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Chapter 161 Countdown

The next morning, Abi woke up with Alex in her embrace.

She slowly unclasped her tight grip on him as she sat up, blinking at him.

"You're awake," Alex said. It seemed like he had been awake for a while now.

"G-good morning, Alex," she greeted as she rubbed her eyes. This was it, the start of the countdown...

The man rose and he examined her face closely as if he was looking for something.

"Are you alright?" he asked and Abi nodded.

"Mm. I didn't know you were going to sleep here for the night."

Alex creased his brows. She didn't remember?

"Ahh ~" Abi yawned and stretched her arms up high. She smiled at him brightly and climbed out of the bed. "Get up, Alex. We have to get ready now," she grinned excitedly and Alex just lazily got up into a sitting position.

He rested his gorgeous face on his knuckles as he watched her energetically open her closet to look for clothes. Alex wanted to ask about her nightmare last night but he didn't want to make her remember something that terrified her to that extent. He was also thinking about why Abigail did not ask him about the things that happened to her; about why she was being targeted. Not a single question was asked about it since she woke up in the hospital.

"Alex!" She called out when the man just sat there, silently looking out the window. She kind of wanted to admire his morning look and that messy hair for a while longer but they might be late if she didn't make the man move now. She moved closer to him and blocked his view. "My first request is for you to come with me to the orphanage today."

Alex's lips parted. "And what am I going to do there?" he asked, intrigued, but Abi just held his hands and pulled him to get up.

"Stop asking. You will know once we're there," she told him, smiling widely, and Alex could only give in.

They left the mansion together and arrived at the orphanage at the right time.

Abi asked Alex to dress casually and even chose the color of his coat. She chose a beige coat that was matched her beige cardigan because she wanted him to look less intimidating.

However, the moment everyone saw Alex, they just gaped at him, seemingly feeling unable to approach him. Some of the elders spoke to him but it seemed that Alex's presence was too imposing, even for them.

Abi wanted the two of them to volunteer to work at the orphanage as a couple just like her father and mother did when her mother was still alive. She remembered her mother telling her that one of the happiest experiences she ever had since she met her husband was when they were volunteering and helping others.

Abi thought the same. She always felt better every time she helped others in any way she could.

Working for a good cause relieved her stress and broke the rut of ruminating about her own problems and most importantly, it helped her see life through the eyes of others. This was something she wanted Alex to experience. She wanted to spend the day with him as they both did some volunteer work because she was sure that this memory would be something she would treasure for as long as she lived.

"Alex, here." Abi tiptoed and put a pair of glasses on him. The dark glasses were huge but it was cute and of course, it still looked good on him. Abi noticed that people were intimidated whenever they looked into his eyes so she decided to cover them up. Of course, she asked for his permission and the man didn't seem to mind it at all.

The orphanage had a special event every year. It was another fundraiser wherein they would set up a few booths inside the nearby school during the school's festival. They would sell delicious cakes to raise funds and Abi and Alex were assigned to one of the booths as volunteers.

"Is this okay with you, Alex?" Abi asked him and the man raised a brow.

"Well, this is far better than being a prop man," he answered and Abi chuckled. Now that she thought about it, Abi wasn't hesitant anymore in asking Alex to do simple ordinary tasks since that day.

"So? What am I going to do? Be a watcher?" Alex was leaning forward right next to Abi while the girl was busy arranging the cakes.

"Hmm… do you know how to sell? Okay, watch me… it's like this…" As Abi showed him the polite way of selling and treating the beloved costumers, all Alex did was crease his brow. It was obvious that he wasn't that keen to learn her expert selling technique.

"I'll just be a watcher," he said decisively and he sat behind her like a boss.

Abi pressed her lips tightly. She had been doing this for years now and she knew that it wasn't easy to sell goods. She looked around and most of the booths had cute girls and handsome boys standing outside to lure in the customers. She looked at Alex and thought, 'what if they will get intimidated instead?'

"What?" Alex glanced at her as he sat comfortably with his long legs crossed.

Abi moved closer to him, took off her frog headband and put it on him, causing the man to crease his brows together.

"Alex, look! Can you go outside and try to lure in the costumers? I'm sure with that face of yours, all the girls will definitely come and buy from here."

"Are you sure they won't run away instead?"

"I don't think so. You're handsomer than any celebrity, why would they want to run away?"

Alex raised his brow. Did she just praise him? He seemed pleased with that thought. He looked at those other young people standing in front of the booths and saw what they were doing to try and get customers to buy from them and he just scowled. There was no way he would do that.

"Nope," he said but Abi was persistent. She took a cardboard sign and wrote something on it and gave it to him.

"Here, you don't need to say anything. Just hold this in front of the booth so people can read it." She smiled before she pulled him up and dragged him outside.

And thus, the godly, handsome booth mascot was born.

Chapter 162 The hero

Even though Abi already believed that Alex would certainly lure the customers in, it looked like he had exceeded her expectations real well this time.

From the second Alex stood out there holding the sign up and leaning on the booth lazily with an expressionless face, a long long line had been formed outside. Abi was shocked and happy at first but the girls were starting to ask her about Alex as they bought their goods which took up a lot of time.

Gladly, at some point, Alex would unhappily tell them a fake name once they paid and the girls would flinch at his unfriendliness and leave almost immediately. But still, most of the girls stayed to admire Alex from afar.

Abi was a little overwhelmed with the amount of people wanting to buy goods from their booth that she asked other volunteers from the other booth to come over and help her. She also told them to bring their cakes there to be sold because she was running out of cakes! Indeed, the old adage that 'beauty sells' was most definitely true in this case. This was almost the same as having real life top celebrity!

Within just a few hours, the cakes were sold out. Abi remembered that last year, there were quite a few cakes leftover after a whole day of selling.

"Wow! You're amazing, Alex!!" Abi praised the man who finally entered the booth again. He removed his headband and sat behind her. "You just helped the orphanage a lot. This is a lot of money!" She was so happy as she counted the gains they made after she put up a notice that the booth was now closed.

After that, Alex and Abi left the booth with the intent of returning to the orphanage when a group of young high school girls suddenly mobbed Alex. He was still wearing his huge glasses and he was quite laid back and calm this whole time so the girls must have not felt his imposing aura at all or they simply ignored it.

Abi was easily separated from him because of their sudden attack. What was going on?

In just a few seconds, Abi was watching Alex being surrounded by girls. Abi could see the lines on his forehead starting to form so she quickly went over to get him. She couldn't let his nice mood today become sour because she still had a lot of things she wanted to do with him today.

Gladly, these girls at least still had some awareness of themselves and they didn't dare to touch him. Abi managed to slip through the mob and she caught his hand.

"Let's go, Alex, quick!" she pulled him and the cold grey clouds that were starting to form around him somehow disappeared. She ran out and pulled him away with her. They ditched the crowd and after a while, they managed to leave without any of the girls following them.

Abi chuckled as she looked back and saw that no one followed them. She was still holding Alex's hand as they walked on the street. "I felt like the hero saving the super famous celebrity for a moment there." She grinned at him.

"Hero, huh? I could have escaped from them easily if I wanted to." He raised a brow and Abi puffed her cheeks.

"Are you saying you didn't want to get away?" She challenged him.

"And if I said that I didn't, would that make you jealous?" He retorted, smiling mischievously.

"Okay, i'll call them again." She acted like she was about to call out to the girls again when he relented.

"Fine. You were the hero little fruit!"

She nodded sternly like a mother who had won an argument against a stubborn child.

Alex could only smirk. He still couldn't understand why she was this happy. He still couldn't grasp this joy she kept talking about but every time he looked at her happy face, he didn't know why but he felt satisfied and he could not hate this. In fact, it felt somewhat good or whatever that feeling was.

"So? Where are we going next?" he asked as they approached the orphanage, still walking hand in hand.

Abi halted and faced him. "Let's go on a movie date, Alex," she said with a wide a smile. Alex remained relaxed and just agreed with her without question.

"You don't want to come inside? We're just going to submit this money."

"I'll wait here."


Alex watched Abi enter the orphanage as he rested on the bonnet of his car. His eyes wandered around as if he was looking for something or someone hiding in the shadows.

After a short while Abi returned with the children when to her surprise, the man wasn't where she had left him.

"Where did he go?" she looked around and when she couldn't see him, she took out her phone to call him when he suddenly appeared from behind them.

Abi immediately turned to look at him walking over them.

"Where did you go?" she asked and Alex looked away for a moment.

"I just saw a black cat and chased it for a while," he replied, shrugging as he looked at the children with her. Abi creased her brows, a little suspicious, but she shrugged off her suspicions and just smiled at him.

"Ah, these children came to thank you."

Alex looked at her with curiosity. "For what?"

"For helping raise the money for them," she explained happily before all the children bowed at him.

"Thank you very much, Mister Alex," they all said in a synchronized manner, causing Alex to blink at them. He was a little taken aback. All these children, thanking him so sincerely like this… he never thought he would kind of feel that it wasn't bad at all.

"All I did was stand there like a display statue though…" he murmured, unsure what he should reply to the children.

Abi just chuckled upon hearing him. "You helped a lot Alex, we sold out the cakes because you were there," she told him and Alex cleared his throat and he put his palm on the back of his neck. He thought that he was feeling a little strange.
Chapter 163 More than enough

The duo returned to Alex's house to get ready for their movie date. It was still early so they still had plenty of the day left to go.

But when they arrived, the other three men were all in the house. They were sitting in the living room and looked like they were discussing a very serious matter.

Alex's gaze instantly became a little sharp the moment he saw them. He asked her to go upstairs and get ready before he went and joined the men.

Abi just smiled and slightly nodded at the other men before she finally climbed up the stairs to her room. Her second request for today was something she really wanted to experience. She had watched many movies and read many novels where the main characters went to a movie date. It seemed so romantic and she wanted to experience it too.

She was a little worried the moment she saw Kai and the others downstairs but she had to stay positive. She just had to keep hoping that their movie date would happen. She couldn't afford to waste a single moment of her time no more. No matter what, she simply wanted to spend every moment of it with him, happily.

Abi had just put on her jeans when the door suddenly opened.

"Ahh!" she yelped as she instantly covered her chest.

Alex was the one who entered the room and he was already dressed up, now wearing his usual dark toned outfit and that elegant long coat. He was leaning by the doorway like the most gorgeous model straight out of a magazine. He looked like he was going to go and receive a certain international award but then again, he always dressed like that every day.

"W-why didn't you knock?" Abi complained. Her cheeks burning red. She was glad that her hair was down.

However, the man just smiled.

"What's the point of hiding from me? I have seen them plenty of times already, my little fruit. And your twin peaches are the prettiest peach I've ever seen, so no need to be embarrassed," he said seriously, without even attempting to avert his eyes away.

Abi blushed even harder. She turned and picked up her bra and put it on in a flash before she put on a simple t-shirt.

Once she was dressed, she puffed her cheeks as she approached Alex. Alex found her expression really amusing as he imagined a raging little fruity lamb rolling towards him with puff of air coming out her nose.

"Hahaha," he laughed out loud once Abi reached him, causing her to blink at him, speechless. He stretched out his hand and gently pinched her cheek. "Why do you look so amusing when you're mad? Huh? My little fruity lamb?" he asked as he played with her flushed cheeks.

Abi couldn't even get mad anymore. This man was a cheat because he called her 'my little fruity lamb'! Abi had never heard Alex call her using the possessive word 'my' before. If only he called her without using the pet names that he made up for her. She kind of wanted to hear it… for him to call her 'Abi'…

"Alex… can you call me Abi?" she suddenly asked. "I just kind of want to hear how it would sound like when you call me that."

She blinked at him and smiled. \t

Alex stared quietly at her for a while. The next second, he pinched her chin and pulled her face closer. He bent closer until his lips were almost touching her ear.

And then…

"Abi…" he whispered. She felt like that sound traveled along with his hot breath deep within her veins and she herself heat up. It was nicer than what she imagined.

"Happy now?" he asked as he pulled away and Abi grinned so widely, feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

"Mm. Thank you, Alex." She hugged him. Finally, she heard him say it. All her favorite people, the closest people in her life called her Abi, so she had been wanting Alex to call her that as well. Even though she had to ask him to say it this time around, Abi was still happy. This was more than enough for her.

Happily, Abi ran towards her bed and picked up a shirt.

"Alex, uhm… can you wear this?" she asked as she opened the shirt in front of him. It was a white shirt and the shape of half a heart with a single, black wing was printed on it .

Now that he saw it, this was obviously the pair to her black shirt which was printed with the same half heart but the wing on hers was white.

"This is my third request for today, Alex, for us to wear a couple shirt," she told him and before Alex could react, she moved and helped him remove his elegant coat. Alex on the other hand wasn't even resisting and was just letting her do as she pleased with him.

And to his surprise, Abigail didn't even shy away while she unbuttoned his shirt. His little fruit seemed to have really ripened up now.

Once Abi finished her task, Alex voluntarily removed it and then silently put on the white t-shirt.

Downstairs, Xavier was sighing like an old man with many, many problems,

"Don't you guys think that Alex has really changed?" he asked but Kai and Zeke remained quiet. "I think he has. Like changed into a completely different person. I am starting to think that he's an imposter, sigh... I don't know what he is thinking anymore... Is he doing this for his sake or for Abigail's sake? What do you guys think?" He looked up to watch for a reaction from the other two but nope, no reactions there. It seemed like he was talking to himself because clearly no one else was listening.

Xavier was about to start blabbering again when they heard steps descending the stairs.

The moment they turned to look, Xavier's mouth dropped.
Chapter 164 Jealous

Xavier almost choked. Alex wearing a couple shirt? Darn! This was too much!

Alex simply glanced at the men on the sofa while Abi just slightly nodded at them. They began to walk away when Abi suddenly halted.

"Ah, wait a moment, Alex," she told him and she looked towards Ezekiel Qin who was now heading to his room. She ran towards him and stood before him.

"Uhm, Mr. Qin, there's a letter for you," she said with a smile as she took a pink little envelope out of her bag. "This is from little Betty."

Abi gave the envelope to him but the man simply stared at it.

"Why is she giving me this?" the man asked. His usually uninterested eyes were looking at her with interest.

"You're the one who paid her hospital bills, right?"

Ezekiel fell silent and Abi finally confirmed that it was indeed Ezekiel who was behind all the good things that happened to Betty at the hospital. It seemed that this man wasn't as hard as he made out. She couldn't confirm it but back when she left the dungeon, before she collapsed, she saw a blurry silhouette of a man sitting on the ground with a musical instrument. She tried to recognize who it was and the pieces of his physique led her to the conclusion that it was this man. Even though she never confirmed it, she believed that it was him. Since then, her impression of him started to change. It seemed that the rumors about him were wrong and that he was a good person depsite his strict and heartless aura.

"Little Betty wrote this in the hospital and she was waiting for you to visit her but since you seemed to be very busy, I offered to deliver this to you. Please accept it, Mr. Qin," she added as she beamed at him before she held his hand and put the letter on his palm.

However, at that very moment, someone yanked Abi from behind. Her back hit against a broad and strong chest and she immediately knew that it was Alex.

When she looked up at him, she was surprised to see how dark his face was as he glared at Ezekiel.

"Alex?" she called out but then, Alex suddenly pulled her away and he nearly dragged her out of the house.

Abi was confused with Alex's sudden actions. "Alex, what's wrong? We are not in a hurry, are we? We still have –"

Alex halted and pinned her on the wall. He was rough and his gaze was as sharp as a knife.

"I don't like you talking to Zeke. No. Don't even go near him. Understand?" he hissed. His voice was cold and almost threatening.

"W-why? I just…"

Alex suddenly let go of her and turned his back from her, avoiding her gaze. "Just do what I say, will you?" he said, still not looking at her.

Abi bit her lip as she looked at his back. He seemed angry. She wanted to ask but she didn't because she didn't want their date to be ruined. So instead, she gave in and hugged him, leaning her head on his back, something that made the man, whose mood had turned unbelievably sour, suddenly mellow down almost immediately.

"Mm, I will do as you say, Alex…" she mumbled against his back and Alex let out a sigh. His dark aura dissipated and he cleared his throat.

"Good. Now let's go," he replied and he held her hand, leading her towards the car.

By the doorway, Xavier and Kai were watching them.

"Will you explain to me what just happened?" Xavier asked and Kai leaned on the doorframe.

"He's just being wary of Zeke, I guess."

"Ha! No matter how I look at it, that's clearly jealousy, Kai. Alex is jealous! My goodness, he never acted like that with anyone before! It's like he's already in love!"

Xavier said those words as if Alex falling in love was a disaster. He shook his head and tugged at his hair as he paced back and forth in front of Kai.

The man and woman, wearing matching couple shirts with half a heart printed on their shirts, stood outside the cinema trying to decide what movie to watch.

The cinema was bustling with people moving inside and out but no matter if they were going in or coming out, their eyes were inevitably pulled towards this beautiful couple looking at the 'Now Showing' posters outside. They didn't know why their eyes were drawn to this particular couple. Couples wearing matching outfits were a normal occurence, after all, so what made this couple any different?

Was it because the man's aura was quite intimidating, completely contradicting the cuteness of the? couple shirt? Or was it the carefree look of the woman who seemed unbothered by his cold, scary aura?

However, it was as if the couple was in their own world because they didn't notice all the looks they were attracting.

"Which one do you want to watch?" Abi asked as the two stood in front of the movie posters. "Sci-fi, action, romance, comedy?"

"Just choose the one you like, little fruit."

"Okay, we're going to watch this one then!" She pointed at the romantic movie, 'The Last Shooting Star' that was going to premier that night. "This is the movie adaptation of that book you read for me that night." She beamed at him. "Quite an amazing coincidence, right?"

Alex looked at her excited face and was about to agree that it was indeed a nice coincidence but his eyes narrowed the moment he realized that Abigail was staring at the male lead's face for a while now.

He tilted his head to block her view and when Abi saw the displeasure in his face, she didn't know why but she suddenly started to explain herself to him before he could even ask.

"Ah, this guy here. He's my childhood friend," she told him and Alex creased his brows.

Chapter 165 Childhood bestfriend

"Childhood friend? Didn't that little girl, Betty, say you don't have any male friends?" he questioned.

"Hmm… well, I don't have any contact with him anymore. I haven't seen him for many years now. So I guess, we're not really friends anymore," she replied, looking a bit nostalgic as she stared at the man's face. "This guy here and I grew up together. We even have the same dream back then. We wanted to become stars. When we were seventeen, we both planned to go for an important audition. We promised to reach our dream together. But I ended up not going to the audition…" she paused. "So, as expected, he passed the audition and since then, I never saw him again because we also moved out of the city after that."

Alex watched her intently as she told him that story. It seemed that this was the boy he saw in many of her pictures at their house.

"Ah, let's go, Alex. Tonight's the premier so we need to hurry or we might not get a good spot." Abi pulled him as Alex glanced sharply at the photo of the man on the poster.

As Abi expected, there were a lot of people already in the movie theater and they actually got the last seats. Abi was a bit disappointed but Alex seemed to be glad that they were going to be sitting at the furthest row to the screen.

'As expected with a superstar,' Abi thought. They came early and yet they still only just managed to get the last tickets.

From the start of the movie, Abi and Alex's hands were intertwined. Abi was smiling as she glanced at him, squeezing his hand occasionally. Her popcorn sat on her left side and she was feeding Alex every now and again. It was a very nice feeling, having Alex sitting next to her and watching a movie with her.

But as the story progressed, Abi's attention started to be fixed on the screen. She didn't let go of Alex's hand but the man, who had been more focused on her than the movie, was a little displeased, especially when he noticed the pride and admiration in her eyes as she watched that guy.

Trying to get her attention, Alex let her hand go and stretched his arm out and draped it over her shoulder. Abi looked at him and smiled before she returned her gaze to the screen again. Still displeased, Alex moved his fingers and it crawled from her shoulder to her collarbones. Abi jolted and her popcorn almost spilled on the floor.

"Alex…" she whispered.

Alex finally got her attention and he smirked triumphantly. He leaned in on her and whispered in her ear.

"Did you know what couples usually do in places like this?" he whispered seductively and Abi couldn't help but blush.

"Of course."

"Really? Tell me, what are they?"

"Watch the movie, of course, and feed each other popcorn and share a drink and hold each other's hands."

"That's all?"

"Uhm… hugging for a while, maybe?"

"Want me to show you something much more interesting?"

"Uhm…" Abi saw the naughty glint in his eyes and she swallowed quietly. "We must focus on the movie, Alex..."

"Look, the actors are kissing, shouldn't we kiss too?"

Abi was speechless and before she could react, the man bent to capture her lips but due to Abi's surprise, she knocked her popcorn over and it fell on the floor.

She quickly pulled away, blushing hard, as she bent down to pick the spilled popcorn up. At the same time, the guy sitting on her left also bent to pick it up.

The two nearly butted heads. Abi smiled at him as he gave her the popcorn.

Abi slightly bowed at him as she took the popcorn when suddenly...

"Abi?" the man said. Abi's eyes widened. She couldn't see his face because he was wearing a mask but his voice seemed familiar. Someone she knew?

The man removed his mask and Abi's lips slightly parted.

"C-chris?" she almost exclaimed. Christian Lu, her childhood best friend and the current highest paid actor in the country was here? Sitting next to her?!

Abi was taken aback. This guy was her childhood bestfriend. They were even closer than siblings back when they were young. Both of them were talented and they were actually even each other's rival during their school days. They both dreamt to become movie stars one day and to star in the same movie together. They also made a promise to reach the peak of their dreams together but during the audition, Abi didn't come…

Because that was the day she found out about her illness.

Christian called and messaged her that day but she was at the hospital. He told her that he passed the audition and was upset that she didn't arrive. But Abi didn't tell him the truth. She told him that she didn't want to pursue their dream anymore and that she was giving up.

The boy was so upset and since then, they eventually lost contact with each other as Chris was taken away from the city to train as an actor in one of the biggest entertainment company in the country.

Every time Abi saw him on television and magazines, she was reminded about her childhood and her lost dreams, but she was happy for him because just as he promised, he reached the peak of he was aiming for. In fact, he had become a legendary young actor of their generation.

"W-what are you doing here?" Abi asked him and the man, who seemed to be much more surprised than her, snapped out of his shock. He covered his face with his mask again and he suddenly held her hand.

"Abi, let's go talk outside," he said as he stood up and tried to take her away.

However, in the next moment, he heard a chilling voice.

"And where do you think you are taking my girl?"


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