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"Abigail, come over here," Alexander suddenly ordered. His expression had become quite intimidating. The fire had switched to a glacier again.

"Quickly, Abigail," he said, sounding impatient and Abi swallowed as she stood up and walked closer to him.

Alexander held her hand and made her sit on his lap.

Abigail was confused. She thought he was going to send her back to her room again.

"Continue eating," he ordered and Abi looked at him, with a confused frown on her face.

"Listen to me and do what I say, little lamb. Or, do you want me to feed you?" he smirked and Abi pressed her lips into a thin line. Feeding each other was actually on her list but she didn't like to do that this way; not when he was in his Antarctic state, not when he was being like this.

"I-I'll eat," she replied. She picked up his cutlery and started eating off his plate.

Their position was a little awkward. Abi never ate this way before, sitting on someone's lap, except when she was a child.

This felt different and her heartbeat was not being calm at all.

A few moments later, Abigail heard footsteps finally coming closer and she raised her face to see who it was.

Abigail's mouth dropped the instant she saw who was walking towards them because she actually recognised this man. In fact, this person was so famous there was no way she wouldn't recognize him. W-why was this person here?

This person was the infamous multinational CEO who even ranked first on the list of men girls wanted to marry. This person had graced too many famous magazines, not only because of his wealth and power but also because of his looks. Truth be told, Abi once thought that this man, hands down owned the crown of the handsomest creature on earth before she met Alexander Qin. Wait, wasn't this man also a Qin? Could it be that they were related?

The man caught Abi's eye and the two stared at each for a while until Alexander pinched Abi's cheek.

"What did I tell you, my dear Abigail? Don't get distracted by some annoying fly and just eat," he said. Did this man just call that person a fly? How could he call such a person of that caliber, a fly?

Once the man reached them, Abigail couldn't help but look up again. He had such a strong presence that no one would be able to ignore and like Alexander, he exuded a similar kind of coldness as well. Although his eyes, she thought, weren't as cold as Alexander's.

"So, you're Alex's new girlfriend," the man stated the obvious, looking straight at her.

Abi was about to stand up to greet him but Alex's firm arm over her legs stopped her from doing so. Abi turned to Alex with creased brows, as if telling him that she didn't want to be rude.

"No need to greet him, Abigail," Alexander lazily said and before Abi could say a word, she heard the man pull a chair to the left of the head of the table where she and Alexander sat, opposite where she sat a while ago.

"So? Why are you here, huh, Zeke?" Alexander didn't beat around the bush. The way Alex talked to him surprised Abi. This man, named Ezekiel Qin, was after all not just a simple CEO. Abi had heard a lot about him because of Kelly. Kelly didn't like Ezekiel Qin. She could tell because she had heard Kelly say that this person was another man from hell. She said that he was trying to dominate the business world and he was the tyrant king that every businessman was wary about. That was why Kelly's lips always twitched every time other girls expressed their love for him, always saying the words 'heh, wait until you see who that person really is. He's a demon in disguise, you fools!'

"I have some business to take care of in this city, Alex," was all he replied. A plate of food was placed before him and then he picked up his cutlery to eat. He didn't seem bothered at all by Alexander's cold attitude towards him and seemed to be relaxed.

Abi just blinked. This man was definitely on the top of the food chain to the outside world but why did it seem like Alexander actually stood above him on that food chain? Was it because he was here as a guest? Or could it be that Alex was his older brother? However, as she looked closely at both of them, Alexander seemed to be a little younger than Ezekiel Qin's in terms of looks.

"Why come here, then? You have hotels everywhere, Zeke." Alexander was just being his usual cold self, almost as if he didn't know how to be polite at all.

"Of course it's because I like this place the most in this city."


Alexander let out a sigh while Ezekiel just nonchalantly continued eating. The atmosphere then shifted a little, like there was some invisible friction between these two men and Abi couldn't help but feel tensed. It didn't seem to be the kind of friction between sworn enemies but it was still damn heavy for her. It appeared that Kelly's words about Ezekiel Qin added to tension she was feeling as well. But then, again, she could tell that Alexander could be far scarier sometimes, although, to her, Alexander was not scary at all.

While Abigail was busy with her own thoughts, Ezekiel Qin spoke again.

"Why are you cradling her like that? What is she, your daughter?" he asked monotonously and Alexander smirked.

"Zeke, let me just tell you now that visitors are not welcome here within this month," Alexander smugly said and the man paused for a moment. This person's movements and manners, she noticed, were also elegantly graceful.

He looked up and met Alexander's gaze. "You're really going to kick out your family? You always stay at my house every time you return to –"

"Well, the third floor is now off limits. If you want to stay here, the receiving rooms are the only ones that are available to you," Alexander cut him off as he smirked, sounding like he was certain that Ezekiel would never agree to use those receiving rooms.

However, to Alexander's surprise, the man actually agreed.

"The receiving rooms, huh… those rooms aren't that bad," he replied and then he suddenly clicked his fingers. A man instantly approached him and he immediately told the man to prepare the receiving room near the grand staircase. The man quickly nodded to indicate that he had understood the instructions that were being thrown at him.

Alexander and Abi were speechless. Abi couldn't believe that this man actually agreed to use the room on the ground floor. He just seemed like the type of man who would always want the highest spot, whether it was power or physical space. But he actually agreed? He could go and stay in the most luxurious hotel's most expensive suite, so why was he doing this?

As they both watched the man instructing his men about his room, Abigail turned to Alex and whispered in his ear.

"Alex, is he your older brother?" Abigail asked, her eyes filled with curiosity as she questioned him. She didn't even notice that their position was very intimate as she whispered in his ears while she sat on his lap.

"You think I'm that man's younger brother?" Alexander didn't seem to mind their intimate position either, as he echoed her words before he let out a loud laugh.

"So he's your younger brother?!" She was surprised. Abi knew that Ezekiel Qin was already 30 years old. If Alex was Ezekiel's older brother, then that would mean that Alex would be over 30 years old, right? But Alexander didn't look like he was over 30 at all. If Abi based his age on his looks, she guessed that he would be around 27 or 28.

Alexander beamed at her, as if confirming her guess but it only made Abi more confused. Now that she thought about it, she still didn't ask him how old he was.

"H-how old are you?" she finally asked.

"27," he smirked and Abi bit her lips in frustration. This man was playing with her again.

"You said you weren't going to joke around with me tonight!" she argued and the man chuckled.

"Yeah, I did say that. And I'm not joking, Abigail," his smile finally faded, as he looked at her.

"But Ezekiel Qin is 30 years old and yet you said..." Abigail couldn't continue her words. It was because she realized that the man never confirmed that he was Ezekiel's older brother. This man's expression was truly beyond tricky.

Puffing her cheeks, Abigail averted her gaze and Alexander just stared at her, amused.

"He's not my brother, Abigail… just a close kin, I guess you could say," He lazily explained and Abi blinked at him. So Ezekiel Qin was just his kin…

"I see." She sounded satisfied as she turned her head to look at Ezekiel Qin, who was still spouting out orders to the man.


Abigail was trying to compare their distinct features when suddenly, Alexander pulled her attention back to him.

"Stop staring at him, Little lamb. It makes me want to punish you when you do that," he said, smiling ruefully. Abi didn't flinch at his words this time, maybe because she thought he was just joking again.

"P-punish me? But you said you'd only punish me if I broke those three main rules," she thoughtlessly replied.

Alexander's lips curved up and he cupped her small face. "Abigail, I never said that I would only punish you for breaking just those three main rules. You just assumed that on your own. It would do you well to remember that, okay?" he smiled and Abi gulped. "Actually, I could punish you if I think you are behaving badly."


"Mm. Badly."

"Like how?"

"Like what you did just now."

Abi creased her brows. It was obvious that she couldn't figure out how she had behaved badly so she recounted her actions in the last minute.

"Looking at that guy is bad?" Her eyes widened at the realisation.

"Yes Abigail. It's bad for you to stare at him like that, or any other man. You should only stare at your boyfriend, understand?"

Abigail gaped at him.

After blinking at him three times, she finally opened her mouth again. "Alex, are you jealous?" she asked and Alex silently stared at her for a while. She tried deciphering the look in his eyes but unfortunately, as usual, he gave nothing away.

"So what if I am? What if I'm not?" he said as a dangerously beautiful smile carved on his face. "Listen," he uttered as she pulled her closer, "I'm not the type of man who plays with the things that other men have. I simply want my possession for myself alone, whether it's your gaze or your smiles, those are all mine. Do you understand, Abigail?"

Before Abi could process what he just said, Alexander suddenly let go of her.

"Now get up and go upstairs."

Once again, he was sending her away. His order made Abi a little sad but she was at least relieved that he didn't send her away right before Ezekiel Qin came. She felt glad that he had let her know something about him even though she felt like he didn't want her to interact or to even look at his guests or kin. Abigail found it puzzling but then again, she could only listen to him and leave as he said.

"O-okay. But we're still going to play a game, right?"

"Yes, I haven't forgotten. I'll be up shortly."

"Okay, I'll wait in my room then." She waited for his reassurance and when the man nodded with a serious gaze, Abi smiled at him and slightly bowed towards Ezekiel Qin when their gaze briefly met, before she climbed up the stairs.

The moment Abi was gone, the atmosphere on the ground floor became even heavier.

Ezekiel also returned to his seat.

"Zeke, give up whatever it is you're aiming for." There was a serious warning in Alex's voice and a threat in his eyes as he glared at Ezekiel. However, the man didn't say a word back. It was as if the man didn't mind the warning or the threat. He looked like whatever he was aiming for; he would go for it even if Alexander tried to stop him.

Time passed and Abigail sat in her room, waiting in front of the TV. She had already set up everything and the only thing missing was her boyfriend.

Just as she was about to text him, Alex finally arrived.

Her head snapped towards the door the moment she heard it creak open. Her face immediately beamed as if she was a little kid waiting for Santa to appear on Christmas eve.

"You're finally here!" she exclaimed as she stood.

Abi held his hand and led him towards the sofa. They both sat on the blankets she prepared on the floor and handed him his game controller.

"You know how to use this, right?" she asked and Alex lazily rested his face on his palm, looking at her.

"You think I'm stupid, huh, Little lamb?" he raised a brow and looked at her blankly.

Abigail shook her head. "No, I didn't mean it like that. It's just that… y-you don't look like the type who would play video games," she bit her lips and Alex smirked.

"So, you knew that all along and yet you still asked for this of all things…" he twitched his lips smugly while Abi's eyes wandered around.

"Well… I thought it'd be a good pastime for you," she meekly explained and then her expression brightened again, ignoring Alex's bored expression. "Don't worry, this is going to be fun," she smiled and Alex sighed before he threw back his head and cracked his head.

"Fine. Let's start now then, Little lamb."

"O-okay." Abi quickly pressed something on the remote control. She was extremely excited.

When the TV lit up, a certain childish game theme song echoed in the room and when the game showed up on the screen, Alexander fell speechless.

The game was Super Mario Bros.

Save me!

As the main page showed up on the screen, Alex looked at Abi with astonishment. This was the game she wanted to play? Why was she so excited about it?

He felt like he wanted to facepalm himself. But then, again, what the hell was he expecting with this little lamb? He couldn't believe that he was going to play something like this. Suddenly, he wanted to leave but when he looked at the excited girl beside him, he closed his eyes and leaned on the sofa, looking like he was trying to convince himself to bear with it for now.

Abigail on the other hand was very, very excited.

"Here we go. Get ready, Alex!" she exclaimed and then, the game started. Abi tried to get used to controlling her character using the buttons on the controller. She pressed each button to find out what each one did and in no time at all, she was controlling her character like a pro - well, not really, but to her, it felt like it.

Alex lazily played, with a deadpan expression. He was obviously bored.

After just five minutes of staring at the moving characters on the screen, Alexander looked like he was done. He turned towards Abigail to tell her that they were going to play for only ten more minutes but the instant he saw her face, he got a little distracted. It was because he found her expressions amusing and before he knew it, he could no longer concentrate on the game at all. He was distracted by her as he watched all the different expressions that went through her face. He could tell that she was very much enjoying herself, from the wide smiles and the bright stars in her eyes.

He watched as her little tongue adorably poked out from the corner of her mouth out when she was concentrating very hard, watched how her body tilted to the left or right depending on what direction she wanted her character to go towards and watched how her body jumped, as if she was the character itself.

"Hey, pay attention!" she ordered. He was brought back to the present and his lips curled up because of her bossy words.

"I am," he replied, still looking at her.

She didn't take her eyes off the screen because she was trying hard not to die. "Then why do you keep falling down the same hole?"

"Because it is such a pretty hole to die in…" he teased.

"W-we're not going to stop until we save the princess, okay?" she suddenly declared, causing Alex to gape at her. He knew that with her skill, there was no way they would finish the game anytime soon.

At that point, Abi fell down a hole too, despite her intense concentration and she grunted in a somewhat frustrated fashion.

"What are you doing? You actually declared to save the princess when you keep performing suicides like that?"

"T-the hole was sucking me in. It might be a black hole!" She pursed her lips like a kid who was about to cry, causing Alex to shake his head in amusement and disbelief.

"We have to save the princess, Alex, or I will feel guilty and won't be able to sleep if we can't save her," she cried without tears as she yanked Alex's arms. "The princess will haunt my dreams if we don't save her. Please, let's work together, okay?" she begged, even blinking her big eyes as she gazed at him. T-this girl…

In the end, Alexander couldn't make himself ignore her pleas and he finally gave in.

"Fine," he sighed and Abi's eyes twinkled. Alex finally concentrated on the game. He did give her his word, after all, that they would play a video game, so he should honor that promise and play properly.

Once Alex got serious, they blitz through the levels but it was already near midnight when they finally reached the last castle. Abi had started to slow down and her enthusiasm had waned a bit during the last few levels but her energy came back once they entered the final stage. Alex could tell that she was tired. He could see it in her eyes, and yet this girl didn't want to stop and insisted on saving the princess first. Alex didn't even realize that he was enjoying the game a little. Well, his amusement in seeing some small gaming quirks in her, especially her little tongue poking out cutely, made him laugh inwardly during the game.

With her tongue poking out and her controller held close to her chest, they maneuvered their way to the end. Just before they defeated Bowser, Princess Peach called out "Mario, save me!" from her cage and then in the next second, she was free!

Abi turned to Alex excitedly as she jumped in place. "We did it, Alex! We beat him! Mario saved her!"

"It was us who saved her though." Alex smugly said but Abi didn't seem to hear him.

She just looked back at the screen, put her controller down and stretched as she yawned. It seemed that dreamland was starting to call for her. "Mario, save me…" she murmured, as she rubbed her eyes sleepily, remembering Princess Peach's words.

"Alex, save me..." were the last words that came out of her lips before her body slumped down. She would have hit the ground but Alex caught her in his arms just as she was about to hit the ground.

He stared at her sleeping face in his arms for a long while before he carried her and tucked her on the bed.

Skip a beat

The next day.

The sunlight was already streaming through the curtains, landing on Abi's eyelids. She creased her brows and rolled on the bed as her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the sunshine pouring through.

She thought that she was sleeping on her bed so she raised her hand and reached out for her alarm clock. When her hand didn't feel that bedside table where she always put her alarm clock on, Abi forced her eyes open and what appeared before her was an empty space and the bedside table was still about a handspan away. 'Who moved my bedside table so far away?' she thought groggily as she lay back down on the soft bed. Then she looked up at the ceiling and said out loud, in a bewildered whisper, "this doesn't look like my room."

Abigail abruptly sat up and looked around and she was right; this was not the room she grew up in! Realization then finally dawned to her; that she was in a room inside Alexander's house. She pinched her cheeks and a soft ouch escaped her mouth. It appeared that she wasn't dreaming. That was right, this was not a dream.

Everything that happened the day before and last night flashed in her mind - the mansion, the maids and butler, the elevator and the visitors. As she remembered it all, disbelief flooded her eyes. She still found it a little hard to believe; that she was actually here doing this, finally fulfilling her wish. She lay back down on the bed with her arms spread wide and she tried to take it all in as her mind drifted back to the gaming session from last night.

She made a mental note to tick that off her wishlist as she thought back to them playing the game together in this very room. She also remembered Alexander's bored, yet amused, face as he played the game with her which caused a smile to form on her face.

The moment she thought about Alexander, she immediately sprang up and out of the bed and dashed to the bathroom to get ready for the day. When she was done, she fixed her bed before leaving her room with a huge smile on her face. She was eager to see Alexander and greet him good morning.

Abi skipped towards the large doors to his room like the happiest little kid in town. She was about to knock on his door but she hesitated.

What if he was still sleeping?

Maybe I shouldn't disturb him…

But the sun was already out!

Abi's head was tilted slightly in contemplation until she decided against knocking on the door, thinking that Alex might already be downstairs anyway. Besides, she really didn't want to get punished this early in the morning for waking him up.

She descended the large staircase and looked around but the majestic living room was empty. She walked towards the dining hall and the people who welcomed her were only the butler and the maids. They all greeted her good morning and she greeted them back.

Her eyes looked at the large, long table and her spirit became a little gloomy. It looked like she was going to eat alone again this time.

The butler was quick to notice that she was looking for someone so he immediately told her that the master had left the house early this morning with their guest, Ezekiel Qin.

As Abi ate her breakfast, her mind was full of questions about Alexander Qin. She wondered if Alexander had a job and if he did, what that was. Was he like Ezekiel Qin? Was he really an underground king like Kelly's theory?

Curious, Abi decided to ask the butler for information once she finished her meal, which she devoured quickly.

"Mr- Uhm, Charles… Does Alex work? If so, do you know what he does?" she asked him once the maids left the dining hall, but as expected, the butler didn't give anything away and simply apologized to her.

"He does work, Miss, but I'm sorry, I am not in a position to talk about the master's work." He even bowed apologetically which made Abi feel a little uncomfortable. She quickly forced a smile and stopped the old man from apologizing.

"No need to apologize. I understand, truly," she said and thankfully, the old man's expression went back to normal.

"Did Alex leave a message?" she asked again to divert the topic to something else.

Surprisingly, the butler nodded.

"Miss Lee, the master only asked me to remind you about your curfew. He said you should be back no later than twilight," he told her and Abi thanked him. This was still bugging her. Why did he give her such an early curfew? Did he think that she was a little child who was not meant to be roaming around anymore during that time?

"Miss, are you going out today?"

"Yes. I have work to do, too," she smiled and the butler told her that he would get a chauffeur to bring her to her destination.

"No, it's okay. I'll just call a taxi," she politely insisted and gladly, the butler agreed.

As the old man excused himself, Abi watched his retreating back. Abi didn't know why but she found it safer to ask and talk to older people, maybe because she was used to it with her grandparents. As she thought about her grandparents, Abi's eyes widened in shock! That's right… her grandparents! Her father! How could she forget about them?!

Abi suddenly missed them. She couldn't believe that the first person she thought about and looked for the very moment she woke up was not her family, but Alexander Qin! This was totally out of character for her. Usually, she would wake up and think about what to make for breakfast for her dad and grandparents but this morning, those thoughts weren't there at all!

Her hand slowly moved to her chest when she realized that Alexander Qin had started to occupy her thoughts… a lot! For a moment, at the thought of Alex, she felt her heart skip a beat. What was that? Was she nervous? What was this feeling?


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