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Chapter 316 Foolish Girl 2

(Regaleon’s POV)

"Y-Yes your majesty." Deborah said with lustful eyes. "I heard that you are on your way here to get her majesty some sweets."

"Such a foolish girl." I said with a cold tone, my eyes were glaring daggers at this foolish girl.

Deborah took slow steps towards me, looking at my reaction. When she saw that I was not saying anything, maybe she took it as a sign that she can come near me.

But the truth is that I do not wish to utter even one word to her. I looked at her full of disgusts. Her every action was clearly seducing, her very move made me sick

"Y-Your majesty." Deborah was now just a step away from me. When she took another step closer, I took two steps backwards, clearly showing my disgust.

"What are do you think you are doing, lady Destia?" I said with a cold tone.

Deborah was throwing such seductive gazes at me, as if ignoring my clear rejection of her.

"Your majesty, do you not see me pretty?" Deborah tried to make seductive poses in front of me. "I am willing to be his majesties concubine. I am ready to give myself to you right here and now."

"How shameless of you." I scolded her. "I am giving you the benefit of a doubt just because your father is a good host to us, and you are being quite so bold to say such things."

Deborah was shocked with my words. I hoped that my words had made her come to her senses. Duke Destia has been a good host so far, I would not want to ruin our good relationship just because of his foolish daughter.

"Do not say that your majesty." Deborah’s shock was just momentarily, and she had continued her seduction once again. "Isn’t her majesty pregnant now. I am sure that your body is craving for warmth from another. I am happy to be of service to you, your majesty.

Deborah slowly unbuttoned her dress, and with just one action, her dress dropped down from her body. Her nude body was clearly exposed before me. She took another step to get closer to me.

My eyes were glued to her face. My anger was at the brink, and I was still trying to suppress it.

"Your majesty, I am willing to warm up your bed." Deborah’s fingers were snaking its way on my chest towards my neck. "I will be a good concubine towards you, maybe I could satisfy you even more than the queen. She cannot be that good in bed I am sure. Maybe she is just like a dead fish when you are doing the deed."

My last thread of sanity snapped with Deborah’s words. I cannot suppress my rage that was burning inside me.

’How dare this foolish girl say such things to my wife!’ I thought with burning rage.

"Is that so?" I smiled sinisterly. "Do you think that your body is such worth it?" I slowly put my palms on her shoulder, making its way onto her nape.

"Y-Yes, of course your majesty." Deborah was clearly relishing my touch. Her gaze makes me want to puke. "I will surely make your time with me unforgettable. Clearly, my body is something that men would lust for. This... this is all yours, your majesty." She said with a lustful voice.

"So, you think your body is something that men would lust for." My hand had reached her soft face, but then I squeezed her cheeks with much force that I knew would hurt her. "Do you think that this face is also something that men will love?"

"Y-Your majesty... it hurts." Deborah was trying to pry my hand off her cheeks but with no luck. Her feeble attempts are like child’s play compared to my strength.

"What do you think me of, lady Destia?" I looked at her with a sinister smile, my gaze was looking at her coldly. "Do you think I am just like other men?"

"N-No, your majesty." Deborah was now tearing up. Her face that was once filled with lust was now filled with fear. "P-Please, let me go. It hurts."

"I am not just any ordinary man, lady Destia. I am the king of Grandcrest. Unfortunately, your body does not affect me at a least." I spat every word with mocking and coldness. "To tell you, you are not the only one that tried to use their body to seduce me. Do you want to know what happened to those ladies that tried...hmm?" I asked with a hint of humor.

My hand that was holding her cheeks now shifted to her neck, I held it tightly letting my anger flow. I can feel her slender neck being squeezed little by little on my hand.

"All of them did not see the light of day." I whispered in her ear.

I can feel her whole body started to shiver. I am sure that she got my point quickly.

"Your...*cough* majesty...*cough cough*." Deborah said, trying to pry my hand away from her neck. "P-Please... spare me."

"Spare you?" I gave a sinister smile. "Did you not give me your body just now? Then I can do whatever I please with it."

Deborah’s face quickly paled. I pushed her on the counter table. The kitchen utensils on the table were getting tossed and broken with her flailing body. She was squirming quite violently, trying to get away from my hold.

I was still holding her neck firmly, but I was not squeezing that hard enough that she could not breath. I just want to let her see what kind of a monster I can become if one gets on my nerves.

"Did you not hear rumors of my violent nature, lady Destia?" I said with a mocking tone. "I was depicited as a cold-blooded man in the battlefield. My hands were always stained with blood, and not even my half-brothers were spared."

"B-But with her majesty..." Deborah looked at me with fearful eyes. I bet she was about to say that how kind and gentle I was with my wife.

"Of course, that kind of affection is ONLY for my wife." I said. "I will never give such affection to another woman as long as I live."

"But, how about your concubines?" Deborah asked with a hoarse voice. "The royal family of Grandcrest practices concubinage, you are expected to follow age old customs."

"Oh, haven’t you heard? Well maybe because of the ongoing war, news does not arrive in other places." I said. "I have abolished the concubinage system in Grandcrest. I will only have one wife for the rest of my life, and that is my wife and the current queen of Grandcrest, Alicia."

Deborah’s eyes went wide in shock and fright. I guess her head was now processing all of the information I have just conveyed to her.

"Well then, what will I do with you?" I said with a playful tone.

"Y-Your majesty... please forgive me." Deborah was now pleading for her life. She was still pinned down by me on the counter table. "I... I will not do this again." Tears were streaming down her eyes onto her cheeks.

"Your father has been a good host by far, I can spare your life for his sake." I said with a cold tone. But then I flashed a sinister smile. "Let us go there and ask him what punishment will be fitting for you."

I stepped back from her and took her by the hand forcibly. I pulled her towards the dining hall where the feast was still ongoing.

"No... your majesty!" Deborah was trying hard to get out of my hold. "I cannot... not like this."

Deborah was still naked, from head to toe. She was trying to resist but failed miserably.

"Did you not tell me that your body is something that men would lust for?" I said with a cold tone. "Then let my men see it for themselves." I said with seethed anger.

"N-No... your majesty!!!" Deborah yelled.

Deborah’s attempts to stop me were futile. I pulled her towards the dinning hall door and opened it with a loud bang. The people in the hall all stopped what they were doing. They were all shocked and speechless after seeing me. I walked forward and pushed the naked Deborah in front.

"D-Deborah...?" Duke Destia stood up with eyes wide, shock was drawn on his face.

Deborah was now lying on the cold floor, trying her best to cover her body with her arms and hands.

"Duke, your daughter had made such a grave sin of trying to seduce me." I said with a cold and stern voice. My eyes were fixed at the shivering body of Deborah with such coldness. "Her actions are punishable by death in my kingdom. But because you have been quite a good host, I will spare her life. And so, I dragged her here for you to give her the proper punishment that you will see fit."

Duke Destia was scared speechless of my words. He was quite at a loss.

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Chapter 317 Consequences for Such Foolishness

Regaleon’s (POV)

"D-Deborah...?" Duke Destia stood up with eyes wide, shock was drawn on his face.

Deborah was now lying on the cold floor, trying her best to cover her body with her arms and hands.

"Duke, your daughter had made such a grave sin of trying to seduce me." I said with a cold and stern voice. My eyes were fixed at the shivering body of Deborah with such coldness. "Her actions are punishable by death in my kingdom. But because you have been quite a good host, I will spare her life. And so, I dragged her here for you to give her the proper punishment that you will see fit."

Duke Destia was scared speechless of my words. He was quite at a loss.

"Y-Your majesty..." Duke Destia ran towards where I was standing and kneeled before me. "Please forgive my daughter’s foolishness." He bowed his head low until his forehead touched the floor.

I looked down at him coldly. "As I have said, what she did to a monarch of Grandcrest kingdom is punishable by death." I saw the duke’s body trembled with my words. "But because you have been such a kind host by far, I will spare her life."

"Thank you... thank you, your majesty." Duke Destia’s voice was shivering, but his tone sounded as if he was relieved.

"But I cannot just let this slide without any punishment." I said with a cold tone.

"Y-Your majesty..." Duke Destia raised his head to look at me with sorrowful eyes. "I-If so, then I am prepared to put her in house arrest, as long as you see fit your majesty."

I looked at the middle-aged man who was begging for leniency. House arrest is the most lenient punishment I can give to his daughter, but with my experience with foolish girls in the past, I cannot just let her out of the hook. Some of them tend to take revenge if their lives were spared, thus I made the punishment of seducing a monarch is death.

"What happened here?!" Raphael came running out of breath. He saw his little sister completely naked in the ground and his father kneeling before me. He quickly took of his coat and ran towards his sister to cover her shivering body.

"Your majesty, whatever my little sister has done I will take the blame fully." Raphael knelt before me and bowed his head. "Please spare her your majesty." He begged.

"No need to beg even further sir Raphael." I said while looking down on him. "I have told your father that I will spare her life even though the crime she has committed was punishable by death."

"Thank you, your majesty." Raphael said with a sincere tone and looked up.

"I guess what the duke has stated will be the most punishment I can give right now." I said and sighed. "I heard that lady Destia was to be engaged to the crown prince of Rabansi, if I am not mistaken?"

"Y-Yes, that is true." Duke Destia shivered in fear. "T-This engagement has been approved of King Edward of Alvannia. It is a political marriage that can solidify our ties with the foreign country of Rabansi."

I looked at the shivering Deborah on the floor. Her brother has taken her in his arms, shielding her. She was fortunate to have such a loving brother to protect her. If she did not become so bold and try to seduce me.

Deborah had such courage to try and seduce me, that just means she has the courage to use her looks and try to play with the crown prince of Rabansi in her hands. I do not know the crown prince’s disposition, but I cannot let such a foolish woman raise in ranks. Being married to the crown prince of Rabansi means she will be crown princess, and in the future the queen.

’I would like to avoid conflicts with foreign countries in the future.’ I thought to myself.

"With your daughter’s virtue already broken, she cannot be married to a crown prince now, can she?" I said with a cold look.

Duke Destia’s face quickly paled. He knew that what I said was true. A room full of men had seen lady Destia’s naked body. Even if the duke tried to suppress information of what happened here, there will surely be some lose mouths that will start to spread the information. A rumor will surely start, and it will quickly spread.

If the kingdom of Rabansi heard such rumors, they will hold Alvannia accountable for this matter. They can use this as dirty water to splash on Alvannia, stating that they have sent a maiden of broken virtue to be wed to the crown prince. This can start a big conflict, and the ties between the two nations can be broken.

"I am sure you will see that not pushing the engagement forward would be best." I told Duke Destia. "It will be best if she will be wed here in this continent rather than be shipped off to a foreign land."

"I-I understand your majesty." Duke Destia sighed in defeat. "If I can be bold your majesty, would you offer my daughter marriage?" He asked with courage.

I looked at him with anger in my eyes. ’Does he think that just because I was the first one to see his daughter’s naked body, I would just take her as a concubine?’ I smiled sinisterly.

"I am afraid that I cannot do such a thing." I said with a cold tone. "If you did not hear the news then I will state it right here and now. The long old custom of taking concubines has been abolished by me when I ascended the throne. My wife will the only woman for me."

The duke was speechless after he heard the words that came out of my mouth. Raphael looked at his sister with a sad face. Maybe they had expected that I will be such a benevolent king and take Deborah under my wing.

’Well I am not that kind.’ I thought and scoffed inwardly.

"But I have someone in mine that can be paired to your daughter." I said with a flat tone. "Baron Schrader is a good choice. He is one of my trustworthy vassals in Grandcrest. He is in his early thirties and was not able to find a suitable wife when he was young because of family problems. But now he is quite stable and is ready to take a wife."

"A baron?" Duke Destia was clearly dissatisfied.

"Hear my imperial decree." I said with a full voice of authority. All of the people around knelt after hearing my words. "I will bestow your daughter’s hand to Bardon Schrader in marriage. The wedding will be in six months’ time. In that six months, your daughter will be in house arrest for the crime he has committed to me, the monarch of Grandcrest."

My imperial decree is something that even the duke cannot ignore. I am sure that he has heard of the plans of unification after the war ends. Once the empire has been established, they know I will be the one to be crowned as emperor.

"I accept your imperial decree, your majesty." The still kneeling duke bowed down.

It was silent after the duke’s reply. But then Deborah’s cries were heard, resounding inside the dining hall.

My choice of marrying her to one of my loyal vassals is a sure way to keep an eye on her. She may be just a foolish girl now, but who knows what she will become in the future. It was best to keep a close eye on her.

’If I just had my way, I would have killed her here and now.’ I thought.

But I quickly crossed out that thought. My wife is in the early stages of pregnancy. I do not know how she will react if she sees an execution.

"That will be all." I said and turned around in haste.

My time has been spent in such nonsense. I am sure that Alicia is waiting for me to come back with the sweets and honey water.

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๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”žChapter 318 Girl Talk

Note: This chapter has R-18 talks. Those that are 18 and below and does not want to read adult content and the likes, please skip this chapter.

It has been a while since I finished taking a warm bath. Tricia tucked me in bed nicely while Anatalia was by my side checking my condition.

"Well, all looks good." Anatalia said. "You just need rest. Why don’t you retire to bed early?"

"I have been sleeping all afternoon." I said while pouting my lips. "I am not yet sleepy you know." I grumbled.

"Hahaha." Anatalia laughed out loud. "Such a cute little feisty but cute pregnant woman you are. If your husband were here, he would surely say yes to all of your demands." She said while wiping a tear that came out of her eyes because of her laughing.

"Your majesty, you are pregnant now." Tricia said with a tone of an older sister. "Your body needs ample rest. It is for you and the baby’s wellbeing."

I sighed in defeat. "I understand." I frowned.

"Well it is not that you cannot stay up Alicia. You can sleep when you feel tired. Believe me, being pregnant can make you feel tired even if you did not do anything." Anatalia said. "By the way, what are you currently feeling?" She asked.

"Well, I feel fine actually." I said truthfully. "Aside from my stomach hurting a while ago, I feel fine. More energized, actually."

"How about the mood swings?" Anatalia asked.

"I think I can manage my mood." I said but then I remembered Deborah’s continuous flirting with my husband Regaleon. My moos soured just by remembering her. "Well, there is just one thing that irritates me."

"What is that your majesty?" Tricia asked and was waiting intently with my answer.

Knowing Tricia, I am sure that she will do her upmost best to make my pregnant life comfortable with her abilities. The idea that Tricia is always by my side made me smile.

"It is just that the duke’s daughter irritates me." I said with annoyance. "I just do not like seeing her anywhere near me."

"Is it really anywhere near you?" Anatalia asked with a huge grin on her face. "Or is it anywhere around your husband?" She giggled teasingly.

I felt my cheeks become hot. I think I am blushing with embarrassment. "It just irritates me seeing her face and her wearing such a showy dress flashing her cleavage. Her choice of perfume also makes me nauseous, and..."

"Hahahaha, we understand Alicia." Anatalia said giggling. "We know why you are irritated with her. No need to enumerate everything."

"Hehe, yes your majesty. Anatalia is correct." Tricia also giggled. "Do not worry to much. I am sure that His majesty will not even give Lady Destia even a glance."

"I-I know that of course!" I said with embarrassment. These two girls have seen my inner worries in an instant. "I know that Regaleon would never look at such gaudy looking girls."

I know that my husband will never look at other women, but I cannot but help worry non the less.

"I am just a little concerned." I started to tell my worries. "I mean, what if I cannot give his desires now that I am pregnant? What if he finds other women to satisfy his needs?"

Both Anatalia and Tricia become silent and looked at me.

"Your majesty, it is normal for pregnant women to feel such things." Tricia held my hand soothingly. "But I assure you that your worries are nothing to think about. I can see how his majesty only looks at you. He loves you dearly." Her comforting words made my worries lessen.

"Now that you are pregnant, hormones tend to make you feel worried and your anxiety heightens. Do not worry too much Alicia." Anatalia said. "And who said that you cannot satisfy your man’s desires?"

"What? But you said we cannot do the deed now that I am pregnant?" I said with astonishment.

"What I meant was in the first trimester." Anatalia said with a knowing look. "At least you cannot let your man penetrate you while the fetus is still small. But in the later months, when this little bean sprout becomes large, then you can do it with your hearts content. Let me ask, how is your sex drive?"

"Well..." I was reluctant at first but opt to tell Anatalia with such embarrassment. "... I am feeling the desire a little more lately." I felt a blush creeping on my cheeks.

Anatalia nodded professionally. "Well, there are two things that will happen for a woman’s sex life during pregnancy. It is either she has a high sexual desire or none at all."

"Is that so?" I said with an astonished face.

"I am sure that your husband will love it while you are pregnant." Anatalia had a teasing grin on her face. "Well you can satisfy his desire in other ways you know. So, while you cannot take him in, then do other options for now."

Anatalia’s words made me embarrassed even more. I can feel my whole face becoming hot. I must be blushing as red as a tomato by now.

"Oh, come on Alicia, no need to feel embarrassed." Anatalia said while patting my shoulder. "We are all women here. No need to feel shy."

Anatalia and Tricia were both giggling when Regaleon came inside the room.

"What did I miss?" Regaleon said while holding a plate of macaroons in one hand and a glass of honey water in the other.

"Oh, your majesty." Tricia quickly got up and curtsied in Regaleon’s presence. Anatalia also stood by the side.

"It seems that you girls are having fun. Sorry to spoil the mood." Regaleon smiled gently.

"Oh, it is nothing much." Anatalia said while pushing Tricia towards the exit. "We will leave the two of you alone then."

When Anatalia was by Regaleon’s side, she whispered something and then she and Tricia left the room and closed the door. Regaleon was smiling when he made his way over.

"Here, I brought you some sweets to eat and honey water." Regaleon said. "Have you drunk the herbal medicine Anatalia gave?"

"Yes." I nodded while looking at the delectable macaroons.

"Here." Regaleon placed the plate gently on the bed. "It looks like you are craving for them." He smiled widely.

"Thank you so much, my love." I smiled happily and started munching on the macaroons.

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๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”žChapter 319 Desires 1

Note: This chapter has R-18 talks. Those that are 18 and below and does not want to read adult content and the likes, please skip this chapter.

I finish eating the macaroons. There was still half left and Regaleon just put it aside if ever I became hungry in the middle of the night. I was very satisfied with what I ate and was in a good mood.

'Maybe what they said about pregnant women being moody is true.' I thought. 'I am easy to become upset and irritated and also easy to be happy.'

"Here, drink your honey water." Regaleon passed me the glass of honey water.

"Thank you." I replied and started to sip from the glass carefully.

It was just the right temperature and the mixture of honey was to my taste. I drank half of the glass when I gave back the glass to my husband.

"You know, I was thinking..." I said while stretching my body.

"What were you thinking?" Regaleon said while putting the glass on the table.

"You are the king of Grandcrest. You should be the one who is being pampered." I said while tilting my head sideward. "As your wife, I should be the one taking care of you."

Regaleon started to take off his clothes and started to put on his sleep wear. I saw how proportionally toned his body was.

'If not for the scars on his back, he would have been perfect.' I thought to myself.

I remembered Regaleon telling me how he got those scars when he was but a child, and still pains me to think that such a young boy was able to endure such hardships. My train of thought was distracted when Regaleon faced my way while putting on his pants. His pants were just hanging low on his waist that made me see the great carvings of his muscles.

"You will not mind me being topless?" Regaleon asked, his eyes locked on mine.

"Uh, huh?" I was lost in my own world when Regaleon said something and was not able to catch what he said.

"Where are you looking at?" Regaleon's lips arched in one side, brandishing his handsome playful grin.

"Ahh… nowhere." I said with embarrassment and looked away shyly. "W-What are you asking again." I changed the topic as to save my face.

"Hehehe." Regaleon giggled. "I asked if it was okay with you if I sleep topless. Summer nights are getting hotter. I also do not want you to get to hot with me by your side."

"Ah… of course it is fine." I said with a smile. 'But I will feel much hotter with you topless by my side.' I thought to myself.

Just seeing him half naked is making my whole body hot right this moment. It is like my sexual desires are rising by the minute.

'Calm down Alicia.' I scolded myself. 'It is not the first time you have seen your husband naked. Get a hold of yourself.'

Regaleon strode towards the bed and lay down by my said gracefully. Even his movements made him sexy in my eyes.

'How embarrassing of me to lust over my husband like this.' I thought. 'Come on Alicia, it is not a sin to ogle at your sexy husband, it is your right to do so.' I told myself just to dispel my embarrassment.

"Come, let lay down and get some rest for the night." Regaleon said while gently tucking me in.

"I am not yet sleepy, actually." I replied to him. I tried to look calm even though my heart was beating faster with Regaleon being so close to me.

"Then would you like to talk for a while, while lying down in my arms?" Regaleon asked.

I nodded meekly, getting excited with his offer.

"Then come here." Regaleon smiled and gestured for me to make his arms my pillow.

I happily tucked in and embraced his naked upper body. My arms encircled his waist and I felt his heat radiating towards me. I can smell his scent that made me calm. I rested my head just below his chin and heard his heart beating steadily, making me more at ease.

'This is where I belong.' I thought to myself while cuddling beside my husband.

"How are you feeling right now?" Regaleon asked.

"I am feeling perfectly fine." I replied. "The pain a while ago at the beach seemed like it did not really happen at all."

"That is good to hear." Regaleon pressed his lips on the top of my head while inhaling the scent of my hair. "It is better to be safe than sorry. I would not want anything to happen to you and our baby."

"I understand." I said. "What did Anatalia whisper to you a while ago?" I asked.

I was really curious what could have Anatalia told Regaleon that made him grin just a while ago.

"Do you really want to know?" Regaleon asked playfully while playing with my hair on his fingers.

"Well, yes." I replied. "Is it something I should not know?" I looked up at him and pouted my lips.

"You know I will not keep secrets from you." Regaleon pressed his finger on my pouting lips playfully. "She just said that you have desires that I needed to tend to." He smiled teasingly.

Hearing Regaleon's words made me blush. I just remembered what we girls talked just a while ago, about my sex drive while pregnant.

"S-She said that?" I asked. I can feel my cheeks burn in embarrassment.

"Yes, she told me that pregnant women have a higher sexual desire because of their hormones." Regaleon said playfully. "Tell me, wha.t would you like me to do to answer to your burning desires?"

Regaleon's words made my heart race and my body felt even hotter. It was like my body was answering his question in such a way that I cannot ignore.

"T-Then is it okay for us to…" I was not able to finish my sentence because of embarrassment. I cannot believe I am asking my husband to fulfill my sexual desires.

"It will be okay if we do not penetrate inside." Regaleon replied. "That is what Anatalia said. We just need to be careful."

"T-then it is okay?" I looked up at him shyly.

"Let's start with this first." Regaleon said while pulling me closer to him gently.

Regaleon pulled me closer and our lips met. His wet lips started to nibble my kips gently, making it damp and wet. When the mood became deeper, our kisses become more intense and wanting. My heart was beating fast with the intensity of our kiss was peaking.

Regaleon's hands started to rub my back sensually. There was now no space in between our bodies. I can feel his chest and abdominal muscled thru the thin fabric of my night gown. Our bodies were entangled with each other and the heat rose steadily.

"Ahhh…" I moaned in between kisses. Regaleon's every touch made my body tingle with pleasure. "More… I want more…" The passion made me want even more.

"Then let me satisfy you tonight, my love." Regaleon whispered sensually to my ear that made my body yearn for his touch.

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๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”žChapter 320 Desires 2

Note: This chapter has R-18 scenes. Those that are 18 and below and does not want to read adult content and the likes, please skip this chapter.

"Ahhh..." I moaned in between kisses. Regaleon’s every touch made my body tingle with pleasure. "More... I want more..." The passion made me want even more.

"Then let me satisfy you tonight, my love." Regaleon whispered sensually to my ear that made my body yearn for his touch.

Regaleon’s wet lips started to trail over my chin and towards my neck. I can feel his tongue licking my skin at he goes. His mouth took its time at the neck, sucking and licking so gently.

Regaleon’s gentle touches made my skin hot and ticklish. The small fire that was burning deep withing me started to rage. My desire started to overflow with my husbands soft and careful actions.

"Ahhmm..." I soft moan escaped my lips. His careful gestures were not enough, and I was left with wanting more. "Leon..." I whispered his name seductively.

"Yes, my love?" Regaleon replied with his lips still on my neck. His hot breath tickled my skin and sent shivers all over my body."

"I want more... hmmm." I said while savoring my husband’s light touches.

"Are you sure?" Regaleon asked, looking up at me.

I nodded in reply, with shyness. I can feel that my face was flushed. The hot bath just a while ago was adding to my body heat.

"As you wish, my love." Regaleon grinned mischievously.

His lips started to go down south, to my nape. He traced kisses going down towards my mounds. When his mouth reached its destination, my body shivered with ecstasy.

"Ahhh..." I moaned with the sudden sensation. My nipples were so sensitive that it felt like some kind of electric current traveled all over my body. "Hmmm... haaahhh..." I moaned in pleasure.

Regaleon took the top of my mound on his mouth and sucked lightly. His gentle movements made me feel ticklish inside, it was like there was an itch inside my body that I cannot get rid of. His hand started to massage my other mound. With my two mounds being pampered simultaneously, my body was in the peak of pleasure.

"Ahhh... L-Leon..." I was moaning in ecstasy. His light and gentle touch made my whole body hot. "Ahhh...."

Regaleon’s other hand that was caressing my stomach started to stray down south. It reaches my thighs and he slowly massaged them sensually. This added stimulus made my mind blank. I surrendered to my body’s desires and let it take over me.

"You seem to be enjoying my service." Regaleon said with a teasing tone. "It looks like you are so wet down there.

"I-I do not know." I replied just for the sake of replying. But my body was the master now. My mind stopped comprehending just a while ago.

Regaleon’s hand parted my legs slowly. After I was wide open, his fingers started to explore my southern region. His hand started to caress my flower garden slowly in a teasing action.

"Ahhh... Leon..." I can feel his touch down there and it made me more wet.

"It looks like you are ready down here?" Regaleon’s breath blew over my mound, tickling me. "It such a shame that I cannot enter. But at least let me satisfy you."

Regaleon’s finger searched for something in my flower garden until he found it, the pea that was concealed within. His finger lightly touched it and the sensation I was feeling become more intensified.

"Ahhhh... Leon!" My body arched upwards while he started playing with the pea.

The sensation was so intense that my body started to wriggle under his gentle caress.

"Do not fight it, my love." Regaleon whispered. "Let it all out." His voice was pure seduction.

Regaleon’s finger over my pea together with his mouth sucking my mound was complete overload of sensation. My body arched upwards and I was near my climax.

"Ahhhhhh..." I moaned reaching my climax. I can feel my body wriggle in satisfaction.

After the waves of pleasure have gone, my body rested easily on the bed. I was catching my breath after experiencing such pleasure.

"How was it?" Regaleon said with a triumphant smile. "Were you satisfied?"

"Very..." I smiled in reply.

Regaleon laid down by myside and embraced me carefully. I can hear his breath jagged. When I looked down, I noticed his pants bulging.

"Do not worry about me." Regaleon said with a hoarse voice. "I will take care of it myself."

Regaleon was about to stand up from the bed when I caught his hand. He looked at me with a confused look and I stared at him for a moment.

"I am your wife." I said gently. "Let me help you."

"You know you don’t have to if you do not like it." Regaleon said patting my head.

I shook my head in reply. "No, I really want to. Please, let me satisfy you."

My anxiety about my husband searching for another woman to satisfy him kicked in. Thinking that Duke Destia’s daughter Deborah is very willing to serve him if the occasion calls for it.

’I will never give her a chance.’ I thought to myself.

Regaleon saw my conviction and sighed. "I am happy that you are willing to satisfy me my love. But... just do not overdo it. I do not want any harm to come to you."

I smiled hearing Regaleon’s words. "Do not worry, I know what and what not to do."

Regaleon kneeled on the bed while I sat. I gently pulled down his pants and his hard and thick manhood sprung out.

"You are this hard?" I said in astonishment.

"Seeing you wriggle and moan under my touch, who in the world will not get turned on with that." Regaleon said playfully.

My hands tightly squeezed his manhood and I hear him moan.

"Hmmmm..." Regaleon closed his eyes. "Gentle my love. It is more excited that it hurts a bit."

"Oh...sorry." I said in surprise.

I made my touch lightly after that. I made an up and down motion gently. Regaleon’s breathing started to become heavy. I am sure he was feeling pleasure with my touch. Seeing that he has been accustomed to my gentle strokes, I opened my mouth and took him in.

"Ahhh... Lili..." Regaleon was taken by surprise. His moans were my early triumph.

I started to suck him in my mouth. My tongue made round motion on his tip, making him moan even more.

"Ohhh... Alicia..." Regaleon moaned with pleasure. "It... feels.... so good."

Regaleon placed his hands gently on both side of my head and gently and helped me pick up the pace. His thick manhood was going in and out of my mouth with a sucking motion.

"Ahhh... my love..." Regaleon’s breathing was picking up. I became bolder and started sucking him much faster. "Ahhhh... if you do that... I would..."

I did not mind what Regaleon was saying and continued my pace. My lips were rubbing his shaft at such speed while my touch was caressing his tip, and I sucked harder.

"Ahhhh...hmmm... Lili..." Regaleon was breathing hoarsely. "My love... I am going to come."

Even I heard his words, I did not let go of him. I know that Regaleon does not want to come inside my mouth, he did not want me drink such ’unhygienic thing’ as he said. But I never thought that it was dirty. It came from him, and so I can accept it fully. Regaleon tried to pull out from me but I held on to him.

"Ahhhhhh...." Regaleon was not able to resist and came inside my mouth.

My husband’s come was sprayed inside my mouth and I gulped it in one go.

"Oh Lili... you did it again." Regaleon said with a dissatisfied look.

"It’s okay, I do not mind." I said with a smile.

Regaleon sighed and shook his head a few times. He looked at me and took the blanket to wipe the excess come on my face.

"Come, let’s get a quick bath together." Regaleon scooped me up and carried me towards the bathroom.

Both of us were sticky with sweat that a quick bath will help our bodies stay fresh in such a summer night.

edited by: nalyn

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