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Chapter 111 Worlds apart 

After dinner, the two went up to their room to shower and change. After Abi walked out of the shower, she headed into her walk-in wardrobe and took her new pajamas out. She placed it on the bed as she smiled widely to herself.? She giggled in anticipation at Alex's reaction to it.

On the day she and Kelly had gone shopping, she had seen this in one of the shops and she just couldn't resist buying it the moment she saw it.

Abi came out of her room dressed in her new pajamas. She thought that Alex may already be waiting for her by the fireplace so she didn't bother knocking on the door to Alex's mysterious room.

She descended the grand staircase and realized that the house felt really quiet as if there was no one inside the house but her and Alex. It seemed like Kai wasn't back yet either. She tiptoed towards the fireplace, thinking to surprise Alex but he was nowhere to be found. When she arrived by the fireplace, she was the one who was surprised instead and her lips formed a big 'o'.

It seemed that Alex had got everything ready. There was a very large, thick, soft, and warm looking rug placed in front of the fire with rose petals sprinkled all over the white rug. She saw two small pillows on the rug as well as a warm looking blanket which was folded up nicely at the foot of the rug. There were also mini lit candles scattered on the floor by the fire and Abi of them like scattered stars in the sky. On one side of the fireplace, there was a small table with an array of fruits and a couple of glasses of water.

When Abi saw the soft and beautifully romantic set up, stars lit up in her eyes as she happily dove into the soft rug.

"Wow! It feels so soft!" she exclaimed as she rolled on it like an animated little lamb.

However, because the little lamb was in her own world, enjoying the bliss of running her cheeks along the ultra-soft rug and pillows, she didn't notice the presence of the stern lion who had entered the room.

Alex stopped midway into the room when he had a clear view of the rolling pin on the rug because he finally saw what she was wearing. It took him a little while to process his thoughts before the corner of his lips lifted in a sardonic smile.

"Stop rolling around, little lamb. Be careful of your leg!" Abi immediately sat up, the hood of her pajamas falling over her head and covered half her face, as if she just heard a policeman, yelling at her to freeze.

She forgot about her wound again. But could he blame her? This setting was so fluffy and warm, it was impossible not to enjoy it!

When Abi turned in his direction, Alex couldn't even fin his voice for a few seconds. This was because he finally saw the full effect of her pajamas.

"What on earth are you wearing?!" he finally managed to say.

"My new pajamas!" she said excitedly as she pushed the hood back from her head. "I saw it when I was out shopping and had to buy it. Do you like it?" she asked with wide eyes looking up at him with great expectation.

He just gaped at her. This woman actually dared to buy a little lamb onesie! He was speechless!

"Well, since you kept calling me little lamb, I figured I'd grant your wish and dress up like one," Abi reasoned out when he said nothing, but then, she froze.

It was because she finally realised that Alex was wearing a long, sexy, gray robe as he stood there, staring down at her. His hair was still a little damp and the effect was just so mesmerizing. For some reason, he gave out a strange vibe wearing those, a vibe that made Abi's heart race uncontrollably just by seeing him.

Their outfits were like, well... worlds apart.

"Alex, why are you still wearing your robe?" she asked as she blinked at him.

Her question, of course, made the man smirk sexily.

"What's wrong with me wearing a robe? Would you rather prefer if I was naked?" he asked and Abi's lips parted in disbelief. "Okay, if that's what my little lamb wants," he teased and he began to untie his robe.

"Ah, no! Don't!" she yelled as she pulled her hood over her eyes, causing Alex to chuckle. 'This little lamb… this should be the time for her to swallow as she gazes at me, dazed, watching and waiting for me to undress…' he complained in his mind.

"Sigh… you can look again, little fruit" he said and Abi slowly pushed her hood back, thinking that the man was only teasing her just then.

However, what she saw the moment she looked up again was his smooth, hard, chiseled abs. He had actually removed his robe!

Abi blushed and she hid her face with her palms but she did that only after a few seconds of being mesmerized by his perfectly sculpted upper body.

Alex let out a throaty chuckle before he covered the goods with the robe again and sat next to her.

"Okay, shall we start, little miss storyteller?" he asked. His face softened as his lips curved into a beautiful but mischievous smile and he ran the back of his hand slowly over her cheek.

Abi immediately snapped out of her daze because of the warmth from his touch. She looked at him and when she saw that he donned his robe again, she quickly switched gears and looked at him like she was already very ready.

This was it! One of her favorite wishes on her wishlist was now going to happen. Having her boyfriend read a book to her was such a dreamy experience that she could only imagine before. But now, it was really going to happen so she couldn't stop her excitement from showing.

Silently beaming in excitement, Abi then sat and positioned herself, facing him. "Should I start?" she asked and Alex tilted his head.

"Hmm… Nope, I'll go first, I think," he replied, causing Abi to blink at him in surprise. She thought that he would do this unwillingly but he actually volunteered to go first? This was a massive surprise!

Seeing the shocked surprise on her face, Alex's lips curved up in an even more mischievous but sexy smile.

He slowly moved and whispered in her ear. "Well, I'm afraid something might happen if you read my choice of book to me so first… I better start us off."

Abi frowned. "Huh? Something might happen?" she looked at him with intense curiosity.

"Hmm… I mean, you might end up exhausted after your turn that you wouldn't even get to hear my story anymore."

"Exhausted?" Abi was now confused. Storytelling sure was exhausting if you did it for a whole day but they agreed that they were just going to read a chapter each. Wait… could it be that he was going to ask her to act out the story? Or was he kidding again?

Abi shook her head. She decided not to think about his tricky words and just agree with him. After all, she was truly excited to hear him read aloud to her with that sexy voice.

"Okay, sure. Here you go then." Abi grinned brightly and then, she moved and brought out a book titled, 'The Last Shooting Star'.
112 The last chapter

Abi opened the book and gave the book to him.

"You're going to read me the last chapter," Abi told him and Alex raised a brow. 'Why the last chapter? Shouldn't it be chapter one first?'

"Do you like endings more than beginnings?" he asked as he held the book in one hand before he looked at its cover. The cover wasn't as girly as he thought. And he was surprised to see that the book was from a male's point of view. Did she consider him when she chose this book? Looks like it.

"Hmm… I wouldn't say that. I like all the parts of the book but to me, the ending part of that book is my favourite chapter."

She smiled as she stared at the book like it was a priceless treasure. Alex realized that this book seemed to be something really special to her. He wondered what kind of story this was. When she told him that she was going to ask him to read a chapter from her favourite book, Alex thought that Abi was talking about that book she was reading the other day. But it turned out he was wrong. Could it be that this was a fantasy book?

"Okay, you will start here." She moved and pointed to a paragraph on the book before she looked at him. "I want to lie on your lap again, please," she pleaded, slowly blinking at him with those big round eyes of hers.

Alex didn't say a word but he stretched out one leg silently.

Abi beamed and she immediately placed her head on his lap.

"Okay, I'm ready. Please start," she told him excitedly and Alex glanced down at her. He saw how bright her eyes were and he couldn't help but feel speechless again. Alex was always wondering why every simple little thing like this always excited her to this extent. To him, she was truly someone fascinatingly intriguing.

Resting his hand, which was holding the book, on top of his folded knee, Alex finally focused his gaze on the page she pointed to a while ago.

And then, he started reading.

""The moment I laid eyes on her, my life changed forever…"" he started. His voice as he read was somewhat different to Abi's ear. It wasn't that cold but she couldn't call it warm either. He was reading out loud as if he was reading a newspaper article on the movements of the stock market - in an emotionless monologue.

However, Abi didn't mind. His voice had always been pleasing to her ears, like a deep and soothing baritone. This was more than she had expected. She was just so incredibly happy at that moment.

""I fell in love with her, so deeply in love, that I was tormented by it. I knew we wouldn't have long together but none of those things mattered to her. All she cared about was loving me. She didn't run away when she found out that I wasn't going to be in this world in the near future. That was the extent of her love. So, I gave in and I asked her to be my wife…""

As Alex continued reading, Abi's smile slowly faded as she listened to that part of the chapter. She started to feel emotional and tears started to pool in the corners of her eyes but she fought it hard and smiled again. Even though she had read this book many times, Abi felt like this time around, it hit her so much harder. She truly loved the characters in this book, especially the male lead, Zero, a man who was a product of a certain experiment and was created to live a short life. The feeling of wanting to be with the person he loved, not thinking too much about the future and just doing the things that the heart wanted, despite the little time Zero had left, that was exactly how she felt. She didn't want to think about the future. She just wanted to just do whatever her heart wanted with the little time she had left… she just wanted to…

At that moment, a realization dawned on Abi and she suddenly clenched her fists tightly.

Alex paused and looked at her. "What? You don't like the way I read?" he asked and Abi jolted back to the present. She blinked away the tears, unclenched her fists, and looked up at him. When she saw the lines on his forehead, Abi quickly cleared her throat.

"Ahem… actually, your voice seems a little different than usual. It was so nice that I was lost in thought listening to you." She grinned and Alex glanced at the book for a while before looking at her again.

"What do you mean, different?"

"I mean, your voice sounds even more pleasing when you're reading. Now, please continue," she told him, still smiling, and Alex just stared at her for a moment before he finally returned his focus to the book.

""When I saw Hina walk down the aisle, my heart nearly stopped beating. She was so beautiful and in that moment, I couldn't wait to call her my wife, to be the man that she wanted me to be, to fill her life with so many amazing memories of our life together, no matter how short it might be.""

For some reason, Alex took a short pause.

Abi looked up at him with questions in her eyes but the man's expression remained the same. However, the look in his eyes visibly changed. For a moment, she saw his pupils dilated. Abi blinked and and frowned a little but before she could speak, Alex continued again.

""Just as my dearest Hina wished, at sunset at a secluded garden with just less than a hundred guests, our hearts and souls were merged into one. We became husband and wife.""

Alex paused again. This time, a little longer.

"Alex?" Abi called out softly and the man glanced down at her.
Chapter 113 Miracles can happen

Upon hearing Abi call his name, Alex seemed to have been pulled out from his deep thoughts. His gaze snapped towards Abi and he cleared his throat, almost as if he too was hiding something at that moment.

"I don't understand why these characters are doing this," he then told her in his normal tone and expression. "Do you?" he asked, his eyes seemed to be burning with something strange as he asked that. There was no way Abi could tell what that unfathomable gaze of his was saying so she could only think that it might be some intense interest.

"Mmm… I do… I think I do. If I try to put myself in the character's shoes, I would also do the same," she answered honestly and certainly, causing Alex to crease his brows.

"Why would you do that?" Alex's face was serious and his gaze became even deeper as he stared at her. His gaze was probing and Abi felt like he might have found her words a little suspicious. That thought scared Abi. She had thought about this possibility when she picked this book and particularly the chapter. She knew there was a risk that Alex might pick up on something but even then, she still chose this book. This book meant a lot to her and that was the reason why she put this activity on her wishlist and that particular chapter especially had an important place in her heart. She wanted to hear it from Alex's mouth because she thought that even if her wish of getting married would never be fulfilled, listening to the story of Zero's and Hina's experiences from Alex's mouth would be enough for her.

Alex didn't know how much Abi was struggling to control her emotions as she answered him. "Because… if I only had a little time left, I would want to experience life to the fullest with the person I love most in the world." She managed to keep her cool and answered him normally. "Wouldn't you? In fact, if you agree to marry me, I also will marry you no matter what," Abi replied before she suddenly looked at him with twinkling eyes as a huge grin formed on her face. "Alex, will you mar –"

The man immediately looked like a vein would soon pop on his forehead as he cut her off. "If you want me to finish this…"

Before Alex could even complete his sentence, Abi acted like she zipped her lips then threw away the key.

Seeing that the man's expression changed back to normal, Abi secretly sighed in relief. That was good. It seemed that he didn't suspect a thing.

As Alex continued reading, Abi slowly got better control of her emotions and she stayed still like a well-behaved child. She closed her eyes and her face now looked peaceful as she listened to him, imagining the story clearly in her head, imagining herself and Alex in place of the characters.

The story became even more emotional as it went on. Abi never opened her eyes again as she let herself get lost in the words of the story and Alex's voice. As Alex continued reading, she imagined the scenes in her mind and Abi felt her heart start to clench from the pain.? She felt what Hina was feeling at that moment and it was bittersweet.

""After we said our vows, we were pronounced as husband and wife. I kissed Hina softly in front of all our friends and family who bore witness to the moment I promised to give her my love and everything I have, in sickness and in health, and I'd never felt so good about anything…"" Alex trailed off.

For the third time, he took a pause. He glanced at the girl on his lap and when he saw how peaceful her face was with her eyes closed, Alex didn't know why but he placed his hand between Abi's neck and chest.

Abi felt his hand and she too lifted hers and placed it on top of his without opening her eyes.

It was then that Alex realized what he had done. He was surprised but he immediately returned his gaze towards the book and began reading. For some reason, he kind of wanted to know what would come next, which was again something surprising for him. He never cared about things like this before. It didn't even catch a tiny bit of his attention. And yet, here he was…

Before he knew it, he actually truly wanted to read until the end to see what kind of words were waiting on the last page.

""Our first dance as man and wife was certainly a memorable one, but not for the reason I would have liked. At that time, my illness was triggered and I nearly collapsed on the ground. I was glad that my best man caught me in time. I saw the worry in my bride's eyes and in that moment, my heart felt like it had been stabbed a thousand times… The thought that I would be leaving her alone in this world surfaced again.""

Once again, Alex paused for a moment after that paragraph because he felt Abi's grip on his, tighten. He glanced at her face but the girl's eyes were still closed, giving him no clues to what she was thinking.

He could see that she was acting a little strange, but knowing how innocent and pure this little lamb of his was, he thought that she might be feeling quite emotional and might even be feeling the pain of the characters. He knew that this little lamb of his was just that type of person.

""When I look back on that day, I don't think about our first dance. The first thing that comes to mind is the picture of my bride, dressed in her beautiful wedding dress with that beautiful smile on her face…""

At that moment, Alex looked like something finally dawned on him and his gaze suddenly snapped to Abi's face. There was a strange intensity in his eyes as he uttered the rest of the paragraph without averting his gaze away from her. ""That day was the most wonderful moment of my life."

Finally, he read the very last sentence. ""Every time I look at her face now, I am reminded of that beautiful line I read from her favourite book saying –""

But before Alex could state the rest of the sentence, he paused because he suddenly felt Abi's hand on his cheek. Her eyes were already open and she was smiling as she caressed his cheek, her eyes glimmering with the tears that were threatening to fall.

""I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen,*"" she continued the rest of the line as a tear fell from her eyes.

Chapter 114 Tomorrow

Alex's eyes slowly widened when he saw her suddenly tearing up as she uttered those words in what he thought was the most emotional voice he had ever heard from her.

He couldn't explain it but those words, that look in her eyes, that tear and her voice at that moment made him feel like something shattered inside him, almost as if an intense quake had just shaken his world.

Abi on the other hand, froze the moment she realized what she was doing. She finally noticed the moisture in her eyes and the tear that was making its way down her cheek.

Seeing Alex's widened eyes as he looked at her, Abi felt her heart jump and she quickly rubbed her hand across her cheek, wiping that lone tear away.

"Sorry… I don't often cry reading sad books but, this still makes me tear up, no matter how many times I have read it," Abi tried her best to act normally, making it look like she was like this just because of the story. "It's beautiful, right?" She did her best to show him a smile.

But the man remained silent. His eyes never left her face.

Abi's worry intensified when Alex didn't say a thing so she quickly helped herself up and faced him. "Okay, it's my turn now." She stretched out her hand, asking for the book that she would read to him.

However, Alex just closed the book he had just read and stared at its cover.

"So? Did that Zero die?" he suddenly asked, causing Abi to blink at him, surprised. She didn't expect him to show any interest in it.

It took her awhile before she could give him an answer. "Uhm… actually, I don't know. The author of the book didn't really confirm it. I guess she may have wanted us to fill in the blanks as we saw fit. But judging from that last line, maybe a miracle happened to him and they found a cure," she explained with a hopeful voice.

He stared at her as he put the book away.

"Well… miracles always happen in fictional worlds," he mumbled and Abi looked down. Even though he was right and she knew that well, she still felt pained. If only a miracle would happen to her too…

"Tell me, why did you choose that book for me to read?" was the next question that Alex asked and Abi immediately felt her throat run dry. She froze and was unable to look up. Did he suspect her now? 'No, that was impossible. Relax Abi, he might only be asking because he was truly curious. Don't worry, you can still deal with this!'

Fortunately, Abi managed to control herself and listened to her mind. She moved and sc,ratched her head as she slowly looked up and met his probing gaze.

"Well… I… I wanted to…" she was stammering. "Because I kind of want to show you how wonderful this story was and… how wonderful weddings are." She sped up as she glanced up at his face, apprehensively. She wanted to show him how wonderful Zero had felt to marry the person he chose to be with, and that even though life wasn't how they would have liked, they still made the decision to live it together, as husband and wife.

Alex frowned at her but the next moment, he threw his head back and stared at the ceiling, speechless.

Seeing his reaction, Abi took advantage of it and she moved with her knees closer to him. Her hands on his shoulders as she stared down at his heartbreakingly gorgeous face.

And then, suddenly, she spoke oh-so-seriously, "Alexander Qin, do you take Abigail Chen to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse?" she asked, and Alex almost choked. "Ah, I so want to hear that from the priest's lips as he weds us."

Abi cupped her hands together and blinked at the already gaping Alex.

However, she couldn't see his reaction because the man abruptly reached out, held her waist and pulled him close to him. The next second, they were lying on the fluffy rug, with Alex spooning her.

Abi was taken aback. This intimate position made her heart beat like a drum as she felt his warm body press against her.

"Uhm… Alex, isn't it my turn to read to you now? Where is your book?" she asked. She tried to move so she could see his face but the man didn't let her.

"That… we'll do it tomorrow night when you're not in this outfit of yours," he answered and Abi frowned.

"Huh? What's wrong with my outfit? You really don't like it?"

"It's not that. It's just that this fluffy outfit of yours tonight doesn't match the theme of the book you're going to read. Tomorrow, I'll be the one to choose what you'll wear."

Abi couldn't see his face so she couldn't tell what kind of expression he was showing but he didn't seem to be smirking behind her so even though she was still confused on why her outfit even mattered when all she would be doing was reading a book, she agreed anyway. "O-okay."

"Good girl," he whispered. His arm around her waist pulled her even closer to him. "Is this the kind of cuddling you're talking about? Or should we do more than this?"

Alex stared at her side profile as he asked but as expected, the girl shook her head and told him this was enough.

Silence then enveloped the large living room with both of them staring at the burning flames, as if each their thoughts were far away in outer space.

It was midnight when Alex opened his eyes again. He felt someone's presence but because he was still spooning the little white fluffy lamb, he couldn't turn around to see who it was. He slowly and carefully tried to lift his hand but to his surprise, the little lamb was actually holding on to it tightly.

Letting out a sigh, Alex silently and slowly rose without pulling his arm away from her. In the end, he sat there in an awkward position as he looked at the three guys standing there, looking at him. Two of the men were looking at him with wide surprised eyes, while one of them was expressionless.

"Ale –" One of them called out but he immediately clamped his mouth because of the sudden chilling gaze Alex threw at him as soon as he spoke.
Chapter 115 Sunrise

Moments ago, Kai, Xavier, and Ezekiel arrived at Alex's house at exactly midnight. They were expecting to see Alex sitting by the fireplace, as usual, since his little lamb would already be asleep by then.

But to their shocked surprise, Alex was indeed right there by the fireplace but… he was spooning a little white, fluffy, pin-like matter as he lay on the soft rug which had even been romantically sprinkled with rose petals. 'What the f*ck! Bloody hell!' were the first words that ran through Xavier's head and he even almost blurted it out because he was so surprised!

Xavier and Kai were staring in disbelief. They never thought that one day, they would see the great Alexander Qin in this state! What the hell happened while they were not around?! Did some evil creature possess him? But who would dare possess a demon like him?!

They were rooted to the floor with nothing but disbelief in their eyes.

When they saw him move, their shock elevated because Alex was acting strange again. He was moving so damn slow and it seemed like he was having trouble trying to pull his hand away from that white fluffy pin… or… wait… was that a lamb?

Xavier couldn't take it anymore and called out Alex's name, however, what he got was a cold, sharp glare. What the hell did he do?!

It was then that the fluffy white thing suddenly moved. When it turned and hugged Alex's hand, they finally saw it was a human and it was none other than his little lamb!

Xavier wanted to slap his forehead. What the hell! Did Alex make her wear a little lamb's costume?!

Seeing that they just interrupted their intimate moment, the three guys slowly dispersed, with Ezekiel being the first to leave and go to his room.

The next day, Abi woke up in her room. Her eyes slowly fluttered open as the events from last night drifted into her consciousness and a big smile formed on her face. She was so happy and the first thing she did was to pick her notebook and cross out the two wishes that were fulfilled last night.

But then, in the next moment, she freaked out. Wait… what time was it now?! Alex was supposed to fulfill her other wishes today!

As Abi frantically crawled out of the bed, she was startled when she saw Alex leaning against the door frame. He was like a perfect tall and lean statue standing there with folded arms.

"Good morning, Alex!" she greeted him and as always, he didn't greet her back.

He instead walked towards her and then he single handedly lifted her up, princess style, onesie and all.

"Alex… c-can I go watch my face first?" she asked him and the man paused. He looked at her face and raised a brow.

"Don't bother. That hardened drool on your face looks cute," he said and then he started walking again as Abi gaped at him in disbelief. She quickly rubbed her face but there was no trace of drool on her face at all.

"Alex, you, liar! I don't have any drool on my face!" she argued but the man just smirked at her.

"Mn, I lied, little fruit." He smirked at her.

Abi couldn't help but rub her face again. "Is it gone?" she asked, embarrassed, and the man chuckled. There was actually no drool on her face but because she felt embarrassed, she believed the lie and this man wasn't going to let a good opportunity go to waste.

"So, you believe me even though you said I'm a liar. What a silly, little fruit," he told her but what he did next was lift her up even higher so he could whisper in her ear.

"Want me to help you with it?"

Abi could only nod and she raised her face up to him so that he would be able to reach it. But when she thought about it, his hands were full so how...

Before she finished the thought, the man suddenly licked the corner of her lips down to her chin. Abi jolted and her face burned red.

"Done," he simply said and Abi scolded at him.

"What are you doing?!"

"Helping you."

"What kind of help is that?"

"The kind of help that good boyfriends give to their girlfriends." He sexily smiled and Abi could only bury her face on her palm. "You should be thanking me, little lamb."

Abi was about to retort but the man finally put her down. Abi removed her hand from her face and was surprised to see that they were already standing on the mansion's grandest and highest veranda. Abi had never been on this particular verandah before because the large doors were always closed.

However, she almost freaked out because the man actually made her sit on top of the railing, with her feet dangling on air.

Abi would've been frantically clinging on to him but she immediately felt his strong arms wrap around her waist, securing her. Just with that, her fear immediately subsided because to her, his arms were the most secure rope that could ever hold her.

"Alex… what are we doing he –" Abi couldn't continue her questions because at that very moment, sunlight started to peek over the horizon, painting the gray sky with breathtaking colors.

Abi finally realized that her first request last night was for both of them to watch the sunrise and the sunset. So this was it. This was again more than what she expected. Because Alex's mansion was on top of a small hill and this grand veranda was facing East, they had indeed the perfect view of the sunrise. She never thought that the sunrise would be so breathtakingly spectacular from there.

"Wow!" was the first word that left Abi's mouth as she watched the horizon. "It's so beautiful, Ale, ," she mumbled as her grip on him tightened a little. "I think this is the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen with my own two eyes."

Abi was certain that this sunrise was the most beautiful one she had ever seen, simply because she was watching it with him.

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