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Chapter 131 Playing with a dragon

The rain continued raging like it was angry with the world. The lightning struck down like Thor's hammer and thunder roared angrily in the night sky.

The cold wind pierced through her skin but she didn't even mind it. Her heart was aching. She remembered Ezekiel's words and her grip around her knees tightened as she slightly rocked back and forth.

She already knew that Alex had many secrets from the first time she saw him. She knew that he too had his very own battles. She knew everyone did. Everyone had their very own battles and struggles that they were hiding within themselves, ones that they didn't want to share with anybody else.

But sometimes, when she looked at Alex, she felt her heart ache mysteriously, even though she had no idea what he was hiding. She just couldn't help but wonder what kind of war he was going through. What kind of world did he live in to become like that? What made him the person that he was now?

As her thoughts continued wandering about, she didn't realize how long she had stayed outside for until she finally felt the presence she was waiting and longing for.

She immediately lifted her face and what welcomed her was the sight of Alex walking towards the door. He was completely drenched. His clothes were dripping and his wet hair looked like he just ruffled it with his own fingers. He was like a gorgeous god of rain, as breathtaking as ever, but his face was hard and he looked shocked as he looked down at her.

"What the hell are you doing out here?" his voice thundered but Abi didn't even flinch anymore. Her mind was now clear and she had come to terms with herself. She had finally decided that even if this man would never ever love her, she would give him her all. She would love all his different shades, no matter how dark they would get. She would love him with all the love anyone could ever give. She would pour her heart and soul into him. There was no running from it anymore. This person, standing before her now wasn't just her so-called boyfriend anymore. She had realized from the first time she missed him that Alex had become so special to her. Despite the very short time that they had spent together, he had become her favorite person; the one and only person she would want to spend the rest of her life with.

From now on, she wanted to give him all her love. She wanted to shower this cold, cold moon with all her love for the rest of her life because that was all she could do for him, and for herself, within the short time she had left. She had nothing to give him but her heart.

After staring at him for a while, Abi stood up, her eyes glimmering beneath her lashes as Alex spoke again.

"I'm asking you, Abi –"

Before Alex could finish his sentence, the girl suddenly jumped on him. Her hands wrapped around his waist and she hugged him tightly.

Alex was stunned. He never thought that she would pounce on him and hug him. He saw how scared she was before he left her. He was even expecting her to be hiding inside her room like a terrified puppy.

"Let go, Abigail, I'm drenched," he said coldly, trying to peel her off.

But the girl desperately gripped him hard and refused to let go. And then, he felt her hot tears on his chest from where she buried her face on his chest.

It was then that he realized that her skin was so cold. He looked at her exposed shoulder and he saw her skin filled with goosebumps. He gritted his teeth as his jaws clenched.

"How long did you stay out here for?" He was angry. "Answer me!"

"Since you left," she replied and Alex shut his eyes in anger before he laughed wickedly.

"Why? Why would you wait for me in the cold like this? Huh? Abigail?" he asked, almost looking like a beautiful villain. "After I made you tremble in fear, you came out in the cold and waited for me?"

He was shaking his head in disbelief.

In that moment, Abi finally let go of him. She slowly moved away and gazed into his blazing eyes.

And then, abruptly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down before h*r l*ps slammed on h*s. Alex was stunned. It wasn't just because she k**sed him, it was because the girl was actually k**sing h*m h**d.

The man didn't respond until Abi pulled away. She stared into his eyes again and then, she l**ked h*r own l*p*.

Alex's brain stopped working as if she had somehow pulled the emergency shut down lever. He couldn't believe that she was doing that in this situation, even though he had warned her clearly before. This girl… she was driving him insane!

As Alex's l*p* parted in disbelief, the girl k**sed h*m again, as if she just took advantage of his surprised self to gain access to his m**th. The man's eyes widened.

This girl, his little unripe fruit, was k**sing him hungrily the way he did to h*r l*st n*g*t. Her tongue sl*ppily wandered in**de h*s mo*th like a little wild beast playing with a dragon. She l**ked and poked h*s t**gue with h*rs, as if she was teasing a sleeping dragon to wake up.

Her hands on his neck moved to his wet hair and a minute hadn't even passed by before Alex lost it.

Her little s*ft, warm and unskilled to*gue was just so heavenly that he couldn't even resist for more than a minute. On top of it, he couldn't forget how she l**ked h*r l*ps a moment ago, as if this little fruit was sed**ing him. Did she do that on purpose this time? If she did, then she definitely defeated him this time.

Chapter 132 Too late

Alex groaned and cursed under her lips before his body went out of control. He kissed her back, hard and rough, until Abi's back was pressed hard against the door.

He was more ravenous than yesterday, fiercer and wilder, until Abi felt like she tasted a faint flavour of blood.

Once their lips parted, Abi was gasping hard for oxygen.

"Abigail… are you trying to seduce me?" he whispered, lust evident in his eyes.

And then, he kissed her again, long and hard. Abi moaned against his lips. He was too intense that she couldn't even tell what was going on anymore. All she could feel was his warm mouth, his touch and her loud, loud heartbeats.

She had lost track of time until she felt his lips on her neck and his hands slip under her shirt.

"A-alex… wait." Abi tried to stop him and gladly, the man paused and gazed up at her, panting, his warm breath caressing her exposed collarbones.

"Don't stop me, Abigail. You're the one who seduced me," he said and without waiting for her response, the man resumed what he was doing.

Abi felt her knees weaken.

"Alex… we're outside…" she grabbed his hair, begging him.

"I don't care."


"Don't worry, I won't let anyone see any part of you. If anyone does, I'll gouge his eyes out."

Abi was speechless. She never thought that what she did would end up like this!

"Uhm… A-alex… I-it's cold out here. I'm cold."

Finally, Abi seemed to have said the magic words because it seemed that he finally calmed down. He stopped and gazed at her. The next moment, he carried her and they both entered the house.

Abi was watching his face the entire time, trying to see if his mood had become better or not.

In what seemed like a millisecond, they were already inside her bathroom. Abi was surprised. What? They're already here? Did she space out for a long time?!

When the warm shower began falling on both of them, Alex immediately unpaused from where he left off a while ago.

His swift hands began undressing her as he kissed her body, lower and lower.

Abi let out a moan and because the bathroom was made of marble, her moan echoed loudly, shocking her.

Her hands flew on her mouth like she was startled by an unknown creature's cry. Alex saw her reaction and a chuckle left his mouth.

Abi looked at him. Alex laughed?! And it wasn't a cold, mocking laugh!

"Let me hear more of those moans, Abigail," he whispered sexily as her dress fell on the floor.

Abi subconsciously covered herself with her hands.

"What. Stop covering yourself when you're the one who seduced me," he said and he caught her hands and moved them away.

"H-huh? Seduce you? I didn't –"

"You did. You licked your lips."

"That was… I was licking my s-saliva because I couldn't use my hand to wipe it, 'cause I was afraid to let go of you."

As those words left her mouth, Alex wasn't even surprised anymore. Knowing her, he knew she wouldn't have done that purposely. But…

"It's too late, Abigail. Look what you've done," He whispered as he licked her ear while putting her hand on his hard little monster that was already standing upright.

Abi swallowed as she felt it move under his pants.

"Your punishment will start now, Abigail," he said and Abi looked at him in confusion. "Undress me," he ordered, his gaze scorching with an intense and fiery desire.

"Now, Abigail. Don't make me wait," he ordered again and the girl immediately moved. She didn't understand. How could this be a punishment? He was just asking her to undress him? Could it be that he decreased her punishment because she had waited for him outside in the cold for hours?

"Stop thinking about something else, Abigail, and look at me," he spoke again, pulling Abi's every bit of attention back to him.

She undressed him, removing one item of clothing after another as the warm shower continued flowing over them, until his pants were the only things left.

The sound of his clacking belt then echoed faintly inside the bathroom. Once his pants fell on the floor, his bulge came into view with only his black boxers covering it.

Abi's eyes wandered around, not daring to look at it, her face blazing red as she looked up at him.

The man laid his eyes on her bathtub and he walked towards it. He sat on the edge and looked at her as the tub was being filled with warm water.

"Come here, Abigail," he called out to her and the girl moved towards him. Alex was so gorgeous but too dangerous to look at.

He held her hands and pulled her to him, making her stand between his legs.

"Kiss me the way you did outside while stroking me," he instructed her. There was no mischief in his eyes and Abi noticed that Alex was saying what he wanted very clearly this time.

"What. You don't want to do it?"

"No. It's just… I'm just amazed that you're not embarrassed at all," She meekly said and the man's lips curved.

"Why should I feel embarrassed? My body is perfect, there's nothing to feel ashamed of," he stated it like it was a fact and Abi was speechless. Well, he wasn't wrong. His body was pure perfection, a feast for the eyes. It was well proportioned, toned, muscular and just incredible.

"Now start, Abigail," he impatiently pulled her and then their lips collided. Abi closed her eyes and she started kissing him.

His lips were softer than when they were outside. Maybe because they were both cold back then?

Alex let her explore his mouth and only responded to her softly. It was like he was savoring the sweetness of her innocent tongue wandering about.

And then, Abi felt him lead her hand into his manhood. He made her cup it directly.

πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žChapter 133 Too much

Abi's eyes flew open. Even though she had already touched him before, she still was not used to it. Alex noticed and he delved deeper into her mouth, trying to distract her. After some time, a moan escaped from her lips again and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

She wrapped her hand around him like she did the last time. She tried to get her brain to think about what she needed to do but before she could start, her body shivered, which Alex felt.

Alex was pulled away from her lips as he stood up, breaking off her grip on him. He then took his boxers off and Abi kept her eyes on his eyes, not daring to look down. Alex then stepped inside the bath and pulled Abi to follow behind him. He sat on the bottom of the bath and placed Abi in front of him, with her legs straddling him.

The warmth of the water seeped into Abi's skin and warmed her blood. She was no longer quivering from the cold.

Then, without a word, he picked up where he left off and kissed her slightly swollen lips again. Abi held onto the edge of the bath behind him to stop herself from toppling on top of him, while he, again, guided her other hand towards the big little monster.

Abi held the big little monster in her hand and gripped it at the base. She then slowly moved her hand up and down, as he had taught her. Abi felt a little more confident and this time, her movements were a bit more sure and precise. Alex kept her lips busy while Abi kept his little monster occupied.

Alex was very aroused by this point and his little monster couldn't hold out for too long before he finally exploded in the warm water.

Abi moved back a little as she panted for air and Alex was also gasping for air. He felt so good and the lust in his eyes slowly faded. However, he wasn't finished yet. That was only the first part of her punishment. Now, it was time for part two.

Abi was still trying to catch her breath when Alex stood up and carried her along with him. He climbed out of the bath and started to remove her wet clothes from her body. Abi tried to resist because she felt extremely shy but Alex wouldn't let her.

"Abigail, you'll catch a cold if you don't take those clothes off," he reasoned and Abi knew he was right.

"Close your eyes and don't peek," she said, a little defiantly.

The man did as she asked, with a slight curve of his lips. It didn't matter if she made him close his eyes because he had already seen her naked body before anyway.

When Abi was sure that he wasn't looking, she took off her clothes and dried her body, before grabbing a robe and covering herself. Once she was done, she said, "Okay, you can open your eyes, now."

Without saying anything, the man immediately scooped her up and led her to the bed. He turned the lights off before he went and climbed on the bed next to her.

"Okay, Abigail. The next part of your punishment is about to come," he whispered in her ear before he again covered her lips. This time, though, he was very gentle, teasing and licking and pecking her lips, as he slipped his hands under her robe. He placed his hand on her abdomen and trailed them up to her breast. Her nipples were already hard from desire.

Abi's senses were on overload. The softness of his kiss and his tender touch felt extremely good. She kissed him back, as best as she could, and her body arched into his hands without her intention.

Once he knew that he had her full attention, he slipped his hands down to her sex and found that it was already wet with desire.

Alex's eyes blazed with something indescribable and as he pushed a finger inside her wet sex, he simultaneously pushed his tongue through her lips. The tingling feelings she was experiencing from her body was sensational. He then did the same thing from last night. He slid his fingers in and out and after a while, inserted another finger, while his thumb caressed the little bud just above her entrance.

Her mind felt like it a bomb was about to explode as his fingers played havoc with her sex. She climbed up higher and higher and her moans turned wild as she neared that explosion. However, just as she was about to explode, Alex stopped.

"Alex… Please! Oh, please," she begged as she kissed him intently. She desperately wanted it, to feel that feeling again!

"Just wait, little lamb. It's not time yet…" he said over her lips.

Removing his soaked fingers from inside her, he turned over so that he was now resting on his elbows, with Abi in between them, and his face just above her exposed breasts. He started playing with them again, but this time with his tongues, sucking and licking each one before moving his lips down towards her belly. But he didn't stop there. He kept going down until his nose was right over her sex. He could smell the sweet scent of her arousal and he wanted to know what she tasted like.

Abi was still trying to decipher what just happened but he didn't give her a chance because in the next moment, he put his head down and his warm, wet tongue started licking her there!

Abi was shocked and embarrassed at first but her brain was forced to be shut down as his tongue tasted her. His mouth and the licking and sucking - it was all too much for Abi to handle.

She thrashed from the pleasure, her hands went to his head but she didn't know whether to push him away or to pull him closer.

All of a sudden, Abi started to feel that bubbling feeling again start to increase. She moaned, and arched her body and reacted to his every teasing. He kept the torture up without letting up.

"Alex…" she whispered in between moans. "Alex… I… mmmm." She could no longer form the words as the feeling increased and increased.

Alex knew she was getting closer and closer and so he slid two fingers inside her as his tongue did their magic.

It was only mere seconds after that that Abi was finally relieved of the torture. He made her fly to the highest point of heaven and it was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced.
Chapter 134 Just do i

Abi was panting and gasping hard as she came back to earth down from outer space. There were zero thoughts running through her head and she felt like her body had gone numb. She couldn't even register what had happened in her mind.

Her face was as red as cooked shrimp but that look in her face was a dreamy view in Alex's eyes. Watching her submit to him, hearing her every sweet moan and feeling her sensitive reactions were just too arousing for Alex. Even though his little monster was tamed just a while ago, he was god damn hard again!

He was so hard it was unbearable and it was getting worse by the second. The self-control that he had when it came to sex, something that he thought would never be broken, disappeared ever since that night he first touched Abigail.

Every time he touched her, he just wanted to take her and eat her whole, right then and there. It was harder than ever to stop himself. He just couldn't take his mind off her, of wanting to take things to the next level, of wanting to be one with her. He never felt like this about sex before. Sex had always been about pleasure before Abigail came into his life, his pleasure.

Alex half bit his lip as he looked at her. She was so damn beautiful.

"Abigail…" he called out her name and Abi finally came back to her senses. She slowly looked at him with her face flushed so red in embarrassment.

She was about to speak when the man moved on top of her. His eyes were like an inferno of desire. Abi's heartbeat had just calmed down and yet it was starting to accelerate again. That look in his eyes made her swallow.

"A-alex…" she weakly called out his name but the man's face slowly moved closer. He was going to kiss her again.

However, all of the sudden…

"Ahh… Achoo!" the girl sneezed. She even hit Alex's gorgeous nose by accident when her head lunged forward from the strength of the sneeze.

The man froze in place while Abi sneezed again.

"I'm sorry…" she looked at him apologetically as she rubbed her reddened nose. Thank goodness she didn't break his gorgeous nose with her headbutt.

The man didn't respond but in the next moment, he pulled the blanket and wrapped her in it. He sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped his lower body with a towel.

He turned on the light and was about to leave when Abi called out.

"Alex!" she frantically climbed out the bed, wrapping her naked self with the blanket.

The little lamb, unfortunately,? stepped on the blanket in her rush to get to him and she rolled on the floor.

Alex was speechless but he immediately moved and helped the little rolling white sushi up.

"Tch! How clumsy are you?" he asked.

"I-it's because you made my knees weak!" she complained and the man's lips curved upwards but he refrained from teasing her this time.

"Go back to your bed and sleep. I'll get you some medicine. I think your little fragile self already caught a cold," he said and then he turned to leave.

But Abi caught his arm. "I'll wait here, okay? I'm not going to sleep until you come back," she looked worried, causing Alex's eyes to slightly widen. He remembered how things were between them before she had kissed him outside and he immediately turned to face the door.

"I will be back, Abigail," was all he said and he moved to leave but still, Abi didn't let go.

"Call me little fruit or little lamb first," she suddenly said, and the man looked at her again.


"J-just do it. Or, I won't let go." Abi pressed her lips tight. She had noticed this before, that whenever Alex called her those nicknames, it meant that his mood was better. He wouldn't call her those if he was still angry.

Alex smirked in disbelief. The next second, he pinched her cheek. "So you actually like it when I call you that, huh? What an amusing, little fruit," he said and Abi finally felt a little better. "Are you happy now, Little fruit? You love it when I called you little fruit, huh?"

"You may go now. I'll wait here." Abi pushed him out of the door the third time he called her little fruit. She couldn't believe that he started teasing her in an instant.

But then, she was glad that he seemed to have returned to his usual self. That was the most important thing right now.

Abi then immediately cleaned herself and got changed. She also quickly changed the blanket with her face burning red. She couldn't help but think about what just happened in this very bed.

The images flashed in her head and she buried her face in her palms. She couldn't believe that Alex did such a thing. And what embarrassed her more was her reactions when he did that.

While she was drying her hair with the blower, Alex finally came back.

He put the medicine on the table before he casually sat on the edge of her bed. Abi turned the blower off and looked at him. He was looking out the window silently.

"Uhm… do you want me to dry your hair?" she asked and the man raised his brow.

"Sure," he agreed and Abi smiled. She could still feel his lingering coldness so she was trying her best to elevate the mood. "But drink your medicine first," he told her and Abi quickly did as he said.

She then knelt behind him and turned the blower on. His jet back hair was damp but it was really soft in her hands. She ran her fingers through his hair and she thought about how he would probably break the internet if he was to become a model for any kind of hair product.

Abi was thoroughly enjoying her task and her face slowly brightened up. His hair was already dry but she still wanted to keep caressing his hair. But then, she thought that it might damage his gorgeous hair so she reluctantly decided to stop.

However, as soon as she put the blower away, the man's body suddenly swayed. Abi caught his head and she was surprised to see that he was asleep.

Chapter 135 Count me in

She slowly let him fall on the bed and then, she carefully lifted his heavy long legs onto the bed. It took all her strength just to lift those muscular legs on the bed.

Once the man was finally lying on the bed comfortably, Abi stared down at his peaceful sleeping face. This was first time she ever saw this man sleep. For all this time that she was with him, even those nights when they slept in the same bed, she never saw him fall asleep before her or wake up later than her.

So this was such an unexpected surprise. Alex, suddenly falling asleep like this was really rare. She briefly wondered what he did today for him to be so exhausted and then her mind reminded her of what happened not too long ago and she blushed again. Did that exhaust him? Thank goodness he was asleep otherwise he would definitely know what she was thinking right then. But now that she thought about it, he called that as her punishment? She was confused. She didn't understand where was the punishment there because all she felt when he was doing those to her was…

Abi shook her head again, trying to free her mind of these naughty images and reverted her attention back to him.

Watching his dreamy face, Abi then moved and laid down next to him. He was lying close to the edge of the bed so she tried pulling him towards the middle but it was no use. It was impossible for her little strength to move him even an inch. Gladly, the sleeping Alex turned to his side, facing her.

Abi smiled that he seemed to be a little obedient in his sleep. She stared at his face again. He was so peaceful. Like a harmless jellyfish floating in the deep ocean. He looked really beautiful and harmless but just like the jellyfish, he was meant to only be admired from far away because of the poison it carried.

But Abi didn't mind. She wasn't going to be scared of his poison anymore, no matter how deadly it was.

With a smile on her face, she stroked his hair softly and watched his sleeping face. Then, she kissed his forehead gently. She then placed herself down on the bed, lifted his arm and wiggled her way into his embrace with her back on his chest, before placing his arm over her waist, as she too drifted into a dreamless sleep.

When Abi woke up, Alex was no longer beside her on the bed. She was afraid that the man had gone again so she quickly got changed and headed downstairs.

She saw that no one was in the living room so she hastily walked towards the dining hall.

Gladly, everyone was there. A smile immediately carved on her face as she approached the table, greeting them all a cheery good morning.

Alex looked at her as she sat down.

"Your cold?" he asked and instead of responding, Abi took his hand and placed it on her forehead.

"It's gone, Alex. The medicine you gave me is very effective," she happily told him.

Xavier wasn't around so their meal was unusually silent.

"Uhm… there's going to be a performance today of a play that Kelly and I produced. It will be played by the children from the orphanage where I am working. It starts at three this afternoon. I'd like to invite you guys to come and watch." Abi's face was shining with excitement as she invited them.

But the three men just sat there silently. Of course, Abi already expected their reaction. Even she couldn't see these men arriving at that hall to watch a play that was going to be performed by children. And these men were no ordinary people, so how could they possibly agree? But despite knowing all this, she still tried, hoping that Alex would willingly agree without her using a request.

However, it seemed like she really had to tell him later that this was one of her requests. That was the only way she could make him come with her.

As the silence went on, Abi was about to tell them that it was fine since she knew they were busy when suddenly, a voice piped up.

"Venue?" Zeke asked.

Abi, Kai and even Alex all had the same reaction. The three of them looked at him like they just heard a certain mannequin speak.

"Y-you will come?" Abi asked in disbelief and the man glanced at his watch before he looked at her.

"Yes. I have spare time," he nonchalantly replied and Abi's lips parted. Not only her, Alex and Kai were actually much more surprised than her.

Kai couldn't even move as he gaped at Ezekiel. What happened? Zeke, watching a play?!

He shook his head in disbelief while Alex simply glared at him, looking absolutely displeased.

"That's really amazing, Mr. Qin. We will be very happy to have you there!" Abi said excitedly. Since Abi moved into Alex's house, the amount of time she spent in advertising for the play had decreased. She was also away for quite a few days when she went with Kelly to Country V so she had been a little worried that they might not be able to fill all the seats in the hall this time. Therefore, she was glad that she at least recruited one more person.

Abi then happily told him the venue and she even began to tell him some tips about the best spots to take a seat to get the best view.

She didn't notice that a certain someone's face was getting darker by the minute until he suddenly butted in.

"I'm pretty free as well. So count me in," Alex said and Abi's head snapped towards him. Abi didn't see how sharp his gaze was towards Zeke and she also didn't see how Zeke's lips slightly curved up the moment Alex said he would come.

"Okay, well, I guess that means I will come too." Kai said before a certain voice from the door rang in their ears.

"Me four!! Count me in, Abigail!" Xavier, the pretty noisy guy, had arrived.

Abi was surprised. She really never thought that these men would actually come! And Alex even voluntarily agreed! This was such a blessing!

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