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Chapter 141 My type

Meanwhile, backstage, Kai was about to go and check on Alex because he was taking too long when a long leg suddenly stretched out to stumble him.

He quickly halted in his tracks, looking at the leg, before his eyes travelled to the owner's face.

"Yo, pretty boy…" Kelly winked sexily at him as she looked up. She was sitting on the floor and leaning on the wall. She was wearing black boots and her long legs, that looked like they were meant for the runway, were definitely flawless. However, this badass looking girl was that same annoying little psycho who had given him a hella hard time back in Country V. Actually, he had been avoiding her since he saw her in this place, but it looked like this little hooligan wasn't willing to let him live in peace.

Kai sighed and he lifted his legs, planning to walk over her and leave to go get Alex, when to his surprise, the damn hooligan lifted her leg as well. She lifted it so high that her leg was trapped between Kai's legs.

Kai could only open his mouth as he looked down at her in disbelief.

"Put down your legs now, you hooligan," he said in a firm and hard voice, but the girl simply smiled.

"And if I don't? What are you going to do? Huh? My pretty boy?" she sexily asked as she slowly lifted her long leg even higher. Kelly was athletic and her movement was pretty agile so what she was doing was pretty easy for her.

Kai was starting to pop veins. This damn hooligan was really shameless! How could a lady act like this?!

When Kelly started moving her leg even higher, Kai finally lost it and he grabbed her foot.

"Ah!" Kelly faked a moan, causing the few staff to look at Kai with accusing looks. One of them was about to come over and ask what was going on when Kai, who immediately felt damn embarrassed, quickly let go of her foot.

Damn this woman!

"Hehe," Kelly grinned as she stood up in a flash. She blocked Kai's path and looked closer at his pretty face. "Sigh… you're really cute. I can't help but want to tease you every time I see this pretty face," she whispered.

For what felt like the hundredth time since he met her again in country V, Kai wished that this woman was a man, so that he could at least fight him and beat him to a pulp because he really had no idea how deal with her!

"My, my… what's going on here? I didn't know that the oh-so esteemed Skyler Qin was secretly dating too, eh?" Xavier's arm suddenly draped around Kai's shoulders the instant the damn hooligan was forced to leave him because someone called out to her. "Whew! She's hot and I would say, definitely my type." Xavier whistled and Kai violently shook his arm off him. "Hey, hey… don't be mad. If she's already yours, I –"

"She's not mine or anything like that so just shut up, Xavier." Kai felt annoyed. That girl was really sucking every ounce of patience from his body.

"Oh? She's not your girlfriend?!" Xavier's eyes were wide.

Huh? Girlfriend? That hooligan?

Kai shook his head. There was no way he would date a shameless girl like her. He felt that doing that would only be digging his own grave!

"Whoa! So you're saying you're not planning to make her yours as well?"

"Tch! Stop talking nonsense. I have no such plans of idiocy nor do I have anything to do with her." Kai looked serious as he said those but to Xavier, Kai looked like he was over reacting. Oho… was this guy annoyed, or jealous?

Xavier could already read every little quirk of this guy so he could tell that he was really riled up. He knew that it was extremely rare to be able to annoy this guy, whom he thought was currently third in line in the list of the most boring men in the world.

With a smile on his face, Xavier looked at Kai meaningfully.

"Oh, nice. I like her, Kai. She's really my type," Xavier said with interest which was unexpectedly not a lie. He really had been admiring that girl since he saw her before the play began and Xavier thought that she was really sexy and attractive. "What's her name?"

"Ask her yourself," was all Kai replied, already stepping away from him.

"Sigh… what a boring guy," Xavier could only mumble as he followed him, but it was then that they saw Alex and his girl heading towards them.

They all then went to where Zeke was standing, waiting for them, and Abi immediately thanked them all with great sincerity. She was truly indebted to all of them today.

"No problem, Miss Abigail. We kind of enjoyed the tasks. Haha," said Xavier in a cheerful voice. "Right?" he nudged Kai.

"Yes, I didn't have a problem helping you with it. It was a good experience." Kai was as gentle and polite as ever and Abi could tell that he was not lying just to make her feel better.

"Thank you," she could only say. She wished that she could at least offer them something as a token of gratitude. She thought about giving them some of the money they raised and quickly shook her head. These guys would probably be insulted if she did that. Besides, the money they raised from the play was all for a good cause to help the orphanage and also to go towards Little Betty's treatment. She, at least, would be able to do something for Alex but what about for the other three?

As Abi was in the middle of trying to think about what she could give them as a thank you present, a staff member called for her.

It seemed everything had been packed up so Abi quickly thanked them again before she left.
Chapter 142 Option

After some time, the men were sitting inside the car as they waited.

Alex and Zeke were sitting in the backseat, with Zeke busy on his tablet, while Alex was lazily resting his face on his palm as he stared out the window.

Xavier was on the driver's seat, silently trying to communicate with Kai, who was sitting in the passenger's seat.

"Ahem…" Xavier broke the silence. "That really? was such a nice experience, right?" he grinned at Kai.

"It wasn't that bad. I finally realized that the behind the scenes of those plays aren't a joke. The audience don't have any idea that behind those curtains, everything is chaotic and filled with pressure," replied Kai seriously and an invisible sweat drops fell from Xavier's forehead. Hey! Why are you turning the conversation into something deep? I was just trying to make the two stone pillars behind us talk!

"Haha, yeah, you're right. But honestly, it was something I never ever imagined to ever experience." Xavier was glancing at the two at the back but his efforts didn't work. He felt like he had become a radio, just spouting out background music that no one really listened to.

Losing his patience, Xavier finally turned around and looked at the two behind him. "So? How was the experience for you two? Did you enjoy being props men?" he asked and Zeke's finger, which was swiping his tablet, halted. Alex also glanced at him for a while.

"Hm, indeed, it was a very interesting experience," was all Zeke replied and then he casually continued what he was doing.

'That's all you have to say?! Geez… did you really understand what you just did? Huh? Ezekiel Reign?! You are a tycoon and a… geez! What a boring guy!' Xavier ranted in his head before his attention moved to Alexander, the last creature on earth that he and everyone who knew him, would ever imagine doing those kinds of tasks.

"How about you, Alex? I bet, that was officially the most unforgettable experience in your life," Xavier grinned but that wasn't actually an exaggeration.

However, Alex didn't even seem to hear him. He seemed to be in his own thoughts, as if he was thinking about something so serious that it required his full attention.

As Xavier was about to repeat his question to Alex, the stone pillar suddenly spoke.

"Xavier… have you ever dined with your girlfriend's family?" Alex suddenly said. Xavier was immediately choked at the bomb that Alex detonated out of nowhere, while Zeke and Kai's head snapped towards Alex.

Xavier: "Cough, cough, cough!"

Zeke and Kai: "!!!!!"

Trying to recover from the shock, Xavier cleared his throat and looked at Alex again, who seemed unbothered with all their reactions.

"W-what do you mean? I mean, where did that came from? Could it be that you're planning to –"

"What I'm looking for is an answer, Xavier, not another question." Alex said firmly as he glared at Xavier and the man could only sigh.

"Well, my ex had invited me before to a dinner at their house but I never granted her request."

"Why you didn't go?"

"Er…" The hell Alex, why are you asking this thing all of the sudden?! "Well, I just didn't want to go, I guess… haha…"

"Why didn't you want to?" Alex's eyes were looking intently at him. Darn! He now regretted pestering this dark dragon! Now, he felt like his life was in danger if he didn't answer!

"Because… I think, the reason is because I was not ready to meet her family."

"What do you mean you weren't ready?"

"I mean…" God! I wanna run away. T^T!! Leave me alone, Alex. I promise, I won't pester your peaceful moment again!


"Well, I mean… it's because I wasn't really that serious in our relationship."

Alex's brows creased.

"Alex, did Abi invite you to meet her parents?"

"No, her grandmother invited me for dinner."

". . ."

OMG! You already met her parents?!!!

"So? Are you going?" Zeke was the one who asked.

Alex looked outside again, silent.

"If you don't want to, I could go in your place and apologize on your behalf," Zeke added and Xavier choked again while Kai's lips parted in disbelief.

Alex's dark aura immediately blazed as his deadly gaze dissected Zeke.

"Zeke… are you really trying to rile me up?"

"I'm merely giving you an option to opt out of it, Alex," he calmly replied, unfazed.

"Ha!" Alex briefly laughed sarcastically before his gaze turned even sharper as he looked at Zeke.

But before he could say anything more, his phone vibrated.

Alex brought it out and when he saw that it was Abigail who was calling him, he opened the door, stepped out and slammed it close before he answered it.

"Alex, where are you?" the girl asked.


"Oh, wait for me for a little bit longer, okay? I'll be there in five minutes."


Upon the call ending, Alex leaned on the side of the car and his gaze fell towards the night sky.

Meanwhile, inside the car, the three men were silent.

Zeke casually returned his attention on the data that he was checking on his tablet, while Kai was looking at him through the rearview mirror.

"Zeke…" Kai then spoke after a long while. "Why are you doing this? Could it be that you like Abigail?" he frankly asked, staring intently at the man's reflection on the mirror.

Zeke's lips slightly lifted and he calmly stared back at Kai.

"You think I like her?" he questioned and Kai sighed. He knew it wasn't going to be easy to get anything from this man.

"I don't know… I just don't get why you're doing all this. I just hope you're not plotting something, Zeke."

Zeke's lips slightly curved up into a quick smile again, before he rested his face on his knuckles and looked at Alex, who was making his way to his own car, with an unfathomable expression on his face.
Chapter 143 Nice and good

Abi had already changed her clothes when she left the hall. Abi and Kelly kissed each other goodbye before Abi walked over Alex's car.

She sat in the passenger's seat and buckled her seatbelt before she looked at Alex.

"Thank you for waiting, Alex." She smiled at him. She was still wearing her fairy make-up and her beautiful face was still glistening.

As always, Alex didn't respond. He just started the car and quietly drove away.

"Uhm… Alex, if you don't want to go, it's okay." Abi hesitantly said to him after a long spell of silence. "I will explain to grandma that you are busy."

Suddenly, Alex pulled the car on the side of the road. His gaze was sharp as he turned to her.

"Come here, Abigail," he ordered and Abi swallowed before she moved as per his command. He stretched out his hand and held her waist, making her straddle him.

Abi's knees were on the seat, with him between her legs.

She looked at his glorious face and she felt his intense gaze burning her face.

"Do you want me to go or not?" he asked, surprising Abi. His voice was deep and he didn't seem to be annoyed. He seemed very serious this time and she noticed that he had been like that since the play started hours ago.

"Of course I would really love it if you came along!" she quickly told him. He didn't know this but this was one of the items on her wishlist that she had removed because she never thought that Alex would agree to it. She never really planned on introducing Alex to her family because she thought that the man would never want to do that. After all, their relationship was a deal and not something that started from them liking each other. Not only that, she was also afraid that he would find out her secret. Fortunately, Abi had time to speak with her dad before she left the hall a while ago and she begged him to tell her grandparents not to mention anything to do with her illness during dinner.

"Then stop telling me that it's okay for me not to go," he uttered as his thumb caressed her lower lip.

Abi just blinked. She thought that Alex was acting a little strange today.

"What are you thinking?" he asked, pulling Abi's thought back to reality.

"I… I was thinking of something… about you," she told him the truth and the man's lips curved up.

"Oh, really? Mind telling me?"

Abi hesitated for a moment. "I was thinking that you seem a little different today…"

"How so?" he narrowed his eyes, intrigued.

"Like… you're being so nice… I mean," she subconsciously lifted her hand and touched his face gently. "You've been such a good boy today, Alex," she uttered and it was Alex's turn to become still. What? What was she saying? Him? Nice? Good boy?

A throaty chuckle left Alex's mouth. "Good boy… are you sure about that? Huh? Abigail?"

The girl nodded like she was more than certain about it.

"You helped me without complaint, you even volunteered to become a tree and then you spoke with dad nicely… and now, you're coming to our house for dinner!" Abi listed all the things out and it was then that Alex realized that he did indeed do all those things that she said. Pictures of the things that happened flashed in his head and his eyes slowly narrowed.

"Alex?" Abi called out his name and the man immediately cleared his throat as he looked at her. "What were you thinking?"

Alex's lips curved up with her question. "I was thinking about what I should demand from you for being a good boy today…" he answered, averting his gaze as he cleared his throat again.

Abi's eyes just widened as if she just heard something unbelievable.

"Since you said I was a good boy today, you should reward me, Abigail. Otherwise I might not be a good boy anymore."

This was in fact the very first he had been called a good boy. He never once thought that someone would ever call him nice and good and he found it simply unbelievable. Unfortunately, he wasn't buying any of it, even if it was his little lamb who was saying it, because he knew more than anyone else that he was the complete opposite of what she was saying and nothing would ever change that.

He didn't think that what he did today was that amazing that she would actually call him good and nice but he thought that this little lamb was the only one who would ever think this way about him. But then, he wondered if this girl, if this little lamb of his, would show him even a little smile if she knew who he really was.

"R-reward? What kind of reward would you want from me?" she asked him and another smile appeared on Alex's face.

"Would you give me any reward that I want?"

"As long as it's not related to money and the impossible, I will do my best to get it and give it to you."

There was determination in her eyes as she told him those words, causing Alex's smile to turn even sexier. His hand crawled from her face to the back of her neck, causing tingles and shivers on Abi's skin. His gaze became scorching and before she knew it, she was swallowed by his deep gaze again.

He pulled her closer to him until her face hovered above his. Their noses touched each other as they looked into each other's eyes, closer than ever. "Abigail… once you hear what I want you to do, you will never call me 'nice' and 'good'… ever again…"

For a moment, as he whispered those words, Abi saw something in his eyes that broke her heart into pieces. Those eyes of his that had always been encapsulated by thick darkness and coldness, those beautiful yet deadly eyes that she thought would forever be unfathomable, suddenly opened up its rustic door… and for the first time ever, it became transparent, like the clear surface of a lake… but beneath it, she saw nothing but dark, dead emotions and... frozen pain.

She felt like she was staring at a bizarre and disturbing ancient dark themed painting and she felt her heart bleed.

Her hands slowly moved. They made their way around his head and then, the next moment…

Her lips gently landed on his forehead.
Chapter 144 Peach

Alex immediately froze under her. Nobody ever kissed him this way before and he didn't expect that just a kiss on his forehead would shut him down like this. He couldn't comprehend what he was feeling at the moment. All he knew was that this certain kiss she just gave him was worth a thousand kisses on the lips, the one kiss that he would never forget from all the piled up, intimate and lustful kisses he had acquired before her.

Before he met her, kisses were not meant for anything else but lust and pleasure, but after he met her, it changed. The kisses that they shared were never for lust and pleasure but from desire and passion, but it changed once again into this something indescribable one. This kiss was like a soft and warm blanket being wrapped around his frozen cold body, melting him effortlessly. He felt that this kiss was meant far, far more than just desire. At that moment, he felt like she didn't kiss his body, she had kissed his soul, his cold and pitch black soul.

Abi felt him stiffen like a rock under her.

She had felt this pain countless times before. Whenever he sat by the fireplace alone, Abi had always felt this pain in her heart as she looked at him. She thought that it was all because of the thought that she would be leaving him one day, but now she realized it wasn't because of that.

This Alex in her embrace was just the tip of an iceberg. She always had this feeling that he was hiding things from her, things that she probably couldn't even imagine, but she only thought that what was hiding inside him was mere danger and darkness. She didn't see the dead emotion that he had killed inside him. She was too focused on her own wishes that she failed to see the turmoil this person was going through.

She had seen it before that time at the beach, where he looked like a lost soul with nowhere else to go, like he belonged nowhere, yet she chose to believe in his tough, stone cold and indestructible exterior.

Tonight, she realized that this person was the one who needed hugs and embraces more than anyone else. Had she realized this sooner, she would have embraced him more, every single time she had the chance.

The two stayed like that, in silence, for an indefinite amount of time until a ringtone buzzed.

Abi let go of him and pulled away as she stretched out her hand and took her bag. She sat on Alex's lap and was a little startled when she realized that the one calling was her grandma.

"G-grandma? Yes, yes grandma, we're almost there…" she bit her lip as she stared at Alex. They had actually completely forgotten about the dinner.

"Yes, we're coming."

Once the call ended, Abi returned to her seat as Alex immediately accelerated onto the road again.

They arrived at Abi's house in a flash.

Abi didn't hesitate to hold Alex's hand as she smiled at him.

They both approached the doorway with Abi leading him when suddenly the man paused, stopping Abi from reaching out the doorknob.

She looked back at him in curiosity.

"Alex?" she called out as she faced him.

The man slightly loosened his tie. "What if… your family gets scared of me?" he suddenly asked, seeming unsure of himself for the first time since she had met him.

Abi: ". . ."

"You know how my mood changes unpredictably. I can't control my aura even if I wanted to. If they ended up being intimidated or –"

Without any hesitation, Abi wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him before she looked up.

"Don't worry, Alex, I'll be right there beside you," she said and Alex fell speechless. She then pulled away and fixed his tie like a good wife before she held his hand again. "Let's go."

Once they entered the house, a small sofa welcomed them. The floor was made of wood. It wasn't big but it wasn't that cramped either. It was a typical average home that was filled with nothing but that 'home' vibe, a real one at that.

Alex's eyes wandered around and he saw no expensive materials. What he saw were many family photos hanging on the walls and on top of the cabinets, things that would never be found in any of his luxurious houses.

Abi let go of his hand as she took off her boots. She grabbed a small pair of pink bunny slippers and put them on and then took a bigger pair of white fluffy slippers and put it in front of Alex's feet.

"Uhm… this is the only extra pair of slippers we have here that is big enough for you," she told him as Alex stared down at the slippers. After three seconds, the man took off his own shoes and slipped into it, making Abi smile widely.

"I think they're all waiting in the kitchen now," she said as she led him to the kitchen.

"Dad, grandma, grandpa!" Abi was beaming widely as she walked over to where they were sitting and hugged them, one by one.

"Abi… didn't your boyfriend come?" Andrew's brows knotted in disappointment.

"Eh? He's he –" Abi couldn't continue her word. It was because the man who she thought was following behind her wasn't there.

Hastily, Abi walked towards the door to check on him.

When she saw him by the sofa, Abi sighed in great relief. The man was there, facing the cabinet and looking at the picture frames like an old man looking for his childhood pictures.

"Alex," she called out and held his arm. But before she could pull him, the man took a picture frame and showed it to her.

"This is you?" he asked, holding her picture when she was a chubby one-year-old.

"Oh… yeah, that's me when I was 1 year old," she replied and the man moved the picture right next to her face, his eyes darting back and forth between her and the baby.

"Indeed, a fruit. You look like a peach," he commented so seriously that Abi didn't know what to say until she heard her grandma's voice calling her.

She snatched the picture from Alex's hand before she finally pulled him towards the kitchen.
Chapter 145 Ever green

Abi led Alex towards the table for five. Her dad and grandparents were all looking at them, although, their eyes were mainly on the man next to her.

"Oh my, you're really here," Abi's grandma exclaimed as she slowly stood up and held the man's hand.

Alex didn't really know how to react. It was like he had stepped into a whole other world, one that he knew nothing about. Why was this old woman acting all warm like this to a stranger like him?

"Okay, take your seats now, both of you," she told them before she also took her seat again.

Abi sat on her grandfather's right and made Alex sit next to her. Her grandfather was the one sitting at the head of the table so Abi and her grandma seat across each other while Alex sat across her dad.

The food splayed out on the table were all typical homemade dishes that ordinary people enjoyed like a feast. It wasn't extravagant but they looked and smelled so appetising that it could make anyone drool. However, Alex's face remained expressionless as he looked at it.

"Here, taste this, young man," Abi's old grandma picked up some dishes and put them on Alex's plate, while the man just quietly watched his plate fill up until what looked like a mountain had magically sprouted on it.

He blinked and looked at Abi while the girl just bit her lips and smiled at him.

"My wife, don't scare the young man like that," Abi's grandpa tried to stop his wife when suddenly…

"I'm not scared…" Alex suddenly said, with a straight and serious look.

Dad: ". . ."

Grandpa: ". . ."

Abi: ". . ."

The old grandma chuckled softly as she spoke. "See? The young man doesn't mind it," she said before she put more food on his plate.

Once she was done, she finally settled down and asked everyone to eat.

Alex glanced at Abi again, almost like a big child asking for his mother's permission, silently asking if the food on his plate was edible or not.

Abi grinned at him. She knew that this was a whole new experience to him. In his world back in his house, everything this guy did, from the way he sat to the way he chewed his food, were all done with the utmost grace, as if he was born to act like a king in every way. Knowing this, Abi thought that she must lend him a hand.

And thus, Abi picked a broccoli with her fork from his plate and brought it near his mouth.

Abi opened her lips, gesturing him to open his mouth. Alex stared at the ever green broccoli and then to her. He seemed confused about something. But then, he still opened his mouth and ate it.

However, the moment he started chewing, he began to frown and his mouth stopped. Eh? What happened? Did he not like broccolis?

"Y-you don't like broccoli?" Abi whispered as the man continued frowning hard. His hand slowly moved towards his lips before he continued chewing the food as his frown intensified.

Abi leaned in on him. "You don't have to eat it if you don't like it, Alex. Do you want to go to the bathroom?" she whispered, a little worried. But a moment later, the man finally swallowed the broccoli and the deep lines in his face slowly disappeared.

"I'm fine," was all he said and Abi pressed her lips together tightly, as if to stop a giggle coming out of it. Somehow, that frown on his face was just… priceless. She couldn't believe that she would see him frown like this. Did this man have any idea how cute he looked right now? The oh-so stoic man was actually frowning over a vegetable!

A giggle escaped softly from her lips when Alex returned his gaze on his plate. He finally moved his hands to pick the food but for some reason, he paused again. His gaze locked onto the leafy vegetables on his plate and he was looking at them like they were his enemies.

Abi meekly glanced at her father and then to her grandfather. The two were busy eating, although, they were obviously watching over Alex, as if they too were waiting on what he would do next.

When Abi's gaze fell on her grandmother, the woman winked at her as she too was looking amused.

Since her stay in Alex's house, Abi had seen how little Alex seemed to eat. He wasn't really fond of food and every time Abi asked him why he was not eating more, the man would always tell her to just eat as he stuffed all the food on her. Abi didn't worry about his eating habit because whenever she saw his fine and perfect physique, it would always render her speechless.

Now she realized that Alex wasn't just like this because of the green leafy vegetables on his plate, he looked like he was currently doing some intricate math equations in his head on how the hell he would finish the little mountain before him.

Abi couldn't help but silently giggle once again. Who would've thought that a plate filled with food would actually trouble the great Alexander Qin like this?

"Alex… do you want us to share a plate?" Abi asked him, obviously trying to lend him a hand.

Alex snapped towards her and the invisible formulas flying around his head disappeared. It looked like he had found the solution right beside him.

Without a word, Alex moved his plate between them and adjusted his chair closer to her. Her family served mostly vegetables for her since she got sick so she got used to eating every kind of vegetable out there. She picked up the vegetables, leaving the meat for Alex.

The couple ate that way, almost forgetting the existence of the other three people with them. The old grandma was all smiles and genuinely happy watching them while the old men, especially Andrew, looked pretty surprised. His daughter and her boyfriend were acting like newlyweds…


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