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Chapter 116 Higher

After their meal that morning, Abi was surprised to hear a helicopter land on the mansion's backyard. She didn't know why but the first thing she thought was that there was an emergency and someone came to fetch Alex.

Her heart, which was filled with excitement, somehow started to feel a little sad and disappointed,? disappointed that their plan for the day might not happen again. Before she knew it, she was silently praying and hoping that Alex would not leave again.

When she saw that Alex was heading to the backdoor, Abi couldn't stop herself from chasing him.

She suddenly clung on his arm as he opened the back door, causing Alex to halt and look at her.

"Uhm… Alex… I… y-you're not leaving again, right?" she asked, looking both worried and downhearted. Gone was the beaming light that shone on her face since sunrise.

Seeing his face, Alex immediately realized what she was thinking but he couldn't blame her since he already left her twice in just the few days that they were together.

The man's lips curved up and then, he held her hand.

"Come," he said and he led her out.

Once Abi saw the helicopter, she was suddenly thrilled. She had always thought that helicopters, especially the military choppers, were incredibly cool.

"Stay here," Alex told her before he let go of her hand and headed to the helicopter. Abi watched him as he ducked slightly towards it.

He talked to the man who was dressed in an aviation uniform so she correctly guessed that he was the pilot. She saw the pilot climb down while he conversed with Alex.

Seeing that no one else other than the pilot was inside the helicopter, Abi gasped at her next thought. Could it be that they were going to ride in that?! Whoah!

Abi's hands flew to her mouth.

"Don't worry, Miss Abigail, that ride is very safe, I assure you," someone spoke and Abi finally realized that Xavier was standing right beside her. He was smiling and his pleasant face almost seemed to be shining.

"You mean, Alex and I will really ride in that?" she asked, pointing at the idling helicopter.

"Oh… Alex didn't tell you yet?" Xavier's eyes widened. 'Oh no, what have I done!'

Thinking that he had spoiled Alex's surprise, Xavier scolded himself. 'Oh gosh, I need to run away now or Alex might kill me!'

"Haha, uhm, I think Alex is calling you to go over there," he suddenly said, forcing a laugh and Abi's head snapped towards Alex. Xavier actually just said that to divert her attention from him so he could escape.

But little did he know that the little lamb immediately believed what he said and she started running towards Alex, smiling widely.

By the time Alex and the pilot's talk was over, he turned and saw Abi already approaching. Her downhearted look just a while ago was gone. She was beaming at him like a super excited child and her long hair danced behind her as she ran.

The moment she reached him, she held his hands as she gazed up at him.

"Alex, we're going to ride in this, right?" her eyes were sparkling so brightly that before Alex knew it, he nodded at her. He actually missed the opportunity to tease her first before spilling the surprise!

As soon as Alex confirmed it, Abi suddenly hugged him in excitement before she let go of him and turned her attention towards the helicopter.

"Wow! So cool!" she gushed as she jumped up and down like an excited little kid about to go on their first ever ride at an amusement park. When she finally stopped jumping, she leaned in through the door and took a peek inside it.

Alex's lips curved up, seeing her excited reaction. Her reaction made him think that this might actually be his little fruity lamb's first helicopter ride.

"Okay, get in, Abigail," he said and the girl immediately climbed onto the passenger seat. Alex then followed and Abi was surprised when he sat on the pilot's seat.

"You're the pilot?" her big eyes turned round.

"What, does that scare you?" he smirked as he started pushing buttons and flicking switches on the dash in front of him. His movements were very precise and decisive, indicating that he had done this many times before.

"No, I'm not scared. I'm just surprised. I didn't know you're a pilot, too!"

Alex just smiled again. He already knew that this little lamb was a daredevil so he thought that this wouldn't scare her and he was absolutely right. In fact, compared to the speed he was going during that car ride with her in the passenger seat, this was going to be like a walk in the park.

As soon as they soared in the sky, not a tinge of fear appeared on her face. She was purely thrilled and awed.


They landed on a picturesque, secluded, white beach. Abi was all smiles as she looked at Alex.

"That was awesome, Alex!" she told him. "Can I pilot it when we go back?" she cupped her hands as she blinked with puppy eyes.

"Sure." For some reason, Alex had been expecting this little lamb of his to ask to fly the helicopter.

"You will teach me?!"

"Nope. Why would I waste time teaching you how to fly when I have a lot of other things I want to teach you? Huh? Abigail?"

"You have a lot of things you want to teach me? Like what?" Abi frowned in curiosity and excitement, thinking of all the different possibilities. But Alex just smiled at her mischievously before he leaned in on her and whispered in his ear.

"You will find out tonight, little fruit. I will teach you something more interesting. Don't worry, I'll make sure that you will reach the sky, much higher than the height that this helicopter flew up to."

Abi blinked, a little confused. How would she fly higher than the helicopter? Was he going to teach her how to fly a jet plane?! She was about to ask again when the sound of an animal pulled her attention. When she turned towards the direction that the sound came from, she saw a beautiful horse, lightly tied next to a coconut tree.

Chapter 117 That lonesome look

Abi gasped. She was stupefied. She had never seen a horse as beautiful as this one in real life. The horse was pure midnight black, which somehow reminded Abi of Alex. It had an athletic frame, deep sloping shoulders, powerful muscling over the hips and thighs and long clean legs with pronounced tendons. It seemed to be well bred as it waited there patiently, looking majestic and proud, with its silky mane dancing softly in the ocean breeze.

"I-is that our horse?" her eyes were round as she asked him.

When the man nodded, Abi was about to rush towards it but Alex quickly caught her arm, stopping her.

"Don't rush towards it like that, you little fruit!" he scolded her. "You need to be careful. Don't make sudden movements because that might put you in a dangerous situation since he's not familiar with you yet."

But Abi was unfazed. "It's okay, Alex. He will like me." She smiled firmly at him but the man still refused to let her go.

"Don't be stubborn or I won't let you ride it," he threatened and Abi could only purse her lips. Alex then led her towards it and they approached the horse together, with Alex standing in front of Abi in a? protective stance.

Alex reached out and grabbed the reins with his left hand while his right hand rubbed the horse's neck to calm it down - not that it wasn't already calm. He then looked back at Abi and nodded at her, indicating that she could now come closer and say hello to the horse.

Abi's eyes were shining as she reached out her hand to touch it. The horse's hair was so smooth and silky that Abi couldn't help but want to run her fingers through it.

Before she knew it, she was already caressing the horse's face, without any hint of fear at all. It seemed that the animal really did like her.

"Abigail, did you come here for a horseback ride or what?"

Abi's attention was finally pulled away from the handsome horse back to her handsome companion. She lifted her face and she finally realized that Alex was already sitting on the saddle, riding the horse and holding the reins, looking like a majestic king.

There were lines on his forehead as he glared at her. He seemed displeased, as if he couldn't accept that a horse actually pulled his little fruit's attention away from him completely.

But Abi didn't notice his expression because she was mesmerized by the sight of him. Alex, sitting on top of a handsome horse, was definitely a sight to behold. His long black coat and dark hair plus the perfect and cool black stallion was just so picturesque she thought she was looking at a magazine cover.

Seeing her gaping at him, the lines on Alex's forehead slowly disappeared. He smirked and even ran his fingers through his hair, as if he was posing for some photoshoot. His movements and gaze made Abi's heart beat in a frantic tempo. This man was unknowingly playing with her heart!

Gladly, Abi was able to snap out of her daze. She reached out and tried to climb up on her own but her legs were too short. The stallion was so tall that she couldn't get her foot in the stirrups to get leverage.

"Alex," she gazed up, her lips curving down and the man, who just sat there enjoying his little lamb's struggles, finally bent down and then, in one swoop, Abi was easily placed in front of him, sitting on her side on the saddle.

"Uhm… Alex, I want to sit like you –"

"No. Your leg Abigail," He reminded her and Abi could only purse her lips again.

"Let me hold the reins, then," she requested and this time, Alex didn't say no.

"Thank you."

She happily grabbed it but Alex placed his hands on top of hers, as if he was about to teach her how to lead a horse.

Alex loosened the reins and then, the horse started to walk. Abi was all smiles as they started on their journey. Along the way, she tried to direct the horse using the reins so the horse would go towards the direction she wanted and with only a little help from Alex, she managed to do it. She was so ecstatic!

"This is so nice, Alex!" she said as she chuckled happily in both thrill and excitement.

The girl was enjoying every moment, occasionally turning to look at Alex as she spoke to him.

Alex, on the other hand, didn't try to interrupt her joyful moment. Well, he did have the urge to do so a while ago, but the little fruit was too happy that his teasing didn't really work on her. She even smiled happily at him instead and started talking about the horse.

As the horse slowly walked near the waves that were kissing the shore, Alex just remained silent, listening to her.

The picture of the couple riding the horse was such a romantic view. This was another experience that Abi would never ever forget. Happiness just kept flowing in her veins every time she was with him and she couldn't stop smiling. She knew that she would never have been this happy without him. She wished that this peaceful and joyful moment with him would never end, even though she knew it would… soon.

"Alex, thank you," Abi uttered. She knew that these words would never be enough to thank him or to describe the feeling of gratitude that she felt in her heart for everything that he had done for her. But even though she knew it, she still wanted to say it to show him that she didn't take these things for granted and that she loved every moment of it.

Abi turned to look at Alex when the man didn't make a sound at all. She was surprised to see that Alex seemed to be spacing out, lost in his own thoughts as he stared at the small waves crashing on the shore.

This was the first time she saw him like this. Alex, spacing out, was an absolutely unexpected sight. She never even thought that Alex could actually space out like a normal man! For some reason, his face seemed peaceful – the most serene expression he had ever shown her.

The sight of him like this made Abi gape at him. The serenity he was exuding was just indescribable.

At that moment, he was like a breathtaking painting.

But Abi couldn't make herself just sit there and admire his immaculate features. It was because for some strange, unknown reason, her heart was clenching in pain from watching him. Was it because he looked so distant and lonely? Why did he look like he was all alone in this world?

Abi thought her observation might be completely wrong and that she was just imagining what she was seeing but her heart was telling her something else…

Subconsciously, Abi moved and she lightly kissed his lips. Once she pulled away, Alex was looking at her with slightly widened eyes, but in the next second, his expression completely shifted and his lips curved up.

The serenity in his eyes had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.

"I can't believe my little fruit has learned how to steal kisses now," he said in his normal voice but the expression in his eyes was teasing. Abi remained quiet as she stared at him.

"You were… spacing out. What's wrong?" she asked, her voice hesitant.

Alex stared back at her, but then he tilted his head. "I am thinking about the things I am going to do with you tonight, Abigail," he replied, sexily. He was acting absolutely normally that Abi couldn't see anything unusual at all. "What? You're already bored? Well then, I think it's time for us to go," he added as he looked at his watch.

He then held the reins and pulled the horse to go back.

As they rode back towards the helicopter, Abi was now the one who fell silent. She just couldn't forget it; that lonesome look on Alex's face.
Chapter 118 Double

Alex jumped off with a small thud on the ground before he stretched out his arms and helped his little fruit on the ground.

She saw that someone was making their way over to them and when the man reached out to take the rein to pull the horse away, Abi suddenly held onto the horse's neck, as if she didn't want to be parted from it.

When she realized what she just did, she cleared her throat, a little embarrassed. This horse was not hers…

"Uhm… Alex… where are they taking him?" she then asked but Alex, who watched her reaction with some amusement, decided to tease her again.

"I don't know. They might be going to sell him or bring him to the? slaughterhouse–"

"No!" Abi suddenly yelled and she grabbed the reins from that man who just came. She pulled the horse towards the helicopter as if she was planning to squeeze him inside the small area and bring him home. "If you are selling him… I will buy him off you!" she exclaimed as she gripped the horse's rein hard as if she wasn't planning on letting him go.

"Abigail, that's an Arabian thoroughbred. I think it sells for about 100,000 dollars," Alex said and as expected, the little fruit froze.

The next second, Abi walked towards Alex and looked up at him with sad, puppy dog eyes. "Alex… can you find someone you know to buy him? Someone who is nice, please?" she pleaded and Alex raised a brow.

"What, why do I need to find someone else? Why aren't you asking me to buy him?" he asked leaning down.

"Would you?!" Abi almost jumped.

"Well, why don't you convince me?" he leaned back on the helicopter, crossing his arm as he looks at her. "Why should I buy it?"

"Uhm… Alex... Can't you see how amazing this beautiful creature is?!"

"I have many horses in Country V, Abigail."

"But this one is extraordinary. He's the most gorgeous horse I have ever seen. And… and… the nicest too. He's so sweet and well-behaved!"

"That's because he's old, Abigail."

Abi pressed her lips tight. How should she convince him?

"Look at his shiny coat and perfect disposition... Even his tail is super gorgeous!"

As Abi continued, Alex was busy enjoying the sight of her doing her best to think of a good enough reason. He was so enjoying it that he kept on acting hard to get until the girl suddenly stepped closer to him, so close that their bodies were almost touching.

"Alex, please buy him," she cupped her hands and pleaded but the man didn't budge.

"You really don't want to?" she looked like a drenched little puppy. Alex had had enough of teasing her and was about to give in when the little lamb suddenly looked like a lightbulb just lit up above her head!

"Ah, I know! I'll ask Ezekiel Qin to buy it!" she suddenly exclaimed, causing Alex's face to immediately harden. "I saw his interview before and he mentioned he liked horses and he said he would buy any horse that catches his attention!"

The smirk on Alex's lips was long gone the moment she mentioned Zeke's name.

"Zeke will never buy an old horse, Abigail," he strongly discouraged her.

"I think he will. He will definitely like this horse!"

"I told you, he won't buy it!"

"He will, Alex, if he saw how gorgeous the horse is. He will definitely buy it. I'm sure of it."

"How can you be so sure that he will like it?" Alex's voice became a little louder.

"Because I saw some of his horses in the magazines. He has a range of them and he seems to like gorgeous horses regardless of their age," Abi argued and Alex felt his veins popping.

"Just because of that?!"

"Well, Mr. Qin is a tycoon. 100,000 dollars is nothing to him. I saw that he even spends millions over one thing he wants…"

And then, the ever so calm Alexander finally lost it.

He looked at the man silently watching them and he spoke loudly, making Abi stop talking.

"I'll buy that horse for 200,000 dollars. Here's my business card. I'll send someone over to pay and get the horse," he said, and the man and Abi looked at him in disbelief.

What did he just say? 200,000 dollars?!

Before Abi could speak, Alex took the rein from Abi's hands and gave it back to the man before he walked around and climbed into the cockpit.

Abi was speechless. What just happened?

She looked at the man and he happily nodded at her before he pulled the horse away.

"Hop in now, little fruit. Or I'll leave you here," he told her, and Abi finally snapped out of her daze. She frantically climbed in as Alex started the helicopter.

Abi was still staring at him, trying to figure out what just happened.

Alex glanced at her and he moved and put on her harness.

And then, in no time at all, they were soaring in the sky.

"Alex, why did you buy it for double the amount –"

"Because I felt like it."

". . ."

Abi blinked. Could it be that he didn't like it when she said that Ezekiel Qin wouldn't mind spending 100,000 to buy it? Or, maybe he just gave in to her?

Abi continued thinking about why Alex did that and more questions arose. Why did he need to pay it twice the amount?

Now that she thought about it, wasn't that the first time they actually exchanged words like that as if they were arguing? Whoah!


In the end, Abi gave up thinking about it and she just felt glad that someone else didn't buy it. She would feel devastated if they hurt the horse that she and Alex rode together for the first time.

"Thank you, Alex." She smiled brightly at him and the man just threw her a quick glance.

"I'm gonna punish you tonight, Abigail," he mumbled to himself.

"Hmm? Did you say something?" she asked but Alex just sexily bit his lip hard.

Chapter 119 Haunted

Once the couple arrived at their next destination, Abi was once again utterly surprised. What surprised Abi wasn't the fact that the helicopter landed in the middle of a large amusement park, she was shocked that the place looked deserted.

She could still see few staff wearing their uniform but it looked like no guests were inside, except the two of them. The park was obviously closed to the public.

Abi already deduced that this was Alex's doing. She didn't expect this at all. She didn't even want to think just how much money this man might have spent by now just to fulfill her requests. And this was just her third request for today!

As she thought about it, Abi couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. He always exceeded her highest expectations with everything that Abi sometimes wondered if she was asking for too much.

"Little fruit, are you just going to stand there?" Alex asked, looking back at her. "Come," he then added, pulling his hand from his pocket and stretched it out for her to hold.

Abi stared at his elegantly long hand before she took it. The two then walked hand in hand in the middle of an empty street towards a large castle.

But before they reached the large castle, which was where she thought they were going, Alex, instead, led her towards another path.

"We're here," he said as they stood before a small eerie-looking castle. The words, 'HAUNTED HOUSE' were written with what looked like blood, on a piece of wood hanging above the entrance. "I really don't know why you want to go to a haunted house. If you want to get scared, you should just ask me and I'll scare you myself," he smirked evilly at her, even unleashing his chilling aura as he caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. Somehow, Abi got what he meant. Even the ghosts might be scared of this man if he raged. But not her.

"I don't think that would work. I'll just run towards you for shelter even if you're the one trying to scare me," she replied as if she was stating a fact and Alex was speechless. How could he forget that this little lamb had never run away from him, and even approached him instead, every single time when she was supposed to be scared?

Letting out a quiet sigh, Alex then pulled her hand and they entered the house.

As they entered the dark alley, Abi began to cling onto him.

It was quiet inside.

"Alex… this seems strange. I think no one is here. Maybe because the park is closed?" Abi said as she looked around while Alex simply shrugged.

However, in the next moment, something fell like raindrops on the floor right in front of them. When Abi looked up, a bloody body fell on the floor, covering the drops of blood that fell down.

Abi jolted in fear and she jumped behind Alex, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Nice. This stuff looked pretty realistic," Alex just raised a brow.

After that appetizer, the two ventured further inside. It didn't seem like the little lamb was a scaredy-cat. She often jolted but she never screamed in fear like he was expecting.

But once they were about to reach the exit, something unexpected happened. Abi let go of Alex because she thought that the adventure was over. She ran ahead of him, excited to see the outside world when suddenly, the alley where she ran to, that she thought was the exit, suddenly closed behind her, separating her from Alex.

Abi's eyes widened when she couldn't see Alex anymore.

"Alex!!" she called out and then, a cold hand grabbed her from behind.

Abi slowly turned and what she saw made her scream.

"Let go!!" she yelled but as she struggled, cold hands also grabbed her feet and her hands. Abi was terrified. She tried to muster her strength to escape but this was too much. It felt so real and Abi's fear was starting to get the better of her. "Stop!! Let go! Don't pull me!! Stop pulling!" she screamed as the creepy hands started to pull her backwards. "Alex!!!"

At that moment, a loud thud made everything halt. The door that separated her from Alex fell on the floor. It was completely broken.

The hands that were pulling Abi also halted as if they got frozen.

When Abi saw Alex, she immediately tried to pull herself away from the hands but then, the hands started pulling her again.

"Ah! Alex! Help me!" Abi could only plead.

The next second, Alex was right before her, holding her waist as he pulled her to him. His eyes blazed with coldness so intense that the owner of the hands grabbing at Abi felt like they were frostbitten.

"Punks. Let go of her if you don't want to die," he threatened them, and just like that, the ghosts crawled away. The ghost staff couldn't believe that they had encountered a real demon inside the haunted house. What the hell! They thought they would receive high praise for their job well done making the girl finally scream but they actually received a chilling threat instead?! That was the first time a customer as scary as him ever visited this haunted house since it was created.

They looked at the door he broke and they all gaped at each other in both wonder and fear. Who the hell was that man?!

"Did they hurt you?" Alex asked once Abi calmed down.

When Abigail shook her head, the man bent and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"So, you were just screaming like that because you were scared?" When the girl nodded again, Alex slowly shook his head. "I can't believe that you were actually scared. Are you the same person who survived that dungeon alone?!"

"T-there were no ghosts in there," she reasoned out as they both finally stepped out through the exit.

"You know that those ghosts here are fake. In that dungeon, there were lots of bones and skulls where you crawled. In fact, the stones you said you threw were probably human bones, Abigail, and yet, you're scared for these fake…" Alex trailed off because Abi's eyes began to dilate and her hands even slightly trembled.

"Hu-human bones?" she mumbled as she looked at her hand. She was suddenly terrified about the idea that these hands of hers had touched dead people's skulls and bones.

Seeing her expression, Alex cursed himself for reminding her of that experience. He himself entered that dungeon so he knew what it was like inside. That was absolutely the most awful place she had ever seen and he should have thought about saying anything about it. Someone like her wouldn't ever want to remember that again.

"Tsk… I'm just kidding," he ruffled her hair and Abi looked up. When she saw that the man was grinning mischievously, she let out a sigh of relief. Who wouldn't be scared of touching or grabbing human body parts that belonged to the dead? Just the thought of it was terrifying.

"Y-you're so mean!" she told him as her fear slowly subsided. She was sure that if what Alex said was true, that might haunt her to sleep so she was truly glad it was a joke.

"Now then, let's move on," he looked around and he was about to move when Abi stopped him.

"Alex, let's take a selfie."

She said and before Alex could even say anything, she jumped onto him, quickly wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him down.

And then, snap. Abi was smiling but because of her sudden movement, Alex ended up looking at her instead, with the haunted house as their background.

Their first picture together was such a cute shot.
Chapter 120 Ride
The reason why Alex chose this particular theme park was because in here, he could fulfill Abi's requests in one day without travelling to different places. The park even had a huge jungle-like zoo inside so it was the perfect choice.

Abi didn't waste a moment to enjoy roaming around, being fascinated by the countless numbers of animals that she was seeing while Alex just looked like a husband accompanying his wife to the shopping mall. He was casually following her, almost like a gorgeous robot, just tailing her, watching her every expression, and looking like he wasn't pleased that these animals could actually fascinate his little fruit to no end and even make her so happy.

"Alex, come. Can you help me feed the giraffe? I can't reach it." Abi began pulling him as she pointed at the towering giraffe through the fence.

The fence was high in that area because they didn't allow animal feeding in this park. It just so happened that a staff member was on its way to feed the giraffe and Abi happened to see her. The cheerful, hopeful girl spoke with the staff member and because the staff member wasn't allowed let her go inside the fence to feed the giraffe, for her safety, she gave Abi lettuce to feed them across the fence. The nice lady also offered to go and get her a stick for her to use to feed them.

When the staff member was gone, it was then that Abi saw her boyfriend, leisurely leaning on a pillar with his hands in his pockets, surrounded by a calm noble aura. He didn't seem to be fed up, just bored, so Abi determinedly pulled him to help her.

"Abigail, are you going to ask me to take this one home, too?" he asked as he lazily looked up and stared at the giraffe.

"No, no, no." Abi frantically waved her hands. "I can't make you spend any more than what you've already spent for me," she added and Alex's gaze hardened. It appeared that he didn't like what she said.

"Listen, little fruit," he uttered as he pinched her chin lightly. "I'll spend what I want. You don't have a say on that. So don't ever mind the measly amount of money. Got it?"

'Measly amount...' Abi echoed in her mind. But before she could ponder on it, his strong arms suddenly held her waist and lifted her up.

Abi stretched her hand out and began feeding the animal. However, Alex realized that the position was uncomfortable for her, so he put her down before the animal could even eat the lettuce in her hand.

Abi was about to ask what was wrong when Alex knelt like an esteemed knight in front of her.

"Sit on my shoulders. Be careful of your leg," he ordered but Abi didn't move. She was surprised. She couldn't believe that Alex would let her ride on his shoulders. "I'll give you three seconds. One, two…"

Before she knew it, she immediately obeyed and was already sitting on the man's shoulders.

"Your hand," he said and once he held her left hand, and secured her, he stood up.

Abi gushed in surprise. She suddenly felt like she was on top of the world. Alex was very tall and he lifted her like she was made of paper. She didn't even need to stretch her arms anymore because she could now touch the giraffe's head.

Thrilled and excited with this unexpected twist, Abi happily fed the giraffe. She was chuckling and enjoying the moment more than ever. She couldn't put into words how nice she was feeling, being carried by Alex this way.

She touched the giraffe and chuckled at how cute it was.

Once she was done, Alex knelt but Abi didn't climb down. She instead held onto Alex head, smiling widely.

"Alex, can you carry me like this for a little longer?" she requested playfully. She wanted the experience to last longer but she was afraid she was asking him too much so she said it in a way that it was fine for him to decline.

But then, surprisingly, the man just stood up, carrying her like that as he walked towards their next destination without any complain.

Abi was overjoyed. She felt like she was the happiest girl alive at that moment.

When they were finally out of the jungle, Abi asked him to put her down, thinking that she can't possibly make him carry her all the way.

"Are you sure? I'm not going to carry you again once I put you down."

"But… are your shoulders okay? I'm pretty heavy so it might be getting strained."

"Heavy…" he chuckled wickedly. "I feel like I'm carrying a small basket of fruit. Seriously Abigail, where did you put the food you have eaten? You're too light."

"I… I don't think so. I think you're just too strong!" she argued but in the next second, she smiled. "Fine… carry me until we get over there. Let's go Alex!" she yelled happily, even stretching her hand forward like she was superman.

Finally, it was time for Abi to climb down. She had rested her legs enough, thanks to Alex offering himself to be her ride.

"That was great!" Abi grinned at him. Her eyes twinkling like a clear blue lake reflecting the sun. "I would really, really love it if you let me ride you again next time," she added happily.

But the man, who didn't even sweat from carrying her, just smirked naughtily. He leaned in on her and whispered in her ear. "Don't worry little fruit, once you ripen enough, I will let you ride me anytime you want."

"Really?!" she was surprised. But then, seeing that wickedly sexy smirk and that mischievous look in his eyes, Abi felt like he was tricking her again.

"Wait and see, little fruit." He leaned back and then he pulled her inside the arcade house.


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