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Chapter 171 Avocado

Abi and Alex arrived at Abi's house that morning.

Her family immediately welcomed Alex warmly. They treated him much warmer than before. Abi took Alex with her early so she could spend the day with him while they prepared everything. This was the 9th to the last day so she was determined not to waste even a second.

"Alex, dear, do you know how to cook?" the old grandma asked him and as always, the first thing Alex did was glance at Abi.

"He's not good at it, grandma," Abi replied and the old grandma smiled at Alex.

"That's okay, dear. You can help by preparing these avocados," Abi's grandmother said as she gave him a knife.

Abi pressed her lips tight to stop herself from smiling. She didn't bring him here to help but she thought that it wasn't bad to make him experience doing ordinary things.? Besides, she didn't like to have him just sit there like godly statue.

"Can you do it?" Abi asked him and the man glanced at the avocados before looking at her.

"You think I can't even do such a simple thing?" he raised a brow and Abi could only chuckle. She was glad he didn't seem to be forcing himself to do this.

"Wait a moment," Abi said and she disappeared for a while. Once she came back, she was holding a yellow apron. "You have to wear this, Alex," she said and she put it on him herself. The two were too intimate that Abi's dad, who was about to enter the kitchen, immediately turned around and left again. His daughter and her boyfriend were still acting like newlyweds.

"Here you go," Abi stepped away to admire this godly creature wearing a yellow apron and she was satisfied. "Perfect!" she praised while Alex just looked at what he was wearing with a straight expression.

"Abi? Come over here for a while." Abi heard her grandma called.

"Be careful, okay? Don't cut yourself," she told him before she dashed away.

Alex then stared at the avocados, picked one of them and turned it around. He looked so serious, almost looking like he was calculating something as he looked at it.

After a moment, a lightbulb seemed to have appeared in his head and he now looked ready. He took the chopping board, put the avocado on top of it, placed the knife along the perfect halfway point and chopped it.

It wasn't even five minutes yet before Abi and her grandma came back to the kitchen and when they came through the door, they saw Alex just sitting there, like a kid waiting for his teacher to arrive so he could show them his handiwork.

Abi smiled at seeing this picture. It looked like he finished his task in one go.

But the moment Abi and her grandma saw what Alex did, both of them froze in disbelief. Abi's mouth could only drop as she glanced at Alex and then back to the avocados.

The two women couldn't believe that Alex just treated the avocado like that. He chopped it, yes, and in really neat and perfect shapes, precise sizes and all like it was chopped by a machine. It was just that, he treated the avocado like onions and even chopped its seed along with it.

Abi's grandma was the first to laugh. "Oh dear, Alex. You made this old grandma speechless. This would be the funniest thing I have ever encountered in the kitchen in my entire existence," she mused. "Okay, Abi… I will leave you two here. This grandma had to rest," she said, still laughing as she left them.

Alex cleared his throat and leaned in on Abi. "It looks like I messed up. I'll ask Kai to go and buy more avocados."

Abi finally burst at seeing his serious face. She reached out her hand and pinched his cheek. "Alex, did you know that you're so cute today?"

Before Alex could react, Abi turned and spoke again. "Okay, my third request for the day is… let's bake a cake together," she told him.

"You know that I have no idea how –"

"It's okay, I'll teach you. Come, let's start."

Somewhere in the city, Kai was driving when he received a message from Alex.

"Go buy avocados. Don't even try asking anyone else to go. Go buy them yourself or I'll hold you accountable if it has been poisoned."

Kai laughed but he turned his bike around and went to the super market that he just passed by.

The man wore his black cap and headed to the store.

This was the first time he was going to shop for food by himself. In fact, he had never been inside a supermarket before.

He asked one of the sales lady and the lady told him where the fruit section was.

Kai sighed and hesitantly walked towards the general direction that the lady pointed to, but it seemed he may gotten lost. He stopped and looked around.

He was about to return to that lady and ask when…

"My, my… what are you doing here, my handsome prince?" a woman wearing black sunglasses appeared before him. He couldn't believe that he actually bumped into her again and in a place like this! Was this girl stalking him?

"I came here to buy something," Kai replied and Kelly walked closer to him.

"Something? Are you here to buy something for your girlfriend? What a lucky girl! I'm totally jealous." Kelly narrowed her eyes.

"Stop talking nonsense. I'm not here to buy for a girl."

"Not for a girl?"

"Yes, that's right."

Kelly gasped. She held his shoulders and almost pushed him on the shelves.

"Oh god! So you're actually bent? Is that why you don't like me?! Is that why my seduction techniques don't work on you?!" she seemed so shocked while Kai creased his brows.

"What are you saying? Please let go, I need to buy a–"

"What? A sanitary pad?" she continued his word.

"What sanitary pad?" Kai was confused. He was about to pull her hand away when he realized that he was the only man in this section. He looked around and he finally saw that everything in this area were for girls!

"It's a misunderstanding. I came here to buy avocados," he confessed, with slightly reddened cheeks, but Kelly just laughed.

"Avocados? At least have a believable excuse…"

The man suddenly showed Alex's message right before her face and Kelly had no comeback.


Chapter 172 Like a wise old man

With a big smile, Kelly suddenly clung onto Kai's arms.

"Hehehe, I'm just kidding, my prince," she winked at him while he just closed his eyes and sighed. Why did he seem to always cross paths with this big troublemaker? What on earth did he do in his past life to deserve such torment?!

"Stop calling me 'prince'!" he sternly said as he put the phone back in his pocket.

"Sigh… I really want to know who Alexander Qin is. How is he able to turn a beautiful royal prince like you to be his personal errand boy? And why does a prince like you obey his every word? Don't tell me you'd also be willing to put your life at risk or even die for him like an olden day knight?" Kelly blabbered on, seeming to mindlessly just spout out her thoughts. But really, she was truly curious of what the answer could be because until now, despite using her father's resources, she hadn't been able to find any information about Alexander Qin or what was his connection was to the royals of the Hidden Kingdom.

Kai sighed again and he tried to peel her off him. "That's right, if he wanted me to, I would die for him. Happy?" he answered and walked away, leaving Kelly's mouth hanging open. Eh? What? Was he serious? Her last sentence a while ago was just a joke and yet he confirmed it so seriously?

Kelly ran after him and hugged him from the back, effectively stopping him from running away.

"Oh babe, why are you running away from your mommy? That's not nice," she said and Kai closed his eyes again, pressed his temples and sighed. He felt like he was starting to get high blood pressure every time this girl showed up around him.

"Miss Kelly Yang, can't you at least behave in public places like this?"

"Sigh… why do you mind other people that much? Oh well, I understand you're a mighty royal but have fun, my boy! Don't be obsessed with your reputation that much."

"It's not about reputation or anything like that, Miss Hooligan. Behaving properly in public places means being considerate to the masses. Everyone of us are obliged to do that."

". . ." Gosh! Did he just give me a sermon? "Oh well, like I said, you think too much about other people. Be selfish sometimes too, your majesty. People really don't care that much about what you do. Each of us has what is called 'freedom' to do what we want with our lives."

At last, the prince turned to look at her. He stared at her face with his delicate eyes. "Did you ever wonder what might happen if drivers just did whatever they wanted to on the roads without caring about others? If they didn't follow rules or etiquette and only thought about themselves?"


"Sometimes, freedom create chaos. Freedom is a good thing if people don't abuse it."

". . ."

Kelly's grip on him subconsciously loosened up. She was speechless. She always knew that this guy sometimes acted like a sheep in the middle of the pack of wolves but he was being so damn thoughtful right now, almost like a wise old man full of knowledge and wisdom.

"Er…" Before she could speak, Kai pulled her aside and slightly bowed in silent apology at the ladies who were stuck behind them.

"Such a kind young man," one of the ladies said as she smiled at him and Kelly couldn't help but feel guilty. She knew she wasn't a goody-two-shoes but seeing kind and nice people like this made her feel that the world was still beautiful. These types of people were an endangered species, just like Abi. These were the people who stayed kind despite living in this harsh world who thought that kindness was a weakness. She was one of those people who didn't really give much thought to this kind of thing so she truly respected these people. She thought they were the ones who were truly strong because only a few people stay like that after being exposed to the harshness of the world.

Heaving a sigh, Kelly finally let go of him, but it looked like this guy had awakened something in her. She thought this species must be protected at all cost, but it looked like she needed protect him from herself. Darn! What should she do? If she left him alone, another bitch worse than her might snag him, no?

Kelly was torn.

"Okay, let me help you find your avocado," she said as she smiled, held his hand and led him to the fruit area.

Once they were done with their shopping, the two then went to the parking lot towards their own rides. Coincidentally, they both were riding motorbikes.

"Bye, Prince," she said as she gave him a flying kiss before she accelerated out of the carpark on her sleek ride. While driving, Kelly thought about what he said. If drivers just did whatever they want…

She smiled. She never realized this before. Indeed, the world might be a better place if there were more people who thought like him.

She had finally reached the forested area on the way to Abi's house when she noticed that Kai was still following her. She then stopped, blocking him.

"Hey prince, why are you following me?" she licked her lips.

"I'm not following you," he replied and he drove past her. Kelly smiled and she chased him. Her speed was deadly and she caught up in a matter of seconds.

"Then, where are you going?" she yelled but the man didn't reply until they reached their destination.

Kelly was surprised because it appeared that Kai was also heading towards Abi's house.

"You shouldn't yell in the middle of the road and ride at that kind of speed. That could cause an accident," were the first words he told her as they walked towards Abi's house.

"Hehehe, that's an old habit."

"You said to only care about yourself but I don't see you caring about yourself that much. You're too reckless. You're putting yourself in danger."

". . ." Ah, stop lecturing me already, your highness… T^T
Chapter 173 His personal ice cream

After Kelly introduced Kai to Abi's family, the duo then headed to the kitchen after Abi's grandma said that the couple was busy inside.

Kelly peeked by the door with Kai behind her and what she saw made her halt. Curious, Kai peeked as well and the avocados in his hands nearly fell to the floor.

His mouth dropped seeing Alex bent over the table, wearing a yellow apron and seriously piping glaze on top of a cake!

"Ah, oh… control Alex, not so big," Abi told him. She, too, was doing the same thing Alex was doing but on the other side.

Alex simply creased his brows and did as she said. Kai noticed the stray icing on his cheek and he couldn't speak.

It was then that Kelly lifted her phone and took a good shot of the couple, then took the avocado from Kai's hand, carefully put it down on the floor before she dragged Kai out of the door. She closed the door behind her and grinned at Kai.

"It's not right for us to disturb their precious moment. Like you said, we must be considerate." She winked at him and then she dragged him to the small living room.

"Uncle, where are you going?" Kelly rushed over to Andrew, who was about to step out the door.

"I'll have to go and pick up the wines I ordered."

"In the city?"


"Oh, we can go uncle. Leave it to us."


Back in the kitchen…

"Alex? What is that?" Abi asked. They were now making the cake's toppings for its decoration. Abi was creating rose shaped chocolate while Alex was busy making something she could not recognize. He was so serious he didn't even speak more than ten words since they started baking. He was like an obedient student who just kept nodding and doing what he was asked to do.

He was acting a little strange but Abi thought that maybe Alex was like this when he worked? She never saw him do some chores before so she didn't know whether his silence was normal or not. But since Abi couldn't feel anything heavy or dark coming from him, she decided not to think about it too much.

"A Peach," he replied.

"Oh, why a peach?"

"This is your cake so it must resemble you, no?"

Abi blinked at him before she chuckled. The man remained serious and looked at his handiwork with an unsatisfied look.

"I will make another one," he said and took another piece of chocolate to mold.

"Eh? Isn't that enough? It looks cute."

"No, you have two peaches so I should make two as well," he told her with a straight face and Abi couldn't help but gape at him and then blush. She was speechless. How could he say those things with a straight face like that?

Once Alex was done, a smirk formed on his lips. He seemed satisfied with his work and he seemed to have enjoyed the baking process. It was fun and Abi was blissfully happy the whole time. This was another wholesome experience she would never forget.

"Yay!! It's done, Alex! I think we did quite well!" Abi hugged Alex as they looked at their finished product. A white chocolate cake with pale pink peaches and roses on top. It was really cute.

After putting it in the fridge to chill, Abi looked at Alex with a bright smile.

"Okay, you must be tired now. Let me take your apron so you can go sit on the sofa. I'll just tidy these up," she told him as she tiptoed to remove Alex's apron.

However, as their face moved closer, Abi noticed the icing on his cheek. She chuckled and was about to wipe it but Alex caught her hand.

"There's icing on your face, Alex," she told him but the man just raised a brow. "Let me wipe it off for you."

She moved her hand again but Alex still didn't let her.

"How about you use your tongue to wipe it?" he asked and Abi blinked before her face turned unbelievably red. "You don't want to? Okay, let me do it to you first."

Without waiting for her response, Alex placed some icing on her lips as he smiled mischievously. And then, he licked them off.

"A-alex, dad might…"

"Don't worry, the door is closed. There's more right here and here," he replied as he pointed at her nose and cheek. Little did Abi know that he was putting icing on them as he did that. "Let me clean them up for you."

"Alex…" she tried to protest but Alex was already licking her as if she had turned into his personal ice cream. Abi's heart was pounding because of the worry that someone might come in and see them, but part of the reason was actually because of what he was actually doing to her. His tongue was hot. "O-okay, that's enough. I'll wash my face later." She pulled away, blazing red, as she bit her lip. However, Alex didn't let go. He lifted her and made her sit on top of the table, putting himself between her legs.

He looked up at her surprised face and he chuckled.

"If you want me to put you down…" he put an icing on his own lips. "Lick these first, little fruit."

Abi's first reaction was to look at the door and he was right, it was closed. Worried that someone might come and see them in this position, Abi quickly bent down and licked the icing on his lips in a flash.

"How does it taste?" he asked mischievously.

"Good," she could only reply, looking at the door again.

"Oh, just good, huh?" He put more icing on his lips again. "One more time, Abigail," he demanded and Abi could only do it again.

"How is it this time?"

"It tastes… delicious, Alex."

Alex smiled and he finally put her down but the real reason why he did that was because he saw the door knob move. Darn, they should've baked at his house and not here…
Chapter 174 Picnic

"Abi, why don't you two go and have a walk outside or something? You two can go up the trail in the nearby forest and relax," Abi's grandma suggested. "We will finish up the rest of the things here. There's not much more work to do anyway."

Abi looked at Alex before she nodded at her grandmother. She was right, there was still plenty of time so she must take advantage and spend it with Alex.

"Alex, my third request for today is… let's go on a picnic together," she whispered and the man just nodded without a word. Abi smiled and started packing up a picnic basket.

After a while, the couple stepped out of the house with Alex holding the basket. They walked hand in hand towards a small pathway leading to the forest.

They arrived at a clear spring after a long walk. The weather was good and the view was spectacular and quiet.

"Okay, let's settle here!" Abi happily declared as she walked over a grassy area near the spring. The sky was clear that day and the birds were singing.

She spread the blanket on the grass, and sat there as she called Alex to join her.

The man followed and did as he was told.

"Do you want to lay on my lap?" Abi asked him. Alex looked at her and without saying a word, he moved and lay on her lap.

Abi bit her lips as she looked down at his outrageously gorgeous visual.

"Alex… you're such a good boy today as well," she uttered and the man looked up.

"What? You don't like me like this?"

Abi frantically waved her hands. "No, no, I like it. Uhm… veryyy much! I'm just surprised." She grinned at him and then her hand fell on his hair and she started caressing it.

"Your hair is so smooth, Alex," she uttered again but Alex just closed his eyes. His head was in chaos since last night, a disturbance created by the words his little fruit said in her dreams, even though he kept telling himself that she was just a sleep talking. But the moment she said that today was her birthday this morning, Alex decided to behave even just for a day. He didn't know if he would be able to do that. Anything could trigger his anger and the darkness inside him at any moment but he wanted to try because he thought this was the only thing he could do for her, not to scare her or cause any negative disturbance for her on this day.

That was why he was keeping himself in check, restraining himself from talking and thinking about anything else. Somehow, it wasn't as hard as he thought and her calling him 'good boy' again, he didn't know why he smiled when she said that.

"Are you sleepy?" she asked because she saw him try to cover up a yawn.

"Because you're stroking my hair."

"Oh, do you want some food? I took some fruits here and the cake I secretly made for you," she smiled and Alex sat up.

She brought out a small container and opened it. Alex raised a brow upon seeing that the small cake had a jellyfish drawn on top of it.

"You made a peach on mine so I made a jellyfish on yours. It's cute, right?" She grinned.

Abi took a teaspoon and scooped a bit before putting it near his lips, but Alex caught her wrist, stopping her.

"I don't like sweets, Abigail…" he said, causing Abi's brows to crease. "But…" he trailed off, now staring intensely at her as he slowly moved Abi's hand towards her. He then grazed the spoon with the cake on it, from her lips to her chin. "But if I could eat it like this, I think I would like it," he added and Abi was speechless.

He began licking the cake on her lips before Abi could even snap out of her daze. The next moment, Alex pinned her down, his eyes glimmering as his face hovered over hers.


"You said I'm a good boy so you should reward me, right? Abigail?"

"W-what reward would you like?"

"Let me eat more."

She blinked and he moved his face closer.

"Let me eat more cake off your body," he whispered with his hot breath caressing her skin. "If you let me, I'll be a good boy for the rest of the day, Abigail."


He nodded.

"E-even if I invited Chris to come along?"

Alex fell silent. His eyes darkened for a moment but his coldness somehow didn't blaze as Abi expected. It seemed Alex was really in a good mood today.

"I… I promised to call him. And he knows today's my birthday," she added hesitantly, carefully watching Alex's every reaction.

Surprisingly, Alex nodded again after a short while of silence.

"Yes, even if he comes, I'll behave," he said. "That is if you let me –"

"I will let you!" she exclaimed without any hesitation. She even turned and scooped up the cakes icing and spread it on her lips again. "You can eat more, Alex," she smiled, almost looking quite excited.

A wicked smirk escaped Alex's lips twirling his tongue at the corner of his lips as he stared at her in amusement.

"As you wish," he sexily said with his deep voice and kissed her and licked her while his hands started unbuttoning her shirt.

Abi's eyes widened and she moaned against his lips.

Alex pulled away and smiled at her.

"I want to eat more," he said and scooped some with his fingers and spread it on her neck. Abi's mouth parted in surprise as he licked her neck. She could feel the heat touching her skin and his hands continued undressing her.

"A-a-alex… I… what are you doing?" she grabbed his head and made him look at her. His eyes are so damn alluring as he looked up and answered.


Chapter 175 Gentlemen

Abi almost choked while Alex just continued what he was doing.

"Alex… uhm… someone might –"

"Shh… you're the one who said no one comes to this area and you already gave me permission, Abigail, so don't take back your word." He caressed her lips as he kissed her. "Don't worry, no one will see us here, trust me, okay?" he whispered gently and he continued kissing her until Abi could only close her eyes.

Alex pulled away and his finger touched her collarbones. She felt the cold and sticky icing piping slowly on her skin. Abi couldn't help but imagine him piping glaze over a cake and her face burned red. When she felt him putting more down her cleavage, she lifted her hands and covered her face in embarrassment.

But Alex spoke. "Don't hide your face, Abigail. Look at me," he told her. His voice became deeper again, hypnotizing her to obey.

"But… it's embarrassing, Alex," she uttered.

"Okay, I'll undress, too," he replied and Abi quickly removed her hands from her face and looked at him.

"No, no, you don't need to do that!" she protested, but Alex didn't stop and undressed himself until he too was half-naked. Abi could only watch him, completely dumbfounded.

Seeing the look on her face, Alex smirked and without warning, he started licking her. His tongue skillfully teased her and sucked her gently every now and again. He was doing it so slowly, as if he was savoring a dessert, letting it melt on its own in his mouth. The heat of his lips and his tongue traveling from her collarbones down to her cleavage was making Abi felt so hot, so hot that she was starting to feel weird.

"So delicious…" he uttered as he pulled away and looked at her. The dreamy look on Abi's flushed face made him smile and kiss her lips. "You're delicious, Abigail…" he whispered seductively and Abi felt like he was trying to shut her heart and mind down all at once.

Before she knew it, he had taken off her bra. Abi gasped when she realized it and she grabbed Alex, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"A-alex, I… you can't take it –"

"Shh…" he cut her off again and he started nibbling her ear. "I want to taste the cake on top of your cute peaches, Abigail. This is the real reward I want for being a good boy," he whispered and Abi felt so tickled as he blew his hot breath in her ear. This was too much and her arms were losing their strength.

He pinned her down again. He stared deep into her eyes and kissed her deeply until she finally let go of him.

Alex stared at her, his gaze caressing every nook of her naked torso as he gazed at her with pride and admiration. His hand then moved and Abi felt him put some icing on her nipple. Her mind was already in a daze and she started sweating due to the heat Alex caused by seducing her.

And then, she felt his lips on one of her twin peaks. He licked her nipple slowly, savoring the icing on it, slowly and gently, and Abi couldn't help but moan.

"I love your moans, Abigail. Moan for me more," he whispered between his shallow breaths and his lips moved on to the other one and licked her there again.

Abi could no longer think straight. He made her feel like this every time he touched her, making her lose her mind with all these foreign things and feeling he was making her experience. She didn't know what was going on anymore. All she knew was that she had never felt so good.

"A-alex… I… I'm feeling weird… feels s-so good…" she didn't know that those words escaped from her lips but their effect was definitely like oil being poured over the calm fire.

"Damn!" he cursed and he picked her up without letting go of her peach. He made her straddle him as his mouth moved even harder, with one hand also playing on the other one, pleasuring her twin peaches simultaneously.

His other hand started moving downwards, slipping under her skirt and he touched her there, making Abi's body quiver in pleasure. Her hands wrapped around his neck tightly and he didn't stop until Abi reached the sky again.

It was dusk when everyone finally arrived at Abi's house. There were only less than twenty people who came, mostly, their neighbors. Abi didn't have many close friends her age, only Kelly, so the rest of the guests were elderlies and children.

Zeke and Xavier also arrived, surprising everyone in the house. Zeke was quite famous so the elderlies immediately recognized him, creating a fuss inside the house for a while.

The last one to arrive was none other than Chris, Abi's childhood friend.

Of course, the fuss that was pointed at Zeke a while back immediately got thrown to Chris.

Being the most famous actor at the moment, even the elderlies almost shrieked upon the sight of him. Abi's family also gushed when they saw him and they welcomed the young man so warmly, almost as if he belonged to the family in the first place.

But the truth was it wasn't only the people inside who got surprised, Chris himself was actually shocked. He couldn't believe that not only was the shadiest man he ever knew here, the coldhearted and dangerous business tycoon, Ezekiel Qin was also here! What was he doing here?!

He had expected Alexander Qin to be here but seeing another shady character inside this house, and the richest man in the country no one dared to offend, he was damn speechless. How the hell did Abi get connected to these kinds of people?

"Come, Chris, join these gentlemen here." Andrew led him to the sofa where Alex, Zeke, Kai, and Xavier were sitting. Chris glanced at the other two and even though he didn't know who they were, he could sense in one glance that they were not ordinary people.

Abi's grandma went to introduce Chris to the four gentlemen and when Xavier heard that he was the boy who was beside Abigail in many of the pictures inside this house, his eyes immediately began to observe Alex.

But Alex was somehow calmer than expected. In fact, he was so calm that he almost looked as still as stone.

A while later, Kelly went downstairs first after helping Abi dress up and she was shocked by what she saw. One tycoon, one superstar, two royals, and one shady character who obviously seemed to be much more powerful than the four of them. Kelly could only sigh. 'Sigh… Abi my friend, I really don't know if I should be happy or not, despite seeing these men all looking excessively gorgeous…'

A few seconds later after Kelly appeared, Abi made her way down the stairs.


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