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PHYSINEWS REPORTS: Chapter 794: Soft

Ezekiel stilled. Her question seemed to make him wage war with himself again on whether he should tell her the truth or not. She could feel the turmoil he was feeling within, and it before she knew it, she shook her head and forced out a smile.

"You don't need to answer that if it's too hard for you." She said quickly, concern filling her eyes. She did not want to push him. He was already so tortured that she did not want to add to his agony. She was afraid that he will lose control again and she might even accidentally slip into his memories again. "It's okay I... I won't get angry."

A ghost of a smile flashed over his face. "That's unexpected. But really? You won't get angry?" there seemed to be a tinge of amusement flashing in his eyes.

"I won't. I might keep thinking about it, but I won't let it rile me up, don't worry."

The amusement spread out over his eyes and his face.

"Soft." He muttered under his breath, but Alicia heard him and could not help but frown, wondering what he was referring to. "Your heart is as soft as your breast."

Her mouth dropped to the floor as heat instantly coloured her face. What the

He cringed at what he blurted out himself before a low chuckle echoed from him. She could tell he was laughing at himself. "Sorry, I'm just trying to distract myself. I know that was not the more tasteful thing I could say."

Alicia took a deep sigh to regain her composure and to stop the blush from overtaking her. "Nice attempt. But that's really something I'd never ever imagine Ezekiel Reign would say. I didn't know you were even capable of saying such a thing until now."

"Actually, I think the same too." He was still smiling, shaking his head as he kept his eyes closed. "Even I don't recognize myself when I'm with you. So, you and I should bear with it. At least for now until things are settled."

They both went silent because Alicia had started to reach out and gently stroked his hair in a rhythmic and slow caress. Her hand just moved absentmindedly, and she was already touching the strands of his very dark hair when she belatedly realized it.

She stilled at that moment and her heart raced. She had been fighting the urge to hold him close to her and hug him tight, but she was afraid that her touch would do the exact opposite instead of offering the comfort she was wanting to give.

Holding her breath, she waited for him to catch her wrist and stop her from continuing in her actions. When he did not, she moved her fingers hesitantly and fiddled with his hair.

She had been wanting to do this for a while too.

"You're really... soft." He commented in a muted voice, still not opening his eyes. But somehow, his face seemed to have lost that extreme stressed out look now. Alicia stared at his face, and he did not look so strained now.
"I'm not." She disagreed with his comment, wondering why Ezekiel was saying that she was soft. She honestly did not think so. Anyone who would hear his story will definitely react similarly to her. Many others would even be bawling their eyes out by now.

"You are. You're being sympathetic with your enemy right now." He reminded her as a lopsided smile graced his lips.

Her hand stilled upon hearing the word 'enemy'. He was right... they were, by definition, enemies. She had hated him for the things he had done to the witches in the past. But now that she had learned about what the witches did to him in the first place... yet he did not show the same hate. She was not sure if she were in his shoes, she would be able to do the same.

He had all the reasons to hate her too, but she had never felt it. The hatred. She'd never feel it nor seen it in his eyes. Or was it always there but was just hidden so well from her that she never realised it?

Suddenly, she remembered that sudden and inexplicable intense hatred that was trying to take over her for a couple of times now. Was that it?

She continued fiddling on his hair. "Aren't you the same? You might say you're doing all this because of the thing you wanted from me. But aren't you caring too much about me, a person you're supposed to hate? You've been fighting so hard just so I wouldn't see your haunting and disturbing past. If you didn't care, you could've just let me see it all, right?"

"It would be ridiculous for me to hate you. You don't have anything to do with the witches in the past. You are you."

"But you vowed. I saw and heard you vowed to annihilate all the witches until there were none of us left in this world." Alicia's word came out softly.

He opened his eyes and stared unseeingly at the ceiling. "The memories you saw is a bit distorted. Don't get me wrong, they were all real... but they had been stored and shown to you in false order. I've already accomplished that vow in the past. When my father and that witch finally got what they want, they didn't keep their words. Not even once. My father vowed that he would free us after... that. Then he will leave us for good because he will go with his mistress and become her king. But he had decided to make the witch queen his queen instead. The two of them aimed to rule both the vampire and witch kingdoms. Such greedy fools." Ezekiel sneered as he recalled that. "They wanted to create a new era, a new dynasty that will be ruled by their offspring, their future half vampire half witch children.."
Chapter 795: Attachment

"And the very first step for them to do is to slaughter us all. All the royal vampires except himself, of course. I have learned about their plans earlier, so I plotted our escape. But my siblings were too weak to endure after all the long years of being imprisoned. And Seb had it way worse than any of us. His situation was so bad that he couldn't even get up.

And with my miserable powers back then, it truly was not possible for any of us to be able to escape successfully. But I eventually found a way. My siblings told me to go alone.

They were all aware that I was the only who would manage to escape with that plan that I had hatched. Left without a choice, I did exactly what they told me to, promising them that I would be coming back for them soon."

His grip on her wrist tightened as he shut his eyes closed again, seemingly lost in his memories. He only looked up and spoke again after a long time of silence. But Alicia patiently waited for him to speak.

"Before mother died years ago in the hands of that witch, she had told me to go to a certain place. So I went there... many things happened... I was pursued for I don't know how long. Forced to the brink of death. I didn't reach the place that my mother had wanted me to go. Because something in me had awakened. My demonic powers, something I didn't know I even possessed had somehow awakened. It was then that it all started. I became invincible. I rushed back to the Black Forest to save my family. But..."

The heavy and dark aura oozed from him in an instant, turning the entire living room ominous and suffocating.

Panic instantly gripped Alicia's heart. But the very first thing she did was to touch his face, caressing his cheek as gently as she could instead of trying to pull as far as she could away from him.

Her touch seemed to do something to him. The heavy and suffocating atmosphere seemed to break, and he took in a silent breath and the air around them cleared. It was as if he had sucked in every bit of what had come out of him and locked them securely within him again, leaving nothing behind. As if the outburst had never happened at all.

And he looked like the usual ever so calm and collected Ezekiel again.

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The statement shocked and confused her but she did not move and just looked up at him. Her eyes that were full of confusion bored into his own, wordlessly asking him to explain what he meant with that sentence.

"I know a way to make it happen without anyone needing to make any sacrifices." He said quietly, never breaking his gaze off her.

Those words made her prop herself up. Her eyes a little wider as she shook her head. "If that's true, you wouldn't have to let your brother Skyler turn human, isn't that right? If what you're saying is true, you wouldn't be so against Kyle and Lilith being in a relationship. And... you wouldn't have held back with me."

He pressed his lips tight and she struggled to understand the expression that was swimming in his eyes. "Because this only works betvveen a witch and a vampire. And for your information, I'm not against Kyle and Lilith being together just because of that. And I wasn't holding back all these damned times just because of that. I am not in the practice of torturing myself because I think I will kill you if I do fuck you."

The fact that he actually answered all three of those questions at once was surprising. Alicia had not known Ezekiel to be a person who would voluntarily give up information just because someone asks him for it, no matter how important the question or person was. So all the words he had just said were such a huge shock to her that she struggled with which of the three she should address first.

She did not know how she managed not to ask the very first thing that her heart was burning to know.

"What do you mean? How could it work only between a vampire and a witch? What exactly is this method you are talking about?" Alicia decided on addressing this matter first. It seemed to be the most neutral and trigger safe one for now.

He leaned back. "It doesn't happen to just any vampire. It only works on vampire royals..." he paused in his explanation, and he tore his gaze off her, fixing his gaze towards the darkness outside. She could see his facial muscles working as if this was a conversation he had never ever wanted to have. She could bet that if they were not in this situation, he would have not talked about this. Ever. "Witches from long ago... they were the ones who discovered this method I am talking about."

Alicia's mouth literally fell to the floor. What?! It was the witches who found this method? To allow witches to join with vampires? She knew nothing about that. Not even the memories of the dead queens from long ago had any records mentioning about this.

"You won't know. Because of one witch queen in the history of witches, they were never able to pass her memories to the next generations. That same..." he paused again, and she could tell that he was struggling to control the rage that was boiling within him. "... it was that same queen who was the one that discovered this. She had managed to create a spell that can counter the curse between the mating of a vampire and a witch." His tone was low and severe, and his brows knitted as he told her these things.

"That woman..." he shut his eyes tightly closed as he threw his head back. "...that woman had discovered that by... goddamn..." He seemed to not be able to continue. And Alicia wondered what was it that caused him to be this agitated.

The way his darkness and rage and hate oozed from him despite him trying to suppress it made Alicia's heart just shake. She had not even heard it yet, but she could feel that whatever it was that he was going to reveal to her would be something she would never be able to even imagine.

"By using... a vampire royal as her guinea pig." He was clutching at his hair when he said that.

And Alicia could only sit there, too shock to even react. He did not need to elaborate it. Alicia had seen it in the memories how witch queens and other witches in the past created their spells. Long ago, they used to test it on themselves or other people. It was even common for them to use captured enemies, prisoners and traitors to be used as their guinea pigs for their spells. She knew what cruelty happens to the so-called guinea pigs and since this spell was intended for something sexual, she could not even stop the disgusting feeling which caused goosebumps to crawl like worms under her skin.

She heard him take in a deep breath and it was amazing how he seemed to be able to wrestle control of his emotions and calmed down again a little.

"I'm against Lilith and Kyle, on all romantic relationship between a vampire and witch because..." he suddenly jumped to the next question. Alicia wanted to know more about the earlier issue he was talking about, but she knew that this was clearly too hard for him to speak about. She just could feel it even without him telling her.

However, this next topic seemed to be as hard as the first one for him as well. "My father fell in love with a witch queen... That bloody queen of all women. And he betrayed me... us.

He betrayed his family and the whole kingdom." He gritted his teeth as he forced himself to say those words.

The dark emotions seemed to blast out of him, making the atmosphere turning incredibly dark and heavy. He had kept his eyes closed all the while, still obviously struggling to keep himself at bay.

"He chose the witch queen, fell madly in love with her and threw all of us away. He did everything unimaginable for her. That asshole went as far as allowing his own son to be used by her as the guinea pig just so he could fuck his mistress without killing her. He had ruined everything. Ruined us all. But the worse thing was that he and the witch's madness did not stop there.."


Chapter 796: Nine days

Alicia could feel it. She could also see it in his eyes. What he just said was the ultimate decision. No, a decision was actually an understatement. It seemed to be a purpose that he must fulfil at all costs. And no one... and nothing could change his mind.

Definitely it was because of their connection right now, but she just could tell for sure that he had been preparing for this his entire life. For so long, he had been waiting for this.

Like this had been his main goal in life all this time.

And it suddenly stung. Hard. And Alicia winced a little.

For a long while, they just stayed there, holding onto each other's gazes. Not saying anything, not moving and almost seem to be not breathing.

He was the first to give in and had his eyes flutter close. "Don't... " He choked out.

"Don't what?" Alicia asked him back, pretending not to know.

"Don't look at me like... that." he uttered in a breathless and a little tight voice.

She tried her best to swallow the lump in her throat.

"Are you... going to leave after nine days?" she asked him to distract herself before her emotions become a violent storm for him to withstand again.

"Yes." Just like her, he was trying to keep his calm as well.

"Why wait for nine days? There is something you must fulfil first, right?" Alicia was hoping he would voluntarily offer the information without her digging him for it. Though she would not push him to do it, she could hope.

He nodded. "Just like you, I am waiting for the day that these seven hundred years to be finally completed. And yes, you are right. I have something I must fulfil on that day."

"And you will take the thing you need from me that very same day, will you not?" She said it not in a questioning way because she was certain she was right about this.

He opened his eyes and stared at her. "Yes," he replied in a low voice. "Don't worry, I will promise you the thing I need from you won't be harmful to anyone. And I will give you my word, Alicia... nothing will happen to the witches."

"Are you.. included to that 'anyone'?" Alicia wondered out loud. She wanted to Imow this the most. Somehow, she felt that he was not included in it.

Ezekiel took a while before answering, "Yes."

Before Alicia could say the word 'liar', he seized her mouth. She knew he had seen it coming so he stopped her with the most effective way that he had known was possible. Damn you, Ezekiel... she could only curse him in her mind as she kissed him back, winding her arms around his neck as if to make sure he would not pull back from her anymore.

She knew he did not plan to go for a deep and long kiss. He had just planned to kiss her for a moment, just as a means of distraction. But she had grabbed onto his hair and tongued him, causing him to unable to pull back.

And before they knew it, they were kissing like there were no tomorrows. All restraints were shattered, and the quiet living room was quickly filled with the sounds of their wild and almost savage kissing.

She tangled her fingers through his thick and dark hair. His hands move liked a snake all over her body.

And they continued to devour each other's mouths.

"Ezekiel..." she moaned out his name into his mouth as she sucked in air against his lips. Why? Of all men in the world, why did this man awaken her womanly desires as no others had? Why did it have to be him? She had even managed to live without knowing this kind of desire... this type of want. But now... even after her death, she found herself wanting him. She could not deny it any longer. She wished so very badly that this could be chalked up to nothing but pure lust. She really wished this was just lust but...

If she were to be perfectly honest to herself, to just admit to that voice which was calling out from within her... she Imew it was more than just lust. Unfortunately. Or was it fortunately? She could no longer tell. All she knew was that she wanted him. And she wanted him so bad.

"Alicia..." she heard her own name being called by those lips and her body tingled, loving how erotic her name sounded in his breathless voice.

She pressed herself tightly against him and was about to seal that mouth of his again when he slipped his hand so swiftly between their faces and covered her lips. She was taken aback at his actions. He was breathing so damned hard as he looked at her with his fiery gaze. That gaze that could make even her entire soul melt.

"Don't... fucking don't..." he said harshly but she could tell those words were aimed towards himself.

But Alicia no longer had the will nor the reason to fight against her desires for him. Nine days... fine... she would take that and do whatever she wanted with him. To her heart's content. Because why not? She would end up disappearing as well after that! He would leave forever, and she too would be gone for good.

"Why? Is being intimate with me hard for you?" she asked him, "Am I being a violent storm damning you to death right now?"

"No, hell no! The truth is... doing these things with you makes everything calm again within me. Whenever we get intimate, everything else inside me settles down. That's why I always try to seduce you when you start getting angry and emotional." Ezekiel finally confessed.

"So this is because you're worried about me forming emotional and physical attachments to you...??" She threw the question out and grabbed onto his collars. "Listen Ezekiel.

You're too late, you idiot!"



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