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Chapter 206 Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts

"Ah, A-alex… n-not there…"

Abi covered her face in embarrassment when the man gently parted her legs and kissed her there. She can't believe it. Alex was kissing her there in this place!

"Don't cover your face, Abigail, please… let me see your face," he begged and it didn't even take a moment for her to give in to him. She bit her lips in pleasure as Alex's tongue penetrated her. The sensation was too much. And just like last night, she felt her body doing things on its own. Her moans, her hip movements, her hands on his hair… it was like these weren't parts of her body, like someone else was controlling them.

"Alex…" she called out his name between her moans. When she was close to the finish line, the man stopped.

"Not yet, Abigail…" his deep, hypnotic voice hovered on her face and she found herself pulling him in to kiss his lips. Once their lips parted, she saw him tear another foil he got from his pocket with his teeth. What? He had those in his pockets? Had he been planning…?

Seeing her expression, Alex smiled. "A man should always be prepared," he whispered and he kissed her again.

As they kissed, Alex entered her and Abi felt all of him. She couldn't help but cling onto him. She still couldn't believe that that big monster fit inside her. Why? Why did this feel so good?

"Oh, Abigail… I just can't get enough of you. You are so ripe now, so delicious. I want to have you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert…" he uttered and then his pace hastened.

Abi was getting close to the edge. She clung onto Alex as she let her mind flew higher and higher.

"Abigail…" he called out again and his next thrust brought them to the land of ecstasy together.

As they panted, Alex pulled out. But again, that was not enough! Not enough at all!

However, before he could start another round, Abi's stomach growled. Alex froze. His little lamb was hungry. She needed to eat. With just that, like a powerful magic spell, the monster slowly died down and went back to sleep.

He planted a soft and quick kiss on her lips and whispered, "You need to eat now. I definitely can't starve you," he added as he carried her and brought her to the bathroom.

"Should I bathe you?" he asked in her teasing voice and Abi frantically shook her head.

"No, I'll bathe myself," she waved her hand, her face red like a cooked lobster.

"Okay. Be careful not to slip."

"The floor is anti slip Alex."

"Still, be careful. Cause you're a clumsy little lamb."

"Okay, I will, I will."

She pushed him out of the door and the man smirked happily as he watched the door closed.


When Abi returned to the kitchen, the food was already ready.

"Come, my queen, take your seat," Alex welcomed her with those super cheesy words, as he flashed his gorgeous smile and Abi flushed red again. He chuckled seeing her pricelessly cute reaction. He really loved teasing her, both orally and physically. Damn! Control yourself, Alex! She needs to eat.

"You like being called like that, hmm? Abigail?" he asked as she made her sit. "My queen?" he repeated when suddenly, Abi stretched out her hands and pinched his cheeks, so hard. But the moment Alex faked a wince, she immediately let go and worry flashed in her face.

Alex chuckled again. His little lamb was just so cute. Actually, everything she did was heartbreakingly beautiful. She was like a blissful sunshine and a soothing breeze. So relaxing.

"Okay, time to eat." He started putting food on her plate and Abi gladly ate them all. It seemed that her appetite had increased even more after their 'exercise'. Alex continued feeding her like he cooked all these just for her.

"Alex, you didn't even eat a bite yet," she complained, her forehead creasing with worry. But the man simply smiled.

"I'm already full, Abigail?"

"Huh? You already ate?"

"Yep, I just ate the most delicious breakfast ever." His eyes glimmered both mischievously and seductively as his lips curved showing his perfect white teeth. Abi remembered the words he said a while ago about him wanting to eat her for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and Abi blushed red for the nth time that morning.

Alex's lips curved up and was about to speak again when she stabbed a piece of bacon and put it near his lips.

"Eat!" she demanded and Alex let out a throaty chuckle before he obeyed, like a doting husband.

As they rested, Abi asked him about their agenda for the day. She wanted to go skiing with him again.

Alex agreed because he was actually planning for them to go out. He needed to distract himself, not only because he didn't want to exhaust Abigail but he also wanted her to enjoy herself. Besides, he knew that if they didn't leave the house, the box of condoms he brought would not last until their last night here.

Darn! He should've taken two or three boxes… F*ck Alex! Get a grip on yourself!

That day, on the third day of their stay in that beautiful frosty place, Alex and Abi enjoyed skiing and rolling on the snow together. Abi laughed a lot and Alex had never been so alive in his entire existence. It was like he was resurrected from death that day he met her. And now, all he wanted was the two of them to stay in this place forever. He wanted that smile on her face to never fade. He thought that he would do anything, everything, to keep that carefree smile on her face.

"I love you so much, Alex," Abi told him as she lay on top of him. She held his face between her yellow gloved hands and kissed him. Their lips were both cold but there was so much heat in that kiss.

When she pulled away by pushing her palms on his chest, Alex held her and pinned her down, swapping their positions.

His hand caressed her cheek. He didn't wear a glove because he didn't like it so his hand was bare and cold.

His eyes scorched against his lashes as his face slowly moved closer to hers. His eyes never left hers until his lips landed on her forehead, and then, he uttered the words that made her world screech to a halt.

"I love you..."

Chapter 207 Ice cream

"I love you…" he uttered, eyes incredibly intense. He never thought he would ever want to hear these three words from anyone ever again but this was like music to his ears, a melody that he wanted to listen to over and over again, especially because they came from her lips, a melody that he would never get tired of. He remembered how his entire being went dark and cold every time those women uttered those three words to him. Yet now, here he was, actually saying it back. He never thought it would tumble out so easily like that, the words spilling from his lips before he even realized it.

Suddenly, he let himself fall on the snow, lying right next to her as he stared at the sky. He wondered if this was normal. The extent of these emotions inside him were almost to the extreme, the effects of which were almost too scary to think about. What else could this thing make him do next? What else could this thing change in him next?

A quick soft chuckle echoed as his attention returned to his beautiful little lamb. She was staring back at him, eyes wide in surprise.

"Don't look at me like that, Abigail. That shocked me too!" He told her and he stared at the sky again. "It isn't that hard to say, it seems," he muttered like he just learned a vital new life lesson. His lower lip was trapped between his perfect teeth. He heaved a small sigh and was about to speak again when Abi suddenly embraced him.

Her grip on him was tight and her face was buried in his chest.

Alex realized she was sniffling. "Abigail, are you crying again?" he asked, trying to see her face. But Abigail didn't let him.

"I-it's because you're…"

"Because I'm what?"

"Because… you've become so sweet…"


Alex sat up and held her shoulders and made her look at him as he positioned her to straddle him.

"That's why you're crying?" his brow raised.

Abi avoided his gaze and nodded. Alex sighed, speechless. This little lamb of his… was she such a crybaby before? No, just lately, he noticed that she had been getting more and more emotional… especially since they arrived here.

He would catch her staring at him like she was memorizing his every feature and she had that look in her eyes that had bothered him since he brought her home that night. He didn't like it, that sad, far off look in her eyes he sometimes caught sight of. She would also hug him out of nowhere and wouldn't let go like she was scared of something.

But Alex thought that this was just her way of expressing her emotions, so he always tried to distract her which inevitably ended up with him teasing her.

"Oh… so now you think I'm sweet, huh? Well, isn't this your fault?"

"H-huh? How –"

"Well, I was never like this before. I'm more than 100% certain you're the one responsible for these changes in myself. You're the one who turned the ice into an ice cream! And you did it so sneakily, without even asking for permission. Sneaky little lamb." He smirked and Abi could only gape at him.

Turning ice into an ice cream…? Those words immediately drew a picture inside Abi's head of Alex being an ice cream and she wondered what flavour he would be. He would be mocha-flavored, a delicate mix of bitter and sweet. Mmm, wouldn't she like to have a taste of Alex the ice cream?

Subconsciously, Abi licked her lips and the man face palmed himself. "Abigail, stop that! If you do that one more time, I'll go mad," he hissed and Abi quickly climbed off him and ran away, like a lamb running from the wolf.

Alex laughed as he watched the little fruity lamb running for her life.

He got up and ran after her and once he caught her, he lifted her up like a princess. He didn't put her down as he headed back to the house for lunch.

"Alex… my legs still work, you know. You can put me down now," Abi said. Even though she loved Alex's piggyback rides, she felt a little bad for him, because the house was still a bit of a trek.

"It's fine, Abigail. This way, I can burn off all that excess energy." He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows at her meaningfully. Abi kept trying to persuade him but to no avail, as the man was more stubborn than a donkey. She eventually gave in and enjoyed the romantic ride.

But the moment the two entered the house, Alex pinned Abi by the door.

"Time for my reward, right? Abigail?" he whispered in her ear as he kissed her earlobe. "I carried you so instead of using your energy on walking, you could give that precious energy to me," he added, sexily and seductively, seducing her again.

Abi was speechless. So, this was why he was persistent in carrying her. This man…

"Alex, w –" before Abi could form a sentence, Alex cut her off with a kiss.

"Please Abigail…" he pleaded against her lips. "You licked your lips a while ago when I mentioned that you had turned into ice cream. Don't you want to taste your own personal sweet ice cream right now? It will be the perfect dessert for noon time."

Oh my god! What was he saying?

Abi couldn't resist. Him, saying those kinds of words with his deep hypnotic voice as he kissed her, how could she even…

With just that, Abi was completely seduced. She realized that her resistance to him was decreasing at an alarming rate. No, it was actually almost near zero. She couldn't deny that she wanted him too, even in this situation. It was like her desire for him was growing more intense by the day, and even more so the more he made love to her. She wondered if it was normal for a girl like her to have such intense desires.

As she gave in, Alex rejoiced triumphantly. Without wasting a single second, he quickly undressed her.

"Alex… let's go to bed…" Abi said between his sweet onslaught, but Alex didn't stop.

"I'm sorry but I can't wait anymore, Abigail," he replied, his lips already on her twin peaches, stimulating them. "I want to make love with you right here. Please?"

Abi couldn't believe it. He wanted to do it here! They're going to make love by the door this time!

But for the life of her, she couldn't say no. She couldn't even form a coherent string of thought in her mind, much less talk anymore so she ended up just nodding, granting him what he wanted.

Alex was definitely driving her insane.

Chapter 208 Here you go again

After another round of heated exercise, Abi was too exhausted that she fell asleep. Even though Alex carried her to conserve her strength, her energy level was really lacking. It seemed he needed to make her exercise more to make this little lamb's weak body grow stronger even just by a little bit.

As Abi slept, Alex was busy creating Abi's daily exercise routine for her to start up again once they were back. He planned to be her personal trainer and he was already smirking as he looked at the daily schedule he created. There was a glimmer of excitement in his eyes and he looked so proud of himself.

He glanced at her peaceful face, bent down and kissed her forehead before he too snuggled under the blanket, cuddled her. And so, this loving couple slept peacefully together on that bright and cold afternoon.

When Abi woke up, Alex wasn't on the bed anymore. She sat up and was speechless when she saw that it was already dusk. She remembered that they had made love by the entrance door and then on the couch before they finally arrived on the bed. And that was all before lunch!

Abi blushed hard but she was starting to feel less embarrassed every time she thought about it. Her reverie was broken by the grumbling in her stomach. She hadn't eaten since breakfast and she was famished! She quickly climbed off the bed and noticed Alex had put his clothes on her again. She bit her lips and entered the bathroom. She thought she had better put some underwear on this time or she might not get to have dinner. Abi's eyes widened at the thought and she blushed again. Alex was really making her shameless.

In the kitchen, Alex was busy preparing their dinner. A faint smile hovered on his lips as he stirred a pot of soup with a spatula. He seemed to be amused at something and when he felt Abi's presence, he turned to her with a big smile.

There she was, the goddess who bewitched him and turned the great Alexander into her personal cook. She had changed out of his clothes and had put on her more conservative pajamas, showing very little skin. It seemed she made sure not to make the same mistake she did at breakfast. But did she know that no matter what she wore, she could still seduce him bad?

"You're awake," he said and Abi walked over to him. Her eyes wandered around, searching for food as her nose inhaled the mouth watering aroma. She looked amazed and she was looking at him with those disbelieving eyes again.

"Why didn't you wake me up? I could've helped you," she told him but the man just moved his face closer to hers.

"Are you okay?" he asked, scrutinizing her face.

She blushed as he made her recall their intense love making that afternoon. "I'm fine." She immediately diverted his attention back to the food. "Yay! Our dinner looked delicious, Alex!" her eyes sparkled as she sat on her chair.

"Not as delicious as you, though."

". . ."

Alex chuckled as he put a bowl of soup in front of her.

And then, he began to feed her.

"This, you should eat more of this. This is very nutritious and will give you plenty of energy," he said as he put the food in her mouth. Abi was eating like a starved squirrel. Somehow, the food was really delicious and her appetite was at its finest tonight. Maybe because Alex was the one who cooked. Or maybe because he was the one feeding her right now, still looking as gorgeous as ever.

"Alex, you eat as well," she nagged at him like a good little wife. She then fed him and the man didn't protest but he only ate very little, as usual, and fed the rest to her.

After a long while…

"I wonder where you're putting all the food you're eating," he muttered. He was resting his face on his palm while Abi took her time, leaning her back on the chair with her hand on her stomach. She was so full!

Alex took her hand and held her wrist. "Look at this wrist. You shouldn't be this thin when you're such a glutton," he complained.

Abi choked and coughed. How could he call her that?!

"T-this is just how my body is, okay?" she replied. "And I'm just being a glutton because of you!" she retorted and Alex rose and leaned forward across the table.

"So I'm increasing your appetite?"

"Yes. And you cook so well… I can't stop eating."

Suddenly, his eyes became intense and his lips curved up. "Here you go again, seducing me," he said and Abi's eyes widened.

"I'm not! What are you saying? You're the one who's always seducing me!"

"You cooked so well… I can't stop eating…" he echoed her words but why did those ordinary words suddenly sound so seductive when he said it? Gosh… this man… he didn't need to say it that way!

"You understand now?" he added, pinching her chin gently as he stared deeply into her eyes. His face then moved slowly towards her when suddenly, Abi put her palm over his mouth.

"A-alex… uhm…"

While Abi was scrambling to think of what she should say to distract him, Alex let go of her chin, and he leaned back. He ran his fingers through his hair and turned around.

"I'll go take a shower first," he said and Abi could only watch him leave.

She cleaned up the kitchen and when she finished, she rested on the small sofa. However, the man who went out to the hot spring still hadn't returned, so she opened the door and peeked out to investigate.

When she couldn't see him, Abi stepped into the room when suddenly, Alex emerged from the warm water.

She blinked in surprise. She didn't see any ripples in the water when she looked just now. Did he stay underwater for that long? How did he do that?!

Alex saw her and a smirk curved on his face. He stood up and his flawless body came into view as the white steam evaporated from the warm water. He looked like the god of water, emerging from his lair, full of all muscle and masculinity.

He sat on the edge of the pool as his fingers messed up his own hair.

"Come, Abigail," he called out. His voice, his gaze, everything about him was hypnotic. He was bewitching her again.

Abi swallowed. The lights around the pool glowed yellow and the atmosphere here felt different at night. It was like it was more romantic than during the day but Abi could tell it was mainly because of the presence of that alluring perfect creature right there.

"It's good for your body to soak in here before going to bed. It will help relax your sore muscles," he advised and Abi knew he was right. She wanted to soak in the warm water. She wanted to experience that soothing water at night.

With that, before Alex could even begin to persuade her, Abigail began to undress.
Chapter 209 Under the starry night

Alex smiled triumphantly as he watched her undressing before him. His little fruit was a little shy, still. But to think that she would undress herself before him now, without his prompting, was another fulfilling improvement. But hot damn! She's so freaking beautiful, he was becoming hard again.

Abi slowly walked towards the pool with her lacy underwear. This time, she was wearing a pair of black lingerie, a tantalizing contrast to her white silky skin. His Abigail was wearing black… bloody hell! Didn't she know what that meant to a guy?!

As she soaked herself in the water, Alex did his best to keep himself from jumping on her. She played on the water again like she always did before she leaned her head on the tiles, looking up as her feet moved like a mermaid's tail.

The stars were shining but the aurora that night wasn't as bright as the first night. Still, the sky was beautiful as she looked at it while relaxing in the warm pool.

"The sky is pretty, Alex," she uttered and Alex looked up as well. Indeed, it was, but he would rather watch her.

"Yes, but you're far prettier still," he replied like a master smooth talker and Abi flushed even redder. It seemed that complimenting her was now fast becoming his habit and he was saying it all with a straight, serious face.

"R-really?" was all she responded.

"What, you don't believe me?"

Seeing Alex's brows crease slightly, Abi smiled and splashed water on him. She moved over to him, and put her palms on either side of his face.

"I believe you, okay?" she told him and when Alex smiled, she immediately let go. She turned and was about to go back to her spot when Alex's hands wrapped around her tiny waist. He pulled her into his embrace and sat her on his lap, her back on his chest.

The first thing Abi felt was a hot hardness and her face burned.

His hands began to trace her spine and his touch was like fire. And then, his lips were on the back of her neck, kissing her there. His hand began roaming around and it didn't take long for him to catch her twin peaches. After playing with them, he turned her around and made her face him.

He kissed her lips as he played with her peaches.

"Let's do it here, okay?" he whispered against her lips, his hands not stopping from doing their delicious magic.

"B-but… we're outside, ah… not there, Alex…"

Alex's hand, which was on her behind, squeezed her and she let out a cute moan. "Don't worry, I told you. No one is around here to see us. So let's do it here, okay? Please?"

With just one plea, Abi gave in and nodded at him.

Alex smiled. His little big monster began rubbing her down there, on that sensitive spot. The friction from their underwear played havoc with both of them.

He began sucking her tongue and she responded, wilder than ever. His little ripe fruit was beginning to make a move on her own and he loved it, so damn much. Her fingers were tugging his hair as she pulled him closer.

"Don't bite your lips, Abigail, moan for me. Don't restrain it," he uttered and Abi obeyed. She stopped biting her lips and let out soft, yet cute and seductive moans he would never get tired of hearing.

Abigail was feeling overwhelmed. She hardly recognized herself. His touch and everything he did to her body felt too good. She loved being one with him because every time they got lost in each other's arms, everything in the world just disappeared. No thoughts, no worries, just them, feeling each other and becoming one whole soul.

Alex released his big monster and he started kissing her twin peaks alternately while his manhood rubbed her. He was not going to enter her yet. Apart from his condom potentially running out soon, he realized that he must really learn to restrain himself for Abigail. He couldn't have her be worn out like this so he decided not to do it more than once in one session. Thus, this was the solution he thought of.

"Alex…" Abi started calling out his name. He kissed her lips, lifted her up and made her sit on the tiles.

Bumping her forehead on hers, he began to touch himself, right before her. His other hand slammed on top of the tiles as he breathed heavily. His gaze was burning as he looked at her, his hand moving fast while Abi looked at his intense face.

He was groaning deeply, biting his lips hard. The way he looked when he felt sexual pleasure was really dreamy and erotic. He looked gorgeous even in that state.

His hand then flew to her nape and he pulled her face closer as he kissed her lips. "I'm coming, Abigail," he uttered huskily and then Abi saw him come.

Alex groaned in pleasure. It always felt over the top, even if he was doing it himself, as long as Abigail was with him, watching him. She was the true source of his pleasure and he would always go crazy for her.

Once he settled his breathing, Alex brought back his attention to her. He kissed her and locked his eyes on hers.

"I did that because I don't want you passing out again," he whispered as he hugged her and Abi felt her heart throb heavily.

He began kissing her nape. He held her and they were soaked in the water again. She felt him become hard against her and the pleasure that she had felt a while ago was starting to resume again.

"Do you want us to continue?" Alex asked her.

Abi's eyes wandered and in the end, she meekly nodded. She was embarrassed but her body and heart wanted him too. And she thought there was no reason for her not to want it or to hide her want for it.

She saw Alex's eyes glimmer the moment she nodded and she blushed again. Alex's lips captured hers again for a passionate kiss before he turned her around and had her place her hands on the edge of the pool for support. She thought he was going to pull her panties off but he didn't. She looked back at him with surprise when he simply moved her panties aside as his hardness touched her there directly.

Seeing her surprised look, Alex let out a throaty chuckle.

"I love you in black lingerie," he uttered before he started to slide inside her, taking her from behind. Abi gripped the edge of the pool hard as she felt him enter her. It entered so easily and in no time she felt that overwhelming fullness. The feeling was bringing her up to the sky again, making her fly the need for wings.

"Damn! You're so wet! So good, Abigail!" She heard him speak. "I'm going to move now, okay?"

She immediately nodded. She wanted him to move. But Alex didn't.

"Tell me, Abigail. I want to hear you say it… please…" he pleaded and Abi opened her eyes which were clouded with pure pleasure and desire.

"P-please move… inside me, Alex…" she uttered and she saw him smile. And then she felt him move his hips, pushing his hardness in and out in that beautiful rhythm that only he knew how to create. It was inexplicable. She was flying.

"Do you want me to go faster?" he asked again and Abi nodded.

"Say it, Abigail…"

"More Alex… faster… please…"

Alex smiled, genuinely pleased. He gripped her hips as he increased his pace but still acutely aware to not slam into her without restraint.

"Abigail…" Her name came out as a soft whisper and the sound of it tickled Abi's ears, taking Abi's pleasure to a new dimension.

"Alex… please… please…" she begged and that was all Alex needed. In the next second, Alex pushed even deeper, earning him a beautiful ecstatic moan from her until Abi exploded under the starry night.

Chapter 210 Sweet, sweet love

Time passed by like a whirlwind and it was finally the second to the last day of their stay in this place, their very own secret paradise. It was getting closer to that final day.

Alex decided to bring her out that day to go fishing. He carried her again halfway through as they trekked despite her wanting to walk.

So once they arrived at the lake, Abi was filled with plenty of energy. Alex held a jigging rod and showed her how to use it. It didn't take long for his rod to move, indicating that it might have caught a fish. When he pulled on it, there was a wriggling fish at the end of it and Abi rejoiced. She suddenly felt thrilled, her eyes silently yelling 'I want to catch one too!' as she looked at him.

Alex laughed shortly and gave the rod to her. Abi happily took it and just like that, she monopolized the fishing rod for the rest of the time while Alex sat patiently across her, watching the growing pile of fish. He was loving how happy and excited she was over this.

When Alex saw that she had caught enough for dinner, he stopped her. Abi negotiated for one more catch and Alex could only give in.

On their way home, while riding on his back again, Abi told him that they were going to have a fish barbecue at the campsite. Of course Alex agreed without question so upon arriving at the house, they both prepared the fish and everything else they needed for it.

"Okay, it's ready!" Abi clapped her hand.

"If we are going to sleep there, Abigail, we should shower here before we go," he said and Abi nodded. This was going to be their last night here because they would be heading back tomorrow night so she wanted to spend the night out at the campsite, watching the aurora with him again. One last time.

"Okay, I'll go first," she dashed towards the bathroom, entered it and was about to shut the door close when Alex's hand blocked it.

He entered and started stripping. "Let's take a shower together, Abigail," his seductive voice echoed in the bathroom, causing Abi's ears to tingle.

Abi just blushed. She didn't complain anymore and started to undress. As he watched her, the fire in his eyes blazed and he pulled her into his arms. The sprinkling water started to fall over her body and so did his hot scorching kisses.

"I'm so hungry, Abigail. I haven't eaten breakfast and lunch today. I've been a good boy so give me a reward," he whined and Abi could only tried to push him back so that she could look at his face.

"O-okay, ask me anything…" she whispered even though she already knew what he wanted.

"Can I eat you ten times tonight?" he asked. Abi's eyes immediately widened and his pleasant laugh echoed. "Kidding," he added before he captured her lips and then let go.

He turned off the shower and reached out for the soap.

"Let me bathe you, my queen," he uttered as he gazed at her. Abi nodded, blushing hard and Alex flashed his sexiest smile. "Let me take this off first," he uttered and in the next second, her bra was expertly removed, revealing her beautiful peaches.

Alex started to wash her with the soap, starting from her neck, down to her shoulders, hands and then he made his way down to her breasts. He gave them extra attention - to make sure they were absolutely clean, of course - and Abi bit her lips hard. The sensation was incredibly intense. Her skin tingled everywhere and her hardened nipples gave her feelings away.

He knelt down before her and his hands moved slowly south.

"Let's take this off, okay?" he asked, looking up through his impossibly gorgeous dark lashes.

"Mm." She meekly nodded again and Alex looked at her with joy and pride.

He took off her last piece of garment and she was finally naked. F*ck! She's already wet!

Alex bit his lips hard as he looked at her, restraining himself from sticking his tongue up there and tasting her sweetness.

His hands moved to her feet. "Lift your leg," he said and she obeyed.

Alex gave her legs good scrub, and even gave her a quick foot massage. Mmm, that felt nice.

She closed her eyes as she felt his hands trail up her legs, on the inside of her thighs, and then back down again.

Her brain was going to shut down. His hands moved slowly, like a tease, and she found herself waiting for him to touch her there.

Finally, the moment she had been waiting for happened and an erotic moan escaped from her lips the second his fingers brushed her.

He played with her down there, his fingers creating their magic and she felt her knees weaken at his touch. His eyes were so focused, as if he did not want to miss anything.

"Does this feel good, Abigail?"

"Yes, Alex." She didn't hesitate and Alex's heart rejoiced again. He rubbed her there, and then everywhere, her behind to her breast again. He didn't leave any part of her body untouched until she was so smooth and foamy.

He then took the shower head in his hand and started to wash the soap off her. She thought she would cool down now from the heat but when Alex pointed the shower close to her chests, she couldn't help but bite her lips again. There was another sensation and she couldn't believe that even the water was making her feel so aroused right now.

When he moved the shower head down there, directing the spray of the water on her sensitive lips, she couldn't help but moan, hard.

"A-alex…" she called out and she pulled Alex and kissed him. Alex smiled, damn happy. His little fruit was definitely getting more ripe by the day.

He spread her legs apart and increased the pressure of the water spraying on her, increasing the sensation of pleasure that Abi felt. Abi felt herself losing strength and she clung onto Alex, while Alex wrapped an arm around her and kissed her hard.

Abi tried to kiss him back but her body trembled and moans were forced out her mouth the longer he sprayed her there. At last, he took it away and she heard the shower head drop on the floor. Then his free hand cupped her there, stimulating another different sensation within her body.

She was so wet that he couldn't stop himself from sliding his fingers inside her, caressing her walls, while his palm rubbed on her sensitive bud. In and out his fingers went. His sweet torture was taking Abi to breaking point.

"Do you want me inside now?"

"Yes, please." She began to beg and Alex couldn't explain how damn fulfilling that felt. He released his little big monster who had actually been begging since the moment they got back to the house, and entered her swiftly, smoothly.

He stilled, savoring the sensation yet again.

"Oh… Abigail… I just can't get enough of you…"

And thus, in the shower, moans and groans of intense pleasure leaked out its walls as the two people made sweet, sweet love.


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