name. And she is still the queen of this country." King Edward sighed. "The ministers are against a death sentence. This could affect the citizens of Alvannia and might result to an uproar. I am a king of this country and cannot be selfish. Even though I want her to die for her sins, but I still need to think for the many."

I nodded in understanding. Being a king doesn't mean you can do anything you want. Your hands are still tied up by the minsiters of the court. I look at the king before me and scoffed lightly.

'This is not the kind of king I would be in the future.' I thought. I won't let some minsiters tie me up and make a puppet out of me. 

"Then what sentence have the court decided for the queen's crimes?" I asked not really interested now that death sentence is out of the equation.

"Erica will be stripped of her crown as queen. I will lawfully divorce her." King Edward said. "She would be sent to the tower of Grace found in the most remote outskirts of the country. There she will live her remaining days, not able to step out of the tower again."

I just nodded in understanding and stood up from my seat. I turned to walk out of the office.

"Wait a minute." King Edward called.

"You still have something to add?" I asked. "I promised Alicia to be by her side before she wakes up, so I am in a hurry."

"Ahh." The king was stunned for a while.

"If it is not important then I will take my leave." I said.

"Are you okay with this? The sentence I mean." King Edward spoke hastily.

I looked at him seriously. "Well there is nothing I can do to change the court's decision. This is your country afterall."

After that I turned around and walked away.

'That might be your sentence for her crimes, but I have a sentence of my own.' I smiled internally.

Setting a Clear Line

When I woke up, the sun had just set. I blink my eyes to adjust to darkness in my room.

"Leon?" I called soflty but no one answered. It looks like he has not come back yet.

'Maybe he was still talking with my father about some important matters.' I thought.

I slowly stand up and exited my room. Outside the maids are doing their normal routine for the evening.

"Princess." Tricia was walking towards me. "You are awake."

"Yes." I nodded. "How long was I asleep?" I asked.

"Not very long princess. An hour at least." Tricia replied.

"Oh." I reacted. So I wasn't asleep that long. But the nap did some good, I feel refreshed.

"Dinner is being prepared. It will take about an hour." Tricia said. "Prince Regaleon said that he will be accompanying you for dinner so I have prepared the usual dishes he likes."

"Thanks Tricia, your the best." I smiled whole heartedly.

Tricia has been with me for quite some time now. I treat her as a big sister rather than my personal maid. She knows many of my secrets, including my magical abilities.

These past two years when we were at the country side, I have told her my secret. Tricia accepted me whole heartedly and vowed her loyalty to me. She is my most trusted servant and confidant.

"How is William doing by the way?" I asked. I have ordered him to rest in his quarters a while ago in the hall of justice. I wonder how he is doing.

"Sir William has been in his quarters since the time he arrived a while ago." Tricia answered. "We were shocked when we saw his white uniform stained with blood. We only heard after that his wounds re-opened while defending you inside the hall of justice. I personally went to his room to bring some medicine and new bandages. But when I knocked on his door, he did not answer. Maybe he fell asleep."

I became worried after hearing Tricia's words.

"Where is the medicine and bandages? I will take it personally to him." I said.

"Oh okay. Let me get it princess." Tricia said and left to fetch it.


I was standing outside William's room, holding the tray of medicine and bandages.

'Knock knock' I knocked gently on the door.

When no one answered, I knocked even harder. 

"Will, its me." I called out to William.

By that time I heard something crash on the floor inside the room.

"William, are you okay." I began to worry.

In just a few seconds, the door opened. William was standing in front of me with a shy look.

"Alicia, it's you." William said in surprise.

"Yes, it's me. What happened?" I peaked inside his room.

"Oh...ah... I kind of hit the side table when I scrambled to open the door for you." William said, looking embarrassed. He was scratching his head casually and his gesture made me giggle.

"You don't need to get embarrassed. That sometimes happens to me as well." I giggled.

William looked at me with a gentle gaze and smiled.

"You are not angry at me anymore?" William asked.

I looked at him from head to toe. It looks like he had just taken a bath. He was wearing a clean white inner shirt and black pants. But it looks like he hasn't dressed his wounds yet.

"I won't be mad if you attend to your wounds." I said. "I brought some medecine and new bandages."

"Thanks. I was about to go to Tricia to get some." William said. He reached out to get the tray I was holding when I purposely dodged the tray from his hands.

"Let me help you treat your wounds." I looked at him with a piercing gaze.

"Huh?!" William was surprised. "N-No need...Alicia, I can do it myself."

"You can't reach the wounds in your back, can you?" I asked with a sarcastic tone and lifted one of my eyebroe at him.

I know that Tricia helped him dress his wounds last night. She was the one that told me that William's wounds was only flesh deep. But still, a wound needs to be taken care of so that it won't get infected.

"B-But Alicia..." William was trying to reason out but I cut him.

"No buts." I entered his room swiftly. "It's the least I can do after saving me yesterday and today."

I hear William heave a deep sigh and closed the door. I sat down in the couch and patted the area right next to me. William smiled but I see his smile twitched.

"You know, you don't need to do this. It's my job to protect you as your knight." William walked towards me and took his seat right next to me.

"You may say that, but to me you are still William, my best friend. I pains me to see you get hurt." I look at him with with sorrow.

William sighed once again and gave me a genuine smile. "Then I will trouble you in putting the medicine." He said.

William turned his back towards me and slowly took off his shirt. I am used to seeing the bare upper body of my brother Richard and Regaleon when they were practicing and sparring. But still, this is the first time I saw William's bare torso. I feel kind of embarrassed. His back muscles were toned beautifully. Even though he was a future duke, he didn't laze around and still worked out his body. Now that his shirt is off, I see the fresh wounds on his back.

The wounds were made by swords slicing thru his flesh. It was lucky that he only got flesh deep wounds. But still, looking at the long cuts and bruises made my heart ache. Not only that, the wounds re-opened a while ago when he saved me from general McGregor.

I opened the lid of the medicine bottle and placed some onto the cotton. I carefully pressed the cotton onto his wounds.

I see William's flinch and it made me worry. "Did I hurt you? I'm sorry, I will apply the medicine more carefully." I said.

"No, it's okay. The medicine just stings a little. I can handle it." William said.

And so I resumed applying the medicne to his wounds. After applying on his back I gestured him to face me. Once William turned around, I see his bare chest and well formed abs.

His front torso had as many cuts as the ones at the back. My heart ached even more. Tears are welling up in my eyes.

"You got hurt because of me." I said with a heavy heart. I started to apply the medicine on the wounds.

"Don't cry." William gently wiped away my tears. "My job as your knight is to protect you, even if it costs my life."

"But I don't want that." I said to him. "You are one of my most precious friends. You are very dear to me. I don't want you to get hurt or worse, give your life just to protect me. I would ask father to relieve you of you duties as my knight. You should be the one governing your dukedom, not here taking care of some princess."

What I said to him just now was my true feelings. I feel that I am robbing him of his future as a duke. He should not be here taking care of me.

"Alicia, no." I can feel the pain in William's voice. He suddenly grabbed my hands and squeezed them near his chest. "Please, don't push me away. This is where I decided to be, this is where I 'want' to be."

"But Will..." I want to tell him that he has a bright future as a duke.

"Alicia," William looked at me straight into my eyes. "This is where I want to be. Please don't take it away from me. You know how I feel about you."

"But Will, I can't return those feelings." I said with sincerity. "My heart belongs to only one person. This is unfair to you."

"I know, Alicia. I know that you can't return my feelings. But at least, let me keep this chance to be by your side. Let me be of help to you and to stay close. At least let me love you at a distance." William said ernestly.

I nodded slowly. I have told him what I wanted to say. I have clearly set the line between us. If it is still his decision to be my personal knight after hearing what I said, then I will let him stay. I don't want him to get hurt, but I don't want to reject his plea.

William is still a precious person to me. He was my very first friend.

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