Married to the Devil's Son Volume 2 Chapter 31 - 40 Full Free Reading



Half demon half witch, that's what he was according to Roshan. But his father was neither witch nor demon, then maybe...he wasn't his father at all.
Then who was?
The devil?
What if the rumors about him were true after all? It could be possible. If demons existed and he was one then everything else could be possible as well.
"You said different kind of demons, what did you mean?"
"Different rank. Demons are either created, turned or born. Those created are the first demons and highest in rank. Those demons offsprings are the born ones and next in rank and the turned ones are lowest in rank. There are other ranks in between but it's a long story." He explained.
"I want to know." Lucian said.
Roshan sighed. "Alright, very short. If you are born your rank depends on if both your parents are created, only one of them, or none. If both are created then you are in a higher rank. If you are turned, your rank depends on who turned you. The more powerful the demon who turned you is the higher rank you are."
"Which rank are you?"
"I am a born demon and both my parents are created."
He was very high in rank. Lucian could actually feel the power that emanated from him.
"And the devil?"
Roshan came to a halt. "What about him?"
"Does he exist?"
"He does indeed."
"Do you know him?"
Roshan paused for a moment then spoke. "Yes."
"I want to meet him."
Irene, Klara and I were back home after helping all the soldiers and providing them with food. The moment I saw them, looking like they did, I really wanted Lucian to punish his brother in the worst way. He didn't deserve mercy after all the inhuman things he did to all of them.
"Don't be sad. Think positively. At least they are alive." Irene said trying to cheer me up.
"Irene, I really want to punish him." I said unable to control my anger.
"Don't worry. He will get what he deserves. I'll make sure of it now that the curse is broken."
Right. I almost forgot about the curse.
"How did it break?" I asked.
"I am not sure. I had always been able to watch Lucian with the help of some magic but one day I just couldn't see him. I instantly knew something was wrong and just then Lothaire appeared and I could see it on his face. I could see that the thing I dreaded the most had happened. My son had died."
"But he is alive." I said.
Irene nodded. "He died but he came back to life and when he did he changed. That's why I couldn't watch him anymore and that's why I truly believed that he was dead."
"Can demons come back to life?"
"Actually they cannot, but they are very difficult to kill. I guess its because he is a demon and a witch. He has the entity of both which means, when one dies the other one saves." She explained.
"How do you know this?"
"I am only guessing. It happened to me after all. I died and came back. It's a long story." She said when she saw the confused look on my face.
"Irene? Lothaire told me the curse would kill you if you tried to save Lucian..."
"You think I value my life more than my sons happiness and safety?" She cut me off looking hurt.
"I didn't mean…"
"Yes you did. I know what you think before you even think it."
"Alright, I did. Lucian suffered so much and I just don't understand that you as his mother did nothing because you could die." Now I was mad.
"Yes I could die if I helped him but that's not why I didn't. It's because he could die. My mother knew that if only for a moment I could hold my son I would not regretting dying. Therefore she made the curse a bit more complex. If I ever met Lucian he would die and that was my punishment and if Lothaire ever met Lucian I would die and that was Lothaires punishment. I had several times forced Lothaire to help Lucian but he refused because…" She had a hard time finishing her sentence because she had been crying while speaking.
"Because you almost died. He told me. I am sorry Irene. I shouldn't have said something I knew nothing about."
"Do you know what it feels like have your baby taken away from you right after you give birth to him? Do you know what it feels like to see him grow alone, to see him hungry and not be able to feed him, to see him cry and not be able to hug him, to see him get hurt and not...and not be able to protect him. I am sure you don't. There is no worse torture than that." Her tears ran down her face like rivers. "I'll pay back all those who hurt him. I will."
I felt so guilty for hurting her like this. "I am sorry."
"Don't be. You are not the one to be sorry. The ones who hurt him on the other hand will be very sorry." She stood up and wiped her tears away. "I have something to show you, follow me."
I followed her silently and she took me to what seemed like a bas.e.m.e.nt. It was dark but with the snap of her finger the room lit up. Somewhere in the back of the bas.e.m.e.nt a man was chained to the walls, his body covered with bruises and burn marks. His head hung as if he didn't have the strength to hold it up.
"Do you know him?" Irene asked grabbing his hair and turning his head up so that I could see his face.
It was Luke. The one who betrayed us. He opened his eyes trying to look and when he saw me his eyes widened.
"Yo..your highness. Pp...please save me. I...I.." He could barely talk and seemed to be hurting a lot. "I didn't mean to betray you. Please your highness, I'll do whatever you want." He begged.
Irene looked at me as if letting me decided what I wanted to do with him. "It's too late to do something now." I said remembering what happened to Lucian in that dark well. I could just not forgive him.
"I guess no one will save you." Irene said letting go of his head. "Come Hazel."
"Please your highness. Save me." He yelled as Irene and I left him behind in the cold and dark bas.e.m.e.nt.
"Don't worry. You won't be alone. I'll make sure to send the devil." Irene called before closing the door.
After we took a few steps I heard the most agonizing scream.
"He is getting what he deserves." Irene said simply. "I would have brought Pierre here but I am sure Lucian wants to punish his brother himself. I didn't want to take that away from him."
I nodded understanding what she meant. We stopped in front of the guest room where I sleep. It was late but I wasn't sleepy at all.
"Should I serve you my special tea then?" She asked.
Suddenly it hit me. Irene, my maid at first, then my friend and now my mother in law and I was still speaking casually with her and even letting her serve me tea. Oh no.
Irene smiled. "It's alright my dear. I like that we speak casually and remain friends. I hope you don't start treating me differently."
How could it be alright? I even talked to her about my problems with Lucian and she teached me how to...seduce him. Good lord. How embarrassing.
Now Irene laughed. "You worry too much. I am not only your husband's mother I am your friend as well."
I felt my cheeks burn. It would take a while to get used to the idea that my mother in law was my friend as well.
"Go inside I'll bring some tea." She said opening the door and giving me a slight push before leaving.
I walked inside and found a nightgown on my bed. Irene had everything ready for me as always. I slid into the gown and began to untangle my braided hair when Irene came back. As always her tea smelled wonderful as she put the tray on the table.
"Let me help you." She said grabbing a brush from the dresser then standing behind me.
"It's alright. I can do it myself."
"It's not the first time I am brushing your hair besides I like doing it so don't worry." She smiled. "When I was pregnant even though everyone expected me to give birth to a boy I wanted a girl. I just loved the idea of dressing her up, brushing her hair, talking to her about female things but most of all I wanted to teach her everything. I wanted to make her a strong and wise woman who could be a role model for other women. I wanted to teach her that women could do as much if they are given the opportunity."
"If you had a dotter, I am sure she feel very lucky."
I would. My mother barely taught me anything. All she did was scold me when she thought I did something unlady like.
"What happened when you found out it was a boy?" I asked.
"To be honest, the last days of my pregnancy I was in a lot of trouble. My mother and the coven had found out that I was pregnant with the devils child so they were planning to kill him as soon as he was born but after begging my mother she decided to put a curse instead. At that moment I was just happy that my child was safe."
"So they didn't know from the beginning?"
"No. They thought he was the kings child."
Right. She was married to the king, then how did she meet Lothaire?
"It's a long story." She said.
"I would love if you told me the whole story. I am curious."
"It will be a long night."
"I am not tired." I said.
"Alright then." She put the brush down then took me hand. "Come."
She made us sit on the bed then took both my hands in hers. "How about I show you instead?"
"You could?" I asked surprised.
She nodded.
"Yes I want to see." I said eager.
"Then close your eyes."


I closed my eyes and slowly vivid images appeared.
I saw the back of a girl running. She had long black hair that swayed side to side as she ran greeting and waving to people she passed by. She seemed to know them very well.
"Good morning uncle Ben." She waved to an old man who was just about to open his store.
"Good morning Nyx." He waved back and the girl continued running.
She stopped when she saw a women trying to pluck some apples from a tree but had a hard time reaching.
"Good morning, Mrs Pearl."
"Oh, good morning Nyx. Good you are here. I would need your help to…"
Before she finished her sentence Nyx had already climbed the tree and was now throwing apples down into Mrs Pearls basked.
"It's enough. Thank you dear." Mrs Pearl smiled.
Nyx climbed down. "Of course. Anything to have a taste of your apple pie." She winked.
Mrs Pearl laughed. "How did you know I would make an apple pie?"
"What would you need so many apples for otherwise?"
"Clever girl." Mrs Pearls said clapping Nyx on the shoulder. "Come by later and take some pie home with you."
"I will. I'll see you later Mrs Pearl."
Nyx continued running and helping a few more people on her way. People in her village seemed to like her a lot. She was vibrant and beautiful, charming everyone around her with her personality.
"Nyx! Come here!" A woman called standing at the doorstep to a little house with arms crossed and a displeased look on her face.
The smiled that had been on Nyx's face the whole time disappeared as she walked up to the woman. "Mother."
"How many times have I told you to not run around like a child. You are going to be a leader and a queen so act like one."
"But mother, I told you I don't want to be a leader or a queen. I want to marry someone I love."
Her mother turned her heels and walked inside. "Selfish as always. Haven't I told you that the coven comes first and your desires after. The demons are increasing their power and we have to do the same."
Nyx followed her mother inside. "By making me a queen? How is that going to help? It's not like queens rule."
Her mother stopped and turned back around. "I am not talking about you. I am talking about your son. I saw him in my dream, I saw him become a great ruler. You know what my dreams mean right?" Her mother asked.
"Yes. They become true." Nyx's shoulders fell in disappointment.
"You know that I didn't go to the king myself and asked him to marry you. He came here on his own after having seen you somewhere. He was bewitched by your beauty and he isn't bad looking himself." Her mother tried to cheer her up.
Nyx had seen him. He did look good and he had seemed like a gentlemen but Nyx was used to living freely, and getting married to the King would force her to sit locked in a big castle with people serving her and following her everywhere. It wasn't the King she was opposing, she didn't know him after all, it was the lifestyle of a queen she didn't want.
"Sometimes we have to sacrifice a few things for bigger purpose." Her mother explained. "Now, your wedding is soon so behave yourself." She returned to her stern self.
Nyx knew that her mother and the coven would not let this opportunity slip away and they would do everything to make her marry the King so she just decided to accept her fate. Maybe God had planned something better for her.
But the day came too soon, when she would be taken away from her home and into a new one. The King had sent a lot of gift to her family and a carriage for her to be taken home. She said goodbye to her family and then she was on her way to a man she knew nothing about. There was no doubt that she would use her magic if she had to.
Suddenly the carriage stopped on its way and she heard the sound of clinking swords. "My lady run!" Someone called.
They had been attacked.
Nyx quickly got out of the carriage to help the men but realized they were already dead.
"Kill her!" One of the enemies ordered. Nyx gathered her strength to use her magic but to her surprise she failed. Her magic was not working. She tried again but to know avail. What had her mother done?
The man walking toward her seemed to have changed his mind when he saw her face. "It would be a waste to kill her sir." He said eyeing her up and down.
The one who gave the command turned around and once he saw her he licked his lips.
"I think you are right." He agreed.
Nyx took a few steps back but the men surrounded her and two of them grabbed each of her arm holding her in place.
Suddenly the sound of a horse galloping from a distance made the men stopp in their tracks. A man with a black cloak riding on a white horse came into sight. As he neared Nyx called for help.
"Shut up!" The soldier yelled.
When the man was close enough he stopped. Nyx got her hopes up even though she didn't think a single man could defeat all those armed men.
"Continue further like you have seen nothing and you will live." The commander spoke.
The man in the black cloak that hid most of his face was silent for a moment but then he climbed down the horse and walked up to the commander. "Let the Lady go and I'll spare your life." He spoke in an icy tone.
"Alright then. If you want to die fine by me."
The soldier was about to draw his sword but the man in the black cloak already snapped his head off. The other men stared with shock and began to hesitate.
"Someone else who wants to die? I'll make it quick." Just his voice made them tremble in fear. One of them took the courage and moved forward but his arms were shaking.
"I'll give you one last chance to leave, with your body intact." The man warned.
They looked at each other before retreating carefully and then running away. Something about the man's presence was too frightening. Nyx could feel it. He was one of her enemies, but why did he save her? Maybe he had other, worse plans for her.
The man removed the cap from his head and Nyx could finally see his face. He was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen, yet frightening. Her mother had told her that demons looked beautiful but she said to not be deceived by their beauty because it was only a mask to hide all the ugliness behind. Even though Nyx knew she couldn't help but gawke at the man in front of her.
No! He was not a man, he was a demon she reminded herself. A very powerful one and he probably just saved her to kill her in a more painful way.
"What do you want?" She asked.
His expression remained the same. "What made you think I want something?"
"Why did you save me?"
"You called for help." He said simply reminding her.
"You are a demon." She pointed still suspicious of his intentions.
"The King of demons." He corrected.
Nyx froze in place. The King of demons? He was the devil himself.
God! She was in a big trouble. What would he do to her? Especially now when her magic was not working. While weighing different options the man turned around and climbed his horse.
He was leaving her?
"I see your magic is not working. I would take you home but I am sure you don't trust me." He said.
Was this one of his tricks? He was the master of manipulation after all.
"My magic is working just fine." She lied.
"Alright then." He said turning his horse and then riding away.
Nyx was confused. Did he just leave her despite knowing that she was a witch? She shook her head still in disbelief that she had met the devil and he actually let her live. She had a story to tell but first she needed to figure out how to get home. To her new home.
The sun went down and Nyx had still not found her way to the castle and her magic had still not returned. This was all her mother's fault. Why would she take her magic away when she had agreed to marry the king. She wouldn't have agreed of she had planned to escape.
It was getting darker and darker and she was still clueless as where she was going. She had asked some people for direction but that didn't help at all. This was bad, walking alone at night when she was the kind to attract attention and now some men were already following her. She tried to pick up her steps but they kept following her.
"Hey, you beautiful lady. Why are you running away?" One of them called.
They were close so Nyx began to run afraid.
"Hey! Wait!" They started to chase her.
Just when she rounded a corner someone grabbed her arm and with a pull, a magnetic force swept her away. She knew this feeling and soon she found herself somewhere else, outside an old dark castle.
With the devil.
"I knew you wanted something." She said afraid backing away from him.
His icy eyes gazed into hers. "You are right. Maybe I do." He said taking a step toward her.
She held her arms out to stop him from coming any closer. "What do you want?" She asked looking around for an escape, as if that would be possible.
"Your name?"
What?! Nyx wasn't sure if she heard it right.
"If I tell you my name, will you let me go?"
"You mean let you go back to the streets were you can get r.a.p.ed."
"It's not like you would do anything less." She retorted.
His face that had remained without expression now looked upset.
"I don't force myself on anyone." He said in a cold tone.
Nyx could see that he got upset by her remark.
"Fine. Take me home, to my husband and I'll tell you my name."
In a blink of an eye she stood in front of another castle she recognized. This was where the king of Decresh lived, her now husband.
"How do I know you will leave me here once I tell you my name?" She asked.
"We made a deal and I am the devil. I never break my part of the deal." He explained.
She shouldn't believe him but she did. Maybe this was how easily he manipulated people.
"Nyx. My name is Nyx."
For a short moment his expression softened and looked at her in a way that made her shiver for all different reasons. What did he want? It was not her name she was sure.
"Nyx.." the way he said her name made her heart flutter. " If you ever want to make a deal, just call me."
"And what should I call you?" She asked.
"You know my name. Everyone does."
He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. His lips were cold yet heat spread through body.
"Good night, Nyx." And then he vanished into thin air.
"What happened? Why did you stop?" I had just began to enjoy the story when the pictures suddenly disappeared.
I looked at Irene who looked like she had seen a ghost. "What is wrong?" I asked concerned.
"He is here." She said. "My son is here."


Lucian and Roshan arrived in front of a white mansion that loomed behind a big iron gate. The gate opened by itself and Roshan stepped inside. Lucian followed him silently until they arrived at the front door.
"Are you sure you want to meet Lucifer?" Roshan asked turning to him.
"Anything I should know before walking inside?" Lucian asked in turn.
Roshan paused for a moment as if contemplating what to say. "Nothing I can summarize." He said then opened the door and led the way.
They walked through long empty halls with some strange paintings on the wall. Even the ceiling was painted with some dark, strange yet mysterious figures that sometimes seemed to be looking at him. They walked past several doors till Roshan stopped in front of one. This door was different from the others that were only a plain white. This one was made of old wooden with some shapes and symbols carved into it. Just like the gate the door opened by itself and Roshan gestured for him to go inside first this time.
Lucian took a moment before stepping inside, feeling a bit nervous as he looked around the big empty room. No one was there so he turned to Roshan but he was already gone and the door suddenly shut by itself.
"You came to see me?" Suddenly a cold voice spoke.
Lucian recognized this voice and as he turned back around he recognized the man standing in front of him as well. It was the silver haired man in his dreams. This time he could see him clearly. He had the coldest blue eyes Lucian had ever seen and the palest skin. It complemented his hair in a strange way, but what caught his attention the most was the man's facial features. They were a mixture of feminine and masculine, angelic and devilish that it made you gawk in fascination yet keep a distance in fear.
Could he be the devil?
Yes. Lucian could feel his dark powerful energy.
"Yes," Lucian began nervously. "We have met before I believe."
"We have." The man spoke taking a few steps forward.
This man or the devil had come to meet him before. Why?
"I am Lucian. The seventh prince of decresh... who is believed to be dead now and before that people believed me to be the devils son."
The devil just looked at him with no expression on his face. Lucian didn't know what to say next so he just decided to get to the point. What he was about to ask made no sense but after everything he went through he truly believed that everything could be possible.
"Are you my father?" He said the words quickly as if he didn't want to hear what he was saying himself.
Lucian had at least expected the devil to be a bit surprised but he wasn't. Instead he was quite for what felt like hours before he replied.
Yes. The word echoed in Lucians mind. He had decided on his way here to not be surprised by whatever happened but he felt as though someone punched him in the gut. He felt sick, angry and confused but most of all betrayed.
The man who was claiming to be his father stood there indifferent to the whole situation. There wasn't even a tiny bit of emotion on his face.
"Why...why would I believe you?" Lucian asked.
"You wouldn't be here if you didn't believe it already." The man stated.
It was true. If the devil was his father it would explain everything that had happened to him so far. It would explain his powers, it would explain why his father, the king hated him so much and it would explain the dark side of him, that he usually called his demon without knowing why. Everything would make sense, yet nothing made sense right now.
Why did he grow up with someone other than his father? Why did he have to endure all these years of confusion and loneliness?
Somehow Lucian knew the answer. His father didn't want him, and here he was, looking for him like an idiot and spoiling his peace.
No one wanted him. Nor his real father nor his fake father.
"It's true I didn't want you but your mother did. She wants you very much."
Lucian got even more confused. "My mother?"
Why didn't he think about it. If his father turned out to be the devil than his mother could very much be alive.
"Yes, your mother. Her name is Nyx and she would very much like to meet you."
"My mother...wants…" Lucian mind became a fog and his head began to throb in pain.
A part of him wanted to meet his mother, but the other part of him, the angry part didn't want to. All those years he had spent alone and none of his parents bothered to see him so why would he want to see them now?
"I asked what I wanted to ask. Now if you will excuse me I have somewhere to be." Lucian said before turning to leave.
The devil didn't try to stop him and Lucian expected nothing less. He couldn't say that he didn't feel hurt or disappointed though.
As he walked through the halls a part of him hoped his father would come after him and at least explain why he abandoned him but he knew that wouldn't happen. No one wanted him.
No one.
Unexpectedly a woman stood in the hall, a few feet away from him. Lucian thought he recognized her. Those green eyes, just like last time looked at him with such pain and sadness, it pained him for some odd reason.
"Lucian." She called again carefully taking a few steps forward.
Her gaze fell on his hands and her face twisted. Lucian looked down at his hands. He hadn't realized that his nails had grown and because he fisted his hands they had cut through his palms and blood dripped down creating a pool beneath them. It didn't pain him at all but it seemed to pain her.
"Who are you?" he asked.
Somehow he knew who she was. Her long raven black hair that looked just like his,
her pale unblemished skin, her sharp nose and those prominent cheekbones and jawline. She looked a lot like him or more correctly he looked her.
He hoped not. He didn't have the strength to meet his mother yet.
"You are hurting yourself." The woman spoke looking pained.
Lucian ignored her and since she didn't answer his question he didn't bother to ask her again. Why would he? If she was his mother she didn't bother to raise him so he shouldn't care.
Lucian ignored the blood that dripped down his hands as he walked past the woman in the hall. There was a look of anguish on her face as he passed by her but it didn't stop him from continuing further.
This time he stopped in his tracks. This voice, this was Hazel. He heard quick steps behind him and then she grabbed his hand.
"What have you done?" She said looking at his hands worriedly.
Lucian stared at her confused. What was she doing here?
"Hazel...what are you…"
"Come." She cut him of and began to drag him.
Lucian followed trying to understand what was happening. Hazel, the woman who claimed to be his wife was staying with those who claimed to be his parents.
How did she know them when even he didn't know them?
"Hazel, what's happening?" He asked as she sat him down on a chair in some room. He knew she was about to bring something for his wounds but he grabbed her wrist to stop her from leaving.
"I need to treat your wounds." She said with a deep frown.
"They are already heeling, no need. What are you doing here?" He repeated holding her carefully as to not cut her as well.
Pulling her arms away she crouched in front of him placing her hands on his knees. "Lucian…" She began looking into his eyes. "That woman...she is your…"
"Don't." He cut her off. He didn't want to know who she was, he didn't care. "I don't want you staying here with them. Come with me."
Lucian didn't trust them. Yes, maybe they were his parents but what kind of parents he didn't know.
Hazel just looked at him and this time he really wished he could read her mind. "Alright." She finally replied with a faint smile.
As he left his parents behind Lucian wondered why Hazel followed him so obediently. She was quite and very thoughtful on their way to somewhere. Lucian wasn't quite sure where to take her, but taking her back to the castle was not an option.
He looked at the sky. The sun was going to rise again soon and he would meet Julian who would take him to the royal army. He could just bring Hazel with him.
"Do you want to rest for awhile?" He asked her.
She nodded and they sat down near a tree. He could actually use his powers to take them whatever he wanted, the problem was he didn't know where so keeping her by his side wherever he was would be safest, or maybe not.
Hazel was still silent as they sat down and it made him uncomfortable since he was sure she wanted to say something.
"Alright, what is it?" He asked.
She looked at him surprised. "Nothing."
"Hazel." He said sternly to make her speak up.
"You don't want to hear it, so I won't say it until you want to." She explained.
It was about his parents, he knew and he really didn't want to hear it but it was getting very uncomfortable.
"I want to hear it." He lied.
Hazel looked at him hesitantly for a while. "Your parents...they...they didn't abandon you. They have their reasons, maybe you should hear them out." She said flinching as if expecting him to explode on her.
"Reasons? My father looked me in the eye and told me he didn't want me and my mother...I...I thought she was dead all this time. You don't know how that feels."
No, she could possible not know. As a child when his brothers were loved and cared for he had no one.
No one ever sung him lullabies or read him stories, no one ever hugged him when he had a bad dream, or run to him when he got hurt while playing. All those years of confusion about who he was or what he was, all those years of self hate and loneliness, all those years of crying alone with no one to soothe his pain, would it be erased by some explanation? No, he didn't think so.
Why an explanation now? When he was an a.d.u.l.t and could take care of himself. They weren't there when he truly needed them, now there was nothing they could do. The damage was already done and everytime he looked back at his childhood there was nothing pleasant that he could see.
Hazel moved so that she was sitting in front of him and between his legs. She grabbed his face in her hands gently and made him look at her. "I can't imagine how it feels, but you never have to feel alone again. I will always be here for you. I will always want you. "
"You don't know that." He said.
"That is the only thing I know." She smiled.
Lucian reached for her face letting his fingers glide of her cheek and lips. This woman affected him in someway he couldn't explain and in this moment he would believe and do anything she said. She had truly hypnotized him.
"What have you done to me?" His voice became suddenly low and he could feel his heart accelerating, or was it hers? He wasn't sure.
"Nothing yet." She breathed as her gaze fell on his lips and before he knew their lips melted together.
This kiss was nothing like the one before, it wasn't driven by l.u.s.t. This kiss was an expression of love, a deep connection, a mutual yearning of each other. It was heavenly, sweet and tender, fading away all his pain and worries.
As he kissed her ever so softly and deeply never wanting to let go of her, he got a salty taste in his mouth. Pulling away slightly he realized that she was crying.
"Is something wrong?" He asked grabbing her face gently.
Hazel shook her head while looking down.
"Hazel." He made her look at him. "What is wrong? Tell me." He spoke softly.
"I can see it. Sometimes when I touch you I can see your pain and what you have been through." She cried. "I could see when you were in that well and…"
"Shh…" He put a finger on her lips. "Don't think about it."
Lucian was surprised and confused. How could she see that? He didn't want her to see anything of it. All the pain he went through in that dark well he could only imagine how horrifying it must look.
"I am in no pain. Not when I am with you, except when you cry. That pains me." He wiped away the tears from her face and she wiped away some herself.
"I am sorry. I should have killed him. I wanted to avenge you but I failed."
Lucians heart froze for a moment. Hazel had tried to kill his brother?
He grabbed her chin and made her look at him. "Hazel, don't ever do that again. Ever."
Hazel nodded. "I am sorry. I know he is your brother but he is so cruel."
Lucian sighed and drew her into his arms hugging her tightly. She misunderstood him. "It's not about that. I just don't want you to get blood on your hands. I don't want you to experience what it feels like to kill someone. Let me do all the dirty work."
She pulled back slightly. "But I want to help."
Lucian thought for a moment. "Well, you can." He said.
"How?" She asked eagerly.
Lucian smiled to himself, she was too adorable at this moment. How? Kiss me he wanted to say but refrained from it.
To his surprise Hazel leaned in and pressed her lips to his.
Did he say that out loud? It didn't matter, he was already lost in the heat.


Klaras mind had been unable to rest since she came back home. All she could think about was what she had said to Roshan. Why would she do something so stupid She couldn't comprehend.
"Idiot." She called herself and slapped her forehead then fell back on the bed. She stared at the ceiling wondering what to do to avoid an awkward encounter with Roshan. Maybe she should pretend like she didn't remember anything.
Yes, she would pretend like everything was normal and act like nothing has ever happened. Staying locked in her room out of fear of meeting Roshan made her feel muffled so she decided to go out. Opening the door she slowly peeked her outside checking both sides before stepping out.
This is stupid Klara. You can't avoid someone in their own home.
As she walked down the stairs she came across Lothaire. His usually serious face now seemed upset. She usually greeted him when they crossed paths but as they locked eyes this time the words died in her throat. His angry eyes were frightening. Klara wondered what angered him so much.
Continuing further she decided to check on Irene. Maybe they had a fight she thought. Making her way to Irene's room she knocked on the door carefully but no one answered. She knocked again but it was still quite.
"She is not here."
Klaras heart skipped a beat. Oh no, he was here. She turned around slowly and tried to keep a straight face but as soon as she saw those sensual lips curved into a smile she knew she was in trouble.
"Then where is she?" She asked trying to keep her cool.
"If you hadn't been locked in your room the whole day you would know." He pointed.
God, he was so annoying yet so…
She stopped herself before getting any bad ideas. "I wasn't locked in my room. I was just resting."
"Or maybe avoiding me…" He added.
"Why would I?"
"Why would you not? If I were you I would avoid me." Klara felt as though there was another meaning to his words.
"I am not scared of you." She said.
He took a step toward her while holding her in place with his gaze.
He leaned closer, "You should be. You don't know the things I want to do to you." He spoke in a low husky tone that made her insides quiver.
Klara couldn't bring herself to say anything this time.
"Not as bold as last night I see." Roshan drawled.
Last night. Klara felt heat creep to her face as she remembered begging him to kiss her. She was supposed to pretend like she didn't remember but her expression probably exposed her already.
She took a step back. "Don't you know how to keep a distance?"
"Says the person who was throwing herself in my arms last night."
This time she got angry. "I wasn't… I mean in my right mind. I have no desire to be in your arms or even near you." She clenched her fists.
He tilted his head to one side, "That's sad. I would have shown you the pleasures of this world."
"I doubt that."
"If you let me, I'll get rid of your doubts."
The way he looked at her in that moment made her feel weak in the knees. For a short moment she wondered what he would show her but she quickly dismissed the thought. If she stayed a bit longer her she might think of even worse things.
Without saying a word she walked past him and went outside. The cold air made her cool down a bit. This man, what was he doing to her?
Looking behind she was thankful that he didn't follow her. Carefully she sat down on a bench. How was she supposed to live like this? In the same house as a man that made her imagine things that is forbidden for a maiden like her. She had to find some other place to stay but she wouldn't be able to find anything if she only stayed in this place.
Her gaze fell on the iron gate. Yes, she needed to leave for a while and see the life outside.
The irongate was heavy and hard to push open but at last she succeeded. Now if she only had a horse it would be much easier to get acquainted with the area but unfortunately she had to walk.
Despite having been walking for a good while Klara still didn't come across a house, a market or anywhere she could find people. She had been walking alone among trees and bushes and looking ahead it seemed like she wouldn't meet anyone soon. Why did they live so far from the city and the people Klara wondered, and would she be able to find her way back?
She touched her chest to see if she was still wearing the necklace Irene gave her and she was. Now she didn't have to worry about not finding her way back.
Klara walked through the woods but she seemed to get nowhere and soon she was becoming tired. Just as she was about to give up and sit down somewhere she heard some footsteps. Finally someone. Maybe she was nearing the city or a village and she could ask for direction.
Klara looked to where the sound came from and saw a man walking from a distance. "Excuse me," She called approaching the man but froze in place when he turned and looked at her.
What on earth? This man looked frightening.His skin was too pale, almost turning blue or maybe purple and his lips were black. Klara thought that maybe he was just sick and tried to not be intimidated despite the crazed look in his eyes.
"What is a young beautiful lady like you doing here alone in the woods?" He asked looking her up and down.
"I am…" She abruptly stopped when she felt someone behind her. Turning around she realized that she was surrounded by strange looking men. They all had those black lips. One of them even had a black tongue as he licked his lips while scanning her body.
"Zul, what a nice meal you have found us." One of them spoke.
Klara's legs trembled when she realized that they had pointed teeth while speaking of her as a meal.
"Not nice brother. Delicious." The one behind her corrected him.
Oh god, were they going to eat her?
They encircled her, closing in on her slowly.
Their eyes turned red and Klara had to blink several times to make sure she wasn't losing her mind. Adrenaline flooded through her veins making her heart beat harder and faster as if it wanted to jump out of her chest. Her eyes widened with fear and she wanted to run but her legs refused. She knew she couldn't just stand there if she wanted to live. She had to do something.
The necklace. Klara reached for it but it wasn't around her neck. Her heart pumped even faster realizing the danger she was in, adrenaline kicked in harder and she turned around hastily punching the one behind her in the face then kneeing him in the stomach. When he doubled over in pain she pushed past him and ran as fast as she could without looking back.
She ran so fast she stumbled and fell but picked herself up quickly and continued running. Suddenly out of nowhere someone appeared in front of her but it was too late to stop herself from running into him and falling back.
She groaned in pain and looked up.
It was the scary man from earlier. Soon all of them surrounded her again. Klara couldn't understand what was happening but she was in big trouble.
"You cannot run from us, darling and you don't need to. We are going to take good care of you." He said with an unsettling smile that showed his ugly teeth.
Whatever these things were they seemed dangerous. She reached for her neck again hoping to find the necklace but she truly lost it. Why did she have to lose it now?
The man or whatever he was crouched to her level and Klara crawled back instinctively. Up close he looked even scarier. His skin looked thicker than normal and his ears were slightly pointed. His neck was covered with marks that looked like chains strangling him. He grabbed her leg with his clawed hand and pulled her toward him.
Klara screamed and kicked. "Let go of me!" but he was too strong. Suddenly another one came from behind and grabbing her wrists he pinned her hands down. She screamed louder and fought harder but they only laughed.
"I said let go of me now. You won't be happy when my friends finds out what you have done."
They laughed again. "And who are you friends?" One of them asked.
"My brother is the King of Gatrish."
They paused for a moment then one of them spoke. "A princess as well. What a treat."
"My friend is a witch." Klara hurried to say.
They wrinkled their face with what looked like disgust. "We ain't afraid of witches darling. I hope your friend comes to find you then we will take care of her as well." He smirked. "Now we will take care of you first." He reached for her dress.
"You touch me and I will make sure that you can never use your hand again." She threatened even though she was scared to death. Inside she begging for someone to come and save her and the first person she thought of was Roshan. But without the necklace he wasn't going to be able to know she was in trouble.
Suddenly all of them let go of her and were swiftly on their feet. Klara got confused.
"Lord Ramiel. What brings you here?" One of them asked in a respectful tone yet there was fear in his eyes as he looked behind her.
Klara turned to look at the person that made them look down in fear.
"Roshan!" She could hear the relief in her own voice. She wanted to cry, or run to him and hug him for coming to save her.
The man looked surprised. "I am sorry my Lord. I didn't know she was yours or I wouldn't hurt her." He said looking regretful and terrified.
Roshan turned his gaze to Klara. "Who said she is mine?"
The man looked confused and so was Klara. Of course she wasn't his but it seemed like he was telling them that they could do whatever they wanted with her.
She gave him a questioning look and he gave her an amused one. What was he doing?
"I am sorry my Lord I didn't ask. Is she yours?" He corrected himself.
"Only if she says she is mine." Roshan replied.
Now they all turned to her waiting for an answer. Klara got a feeling that if she said she wasn't his then she could be in trouble.
Standing up she faced Roshan. "What happens if I say I am not?"
"Then Zul seems to like you very much." He said speaking of the man who just tried to eat her or **** her, she wasn't sure.
She shook in fear. Why did these beings call him their lord? They had red eyes and fangs and claws and...a shiver went down her spine. Was Roshan one of them?
Suddenly she became much more afraid. She looked between the man and Roshan and even though the man looked scarier, Roshan seemed more dangerous. She knew he was because all of them seemed to fear him. Was she more safe with him?
"I wouldn't dare if she is yours My Lord." Zul spoke.
"But she isn't." He said sounding somehow disappointed.
Klara panicked. Was he going to leave her here with these things?
"I am." She hurried to say. "I am his."
The scary men looked at each other in fear then they went down on their knees. "I am sorry My Lady. Please forgive us."
Klara knew from the way they acted that Roshan was a powerful man, if he was one to begin with and powerful men were scary. They did as they pleased and maybe Roshan had worse plans for her. He did warn her after all.
Suddenly she felt as if she did a great mistake by saying that she was his. That meant something but she wasn't sure what.
She turned to Roshan and the look in his eyes told her there was no going back. He was going to make her his whether she liked it or not.


"Where are we?" Klara asked when Roshan teleported them to somewhere she didn't recognize.
It looked like it was inside a castle or a big mansion. Klara panicked. Did he bring her here to finally do whatever he had planned to do with her from the beginning. She was sure it was something she wouldn't like, not after what she had seen and what she believed he was.
A demon.
He had been speaking the truth this whole time and she had thought that he was only frightening her. He had said that she wouldn't want to see what he looked like. Did he look like those men?
"Well, you said you were mine so I brought you home." He said simply.
"I only said that to save myself. I am no ones."
"Now you are!" He said with an authoritative tone that sent chills down her spine.
Klara began to feel afraid of him.
"My Lord." A man dressed in servant clothes suddenly stood beside them. "Your father wants to see you."
"I'll be there." Roshan said while never looking away from Klara.
The man disappeared just, like that, into thin air. Klara felt her head spin. The things she had seen today were too much and she felt as thought she was falling which maybe she was Because she felt Roshans arm around her waist.
"Are you alright?" He shook her slightly.
Klara looked into his worried eyes. Was he really worried for her? Or did he just want her alive so that he could possess her? What did demons do with human by the way?
"Klara." He whispered her name. She realized that he never called her by her name. He usually called her princess. "I want you to trust me. Just do as I say and you will be safe."
Trust him? How? She just found out that he was a demon. Actually not. He had told her, she just didn't believe him. Maybe now she should, it's not like she had a choice. He could kill her easily if she disobeyed or maybe posses her.
Once she could stand steadily on her own he let go of her but grabbed her hand instead. He led the way through some large halls until they walked into what looked like a huge diningroom. At the end of the large dining table sat a man she couldn't see clearly because it was too far, but she could see that he wore luxurios clothes and had long silky black hair. The man stood up and started walking toward them. Once he was near enough Klara could see how much he resembled Roshan. The same bonestructure, skintone, eyecolor and even the same facial expression she noticed when he raised a brow quistioningly.
"A blonde? I see your taste have changed son." He said looking at Klara.
"Father. I need to explain." Roshan began but his father held up a hand to stop him from speaking any futher.
The man was strikingly beautiful just like Roshan but what caught Klara of guard was that he didn't seem old enough to be Roshans father. In fact they seemed to be just the same age. That had to do something with them being demons she thought and felt her head spin again.
Roshan put his hand lightly on her back.
"I know the human is not yours but you stopped another one from claiming her." His father pointed.
"It was against her will. He wasn't planning on manipulating her and then erasing her memory. He was enjoy the torture. If I remember correctly that is not how we do things." Roshan said.
Manipulate? Erase memory? Klaras hans turned cold and her throat felt dry.
"Very protective I see." His fathers lips curved into a slight smile, then he turned his gaze to Klara and she felt her heart skip a beat.
"And who are you young lady?" he asked.
Even though he had that frightening aura she decided to not be intimidated. "I am Klara Alriksson, daughter of Alrik the first and sister of King Rasmus." She said and was glad her voice didn't shake.
"You are the warrior princess." He said thoughtful. "Fascinating. Beautiful and brave."
"Thank you." Klara forced herself to smile.
"But what is a princess doing here? If I may ask."
Klara froze. She hadn't thought about it before splurting out that she was a princess. She looked at Roshan for some help.
"Father, she is tired and in shock right now. I'll show her to a room."
"Yes of course." Roshans father nodded then turned to Klara. "Feel at home."
Roshan led Klara out with one hand on her back, still. She followed him obediently not wanting to stay a minute longer with his father. If she thought Roshan was dangerous than his father was deadly dangerous.
Roshan took her up a few stairs then led her inside a room before closing the door. Klara was still in shock, her mind still trying to process everything that just happened.
She felt Roshans hand caressing her back gently. "You don't have to be scared. I won't let anyone hurt you." He spoke gently and she felt his hot breath in her hair.
Klara turned to him, his face was close to hers, his eyes staring deep into her own. Why did she believe this man? She shouldn't. Was it because he had been honest with her from the beginning? Still.
"You said I should be scared of you." She reminded.
Roshan put his hand on the nape of her neck, tracing her jawline with his thumb.
"I am not a good person. I would never hurt you physically but I might manipulate you, take advantage of you or use you. That's hurting you in some way I believe."
"Why are you telling me this?" She asked.
"Because I don't want to do those things, I just might not be able to stop myself everytime."
Klara wondered what would happen if he couldn't stop himself. How would he take advantage of her? What would he manipulate her to do? A shiver went down her spine. The thought that he could easily do whatever he wanted with her scared her, but only slightly. Strange.
"You are scared of me now." He frowned sensing her fear.
"I should be more scared than I am." She said honestly.
He let go of her and took a step back. "Take some rest." He said.
"I want to go home." She suddenly blurted. Maybe she was more scared and shocked than she thought. Demons existing and walking among them was not an easy thing to digest.
Roshans frown deepend and he seemed somehow hurt.
"Is that really what you want?" He asked.
Klara nodded.
Roshan felt a sting of pain in his heart. He didn't like to see her so shaken up but it was somehow his fault. He should have known that she wouldn't take it well, no humans did. Knowing that dangerous creatures existing among them made them never feel safe again. He knew she needed time to process things, she had seen to much in one day and to his surprise she hadn't fainted. Now he wondered if he would be selfish and force her to stay here with him or let her go. The right thing would be to let her go but he didn't want to. No he wouldn't let her go, he would make her stay whether she liked it or not.
To his surprise he took her hand and drew her into his embrace. Maybe he wasn't as selfish as he thought and he cursed himself for that. He knew he would regret it later but he hated to see her so frightened.
Klara was surprised when they arrived at the top of her brothers castle. He knew she had expected him to deny her and maybe that's why he didn't. He wanted to prove her wrong. Even though they arrived she didn't let go of him and held him tightly and so did he. He didn't want to let go, how could he when it felt as though she was made to be in his arms.
She looked up at him her eyes swirling with many unaswered questions and unwanted feelings. He knew she felt something for him but she didn't want to.
"Will you be alright here? With your brother."
"I am not sure." She said worriedly. "But I can't be running forever."
She felt Roshans arm loosen around her waist and panicked. Why she wasn't sure. A part of her felt empty when he let her go and she began to doubt her decision of wanting to come back home. But she knew she had to.
"I see you have lost you necklace." He said reaching around his neck. He was wearing one himself but he took it off and placed it around her neck. "This works the same way. If you need me I'll be here."
Why? Why was he doing all this for her? She had been trying so hard to not feel anything for him but he wasn't helping. She wasn't ready to fall inlove again. Not after all the pain she went through. And what would it mean to fall inlove with a demon?
"I won't be needing you. I am with my family now." She said.
He gave her a faint smile but she had a feeling that he got deeply hurt by her words.
Why do you always have to be so harsh with your words Klara, she scolded herself.
"I am really thankful for everything." She hurried to say. "I never thanked you before. I guess I am not a good person either."
He put one hand lightly on her cheek. "You are wonderful, Klara." This was the second time he said her name and it made her heart flutter.
She had just a moment ago been scared and confused but now all was forgotten as she looked into his eyes. She didn't want him to go. She wanted him to stay, to hold her and kiss her. Yes, it wouldn't hurt with a kiss.
Slowly Roshans hand slid to the back of her neck and the other went around her waist. He drew her into his arms, his eyes looking at her intensly, taking her breath away. Did he know what she wanted or was this him manipulating her?
All her thoughts escaped to the back of her mind when she felt his hot breath tickle her face. Her heart fluttered again and then ever so lightly he brushed his lips against hers. Klara felt heady with desire. Her mind was not in its right place anymore but her body seemed to be just right were it was. In Roshans arms.
Roshan leaned closer and their noses collided before thier lips locked in a fiery passionate kiss. Klara tiptoed and wrapped her arms around him as heat flooded her being. She had never felt anything like this before. His lips were soft and warm and his kiss slow and sensual. It made her feel as though she was walking on air but soon she was back on the ground.
Their lips parted and Klara felt a strange longing. She almost wanted to scold him for stopping. It wasn't enought, she couldn't ger enough. She looked at Roshan and felt her cheeks burn at the way he looked back at her, as thought he wanted to devour her. God, she wanted him as bad but he was leaving now and she should let him leave.
"Take care, princess." He said.
Klara nodded. "You too." She smiled and just like that he was gone.
Klara remained standing there for awhile before walking inside to meet her family.


I sat up on the bed and looked around. Where was I? The last thing I remembed was sleeping next to Lucian in the woods and now I woke up in a strange room. Before I could dwell further on it Lucian walked inside.
"Good morning." He smiled.
"Good morning. Where are we?" I asked.
He came and sat next to me on the bed. Then he took my hand in his before looking deeply into my eyes.
"We are in the royal armys camp. Things are going to get difficult and ugly from now on." He explained.
He was going to dethrone Pierre. But would the royal army help him? I got suddenly concerned.
"Will they help you?"
"Yes." He said with confidence. "And If they don't I'll do it myself."
A war. Again. I just wanted to live peacefully with Lucian but after everything he went through and those who betrayed and tortured him, they deserved to get punished.
A knock on the door made us both turn and soon a man in a military attire entered the room.
"Your Highness. General Black is ready to meet you." He said.
Lucian turned back to me. "Rest and I'll come back." He said.
"I'll come with you." I insisted.
He looked at me for a while then nodded.
General Black sat laid back in his chair, watching some of his men fighting with their swords. Once the soldier informed our presence General Black tore his gaze from the fight and turned to us. His eyes widened as he stood up slowly from his seat and approached us.
"Your Highness. It's really true that you are alive." He spoke.
"I am and you know what that means."
General Black frowned. "Yes I do. You want the crown."
"Yes and I need your army by my side."
Alright. This was too straighforward I thought.
General Black shook his head. "I am glad that you are alive but unfortunatley I can't help you."
"Why?" I suddenly blurted.
He turned his gaze to me with a confused look on his face then turned to Lucian.
"This is my wife, Hazel." Lucian explained.
My heart stopped for short while. He said I was his wife. He believed me!
General Black turned back to me. "Your Highness, with all do respect this is a political matter and I don't think you understand." He said.
"Then explain to me." I demanded.
"Well…" He looked between me and Lucian. "King Pierre has many powerful allies. He could gather them all to defeat my army. Why would I let my men die in vain?"
"Pierre won't be able to gather his allies because I have the seal." Lucian explained.
I could see that general Black got even more surprised but he didn't ask any further questions.
"The people of this kingdom are suffering. Your father was a great ruler, your brother isn't. I am not sure if you will be a great ruler either." He explained.
"There is only one way to find out." Lucian said. "Are you willing to take that risk?"
"Don't dissapoint me." general Black warned.
I was glad that he had agreed to help and they sat outside for awhile speaking and planning on what to do next while I watched the men fighting with their swords.
My thoughts wandered to Klara. She had promised me to teach me how to fight but would I ever meet her again? I had hoped she would teach me some things about politics as well. I didn't want to be someone who distributed with nothing. I wanted to be useful.
People admired Klara. They called her the warrior princess. Not only brave but beautiful and smart as well. She wasn't only the leader of their army but she was also politicaly active, especially in matters of war. She was an impressive woman indeed. I couldn't say that I didn't envy her.
Then my thoughts drifted further to Irene. I wondered if she was alright after meeting Lucian but probably not. I just wanted Lucian to reunite with his parents but I knew it would take a lot of time and work. Deep wounds didn't heel fast and even when they did, they left a scar.
Lucian was busy the whole day planning with general Black and took only lunch and dinner breaks. I was shown to a guest room, the room that I had woken up in earlier and I stayed there alone pondering about a lot of things. Nothing seemed to be right just yet. I didn't know where Lucian and I was in our relationship and if he remembered me although he seemed to not have remembered. I thought of ways to reunite Lucian with his parents and worried about Lucians plan to take the throne. I didn't want to lose him again.
While pondering on many things I went to the garden right behind the room and decided to spend some time there while waiting for Lucian. I was surprised when I found a swing just right next to a big trea. It reminded me of the white swing in our own garden excpet this one was a bit smaller and it was grey instead of white. I lay down on it and began to swing back and forth while recalling good memories and smiling to myself.
"What makes you smile so?" Suddenly Lucian was towering over me where I lay on the swing.
I just looked up at him for a while wondering how he still looked perfect after such a long day.
"I was recalling good memories." I said.
"Tell me about them." He urged.
I swung my legs down to make some place for him and he sat down.
"You won't believe it, but I was once just like today laying on a swing and smiling to myself when someone asked me the question you just asked."
"And...that person is me?" He asked raising a brow.
"Yes." I nodded. "The white swing in our garden was my favorite place to kill some time. I miss it."
He looked at me thoúghtful for while. "You will get it back. I'll get it back for you." He said in a serious tone.
"For us." I corrected.
"Yes. For us."
"I wish to sit there with you every afternoon." I said entwining my fingers with his.
He stared at our entwined hands for a while. "And I wish to grant that wish." He smiled.
I snuggled up against him and he put his arm around me. We sat there for awhile until I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up in bed but I was still laying in Lucians arm. From the way he breathed I knew he was sleeping peacefully. I remained laying in his arms for a while but then I heard a strange sound coming from the garden. Carefully I slid away from Lucians arms and got out of bed before making my way to the garden.
I opened the door slowly as to not wake Lucian and then peeked outside. There, on the grey swing Irene sat comfortably looking around. I stepped outside and carefully closed the door behind me.
"Irene." I whispered to grab her attention.
She turned her head. "Hazel. I am sorry I woke you up." She said getting up from the swing.
"You didn't. I was awake. How are you?"
"I am alright." She shrugged but I could see she wasn't. "How about you?"
"I am fine and so is Lucian." I knew that she wanted to know how he was.
She nodded. "I just...I don't know why I am here. I...I don't want to confuse him anymore. I want him to be happy but I am only hurting him. Maybe I should stay away."
"No! Don't! He is hurting because he has been alone for many years but that doesn't mean that he wants you to stay away. You have to fight for him." I said.
She looked down at her hands. "I don't know if I have the right to do that. I am not a good mother."
"You are and even if you are not you can be. For Lucians sake."
She nodded again.
"And...I want to know everything Irene. Could you continue with your story? Maybe if I know the whole story I can help better." I explained.
"Yes. But some other time. Lucian might wakeup now."
We looked at each other for a while and then she reached inside the arm of her dress. "I have something for you." She said taking out a small book. "I know you are bored on your stay here so you can read this meanwhile."
"Oh, thank you." I said.
She reached her hand inside again. This time she took out a wooden flute. "And I know you like to play this."
"Good lord. How did you know?" I reached for it and grabbed it carefully. "It has been so long since I played this."
"Do tell me if there is anything else you need. I have to leave now but I'll come back."
"I will and thank you."
And then as usual she vanished into thin air. I stared at the empty place she had just been standing on. I knew I would never get used to this.
Lucian woke up after having the most harmonious sleep. He always slept well when Hazel was near but as he looked to his left she wasn't there. He sat up on the bed and looked around. Where had she gone?
Getting out of bed he began to dress when he heard a sound coming from garden. It sounded like someone playing an instrument. Curious he went to the door and opened it carefully. Looking outside he found Hazel sitting on the swing playing the flute. The sound was beautiful and very familiar to his ears. It made him feel a kind of way he couldn't explain.
Lucian kept standing there, staring at her while she played. She looked much healther now and her beauty seemed to come through. Her skin was less bruised and her hair fell down her shoulders in shiny waves. The little weight she gained took away the unhealthy appearence and enhanced her curves. When the wind blew her hair onto her face, she closed her eyes. She seemed lost in the sound and soon he was lost as well.
He didn't know where he was but suddenly he got caught by a sweet sound. It was Hazel playing the flute. Lucian had never seen her looking this beautiful. She was wearing a white wedding dress adorned with golden jewlery. Her beautiful redish brown hair was combed back and held in place with golden hairpains, and her cheeks and lips where painted. Her long lashed fell over her cheeks as her eyes were closed while she played the flute. Once she opened her eyes she stared directly into his and he felt his heart skip a beat.
Then he remembered the first time she said his name. The warmth that had spread throught his body and the first time their lips touched. He remembered a thousand lights surrounding them.
He remembered her arms around his waist while they rode, around his neck while they kissed and around him while he died. He remember her tears and her laugh and all the conversations they had, but most of all he remembered confessing his love for her. And together with the memory came the feeling. This woman was his wife and he loved her more then anything in the world. Yet, he didn't recognize her. How could he not?
Unaware he took a step back into the room.
Hazel. His wife.
How could he forget her? The only person who cared for him, the only person who knew the real him yet still loved him. How could he do this to her? Suddenly his throat felt dry and his head throbbed in pain.
Rage and guilt filled his chest. He felt useless and unworthy. He felt disgusted with himself. He was used to hating himself but the selfhatred he felt now was like nothing he felt before. He wanted to dissapear, the pain he felt was too much for him to endure.
"Lucian, you are awake." Suddenly Hazel was inside the room. Before he could think she crossed the distance between then and wrapped her amrs around him. He wanted to hug her back and cry but he didn't deserve to be comforted.
He didn't deserve her at all. He felt too dirty to hug her back as if he would stain her with his dirt.
After awhile Hazel drew back and gazed at him with a worried look on her face. "Is something wrong?" She asked.


"Is something wrong?"
Lucian forced back his anger and tears. He didn't want to make her worry anymore.
He shook his head. "No, nothing is wrong. I just remembered that I have to be somewhere."
She nodded. "I understand."
No she didn't. Even he couldn't understand.
"I'll be back, wife." He forced himself to smile.
"I'll be waiting." She smiled back.
Leaving Hazel behind Lucian took his horse and rode far away. He didn't know where he was going but he just needed some air. Or maybe a lot of air. The pain and the tears were choking him and he felt like screaming out loud.
Once he neared a cliff he stopped and looked down. Beneath the cliff was a river. Lucian stared at it emptly for a while wonderign what it would feel like if he jumped. Would the water wash away his pain?
He climbed down the horse and sat at the edge of the cliff. He felt empty as he listened to the flowing water but soon tears began to fall down his cheeks. He couldn't hold it in anymore so he let it all out.
Irene stood behind a tree and watched her son cry alone. When she found out that he had regained his memory, she had followed him afraid he would do something stupid. But here he was, alone and in tears. She could feel his pain and wanted to take it all away. Unable to just watch she went to him and ever so lightly she put one hand on his shoulder.
Lucian didn't react. He probably knew she was there all the time and that he didn't bother to look told her how much pain he was in. She crouched to his level and wrapped her arms around him and began to stroke his back. Oh, how long she had waited to hold him and now he was finally in her arms. She had expected him to pull away but he didn't. He just kept crying.
Irene wanted to tell him that it wasn't his fault but she knew he wouldn't listen so she just held him until he calmed down.
"Lucian. I can take away your pain if you let me." She said once he calmed down.
He shook his head. "I don't deserve it."
She grabbed his face gently in her hands and made him look at her. "You do. You deserve all the happiness in this world."
He just looked at her for awhile. His eyes swollen and red from the crying.
"Why did you leave me?" He suddenly asked.
Irene could see the desperation in his eyes but she could also see that he was losing hope. The flames in them seemed to die away slowly and that made her heart ache. She would not let him give up.
"I never did. I would never leave you. You were taken away from me." She explained.
He looked at her as if trying to figure out if she was telling the truth. She wouldn't blame him if he didn't believe her.
Slowly he grabbed her wrists and removed her hands from his face then he stood up. "What is your name?" He asked.
Irene was glad that he atleast asked her questions and didn't ignore her entirely.
"My name is Nyx." She said standing up.
Lucian stared at the woman infront of him. He couldn't ignore his resemblance to her. She was indeed his mother and when she had hugged him earlier he never felt anything like it before. But even if she was his mother he didn't know her and it felt strange somehow to let her hug him.
Confused about the whole situation he turned away from her and climbed his horse, then without looking back he rode away.
Nyx. He repeated her name in his mind. His mothers name was Nyx. Lucian had heard the name once even though his father or to be more correct the King had forbidden anyone to speak about her.
Riding fast through the woods Lucian pushed away his thoughts about his mother to the back of his mind. Now he had more important things to focus on, like punishing his brother.
Pierre will wish that he was dead.
Once Lucian arrived at the camp Julian met him halfways.
"Your highness. I have been looking for you."
Lucian jumped down from the horse.
"What happened?" He asked.
"I have brought your men and...your wife has been looking for you."
Lucian walked past Julian and made his way to the guest room. As soon as he walked inside Hazel jumped up from her seat with a fearful look on her face.
"Lucian." She ran to him and envoloped him in a tight hug.
"What happened?" He aksed putting his arms around her.
"Where did you go? You made me so worried. I thought…" She drew back and looked at him with teary eyes. "I thought you left me."
He grabbed her face. "Why would you think so?" and then it hit him. She knew that he regained his memory.
"Why didn't you tell me that you remembered?"
"How did you know?" He asked.
"You called me wife. You used to call me that all the time." She explained as tears fell down her cheeks.
"I'll never leave you unless you tell me." He ensured her.
No he wouldn't. Even though he didn't deserve her he would stay by her side if that's what she wanted. He would do anything for her even if it caused him pain.
"You know I would never tell you that. So don't you dare leave me, even if I tell you don't ever leave me. Promise me Lucian."
"I promise." He said wiping away her tears.
Just when she was about to say something a knock on the door interrupted them. Hazel wiped away her tears. "Your men are here." She informed.
"Come in." Lucian called.
Julian was the first to enter the room and he motioned for the rest to come inside. Lucians men came in one by one and Lucian took a closer look at them. They looked much healthier and stronger than last time.
"Your highness." They all bowed at once.
"I am glad you are safe." Lucian began. "But we are going to war soon and those of you who are still injured or recovering don't have to participate."
"We are all participating Your highness." Lincoln spoke.
Lucian skimmed through everyones faces to see if anyone was objecting to what Lincoln said.
"Alright then. You will be provided with weapons and we are leaving tonight."
They all nodded.
"Anum, I want you to make sure that no maids or servants gets hurt. Lincoln, I want you to escort princess Elsa and Levi to somewhere safe. Anywhere for now, we will discuss the details later. Declan and Ky you can escort all the females out of the castle, the rest can guide the royal army since you are familiar with the passages inside the castle." Lucian explained.
Hazel grabbed his arm as if wanting to say something. "Lydia and Ylva" She said concerned.
Lucian knew how much Hazel cared for them. "Oliver, I want you to make sure that Hazel's handmaids are safe."
"I will." He said with a nod.
"You may all leave except for Callum."
Everyone bowed one last time and left except for Callum. Lucian turned to Hazel. "I want you to stay by his side." He said speaking of Callum.
He looked like the strongest one of them at the moment and he wanted Hazel to be in good hands.
Hazel nodded and then he turned to Callum. "You know what you have to do." He said and Callum nodded.
"Good, you maye leave now."
Lucian couldn't wait until he got his hands on his brother.
The rest of the day passed by with preparing for battle. Lucian went around and gave instructions together with General black. Once all their plan came together they prepared for departure.
Lucian went to his room and was slipping into his armor when he sensed that he had company.
"Your highness." Someone spoke in a mocking tone.
Lucian turned and found Roshan standing only a few feet away. He was wearing a long black coat with black shirt and trousers underneath. His hair was tied back in a half ponytail revealing his sculpted face. As usual he had that mishiouvious smirk on his face while his hands rested in his pockets.
"What are you doing here?" Lucian asked while fastening his belt.
"I came here to hunt some demons and you are a good bait."
"Are they still after me?"
Roshan had told him that the demons wanted him dead.
"Not only them but some witched are after you as well. They witches are just more careful and they don't like fights." Roshan explained.
Demons and witches were after him. Lucian sighed, he could never get rest.
"Why are you hunting demons? You are one of them." Lucian asked.
"Let's just say that I am indepted to someone and I like to pay my debts."
"Have my...Nyx sent you?" Lucian asked.
"No, your mother didn't send me but you father did."
His father?
"I don't need your help." Lucian hurried to say.
"In fact you do. You can't fight an army of humans, demons and witched by yourself. Maybe in the future when you learn your powers."
"And you can fight them all?" Lucian raised a brow.
Roshan made his way to the handchair in the room and sat down. He swung one leg over the other.
"I am a demon slayer. I have been assassinating demons for centruies, I can do it in my sleep now. Humans are like bugs to me. I don't even need to fight them but the witches," He shook his head, "those creatures are complicated. Maybe you can take care of them."
Lucian didn't want his fathers help. His father had showed him clearly that he didn't care.
"Or maybe your witch friend can take care of them." Roshan said nodding toward the door and just then Julian barged inside.
"Your Highness…" He stopped halfways when his gaze landed on Roshan.
Roshan waved his hand nochalantly. "Hello."
"He is a demon." Julian warned putting his hand on his sword.
"I know." Lucian said calmly.
"You didn't tell me you were on the demons side." Julian said accusingly.
"I am not. But I am not on the witches side either. I am guessing they want me dead."
"I'll take care of my people." Julian said harshly while glaring at Roshan.
"Very good." Roshan added then turned to Lucian. "He knows you are the devils son." He said surprised.
When Lucian found out that witches and demons didn't mix well he had told Julian that he was indeed the devil's son just like the rumors. Julian hadn't been very surprised and wanted to still help him get the throne.
"How do you know he won't try to kille you?" Roshan asked.
"How do I know you won't try to kill him?" Julian replied instead of Lucian.
"Because…" Roshan paused as if hesitating. "His father, the devil and my uncle would kill me."
Wait! Now it was Lucians time to pause whatever he was doing.
This man was his cousin? But they looked nothing like each other.
"And you excpect me to believe you?" Julian asked.
Roshan stood up from his seat. "I expect nothing. But you can expect to die by my hands if you try anything stupid." He warned flickign a dagger between his fingers. "I'll see you." He then told Lucian before dissapearing.
Julian turned to Lucian. "That man is dangerous. He is a very high rank demon."
"Don't worry. He is not here to hurt me." Lucian assured still dazed. "Is everything ready?"
"Good." Now it was time to give Pierre what he deserved.


Pierre hadn't been able to rest for the last few days. He kept having nightmares and in those nighmares he saw Lucian. Everynight, his brother while looking like the devil would haunt him and drag him to hell.
"Feel at home brother." He would say and then leave him there to burn.
The nightmares would feel so real that when he woke up he would be drenched in sweat and his heart would beat like drumms inside his chest. It didn't help that rumors about his brother being alive were making rounds and it was scaring the hell out of him even if he didn't want to admit it. Everytime he went to sleep he would feel as if someone was in his room, watching him and waiting patiently for an opportunity to strike. It was making him lose his mind.
"Come out! Show yourself ! Don't hide like a coward." He yelled but no one replied or showed themselves.
Everyone were starting to think that he was crazy, talking to himself and yellig without a reason.
At first he tried to hide his fear and frustration but now he no longer cared what people thought of him. He just wanted this torture to end. He was sleep deprived and he felt exhausted for everyday that passed by.
Tonight while he had dinner at his chamber he kept looking at his bed. He didn't look forward to sleeping. Maybe he could go to one of is mistresses and sleep there instead of alone. Why hadn't he thought of that before?
Standing up from his seat he went to the mirror. He had to make sure that he looked good before he left the room but while he glared at his horrile state in the mirror a guard suddenly barged inside the room.
"Your highness. We are under attack." He exhaled.
"What do you mean attack?! Who is attacking?"
"The royal army. I don't understand why." The guard seemed confused.
Pierre on the other hand knew why. It was his brother Lucian. He had come for him just like in his nightmares and now he would drag him to hell. All those years he mocked his brother for being the devil's son without truly believing it but now all that turned out to be true.
"Your highness. We need to take you to a secure place. Please follow me."
But Pierre couldn't move. He was in too much shock. He didn't know where to begin.
The guard grabbed him by the arm and began to drag him out of the room.
"Protect the King." He ordered the other guards. "and clear the way. Our priority is to take the king somewhere safe."
"No place is safe. The army seems to know their way around. Someone on the inside is probabaly working with them." Another guard spoke.
"Its Lucian." Pierre breathed after holding his breath for what seemed like hours. "He has come to kill me."
The guards looked at him as if he was insane and maybe, he was. He would find out soon.
"We can take him through the secret passage." The first guard suggested.
Pierre knew there was no use in escaping. Lucian knew every passage in the castle.
"We are all going to die." Pierre whispered his eyes wide in fear.
"Not yet brother."
A shiver went down Pierres spine. This voice he knew very well and he never thought that he would hear it again. Slowly he turned around and just right behind him a few feet away stood his brother, Lucian. He looked just like he remembered and not like someone who came back from the dead.
Pierres guardsfroze in place, their eyes wide in both shock and fear. Their arms shook while they held their swords up in a defensive way. Pierre wanted to tell them to attack but the words couldn't form in his mouth. It felt as though his tongue was paralized.
Lucian took a step forward and the guards held out their swords.
"Stay were you are." One of them warned but it sounded like a plead.
"Put your swords down." Lucian ordered.
The guards hesitated and seemed confused as what to do.
"While I am being nice." Lucian added.
One of them dropped his sword because he was shaking to much. " this...possible?"
Lucian narrowed his gaze. "You…" He began pointing at the guards. "You are the one who burned me? Aren't you?"
The guard fell on his knees. "I...I...I am sorry y..yo..your highness. Please don't kill me." He stuttered.
The other guard fell on his knees as well. "Please don't kill me, your highness. I swear my loyalty to you."
The first guard shook his head violenty. "Yes me too. I swear my loyalty to you."
Pierre stood there confused. His guards just abondened him. Should he run? But to where?
"I don't need your loyalty but I'll give you a head start." Lucian said looking amused. "Run as fast as you can because if I catch you, I'll burn you alive."
Even though his brother was not speaking to him Pierre felt like running but instead he fell to his knees as his legs couldn't hold him up anymore. There was something very frightening about Lucian and he couldn't quiet put his finger on what it was. The fact that his brother didn't look at him once only added to his fear.
"Your highness please, we will do whatever you want. I have a family." One of them cried.
"I said run!" Lucian repeated and this time they got up quickly and ran away clumsily.
Then ever so slowly Lucian turned his gaze to Pierre. "Why so quiet brother? You were so good with words."
Pierre felt wetness on his face as if someone poured water over his head, but he knew it was his own sweat. He must have looked so little and pathetic. He tried to gather some courage but as he gazed into Lucians eyes he saw a rage like no other. This was the end, he thought.
Lucian took more steps forward and then crouched so that they were on the same level. He looked Pierre in the eyes.
"You are mistaken brother. This is not he end. It's only the beginning." He said.
He could read his thoughts. Pierre felt his head spin and black spots began to cover his eyes before everything became dark.
Lucian stared at his brothers unconscious body on the ground. He was really dissapointed but he would get to torture his brother eventually. First he would let him get over his state of shock and get grip over the reality and then he would begin with his favorite task. Torture.
For now he orders his men to throw Pierre into a cell and he proceeded to find the ones who threw him into a well and burned him. As usual they tried to gain some sympathy by mentioning that they had families.
"Your highness please. I have a family. They can't live without me."
"And I didn't have a family?" Lucian raised a brow.
"That's not what I meant. I was...I was just following orders."
"No you were not. Pierre told you to get rid of my body. The natural thing would be to bury it, not throw it in a well and burn it to ashes."
The soldiers eyes darted around unsure of what to say next. Lucian nodded for his men to take them away.
"No, no. Your Highness, please! I promise to serve you with loyalty for the rest of my life. Please spare me once." They called as they got dragged away.
Lucian was too tired right now too torture them and he did not want to kill them yet. He would take care of more important things first and then he would enjoy his revenge.
"Your Highness." Callum came walking toward him with Hazel trailing behind. Lucian noticed the blood that seeped down her arm.
"What happened?" He asked and rushed to her.
"Nothing." She smiled. "Just a little cut."
Callum fell on one knee and bowed his head. "I'll accept my punishment." He said in a regretful voice.
Hazel chuckled. "He is funny. There will be no punishment. You protected me well. Get up on your feet." She ordered.
Lucian realized that Hazel had become much more strong and confident. She must have gone through a lot for her to change so drastically, he thought. Anyway, he liked this version of her.
Callum got up on his feet and that's when Lucian realized that he had lost his man to Hazel. He would not have stood up without his order otherwise. Callum would now be more loyal to Hazel than anyone.
"You dissapoint me Callum." Lucian said with humor, meaning that he got hurt.
Callum looked at him carefully. "I am sorry, Your Highness." He said geniunly.
"Don't be. I just hope she chooses you the way you chose her."
Callum looked at Hazel and she looked at them both confused. Just when she was about to say something, Lucians men gathered and informed him that everything was done accordingly and now the castle was his. After such a long time he was back home, the home he never liked but now that would change. He would make this place into a real home, with his wife and he would make it up to her for all the mistakes he had done.
"Well, while we are at it, why don't you choose your own two personal guards." Lucian suggested turning to Hazel. "You can choose anyone except for Lincoln."
"I don't need personal guards." Hazel whispered.
"Yes you do. You will be no princess anymore, you'll be a queen." Lucian whispered back.
Hazel looked at the guards but not for too long. "I chose Callum and Oliver." She said.
They both came forward, bent a knee infront of her and swore their loyalty. Lucian found it all amusing. He was so used to having his men only obeying him and now he would have to get used to them obeying his wife.
Hazel left with her guards to treat her wound and Lucian went ahead to take care of the rest.
"How are things going?" Lucian asked Julian.
"We have informed the people of this kingdom that you will be their king and general Black is preparing for your coronation tomorrow."
Lucian nodded. He couldn't believe how fast things happened. Would the people of this kingdom accept him as their king or wouldl there be more war?
"You said you would take care of the witches. How?"
"You don't have to worry about the witches. We don't like uneccesay fights. You are a drosht and half demon, your father is the devil himself and your mother is a very powerful witch, now even half demon I guess. The witches would be fools to pick a fight with you unless they are sure they will win, and witches are anything but fools." Julian explained.
He couldn't say the same about the demons.
"And what if they want to fight."
"Then there will be a problem because it means they have gathered really powerful witches. Those are scary." Julian pointed.
"Do you know the most powerful witch?" Lucian asked.
"There is no most powerful. The leader of every coven are the most poweful ones."
"Then arrange for me to meet your leader." Lucian ordered.
Julian hesitated. "Your Highness. I don't think it's a good idea."
"Just do it." Lucian insisted.
Julian nodded then left.
Lucian sat back down with a sigh. He had too many things to take care of. Humans, witches, demons, it was just too much.
He lay back and closed his eyes. He knew he had a lot to do but he just wanted to rest for a short while. Hazel next to him would make it all better.
Hazel. He called her inside her mind. He wasn't sure if she would hear it but he hoped so. After a while he heard the door open, some footsteps and the she was laying next to him on the bed.
He didn't open his eyes, he just inhaled her sweet scent, mixed with blood.
"Did you treat your wound?" He asked.
"And your maids are safe?"
"And.." before he could ask any further Hazel pressed her lips to his and kissed him viciously.
"You worry to much, husband." She said after breaking the kiss.
Lucian put on arm around her waist and flipped her over so that he was laying on top.
"Now you should worry, because I won't let you out of this bed."


Klara could see a shadow in the darkness slowly stalking toward her bed, but she didn't feel the least bit scared. She already knew who the shadow belonged to since he came to visist her everynight. No! Not only visit, he did other things as well.
Klaras heart raced as he slowly neared her bed and then carefully removed the blanket. She was only wearing her nightgown which had slipped up and was now revealing her legs and thighs. He leaned down and then slowly traced his fingers up her leg and down her thigh.
Closing her eyes Klara could feel his fingers slowly sliding under her dress and his face came close to hers. His hot breath tickled her lips and she wondered if he would kiss her.
"Open your eyes, Klara." His musculine voice was low and made her shiver in anticipation.
She wanted him to kiss her. Just a bit closer and their lips would touch.
"Klara! Wake up!"
Just a bit closer..
And closer….
A bit more...aaaand he kissed her!
Or maybe not. The kiss was too short, only a peck followed by a load feminine laugh that woke her up.
Klara shot her eyes open and looked around confused. What just happened?
"" Astrid could barely talk because she was laughing too much and rolling on her bed.
Klara sat up. "Whats wrong with you?" She asked rubbing her eyes.
"You…" Astrid stopped laughing and took a deep breath. "Ok sister. Now you need to tell me what or who you were dreaming of?."
Klara shrugged. "No one."
"Please. You were pouting your lips desperatly that I just had to give you a kiss, otherwise you wouldn't wake up." She chuckled.
Klaras cheeks burned. She had been dreaming of Roshan. Again!
Since she came back she hadn't been able to stop thinking about him. The way he had kissed her on the rooftop kept repeating itself in her mind and the taste of him still lingered on her lips.
Not only did he wander in her mind all day but also in her dreams all night. What if he had done something to her? It had to be that way because thinking about him this much was abnormal and annoying. She wanted to move on with her life especailly now when her brother had welcomed her back and wasn't forcing her to get married anymore.
Rasmus had been so angry when she came back and he scolded her like never before.
"Where have you been?" He had asked with clenched teeth.
Klara looked down terrified. Her brother could be really scary when he was angry.
"Answer me Klara! Where have you been?"
Klara couldn't tell him where she had been. It was too complictaed.
"Do you know how worried I was? Do you know all the things I imagined while you were gone? All the things that could have happened to you. I didn't even know if you were dead or alive. Do you know how that feels?"
"I am sorry." Klara apoligized. "But I had no other choice. I don't want to marry him."
Rasmus hit the table with his fist. "And I wouldn't force you if you had chosen one yourself and if you hadn't betrayed me." He yelled. " I raised you Klara. You and your sister were only eight when mother and father died. I took care of you both. I raised you, I fed you, I clothed you and I protected you and how do you repay me?"
It was true. Her brother had done everything for her. He had raised her into a strong woman and made sure she had everything she needed. He always treated her with love and respect, so she could understand that he was hurt by her actions.
"I am sorry." Tears filled her eyes bacause of guilt.
Rasmus sighed. "I thought you were dead when I couldn't find you."
"I am sorry." She repeated. The tears fell down her cheeks.
Her brother looked her up and down. "Are you unharmed?"
She nodded.
"Come here." He opened his arms and Klara went to hug him.
Oh, she had really missed her family. "I am sorry."
"It's alright." He said stroking her hair.
"Please brother. I don't want to marry him. I promise to choose one myself."
Rasmus grabbed her face. "You better hurry. You are twentytwo, Klara. All the women in your age are already married. If you don't get married now no one will marry you."
"I know." Klara said.
Most girls got married as soon as they turned seventeen if not before. Klara knew she was very late with the whole marriage thing but she didn't think she would be. She never expected Lucian to be already married when he came to visit them.
None of it mattered now. Her brother wanted her to find someone soon and her sister had already arranged for her to meet some suiters.
Klara didn't look forward to it but she knew she had to go through with it eventually. Unfortunatly none of them caught her interest
One of them only kept talking about himself and the other only spoke of war and politics. Klara could see that he only saw her as a weapon to gain more power.
One kept praising her beauty the whole meeting which made her uncomfortable and one barely said anything and she had to lead the conversation. Some of them she didn't even listen to because her mind drifted to Roshan. That man had occupied her mind and she couldn't help but compare every man to him. Unfortunatley none of them made her feel anything close to what Roshan made her feel.
"You seem disappointed." Astrid noted.
"I mean they are all good looking and powerful, but...I...I don't know. I don't feel anything." Klara said frustration clear in her tone.
"The feelings will come." Her sister assured.
"What if they don't? What if I never feel anything for anyone and then I have to marry one of them?" The though terrified her.
"What do you think of Noah? He is handsome and charming, even funny."
Yes Noah. He had been the only charming one of the bunch and he was very good looking as well. He aslo seemed to listen to her and not only talk, but her mind had been elsewhere.
He was the problem. She needed to deal with him first before she could fokus on finding a suitor.
At night when everyone went to sleep Klara locked herself inside her room. She grabbed the necklace that Roshan gave her and then she called him inside her mind. It was crazy, but she hoped it would work. When nothing happened she tried again only this time she whispered his name.
She waited for a while and when nothing happened she gave up and decided to go to bed, but just then she heard his voice.
"Hello princess."
Klara turned and found him standing next to her bed. He looked as handsome as she remembered, if not more. He wore a royal blue shirt that sat loosely on his torso and a pair of black trousers. His hair seemed wet or maybe it was the dim light that made it glow, either way he looked excuisite.
"You came." Was the only thing she managed to say.
"I thought you wouldn't need me." He said taking a few steps toward her.
His male energy seemed to already effect her because her heart began to race as he came closer.
"I don't. I just want you to undo whatever it is you have done to me." She crossed her arms over her chest.
"And what have I done to you?" He asked with a frown.
"You know what you have done. Just undo it." She ordered.
"I can't undo it if I don't know what it is."
"You're doing your demon thing...manipulating me think about you all the time. I just want you to leave my head." She sounded frustrated.
Roshan took a step forward looking at her carefully. "You were thinking about me?" He sounded surprised but pleased.
"Yes, because you are in my head and now I want you to leave." She tried to sound calm but failed. Not that Roshan seemed to care. He was busy enjoying the situation.
Crossing the distance between them he grabbed her chin. "Listen princess. If I am inside your head it's becaue you are thinking about me and not because I am manipulating you. If I wanted to do that I would have had you pinned to my bed by now."
His eyes held hers. Klara could see the l.u.s.t in those Hazel eyes combined with something else she couldn't understand, but whatever it was brought a fluttering feeling to her stomach.
Annoyed by the way he made her feel she drew away from his hold.
Roshans lips curved into a knowing smile. "Admit it princess. You want me."
"I don't." She hurried to say as if trying to convince herself.
"You said it yourself, that you have been thinking about me." He reminded. "If you don't want me I'll just leave and you can keep thinking about me. could actually have me."
God, he was so convincing. What did he expect from her? To tell him to stay and do what?
Pin her to his bed. Well, it would be her bed now. Was she really believing that he didn't manipulate her? Then she would have to admit that she indeed had been thinking about him. No, not only thinking but dreaming and fantasizing as well. Shame on her. If he hadn't kissed her like that on the roof top she wouldn't have thinking about him this much.
Oh great! Now she was blaming him when she has kissed him back willingly. God, what was she suppsed to do with him? Or with herself?
"You are a demon." She said not sure where she was going with it.
"Yes, I am. And?"
"And...and nothing! I just want you to leave me alone." She was desperate to stop thinking about him.
Roshan raised a brow. "I would have, if that was truly what you wanted."
You don't know what I want, she wanted to say but the look in his eyes told her he knew very well. Deep down she knew as well, she just had to admit to herslef.
"Have a good night Roshan." She said turning away from him and when she turned back he was gone. He didn't even say goodnight. Was he angry with her?
She shouldn't care but she did and it kept bothering her the whole night.
The day after she met Noah. Klara tried really hard this time to forget about Roshan and focus on the man infront of her. Noah was tall, with beautiful long brown hair that reached his shoulders. His dark brown eyes were as warm as his smile and he had a dimple on his left cheek. He was not only goodlooking but smart as well, yet Klara felt nothing as she walked with him in their garden while he spoke of his travels around the worlds. He had seen a lot and Klara could tell that's how he gained his wisdom, by meeting new people and learning different cultures. He would be a perfect match for her. She knew it but she didn't feel it.
"So, what do you think?" Astrid asked when Klara came back.
"I like him." Klara said simply.
"Really?" He sister sounded pleased.
Klara nodded. "Yes."
" you just like him?" Astrid knew something wasn't right.
"Yes. I am not interested in love."
It was true. Noah was a perfect match for her, besided she wasn't looking for love. She didn't believe in love anymore. Those things happened only in stories. In real life love wasn't a good thing. It was something that could hurt you, that could make you selfish and stupid and something that people could use against you. Why would she need such thing?
"Love is not an interest. Its a feeling that you can't help and if you don't feel it then you just don't." Astrid explained.
That was the problem. Klara thought that she could never love again. What she felt for Roshan was just an attraction and what she felt for Noah was only respect.
"Love is not a necessity."
Her sisters expression turned somehow into a sad one. "I know you are hurt but it's not going to hurt everytime."
"No, but it can hurt a second time." And Klara couldn't handle a second time.
No she couldn't. She could not fall in love with a demon! That was a big no!


Everything was going smoothly. Lucian got his revenge on his brother and today, he was getting crowned. Very soon he would be the king of Decresh, the king of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world. But Lucian didn't seem happy. Something was bothering him and he wasn't talking to me about it.
"Is something wrong?" I asked while the maids helped him get dressed for the cronoration ceremony.
Lucian smiled. "No, nothing is wrong."
I motioned for the maid to stop doing whatever she was doing. "Leave us alone." I ordered and the maid left queitly.
I went to Lucian and placed my hands lighlty on his shoulders. "You are going to be a good King." I assured him.
He grabbed my face with both his hands and placed a kiss on my forehead. "Only with you by my side." He smiled.
"I'll always be by your side." I said adjusting his hair and then I took a step back to see if everything was in place. "I think you are ready to go."
Lucian entered the throne hall walking with grace and confidence. Not many people were envited, only high rank generals, politions and some priests. General Black wanted Lucian to be crowned as soon as possible therefore not many could attend the ceremony.
The priest who was supposed to crown Lucian didn't look very pleased, probably because of the rumors that happened to be more than just rumors. I wondered how the priest would react if he found out that he was indeed placing the crown on the head of the devil's son. He would probably die of shock.
After announcing Lucian as the king of Decresh the priest placed the crown on his head. That was it. They made a great deal out of nothing.
Everyone kneeled to their King and swore their loyalty then Lucian motioned for me to come forward. I looked around confused. Why was he telling me to come forward?
With hesitant steps I walked up to him and then gave him a questioning look. Lucian gave the priest a nod and then turned to me. He took my hands in his.
"Will you be my queen, Hazel?" He asked.
"Of course." I replied still confused.
He turned to his left where the priest now stood with another crown. The crown was made of gold and adorned with stones and diamonds. Lucian was crowning me as his queen. Now!
A king never crowned his queen at his own cronoration ceremony. Usually they chose their queen later on and it wasn't necesserly the first wife, rather the most powerful one. The rest were only reffered to as the kings wives and not as queens. There could only be one queen and Lucian was crowning me as his queen, right now.
Lucian took the crown carefully from the priest and then ever so slowly placed it on my head without hesitating. I wanted to say something but everything was happening so fast that I didn't have time to think.
"I hereby name you queen of Decresh." He said loudly so that everyone could hear. "Kneel to your queen." He then ordered.
Everyone in the room kneeled and bowed their heads. This was not how it was supposed to be but Lucian didn't seem to care about any rules. No, he wasn't because he suddenly took my hand and began to lead me out of the hall.
"Where are we going?" I whispered.
"You will know soon." He replied.
And soon we arrived at our chamber. Lucian shut the door behind him, removed the crown from his head and then mine before grabbing my head and capturing my lips in a heated kiss. I was surprised by his sudden l.u.s.t but I kissed him back while he opened the straps on my dress and then let it slide down my shoulders. I opened the buttons on his shirt and he took it off swiftly all while still kissing me.
Suddenly we were in bed, our bodies pressed againts each other, his hands roaming the sides of my body and my fingers entangled in his hair. Soon more clothes came off and our bare skins moved against each other. I should take a moment and ask why things were happening so fast but I was lost in the heat and too aroused to think. We were not speaking, only touching, kissing, feeling and making love, just like last night and even thought we just made love last night we still craved each other as much.
After crying out for the third time Lucian rolled over and I lay there breathless next to him. For a while we just stared at the ceiling and tried to catch our breaths. What on earth just happened? We never did it like this before, fast and quiet but still very intense. I guess lovemaking was not always slow and sensual.
"Are you alright?"
I nodded. I could still not speak, probably not walk as well. Three orgasms in such short amount of time was too intense. I could still feel my legs quiver.
Lucian turned to his side and rested his head on his hand. "Was it too fast for your liking?" He asked while looking at me.
I shook my head. "No. I liked it."
He caressed my cheek with his thumb. "Hazel, I will be really busy from now on but anytime you need me, you just call me. Alright?"
He leaned in and kissed me quickly. "I need to leave now." He said apolegitically.
"I know." I smiled.
As a new king there was a lot of pressure on him and a lot of things to do. I just hoped that he wouldn't overwork himself. I watched him while he got dressed and this time he seemed much more calm. Could lovemaking relieve stress? Then I would let him love me all day, everyday.
I swung my legs down the bed and stood up but my legs felt weak and wobbly. Maybe all day everyday would be too much then. I needed to walk after all.
Once Lucian left and I got dressed I went to the library, with Oliver and Callum trailing behind me. Now that I was queen I needed to educate myself a bit more. I refused to be useless like I used to be.
"Yes, My queen."
My queen? That sounded strange but I liked it somehow.
"I need good simple books about politics and war."
Without asking questions, Oliver looked throught the bookshelf and then found some books for me to read. He then helped me carry them books back to the room. The room was already cleaned and Lydia was polishing the mirror while Oliver placed the books on the table.
"Anything else, My queen?"
"Yes. Lydia!"
"Yes, My Lady."
"Serve this young man something delicious to eat. A lot of it." I ordered.
"Yes, My lady."
"There is no need, My Queen." Oliver protested.
"It's an order." I said.
He had regained some weight but he still looked weak.
I turned to Callum. He had regained his strenght completly and looked just fine. Still, I wondered if he wanted to eat something as well.
"I am alright, My queen." He hurried to say.
I nodded. "You may leave."
Once I was left alone I took my books and went to the garden where I began to read while sitting on the swing. After two hours of reading and only understanding a half hours read I gave up. Where was Klara when I needed her? She had even promised to teach me some fighting skills. Could be useful in a world full of witches and demons even if one of them slept right next to me everynight.
I thought of Lucian. Of everything he must be going through right now. After dying, getting tortured, coming back to life and losing his memory he met his real parents. One of them he thought was dead for many years. I wondered how he was doing mentally. How confused and maybe angry he must feel. He didn't deserve to go through all that, not after growing up lonely and mocked by everyone.
I wanted to help him heal and get back everything that he had lost or never had.
I needed to meet Irene. I hoped she would come and visit me soon as she had promised.
The rest of the day went by with my writing notes on the things that I understood and memories them.
"What makes you so occupied, My Lady?" Lydia asked while serving me dinner.
"Complicated politics." I sighed putting the notes aside and looking at the food.
I knew Lucian would be to busy to eat with me so I ate alone, not aware of what I was putting in my mouth because my thoughs were elsewhere. I didn't want to spend the rest of my days bored so I knew I had to find something to do during the day. But what?
Right! I needed to learn how to ride. Tomorrow I would ask Oliver or Callum to teach me. I could not wait.
Excited I stood up to prepare for sleep when Lucian suddenly appeared out of thin air. He had learned how to teleport himself.
"Lucian. I didn't think you would come tonight." I said suprised.
"Here I am." He said opening his arms.
I went to hug him.
"Will you stay?" I asked.
He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my hair. "Yes."
"How was your day?"
"It was…" He stopped and I felt him stiffen.
I looked up and found him staring behind me with surprise. I turned to see what he was looking at and found Irene standing infornt of the door. Her face seemed pale and her sad eyes were red, as if she had been crying.
"Lucian." Her eyes rolled back into her head before she fell down on the floor.
"Irene!" I was next to her in a minute and shook her slightly. "Irene!"
I looked at Lucian who stood there with a frown. "She is not responding." I told him.
Without a word Lucian bent over and then carried her up and to the bed. He lay her down carefully and then palpated her puls. "She is alive." He said calmly.
What happened to her? Lothaire?
Just as I thought of him I felt icy air just behind my back and I knew immideatly that he was there.
I turned to him. "Lothaire? What happened to her?"
"She is just a bit unwell. I'll take her with me."
He walked passed me and to the bed were she lay unconsious. Just when he was about to lift her up Lucian grabbed his wrist to prevent him from touching her. "You are not taking her anywhere." Lucian said sternly looking his father in the eyes.
"And why is that?" Lothaire asked.
"She is a witch and you are the devil. How do I know you are not keeping her against her will?"
For the first time I saw Lothaire looking confused. "You think I am manipulating her?"
"Why would a mother not visit her son?"
My eyes widened when I realized what Lucian was thinking. He thought that Lothaire was the one who kept his mother away from him.
"Is it because she is a witch? Is it because I am half witch that you wanted me dead?" Lucian stared Lothaire in the eyes demanding an answer while still holding his wrist in a steel grip.
"I would never stop your mother from visiting you." Lothaire spoke.
"I'll ask her myself once she wakes up, until then she will stay here."

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