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Episode 53

I paid the bike man and saw Aneeta walk to the door, she open the main
door i followed her from behind directing her with my touch light
phone, i dont know what happened but something must have gone wrong
with her guy when i was away, what ever happened must have been bad
for her to start drinking, i pray it what i expect oh,.
She reach her doormouth and open it, i followed her in and i was even
surprise that Cynthia is not yet back, Aneeta didnt bother to remove
her clothes she just fell on the bed and started sleeping at once, i sat
on the chair there watching her like baby,

 i was enjoying her sleep
especially the way she breath through her breast, i wish i can just
remove her wear and start sucking the succulent breast, i check the
time, almost ten.

There is too much cold so i took her bed spread and use it to cover her
body very well, i close the window because the breeze emerging from it
is too much, when everything was okay i walk to the door and off the
light, as i open the door gently i heard from my back “dont go please,
watch me till i sleep”.
Me: i thought you are sleeping already (i turn back and on the light).
Aneeta: i cant sleep.
Me: waoh, okay.
I walk back to the chair looking at her as she slept like dead person.
Me: so tell me what really happen?
Aneeta: i really dont want to talk about it, just watch me sleep.
Me: okay.
I didnt say anything i just relaxed on the chair pressing my phone
praying for her not to sleep on time so that i will keep on watching
her, we remain like that till her sister came in, she was
surprise to see me inside their room, i told her what happened and she
thank me telling me to go and sleep, i left them alone walking straight
to my house, as i was about coming out from the house somebody called me
from behind,
“omohe lohwa”.
I look back and saw mama Favor coming from her room to meet me outside
with her rapper and her dagling boobs.
Me: mama favor wetin bring you out by this time?
Mama Favor: sshhhhh no make noise make we go your house straight.
Me: ah ah now your husband they inside.
Mama Favor: stay there if you nor want come i they your house they wait.
Episode 54
She left me there going to my house, i dont know what else to do than
to follow her, i saw her standing in front of my room, i came and open
the door she didnt even let me lock it back before she pounce on me
and started kissing me robbing her hands on my dick to make it
stronger, she bend over and unzip my trouser sharperly before she
started sucking me, she didnt do it longer of course she knows shes
taking risk, she bend over my table and pull her pant down, i went
over and rub my dick on her ass, then i raise her right leg over the

table and then i put spit on my hand and use it to rub her hot pussy,
after greasing her pussi i insert my dickson and started ramming her
from behind, i was ramming her and my table was ramming the wall, i
continue to dig her as we moan in pleasure, after some time she push
me to bed and lay down facing up, she came over like wounded elephant
and climb ontop my dickson, she started going up and down not
forgeting her big boobs following her like obedient dogs, she fvck me
for five minutes and the pleasure was too much in that i release
immediately, as i wanted to release she came down and open her mouth
wide, i kneel and release inside her mouth, she suck my dick cleaning
every obstacle as she was sucking we heard
“knock knock Knock”
Mama Favor: oh god.

Episode 55
We were both shocked and even mama favor started shivering immediately,
“Knock knock” the voice echoed from outside again.
“Who is that?” I asked with a shaky voice.
“It’s me landlord” the voice said from outside and then when we heard the word “landlord” our mind calm down a little, so I tied towel round my waist and went to the door. I open it halfway so that he won’t see what’s inside my room.
“Good evening landlord, I hope am safe?”
Landlord: of course you are safe am sorry for disturbing by this time but am not always around neither you too.
Me: yeah I know, so what’s sup?
Landlord: we want to renovate this building so you need to pack out for like two weeks.
Me: waoh, only my building?
Landlord: no, this three building, everybody will pack out too so start packing tomorrow. I won’t be around this week I will be traveling to delta early morning before four that’s why I had to tell you now, my wife will take care of the rest.
Me: okay sir no problem.
Landlord: okay thank you bye.
He left and then I locked the doorm
Mama Favor: don’t worry I will talk with my husband, am going now we will talk tomorrow.
Me: okay bye then, and thanks.
She tiptoed out of my room and theb I layed on my bed and started thinking what’s wrong with me, I just layed with a married woman oh, I just hope I won’t be bursted one day.
I slept off and later wokeup the next day feeling very tired, I took my phone and called my manager at work telling him what the landlord said and that I will need time to pack my things, he told me no problem that I should take care of myself, after the call I walk out to see Mama Favor.
I saw her arranging her goods outside her house, there is no sign of her husband car anywhere that means her husband has gone to work, I just hope she talk to her husband as she said she will do yesterday,.
“Good morning ma” I said as I went to sit on the bench in front of the store,
“Omohe lokhwa, (big boy) how far na?”
Me: I dey oh, how your family?
Mama: we they fine, about that stuff yes I talk to my husband.
Me: and?
Mama: yes he agreed to let you stay in the empty room for two weeks only if you always do what I want.
Me: waoh thanks ma, of course I will do anything for you.
Mama: that’s my boy, okay follow me let me show you the room.
Me: alright.
Episode 56
I stood up and walk through the front door and enter the passage while she came out from inside her store, she was in front while I follow from behind looking at her mighty backyard from the rapper she wore, looks like she knows that am looking at her ass so she started shaking it very well and also walking slowly to slow us down, of course her magic worked as my dickson started increasing in lenght, I tried to bring it down but her venom was too strong for me so I decided to turn my eyes away from her ass, I turn my eyes to my right hand and when we pass Aneeta’s room I noticed that her door is unlock, I wanted to stop and knock but I later shun her maybe when am done with Mama Favor I will come back and knock, we reach the last room on our right and then she stop and open the door and said “after you” signaling me to enter, I enter the little room everywhere was empty.
Me: waoh thanks a lot ma, I really appreciate.

Mama: oh no don’t thank me, you know the type of appreciation I want.
She said and started walking to me with a seducing face, she took her right hand and started licking it, see this old woman wan they play yvoonne Nelson for me, and the act they work oh.
I started moving back closer to the wall,
Me: mama favor not now na, later in the night.
Mama: so what will you do with that thing bulging out from your trouser?
I thought she didn’t see it oh,
Me: ermmmm It will go down by itself.
“Oh come on.” she said and pushed me to the wall and thenshe started kissing me I don’t any other choice than to replicate, we engage ourself in kissing and then she moved her right hand down, touch my hard dickson and started stroking it hard, I said “uhmmmm” enjoying the movement of her hand, I was so into it that I move her rapper from her boobs and started kissing the left one while massaging the right one with my right hand, she raised her head up and started saying” ummmm, suck me dear, you are good” I continue sucking while she continue stroking, as we were doing it suddenly we heard a door opened and somebody started walking to were we are, we quickly adjust, Mama favor adjust her rapper well while I walked to the window opening it and closing so that the person coming won’t see the Anaconda down my leg.
The person came and without even knocking opened the door.
“Ozila what are you doing here with mama Favor?” see kweshion.....
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Episode 57
“Good morning aunty Aneeta” I greet her.
“his landlord is renovating and he told me he need room for two weeks” said Mama Favor.
There was still some kind of “I don’t believe” showing on her face but anyway she didn’t catch us and since Mama Favor is a deaconess she won’t think otherwise.
Aneeta: really, and you didn’t tell me Ozila?
Me: they just told me last night after I returned from the party, how did you know I was even here?
Aneeta: I was heaaring noises here I taught Lizzy is back (her former mate that lives here before).
Mama: oh well he will stay only two weeks, okay ozila take care, make I go my shop.
Me: okay thanks ma.
She left us there while Aneeta told me to follow her to her room, I followed her from behind she’s still on her night gown.

“Are you not going to work?” I asked as she opened the door to her room.
Aneeta: I called in sick I can’t work today.
Me: because of what happened yesterday?
Aneeta: yeah and I don’t want to talk about it.
Me: okay.
I relaxed on the big chair while she sat on the chair staring at me awkwardly.
Me: what is it?
Aneeta: Ozila, tell me the truth please tell me there is nothing going on between you and Mama Favor.
Me: like seriously? What possible thing could be going?
Aneeta: I don’t know that’s why am asking because the way you guys were in that room I suspect something.
Me: something like what Aneeta?
Aneeta: tell me you are not having sex with her.
Me: holy poo, is that how you look me? Sleeping with a married woman? I only asked her help and she agreed what is even wrong with you is that why you told me to come in.
Aneeta: no am sorry Ozila just listen (she was waving her hand in a way to tell me to calm down).
Me: no am done listening to you, I’ve got lot of work to do today, see you later.
I said and bash out of her room, she called me thrice even following me to the door but I didn’t listen. I was walking out of the house when I heard her shout “am sorry” I didn’t stop walking I left their house forming jaddon, now she will come back begging and then I will have the opportunity to say my mind to her now that she is single, but what am I going to tell someone that is older than me ten time? She is done with school, a working class waiting for the right man to propose to her then I will come saying will you be my girlfriend? Lol its hilarious isn’t it? Oh well her heart has been pierced she is not thinking clearly now so anything is possible, I will do my best and I pray God help me, can I hear Amen?...
Episode 58
I got home and open my door wide, I raised my bed up and dust it, I arrange my carpet and kept it ontop the bed, I washed all my plates and arrange them inside bag, I also arrange all my clothes and cotton inside bag too, I took my bed out and put it ontop my head, I started taking it to Mama Favor’s house, I enter the passage and drop the bed beside the my new room, I return back and took the rest, I repeat same procedure till my room is empty, I took broom and sweep my new room before arranging my things inside, I finished up by one in the afternoon.

After the work I was so weak so I went to Mama Favor to buy some things I will cook, she gave me all of them for free, Tomatoes, pepper, onions and fish all for free, I wanted to pay her but she insist that I keep my money so I thank her and went to my room, I put the stuff on the ground and relax on my bed, I was so weak so I decided to sleep maybe after I wakeup I will cook the rice. I went to the door and lock it I don’t want Mama Favor to come and disturb me now that am weak because if she come I will just collapse ontop her, I locked the door and sleep on my bed, my phone was ringing but I didn’t want to look at it talkless of picking it, withing ten minutes I was already in dreamland.
While sleeping I saw my Sister with aunty Aneeta fighting seriously in the middle of road, as they were fighting some car owners stop and started using their android phone to camera them, they were fighting seriously with both of them bleeding profusely, I don’t know the cause of their fight so I started running to were they are to settle them, while running as I was crossing the road a small came and knock me down, as the person stop and wanted to come down, the heavy knock on my door brought me back from my dreamland, I was angry because I didn’t see the face of the person that hit me, the person continue knocking so I stood up and ask “who is that?”
“Open door joor” knowing Aneeta’s voice I opened the door and then she came inside.
“why are you sweating like this?” she asked as she sat on my bed.
I back the door and jump on my bed again, opening my mouth to yawn.
Aneeta: oh you were sleeping, I thought you wanted to cook?
Me: am tired I can’t cook.
Aneeta: hmmm am sorry for what happened earlier today.
Me: hmmm.
Aneeta: like seriously am sorry, what I did was wrong I guess the stress of yesterday is still affecting me.

Me: hmmmm.
Aneeta: come on na, stop humming and accept my apology.
Me: hmmm, you really think I was sleeping a woman?
Aneeta: no am sorry okay, apology accepted?
Me: no pending.
Aneeta: okay what do you want me to do so that you will accept my apology.
Me: will you do anything I ask?
Aneeta: yes if it’s in my power I will do it I believe you earn it.
Me: okay be my girlfriend. (I just said without thinking).
Aneeta: hahahaha you are not serious, come on be serious.
Me: why did you say am not serious? is it not because you don’t know my girlfriend you made that comment, maybe if you are my girlfriend you will know how faithful I am.
Aneeta: hahaha I know what I said and am sorry beside that’s what am trying to amend here, just say anything because what you are saying now is definitely out of it.
Me: errrm I know we can’t date am not asking you to be my fiancee am just saying act like a girlfriend to me, care for me like your boyfriend.
Aneeta: but I do care for you even though am not your girlfriend your sister told me to watch you and that’s what am doing.
Me: I know, I don’t a girlfriend I just want to feel among, it will be on your rules and regulation, is not too hard to do since you are already doing it because you said you care.
Aneeta: hmmm yeah I can do it, what if your real girlfriend appear.
Me: I don’t have.
Aneeta: I can’t do it then.
Me: why?
Aneeta: because I will be standing on your way to have a normal girlfriend.
Me: of course you won’t, you can even teach me how to woe a girlfriend when we go out together, it’s just for fun, I won’t stand on your way to have a real boyfriend I promise.
Aneeta: oh well now since am heartbroken this is just what I need.
Me: deal?
Aneeta: deal.
Me: thanks, so girlfriend can you cook something for me?
Aneeta: of course my love.
She smile and stood up saying “we have a mission this evening”
Me: what mission?
Aneeta: am taking you to that same restaurant, my ex will be there I want to see his face when we hold each other’s hands, this will be fun.
Me: I can assure you that.
Episode 60
After consuming the delicious food Aneeta cooked I laid down on my bed relaxing, Aneeta left to her room already to get ready for tonight’s outing while I remain in bed still licking my tongue because of the delicious rice.
I had a call from NGO, she said she wanna visit me tonight that she miss me alot, i told her I just pack into a new house, I told her she will visit me when I return to my former house, she didn’t take it well but she gat no other choice, after all it’s my life not hers, If I let her come and Aneeta or her sister See’s her what will I tell them?
I don’t want to jeopardize my plan with Aneeta at all because as I said I will do anything in my power to date her even though she’s older than me I don’t care, I just want to date her and suck that her gigantic boobson, those boobson are her real asset they are very big like that of Afrocandy.
By six some other tenants returned from work and the house started getting noisy and noisy, some came to check the new tenant while other didn’t bother to check.
Some of them that know me ask why I left the other house and so I told them that they are renovating and after they are done I will return.

I was pressing my phone quietly that evening when a call came in.
I saw the caller and quickly pick the call.
Me: hello ma, what’s up
Aneeta: am okay hope you are ready oh.
Me: of course i am I just need to take a shower.
Aneeta: okay do that fast am waiting.
Me: alright.
I stood up and went to the bathroom to take my bath but I saw two guys waiting already, this is what I don’t like, in my other house we have three bathroom and toilet with few tenants but here with so many tenants they only have one bathroom.
I gat no other option than to wait for them to finish, I sat on the wall looking at a little girl cooking in the kitchen, shes like twelve years old and she look sick as if she will pass out any moment from now.
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I enter the bathroom after the last person came out, I took my bath and then return to my room, I clean myself up and wear a nice dress, black jeans trouser and polo shirt.
I put on my perfume and took my phone, I walk out of the room and knock at Aneeta ‘s room.
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Episode 61
“Yes who is that?” I heard from inside but that
doesn’t look Aneeta ‘s voice.
Me: is me Ozila.
The person opened the door and I was surprised to
see her home so quick.
Cynthia: waoh Ozila you look sweet, come on in.
Me: okay, buy were is your sister.
Cynthia: she’s outside, are you guys going out

Me: yeah, we have something to take care of.
Cynthia: oh and what’s that thing?
Me: I don’t know yet till we get there.
Cynthia: hmmmmm bye bye.
She lock the door on me after pushing me out, I
wonder why she’s so angry oh, I came out of the
house and saw Aneeta in a nice dress sitting quietly
on Mama Favors bench, when she saw me she
“Fine boy”
Me: hahahaha abeg forget joor, you done ready abi?
Aneeta: yeah, let’s start going.
She stood up and walk to me, then she help me
arrange my shirt well,.
Me: thank you.
Aneeta: no need, am just doing my job.
Mama Favor: na which job be that?
She shouted from inside her store.
Aneeta: so what will you buy for me? (She ask on
our way to the restaurant)
Me: am not with money oh
Aneeta: then who will pay for our food ?
Me: you na.
Aneeta: but you are the guy now.
Me: chai you know say you na madam na, I nor get
money oh and beside it’s your mission.
Aneeta: see this man oh, so if we marry that’s how
you will treat me?
Me: no oh, that will be different na.
Aneeta: but we are behaving like couples so you
too behave like a married man.
Me: okay then I will.
Aneeta: good, now you are talking.
Me: we are here.
We payed the driver and came out of the bus, I
hold her in her hand and we walk inside together
like newly wedded couples, we locate an empty
desk and sat down, they serve us drinks, we were
drinking and also chatting (she wasnt really drinking
though), she was discussing about her ex about
how they met, I wasn’t interested at all but since
there is nothing to talk about I decided to flow with
She was talking and also looking around to see if
she will see her ex boyfriend, she didn’t even sip
her drink at all, I guess shes still hurt but she don’t
want to open up, shes trying so hard to hide it but I
guess shes not doing a great job, we wait for long
and when it’s almost eight we decided to leave
because we can’t wait forever, she payed for our
drink and also bought some take home for me, I
thought she want me to pay so why is she buying
stuff for me now?
Episode 62
We hed to the door and whenep we came out a Jeep
pack in front of us and her ex and another girl came
out of the Jeep, they look so cute and when Aneeta
saw them she was breathing so fast, they walk to
were we are and then stop in front of us while
Aneeta continue breathing heavily as if she will pass
out any moment from now.
“Aneeta, what are doing with this kid?” Did he just
refer to me as kid? That’s something I don’t take
“Repeat what you just said” I was getting closer to
him with anger.
“I said why is she with you, you are not in her
He didn’t finish his statement before I land him
heavy slap on his face, followed by heavy blow.
I rushed him like a mad man and started blowing
him, I was ontop of him while the ladies started
dragging me of his body I pushed them off and
continue beating him like a beast descending on his
victim, funny thing is that the guy didn’t even bother
to fight back he just relax as I favor his face with
different kind of punch.
People gathered and started holding us, it took
three strong guys to remove me from his body and
when I tried to look at him I felt pity because all his
face have been covered with blood, I was only
trying to prove a point for my love Aneeta but now I
just hope I won’t lose her.
Aneeta and the other girl took the guy up and take
him to his car, they drove of to nearby hospital
leaving me there like the mad man I am.
I took a bus home with my clothes soak with blood,
I git home and enter the shower to bath, after
taking my bath I went to bed straight and started
regretting my actions, around nine I heard
somebody trying to open Aneeta ‘s door, I came
out and saw her very tired, I ran to her and ask
“How is he?”
Aneeta: he will survive, and I hope you enjoyed your
Me: am sorry I didn’t know what came over me.
Aneeta: what ever that thing is don’t take it close to
me, I don’t want to see you around me again.
Me: come on Aneeta am so……..(she shut the door
on me).
Episode 63
I was weak and then I sat at their door waiting for
her to open up, after like thirty minutes and there
was no sign of her coming out I walk to my room
I was only trying to prove a point and to tell her
that I can protect her in case of any emergency now
I have pushed her away, I plan this well but the fact
that he called me a kid angered me, I didn’t know
this is how it will turn out I would have remain in
my house.

Now am more lonely than ever.
I rest on my bed frustrated and not knowing what to
do I took my phone and dial her number, she pick
at first ring.
Ngozi: hello baby boo.
Me: can you come?
Ngozi: what! You must be joking right?
Me: am serious., Just lonely and bored I wish you
are here with me.
Ngozi: did your girlfriend just broke your heart?
Me: if you can’t come just say so instead.
Ngozi: no, not that okay I will come but you have to
come take me, is dark already.
Me: if I can come to your house I will just remain
there, I can’t come that’s why I asked you to come
Ngozi: okay okay, am coming, text me your
Me: okay I will do that.
I cut the call and text her my address telling her to
call me once she reach my street, am glad I have
somebody to lay my head on in time of trouble.
Fifteen minutes later she called me telling that she’s
inside the street already, I took my phone and walk
out, I open the passage door quietly so that I won’t
wake my neighbors, then I walk out using my phone
to aid myself as touch, I told her to be walking
inside the street and before three minutes I saw
somebody coming with fake touch, I waited for her
come to me before hugging her, she wore bum
short showing her fleshy lap and settling it down
with a handless white shirt, she use a long cardigan
to cover the shirt, I hug her tight as if I have not
seen her for a year now.
Ngozi: something is definitely going on.
Me: nothing dear, come on.
I hold her hand and lead her to my house i opened
the door and close it before ushering her to my
room, she went in looking around, I lock my door
gently before I walk to her standing in front of her, I
took my right hand and started using it to rub her
face, she took the hand with her right hand and
started twisting it, she then put the thumb inside her
mouth licking it, she stop and ask.
Ngozi: what’s going on Ozila? You are acting
Episode 64
Me: nothing dear, i just miss you that’s all.
She came closer and round her both hands on my
neck, i put my hands round her waist and draw her
closer, giving me attention below, she started
moving backward till she reach the wall of the
room, I use my right hand to raise up her left leg
pressing my body closer to her, we both started
breathing heavily and then I move my lips closer to
hers and started licking her mouth, she didn’t want
to open her mouth so I bite her lips and she said.
“Awwwww, am not meat”
Me: sorry.

We started kissing passionately and slowly, I took
my right hand to her ass and started rubbing and
massaging her carefully, she remove my shirt and
then she saw my body.
“Gosh you have hairs”
Me: is it now you are seeing it?
Ngozi: clearly? Yes, how do you cope with all
Me: this is no time for questions.
Saying that I pushed her to the bed and then I came
ontop her, I removed her shirt and then went down
to remove her bum short, as I remove it the saint of
her pusssy filled the air, she didn’t wear pant and
am not surprise, I spread her leg wide and started
licking the tip of her pusssy, she was enjoying it
folding my pillow and looking at the sky, I use my
hands to open her pusssy wide and put my tongue
inside, she left a moan before she join her legs
together not minding killing me, she trapped my
head inside her pusssy and I continue licking it not
minding if I die like a rat been caught by a rat but
still yet trying to eat the little fish placed on the
I put my right index finger inside and use it to
locate her cllit and then I started licking it while she
moan in pleasure like someone being posses by a
demonic spirit, oh yeah shes been posses but only
that its natural spirit not demonic.
I continue sucking until she started bringing out
fluid like wee, I wonder why fat girls tend to reach
organism quickly, she stop me and then turn me
over, she bend down the bed and remove my short
revealing my already hard dickson, she rub it for
some minutes before swallowing it like pounded
yam, she started sucking my dickson very well,
she’s a professional so am not surprise she know
how to do it very well, after some while I came and
then she lick everything, after that she started licking
again and within minutes my dickson rise again and
this time two times more than it is before.
She climb me and insert my dickson inside her, my
bros enter inside fluently without any hold up, she
started fvxking me and also kissing me, I sat up
and started licking her boobson while she continue
fvcking my dickson, she pushed me to the bedson
stoping me from sucking her boobson but I have
stubborn headson so I sat up again and started
sucking her boobson, she pushed me to the second
time so I got angry and turn her over, I started
fvcking her faster and faster like a running Bugatti
“Uhmmmm, yeah, come on do it faster” she
continue shouting as she round her hand on my
back like Queen Sheba, after some time she turn
over facing down while I put pillow between her ass
and waist pumping her ass very well for easy
penetration, I insert from behind and started fvcking
her, the pilow sure support me before as I bounce
her down the pillow will bounce her up, after some
minutes I relax facing up while she stay on top
facing backing me facing my leg, she started
fvcking and shouting at the same time.
I came after fifteen minutes and then sleep off
totally, that’s just what I need that night.
The following day around six somebody started
bagging my door, I quickly wear my short and ask
who is that, the person didn’t answer so I decided
to open it anyway only to meet two police men and
Aneeta boyfriend standing in front of my door.
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Episode 65
I didn’t expect to see them at all I was thinking they
were another person looking for the person staying
here before I enter, when I saw them standing in
front of my door my mind skip at once. He didn’t
even let the day break properly before running to
the police station or is it that the police men don’t
have time?
“Thats him” the guy said pointing me with angry
face with bruises and plaster all over his face.
Me: what is this?
Police1: young man you are under arrest.
Me: for what?

Police2: for this (he said pointing at the guys face)
do you deny it)
Me: it was an accident
Police1: you tell us that when we get to the station.
They dragged me out of my room and handcuff my
hand, NGO came out asking them what’s going on
they didn’t reply, I told her to lock my room and go
They pushed me out of the house and then force me
inside their van, thank God my neighbors are still
sleeping if not people would have gathered by now,
even Aneeta is not up yet and that’s a good sigh,
the only person that can help me is Mama Favor
and she’s not even up yet because I was hearing
worship song inside their room meaning they are
still doing morning devotion.
I lay low on the back of the van as they speed off.
I was wondering why Aneeta boyfriend didn’t fight
back yesterday I never knew he had other plans.
They took me to Ivbiotor police station and then
when we get there they took me out and remove my
handcuff, I wonder why they put it before, I followed
them inside the station were I saw one woman
writing something, they hand Me over to the lady
while they went back to sit down, the lady ask my
name and then I told her, she ask me if I can write
and i said yes, she gave me a blank paper and told
me to narrate what happened in one paragraph, after
writing everything that happen she told me that I will
have to pay fifty thousand to them and also fifty
thousand to the guy that I beat up because he will
need medical attention continuously..
Episode 66
I told her I don’t have money, she ask if I have
anybody I want to call (I think shes nice because I
heard some wont allow it) I told no and then her
face change at once, she told them to lock me up
till whoever cares for me come to my rescue or till
am able to bail myself, I didn’t bother to argue
anymore it is better I suffer here than i call my
sister and tell her am in prison, that is something I
cant do because she will take me back to village
after she release me, I was thrown inside prison
with bad guys, I simply went to one corner to sit
down while the other prisoners started looking at
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Guy 1: see this fine boy, na wetin carry you come
Guy 2: na girl matter they carry fine boys come
prison joor, see as him be like Ramsey Noah.
Guy 1: na handsome boy we go initiate am later
Guy 3: that one na sure matter na, guy wetin be
your name (I didn’t answer him).
Guy 2: no be you him they ask question, if I come
there you go see fire.
It was hell in cell and I was there till 6pm in the
evening when one of the police man came, he
ordered me to come out, I came out and saw Aunty
Aneeta shaking the police men, I saw her and then
bow down my head down in shame, I sign some
papers and then they told to go with her, I followed
her from behind not knowing what to say and
beside am too shy to say anything, we enter bus
back home and when we get there she gave me key
to my room without saying anything, I opened my
door and took off my short, I went to the bathroom
and shower myself, I return back to the room and
doze off.
Later that day I heard bagging on my door, the
knock woke up me from sleep, I stand up and open
the door, Aneeta came inside and then drop some
cooler ontop table, she left without uttering any
words, I opened the cooler and saw rice, I tried to
eat but no appetite, I cover it up and continue my
sleep, I can’t find my phone I think its with NGO,
later around ten i left my room and walk to my
former apartment, the work is still on and I can’t
wait for them to finish so that I return to my room, I
don’t know why but I think this place is better than
Mama Favors house, can’t be living there with my
crush next door.
I return back to Mama Favor house, I went straight
to my room and doze off.
Episode 67
The next morning i took my bath and left for study,
I saw Mama Favor and greet her, she was asking
some questions but I told her till I return, I got to
my study center, look for a free computer and
buried myself inside it without looking my right or
left, and where the hell is NGO?
Am lucky that manager is not around assuming I
meet him he would have question my life like Frank
Edoho from who wants to be a billionaire,
I think I came too early because even some
computer sit are empty too, I don’t care I have my
time range so whether they come or not when its
my turn I will leave, I suppose start by eleven and
leave by three but sometimes if there is space I can
still stay till four or five without much ado, I switch
on the monitor and start practicing my Mavis
beacon, by right I would have been through now but
because of my absence am still stuck here, I
practice for thirty minutes before the manager came
in, he look everybody and then sat on his chair were
he runs his business after we greet him, he sit with
his two ladies that work for him, ten minutes later
NGO came in, the moment she came in she walk to
were we study and immediately she saw me she
shouted my name “Ozila” immediately she shouted
my name the manager stood up and look at me,
NGO seeing what she cause she went to one sit and
sat down after dropping my phone, but the manager
didn’t let go, “Ozila come here” he shouted, I know
he didn’t see me the first time came in but now
NGO has spoiled my show.
I walk up to him and stand beside him.
Me: good morning Sir.
Sir: Mr man who are you?
Me: am Ozila

Sir: I know I mean who are you here?
Me: your student Sir.
Sir: are you sure am your teacher because you are
the boss?
Me: no Sir, I just return from village because of
personal issues.
Sir: were are you now in your lesson?
Me: still Mavis beacon.
Sir: Nkechi (remember Nkechi the girl working with
the manager, she’s the first person I met when I
came the first time, she’s got good figure, I heard
she’s a hot cake, but she’s way older than me, just
like Aneeta).
Nke: teach him how to photocopy, he will stand
there throughout today.
Me: doing what Sir?
Sir: photocopying.
Me: cool.
Sir: cool? You won’t sit down, you will stand
throughout today.
Me: if that’s my punishment I accept it fully
Episode 68
The two girls both laugh at me, I don’t see any big
deal after all am here to learn, doing photocopy is
just like practicing what I have learn, i didn’t even
put photocopy in my form.
Nkechi stood up with her pencil trouser, she beckon
on me to watch her very well, she told me to bring
my book and pencil, I wrote somethings down as
she explain and then she told me were to press
anytime I want to photocopy after telling me their
name, but the way she arrange her boobson like
black widow is killing me, I will look at what she’s
teaching for five kinutes and use the remaining
minute to stare at her boobson, after making sure I
grab everything she went back to sit, she face her
system while I remain there waiting for customer to
come, meanwhile i focus my attention at her ass
that pop out from her pencil trouser, I don’t even
think she’s putting on any pant because her asss is

The first person that came to photocopy I did it for
her though Nkechi was watching me so that I don’t
make mistake, after standing there for two hours
plus then the angel came in again with short jeans
skirt with handless shirt, (same girl that the
manager drove away the other time) she came in
and greet us, she went to her system and sat down,
I started thinking why the manager didn’t say
anything again, I continue looking at her not
knowing that NGO was starring at me.
After lesson, Nkechi announce that she will be
celebrating her birthday today later in the night, she
urge all of us to come, we all wish her happy
birthday and the manager beg us to Join her and
celebrate, I don’t think I will attend,
when it’s time me and NGO pack our things and
walk out.
NGO: why were you starring at her today?
Me: you didn’t even bother to ask me what later
happened after the brouhaha abi?
NGO: am sorry na, I want us to get home first
before I ask.
Me: the last time she came in dressing like that the
manager kick her out, I was wondering why he
didn’t say anything now.
NGO: they are closer now self, we don’t know what
happened but my guess is that something happened
behind close door, so will you attend the party?
Me: no, even if I want to I dont know her house.
NGO: I know her house let’s go together and also
angel will be there.
Me: who is angel?
NGO: that girl you were starring at.
Me: oh so her name is angel, how did you know
she will go?
NGO: she’s a party rider, I know her outside our
Me: waoh, it would have been better if she celebrate
it in a wider place like hotel or bar with space.
NGO: see you, they have bar and swimming pool in
their house.
Me: waoh, na so them rich?
NGO: of course, I wonder why she didnt even invite
musician self, last time tiwa savage came, I heard
she want it on low key this time.
Me: hmmm, so she’s from a rich background, that’s
cool let me start going home now to get ready.
NGO: you close to my house already Na.
Me: let me go get dress na, will be back I promise.
NGO: okay dear, take care.
Me: alright bye.
I turn back and started walking home, I haven’t gone
far when a KIA Jeep pass me, the Jeep stop and
started coming back slowly, the Jeep pack in front
of me horning.
I look inside the car and was surprised to see her,
who is she?
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Episode 69
Me: Ria?
She’s the last person I expect to see here and by
the way why is she alone?
She opened the front door for me and then I enter
inside the Jeep and close the door, I was looking at
her still looking flabbergasted.
Ria: what is it? You look like someone that just see
a ghost.
Me: oh well, am still wondering if you are a ghost
or not.

Ria: you don’t have to, am real, see touch me (she
forward her right hand to me while she use her other
hand to control the steering )
Me: never mind, what are you doing here?
Ria: business
Me: and you just recognize me at once?
Ria: why not? You dont expect me to forget the
biggest dickson I have fvck.
Me: hmm, so you mean you don’t fvck other black
Ria: oh come on what do you take me for?
Me: nothing, am just asking.
Ria: you shouldn’t even think of asking that question,
were do you live?
Me: the next street, drop me of there.
Ria: no, I want to know your house.
Me: why?
Ria: nothing, I just finish work and I will be going to
lucky steel (one of the biggest steel company in
Ogun state) in Ogun tomorrow so I just want to
know your house incase next time, or you dont want
me to know your house?
Me: not that, just that I live in a small room with
nothing in it.
Ria: don’t tell Me you are worried about your room
Me: of course I am, there is nothing in my room
that I can use to entertain you and someone like you
shouldn’t be coming to such place.
Ria: I don’t mind, so let’s go.
She turn to the street and then she stop at Mama
Favor house, we both came down and I told her to
follow me, I saw My landlady looking at me with
wicked eye. She didn’t even know that I was greeting
her until I repeat my greeting the second time, she
just reply me with low tune unlike her.
We walk through the passage till we get to the last
room were I live, I open the door and invite her in,
she look around and then look at me.
Ria: honestly this is bad.
Episode 70
Me: and now she’s complaining.
Ria: am sorry but how do you cope?
Me: actually I live in the other house they are
currently renovating it now that’s why I pack here for
the time being.
Ria: is that one better than this one?
Me: yah, at least it not face me I face you like this.
Ria: can we go there I wanna see.
Me: okay but we are coming back here because am
going out to see someone and am late already.
Ria: no problem.
Me: okay just give me five minutes let me freshen
Ria: alright I will wait outside.
Me: alright then.
She went out and then I quickly pour water on my
body and brush my teeth, I put on some simple wear
before going out, I saw Ria standing beside her car
with people looking at her. She didn’t even care.
I signal her to follow me and then we walk to the
back of my house were my room is, they have done
a great job renovating it because it look nice now,
glass window with new iron door, they tile the room
too and paint the walls, I was like “waoh, this is
cool” when Ria came in she said “yeah this is not

Me: so what do you think?
Ria: if this is really your room then it’s okay after all
you are a student.
Me: of course it’s my room.
As we were discussing I saw our landlady coming
out from bathroom,
Me: good evening Ma, una try for this renovating oh.
Landlady: na so na. Make you know say the house
rent don increase too.
Me: ha to how much?
Landlady: increase by 20%
Me: waoh, okay that is if my former one expire
Landlady: yes.
Me: okay na.
Ria: i like it here, is quiet and cool, all you need
now is a shelf with Samsung TV with a little fridge.
Me: come-on were do you expect me to get money
to buy all this stuff?
Ria: is not that expensive now, okay when I return
from Ogun state hit me up we will go out and buy
Me: serious?
Ria: of course.
Me: waoh thank you, when are you coming back?
Ria: I will spend a week there.
Me: okay then.
We left the compound and then Ria ask me were my
friend live so that she will drop me but I told her not
to worry that I can find my way since it’s not far,
she told me to be careful after dropping me off from
The street to main road.
After she left I started trekking to NGO house and on
my way I continue thinking about what she said, she
said she will buy Tv and fridge for me which I dont
believe, though I will be hoping she keep to her
promise, as I trek my phone started rigging, I look at
the screen and saw NGO, I pick it up.
Episode 71
Me: hello babe.
NGO: come on were are you? it’s time already.
Me: am sorry dear am on my way already, am just
NGO: were are you now?
Me: currently in our computer center.
NGO: okay please be fast, I don’t want to be late.
Me: okay baby.
I wanted to enter keke but I don’t want to use this
money because I budget it for gift or any other
emergency payment, I have been to many party and I
know how they roll, it is better I have money in my
pocket unless I want to disgrace myself.
I arrive at her house and then I called her cell phone, I
told her to meet me in front of her house, after
few minutes I saw her coming out with another
person, guess who.
Of course you are right, she came out with Temitope
AKA Temihsmart, when she saw me she came to me
and hug me nicely. (she look nice and cool with her
nice shape)

Temihsmart: you just forget me abi?
Me: babe no be so oh, na work cause am.
Temihsmart: work? as you fresh like like this?
Me: for get that one joor, are you coming with us?
Temihsmart: of course na, or you want me to stay
alone at home?
Me: no, is good you are coming self, at least my two
wives will be at my side.
They both laugh, I hold both of them out as we enter
keke straight to Sapele road were Nkechi live.
We board the keke so he will take us inside the
street, NGO direct him till we reach the house with
full gate, even the compound is splendid more like an
Me: so this is were she come to work everyday?
NGO: yes na, though her father always drop her or her
Temihsmart: mehn them get level oh.
I settled the keke man and then we knock at the
door, the security man verified us as her friends
before we enter, the place is already booming with
music with disco lights everywhere, we enter bar
were they gather chair and surround one green
canopy, the party has already began though they are
just doing formality, people are not much more like a
simple party, I can see my manager sitting
comfortably on the high table with wine place
directly in front of him, the MC continue the intro,
they serve us drink which I took in glass and started
Episode 72
Seventy Two
The occasion started normally this time, they did
many things and many games till it’s time to cut
cake, people stand behind Nkechi to cut the cake
while I took a cup of drink and started looking for
that girl “Angel” at last I saw sitting alone with
dark specs in the night drinking, I went to her and
Me: can I join you?
Angel: the sit is taken already you can look for
Me: oh, I know I just wanna talk to you.
Angel: about what, do I know you?
Me: of course we are both from saxtercom

Angel: oh sorry, but I don’t recognize your face, sorry
I have to go now.
She stood up and left me, I wonder what her problem
is she sound like someone going through some kind of
trauma, I return to my girls Nkechi and Ngozi, we sat
down while MC called some names to come out, of
course I was part of the list, we are eight in
numbers, the MC said that we are going to chose one
girl to dance with and the winner will be given a
price seeing that NGO is too fat for me and it will be
a big blow for me to come out with her i decided to
go for Temihsmart after all they are both my
girlfriend, after we came out the DJ started playing
music, the MC said that they will choose the winner
after the song, so we started dancing oh like play
like play the thing enter my head, while dancing
Temihsmart ask why I didn’t pick NGO and I ask her if
it’s bad that I choose her, she said no but me and NGO
are closer, I told her not to worry.
After the dance I was surprise that they mention us
winner, they gave us red bag with gifts inside, not
only that they Started clapping their hands for me
and Temihsmart and started shouting, “kiss kiss kiss”
I don’t want to do it because I have many girls here
that am crushing on but because the pressure from
the people is too much I decided to obey, so I hold
Temihsmart closer and started kissing her very hot,
as the crowd started hailing us from nowhere
someone came out and scatter bottle on Temihsmart
‘s head, she fell on my body with blood gushing out
her head....
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Episode 73
The next day I was in the hospital with Temihsmart,
they plaster her head and also fix some drip for her, I
look at her and felt pity for her.
I felt pity because I know it was my fault, I shouldn’t
have choose her over Ngozi, I didn’t know she will get
mad like that, she felt jealous and the jealousy
consumed her, I dont blame her I blame myself.
I sat beside Temihsmart in the hospital waiting for
her to get up, thank God Nkechi dad paid for the bill
already so I have nothing to be afraid of, anyway
even though her dad didn’t pay I don’t mind paying for
her after all it all my fvcking fault.

I remain with her till afternoon, I left to look for
something to eat, I left the big hospital and walk
inside one restaurant, I order for rice and when they
serve I tried to eat but my mind didn’t allow me, I
was thinking about Temihsmart, I don’t even know if
she will be alright though the doctor said she will be,
but if she will be fine then why is she still
unconscious? Why has she not woken up already?.
I was afraid because I know if anything happen to
Temihsmart I will be held responsible, I didn’t even eat
a spoon I just pay for the food and left, even the
lady tried to find out if anything is wrong with the
food I just told her it’s okay I lost my appetite, she
was afraid maybe the food is not good,.
I left the restaurant and return to the hospital, I
walk inside the ward they put Temihsmart and when i
walk in I saw her sitting up with nurse checking her, I
felt relieve and rush to her.
Nurse: shes okay now but she can’t leave till
Me: okay thank you very much ma.
The nurse left us alone, I told her to lie down but she
refuse, I sat with her on the side of the bed.
Me: how are you feeling?
Temihsmart: am okay, the doctor said you didn’t go
home last night.
Me: yeah I just went out to get some food and
before I return u already up, am sorry I wasn’t here
when you woke up.
Temihsmart: no, it’s fine. What happened?
Me: it was all my fault, I shouldn’t have……….
Temihsmart: shouldn’t have pick me right? So it was
Temihsmart that burst my head?
Me: yeah, am very sorry, twas my fault.
Temihsmart: oh yeah it is, I told you but you said
don’t worry, now see were I am now?
Me: am really sorry.
Temihsmart: were is she now?
Me: I don’t know, she ran away immediately after the
Temihsmart: I know she love you and she will feel
jealous but I kinda enjoy that moment.
Me: me too.
Temihsmart: you felt it too right? it felt so real,
like we’ve been dating for long, it be long I felt
something like that.
Me: what will you eat?
Temihsmart: am not hungry, it’s you that need to
eat something.
Me: I ate rice, I told you I went out to eat
Temihsmart: okay good, so I won’t be leaving here till
Me: yeah, don’t worry I won’t leave your side.
Temihsmart: you shouldn’t worry about me, I know
you have alot of things to do, just go and be
Me: come on, am not leaving your side till tomorrow,
and stop pushing me because I won’t leave.
Temihsmart: okay then, so what will you be doing
Me: taking care of you.
Temihsmart: hmmmm, I guess you are doing a great
Me: haha thank you.
I watch her smile with her beautiful lips, I look down
not wanting to lock eye with her, and then my phone
started ringing, I look at the screen and saw Aneeta.
Me: hello ma.
Aneeta: Ozila were are you? You didn’t come home
last night.
I know she have feelings for me I think, or is she just
checking me out?
Episode 74
Me: yeah I went to a friend party.
Aneeta: and why are you not back by now?
Me: am in my friends place.
Aneeta: okay be careful.
Me: sure I will, are you missing me?
Aneeta: maybe, am just lonely.
Me: okay I will be home in the next 30 minutes.
Aneeta: yeye, who miss you? Am just joking joor.

With that she cut the call and I started wondering
what her play is.
Temihsmart: who is that?
Me: my neighbor.
Temihsmart: your girlfriend?
Me: no actually, she’s same age with my elder sister
so I can’t date her.
Temihsmart: come on age is just a number and with
the way you interact with her I can sense you have
feelings for her.
Me: hahahaha, abeg stop guessing or sensing, I don’t
have any feelings biko.
Temihsmart: hahahaha, okay then, you can start going
home, you can come back in the evening if you want
Me: no I don’t want to leave your side.
Temihsmart: come-on I know you have other things
to do that’s why I said u can return in the evening
when you less busy, dont let me keep you here please.
Me: hmmm okay then, what are you going to do about
Temihsmart: I don’t know I guess I will just pack out
and leave the house for her.
Me: that’s a good idea, I will help you pack.
Temihsmart: okay when the time reach I will let you
know, so go home now and rest.
Me: alright then, take care.
I stood up and gave her a peck on her forehead, she
smile and told me to be careful, I left her alone in
the room and walk out of the hospital, I came out
and took a bus to my area, I stop at my street and
started walking home, the day is still early and kids
are still going to school, I wonder why Aunty Aneeta
is still at home when she suppose to be on her way
to work, I turn to our house and saw Mama Favor
dressing her kids for school, I greeted her and she
look me with a bad eye, she didn’t even answer,
that’s when I know am in trouble I know she will
trouble me later though am not afraid because one
round of sex can solve everything, I enter the passage
and pass aunty Aneeta room, I wanted to knock but i
kick against it let me enter my room first and brush
my mouth, I don’t want her holding her nose when we
started discussing, I know my breath is not bad
Episode 75
I open my room and enter inside, immediately i enter
my phone started buzzing I saw my manager calling so
I quickly pick the call.
Me: hello Sir.
Manager: how are you Ozila?
Me: am fine sir, good morning sir.
Manager: good morning, how is the little girl of
Me: she’s fine sir.
Manager: are you there with her?
Me: yes sir.

Manager: okay then, take good care of her and you
can take the day off to take care of her.
Me: okay thank you sir.
Manager: what about Ngozi? Have you seen her?
Me: no sir.
Manager: okay then till tomorrow.
Me: alright sir.
He cut the call and then i started celebrating
because no lesson for me today, am glad I lied that
am still with her, I drop the phone and relax on my
bed for a minute, then I took my brush and went out
to brush my teeth, I saw many other people there at
the back, some are cooking while others are sitting
on the edge of the house talking, I just greeted
them and pass, I brush my teeth and return back to
my room, I change my dress to a short and singlet, I
came out of my room and walk to Aneeta room, I
knock the door but nobody answer, I knock again and
still yet no reply, I wanted to leave but something
tells me to check if the door is unlock, I turn the
handle and the door gave way immediately Without
making any noise, I open the door and saw her sleeping
comfortably like a baby, she still on her white night
gown, with the way she sleep I can see her lap, she
face the other side showing me her ass and I can also
see the mark of her pant, she sleep and raise her
two leg to her ass side, the temptation was too
much for me that I can’t bear it, I enter inside and
gently close the door, I walk to her and bend down, I
look down her ass and I then I saw her white pant,
mehn the sight alone make my dick so fvcking hard, if
not that I have self control I would have rape her
oh,i gently walk to her chair and sat down, I started
rubbing my dickson with hand, I put my hand inside my
trouser and started robbing it while looking at her
Episode 76
I don’t understand, how can I be rubbing my dickson
and enjoying it only by looking at her ass with
clothes on? What if I enter her kingdom how will I
As I was rubbing my dickson the stubborn snake
started growing bigger and stronger to the point
that I had to open my leg wide to be more
comfortable and also relax very well on the chair, as
I was rubbing I wanted to close my eyes because of
the pleasure but the fear that she might wake up
and see me make me to open my eye (you know that
feeling when you want to maximize the pleasure and
think something else thereby closing your eyes and
see yourself in another world).

I didn’t even think about the repercussion if she see
me like this all I can think of is that succulent lap
like that of Maggie Q, I was rubbing it faster and
faster when the worst happen, her phone started
ringing, when I heard the sound I quickly remove my
hand cross my leg so that she won’t see the big
thing, as the phone continue ringing she turn to face
me, she didnt see me there she just pick the phone
and as she wanted to answer it she saw me sitting
down and shouted
“Jesus” throwing the phone away, and quickly using
her bed sheet to cover herself properly (I wonder
what she’s hiding when I have already enjoyed myself)
Me: good morning ma.
Aneeta: oh my god, oz.
Me: am sorry i startled you.
Aneeta: what! how could you?
Me: am sorry I just…..
Aneeta: come on get out let me dress up.
Me: am sorry, honestly i didn’t see anything.
Aneeta: get out (she point to the door with anger).
Me: okay am sorry. (I continue apologising getting up).
I don’t know how to walk out without her seeing my
hard dickson, and with her rage if I stay one more
minute she might even use cutlass to divide my head
from my body,.
Me: aunty….
Aneeta: what are you still waiting for?
Not knowing what to do again, I started walking out
gently and when I get to the middle of the bed were
she is, she told me to stop.
Aneeta: turn and face me.
Me: what?
Aneeta: I said turn and face me.....
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Episode 77
I don’t understand why she want me to turn maybe
she saw it already, my mind started beating faster
and faster, I started turning gently and when she
saw the big snake, she point her finger to the thing
and said “what is that?” Before I could say anything
else she throw pillows at me and then I ran out of
her room as she check continue shouting like a mad
Back to my room, I relax on my bed and started
thinking what just happened, I wonder why she’s
angry after all I didn’t touch her, I was only looking
or should we now close our eyes when we see
something that will move the ministry, after all she
called me to come I don’t understand all the rage.
I wish I can just tell her I love her so that she will
reject me and then I will stop fantasizing about her,
how sure am I that if she reject me I will stop
thinking about her? I don’t know but this her
obsession is turning something else, And I need to do
something about it if I want to live here in peace.
I wanted to go and meet her to at least apologize
for what happened earlier, I don’t know if she will use
cutlass to pursue me this time around, I can see
she’s frustrated and she’s just looking for someone
to turn all her anger to, after all I didn’t make her
loose her boyfriend so she should stop been an asshole
and look towards the future after all she’s got a
nice Job, I get she’s not getting younger but if she

don’t stop thinking about her ex she won’t give chance
for another person to come in.
I wish I can say all that to her but I can’t, am afraid
of her and I love her, true love but I can’t say
anything because she’s too old for me and also she
and my elder sister are age mate, my sister told her
to take care of me before she left not to fall in
love, I know it’s a big risk but she should at least
feel something for me Na.
I came out from my room and walk to her room, I
knock on her door and then I heard.
“Who is there?”
Me: it’s me
Aneeta: what is it?
Me: just wanted to apologize.
Aneeta: for what?
Me: foooooor, please can i at least come in?
I heard her footstep and then the door unlock, i open
it and walk in, she have change her dress, she’s now
putting on a gown covering all her body, she even
wear cap like a Reverend sister.
I went to sit on that same chair I committed sin and
then I started thinking what to say.
Aneeta: you wanted to apologize for what?
Me: for what happened earlier.
Aneeta: what happened? (She sit on her bed putting
her back on the wall with her two legs cross like
Muslim praying, she was looking at me directly).
Me: for what happened earlier.
Aneeta: you said that before, what am interested in
is, what happened? (she opened her eye).
I was confuse not knowing what to say, I was in a
state of dilemma, I wish I knew I would have remain
in my room, na me use my hand come find trouble oh.
Aneeta: Ozila what happened?
Episode 78
Me: errrmm nothing sha, just forget.
Aneeta: you are not serious, you must confess oh.
Me: nothing happen na just forget, were is Cynthia na
it been long I saw her.
Aneeta: trying to change the subject abi?
Me: where is she na?
Aneeta: she went to auchi poly for
Me: so when is she coming back?
Aneeta: she will stay there for two to three weeks.
Me: ah ah na, what will she be doing there?
Aneeta: she want to stay with her boyfriend for
Me: so she have a guy.
Aneeta: so?
Me: nothing.

Aneeta: so why did you come inside my room without
waking me up?
Me: I thought you forget about that already.
Aneeta: yeah, am no longer angry but I just need to
Me: oh well, I knock but nobody answer so I just
decided to push the door and to my surprise the
door give way, i wanted to leave but you were
sleeping like a baby, i wanted to stay and watch and
maybe drive any mosquito because your skin don’t
need any black spot.
Aneeta: hmmm, don’t try it next time.
Me: I won’t and am sorry.
Aneeta: good.
Me: so what are you doing at home?
Aneeta: no work for me today, today is my free day.
Me: so you are spending it at home sleeping?
Aneeta: what do you suggest?
Me: I thought you will go out and party na.
Aneeta: so that you will go and break another person
Me: not like that na, you can even go without me so
far you have fun.
Aneeta: how can I have fun when am going alone?
Me: oh well you are a beautiful woman, once you take
a sit a guy will definitely come buy you drink.
Aneeta: hahahaha, you think so?
Me: of course.
Aneeta: hmmmm thanks but am okay here, so what
about you? No work?
Me: no, my manager said I can rest today.
Aneeta: so no work for both of us today.
Me: yeah.
Aneeta: how do you plan to spend yours?
Me: at home.
Aneeta: why not go out?
Me: I will if you will follow me.
Aneeta: I don’t have money to spend, i gave my sister
alot of money before she left.
Me: come on there is nothing to spend, is it not just
hundred naira drink and three hundred naira pepper
soup, I have money I will pay.
Aneeta: so you are really desperate to go out?
Me: nothing to do na?
Aneeta: yeah, am bored too.
Me: is that why you called me to come?
Episode 79
Aneeta: I didn’t call you to come I was checking your
Me: okay oh, am hungry what did you cook?
Aneeta: nothing.
Me: waoh so nothing to eat?
Aneeta: there is food but I can’t cook, maybe you
should cook.
Me: I can’t joor.
Aneeta: I know you don’t know how to cook.
Me: me? Who told you so?
Aneeta: I don’t need to be told, I know you don’t know
how to cook.
Me: am a good cook oh, don’t dare me oh.
Aneeta: if really you know how to cook go and cook
jollof rice.
Me: you just want me to cook, I won’t oh.
Aneeta: okay let’s do it this way, if you cook I will
take you out this night.
Me: really?
Aneeta: I cross my heart.
Me: done, I should cook here or my room?
Aneeta: here, I want to be seeing you.
Me: okay then, hope you have all the ingredients.
Aneeta: everything is in the cupboard except fish, you
can buy at Mama Favor shop I will give you money.
Me: good, am cooking let me go to my room and
Aneeta: okay.

I got up and walk to my room, I change to short
nicker and then I wear my white singlet, I return to
her room and start preparing myself to cook, shes
still on the bed pressing her phone, she’s playing candy
crush I know because of the sound of the game, girls
love that game very much.
She use gas cooker which is better than my stove, at
least the food won’t take time, if I don’t make it
sweet she won’t take me out as we agreed, I have to
make it delicious oh, I ask money from her to buy fish
and when i got to mama favor shop I ask her to tell
me the things to put in jollof rice to make it very
sweet, she gave me fresh fish and dry river fish
very big, she gave me other ingredients and I pay her
eight hundred, some of you might say the money is
much oh well the kind of dry river fish she gave me
when I price it in market one day they said six
hundred, so the price is fair.
I return to her room and started cooking, the aroma
coming from the house can be felt outside the
street, even mama favor came in and said she will
eat, Aunt Aneeta was just laughing.
Episode 80
I finish cooking and then serve her own, she saw the
river fish and ask.
Aneeta: who gave you money to buy this fish?
Me: does it matter, just eat.
She kept shut and started eating, she swallow one
spoon and shake her head like agama lizard.
Aneeta: who teach you how to cook?
Me: hahahaha, so are we going out tonight?
Aneeta: sure, I will take you out.
Me: now you are talking, let me take my food to my

Before I stand up she jump and took the pot, she put
the pot inside cupboard and lock it.
Me: what’s that na?
Aneeta: you cook the food for me not you.
Me: but I will still carry na.
Aneeta: finish eating the one with you first before
going for another.
She return to her sit and continue eating, I didn’t
bother at all because it’s her money, after all am
trying to impress her and am glad shes gearing up
already, she was really down since just because of
her boyfriend, when we go out later tonight I will
make sure I make her happy I will even make her
forget her ex lover, if I can do that she will fall in
love with me I hope.
She finish eating and then she return to the bed
drinking pure water, and then she sign.
Aneeta: I really enjoy the food, anytime I want to eat
jollof rice I will just call you.
Me: haha I won’t come oh.
Aneeta: come on I will pay you.
Me: so when you marry that’s how you will be calling
me to cook for you.
Aneeta: I don’t need to call you, you will be my
husband (she said laughing, she didn’t know am praying
for her word to come to pass)
Me: I pray oh.
Aneeta: what? You won’t marry me because am older
than you?
Me: age doesn’t matter joor.
Aneeta: so you will marry me?
Me: are you proposing? (Heart beating fast)
Aneeta: see your head like propose.
Me: (disappointed) stop playing me oh if you want us
to marry tell me let me call my sister.
Aneeta: your head no correct.
Me: yes ma.
Aneeta: good.
Me: (finish eating, walk to keep my plate) so what
are we going to be doing till eight?
Aneeta: go to your room, I need to be alone. (Mood
Me: oh okay.
I stood up and walk to my room, stepping inside my
room I heard my phone ringing, I took and pick it up.
Me: hello.
Caller: yeah, na landlady they talk, we done finish
with your room.
Me: oh thank God and thank you.
Caller: okay....
[6/19, 11:24 PM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: Episode 81
She cut the call and I jump on my bed smiling, I
started thinking when to start packing back, I don’t
want to draw much attention so I will start packing
by night.
I relax on my bed happily after my landlady call, time
to return to my house now and nobody will be
watching me again, am free from Aunt Aneeta and
mama Favor, I can continue my playboy role again.
I heard Aneeta door open, she pass my door and walk
out to the back of the house, I think she went to
bath, I took my phone and started playing game till
sleep took me away.
I woke up later around six, I was shock how did I
manage to sleep that long? From eleven to six? I
just hope I will be able to sleep later in the night
because this one I sleep for seven hours I hope am
okay oh.
I stood up immediately and walk to Aneeta room, I
knock gently and then she ask who is there, when she
heard my voice she told me to come in, I open the
door and walk in, shes looking nice with her tight
jeans trouser and her pink handless shirt,
I saw her making up.
Me: where are you going?
Aneeta: work.

Me: I thought no work today?
Aneeta: don’t worry we will still go out, I just want
to go and collect something I will be back before
Me: oh okay, I hope you will return on time?
Aneeta: you can follow me if you want we can even
pass there to the place.
Me: follow you and do what?
Aneeta: sit down be looking, I won’t stay long.
Me: oh well then wait for me let me quickly take my
Aneeta: do it fast.
Me: okay.
She continue making up while I walk back to my room
and run to the bathroom, I finish my bath and put on
a simple wear, I spray my perfume and pocket my
wallet, I check the wallet to make sure there is
something inside, I don’t want any fvckup.
We enter bus to her working place, it’s a big hospital,
she took me to the visitors room and told me to
wait for her there, I relaxed on the chair and took
my phone out I started playing game, nothing else to
do so I focus on my game and also watching the
incoming and outgoing peeps.The place is really busy, I
saw one man sitting quietly, folding his hand and then
he stood up and started walking up and down like a
mad man, I don’t need anybody to tell me that his
wife is in labor, I smile and pray for his wife safe
Episode 82
His mind is definitely not here with the way he is
going I hope he won’t run mad before the baby arrive.
Later on Aunt Aneeta came to move me, I followed
her inside the hospital and then we enter one office,
she lock the door and gave me a note, she said I
should help her write that the note is too long, I sat
down and we both started writing before we finish
night has come already, she apologize for taking so
long and I told her that it not her fault because I
was there with her, if I didn’t go with her then by
eight i will still be waiting for her at home.
We took a bus to ring road and then we came down
and started walking inside airport road.
Me: where are we going?
Aneeta: a nice place.
Me: but there are good ones close to our side now,
don’t you think this place is too far?
Aneeta: that’s it, I choose it because it far, don’t
want to see anybody I know.
Me: okay then.

I guess she’s shy to walk with me to a bar because
she’s older than me, she can’t introduce me as her
friend because they will think we are dating, I don’t
blame her though if she don’t have feelings for me
why is she going out with me?
After walking for three minutes by our left there is
a big bar and very busy, this one is even better than
the other ones and I believe here will be more
We walk inside and then look for a free sit to sit
down, everywhere is full already so we had to go
upstair to sit, even upstair is filled up too but we
saw an empty sit which we occupy immediately
before someone else come and claim it.
Me: what will you drink?
Aneeta: are you the bar man?
Me: tell me na let me go and bring it.
Aneeta: relax the bar man will come.
Me: okay, so how are you?
Aneeta: what do you mean?
Me: I said how are you?
Aneeta: what type of question is that?
Me: what do you expect me to say na.
Aneeta: just keep quiet I come here to drink nothing
Me: I hope not hot drink sha.
Aneeta: why?
Me: because i don’t want to carry you home.
Aneeta: oh don’t worry you won’t.
Me: what about your ex. (She kept shut for some
minutes before replying)
Aneeta: he is an asshole and am over him already.
(Someone that’s here to drink because of him).
Me: good to know..
The bar man came and ask what we care for, I told
him to bring Smirnoff for me while Aneeta ordered
for Heineken.
Me: are you serious?
Aneeta: don’t make me angry, I told you I come here
to drink.
Me: hmmm.
I just hope I won’t be dragging her home later today, I
check the time after eight already.
The bar man return with what we order for, we
started drinking and pressing phone. Aneeta finish her
drink and order for another, after she finish the
second bottle she stood up and started dancing, I was
waoh by her move I didn’t know she know how to
dance, she came to me and started giving me lap
dance (I know she’s drunk already) other people
brought their phone out and started recording us, she
was dancing on my lap and my third leg is reacting,
after some minutes she order for another drink, I
beg her let’s go but she won’t listen, I check the
time almost eleven, only few people are left others
have gone already.
She continue drinking till eleven when the bar man
told us that they want to close, Aneeta can’t even
stand well again she’s staggering i had to support her
out of the bar, I know this will happen but I can’t
stop it, as we stand on the road waiting for taxi she
sat on the ground and rest on my leg, surprisingly she
started snoring, after ten minutes we saw taxi and
we enter no need to price, he took us straight to
our house and then I paid him and took madam that
have already gone to Mars, I took her inside and then
open her room, I took her in and use her cloth to
cover her body very well, as I wanted to stand up
from the bed and leave she hold my hand back.
Aneeta: come here i want you.
Me: go back to sleep you are drunk.
Aneeta: shut up and come to bed.
Without waiting for my reply she draw me and I fell
on her body, she climb me with force and started
kissing me, she sat ontop me and started removing
her shirt, when I wanted to push her of i saw the
boobs and then I said.
“oh God”
I pounce on her...
[6/19, 11:30 PM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: Episode 83
If not that she’s Aneeta (if she’s an ordinary girl) I
would have resisted but knowing that I won’t have
another chance to taste that her succulent boobson
that always want to make me go mad anytime I see
it I decided to play by her own rules, of course I will
regret it later but I just can’t stop now, my wish
since I came to Benin is to sleep with aunt Aneeta
and now that the opportunity is here I just can’t let
it pass me by, I must enjoy every bit of it before
she later wake up and start beating me up for taking
advantage of her, I know I must surely regret every
bit of it after all it’s not my fault, after all I told
her already to stay off and she refuse so she
shouldn’t blame me for anything beside I told her to
stop drinking she didn’t listen, now see the kind of
dilemma she put me now, I wish there is another way
I can do this without making her angry and the only
way is to run away without tasting that her
succulent boobson which ‘ve been dying for, if I let
this opportunity pass me by I will regret it for the
rest of my life because I know this kind of

opportunity won’t present itself again, since I love
her so much why dont I just have sexx with her and
get her pregnant, if I get her pregnant I can hook her
forever though it won’t be easy because of my
sister but it’s a risk worth trying, but am I not too
young now to be a father? and how am I going to
take care of the baby? that won’t be a problem
aunt Aneeta is a nurse and if she get pregnant she
can take care of herself after all she’s the one
taking care of her sister, she can take care of the
baby and I will take care of my sister not only my
sister but my family, she senior me with many years
they won’t support me but am ready to take the
risk who knows Aunt Aneeta might even start taking
care of me till I find my a way to start earning
money, or maybe if I get her pregnant my people
don’t even need to know it will be between me and
Aunt Aneeta because she won’t dare tell my sister
because of shame, can she even tell me? there will
be many risk but am ready for anything so yes I will
sleep with her.
Episode 84
I lay ontop her and started sucking her boobson
through her bra, she fold her hands around me like a
squirrel tail, she fold her legs around my body like a
scorpion, as if I will run if she let go, oh well am not
going anywhere not now anyway.
She fold her hands around me as I suck the flavor out
of her big boobson, sucking her boobson has been my
dream and now that am sucking it I just don’t want
to stop, i keep on interchanging between the two
boobson, they are just too big I wonder why only she
will just steal all the boobson the family have, even
Cynthia boobson is not even big just normal.
She removed the bra to give me full access to her
boobson like access bank, I Buried my face inside her
boobson and continue sucking, as if she’s in a hurry
she pull down her trouser and grab my dickson, she
didn’t suck it she just stroke it with her hand
making it harder maybe she’s wet and she want it
quick quick, while ontop her she open her legs wide
and direct my dickson inside her already wet pusssy, I
thought her vj will be wide because she’s not a kid
and an adult like her would have been fvcking now but
alas I was wrong because there was tighter than her

junior sister, as I go in the second time she screamed
and beg me to take it easy, I obey her and started
stroking her gently, after each stroke she will tight
her leg making it hard for me to pull back, the way
shes behaving as if this is her first time, I don’t
know what’s wrong with her though I don’t mind I
continue stroking her and the next time she tight her
leg again I use force to pull back and go in again,
after three minutes she started behaving like a
normal human being, she took my head and started
kissing me as I continue fvcking her gently, she was
moaning slowly and anytime I go in harder she will
shout Jesus and then use her left hand to cover her
mouth so that nobody will hear, the thing started
slowing me down so I raise my body up still ontop her
but our body are no longer touching just our waist
and our organ, I put my left hand on the bed for
support and use my right hand to cover her mouth,
then I start stroking again this time very fast and
she started moaning and using her two hands to
scatter her bedshit, as if she’s under spell she
started behaving like a snake, as I continue fvcking
her faster she can’t stand it anymore so she
removed my hand from her mouth and push me out
of the bed, she face the wall and started crying but
I haven’t released yet so I climb bed again and sleep
on her back, I position my dickson on her back and
insert inside her vj, she moan a little and then I
started fvcking her from behind while she Started
romancing the wall in front of her holding her mouth
with her hand, I fvck her slowly this time so that
she won’t push me out of the bed again, I move my
hand forward and started romancing her big boobson
as I fvck her ( I just cant let go of that boobson) I
fvck her for ten minutes before I pump my sperrm
inside her, we sleep like that and I rap my hands
around her and use the big bedsheet she scattered to
cover ourselves.
The next morning i wanted to escape to my room
before she wake up and started fighting me, as I
removed the bedsheet and look at the bed I saw lots
of blood.
Episode 85
I was like “what the hell, she’s a virgin?” I was
dumbfounded and started regretting my actions, I
don’t know what else to do I just sit down there
looking at the blood as if I just comit a big sin, oh
well there is nothing like big sin after all sin na sin.
Not knowing what else to do so I got up and took my
clothes, I gently walk out of her room and close the
door behind, the day is still new and all my neighbors
are still sleeping, I walk to my room and lock the
door, I drop my dress on the chair and lay down on
the bed and started thinking how Aunt Aneeta manage
to remain a virgin, I still can’t believe it or maybe my
eyes decieved me? No it was real and her laps were
stained too, oh boy she try to be virgin oh at age 28
abi 29 I don’t know her exact age I just know my
elder sister is between 28-29 and they are age mate
so I assumed she’s 28 or 29 too.

And she have date alot of guys how come she still
manage to keep herself intact? Oh well I wish she
can answer that but I know after what happened
now she will start keeping her distance from me,
even me too I feel ashame like I don’t want to see
her again, but I did enjoy her I must confess and if
she want a relationship am ready to drop all my
other side chicks and concentrate on only her but I
know that’s just an imagination that can never come
to pass, not with Aunt Aneeta anyway.
I released inside her I hope my seed manifest Inside
her like a mustard seed so that she won’t have any
other choice than to give in, oh well let me keep
watching her and see how things unfold.
As I lay on my bed thinking about the recent pleasure
with Aunt Aneeta I then remember that my house is
ready for use already.
Without thinking much about my recent thought
about packing in Later in the night I quickly stand up
and started arranging my things, I know I have
committed a crime and I need to run away before
the door open wide, I don’t know what Aunt Aneeta
reaction will be but one thing is for sure she won’t
be happy about it, with that alone I need to leave
this compound immediately.
[6/19, 11:33 PM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: Episode 86
eighty six
I pack my things immediately and look at the time, is
not even six yet so I still have time to move out
without many eyes on me, I started packing back to
my other house and just like I thought many people
are still sleeping and Mama Favor is not even up yet, I
can hear them praying together, I wonder how God
will answer her prayer with the numerous sin she
commit everyday, she’s married already but her big
ass just won’t stay one place, I continue thinking
about her as I pack all my things to my former
house, and before six thirty all my things have been
moved already, just remaining the minor ones which I
can pack anytime.
They renovate everything not just my room, and the
house is now like a new house, they plaster and paint
it blue, before I was ashame of the house but now
am very proud of it and I won’t be scared to bring
anybody here again, also my white friend “Ria” said she
will help buy Some things for me like TV and small
Fridge, I will be living like a king here and also my
sister will be supplying money for me too, I wish I
won’t be leaving here soon I just like it here, maybe
if Ria return I will tell her about my intention to
start schooling here who knows she might offer to
buy the nursing form for me here, I know it’s a lot
to ask but she like me and even though I dont like her
it wont be bad for me to use her to stand up na, I
will try it out after all I got nothing to lose unlike
Aunt Aneeta.

Talking about Aunt Aneeta what if she wake up now
and started looking for me, I doubt she will look for
me, I will pay her a visit later in the evening when I
return from my computer center because it will be
bad for me to just vanish after exploring the garden
of Eden, I don’t want her to see me as a bad boy
that just want to sexx her and leave, No.
I will visit her and discuss with her like a man so
that she will know am not a kid as she always view
Did I mention that we now have borehole in front of
our room, as I said before we have three room and
my own is at the middle with the other ones
occupied by students and a tap stand comfortably in
front of our building while they put another in front
of the main house, so I got up to fetch water, I took
the water to the bathroom and take my bath which
after I get dress for my lesson, I check the time
just seven thirty, I don’t have anything to eat so I
just got up and lock my door while I walk gently to
my computer center.
eighty-seven-and -eight
I pass the other road by my left because I don’t
want to mistakenly see her now, I can see her later
but not now please, as I walk gently to my center I
remember fidelis because that’s where she lives (I
mean the road am following now) I walk for some
minutes before I reach school of health Benin city, I
pass the school and enter main road straight to the
street where I study, I enter the street and when I
get to my center I saw one of the girl sweeping,
seems like am early so I just greet her and enter

inside, am the first person here today hallelujah, is
not even eight yet so I boot the computer and
started typing, with time people started coming one
by one and then when the manager arrive he came to
me and teach me some things in MS word, after
Fifteen minutes lesson he gave me a sheet with
little words and he told me to type it the exact way
it is, I took it and started typing and as I was typing
somebody came in, I quickly turn to look and once
again I was disappointed, guess who am looking for of
course it’s Ngozi, I know she won’t come again but at
least I still hope she come so that we talk, am not
angry with her she should come and continue her
lesson please, I understand why she acted that way
so I don’t blame her, she should come and continue her
lesson please Infact I owe her an apology I think.
I finish the work and then he gave me another work,
he teach me many other things like how to add bullet
and how to number each page, how to import and
export and how to print out, I even use the system
for work to print out a document, I was happy very
happy, he told me to continue the MS word for one
more week so that I will master it and then he will
teach me Ms Excel, I thank him and continue my work
at least am improving, if my sister ask me to tell
her what I have learn so far I can even show her not
tell her.
The girl that celebrate her birthday last time didn’t
come to work today maybe she’s still celebrating, and
also the girl called angel is not here too, that one
come anytime she want as if this place is her
father’s house, and even the manager can’t even say
anything unlike before when he drove her away
because of her dressing, but now anytime she come
he will welcome her like friend, oh well since him don
eat the kpomo wetin I expect? I once vow to enter
that place but now am more concern about Aneeta
than any other thing, she’s the least of my concern
now so far Aneeta is there, of course I still think
about Ngozi where ever she is I pray she’s safe and I
believe we will meet again whenever and wherever.
My time elapse and I got up and bade everybody
goodbye, I walk out of the center and enter road to
Ngozi house, ten minutes later I stand In front of
their house knocking, of course there is somebody
inside because the door is not lock outside here, I
continue knocking till somebody open the door.
Temihsmart: good evening Oz
Me: what’s up.
Temihsmart: am fine come on in.
I walk in and lock the door behind me, it’s obvious
she’s alone and I saw many books scattered on the
ground like she’s reading.
Me: how is your body? (I ask as I sat on the chair)
Temihsmart: getting better, thanks alot.
Me: am sorry for not coming back.
Temihsmart: you already did your part before leaving,
am grateful.
Me: not all my part, what are doing?
Temihsmart: am reading oh, exam has started oh.
Me: serious?
Temihsmart: yeah, I have to read oh.
Me: yeah, have you heard anything about Ngozi?
Temihsmart: no oh, what about you?
Me: nothing.
Temihsmart: if she contact you tell her am not
angry, she can come let’s continue as friend, beside
after exam am gone.
Me: I wish she contact me self.
Temihsmart: so she won’t come and continue her
study? though she’s almost through.
Me: even if she’s through she will need her
certificate now.
Temihsmart: yeah you are right.
Me: don’t you have any of her relative to call?
Temihsmart: I called her elder brother yesterday he
was even asking me about her, I had to lie because I
don’t want them to be worried.
Me: so what are we going to do? We need to find
Temihsmart: I will visit her friend Tomorrow after
Me: okay keep me in touch okay.
Temihsmart: I will, you really miss her don’t you?
Me: of course I do, abeg make I they go house I get
work for house.
Temihsmart: okay then, when will I come visit you?
Me: hahaha if you see the kind wife I get for house
this time na your head she go cut commot.
Temihsmart: hahahahaha.
She see me off and then later return to continue her
study, I walk home alone and tasty, I stop in one
store to buy pure water which I consume without
I bought indomie on my way and when I got home I
cook the indomie and eat, I sleep and wake up around
seven, I dress and walk to Aunt Aneeta house, I saw
her door with heavy padlock, I went home and the
next day when returning from study I branch at her
house and when I get to her door I saw it still heavily
lock, the next day same thing, I started getting
worried and then I dial her number and this is what I
“The MTN Number You Are Trying To Call Is Currently
Switched Off Please Try Again Later”
where the hell is she?
[6/20, 7:06 PM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: Episode
I keep trying her number for almost twenty times, I even got up and walk to her house and then I saw Mama Favor, I greeted her and ask.
Me: You see Aunty Aneeta?
Mama: no oh, she just carry her handbag four days ago and disappear.
Me: where she come go?
Mama: call her line na.
Me: I don’t try am e no go.
Mama: the way she take leave self e be like something they pursue her.
Me: na wa oh.
Me: una get quarrel?
Me: no oh, abeg if she come just flash me I need to see her.
Mama: you sure say everything they okay? Abi you done go her kingdom come?
Me: hahaha Mama favor abeg forget that talk, I nor be like that joor.
Mama: see who they talk, wey evidence they front of you. (I nor understand wetin she talk self).
Me: abeg I done go.
I left her there and return to my house, it’s already dark but I don’t mind, I took my wallet and phone wear normal wear, I walk out and lock my door, I get to the main road and took a bus to her working place (hospital), I enter inside the hospital and walk straight to one of the nurse and ask
“Hello ma, am looking for nurse Aneeta”
Nurse: she’s gone,.

Me: when?
Nurse: around four, any problem?
Me: no ma, thank you, please do you have her number that I can reach her with (even though I have her number who knows she might give me another one)
Nurse: am sorry I don’t know you and I can’t release her number, if it’s an emergency we have general phone number if you want that one I can give you.
Me: no worry thank you.
I return home and lie on my bed thinking what’s going on,
I took my phone and dial her number again, nothing change still number switch off, I don’t understand why she had to leave I mean what did I do? Just because of the sex we had? Now that she put me in dilemma I hope shes happy, but come on she don’t need to leave now, see how am missing her seriously like she use black magic on me, oh boy I think am gonna be sick.
I was still lost in my thoughts when my phone started ringing, I quickly pick the phone up thinking it was Aunty Aneeta but unfortunately it’s not, I pick the call with sad face.
Me: hello dear.

Ria: hello my angel, how are you?
Me: am fine, are you back?
Ria: yes, I arrive yesterday and am planning on meeting up with you tomorrow.
Me: alright no problem.
Ria: are you okay?
Me: yes, why do you ask?
Ria: Because your voice is really down.
Me: don’t mind me, am just waking up from sleep.
Ria: waking up by this time when you suppose to go-to sleep?
Me: yeah, I guess no sleep for me today.
Ria: what did you do during the day?
Me: nothing, just work.
Ria: okay then, I will see you tomorrow afternoon I hope you won’t be busy?
Me: no I won’t, you can come by three
Ria: alright then, and make sure you dress proper because am taking you out.
Me: alright thanks.
Ria: you welcome, and then…….
(Another call came in, a strange number).
I thought it was Aneeta and without thinking twice I cut Ria call to pick the strange number and when I pick it guess what I heard, a music.
I cut the call and throw the phone away, I don’t know why MTN keep calling me telling me to choose a caller tune, I wish I can find a way to stop them from calling me.
I relax on my bed and started thinking about what Ria said about taking me out for shopping, I guess she want to buy the mini fridge for me and the Samsung TV, I wish she can just give me the money and forget about buying them, anyway I can always sell them anytime Because I can’t let my sister see them.
I didn’t sleep on time I slept maybe around eleven or twelve and then I woke up around eight in the morning because I didn’t sleep on time, I didn’t even eat before I sleep but who will blame me, am obsessed with Aneeta and if I don’t see her this coming week I don’t know what will happen to me, I don’t even have any of her relative number with me or maybe I have Cynthia number with me, I will check later when going to work for now let me quickly take my bath because am late already.
Ten minutes later am on my way to work and I even follow the road that lead to Aneeta’s house to check if she’s back but the situation remain the same, the door is heavily lock with key, I came out and continue my journey to work without looking at Mama Favor shop.
Episode 91 & 92
nintey one
When I got to work i look around for Ngozi and still yet no sign of her, I did my things quietly and then around minutes pass one I took my things and walk out of the center, as I walk out of the street and as I wanted to cross to main road I look back and I saw somebody like Ngozi entering the computer center, I quickly turn back and return to the center, I walk inside and saw madam Ngozi facing her computer, looking thin and dirty,.
I drop my things and return to o my computer..
Manager: Ozila I thought you are done for today.
Me: no sir, i just went to buy something.

So she was around but was afraid to come inside since? she was waiting for me to go before she come in, I don’t know why she’s scared oh not that I will do her anything oh, and even my manager didn’t say anything maybe she came yesterday too so they discussed.
The girl that celebrated her birthday won’t be coming back she has been replaced already with another girl, I wonder why my manager always prefer to employ girls only, not just my manager but many managers too.
I played game with the computer for one hour before Ngozi got up from her seat taking her small pox, immediately she walk outside I got up too and run after her, she was walking very fast as if she knows I will be following her.
“Hey Ngozi wait up” I said as I got closer to her.
When she heard my voice she fasten her footstep, I don’t mind if people are watching us I simply run after her and caught up with her, I hold her arm.
Me: hey come on. (She stood akimbo and face me).
Ngozi: what? (See how she squize face like am the one that commit crime)
Me: come on you cant run away forever.
Ngozi: see I really don’t want to talk to you, just let me go.
Me: I can’t we need to settle our difference, Temihsmart is worried about you.
Ngozi: so what do you want me to do?
Me: we need you back in the house, we miss you please come back.

Ngozi: I can’t, am sorry for what I did. (She said bending her face as if she want to cry).
Me: oh come on now, I should be the one apologizing.
Ngozi: no, you don’t understand, I betrayes everybody.
Me: can we go some place quiet?
Ngozi: okay then.
I hold her as we walk hand in hand to one cool drinking spot, we sat together and then she started.
Ngozi: I dont know what came over me that day, am really ashame of myself.
Me: oh well Temihsmart understand clearly, she forgive you already and she want you back, she even called your brother at home.
Ngozi: really?
Me: yeah, she’s very worried about you, am sorry too I didn’t think before I act, forgive me.
Ngozi: no, I should be the one asking for forgiveness, am not even your girlfriend I shouldn’t behave like that please forgive me.
Me: okay then, if you really want to make up, go to Temihsmart now and reconcile with her.
Ngozi: how can I face her?
Me: I told you she forgive you already so just go now and make peace.
Ngozi: okay thanks very much, we will see tomorrow then.
Me: alright.
She walk out and then I look my phone and saw that it’s almost three, meaning Ria will soon call and as if she’s reading my thought, my phone started ringing and I look at the screen and saw Ria.
Ria: hello, am almost at your house now hope you are ready?
Me: sure am ready.
Ria: okay then.
I took a box straight home and when I came in front of my street I started walking home, getting to Aneeta house there I saw a Toyota van in front of the house and loads on the back as if somebody is relocating, I fasten my footstep and walk faster, getting closer there I saw Aneeta coming out from the house and inside the van straight, the driver took off and they speed pass me, I run after them calling Aunt Aneeta to please wait, I was waving my hand to make sure she see me, and when they got to main road they turn left and speed off, I stop a bus immediately and as I wanted to enter I saw Ria car coming with my phone ringing, I know it’s Ria calling, now should I enter the bus and follow Aunty Aneeta or I should welcome Ria?....
Episode 93 || 94 || 95
Oh well if I let Aneeta slip off now to see her again I will have to go through hell and that’s something i cant risk for now because shes my top priority, she means alot to me more than Ria, who cares about TV and fridge after all I can still get them when am done with school but for now I have to chase Aneeta I need to know where shes going.
As I watch Aneeta speed away I walk Inside the bus but quickly come down when I thought about something, I came down and run to Ria, I quickly signal her to open the other door and she did, I enter the frontsit and told her to follow the van that just turn to Sapele road.
“Why exactly?” Of course she will ask.
“I will explain later just follow the car I just want to know where the car is going to” I said.
Without asking any other question, she revise the car and accelerate it, we turn the way Aneeta followed and when I look ahead I saw the van far away but still on our sight, Ria keep following her not knowing why am chasing a Toyota Van, I will explain everything to her later but for now let’s just focus on our mission, what is our mission self?
“So do you care to tell me what this is all about?”
“ Oh well the lady we are chasing took all her husband property, when I called her husband he said I should chase her to see where she’s going” I said.
“So why didn’t he do the chasing or is she your responsibility?” She ask.
“No, her husband is still in work and her husband is my friend too, he even allow me stay with him when they were renovating my house” I lied.
“Oh so he is owner of the house?”
“Yes, so I owe him”
“I understand”

The van stop at Agip and enter one rough road, Ria followed the van and Aneeta won’t suspect anything because she won’t be expecting me to be chasing her with a fine Jeep, after all am nobody who am I to chase her with a jeep?
After many turnover she finally stop the van in front of one house, it seems like they just finish building the house because they haven’t cement the house yet, might be that this is her house oh, but the that’s impossible she just start working how can she afford a house like this?
Oh well with girls everything is possible.
Ria didnt stop the car she just drive pass the van and when I look I saw Aneeta coming down and searching her bag for her key, the driver came out and started offloading.
Ria reverse at one secondary school and turn the Jeep and when we return we saw them packing the things inside, when Aneeta saw the Jeep she pause and look Inside and luckily she can’t see me because of the tinted glass of the car.
We drive pass her and then Ria said
“Can we go now?”
“Yeah, thanks”
“You welcome”.
she enter main road and speed off.
I was so carried away thinking about Aneeta that I didn’t even know already that we are in ring road,
“Ria, this is not the way home.”
“Yeah I know, you forgot I promised to take you out, let’s go buy you some things” she said smiling and opening her teeth. (Na person mama be this oh)
“Waoh, I can’t thank you enough, I really appreciate” (I try to smile even though am still not happy)
“You don’t need to, at least I have a place to stay now anytime I come to Benin” she said.
“What about your guys?”
“They travel home, they won’t be back till next month or next two month”
“Oh okay, so when are you taking me to India?” (I said jokingly).
“Oh well that depend on you, if you want to follow me to India I can make arrangement”
“Seriously? Am just joking anyway never mind”
“No am serious, if you want to follow me I can make arrangement” she said turning to one big hall in airport road.
“No really, am just joking, maybe after I finish my school here” I said.
“Oh okay then, when will you graduate?” She ask.
“I have not even gain admission yet”
“What! Why?”
“Admission here is not easy though am trying to collect nursing form here but my money is not complete yet” I said.
“The school of health in dumez where you stay?”
“How much for the form?”
“Twenty thousand, and eighty thousand for school fees” (now 120,000).
“That’s a small money, I will see what I can do” she said.
“No, you have done enough, don’t worry about this I will find a way”
“Are you kidding me? Don’t even try to stop me from helping” she said.
I didn’t say anything again till we enter the big hall, as she promised she bought everything for me including some wears too, I thank her alot and then we drive home in peace as we gist about her work, she park in front of my house and then one of my neighbor help me take the fridge inside and other things, after arranging everything I look at my room and shake my head smiling, after am done playing her she will never date any Nigeria again.
Ria relaxed in my bed while I cook rice and stew for us to eat, it’s getting dark already and am seriously hungry, I just finish arranging my house and Ria is inside watching plasma TV, shes watching a telenova movie called “Rebeca” she so much concentrate on the movie like tomorrow no they, oh well am glad she like it after everything she did for me at least she should feel at home and enjoy for now.
I finish cooking and then serve the food, we eat together while she still continue watching the movie, I don’t know Indians love telenova film oh.
“This is good, who taught you how to cook?” She asked after swallowing two spoon.
“Oh well am glad you like it”
“Don’t escape the question, how did you learn how to cook?”
“From my mother, am the last out of seven and I live with mom longer than any of us, so I learn alot from her” I said.
“Waoh interesting, so how many food can you cook?” She ask again.
“ I can cook all the food my mother can cook”
“Can you cook Amala and draw soup?”
“Hahahahahahaha” I laugh so hard, I know she will like Amala alot because that’s what they eat most in Yoruba land where she work.
“What’s funny?” She said looking at me and smiling.
“Nothing really, just the way you pronounced it as if the word will run away” I said still laughing.
“So do you know how to cook it?”
“Yeah I do” (I don’t know how to make Amala but I do know how to cook draw soup)
“Good, you will teach me please”
“No wahala I will, anytime you are ready”. (I can ask Temihsmart to teach me because she’s Yoruba)
We finish eating and i took the plate to wash, I took my bath and took water for her to take her own, she removed her dress and took my towel, I look at her beautiful body and my body react, I love my body so much because it never fail to disappoint, she went out to take her bath while I relax in bed with my shot waiting for her to come back, after some minutes she return with the towel.
“See how everybody is looking at me”
“Of course, you are different now, what do you expect?” I said.
She wear her pant through the towel and then remove the towel and hang ontop door, she came to meet me on the bed with only pant and sleep ontop me, I draw her closer and wet her luxurious lips, we continue kissing for two minutes, I make her sit ontop me as I relax my back on the wall, she hold my head and continue kissing me softly as she relax on my body like a baby, I started rubbing her boobson and she started to moan slowly, I lay ontop her and started sucking her boobson, she squize my head in pleasure closing her eyes and seeing herself in heaven, I move down and open her leg wide, I started the mission softly, she started using her leg to squize my head, she would have killed me if I didn’t remove my head from there, she turn me over and started sucking my dickson, I was rubbing her head seeing stars while she give me the pleasure down below, she climb up and started kissing me and then she use her hand to guide my dickson inside her, as my dickson wanted to enter inside my phone started ringing, I didnt want to pick but she stop and brought the phone for me saying the phone will keep on ringing if I don’t pick, I look at the screen and saw Mitchelle (my sister), I pick the call and said
“Hello Mitchele whatsup”
“Hello Ozila, am pregnant”
My dickson devaluate itself immediately.
Episode 96 || 97 || 98
I shift Ria from my body and sit up, I look at the screen again to confirm who is speaking, I saw Mitchele with my Unclad eyes and then I put the phone on my ear again after confirming her identity.
“What did you just say?” I asked again even though I heard her clearly the first time.
“You heard me correctly, I said am pregnant?” She repeat herself with anger.
I look at Ria and saw her looking at me suspiciously, there are many things I want to say but I can’t say them in her presence, so I cut the call and got up, I walk out of the room, I close the door behind me and walk straight to the front of the house, I sat in front of my landlord house and dial her number again.
She pick at first ring
“How can you be pregnant?” I asked.
“Don’t question me oz, you know the implications when we were doing it” she said.
“Yes I do but I thought you took drugs to wash it off after all you are a big girl”
“Yes I did, I don’t understand how this happen” she said.
“Are you sure it’s my own Because me and you both know am not the only one sleeping with you” I fired.
“Since I left your side I haven’t slept with any other person, and also if it’s not yours I won’t even call you and I will be happy if it’s not yours” she said.
“Okay okay, so what do we do?” I asked.
“What do you expect me to do? If I know what to do will I be calling you now?” She fired again.
“Come on you can’t be pregnant now, am your brother for Christ sake, what do you expect our parents to think of us?” I said trying to create fear inside her, I know it’s wrong for her to get pregnant but she’s a big girl, she should have know what to do before calling me.
“I know, I took some drugs already to remove it but the thing just won’t go, am out of options that’s why am calling you” she said with low tune.

“ Then go to the hospital and remove it now, meet a professional doctor they can remove it for you” I said.
“Done that already”
“And, what happened?”
“Oh well that’s no longer an option because it can’t happen” she said.
“Don’t ask me why just know that I can’t remove it like that because of some effects”
“Why won’t you tell me? there is nothing else to do, that’s the only option” I said still hoping for her to open up.
I don’t understand why she don’t want to tell me why, she said she visit a doctor already but she can’t say anything, this is really a big problem oh, imagine what my sister will do if she hear something like this, she will just abandon me here in Benin, I can’t let this happen please.
“Where are you? Can we see?” I ask her.
“Yeah I will try to visit you tomorrow” she said.
“Okay, by then maybe you can tell me what happened in the hospital”
“I wont tell you, bye for now” she said.
She cut the call while I started thinking, I didn’t even bother to return to my room, I just remain in front of my landlord house, I even forgot I have a visitor until she came out and saw me in front of the house.
“Ozila” she called out.
I startle and quickly look up only to see her looking at me with her white dress like an angel, maybe she’s an angel Because I can simply run away with her to India, oh well but that’s not an option.
“Hey, what are you doing here?”
“Since you won’t come back to the room I decided to come out and check what’s going on” she said sitting with me on the wall.
“Don’t worry just some family issue” I said.
“Oh, can we talk about it?”
“No, it’s not something I want to talk about please” I said.
“But you are deeply worried, what do you expect me to do while you are like this? this suppose to be my night” she said.
“Yeah, am really sorry, I was brought up by my grandpa and now my sister just called telling me he’s dead” I lied. (But really he is dead)
“waoh, am really sorry dear, come on let’s go inside you can’t stay out here, it’s too cool” she said trying to get me up.
I said okay and followed her in, we sleep together that night, she tried to touch me but my dickson just won’t respond, how can it respond when my mind is somewhere else?
I didn’t sleep I stay awake throughout that night, I kept thinking what to do, now that Mitchelle has succeeded in given me a sleepless night I hope shes happy, let me even check if she’s sleeping self.
I shift Ria from my body and took my phone I dial her number and she pick up at first ring, I quickly cut it and drop the phone, and then a message came in, i check the phone and saw Mitchele message.
She wrote.
“Hi, am sorry for giving you a sleepless night, just so you know I can’t sleep too, three days in a row now”
I drop the phone after reading the message and continue thinking what else to do, I will call my friend in the morning I believe there is something she can take to remove the pregnancy, my friend is a doctor and I know him through my mother, my mother is a nurse too.
Throughout the night I didnt sleep I just remain there watching Ria sleeping like a baby, anytime she turn I will quickly close my eyes so that she won’t know that am still up, I don’t want to her to be worried like me, she has done enough for me and today was suppose to be her day, now I have made it a night to forget for her, am really sorry I will make it up with her I promise, after everything she has done for me she deserve the best of the best.
The following morning I just remain in bed while she got up and greet me, she promised to come later to take me out so that I will stop thinking, she said she don’t want me to commit suicide Because with the way am going it’s only a matter of time before I commit.
She took her bath and left for work while I took my phone and call Mitchele, I told her to start coming now, after thirty minutes later I got a test from Ngozi.
“Hello Ozila, me and Temihsmart will be in your house in a minute, don’t go anywhere it’s an emergency”
I wonder what that emergency is, I hope it’s not about pregnancy too because if it is, then I better call Ria to start processing my documents.
Episode 99 || 100
I was confused and started thinking what the problem could be for her to start coming now, i just hope she’s not pregnant oh because am not ready for another breaking news unless they want to give me heart attack.
I took my phone and starting typing a message.
“Hi, pls am not at home now i went to upper to visit my aunt i will be back by ten for lesson”
Don’t blame me there is nothing i can do, am expecting Mitchele now and i cant afford anybody else now, am a human not a matchine.
I stood up and started walking around the room like a man waiting for his wife in labour, the news about Mitchele pregnancy is really killing me inside, she should hurry up and come let’s find a solution, she said she can’t meet a doctor to remove it and she won’t tell me why, any way let her come first let’s see if i won’t force her to speak up.
Walking around the room sweating even though fan is on the high level, i took my phone and dial Mitchele number again, she pick up.
“Hello” she said.
“How far now, are you on your way?”
“Yes, i just enter bus now” she replied.

“Okay am waiting for you”
I cut the call and continue moving around, i wanted to go and take my bath but i just cant go out, am just too weak to do anything now.
I return to my bed and started thinking of what to do, i started thinking of a solution. Oh well let her come first.
I waited for fifteen minutes before i finally heard a knock on my door, i stood up to open the door and guess who is standing on the door even after the test.

“At last you are here” i said looking at Mitchele.
“Will you let me in or not?”
I step aside to let her in and after she enter i lock the door very well.
She sat on the chair while i stand in front of her looking at her.
“So why don’t you want to see a doctor?”
“I told you i went to a doc already but i cant remove it” she replied.
“Can’t say and stop asking”
“Let me know the reason so that we can solve this issue once and for all” i said.
“i took many drugs but the pregnancy just won’t go, i went to see a doctor and they said they can’t operate again because i have done too many abortion already, this last one will destroy my womb” she open up at last.
“Okotomikwete” (surprise).
“Yeah, i can’t operate again and all the drugs i took refuse to work, i don’t know what the problem is” she said with a low tone.
“Waoh, interesting.” I said.
“Which one is interesting again? Na that one u want tell me?” she asked.
Honestly i don’t know what to do, i just walk to my bed and lay down flat and started counting my ceiling.
“1, 2, 3, 4”
“What are you doing? She asked looking surprise.
“Counting my ceiling now”.


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