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Chapter 146 Whenever

"Ahem…" Andrew caught the couple's attention and Abi's father began to speak.

"So, Alexander… how did you meet my daughter?" he asked, looking expectant and curious. The old couple looked at them with such curiosity as well. How did Abi find this very fine young man? Was it love at first sight for both of them? It was only been a few days since she went and lived in the city.

There were many questions in their eyes, but Andrew's question jolted Abi that she didn't notice how hard she had gripped Alex's shirt under the table. How could she tell them the story of their first meeting?

Abi nervously swallowed as she looked at Alex. The man was still chewing his food as he, too, stared back at Abi.

Once he swallowed the food in his mouth, he looked at Abi's dad as he opened his mouth to speak, making Abi's heartbeat accelerate.

"I met her by accident in a parking lot. I thought…" he glanced at Abi and her grip on his shirt tightened even more. "I thought she was a cute stalker."

"S-stalker? I met you by accident, too! I didn't know who you were before that day!" Abi suddenly butted in before she sunk back on her seat.

"Oh, that's cute. It seems like it was a fated day for both of you," Abi's old grandma said and Alex nodded.


"What do you do for a living?" Andrew asked again.

Alex fell silent for a moment.

"I am currently working a part time job."

"May I know what kind of part time job?"


Dad: ". . ."

Grandma and Grandpa: "…!"

Abi: "!!!"

"You are babysitting?" Andrew sounded like he couldn't believe him. But then, Alex didn't even hesitate to nod and there was no sign of mischief in his eyes.

"I am trying to raise a little fruit."

"Oh, so you're into gardening."

Abi finally coughed.

"Alex likes peaches," was the first thing that popped into her head and out of her mouth as she tried to change the topic.

"Are your family live in this city?"

"No, they have all passed away," he answered without any change in his expression and tone and the kitchen fell silent.

"I'm sorry to hear that…" Andrew's voice became soft as his gaze towards Alex softened.

"It's okay. I kind of don't really remember their faces anymore," he told them before he picked another meat and ate it.

He was acting quite unconcerned, almost as if he was simply talking about a forgotten old fading photograph.

"Uhm… dad, can Alex stay here for the night?" Because of Abi's frantic desire to break the awkward silence, those words were all that she could think of to say. She bit her lip because she knew that her father will definitely disagree but what was done is done. The most important thing was that she was able to divert their attention from that topic.

"Oh, of course, darling… It's already pretty late. He can stay for the night if he wants to. But let's eat first and talk about that later," her grandma was the one who spoke and everyone did as she said.

The dinner was harmonious. Abi and her family smiled and laughed every now and again as they talked about the play. Abi and her grandma spoke a lot while the three men simply listened to them, butting in every now and then, while Alex didn't speak another word but just nodded every now and again to let them know he was paying attention.

He kind of like this foreign atmosphere, maybe because this was the same kind of atmosphere he felt whenever Abigail was around.

Once the dinner was done, Abi and her grandma did the dishes while the men sat on the sofa.

Abi was a little restless but her grandma calmed her down, telling her that everything was alright. And she was right. Every bit of Alex's attention was focused on the photos around the house. After he looked at all the picture frames hanging around the house, he sat down and Andrew showed him big albums filled with photos of Abi from birth.

Andrew was thinking about what topic he should start a conversation with but he was hesitant and careful. This young man didn't know about Abi's illness and he was very worried about that. He was worried about his daughter and this young man.

The man ended up being lost in thought without starting any conversation while the young man across him was fully immersed in looking at the photos until Abi was done in the kitchen.

"Ahh!!" Abi yelled the moment she saw the album in Alex's hand. She had lots of dorky pictures in there!

Abi attempted to snatch it but Alex was quick to move it away, causing Abi to pout.

"Dad, why did you bring those out?" Abi complained to her father and the man just sighed.

"Anyway, Alexander, are you sure you're fine to sleep here tonight?" he asked and Alex looked at him and nodded.

"We don't have a guest room so you will be sleeping in my room," Andrew told him but this time, Alex didn't nod anymore.

"I will sleep in Abigail's room. I am more comfortable whenever I sleep with her," Alex replied and the man's eyes widened in shock.

"Whenever? Y-you already slept with my daughter?" Andrew asked in disbelief and Alex finally realized that the man was talking about something else. He was about to explain when the little lamb butted in.

"Dad… it's fine. Uhm…"

"Abigail, you already slept with this boyfriend of yours?"

Abigail hesitantly nodded. Andrew's mouth parted and he didn't know what to say. It was then that Abi's grandma pushed the couple to go and settle down in Abi's room.

Once Abi and Alex ascended upstairs, the old grandma faced her son and patted his shoulder.

"It's okay, Andrew. Your daughter is already an adult. And I am sure this is what she wants. Let's not be hard on her now, okay?" she encouraged her son and Andrew knew that his mother was right. Abigail was not a kid anymore; she had grown into a very beautiful lady. But still, to think that they had already gone that far… Andrew couldn't help but worry. Again, not just for Abi but for that young man as well.
Chapter 147 Wasted

Inside Abi's room, Alex was once again looking around like a curious child.

Abi's room was made of wood and her curtains were yellow. There was a shelf filled with books on one wall and her bed sat on the corner by the other wall. He noticed that her bed wasn't that big. She also had a study table, a closet and a single sofa chair by the window.

Alex sat on her bed and Abi told him to wait there so she could go and get him some clothes to change into. Her grandma helped her find a clean shirt and trousers that might be big enough to fit Alex.

Fortunately, they were able to find some which Abi immediately brought to him.

Alex was the first to go into the shower. Once he came out, Abi couldn't help but gape at him. Well, Alex dressed in a normal printed shirt and printed pajama pants was just a sight to behold. He almost looked like an ordinary man, if not for his unfading gracefulness and built in imposing aura.

The man glanced at Abi as he dried his hair with his towel. How could he still look deadly handsome despite the fact that his shirt was printed with cardcaptor Sakura's picture?

Abi then entered the bathroom after him after telling Alex not wait for her and to go upstairs first. He watched the bathroom's door closed and he looked at the quiet living room. It seemed that her family was already in their beds and were probably getting ready to sleep.

Upon reaching Abi's room, Alex's gaze roamed around again. His gaze caught the yellow scarves hanging on the back of the door, neatly arranged.

This room, just as he expected, was so little-lambish. It was warm, pure and peaceful, just like Abigail. He thought that this kind of place would suffocate him, because a place like this would never be suited for someone like him but… for some reason, his body seemed to like it here more than what he could accept.

After a while, the door opened and Abigail entered. Her hair was tied in a bun and she wasn't wearing pajamas tonight. She was wearing a comfy pair of shorts and an oversized shirt which was printed with a superman logo.

She smiled at him, seeing that he seemed comfortable as he sat on the bed with a book in his hand.

She crawled on the bed and asked, "What are you reading?" She tilted her head and when she saw its title, her brows creased. Shades? She didn't remember owning a book with that title.

Alex's lips curved sexily as he bent and pinched Abi's chin.

"I didn't know that you actually read something like this, little fruit," his voice was husky and sexy.

"Hm, where did you get that?"

"Under your bed, Abigail."

"Ah! That's Kelly's stuff!" she exclaimed. "She told me not to touch the stuff in her box and asked me to keep it there until she picked them up when she came over."

Somehow, Alex had kind of expected this.

"So this is what's inside her box? Why did she sternly forbid me from touching it?" she curiously said as she sat next to him. "Is the book good?"

She leaned in to have a look at it but Alex abruptly closed it.

"Well, I saw a pretty interesting scene," he said and Abi's eyes widened in curiosity.

"Really? You like this book? Ah, how about you let me read it to you? I mean, I still haven't read a book back to you."

Alex was speechless. He was trying not to do anything tonight because they were in her room and inside her family's house but here she was… doing this to him.

"I can't think about anything else that we can do so I better pay you one of my debts tonight," she said, stretching her hand out to take the book.

Alex pinched her chin again. "Abigail, this could turn to –"

The girl caught his face and moved her face closer to his. "It's okay Alex, I'd like to read you a book tonight," she told him and with just that, Alex's self-control was thrown out the window.

A while ago, when he scanned the book and saw this particular content, he suddenly started imagining dirty things, thinking about doing naughty things with her in this room that was filled with Abigail's scent, the room where she grew up in and it was unexpectedly turning him on. He cursed himself and tried to shake the thoughts away, telling himself that the room might not be soundproofed and that her family was here but because of his innocent little fruit, his effort to keep his cool was wasted.

"Fine, but… your voice might leak out, Abigail… are you not worried about that?" his voice had turned huskier.

"It's okay, dad wont here anything, unless of course, if he eavesdropped by the door, but don't worry, dad will not do something like that," she assured him, causing Alex to want to pinch the skin between his brows.

Alex stood up and turned the bedside lamp on. "You can read with just the bedside lamp on, right?" he asked and when the girl nodded, he locked the door and turned the lights off.

He then sat on the bed and leaned on the headboard.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked and Abi didn't know why but his eyes changed the moment the light turned off. It was like his beast mode had been immediately activated.

The girl nodded, as if she was hypnotised.

"Come here," he softly said with his deep gorgeous voice and Abi felt her heart's tempo being messed up.

She scrawled up the bed but then she stopped after a second, wondering where he wanted her to go. She looked up at him, asking for some kind of instruction, but all he gave her was a sexy smirk. Abi felt her heart jump again and she forced herself to move. She crawled up between his legs and when she was face to face with him, she turned around and sat between his legs, with her back on his chest. She then wiggled to get more comfortable and in doing so, rubbed her backside on his little monster.

He barely stopped the groan from coming out of his lips.

Once she felt comfortable, she then turned her head and looked up at him before she asked innocently, "Are you ready for me to start reading now?"
Chapter 148 Continue

Alex half bit his lips as he looked down at her big clear eyes. He was so damn turned on and the reading hadn't even started yet.

He bent closer until his lips almost brushed against her ear. "Abigail, make sure to read this with feeling, okay?"

Abi narrowed her eyes. "Geez… who do you think I am? I could totally pass as a professional storyteller okay? I have been doing this since I was a teenager. I will make you see what real story telling is." She was very confident and Alex could only chuckle throatily. This na?ve little fruit truly was amusing.

"You better show me your professional storytelling then, Abigail. Don't you dare cower midway," he whispered, trailing his finger on her shoulder blade.

"But… but don't distract me like this once I start, okay?" she negotiated.

"Hmm? You're forbidding me to touch you?"

"Mn… while I read. I won't be able to concentrate if your hand touches me like that."

"Sure, no hands." His smile was incredibly sexy that Abi averted her gaze away before she fell into a daze again.

"Here we go." He then put the book in her hand which started from Chapter 9. "I'm ready, Abigail. You may start now."

Alex leaned his head on his knuckles, while his elbow was on top of his folded knee. His head tilted a little so he could see the girl's expression.

"Okay, here we go," Abi took a deep breath as anticipation brimmed in Alex's eyes. He just couldn't wait anymore to hear her voice.

But as she opened her lips, Alex stopped her again. "Wait, Abigail… I'd like you to replace the man's name with mine."

Abi's eyes circled. "Ehh? Why?" she was surprised.

"That's my request, Abigail. Also, change the girl's name with yours."

Abi blinked at him but in the end, she soon nodded, like the obedient little lamb that she was. "Oh… okay."

"Good girl. Now start."

Abi finally lifted the book into a reading position and she smiled at him one more time before she turned her attention to the book.

A second later, she finally began.

""Alexander gazes down at me. "You're so damn beautiful, Abigail," he whispers and I blushed. His words are like honey on fire crawling under my skin, making me hot. "God, I want to suck your lips," he added as his rough finger rubbed my lips…""

Abi suddenly paused. She finally realized what she was reading and she felt like her face was about to burst. She was so red and her heart was thumping wildly. This was something she never expected at all.

"Abigail, do professional storytellers behave like that?" he whispered, almost doing the same thing the man on the book was doing. "If you stop again, I will touch you," he added, his voice was so hypnotic that Abi didn't notice her lips involuntarily parting.

It was suddenly very hot in the room. H-he would touch me?

"Continue, Abigail," he blew on her ear and the girl was jolted back to reality.

"O-okay… don't blow in my ear like that," she complained, her face still blazing red and the man chuckled softly.

"Then continue. Stop making me wait."

""He leans down and grabs my thigh and parts them, wedging his body in between. He silently looks at me as his face moves closer and closer to mine, until our noses nearly touch. And he kisses my lips gently. "I want you, A-abigail, please, m-make love with me.""

There was almost smoke coming out from Abi's ears. This was too much for her and she paused again. Alex's hand immediately began to crawl lightly, like a feather, from her nape to her collarbone. She felt her body tingle where his hand caressed her. "Every time you pause, I will touch you." he whispered and Abi's grip on the book tightened. She continued reading despite her flustered face and Alex's hand left her skin.

""He pleads and my heart and body immediately nod at him. He smiles with his bold, tantalizing eyes. He begins undressing before my eyes, revealing his body, inch by slow inch. Damn! His abs, I… I'd like to lick them. I can't help but imagine them as delicious hard chocolate bars. A-alexander was just too hot. He leans down and kisses me again. His lips demanding and deep as his hand skillfully and slowly peels off my clothes down to my red lacy underwear. "Oh, Abigail… I can't wait to be inside you…""

Abi choked and she coughed softly while Alex's hands mercilessly moved in on her again, as if he was actually waiting for the moment she paused so his unruly hands could start their business.

"What's wrong?" his deep voice resonated in her ears as his fingers slowly travel downwards, almost like warm liquid travelling down to her twin peaks. "You said I like peaches, right?" he suddenly asked.

"I… I only said that to –"

"Actually, I do like them now. Although, I think these are the only peaches I will ever like."

His hand was already on her twin peaches as he whispered those words, causing Abi to gasp.

"A-alex… wait… I'll continue now…" Abi frantically lifted the book again and she continued reading. She didn't know how reading a book ended up like this. After this, she would never trust Alex's choice of book ever again.

""He looks down into my eyes and utters, "open your legs for me, A-abigail." My eyes go to his face. I feel like I am too intoxicated to move. "Ah, you're not being obedient, Abigail, shall I punish you?" He smiles, a sexy and wicked kind of smile. I don't shake my head. I feel like I want to experience the punishment he is talking about. "Tell me, Abigail, do you want me to punish you?" He licks my lips down to my jawline. "C'mon, tell me, baby. What do you want me to do?""Punish me, Alexander," I replied…""
Chapter 149 Touch me

Abi buried her face on the open book. Reading those lines out loud, combined with the fact that she was using their names, made this all feel too much for her. But before she could even recover from the heat, Alex's hands touched one of the twin peaches again, even squeezing her nipple slightly. Oh no, she couldn't afford to be distracted! But the way Alex played with her, the way his hands were moving around her body… she just couldn't handle it.

"Ah, Alex, wait…"

"Hmm? I feel like you are asking me to punish you for real, Abigail. Are you? Huh?" he whispered as his hand slipped under her large shirt, gently caressing her molds through her bra. "Tell me Abigail… You're stopping because you wanted me to touch you, right?"

"No, I… I was just embarrassed reading it. I… ah, Alex…." A little tear began to appear in the corner of Abi's eyes. It wasn't because of fear or pain, but pure pleasure. What Alex was doing to her was just too much for her that her body reacted like this.

"Hmm? You're embarrassed? From reading the book or from my touch?" he asked. He then started placing little butterfly kisses on her nape. Abi's breathing started to become shallow. How could she even think when he was touching her body like this? His hands, his lips, his breath against her skin and his deep, husky voice… how could she even stand her ground against all those?

"Answer me, Abigail," he demanded. He didn't stop what he was doing and Abi could only wiggle, trying to escape from his solid arms. "You don't like what I'm doing to you right now? Do you hate it when I touch you here?" he stared into her intoxicated eyes. "Tell me, do you hate this?" he pressed, his gaze like a black hole sucking her in, forcing the words out of her mouth before her brain could even process what they were.

"I don't hate it, Alex," she replied and the man's lips curved up. There was a triumphant look on his face as he sexily half bit his bottom lip.

"Damn it, Abigail…" he groaned and the next moment, his lips captured hers.

Abi m**ned under his lips. It was hot. His lips delved even deeper and she felt his tongue say hello to hers. She didn't know if he was deliberately trying to shut her brain down but that was what happened. Her brain stopped thinking and her body took over.

By the time their l*ps parted, Abi was gasping for air. Alex's eyes were sparkling intensely, filled with desire.

"Abigail… do you want to continue reading? Or do you want me to continue touching you?" he questioned and Abi felt her face burned again. How… how could he ask her that?

"I… I'll continue… reading…" she replied and the man took a deep breath, as if to capture back his self control that seemed to have escaped.

"What a stubborn, little fruit," was what he said and he leaned his head on his knuckles again, though that intense look in his eyes didn't disappear. It remained there, idling, ready to go.

Both of them were already sweating. Their breaths were warm and their skin felt hot against each other. But Abi persisted and continued reading. How could she admit to him that she'd rather be touched by him than continue reading like this? She might die from embarrassment.

""Suddenly, Alexander tugs my p-p**ties off. I gasp and cover myself but he quickly catches my hand. "No need to be shy, babe. You're very beautiful down there," he murmurs with his scorching eyes and I gape at him. However, when he pulls his bo*ers off, I am left in shock at what I see. I suddenly feel a little scared. His pen… his pe…"

"His what, Abigail?" Alex smirked. He saw how red her face was now. It was such a sexy sight and he couldn't get enough of it. This little pink peach was driving him to the very edge and he couldn't wait for her to give in. But his little fruit said it, that word that she could hardly bring out of her mouth, and the little monster hardened even more. Sh*t! Abigail!

""He orders me to pull my knees up and I obey. "Are you ready, A-abigail? I'm going to f… fu…"""

Abi finally buried her face in her hands, letting go of the book. "I'm sorry, Alex… I am too embarrassed to read it," she confessed, hiding her face and Alex smiled.

"So me, touching you is less embarrassing?"

"I… that…"

"Abigail…" he called out. His voice sank lower than what she thought was possible as he k**sed the back of her hands that were covering her face. "Tell me you want me to touch you," he whispered, pulling down her hands. His eyes were like hypnotic dark crystals, and it was impossible for her to escape. "C'mon, I want to hear it…"

His hands weren't on her body anymore at this point but his breaths, his voice and his eyes were doing their work and she couldn't resist. She didn't know what he did to her but when he wasn't touching her, she wanted his hands all over her so badly. When his warm skin left her, she longed for it… it was strange. Her body was slowly becoming like a stranger to her.

And before she knew it…

"T-touch me, Alex…" she uttered. No!

Abi's eyes widened as soon as she realized what she said. How could she say those words? They can't do naughty things here! Her family might…

But it was too late because Alex immediately bent down and k**sed her passionately as his hand freely roamed all over her body under her shirt. He was barely holding on to his self control as he tasted her sweet lips.

Just as Alex was about to move his hands lower, there was a sudden knock on the door.
Chapter 150 Frustrated

Abi felt like ice cold water was poured over her the moment she heard a knock on the door. She pushed Alex off of her and she looked at him with wide eyes.

And then, before the man could register why the little fruit pushed him, Abi slipped away from under him like a swift ninja. The man could only blink and his brows knotted in a hard knot as he looked at the girl who just escaped from his grasp.

Abi moved as if the room was on fire.

"Dad?" she said as she pulled the door open.

Andrew raised a brow, seeing that her light was already off.

"We're you two already sleeping?" the man asked, glancing behind Abi.

"Uhm… I was reading a book to him."

"Oh, anyway, I just came to say goodnight. You guys should sleep now, Abi, it's late," he told her, glancing behind her again.

Andrew actually momentarily forgot that a man was inside his daughter's room and he had already knocked when he remembered it. He always checked on Abi like this on his way to the small balcony because he worried about her sleeping late. Ever since she was diagnosed with her illness, her doctor always reminded them to help her maintain a healthy sleeping habit.

"Yes, dad. We're going to sleep now. Goodnight."

"Mn. Goodnight."

Once the door closed Abi slowly walked towards Alex, who was again leaning against the headboard.

"Uhm… Alex, let's sleep now, okay?" she whispered as she hesitantly crawled to his side.

"No, I –"

"Shh…" Abi put her finger on his lips. "Dad is right next to us so please be quiet. Uhm… he always sits on the balcony for an hour or two, just looking out into the world before he sleeps, so he is right there across this wall," she explained, her expression almost begging him.

But what Alex did next was pin her down on the bed. His breath was still shallow.

"Are you saying that I'm going to have to sleep like this? Huh? Abigail?" he whispered. His hardness brushed against her body and she felt it throb. Oh no! What should she do? His little monster's really rock hard!

"I'm sorry… but we can't. Please, daddy's here. Uhm… I will make it up to you once we're back in your house, I promise."

Alex groaned under his breath.

"Shit, Abigail. There no way I can –"

Abigail suddenly wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him in her embrace. "You can, Alex. Please? I know you can. Just this once, okay?" she continued coaxing him, caressing his hair so gently.

Alex was so damn frustrated. How the hell could he sleep like this? Damn!

"It's okay, you can do this. I'm sure if you sleep, little big monster will also sleep."

Alex groaned again. He was doing his very best not to move on his own and ignore her pleas. He thought that this girl was truly asking for impossible. How the hell could he sleep if his little monster was standing tall and hard like this?! This little fruit had no idea what kind of torture she was asking him to go though!

"Abigail, I don't think I –"

"Shh…" she stopped him again. "Don't worry, I will help you sleep, okay?" she said and she hugged him even tighter, and then, she gently pushed him, making him lie back.

The man, who was dying from frustration, gritted his teeth as Abi looked down at him. But then, the next moment, Abi bent and kissed his forehead. That magical kiss that appeared out of nowhere made his eyes widen and he felt like time stood still for a moment.

"Goodnight, Alex." Her eyes shone so bright before she turned the light off and wiggled her body near him. One arm wrapped on top of his torso as she pulled her body next to him and hugged him.

And thus, for the first time in his life, the great Alexander Qin had to sleep with an excited little big monster.

Little fruit, you will pay for this once we're home!

The next morning, Alex woke up in Abi's bed alone. The sun was just peeking from the horizon. He cracked his neck as he sat on the bed, with his one long leg on the floor. He couldn't believe he had actually slept this long. He couldn't even remember the last time he slept to the point that his neck needed to be stretched like this upon waking up.

A disbelieving smirk curved on his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair and he plopped his big body on the bed again, his arms wide and with one leg still on the floor.

He stared at the ceiling and he couldn't stop himself from smiling. He remembered what happened last night and he shook his head. He had actually really fallen asleep like that and to think that he didn't even need to force himself to sleep. It was like she had lulled him to sleep with magic. Was it that k*ss?

He shook his head again before he stood up and went downstairs. The two women were happily doing some house chores while the men were reading newspapers while drinking coffee.

When Abi saw Alex, she quickly dragged him to the table.

That morning, Alex joined the family in their usual morning routine and he actually didn't mind it at all. He ate breakfast with them until it was finally time for them to leave.

By the door, Abi kissed her family goodbye.

"Alexander, if you ever want to visit again, our humble house is always open to you," the old grandma told Alex with a bright smile and Alex glanced at Abi before he hesitantly nodded.

"T –" Alex started as his eyes wandered for a moment. "T-thanks for having me," he said and Abi beamed with the brightest smile she had ever worn. Her family didn't know this but Abi knew how much of a big deal that single 'thank you' meant, because since she first met Alex, she never heard this man say those words to anyone.

Abi was still smiling widely as she waved her family goodbye from inside the car, before they sped off.


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