Cryvideo.Pw is 100% Scam Site

PHYSINEWS REPORTS: is a new Site opened to earn while watching videos, I advise Everyone to back off from this Site it's 100% Waste of time and 100% Scam, I registered myself just to know how true it is,   after earning $1000 and referred 30 friends and even earn from their earnings, I was about to withdraw the earning the site logged me out for me to re-log in I entered my username and Password but Pop-Up incorrect username or password...

As a trust worthy site if it's not a scam on the login or registration page

My earnings
forgotten password supposed to be fix, how come no forgotten password on the log in page?? Am announcing this to everyone searching on may be is real it's 100% Scam and a time Waster.

When I tried to Log in to withdraw my  earnings

This Site is 100% Scam and Waste of time Never invest your time on it.. they will steal your hard earning by paying for referral and later deactivate your account..

I earned $1000 then refer at the end my profile was disabled, Never waste your time on this Scam site called
So I Advise Everyone not to waste Data, Waste Time on this Site it's fake and  a Time Waster... If you have any Questions on this site feel free to reach me on Whatsapp HERE

Play Safe and Stay Safe...
Physinews Head Admin...