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Heaven gasped in shock. The sound of the slap echoed in her ears. Before she could recover, her mother slapped him again, on the other cheek. Now, her body froze completely. Why wasn't she doing anything? She looked at Zamiel, but he didn't seem the least surprised. He stood there calmly, looking like he was waiting to get slapped again. But her mother seemed to be done. 

"One was for hurting my daughter and the other for hurting my husband." She explained. "Your are welcome." 

Zamiel gave her a faint smile, then reached out his hand. Her mother placed her hand in his and he kissed her knuckles. "It's a pleasure meeting you, Your Majesty." He said then dropped her hand. 

"Please sit." Her mother motioned toward the table. 

Zamiel made his way to the table and pulled a chair out for her mother first. She thanked him with a smiled and sat down. Then he pulled a chair out for Heaven but she still stood frozen.

"Heaven?" Her mother called. 

"Yes," Heaven forced her body to move and went to sit down. She looked at Zamiel to see if he was alright, and he gave her a reassuring smile. 

Once he got seated, a maid served them tea and left. Her mother made sure they were completely alone, no servant and no guards. This made Heaven nervous. 

"I know what happened to you and why you behaved the way you did. But as a mother, the most difficult thing is to see your child hurt. I think you know better than anyone." 

Zamiel nodded. "I do."

"I want to make sure she is with someone who will love and cherish her. Someone who will protect her from any harm." Her mother continued. 

"I'll love her selflessly, cherish her endlessly and protect her fearlessly." He said and then turned to Heaven. He looked her in the eyes. "I will share her happiness and her pain." 

Heaven felt suddenly emotional. She fought back the tears that threatened to fill her eyes and smiled at him instead. 

"Heaven, why don't you leave me and Zamiel alone for a moment?" Her mother asked.

Heaven panicked. Was something wrong? Did she not like him? 

She looked at her mother and gave her a look, telling her to be nice before leaving. She waited outside, walking back and forth in the hall. What were they talking about? Was her mother scolding him?

Unable to contain herself after a while, she went to the door and placed her ear against it. She knew she shouldn't but she couldn't help herself. 

Despite the thickness of the door, thanks to her supernatural hearing, she was able to hear her mother talk. 

"What do you like about my daughter?" She asked. "She is young and not as experienced or as wise as you." 

"It is true that we gain wisdom and experience with age, but it is not your daughter's wisdom or experience that makes me love her. It is her kindness, her courage and her will to live and learn. I might have more experience, but your daughter taught me more than what I have taught her."

Heaven took a step back from the door. She didn't know why, but for some reason she walked away. Maybe because she realized she didn't have to worry. Zamiel was handling it well, and she should trust both him and her mother. 

She went to her room and sat down with a lot of thoughts in her head. His words made her emotional. 


How could she have found such a man? How could he make her feel more loved for each day? His words imprinted in mind, and it felt like her heart would burst in joy. She was lucky and she would never regret that she released him from his prison because eventually he released her from her own. 

Kate walked inside after a knock on the door. "My Lady, I saw you leaving the dining room. Won't you eat dinner? Do you want me to serve it here?" 

"I'll eat later." Heaven said. 

Kate nodded. "My Lady, if I may ask. The man who came here, is he to be your future husband?"

Heaven smiled. "That is the plan." 

Kate frowned. "Then I should tell everyone to speak of him in a respectful manner. The maids are saying.... things." 

Heaven could already guess what things they were saying. She had heard them gossip about her father so many times before, and sometimes even heard them say things she shouldn't have heard. She couldn't let herself get upset by these things. 

"Don't let it bother you." She told Kate, but she was already bothered herself. 

Now she would know how her mother felt all those years, having females throwing themselves at her husband. 

After Kate left, Heaven waited patiently, trying to occupy her mind with other things, but she kept seeing the handsome man that came to meet her mother today. There was something different about him. Or was it just because she hadn't seen him dressed this nicely before?

How could this man appear more beautiful to her for each day that passed by? 

When she thought she waited enough, she went back to the dining room. Now the door was open, and she was surprised to find her mother and Zamiel chattering happily.

Heaven walked inside as she listened to their conversation. 

"She was so stubborn. She would always complain about wearing dresses and wanted to wear trousers. She once cut her own hair. It looked horrible." Her mother chuckled. 

Zamiel had a smile on his face as he listened intently. Heaven was disturbed. She didn't want her mother to tell Zamiel these embarrassing stories about her childhood. 


"Oh Heaven. Here you are. Your father is coming, we will eat dinner soon." 

Heaven sat down surprised, and her mother wanted to continue telling her story. "Mother, please." She cut off. 

Her mother chuckled. "Alright, alright. I have already told him enough." She teased. 

Shortly after, her father walked in. All of them stood up and her Zamiel greeted him respectfully. 

"Please sit." Her father said. 

"I was just telling Zamiel embarrassing stories about Heaven." Her mother smiled. 

"Then I shall continue." Her father teased. 

Why was she being mocked by everyone? 

"No father, please." Heaven begged. 

He clapped her on the shoulder to assure her he wouldn't. 

"Zamiel, I have heard that you have set up a trade in town?"

He did? When?

"Yes, Your majesty. Your are welcome to visit." Zamiel replied and so they started talking about trades, prices, markets and other things she couldn't understand while they ate dinner. 

Heaven was just happy they were getting along, and there seemed to be some kind of understanding between them. Their conversation flowed naturally and Heaven found herself staring at the two men she loved the most in the world. 

After a while, when dessert was served, her mother took her aside and they went to another room. 

"Let the men speak alone." She said. 

They went to the parlor and sat down. Heaven was curious to know what her mother's impression of Zamiel was. 

"Mother, what do you think of him?"

Her mother smiled gently. "I can see why you like him. He seems calm, gentle and mature, and he reminds me a lot of your father."

Heaven was happy to hear that. 

"Mother, I want to marry him." Heaven said not hiding how she felt. 

Her mother chuckled. "I know. Take your time. Don't rush it." She advised. 

Heaven was relieved that everything went alright and both her parents seemed to like Zamiel. They told him to come and visit again before saying goodbye. 

With a smile, Heaven went back to her room. She knew Zamiel didn't go back home. He must be waiting for her there. Walking inside, she found him sitting on her sofa. He looked up at her and then motioned for her to come and sit next to him. 

Heaven's heart raced for some unknown reason as she obeyed him. She sat beside him while keeping a little distance between them. His scent filled the space in her room and invaded her senses. What was wrong with her today?

Ignoring her emotions, she turned to him. "I am sorry about my mother's behavior earlier." 

"Don't be sorry. It was the least she could do. She was very kind to me." He assured, looking at her with his smoldering silver eyes. 

They seemed more silver than before, or was it just her eyes?

"Yes, she is very kind. People think I am closer to my father because I bother him and confide in him more, but that is only because I am protective of my mother. My mother is my weakness. It pains me to see her sad." She explained. 

She wanted Zamiel to know how important her mother was to her. 

Zamiel nodded. "I understand." He said, looking at her in a way that made her nervous. 

"Is-is something wrong?" She asked when he kept staring. 

"No, you look perfect." He said. 

Heaven's breath caught in her throat from the way he looked at her as he said those words. It was almost as if she hypnotized him. 

"Thank you." She said as her cheeks burned. 

Did she put too much effort into looking good? Maybe she overdid it.

He reached for her face, his cold fingers sliding over her burning cheeks until they reached her lips. His gaze followed his fingers. Heaven held her breath as he leaned in and then captured her lips with his. She closed her eyes as his hot mouth moved over hers, slowly waking the demons inside of her. Heaven was still, trying to remind herself to not lose control, but it was almost impossible. He was awakening every nerve in her body. Her senses immediately reacted to touch and to his scent. 

Just when she couldn't control herself anymore, he pulled back, leaving her feeling lightheaded. She took a few shaky breaths, but not enough to calm down before he kissed her again. Heaven was lost in a pleasure she hadn't known before. Heat consumed her, yet she shivered when she felt his fingers trail down her neck. The hot and cold provoked her, but Zamiel pulled away in time again. 

If he kissed her yet again, her heart wouldn't survive. It was already drumming in her ears. Yet the emptiness that followed when he stopped made her want to die. 

Zamiel turned away from her quickly. She had provoked his demon, just like he had provoked hers. She could see it from his clenched jaw that he had been close to lose control. 

Both of them sat quietly for a moment, trying to calm down, but Heaven couldn't stop her beating heart. 

Suddenly it felt hot inside the room. There was no air to breathe. Heaven stood up and went to open the door that led to the garden. She stepped outside and inhaled the cold air. Zamiel was right behind her and they stood there in silence to cool off. 

"Heaven." He finally spoke. 


"I should go home. If I breathe in your scent one more time, I might not behave decently." 

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Heaven lay in bed trying to sleep, but her heart was still racing. No matter what she did, she couldn't calm down. Despite having windows open, she still felt hot. Even Gina had heard her wildly beating heart when she came right after Zamiel left. 

She had pointed that her cheeks were red, then teased her about doing the forbidden. 

"I didn't." Heaven had said. "It was only a kiss." 

The most tender kiss, yet it had left her feeling this way. Unable to think of anything else or sleep. After turning back and forth for what seemed like forever, she could finally fall asleep. 

But even in her dreams, Zamiel was there to stir up her emotions. He appeared from the shadows and slowly stalked toward her bed. He loomed over her, his silver eyes gleaming with desire. He slowly crawled into her bed, under the covers. Heaven's heart was beating erratically as she felt his icy fingers on her skin. In her dream, he was not holding back and his hands reached every part of her body, igniting flames along the way. When his fingers reached her neck, she saw his fangs glistening in the dark. The sharpness of the tips made her nervous. 

Zamiel's lips curved into a wicked smile before he leaned down and buried his fangs in her flesh. 

Heaven shot her eyes open with a gasp. She blinked a few times while staring at the ceiling. It was only a dream, yet it had felt so real. Her heart was still beating and her body acting strangely. 

She shook her head. These dreams and thoughts were forbidden. She shouldn't dwell on them. Pushing the dream to the back of her mind, she went on to get prepared for the day. Today was the day she would travel to Valish. But then she remembered that she forgot to ask Zamiel if Ilyas came to see her. They had decided to meet at Zamiel's home. 

Thinking of going to Zamiel made her heart race again. Something was wrong with her. It wouldn't be the first time she went to his home, so why was she acting like this?

While it was still early in the morning, she had to visit him and see if Ilyas had found any information that could be useful. But if he didn't, what was she supposed to do then? 

She shook her head. There was no need to worry about it before knowing for sure. 

Heaven teleported herself to Zamiel's home. She was surprised to smell the scent of food and tea as she walked through the halls. When she came to the parlor, she found a maid serving tea. The old woman didn't seem surprised to see her. 

"Are you Lady Heaven?" She asked. 

Heaven nodded. But who was she? Heaven could tell she was human. 

"Lord Zamiel is upstairs." She informed. 

"Thank you." Heaven said and made her way upstairs. 

She proceeded to Zamiel's room. The door was open, so she peeked inside. He was nowhere to be seen. Heaven walked in and looked around. Her gaze fell on his bed and her dreams from last night came back to mind. The way he had touched her and she let him. She had even enjoyed it. 

Admitting that to herself made her cheeks burn, and she turned around hastily to leave but walked right into his arms. A gasp left her lips. 

Zamiel wrapped his strong arms around her and smiled. "Good morning."

Heaven stiffened. Her heart stopped as she found his face close to hers. She could tell that he just bathed by his fresh scent and his wet hair. A few wet strands hung over his face and few water drops dripped from them. Heaven looked at his thick wet lashes, then his smoldering silver eyes, then his... lips. 

Suddenly she felt lightheaded. Why? 

Zamiel chuckled, "you need to breathe." He told her. 

Yes, she wasn't breathing. That's why. 

She let out a deep breath and pushed herself away from his arms. How could she think clearly otherwise? 

Zamiel narrowed his gaze, probably wondering why she was acting strange. 

Heaven cleared her throat. "Good morning." She said. 

He ran his fingers through his hair to remove the wet strands from his face, before looking at her again. The gesture made her heart skip a beat. "Did you sleep well?" He asked. 

Heaven remembered her dream again and her cheeks flushed. She turned away so he couldn't see her and walked to the window, pretending to look outside, "yes. What about you?" She asked. 

Suddenly he was right behind her. "I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about you." He said, his voice feeling like a soft caress on her back. Her eyes darted nervously as she felt him come even closer. 

Heaven stood still. She didn't know how to reply to that. 


She closed her eyes as he called her name. He was hypnotizing her, and she couldn't resist. She turned to him, her body obeying him more than her. She told herself to not look into his eyes, but he grabbed her chin and turned her head up. Now, it was too late. She was already gazing into them.

"Why do I feel that you are running away from me now?" He asked. 

Yes. Why was she running away? Was she so scared of herself? Even now she took a step back, but the wall behind her stopped her from going any further. 

"I-I don't want to torture you." She said but truth was, he was the one torturing her. 

"I would rather be tortured by your presence than your absence." He said leaning closer to her. 

"Wait!" Heaven said, putting her hands on his chest to stop him. 

Zamiel stilled. 

"I don't want to hurt you." She said. 

Today she had no control. She didn't want to hurt him more than before. 

"I won't let you." 

He grabbed her wrists and pinned her hands on the wall above her head before claiming her lips with his. There was nothing gentle about the way he kissed her this time, about the way his lips spoke against her. Telling her a tale of passion and craving. Leaving her body and soul at his mercy. And when he released her, she let herself fall into his arms. Her legs unable to support her.

Zamiel carried her up and lay her down on his bed. Heaven felt the taste of blood in her mouth and when she looked at him he had two small cuts on his lips. Not as bad as the previous ones, but still awful to look at knowing she was the cause. 

Sitting beside her, he reached for her face. Soothing her burning cheeks with his cold fingers. 

"I wish I could heal you than hurt you." She said. 

"Heaven, you are the cause and the cure to my pain." He said. "You are my everything." 

His words warmed her heart, and she reached for his face. "I love you, Zamiel." She said. 

"I love you too." He smiled. 

Zamiel offered her to stay over for breakfast and Heaven agreed. There was something strange but exciting at the same time to eat breakfast with him at his home. It was almost like they were already married and living together. 

After they were done eating, Ilyas finally showed up. Heaven felt nervous, hoping he had good news for her. 

"My lady, I don't know if this will be beneficial to you, but I found out that King Rufus likes men." 

Heaven frowned where she sat and then turned to Zamiel, who was sitting calmly next to her. 

"What do you mean he likes men?" Heaven said turning back to Ilyas. 

Ilyas' gaze shifted to Zamiel before looking back at her. "I mean, he desires not only women, but men as well." 

Heaven blinked a few times. Was that possible? A man desiring a man. 

She looked at Zamiel questioningly. He smiled at her reaction.

"Some of them are very young. Not even men yet. He exploits boys." Ilyas continued. 

"Why?" Was all Heaven managed to ask. 

Ilyas just looked at her for a while. "I don't know." He said. 

"No king would want such rumors circulating about him. You could use that to your advantage". Zamiel explained.

Heaven would have to think about it during the journey, but now she had to hurry back home. She gave Ilyas the necklace and explained to him how it worked. When teleporting, he would only need to hold it and he would know where she was. If the necklace glowed, then it meant that she wanted to meet him. Ilyas nodded and left. 

Now she had to go back home before people noticed that she was missing. 

"Do you have to go now?" Zamiel asked. 

Heaven nodded. 

"How long will you be gone?" He asked. 

Valish was a neighbor kingdom, so the travel would take four to five days. Then it would depend on how long she stayed there. "Maybe two weeks." She told. 

She wanted to ask if he would come to see her, but refrained from doing so. She wanted him to see her as a mature woman who focused on her mission. 

Zamiel kissed her goodbye, and then she hurried back to the castle. Callum already had everything under control. The men, their horses and a carriage were already prepared. Kate had already packed both their clothes and was ready to come with her. 

Just when she was about to step into the carriage, someone called her name. 


When she turned around, she found Zarin standing behind her.

She didn't expect to see him so soon. What was he doing here?
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Zarin couldn't stop thinking of what his father told him. Yes, he had to do something with his love and not just keep it in his heart. But what was he supposed to do? What did a woman want from a man? 

No woman had ever denied him before, so how was he supposed to know? He thought back of what Heaven told him. She said she liked Zamiel because he set her free. He could that for her now as well. She told him that Zamiel saw the woman she could be, then he was ready to let go of his childhood friend. If it was support she needed, then he would show his support. He would help her become a ruler, and this time he would apologize first, and not let her be the one to wait for him anymore. 

What else did he have to do?

He had to make sure that Zamiel wasn't tricking her. He did not trust that man. There was just something he didn't like about him. He would find his weakness. 

Zarin teleported himself to where he expected to find his father. He didn't only end up finding him, but his uncle Rasmus as well. Usually they were the ones to visit his uncle, so he was surprised to see him here. 

"Zarin, come here." His uncle said. 

His uncle Rasmus was human, but acted nothing less than a demon. Zarin had never met a human male tougher than his uncle. While he was young, he had heard the rumors about him. They called him the bloodthirsty king. The first king to establish a kingdom all on his own at such a young age. He was afraid of nothing. His mother had even told them once that he just laughed when she told him about them being demons. He was an impressive man. 

Standing up, his uncle gave him a hug. 

"You have grown up so much." He said, and they sat down. 

"Thank you." Zarin smiled. 

Something about his uncle always made him nervous. The man liked to speak in riddles and seemed to always know more than what he disclosed. 

"And handsome at that. Have you found a woman?" His uncle asked.

He was also straightforward, and now Zarin didn't know what to reply. His father sipped whatever that was in his glass, amused. 

"Don't lie to me, boy." His uncle warned jokingly when he noticed his hesitation. "You can't have difficulty finding a woman. That is your father's and my specialty after all." 

Both his father and his uncle chuckled. Zarin couldn't help but smile at how much the two men resembled each other. Both had a sarcastic humor. 

"I know it might not feel comfortable to ask your father for advice when it comes to women, but you can ask me." Rasmus winked. 

Yes. He did not feel comfortable speaking to his father about women. But maybe he could speak to his uncle. There was too much of a generation gap between him and his father, so he knew his uncle would understand him better. 

Later, when he found his uncle alone, he took him aside. 

"It is a woman." His uncle smiled knowingly. 

"It is not just any woman. She is the daughter of the Lucian." Zarin explained.

"I see." His uncle said. "It seems like our family are attracted to that family." 

"What do you mean?" Zarin asked. 

"Never mind. Tell me about this girl. What is the problem?" 

Zarin felt a little embarrassed but decided to tell his uncle. "I confessed my love to her and she… rejected me. I… I want to win her back, but I don't know how." He admitted. 

His uncle was thoughtful for a while. "If you want to win her, you have to know how to win her. Women like confident men." 

Zarin nodded. Was that all the help he would get?

"Love is all about emotions. The way a woman responds to you depends on the way you make her feel. If you make her feel loved, safe, secure and special, she will respond to those feelings." His uncle continued. 

"But that is the problem. I thought I made her feel that way." Zarin said. 

"If you want to win a woman's heart, you have to know what her heart desires and provide that for her. Not provide her with what you think she wants. Maybe the way you showed her love was not the way she wanted to be loved." 

Zarin was frustrated. "Why does love have to be so complicated?" He asked. "Isn't it enough to just love someone?" 

His uncle chuckled. "Good things in life don't come easy. Love is not easy. Love needs time, effort, patience, understanding and courage. Love is a war. You need to know when to draw your sword and when to use your shield." 

From his uncle's explanation, love was definitely not easy. What was he supposed to do now? Go to war? He was still confused. 

"I am telling you to be observant. To win her heart, you have to know when to fight for her and when to fight with her." Rasmus added. 

For the rest of the day, Zarin thought carefully of what his uncle told him. To fight for her and to fight with her. He would do both. She was going on a trip to prove her capability. He would go with her and fight with her. He would support her. 

And when fighting for her, he would find out Zamiel's weakness. He didn't have a good feeling about that ancient demon. He had a hard time believing that Zamiel truly loved Heaven and did all those things Heaven claimed he did for her. 

The ancient demon was probably only interested in her beauty. Zarin had never met a woman more beautiful than Heaven, so he wouldn't be surprised if Zamiel only wanted to use her. That way he could also have his revenge on a witch. Witches had killed his family, after all. Zarin had a hard time believing that the vengeful demon just abandon his vengeance. 


Zamiel woke up sweating and panting. His body was burning with fury. He had that same nightmare again where Heaven killed his family. It felt so real that when he woke up he needed a moment to come back to reality. Heaven would never do that to him, but he couldn't deny that the dream was still disturbing. Why Heaven? It pained him. 

He had to find a way to get rid of these nightmares. He was afraid of harming Heaven, of losing her. Last time he had the nightmare, he was close to hurting her. He had no control over himself when he woke up from these horrible dreams. 

His maid Helen had already prepared breakfast when he went to the dining room. He gulped a glass of water to cool himself down first. After finishing his breakfast, Helen informed him he had a visitor. 

"You can always let Heaven in." He told her. 

"It is not Lady Heaven. It is another young lady."

Young lady? Zamiel didn't have any visitors at all. Where did this young lady come from?

"Let her in." He said.

Zamiel sensed that she was human before she entered the dining room. She was wrapped in a blue cloak and stalked to where he sat. 

"My Lord." She curtsied. 

Zamiel looked at the woman in front of him. She was a young Lady in her early twenties. A beautiful woman, probably desired by many men, with her long wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She had a radiant skin with light freckles around her nose and heart-shaped lips that curved into a seductive smile. 

"What brings you here?" Zamiel asked. 

"I am Rose, my Lord, but you can call me anything you like. I am here to please you."

The woman opened the straps on her cloak and removed it from her shoulders. She was left wearing a thin dress that barely covered her body. 

Please him? Zamiel tilted his head to one side. 

"And who sent you to please me?"

"My owner." She said. "I know nothing more, My Lord."

Zamiel took the freedom to get inside her head. She wasn't lying. He saw her owner giving her orders to come here and please him. But her owner must have been paid by someone to her here. 

Zamiel couldn't think of anyone else doing this except for Zarin. The boy baffled him. At least he tried to hide that it was him, but this boy clearly underestimated him. What was he trying to do? The boy was going too far now, and Zamiel had already let him get away a few times. But no more. Now he had enough. 

"Are you not pleased with me, My Lord?" Rose asked when he said nothing for a while. 

"I am very pleased." He told her. "Please, get dressed." 

Rosa was about to remove her dress when she realized what he said. Her eyes widened. She was questioning whether she heard him right about getting dressed and not undressed. 

He motioned for her to pick up her cloak, to assure that she understood him correctly.

Rose picked up her cloak and covered herself slowly. He could see the confusion in her eyes. She got even more confused when he paid her a generous amount. 

She stared at the golden coins. "This is a lot, my Lord. I have done nothing." She told him.

"I was very pleased, so you deserve it." He said. 

If Zarin wanted to play games, then Zamiel would play along. He realized at this point the boy would not believe him or give up, unless he was taught a lesson. Zamiel would gladly be a good teacher.
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Kirnon materialized in the room just as Rose left. Kirnon was one of the few demons working for him. Zamiel went and freed him from his Lord to take him under his wing. He was a clever demon, and Zamiel needed loyal and clever men by his side. Kirnon helped him with all kinds of matters. He specially looked out for his enemies and knew about anyone who came near his home. 

"My Lord. You called for me." He said. 

"Yes. I want you to take care of the trade on your own today. I will be busy with other things." 

Kirnan nodded. "Is it the woman? Do you want me to find out anything about her?" 

"There is no need." Zamiel said. 

No demon would be foolish enough to come up with such a plan, knowing very well that he was ancient and could easily figure out who it was. No demons would be stupid enough to think a woman sent by a stranger would simply entice him. To think that a woman could actually be his weakness. That would mean humiliating and underestimating him. Only someone with a weakness for women would think that it would also be his weakness. Only someone reckless would get on his bad side. Knowing Zarin surrounded himself with woman and seen his reckless behavior a few times, he was the first suspect. 

But time would tell, and patience was Zamiel's strength. He had already read Rose's mind. She had a reputation to uphold. She was the most sought out and highest paid prostitute. No man had ever denied her before, so she had no intention of going back and telling the truth. She was even thinking of bragging about how much money she got because she pleased him so well.

He didn't have to do anything now. He would just let her do her thing. If it was Zarin, which he was sure of, he would dig his own grave. 

His only concern was Heaven. He didn't want to hurt her feelings, but it was inevitable if Zarin continued with his rash behavior. 

The nightmares did also concern him. He didn't always have them. Something had changed. What could it be? Were his dreams telling him something? 

Witches were good at interpreting dreams. Maybe he needed to see one. But no witch would help him except for Irene. He didn't want to tell her that her granddaughter killed his family in his dreams. That might make her concerned. But this was about Heaven's safety, and he had to find the root of these nightmares so he would know how to get rid of them . 

After brooding over it, Zamiel decided to see Irene. He teleported himself to her house and stood outside for a while, contemplating on whether it was a good idea. 

Irene must have sensed his presence, so she came outside 

"Zamiel, what a surprise. Come in." She said and walked in without waiting for him. 

Hesitantly, Zamiel followed her inside. Her house smelled of roses and herbs, and everywhere he looked there was a sign of life. Plants, birds in cages, a cat…

"I know. I love animals and plants." She smiled when she saw him look around. 

"It shows." He said now looking at the paintings that hung on the wall. They were colorful. He got the impression that she was someone who loved life. She reminded him of Heaven. 

Irene led him to the livingroom and asked him to sit down. "Would you like tea or coffee?" 

"I am alright, thank you." He said. 

She sat down. "I am surprised you could find my home."

"You found out everything about my previous life. Finding your home was easy." He said. 

She nodded with a smile. "Of course. What bring you here?" 

"I need help to interpret my dream." He began. 

She nodded for him to continue. 

Zamiel didn't want to do this, but he had to. "I have been having nightmares where Heaven kills my family." He said quickly, as if the words alone hurt him. 

Irene looked at him thoughtfully. He wondered what she was thinking, but he couldn't get inside her head. As expected from a powerful witch. 

"Is that all you see?" She asked. 

"Yes." He replied. 

"Does the dream feel strange somehow? Does it differ from your other dreams?"

"Yes. It feels strange that I can remember every detail when I wake up and it is the same dream every time. It might sound strange, but I have the feeling that the dream was purposely put in my head." 

"It does not sound strange. I think someone is manipulating your dreams and I know who it might be. Heaven's grandfather." 

Zamiel had almost forgotten about the devil. 

"Lucifer is the master of manipulation. That is his power, and he plays with weakness. You family is your weakness. You are still mourning their death and you haven't let go of the pain and guilt yet. If you don't let go of that weakness, he will use it against you and you might end up doing something you will regret." 

If Zamiel didn't know better, he would rush to Lucifer and threaten him. But the devil had nothing to fear, not even death. He was guaranteed to exist as long as life existed on earth. 

"What does he want exactly?" Zamiel asked. 

He knew it was not about him. It was about Heaven, and he probably wanted her to join him to misguide people. 

"I don't know exactly what he wants to achieve with your nightmares, but he wants Heaven. He wants her to rule one of the five kingdoms in the underworld. His son Ozul has died."

The five kingdoms were ruled by the devil's children. He was not lucky when it came to offsprings. He only had a few, and not all of them were fit to be leaders. 

Four kingdoms were ruled by his sons and one by his daughter. If his son Ozul died, then he was looking for a replacement. Unfortunately, none of his children would outlive him. 

"Mourn your family properly and then move on. That is the only way you can protect yourself from him." 

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Heaven was surprised to see Zarin. What was he doing here? 

She walked up to him. "Zarin, what brings you here?"

"I have been thinking and… I realized that I haven't been a good friend. I know this mission is important for you. I just want to be there for you this time and support you." He said. 

"I am sorry, Zarin, but I can't take you with me. I need to do this alone. It won't be impressive if I take a man with me. It will make me look weak. I am only taking my guards with me." She explained. 

"Then I will follow you as your guard." He insisted. 

Heaven knew he wouldn't stop insisting. "Alright then." She said turning to Oliver. "Oliver, please bring more suitable clothes for Zarin so he looks like every other guard. Provide him with a horse as well." 

Zarin looked at her, confused. "I can just teleport there." He whispered. 

"If you want to follow me as my guard, follow me like every other guard." She told him. 

There was no simple way out. He had to learn that supporting someone wasn't always easy. 

Heaven turned around and got inside the carriage with Kate before they rode away. 


"Yes, Your Highness." 

Heaven didn't know how to ask. "What does it mean exactly that a man likes a man?" 

Was it the same as a man liking a woman? How did a relationship like that work? There were so many things she was curious about, but she had felt embarrassed to ask Zamiel and Ilyas about details. 

"It is forbidden and punishable by death." Kate said simply. 

It seemed like the act was condemned and not liked by society. But why would someone be killed for liking someone else?

Heaven didn't feel good about this. She still had a lot to learn about society. Since she didn't know much, she didn't feel good about using something she did not know of against someone else. Especially if the punishment was severe. 

But something else disturbed her. Why did Ilyas use the word exploit and why is the King using young boys? If he liked men, shouldn't he just be with the man he liked? How old were the boys? Heaven forgot to ask that question. Later at night, when they stopped to rest, she would call Ilyas. 

She had to know more about King Rufus. 

When the sun went down and the sky turned black, they stopped to eat and rest for a while. Zarin looked bored and tired, but smiled at her when he caught her looking at him. 

Heaven excused herself, saying she needed to take care of her human needs in private. They understood that she wanted to Urinate. Kate offered to follow her, but Heaven refused. 

Leaving on her own, she went into the woods and further into the darkness. Then she used her bracelet to call Ilyas. He appeared in an instant.

"Lady Heaven." He bowed. 

"Ilyas, I don't feel right about using the information you gave me against the king. I can't condemn him because of the way he feels." 

"Nor should you. You should condemn him because of his actions. This man does not simply like men or women. He is using them. He is ruining the lives of young boys, and even young girls. But you can't use the young girls against him since people don't find that to be wrong, but you can use the boys against him. He deserves to be punished, but I won't tell you what to do. I know punishing him might not benefit you." 

If he was ruining lives, more than her benefits, she should save the young boys and girls. But that might bring war, and her father hated war. What was she supposed to do? 

If she can save them, then she will, even though she didn't know how yet. As long as he was king, he could get himself new boys and girls. The only way to solve the problem for good was to take over the Kingdom. Not the mission she came for or was prepared for. 

Ilyas noticed her worry. "My Lady, just go there and meet him. Then follow your own judgement. I will be there to support you." He said. 

"Thank you." She told him and hurried back before they started wondering where she left. 

Halfway back, she was surprised to find Zarin. "Are you alright? It felt like someone else was here." He said looking around. 

"I am fine." She shrugged. "I saw no one." 

Zarin was suspicious and kept looking around. 

"Lets go back." She told him to distract him. 

They went back and slept for the rest of the night. As soon as the sun rised, they continued with their journey. 

During the rest of the journey, Heaven felt nervous. She thought of many ideas and ways to help the young boys and girls without creating trouble, but she couldn't find a good solution, and when they reached their destination, Heaven felt sick to her stomach. 

As usual, they took away her guard's weapons before they could enter. Then she was taken to a guest room. "His Majesty will meet you tonight." A guard informed. "Make yourself comfortable." 

Comfortable? She was so nervous she thought she would vomit. She couldn't even eat the food that was served. 

"My Lady, are you alright?" Kate asked. 

Did it show? She needed to get her act together. She couldn't afford to show weakness. 

"I am fine." She assured. 

Heaven decided to rest for a while before she could meet the king. Maybe with a rested mind she could think clearly. She got into bed and closed her eyes. Eventually she fell into a deep slumber. 

Something felt strange when she woke up and opened her eyes. She looked to her left, just to find Zamiel sleeping next to her. What was he doing here? Heart pounding, slowly her hand reached under her pillow. She had hidden the dagger that Roshan gave her there. Grasping it, she slowly took it out. Sitting up carefully to not wake him up, she placed the tip of the dagger on his throat, right above his collarbone.

She had to finish the task before he woke up, so she pulled the dagger back and stabbed him in the throat. 

Shocked, she pulled her hand away when Zamiel shot his eyes open. He reached for the dagger and pulled it out of his throat. Blood squirted out from the wound and he looked at her with eyes pained by the betrayal. 

"I am sorry." She said, tears filling her eyes. 

Her shaking hands tried to cover his wound quickly, to stop the bleeding. What has she done? 

She panicked. The blood was not stopping. While tears streamed from her eyes, she called for help. She screamed for help. 

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"Help! Help!" 

"Heaven!" Someone shook her gently. 

Heaven shot her eyes open and the first thing she saw was a pair of silver eyes. She didn't know why she reacted by screaming, but Zamiel was quick to cover her mouth with his hand.

"It is only me." He assured her calmly. 

She stared at him with wide eyed, her heart pounding painfully inside her chest. 

"It was only a bad dream." He whispered. 

Yes. It was only a dream. He was fine. 

Just when he removed his hand, Kate and her guards barged into the room. Heaven sat up and Zamiel turned to the door. 

Oh no!

Callum and Oliver were ready to fight but looked confused when saw Zamiel. Kate on the other hand was shocked. When she saw Zamiel sitting next to her on the bed, her eyes widened. 

"Everything is alright and princess Heaven is safe. You can go back." Zamiel said, using a hypnotic tone. 

Suddenly their expression changed. They looked like they had seen nothing. Turning around, they left without a word. 

Zamiel turned back to her, looking concerned. "Are you alright?" He asked, cupping her cheek. 

Heaven jumped up and hugged him before sobbing in his arms. She never thought it was only a dream. The warm blood against her fingers as she tried to stop the bleeding and his pained eyes had felt so real. She had truly believed that she stabbed him. She feared that she had lost him. 

Zamiel wrapped his arms around her and stroke her back gently until she calmed down. Heaven pulled away from his hold and wiped her tears away. Her hair was soaked in sweat. 

"What did you see that frightens you so?" He asked. 

Heaven took a deep breath to calm down. She wanted to tell him about her nightmare, but she felt bad even having it. She could hurt him, but she didn't want him to think even for a moment that she had any intention of doing so. 

"Zamiel. Do you trust me?" She asked. 

"More than myself." He said, stroking her cheek. "And I want you to trust yourself."

Heaven nodded. "I am alright now." She assured him. "I didn't know you would come to see me." 

He gave her a meek smile. "I told myself to stay away. I didn't mean to intrude. I was only worried." 

She didn't mind the intrusion, but he was definitely a distraction. With him, she just wanted to be comfortable and let him take care of her. But she couldn't keep crying. Duties were awaiting. 

"I should prepare to meet the king." She told him. 

He gave her a nod, and Heaven pushed herself out of bed. "I need to get dressed." She said turning around. She expected Zamiel to say that he would leave, but he just sat there and stared at her. 

"Do you want me to help you?" He asked at last. 

Heaven was surprised. She tried to read his expression to know if he was being playful or serious, but his face gave nothing away. 

"I don't think you can handle a dress." She told him. "It is more complicated than politics." 

He chuckled. "I am sure. I leave you alone then." 

Heaven nodded. 

One moment he was sitting on the bed and the next he was standing in front of her. He leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. 

"Goodbye." He smiled before he vanished. 

As always, Heaven felt the small butterflies in her stomach. She shook her head quickly before her thoughts went somewhere else. 

Focus Heaven! She told herself.

While getting ready to meet King Rufus, Heaven thought of how she could help the young boys and girls without creating trouble. 

Threatening him to stop wouldn't work unless she exposed that she could easily know if he went back to doing what he does. 

Spreading rumors would stain his reputation, but would it stop him from committing such acts? 

Unless he was punished for it, he wouldn't. And for him to get punished, there had to be evidence. The young boys would never expose him out of fear for their lives and their families. Even if they did, it would be their words against his.

His reputation getting stained would eventually lead to his downfall, but meanwhile he would unleash his fury on the innocent boys and girls. Heaven wanted to do it in a way that wouldn't harm them any further.

Another idea was the seal. If she got a hold on the seal, she would rightfully be the ruler, but without a war getting hold on the seal would be suspicious. Usually when an army wins, they would invade the castle, kill the king and give the seal to their own king. So the seal was not the solution to her problem. 

She sighed. What was she supposed to do?

"My Lady, you look troubled." Kate pointed who was making her hair. 

"I am." Heaven replied. "But it will be fine."

Once she was ready, she walked out of the room. A guard was already waiting for her and led her to a parlor where King Rufus was waiting. Heaven felt sick just looking at him. 

Standing up, he smiled when he took notice of her. "What a pleasant surprise." He said, his eyes gleaming in a way that made her nauseous. 

King Rufus took her hand and kissed her knuckles. "Welcome, princess Heaven." 

Heaven forced a smile. "Thank you, Your Majesty." 

He offered her to sit down and then dismissed the guards. Heaven knew they were standing right outside the door, yet she felt uncomfortable being alone with this man. 

"I am surprised to see you here. I was informed a General would come." He began. 

"Consider me one, Your Majesty." She told him. 

He raised his brows, but then smiled. "I could help with that. I would let you become a General with no questioning." 

Heaven knew what he was offering. 

"I am here for the trade." Heaven said calmly. 

"I already told your father I am not interested to work with him." 

"Decresh would be a powerful ally. You want the royal army to help you. If this deal becomes successful, I will become a General. We could later negotiate." She explained. 

He laughed. "Princess Heaven. No offence, but even if you became a General, the royal army would be far from your command." 

"I wouldn't be so sure." She said, looking him in the eyes. "I know I am a woman, but I can assure you I am stronger than the strongest man in your army." 

"That sounds like a challenge." He said. 

"If you want to make it one, I accept it, Your Majesty." 

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Zarin was exhausted after the long trip. Not his body, but his mind. He had never had to endure to just sit on a horse and go on for days. How did people travel like that? He was thankful he could just teleport. If it wasn't for Heaven, he wouldn't be doing all of this, and she didn't even pay attention to him during their journey. She treated him like any other guard. 

And then he had to sleep with all the other guards in a strange hall. The beds were so small he could barely sleep. But it didn't matter. Once everyone fell asleep, he decided to leave and see if his plan was successful. 

He teleported himself to the most famous brothel. Only wealthy men could afford the prostitutes here, and Zarin had asked for the most expensive one. He was going to offer her to an ancient demon after all. 

"Lord Zarin. Welcome." The owner greeted. 

"Thank you. Any information." He asked eagerly. 

"Rose has completed her mission, and she was successful. He was very pleased and even payed her. A generous amount." The owner told him. 

He knew it. That man had no real love for Heaven. He was just using her. He couldn't wait to expose him. 

With that information he went back to Valish, feeling relieved that he would get rid of that ancient demon soon. He might have blinded everyone, but not him. He could see through his disguise. 

Now sleeping in the small bed felt less uncomfortable. 

"Zarin! Zarin! Wake up!" 

Annoyed, Zarin opened his eyes. Callum towered over his bed with his serious expression. 

"It is morning." He said. 

"It is early." 

"Guards, wake up early." Callum told him. 

Oh, right? He was a guard now. He forced himself out of bed with a yawn. 

"We are going to Princess Heaven's room and escort her." Callum explained. 

"Where?" Zarin asked. 

"Her Highness will fight the most skilled swordsman in Valish. We will escort her to the fighting pit. Many people will be there, so we need to be on our watch and protect her. You demon abilities could be useful." 

Zarin was confused. Why would Heaven fight a swordsman? 

Getting dressed, he followed Callum and Oliver to where Heaven was staying. They waited outside the room for a while and then Heaven came out dressed in an armor with hair tied up in a ponytail. 

"Good morning, Your Highness." Both Callum and Oliver bowed. 

Zarin hesitated. Was he supposed to bow? 

"Good morning." He greeted, bowing hesitantly. 

Heaven smiled at him, amused. He felt silly. 

When they started to walk, Zarin hurried to her side. "Why will you fight?" He asked. 

"King Rufus promised to trade with us if I defeated his strongest man." She explained. 

Zarin wasn't worried, unless the man used some dirty tricks. Heaven would easily defeat him. 

When they arrived at the fighting pit, Zarin was surprised by the amount of people who came to watch the fight. King Rufus was sitting separately from the crowd while his guards stood beside him. 

When they escorted Heaven inside to the pit, the crowd cheered. Once she was provided with a sword and a shield, they left her side but didn't go far. They stood in a corner, closer to her than anyone else.

The crowd cheered again. This time because the skilled swordsman walked into the pit. He lifted his arms in the air, waving for everyone to keep cheering him on. This man was gloating, but soon he would have his ribs broken. Even breathing would become painful. 

Heaven stood confidently, looking relaxed while she waited for him to finish embarrassing himself. 

Zarin grimaced thinking of how badly stained this mans reputation would be after this fight. The most skilled swordsman was beaten by a woman. 

The man turned to Heaven and showed her with his hand that he would slice her throat. Zarin got extremely annoyed by his behavior. How he would enjoy seeing him get beaten. 

And what was he doing now? 

He growled and started hitting his chest. The crowd cheered louder. 


Zarin almost rolled his eyes. 

He turned to Callum and Oliver. While Oliver seemed excited, Callum just stood with his arms crossed over his chest. But he could see the deadly stare in his eyes. 

"You just want to kill him. Don't you?" He asked him. 

"He will wish he was dead soon." Callum replied. 

The man's name was Brody. The crowd chanted his name as the fight started, but once he missed a strike, the chanting lessened and when he missed three strikes; it became quiet. It looked like he never missed before, but Heaven was smaller and quicker than him. She easily stepped away from each strike with little effort. 

Brody frowned. His face hardened. He tightened his grip on the sword and made himself ready to attack, this time showing no mercy. But he could still not even hit her once. Zarin knew Heaven was provoking him on purpose. Warming him up, while entertaining the crowd. She could easily finish him, but there was no fun in that. 

Zarin looked up to see where King Rufus sat. He tried to remain calm, but Zarin could see the worry in his eyes. He should not have bargained with a fight. 

When Brody became a little tired, Heaven began to attack. Her sword hit his shield with such force that he stumbled a few steps back. Gasps came from the crowd. Brody was shocked, but Heaven didn't give him time to think. She swung her sword at him again and again. Each time hitting the shield harder, causing Brody to crumble to his knees. Heaven stepped back and gave him a chance to get back on his feet. 

Zarin knew she could strike the right place if she wanted to. But she had to look human and not expose her power. 

Brody was panting. He was baffled by her strength, and now he looked afraid. With one swing of her sword, Heaven knocked the shield out of his hand, while causing him to stumble back again. 

More gasps came from the crowd. Everyone watched intently, surprised by this woman beating this skilled swordsman. 

Heaven threw away her shield. Now they would only fight with their swords only. Brody became impulsive and started to attack viciously, only tiring himself. After a while Heaven had enough. Stepping away, she went behind him and elbowed him in the back of his neck. 

Oliver grimaced. "That looks painful." He said. 

Brody lost his balance and fell on his hands and knees. Heaven kicked him in the stomach and he rolled over on his back with a groan. She stepped on the hand in which he held the sword until he released it. Then she kicked the sword away. When he tried to get up, she placed the sharp tip of her blade on his throat. 

Zarin wanted to clap, but he wasn't completely satisfied. This man was getting away easily after all the bragging and threats. She could at least cut off his tongue and feed it to him. But Callum was right. A lot of shaming was awaiting him. Humans could be very cruel. ...


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