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Chapter 151 News

After dropping Abi off at the orphanage, Alex arrived back at his mansion with a pleasant face.

He had just entered the living room when a series of coughs echoed around him. Xavier, who had just come from the dining hall, choked the moment he saw Alex. What the f*** was he wearing?!

Zeke and Kai, who came into the room after Xavier, saw Alex's clothes and they too immediately looked dumbstruck. An anime printed shirt and mint colored printed pajama pants… bloody hell, Alexander Qin! What did you eat today?!

Without question, the three men could already tell who was behind Alex's outfit today. This must have been his little lamb's doing, no doubt about it!

"Alex… did you sleep in Abi's house?" Xavier asked as he circled around Alex. He was acting like he was checking to see if this Alex was the real Alexander Qin.

Alex didn't answer and he just sat on his usual seat near the fireplace.

"Xavier, come here." He lifted his hand and gestured for Xavier to come without bothering to turn his head to look.

"Hmm? What is it?" Xavier asked. His eyes were big and round like a cute, little puppy's eyes. It seemed he was excited about what this man was about to say.

Alex brushed his lips against the back of his fingers. He seemed to be thinking about something quite important. He glanced at Xavier with narrowed eyes while the man in front of him almost looked like he was wagging his invisible tail as he waited in anticipation. However...

"Never mind," Alex suddenly said as he waved his hand away, dismissing Xavier.

Xavier was speechless. How could this man do this to him? Darn it, Alex!

While Xavier was yelling at Alex inwardly, Kai walked towards Alex and spoke.

"Luisa is here," he said and the pleasant atmosphere around Alex dramatically disappeared. His brows knitted as he glared at Kai.

A woman then entered the room. Her heels made soft clicking sounds on the marble floor as she waltzed her way towards Alexander. She was extremely beautiful and had a body that every other woman in the world would envy.

"My mother said you don't like to be disturbed at night, Alexander." She gracefully sat across Alex and smiled at him but Alex's expression didn't change.

"Tell me why you're here, Luisa," Alex ordered and the girl stood up and slowly approached him. She bent over him, revealing her flawless cleavage as she sexily whispered in Alex's ear.

"Are you sure you don't want to send these three gentlemen away first? It could be dangerous if they hear this, Alex. This is a very important matter."

Alex closed his eyes before he abruptly stood up.

"Follow me," he ordered and then he headed towards the grand staircase. The woman just smiled triumphantly as she followed behind him.

Zeke's eyes never left the woman's face until she and Alex slowly disappeared up the stairs.

"Tsk! What's the point of hiding it from us?" Xavier complained.

"She probably didn't want Zeke to hear," answered Kai as he glanced at Zeke, who was now wearing his coat.

Zeke's lips simply curved up into a quick half smile before he wordlessly walked away, heading to the entrance door.

"Hey, are you not interested about what Luisa came here for?" Xavier called out.

"Not even a little bit," he responded coolly, before the door closed behind him.

"Sigh… that boring guy…"

Upstairs, Luisa's smile faded the moment Alex brought her to one of the receiving rooms on the second floor. She had expected him to bring her to the third floor, not this place! And he didn't even choose the finest one, he simply chose the one closest to the stairs!

"Speak," Alex leaned his shoulder by the door as soon as they entered the room. His face was serious and his gaze was sharp but to Luisa, this was perfectly normal. Alex had always been like this since the day they first met, long ago.

Luisa sexily bit her lips and she moved closer to him.

"Why don't we take our time, Alex?" she said seductively. "I've missed the way you taste..."

She started kissing Alex's nape as she whispered those words. Her hands went straight to his thigh and started to crawl their way up. There was a seductive, satisfied smile on her face because she already knew very well what buttons to press to make this man react the way she wanted him to.

But before Luisa could even kiss him again, Alex's hand flew to her neck. He cupped her neck with one hand as he pushed her away at arm's length.

"What did I tell you? Didn't I tell you to speak?" His voice became menacing. "Or do you want me to choke you to death first? Huh? Luisa?"

Luisa was shocked. She didn't expect Alex to react like this. She had known this man for many years and even though he never loved anyone, this man loved sex and beautiful women. This had never been a big deal to him in the past and this was something that she had always done with him every time they met. In all that time, he had never reacted like this. What happened to this man? It hadn't even been a month yet since she was last with him.

"Don't make me repeat myself and tell me what that mother of yours found out this time," he continued.

Luisa knew that she could no longer speak with him normally now that he was like this. Aggravating him any further was the last thing she wanted to do otherwise, she wouldn't even know how she died.

"Alex… mother wants me to tell you that there's no more doubt about it. It really is her."

As soon as those words left Luisa's mouth, Alex's hand on her neck slowly loosened and fell to his side. His eyes widened and he looked like he just heard the most devastating piece of news.
Chapter 152 Again

Luisa was so confused. Who was this man? When did the great Alexander Qin become a man with emotions? And why was he reacting like this? Shouldn't this news make him want to celebrate?

"Is… is she really sure this time?" Alex asked, he looked like he was in denial causing Luisa to shake her head in shock and disbelief. This wasn't the Alexander Qin that she and everyone else knew…

"Alex, you know that my mother is never mistaken. You asked her to confirm it because you doubted her for the first time. Now the result is the same… she clearly said that it is her, Alex."

Alex subconsciously took a step back, a gesture that was just not Alex-like. His face darkened to its darkest state and he was looking on the floor.

"Alex, what's wrong with you?" Luisa was extremely confused and curious as to what was going on with him. She never imagined that something could actually shake this man like this.

"You may leave," was all he said as he turned and was about to open the door when Luisa stopped him.

"Alex, I don't know why you are suddenly like this but my mother sternly told me to warn you… you have to move now, otherwise, someone could kill her before you –"

"Shut up, Luisa. Nobody would dare to do that."

Luisa sneered secretly behind him as she shook her head. "Alex, do you know what you're saying? That girl could even die just by some simple accident –"

"Talk once more and you'll die," he threatened. His eyes blazed with bloodlust causing Luisa's mouth to dry up. She gritted her teeth and stormed out of the room.

Xavier and Kai were standing at the mansion's entrance when they saw the woman hastily walking towards them. They could already tell that whatever news this woman brought was trouble.

"What happened? You actually angered Alex?" Xavier asked, leaning forward to block the woman's way.

"I didn't! He just got angry all of a sudden. I brought him the good news that he has wanted for years yet he's suddenly raging and saying he wants to kill me! Tell me, what the hell happened to him?!"

Hearing Luisa's rant, Xavier pulled his body away. He had found out what he wanted to know and there wasn't really anything else that was interesting. This was just as he expected. Perhaps Zeke already saw this coming, too and that was why he just left like that.

Letting out a bored sigh, Xavier ignored Luisa and he nonchalantly walked back inside the house, leaving Luisa gritting her teeth as she stomped out of the mansion.

Abi spent her entire morning at the orphanage and then she went to the hospital to visit little Betty later that afternoon. That was when Abi found out that the little girl had been transferred from the ward to a private room. Abi asked Mrs. Yan and the woman told her that an anonymous person had paid little Betty's bill and that same someone even sent specialists to check on her since yesterday.

"Did a man in a business suit come and visit her?" Abi asked with curiosity. She was certain that the one behind this was definitely Ezekiel Qin. She couldn't think of anyone else who could do something like this apart from himself and Alex. Maybe Alex could have done it too but it made more sense for it to be Zeke seeing how he was the hospital's owner.

However, Mrs. Yan told her that she didn't see anyone. Abi's brows creased but she thought that maybe Ezekiel was too busy so he decided to extends his help through the shadows.

When Abi saw the little girl, her heart felt heavy. It seemed that Little Betty's strength was dwindling by the day. Abi was glad that the little girl had been transferred to a better ward but her condition was still not getting any better.

Abi spent a few hours with her, reading to her some of her favorite books and showing her the video of the play that she wanted to watch. The sweet girl remained cheerful all throughout the afternoon until she fell asleep.

Abi then left the hospital after that. She saw that the sun was already going down so she quickly went to hail a cab, but when she saw an old lady who was hailing for a cab after her, she let the woman board into the first taxi she hailed.

When she finally got a taxi, she requested the driver to drive a little faster, telling them that she had to arrive home early. However, instead of looking for a way to hasten the trip, the driver chose the route that was full of traffic.

Abi could only bite her lips. She wanted to protest but they were already on the highway. Why did this driver not listen to her? Abi was frustrated and worried. She could already imagine Alex's expression while sitting by the fireplace, waiting for her return.

She brought out her phone and decided to send him a message. She spent a while writing her message to at least coax him and when she finally sent it, she leaned on her seat and took a deep breath. She noticed that they were finally off the highway, wait… this was…

"Mister, this is not the way," Abi frantically told him but strangely, the driver was not responding. Abi began to feel her heartbeat accelerating. Something wasn't right. Her eyes looked at the man and she finally noticed that his attire was off. He had covered himself with a jacket but she could see that his clothes were all designer brands. What kind of taxi driver would wear something this flashy and luxurious?

Abi swallowed. She forced herself to calm down. She had to think. She couldn't possibly do anything to the man while he was driving or she would be the one who might end up getting hurt. She couldn't afford to get hurt.

The first thing Abi thought of was to just act natural.

"Mister, are we going on a detour?" she innocently asked and the man finally respond at her with a nod.

She trembled when their eyes met through the rearview mirror. This man wasn't an ordinary person. His features, she noticed, was the same as those good looking people in Country V.

Abi immediately realized that this was trouble and that she might be in grave danger again.
Chapter 153 Run

Abi did her best to stay calm. She managed to act like she was just curious about her surroundings while her hand was busy dialing Alex phone number in secret. Her other hand was also moving, searching for the pepper spray that she always took with her.

She started to simulate few ways for her to escape. She glanced at her phone screen on her lap and she saw that it was finally connected.

"Uhm… Mister, where is this place? Is this road a shortcut heading to Skyline Hill?" she asked but the driver didn't answer again. She wasn't trying to find out where they were heading because Alex would definitely easily locate her using her phone coordinates.

The sky was starting to become grey and the road was unusually empty, or maybe this route was usually like this, just like the road back to her house.

The eerie air around the man made Abi want to scream and ask for Alex to come help her but she knew she had to stay calm. She believed that Alex was on his way now so she just had to hold on.

However, suddenly, the man stopped the car in the middle of the road.

He turned around and his menacing eyes glared at her. He looked at her bag where she was hiding her phone and he suddenly snatched it away.

Thankfully, Abi prepared for this and she immediately sprayed at the man's eyes with the pepper spray. The man groaned and she swiftly reached out and pressed the door's lock.

She frantically climbed out the door as she ran away from the car, taking the phone with her.

"He-hello? Alex?" she called out as she ran. She was praying for a car to pass by but there was none.

"Abigail!" she heard Alex voice and she felt a little braver.

"Alex, someone's…" Abi had just turned to look back at the car when she saw that a car had stopped in front of the taxi, which came from the opposite direction. She thought that she could go ask for help but the people who came out of the car all looked at her menacingly.

Abi began to run.

"Alex! Help me. They're coming after me!"

She heard Alex curse before he said that he was already on his way.

Abi knew there was no way she could outrun them. If they caught her, they might leave her phone behind and take her away, leaving nothing for Alex to use to track her.

What should she do? She had to do something!

She could feel them getting closer and she also heard an engine start up. She had to leave the road or they would just run her over. Left without a choice, Abi ran off the road and she headed towards the woods. She couldn't let them catch her. At least she could buy time for Alex to arrive.

But Abi was completely unprepared for the situation in the woods. The woods she just entered had many slopes and the ground was very slippery.

She fell down a small slope causing her to yelp. The phone in her hand fell and it jumped a lot further away from her. She heard the people's footsteps and she forced herself to keep running. The adrenaline rush had taken over her and she didn't know how fast or where she was even heading. All she knew was that she couldn't stop because she heard those people's footsteps coming from behind her.

Abi knew that her strength would soon betray her so she tried to find somewhere she could hide in but she couldn't see any. All she could hear now was her ragged breathing. She was starting to feel numb but she just continued to run as fast as she could until her feet gave way and she fell again. Abi felt something hot flowing down her face. She had protected her head from hitting the ground so this wound mustn't have been caused by her hitting her head. Maybe something sharp cut it?

Trying to stand again, Abi found herself between a crack of a large tree. It seemed like she luckily stumbled into a hiding place. Abi sat in there and hid herself to the furthest, darkest area inside the tree, covering her mouth with her hands. She couldn't believe that something like this was happening again. She wasn't blaming anyone. She couldn't blame Alex for this. She just couldn't help but think why she couldn't be like those badass female leads she always loved. She couldn't help but ask why she had to be so weak. Why can't she be strong too? Why did she have to be so sick and so powerless that she couldn't even protect or save herself?

All she could do was hide, and hope, and wait for someone to help her, to save her. She wished she could be the hero too, but she knew she couldn't. Her body just wasn't meant for it.

As she sat there in a fetal position, she started to hear voices.

"F*ck! Where is she? We have to find her!"


"Relax, it's just a little girl."

"Asshole, if that little girl will escape we're done for!"

"Tsk! Stop blabbering and just look for her. It's getting dark."

"Aren't we waiting for the darkness to come? It'd be more fun playing hide and seek."

"Shut up! We can't waste time here! We must bring this girl to Eli as soon as possible!"

Abi's hand on her mouth trembled as she pressed harder. She could tell that they were just few steps away from her. She was glad that there was a noisy stream nearby.

She heard their steps getting further and futher away from her so she slowly started breathing again as her grip on her mouth slowly loosened.

She didn't dare peek outside but the moment her hands left her lips, something jumped above her, causing a loud thud in her ears.

Chapter 154 Rampage

Abi gasped in shock. A man's face hovered over her like a maniac's and he was smiling triumphantly now that he found his hiding prey. Abi forgot to breathe for a while as the shock registered in her mind.

She saw his hand reaching out for her and the first thing she did was point the pepper spray towards his face and press down on it.

"Urghh!!" the man immediately roared as Abi stood up and pushed him away. The man fell backward and hit the ground with a thud.

Abi didn't know what she was doing anymore. Her survival instincts must have kicked in at that moment because she didn't even know how she could still move as fear and panic rushed inside her heart.

She climbed out of the crack of the tree but the moment her feet reached the ground, someone grabbed her hair from behind. The man tugged at her hair so hard that she stumbled backwards and a pain filled scream was torn from her lips.

Abi's brain was still working and she tried to turn, her hand ready to blast him with another round of pepper spray, but the man snatched the spray can from her hand before he shoved her hard on the ground.

Abi scrambled, her hands and knees crawling on the wet soil as she tried to crawl away, to get away from these maniacs. However, her mind started to turn hazy. She felt like she was going to pass out and then she felt something warm flowing down from her nose… oh no! Her illness…

"You little bitch, come here!" A harsh voice snarled at her and then he pulled her hair again, forcing her to get up. She cried out from the pain and tears pooled in the corner of her eyes. Blood started to pour down her face, over her eyes and she felt dizzy. Her fingers were covered in dirt mixed with blood from her struggle to crawl away. Her legs wobbled and she couldn't feel some parts of her body anymore as the man forcefully dragged her by her hair.

It was then that she heard a sickening scream, a sound obviously coming from a man who was in excruciating pain.

Abi's eyes were blurry and she was barely hanging on to her consciousness. She felt the man's grip on her hair loosen and then tighten again.

"Ahh!!" She yelped again as she closed her eyes and teardrops fell from her eyes.

And then, the man beside her cursed. He began to step backwards as if he had just encountered something more terrifying than him. She felt his hand tremble as she heard another piercing scream, followed by the sound of birds flying out of the forest, and then a few seconds later, just utter silence. It almost felt like this had turned into a horror movie where a certain unknown creature was going on rampage.

Abi forced herself to open her eyes. Was it Alex? Was Alex finally here?

Her vision was blurry and she couldn't open one of her eyes.

Then, in the next second, the man holding her suddenly let her go. Her legs seemed to have lost its strength so she immediately fell to the ground.

"F*ck! What is this?!" she heard the man curse again and this time he sounded very desperate, almost scared. She heard his steps move backwards as if he was attempting to run away but then he came back again, like a cornered prey, in a panic.

"No, no, we're just – Ahh!!" The man's scream was accompanied by the sound of bones snapping.

As Abi's blurry eyes cleared up a little, the first thing she saw was blood everywhere and then a body fell before her eyes.

Before she could register anything else, it seemed her brain couldn't take it anymore and she fainted.

Kai followed the trail of blood which started from the car by the road side to the forest. He passed by three more bodies before he finally spotted Alex.

A man's lifeless body had just fallen to the ground when he got there. Kai was about to approach him when his eye caught sight of a small bundle lying on the ground. Kai froze when he saw her small, lifeless body covered in blood.

His eyes immediately whipped back to Alex. The pure darkness and bloodlust in Alex's eyes were gone. What replaced it was extreme fear as he looked down at the unmoving girl on the ground.

He fell to his knees as his lips parted, his whole body trembling. His hands, which were slowly reaching out to touch her, couldn't stop shaking. This sight of Alex almost crumbling in fear like this was something Kai had never, ever seen before, not even in his strangest dreams .

"A-abigail…" Alex's voice was barely a whisper as his trembling hand was about to touch her. He was shaking so bad, like a broken man who had lost everything.

Kai immediately rushed over to them. He knelt down and put his fingers on Abi's neck, searching for a pulse and when he found it, he felt like a huge thorn was pulled out from his chest. Damn! He really didn't even know what he would have done if Abi wasn't breathing anymore!

Looking at the man who looked like his whole world just crumbled down to ashes, Kai stretched out his hand and held his shoulder to wake him up.

"Alex, we need to bring her to the hospital. Don't worry, she's still alive," Kai told him and the pitch black darkness in Alex's eyes slowly cleared up a little as he looked up at Kai.

Kai lifted Abi up. They couldn't waste any more time or Abi's life might be in danger.

However, Alex didn't move and just remained there, kneeling on the ground. Kai could tell that trouble was brewing. He couldn't let Alex go on another rampage, not when he was in that state, especially because they weren't in Country V.

"Damn it! Alex!" Kai cursed and he was forced to turn back. He knelt before the frozen man again and gently but firmly placed Abi into his arms.

"Take her to the hospital, Alex. I will deal with these bodies," he said. "C'mon, Alex, wake up! This is not the time for you to act like this! Abigail needs you right now!" he yelled at Alex for the first time in his life.

The moment Alex looked at Abi's face, his jaws clenched, he gritted his teeth and his grip on her tightened. He shut his eyes, as if to ask the heavens for strength, before he finally stood up with her in his arms.

"Take her to Zeke's hospital. I'm going to call Zeke now to wait for you." Kai told him and without a word, Alex finally headed out.
Chapter 155 One of them

Outside the emergency room, Zeke leaned against the wall while his eyes were fixated on the man sitting quietly in the waiting area.

He was surprised at what he saw a while ago. He had expected a raging Alex to appear before him, looking the same as he looked that time he appeared at the exit of that dungeon, but this time this was far worse than he expected. The state of this man before his eyes was totally different to what he expected and it was hard to believe, even for him.

Alex was tugging on his hair tightly, resting his elbows on his knees as he faced the ground below him. He hadn't spoken a single word since he came through the hospital doors carrying the unconscious Abigail in his arms.

After a long while, Zeke walked over towards him and broke the silence. "They'll soon send her to her room Alex so you better go and clean yourself up. You can't enter her room with all that blood all over you," he said calmly. "Don't worry, she's safe. She didn't suffer any major injuries."

Suddenly, Alex stood up. However, he walked towards the opposite direction of where Zeke wanted him to go.

"Where are you going?" Zeke called out. Alex halted in his tracks. He lifted his hands and looked down at them.

"These hands…" he finally spoke, "they won't stop trembling. I need to calm them down."

Zeke looked at him with narrowed eyes. He could tell exactly what Alex was planning to do.

"By going on a killing spree?"

"Yes. I will kill them all," he declared, his voice menacing and cold as ice.

Zeke sighed as he stood up. "Alex, that can wait."

"No. It can't wait. I can't wait! They all have to die tonight!" Alex began to step away. This was Alex's darkest state, where he was almost like a monster with no humanity left in him.


"So you're going to leave her here? Are you entrusting her to me?" Zeke said and Alex immediately halted again. He didn't turn but his jaws clenched upon hearing Zeke's words.

Zeke put his hands in his pockets as he stared at Alex's back.

"When did you start trusting me when it came to Abigail?" he asked as he approached Alex from behind.

He heard Alex's fingers cracking as the man's fists tightened.

The next moment, a loud thud echoed in the empty hallway. Alex had pushed Zeke hard against the wall, gripping his collar. His eyes were blazing with fury as he glared at him.

"Zeke…" he hissed, gritting his teeth in anger.

But Zeke remained calm, almost unbothered.

He stared back at him and calmly continued. "Alex… I'm simply reminding you what it is that you should be prioritizing right now. And I just want to remind you again, since you seem to have forgotten, that since the very beginning, you know very well that I am one of them, because I also want her dead."

Alex's grip on him tightened even more but Zeke simply continued talking. "That's why… what you need to do now is stay beside her. Don't take your eyes off her. You need to protect her, especially now that everyone has probably already heard this news. I just want to remind you that Abigail needs you right now."

As those words left Zeke's mouth, Alex's eyes constricted and it was then that the emergency room doors finally opened.

Abi was wheeled out on a hospital bed, lying unmoving as the nurses pushed her out of the emergency room.

Alex immediately let go of Zeke upon seeing her and approached the still unconscious girl on the bed. He was about to touch her hand but he paused midair the moment he realized how dirty his hands were. He currently looked like an actor playing as the main character of a zombie apocalypse or a horror movie. His clothes, hands, hair and his perfect face were all splotched with dried blood causing the nurses to freak out when they saw him.

Zeke then held his shoulder from behind and signaled the nurses to take the girl away.

"Now go. Clean yourself up first," Zeke told him as they both watched the bed being pushed away.

"Didn't you say I can't take my eyes off her?" Alex just mumbled as he followed Abi and Zeke could only sigh.

The duo then followed Abi to the most expensive room in the hospital. The room was big, with an ensuite and even it even had another bed set up for relatives to rest. It also had a kitchenette but Alex didn't see any of those things because he didn't take his eyes off Abi's small figure lying on the bed.

While the nurses were busy checking on Abigail's vitals and making her comfortable, Alex voluntarily walked towards the bathroom.

"Get me clothes," he told Zeke before he entered the bathroom and closed the door with a thud.

Once Alex was out of sight, Zeke's eyes immediately flew to the doctors who had just entered to give their report on the girl's situation.

Zeke's eyes narrowed for a moment before he quickly led the doctors out of the room.

"How is she?" Zeke immediately asked as he closed the door behind him.

"Sir, her injuries are very minor but… we discovered that she has an underlying health condition. Unfortunately, her condition has been triggered and she is now in grave danger," the top doctor of this reputable hospital, said.

Zeke didn't even look surprised. It was as if he already saw this coming.

"Don't mention her underlying illness to anyone. If the man inside asks about her condition, just inform him about her current injuries, don't mention anything about her illness," Zeke told them decisively, causing the doctors to frown in confusion. In the end, having no power to question this man and his orders, the doctors didn't protest.

"Y-yes, sir." They all said simultaneously. "But are we not going to do anything?" One of them asked and Zeke fell silent for a moment.

"Go find out about her condition from her doctor from the lower department. I want everyone to prioritize her condition from today onwards."

"Yes sir."

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