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"Your highness, let me bring a physician."

Lucian shook his head and Jade's frown deepened.

"But your highness, your fever is not going down I have to do something."

"Listen to me Jade. I don't need nor do I want help. I just want to be alone."

Jade was about to protest but Lucian cut her off. "It's an order, and don't tell my sister."

Lucian had no energy to deal with Alexander's sister. He was already in enough pain. Why he was so sick he couldn't understand but he couldn't just lay here. He came here for a reason, for revenge, but got so distracted and now he was even more confused. Who was the woman that hugged him and why did she make him feel the way he did.

Despite knowing that she would only be a distraction Lucian wanted to meet her again. He had so many questions to ask.

Lucian pushed himself out of the bed with a groan. His whole body ached, then he summoned Julian with a spell that he had learned.

Julian appeared so quietly as if he had always been there in his room. "Your highness, you don't seem well. He said upon seeing his face.

"Any news from outside?" Lucian ignored his remark. He had no reason or energy to explain his condition.

"Well the citizens are not very impressed with their new king, in fact many of them dislike him, especially the poor since he raised the taxes for them. This will be to you advantage. We have now spread some rumors that you might be alive and people seem to respond well, they have hope that you might be a better ruler than your brother."

"Good." Now he only needed to get rid of his brother but getting rid of him was not enough for Lucian. He wanted to torture him, to make his life so miserable that he would want to end it himself. He would make him beg, he would make him wish that he was already dead.

But first he would pay him a visit.

Lucian boiled with anger upon seeing his brother sitting comfortably on the throne while ordering some servants around proudly. He didn't deserve to sit on that chair or have that crown on his head. He didn't deserve to order people around and fill his stomach while his people were starving.

"Oh look who is here. Come in." He said standing up from his seat. "How is your stay here?"

Lucian walked inside while he spoke. "I like it very much." He faked a smile.

They made their way to a table and sat down. Pierre ordered a maid to bring some snacks and then turned back to him.

"I heard you were looking for some maid who caused you some trouble?"

"Oh…" Pierre waved dismissively with his hand. "It's just some servant who needed to be punished, but we have found her so everything is fine." He said.

Found her? Lucian wanted to laugh. His brother still lied easily.

"How is the wedding preparation going?"

"Her Highness is very specific, she wants the wedding to be extravagant and I want her to be satisfied of course."

Alexander's sister was spoiled and arrogant. She and Pierre deserved each other Lucian thought.

"But I am little worried…" Lucian began, "I heard your brother is alive."

Pierre was about to take a sip from his wine but paused.

"Which one?" He asked.

"The youngest one."

Pierre laughed, almost nervously.

"Oh...I can assure you all of my brothers are dead. People just like to gossip."

"If you say so...then we have no problem."

Pierre narrowed his gaze. "You look pale." He pointed.

"Yes, I haven't been out much lately, which I usually do. I should go out for a while."

"Yes of course. We have beautiful places here in Decresh. I could arrange someone to show you around." Pierre offered.

"It's alright. I will be fine by myself."

As Lucian left his brother alone he sense that his brother was nervous and confused. He even called for the guards that killed Lucian to make sure he was dead.

"What did you do with the body?" He asked.

"We threw him in an empty well and burned it. He could not have lived through that, Your Highness." They assured him.

"Of course not." Pierre said with smug look on his face. He was relieved again, but that would only last for a short while.

As soon as the sun set Lucian took the first step toward his plan. He found one of the guards who burned his body and followed him to somewhere quiet where he was wanted to pee. Just as he was about to pull his trousers down he felt someone standing behind him. He froze in place, who was this, he was sure no one had followed him. He slowly reached for the dagger in his pocket and then turned swing the dagger but it only cut through thin air.

No one was there. The soldier frowned. He was sure he felt someone standing behind him. He looked around carefully but not a soul was around. Maybe he had too many drink he thought and proceeded to pee. When he was done he pulled up his pant and when he turned he almost walked into someone.

His heart jumped up to his throat and he was about to curse whoever it was when he saw what he thought he would never see.

No, it could not be possible. Right in front of him stood someone who was supposed to be dead, someone who could not be alive. This had to be a dream.

"It's not a dream, but I sure will make it a nightmare." Lucians lips curved into an evil smile.

The soldier still stood frozen. Adrenaline rushed through his veins but still he couldn't move. The horror made him completely paralyzed and soon he couldn't even stand still so he fell to his knees. This couldn't be true but it felt so real.

Lucian looked at the soldier in front of him. All the blood had drained from his face and he shook in fear. "Yo..yo..your high...ness." He stuttered when he finally could speak. He reached his hand to touch him as if to make sure it wasn't an imagination or a dream and when he ensured that it was indeed real he began to shake his head in refusal.

"Im...impossible." He said crawling backwards.

Lucian took a few steps toward him and the soldier kept crawling backwards until the cement wall behind him blocked his way.

"Pl...please. I did nothing wrong. I...I just did what...what I was ordered." He said shaking in fear. "Please...I will do whatever you want. Just...don't kill me." He said throwing himself at Lucians feet.

Lucian had no intention of killing him...yet. "Yes you will. You will go and tell Pierre that I am coming for him. Tell him to be prepared."


Pierre was enjoying his time with his women, or maybe not much. Hazel kept coming to his mind and he wondered where she could be hiding. Why he was so obsessed with her he couldn't understand but the more she resisted him the more he wanted her. He was determined to make her his.

"Are you not enjoying yourself, Your Highness." One of his mistresses Kayla spoke next to his ear as her hands slid down his chest.

"No I am not. You should all leave!" He said standing up and pulling up his robe. They looked at him confused for a while but then left quietly.

He was in a bad mood although he couldn't understand why. He had everything, he had money, power and beautiful women, lots of them. He couldn't be feeling down because of one worthless woman whom his brother had already used. No, he would not let himself feel down because of her.

Pouring some wine into his glass he was about to sit down and relax when suddenly someone knocked loudly on the door. "I need to speak to you Your Highness. It's important."

Had they found Hazel?

"Come in!" Pierre called.

One of his guards David barged into the room, panting, looking like he had seen a ghost. "Your highness…" He looked like he was going faint anytime.

"What is it?"

"I...I…" He tried to catch his breath. "I just saw His highness Lucian. He is alive."




"What nonsense are you saying?"

"I swear Your Highness. I saw him with my two own eyes." David shook as if remembering what he had seen.

Fear crept its way slowly into Pierre's heart. Lucian could not be alive. He had made sure that his brother was not breathing before letting the guards take him away.

"You said you burned him." Pierre accused.

"I...I did." David said his eyes widening in realization and fear at what he had done. "He will not spare my life." He said more to himself.

The horror on David's face was so real that it made Pierre wonder how his brother could have survived all that? Was he really the devil's son?

He chuckled darkly. That was ridiculous. David must have been feeling guilty that he started imagining things.

"Just leave." He said waving with his hand.

David stared at him for a short while then with a low voice, as if he was scared that someone would hear him he said "He is coming for you. He told me to tell you to be prepared."

A frown settled on Pierre's face and heart began to pump in fear. "Stop talking nonsense and Leave!" He yelled.

Lucian could not be alive and even if he was he couldn't have entered the castle without anyone noticing. Everyone here knew what he looked like.

Pierre took a deep breath to calm himself down. He had nothing to be scared of yet he put more guards outside his room before he went to sleep.

Lucian watched his brother turning back and forth in his bed while unable to sleep. This was only the beginning. Pierre would have many more sleepless nights.



I jumped at the sound of Irene's voice. Turning around I found her standing in the middle of the room with shoulders dropped. Her once gorgeous face looked unhealthy and her once vibrant eyes looked dead.


"I know you probably don't want to see me but I couldn't help myself from coming to see you." She rubbed her hands together nervously. "I wanted to tell you everything but I couldn't because of the curse. Now I guess you already know."

She was speaking of being Lucian mother.

"Yes I know."

As she looked more closely at me a frown settled on her face. "Oh…" She breathed. "Who did this to you?" She said crossing the distance between us an grabbing my shoulders to look more closely. Her sad face turned into one of anger, as if she wanted to punish whoever hurt me.

"Yes, I want to." She said and I could hear the anger in her voice. My once closest friend, my only friend turned out to be Lucians mother. I still couldn't digest that fact.

Irene's expression turned into one of sadness again upon hearing my thoughts. "I am sorry." She apologized. "I know you are angry with me but I can't let you stay here. You have to come with me."

I shook my head. "I want to see Lucian. He needs me."

"It's dangerous to stay here and Lucian doesn't remember yo.." Before she could finish the sentence she stopped herself and looked at me apologetically

"So he is really not pretending?" I asked feeling my heart break into thousand pieces.

"No… but don't worry. He will remember you."

I felt my eyes tear up. " And if he doesn't?"

"He will." She assured.

"Why doesn't he remember me?" I heard my voice crack. No, I was not going to cry again.

"He probably feel to much guilt that it's painful for him to remember." Now her eyes teared up.

"Guilt? Why?"

"Because he feels that he failed to protect you. He feels guilty for leaving you behind in the hands of his enemies. He probably imagined many times before he died what would happen to you once he left and it was too painful for him, so he suppressed all his memories that includes you."

Oh Lucian. I didn't know he was in so much pain. I needed to make him see that I was just fine.

"I want to see him Irene. Please take me to him." I was almost crying.

Irene sighed. "He can hurt you right now."

"No he won't."

Irene sighed. "Alright, come with me."


Lucian was half asleep when he heard the door to his room open quietly and someone sneaking inside. He slowly reached for the dagger under his pillow making himself ready as the person's footsteps neared, but then suddenly Lucian stiffened. He recognized this scent, the scent of honey and coconut, the scent of Hazel.

What was she doing here and how did she get in?

Putting the dagger back he pretended to be asleep. Hazel walked closer, he could feel her leaning over him and then slowly she sat down on the bed next to him. After that it was quite for a while and then he felt her fingers on his face, removing the hair from his face and tucking it behind his ear.

"Lucian." She whispered his name but he kept his eyes closed. "You have gone through alot and I could do nothing to help you." She ran her fingers through his hair. "I don't want you to hurt anymore. I wish you could come with me and leave all this behind. We could live happily together and forget about the hurt and the pain." It was silent for a moment. "Is that possible?" She then asked. She seemed to ask herself more than him.

Slowly she leaned even closer to him and Lucian wondered what she was about to do before he felt her lips on his forehead. "I love you." She whispered and then stood up to leave.

Lucian panicked for an unknown reason and grabbed her wrist to prevent her from leaving. Hazel gasped startled but then looked back at him. "You are awake." She looked shocked and scared.

Lucian looked up at her. "Don't leave." He said to his surprise which seemed to surprise her as well. She was a little reluctant but then decided to stay with him. He made some place for her on the bed next to him and she lay down carefully. There they lay face to face looking at each other, both a bit confused by what they were doing.

"How did you get in here?" he asked breaking the silence.

"You're guards are sleeping." She whispered.

"Why did you come here?"

"I wanted to see you."

Why he wanted to ask but then again he knew what she would say, because he was her husband. He felt as though he was, since he felt way too comfortable with her.

From what he had learned, he was only married once and to a princess from Maebeth whom his brother would never keep alive. This woman was alive and she could not be human. She had been able to see through his disguise and he could not read her thoughts like other humans. She was something else and she probably wanted something from him. What he didn't know but there was one way to find out, to keep her close to him and play along with her. Eventually she would show her true colors.

"I am dirty, and your bed is clean." She said when it became too quiet.

"It's alright. Get some sleep." He said then closed his eyes and before he knew he was already asleep.


Lucian woke up feeling refreshed. It had been so long since he had a good sleep and without a nightmare. He wondered what went different this time, but that's when he noticed Hazel sleeping next to him. Was she the reason? How could he have fallen asleep and even felt comfortable next to a woman he suspected to be his enemy?

Lucian stared at Hazel's relaxed face as she was asleep. She looked so innocent that he had a hard time believing she could be anyone's enemy at all. He reached for her face, feeling her now bruised skin under his fingers. He felt a sudden urge to punish whoever did this to her. Caring for someone he didn't even know made him feel even more upset.

"Hazel." What am I supposed to do with you?

Hazel opened her eyes slowly as if she had heard her name being called. Afte blinking several times she looked at him and smiled. That smile, that annoying yet beautiful smile tugged at his heart in strange ways. Lucian got hastily out of bed, irritated by his own feelings. Hazel sat up and looked at him with a hurt expression that she tried to hide.

"You can use the bathroom to clean up." He said as an excuse to be without her for a moment, to collect his thoughts.

"Thank you." She smiled getting out of bed and then tiptoed to the bathroom.

Lucian let out a deep breath once she was out of sight. This woman was doing things to his mind and body. What was wrong with him? He had seen much more beautiful women than her and still not felt the way she made him feel. He paced back and forth in the room trying to calm his nerves down, but his demon was being rebellious again.

I thought we made peace, he told his demon as if his demon was someone other than himself. His demon was only a name for his dark side, the evil inside of him, the anger, the wickedness, the frustration and of course the l.u.s.t and hunger. The will to manipulate and to seduce was usually what his demon enjoyed the most and usually that side of him, his demon was stronger than his good side.


Hazel's voice interrupted his fight with his demon but as he turned around and laid eyes on her he knew there was no going back.

Hazel was standing in front of him, wet and with nothing but a small towel wrapped around her body.

"I couldn't put my dirty clothes back on." She said completely innocent.

Lucian slowly strolled toward her fully aware that he had let his demon win. Hazel didn't step away and there was no fear in her eyes this time as he grabbed her face softly.

"Good." He breathed. "I want you n.a.k.e.d."




It felt so refreshing to get clean and the hot water was very soothing, but I couldn't spend the whole day here even though I wanted to. Washing the soap off I began to dry myself with a clean towel that I found. I was surprised by how many bruises I found on my body while drying myself. I must look awful I thought.

Once I was dry I looked around for something to wear, but there was nothing. That meant that I had to walk out with only a towel. I didn't want Lucian to see my bruised body and cause him even more guilt, but since I had no other option I walked out of the bathroom and into the chamber.

There I found Lucian pacing back and forth looking disturbed and in deep thoughts that he didn't even notice my presence.

"Lucian." I called carefully.

Lucian stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around. His eyes widened in surprise.

"I couldn't put my dirty clothes back on." I said explaining why I was half n.a.k.e.d.

He stood completely still and looking appalled for a short while but then slowly something flickered in his eyes and his gaze darkened. I don't know what happened but suddenly he was standing right infront of me, so close I could smell his addictive scent.

"Good." He said grabbing my chin gently and lifting my head so that I was looking into his eyes. Then he leaned closer, "I want you n.a.k.e.d." He said in a deep husky voice that made my heart race. It had been so long since I felt this way and I just wanted him to kiss me, and do much more.

As if knowing what I was thinking he grabbed the back of my head and devoured my mouth. I sighed into his mouth at the sudden pleasure that I felt and wrapped my arms around his neck. His kiss was hot, persistent and hungry making my legs wobble in weakness and my breath hitch.

I pushed him away slightly just to catch my breath but he held me in place and continued kissing down my jaw and further down to my neck. I shut my eyes and threw my head back feeling his hot mouth nip and suck its way up to my mouth again. This time he slid his tongue inside and the taste of him made all rational thoughts leave my mind. All I wanted was feel him, taste him. Yes, this time I was the one that wanted him n.a.k.e.d.

I tugged at the strap on his robe to take it off but he suddenly grabbed my wrists and broke the kiss.

"Wait." He breathed heavily holding my wrists in a steel grip.

"I don't want to wait anymore. I want you." I need you.

I sounded like a desperate woman, or maybe I was but I didn't care. It wasn't a sin to want your husband.

Slowly he let go of my wrists and I thought he was going to leave, but instead he took off his robe. It felt strange to look at his bare body, and now thinking about it even his face. Even though I knew he was Lucian it would be strange to be with him looking like this. I wanted to be with him looking like himself.

"I want to see you." I said.

He looked at me for while, "more?" He asked then began to open the botton on his pants.

"No, I don't mean like that." I almost panicked despite having seen him completely n.a.k.e.d. "I mean I want to see the real you, I want to see Lucian."


Suddenly something clicked in Lucian head. Wait! Was Hazel seducing him on purpose just to make him expose himself? But what would she get out of it? Still, he shouldn't trust her, he knew he shouldn't, not after everything he went through, but it was too late to convince himself. He already trusted her. Those innocent eyes of her told him he could trust her, told him that she would never do anything to hurt him. As he looked into those eyes he saw a reflection of his own feelings, pain, guilt and a deep longing to be together.

Yes, he wanted this woman. Not just today but everyday. He knew he was being insane but it didn't matter anymore. Everything felt right with her, it felt as if she was made for him. Made to make him feel safe, to make him feel loved and happy and forget about all the pain even if it was for a short while.

"Is it important?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yes. I want to feel you and not somebody else."

Lucian let his disguise fall off and watched Hazels expression carefully. She looked at him surprised for a long while that he became concerned.

"Is something wrong?"

Hazel shook her head violently still her eyes wide. " You just look more beautiful than I remember."

Lucian couldn't help the smile that crept to his face. To be called beautiful by this particular woman made him happy.

Then suddenly Hazel frowned and extended her hand to touch his hair. "Your hair. You cut your hair?" she said shocked.


"This short?!" She almost sounded upset.

Why did Lucian suddenly feel as if he was being scolded? She had just said that he was beautiful, did she change her mind? He knew he that he had cut more than half his hair and now it was only a bit past his shoulders but he hoped that she wouldn't dislike it.

"You don't like it?" He asked.

She tilted her head slightly and looked at him with amus.e.m.e.nt. " You look good in whatever. I was just a little surprised." She smiled at him.

That smile again made him lose track of his thoughts. He slid one arm around her waist and pulled her against him. He didn't want to talk anymore. He wanted her, and he wanted her now.

"Do you still want me?" He asked.

She nodded blushing.

"But we have to do this quietly. You can't make a sound."

Lucian could hear Hazel's heart race inside her chest. Hell, even his heart was racing at the thought of not making a sound. He was already imagining Hazel biting her lip and digging her nails into his shoulders to stifle a m.o.a.n and he imagined himself teasing her until she couldn't stay quiet anymore.

"I can't promise." Hazel said with a heavy breath.

"You have to." He said sliding his hand up her bare leg while pressing his lips to her neck.

The thought of her promising him and then making her break her promise was very tempting.

Why did he want play this sly game with her so badly?

"Alright." She sighed wrapping her arms around him.

"Alright what?" He asked kissing up her jaw.

"I...I promise."

Good he thought. Because now he wanted to play a game with her. How long would it take him to make her break her promise?




I could not make a sound? Good lord!

Why did the thought of it arouse a fluttering feeling to my stomach?

Lucian drew his lips from mine and looked at me worriedly.

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked. "If you don't want to I'm not going to force you."

I was confused. Had I done something to make him believe I didn't want to? I thought I sounded desperate.

"You are trembling and you seem stressed." He explained.

"Oh…" Yes I was stressed, stressed to have him. It was like I couldn't wait. "I am trembling in need Lucian. I need you." I assured him not the least embarrassed.

Lucian's eyes darkened and he took my mouth with his in a wild kiss. His hands roamed the sides of my body, down my back, over my bottom and then grabbing my thighs he lifted me up. Taking the hint I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried toward the bed without taking his lips away from mine. There he lay me down gently and pulled away.

A sigh of frustration escaped my lips at the absence of his closeness. He looked down at me where I lay between his legs, his eyes studying me with curiosity. I could still not believe my eyes everytime I saw at him. I had always thought he looked to good to be true but now looking at him he took my breath away. I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly changed about his appearance, he just seemed overall different.

Slowly he hovered over me, using one arm to support his weight while the other hand went to graze my thigh. He leaned in and placed soft quick kisses on my lips teasingly until I couldn't control myself anymore. Reaching up, I grasped his hair and brought his face closer to mine, seeking his mouth, wanting more of the sweet taste of his lips.

His lips curved into a smile at my desperation before he gave in and kissed me in the same desperate need that I was feeling. His lips moved with greed, nipping and sucking, making me shudder with want. My hands reached for him feeling his body, clutching at the muscles on his arms and back. The feel of his bare skin made me wish that I was n.a.k.e.d, I wanted feel his skin moving against mine.

Lucians kisses moved down my jaw trailing his tongue over my earlobe. A sigh escaped my lips and my body shuddered involuntarily.

"You like that?" He murmured in my ear.

I shivered again and nodded.

"What about this?" He asked and kissed right under my ear. That was my weak spot. How did he know? Did he remember?

But the thoughts fled my head as quickly as heat spread through my body. My breath came out in shallow pants as he continued to torture me with his tongue. I tilted my head back and arched against him while feeling his hand trailing down my chest and then swiftly removing the towel from my body.

Cold air hit my skin before Lucians warm body pressed against mine. I bit my lip and fought hard not to make a sound at the feel of his bare skin against mine.

Lucian's body tensed for a moment before he drew back. I opened my eyes quickly afraid that he had changed his mind and decided to leave but we locked eyes all I saw was a burning hunger. Yes, his eyes seemed to burn, literally. The flames in them seemed wild, as if they wanted to consume me.

My heart began to race as his gaze swept over my body. His jaw tensed and the flames in his eyes seemed to burn hotter. This time I didn't feel shy at all under his gaze, I just wish he would touch me while watching me.

As if reading my thoughts he ran two fingers down the path between my b.r.e.a.s.t, following the movement with his gaze. I shut my eyes feeling heady with desire. I had promised to not make a sound but I was screaming inside as his fingers continued down my stomach but stopped just right above my pelvic before traveling up again.

I thought I was losing my mind before he ran his fingers around each one of my b.r.e.a.s.ts excruciatingly slow. I whimpered in need of his touch.

"Shhh…" He said leaning down and brushing his lips lightly against mine. "I haven't started yet."

Then he cupped my b.r.e.a.s.t in his palm, massaging it's fullness and then squeezing it lightly while covering my mouth with his, muffling the sound that was about to escape my lips. I writhed beneath him, freeing my legs and then wrapped them around his waist, wanting to feel him closer but his pants were in the way.

My hands searched for the buttons on his pants but before I could do anything he grabbed my wrists and pinned them down.

"Not yet, or I might lose my mind." The hunger in his voice sent a shiver down my spine, but I was glad I wasn't the only going mad.

Releasing my wrists he moved his hand to my other b.r.e.a.s.t, brushing a tight peak before capturing it and rolling it between his finger and thumb.

"Oh." I sighed unable to stop myself as jolts of pleasure shot through my body and settled between my legs.

"What did you promise me?" He asked lowering his head slowly while looking me in the eyes. I felt his hot breath between my b.r.e.a.s.ts and I knew what was about to come. My stomach quivered in anticipation as his fingers grazed the sides of my body before digging into my h.i.p.s.

"What did you promise Hazel?" He repeated.

"To not make I sound." I breathed even though I wasn't sure I could keep my promise.

"And if you make a sound?" He continued, his hand reaching my inner thighs. He didn't even start I was close to breaking my promise. "What should I do with you?" He asked. "Tell me."

"I...I don't know." I couldn't think straight.

"Should I stop touching you?" His hand slowly moved up my inner thigh.

"No, please." I thought I was going to die if he stopped touching me.

"Then keep your promise."

I nodded and he grinned devilishly.

"Good." He breathed against my skin before trailing his tongue up the path between my b.r.e.a.s.ts and around them teasingly. I squirmed uncontrollably but Lucian's arms came around my back to hold me in place.

This time he captured a peak with his mouth and sucked on it lightly. My body jerked as I became delirious with l.u.s.t. The annoying ache that settled between my legs intensified.

"More" I whispered but it almost came out as a cry.

Oh, did I break my promise? Would he stop touching me? No, please.

Lucian didn't stop. He worked one b.r.e.a.s.t with his mouth and the other with his fingers. This time I got completely lost in his sweet torture. My body was not mine anymore, it was acting on its own accord, writhing and rubbing against him to ease the aching between my thighs.

Lucian hissed and drew back. "God, what are you doing to me?"

I took the chance to catch my breath but as he began to undress completely my breath caught in my throat. My gaze traveled down his perfectly sculpted body, before settling on the hardness between his legs. I hadn't felt embarrassed this whole time but this time I felt my cheeks burn.

Lucian chuckled at my reaction and leaned down to kiss me. This time I kissed him back fiercely touching every part of his body without shame before taking his hardness into my hand. He made an animalistic sound deep in his throat and his muscles tensed.

"You are going to be the death of me." He said and I couldn't help but smile inwardly, proud of myself for making him feel that way.

He took my hand away, "I want it to last." He explained before moving his lips down my body. He kissed my stomach, swirling his tongue around my belly before moving down my h.i.p.s. I didn't realize that my h.i.p.s were sensitive as well. I found myself curling my toes and the aching between my legs became unbearable.

"Lucian." I gasped, grasping his hair.

"I know." He cut off and then moved up capturing my lips with his. I returned the kiss with the same intensity, wrapping both my arms and legs around him. I could feel his hardness press against my pelvic and I couldn't help but thrust my h.i.p.s against him.

Lucian growled against my lips. Taking my hands he pinned them above my head with one hand while the other slowly slid between my thighs touching me where I needed to be touched the most. I cried into his mouth at the intense sensation that went through my body.


God, I begged everytime. I just couldn't stop.

"Please, what?" He said lower his head to my b.r.e.a.s.ts again. My mind went blank as I felt his hot breath on my skin then ever so slowly he flicked his tongue over a peak before taking it into his mouth all while still touching the wetness between my legs.

This time I couldn't help the m.o.a.n that escaped my throat. I was far too gone to think about keeping my promise. Touching two of the most sensitive parts of my body at the same time was to much to handle and soon I was making a lot of noise.

Begging, panting, squirming until his fingers were inside of me.

I cried out, digging my fingers into his back while arching up against him. His fingers slid in and out pushing me to madness, making every muscle in my body tense. Just when I thought I was going to explode he took his fingers aways. I cried out again, this time in frustration.

Why did he stop? I opened my eyes and saw a confused look on his face.

"Is something wrong?" I asked breathless.

His gaze moved to my neck searching and then his eyes widened with realization.

"We did this before? And...and I bit you?"

As he spoke I realized his teeth had grown again, now looking like fangs.

He seemed disgusted and confused.

I catched my breath and then sat up. I took his face in my hands and gazed into his eyes. " You are different Lucian and I always liked you that way. You will slowly and eventually remember everything until then I will be here for you." I smiled.

"You are not scared?"

I shook my head. "You would never hurt me and you know it deep down. You might not remember me but you feel me the way I felt you even though your were disguised as someone else."

"Are you really my wife?"

The way he asked pained me. He sounded desperate for answers. I could only imagine losing my memories and feeling utterly lost.

"Until you remember I will be whatever you want me to be."




Klara hadn't believed Roshan when he'd told her that Lucian was alive but then she saw Irene crying with happiness and sadness at the same time after meeting her son she was assured that Lucian was indeed alive. She had cried as well, in relief, together with Irene. That day had felt like forever.

Now she was sitting in the garden, alone, thinking of what to do next. She could not stay here forever, she didn't want to feel like a burden.

"You are not a burden and you can stay here as long as you want." Suddenly Irene spoke from nearby as though she had been there the whole time.

Klara turned her head slightly and found Irene strolling toward her looking as her usual self, beautiful and elegant at the same time.

"You can hear my thoughts." Klara asked surprised.

"Don't be so surprised. I told you I was a witch." Irene smiled and came to sit next to her on the bench.

"Why are you so nice to me?" Klara asked. "I was not very nice to your son and his wife."

Irene smiled. "You loved my son despite sensing that he was different. How were you not nice to him?"

Klara looked down at her hands. There were things that Irene didn't know. Things like how she forced Lucian and threatened Hazel. She wasn't proud of those things.

"I know those things." Irene said surprising her again. "Sometimes love can make us do crazy things. What matters is that you helped them in the end and... I actually enjoyed your fight with Hazel." She laughed. "You are a strong and determined woman who goes after what she really wants. Not many have that courage."

Klara was confused. Irene liked her despite knowing everything? This woman really amazed her.

"As I said, you can stay here as long as you want."

"I might never find somewhere to go." Klara said realizing the gravity of her own words. What if she really never found somewhere to go?

"I doubt that." Irene smiled, her eyes swirling with the knowledge of something that Klara couldn't understand. Then swiftly she stood up "I'll see you at dinner." She said and left.

Klara sat alone again, her thoughts drifting away to Lucian. Was he alright? Was Hazel alright? Klara knew that if Hazel got hurt then that would hurt Lucian and she didn't want him to hurt because that would hurt her.

And then slowly her thoughts drifted to Astrid. Her sister must be so worried right now. Klara felt guilty for being the troublemaker. She always put her sister in difficult situations and made her worry. She really was good for nothing.

With sunken shoulders Klara stood up to walk back to her room when she took notice of Roshan standing two steps away. She had almost walked into him if she hadn't looked up.

"God, you scared me. Don't you know how to keep a distance?"

Again his lips curved into that wicked smile that annoyed her so much. She had tried her best to avoid him these last few days but it was difficult since she was living in his house. Everytime he spoke to her she found herself blushing, everytime he looked into her eyes she found herself losing track of her thoughts and stuttering, and everytime he smiled like that she found herself wanting to slap him and kiss him at the same time. He was just plain annoying.

"Why? Do I make you nervous?" He asked.

"Nervous?" She laughed nervously. "You don't make me feel anything."

"Is that why you are avoiding to look at me?"

Klara lifted her chin and looked directly into his eyes. The way he looked back at her made her heart skip a beat. Why did he have to look so good? It would have been easier to hate him if he didn't.

"I am looking at you now." She said challengingly. "Now if you will excuse me." She pushed past his shoulder but he grabbed her wrist preventing her from leaving.

Klara was about to jerk her hand away when he said. "I can take you to your sister."

How did he know? Klara turned back, "I thought you couldn't read my thoughts."

"I cannot...well, most of the time. Anyway, do you want to go and see your sister or not?"

Klara nodded, suddenly excited and happy. This time she didn't bother to ask how, they would probably go through some gate or the ground might open and swallow them. Anyway, she didn't care. She just wanted to see her sister.

He pulled at her wrist and drew her into his arms. "Close your eyes." He said and Klara complied. She shut her eyes tightly and wrapped her arms around him in a steel grip embracing herself for whatever was coming, but nothing happened. She just felt some weird sensation go through her body before Roshan told her to open her eyes again.

Klara opened her eyes and realized that she was in Astrid's room, already.

"Oh...that was fast." She breathed but risky. What if Astrid or some maids had been in here?

"I made sure no one was here before we came." He explained. "Stay here, I will bring your sister."

Klara panicked and grabbed his arm to stop him. "How? They will see you if you leave here."

"Don't worry. I have some tricks under my sleeve." He winked then left.

Klara waited and waited, getting more anxious for every minute that passed by. What if Roshan got caught? What if he was in trouble because of her?

Just when she decided to leave and look for him the door to the room opened and Astrid entered. At first she didn't notice her but as she walked further in she almost stumbled back at the sight of Klara. Her eyes widened in shock.

"Klara? How…? Are you alright?"

Klara didn't reply. She just went and hugged her sister. "I miss you."

"I missed you to." Astrid said wrapping her arms around her tightly. "I was so worried. I thought something happened to you. Where did you go?"

"I am sorry for making you worry, but I'm alright. I'm staying with a friend."

Astrid took a step back and looked at her sister skeptically. "What friend? I didn't know you had friends." She whispered with tears in her eyes.

"There is someone." Klara smiled.

"Did that friend bring you here?" Astrid asked.

Klara nodded.

"Can you trust that person?"

"Yes, don't worry."

Astrid sighed not entirely satisfied. "Rasmus will calm down eventually so make sure to come back. Until then be careful." She said.

"I will."

After talking for awhile it was time for Klara to go back. She kissed and hugged her sister tightly, telling her not to worry.

"Now, my friend is waiting outside. I need your clothes."

Astrid undressed and gave her dress to Klara and then they said goodbye again before Klara went to look for Roshan where they decided to meet. Now she could walk without hiding since everyone thought that she was Astrid, the benefits of being Identical twins she thought with a smile.

Klara hurried to the castles rooftop where Roshan was already waiting.

"I am sorry I took so long." She said breathless after walking up all the stairs.

"It's alright."

Roshan took them back home without asking anything and Klara was relieved. She didn't feel like talking after seeing how worried her sister was. She wondered if she would ever be able to go back home and live with her siblings again. She missed them so much, especially Astrid.

Klara turned in bed and shut her eyes. Everything would be alright she told herself and tried to sleep but as much as she tried she couldn't.

This time her thoughts drifted to Roshan. Why was he helping her and even taking her to see her sister? And if he wasn't a witch then what was he?

Klara couldn't quite figure him out, or what he wanted and that bothered her, even more than the bruises that covered her body and hurt everytime she turned in bed. The whole sleeping experience was painful and bothersome so she decided to go out instead.

She wrapped her shoulders in a scarf and went to sit in the garden.

"Couldn't sleep?"

Roshan. He always seemed to appear out of nowhere.


He sat down opposite her, again wearing all black. She wondered what he would look like in other colors.

"Is something bothering you?" He asked in a soft tone that made her want to tell him everything.

"No, I am just not tired." She looked at him, his expression was soft, almost worried.

The wind blew some strands of his hair onto his face which he removed by running his finger through his hair. The more closely Klara looked at him the more impossibly beautiful he seemed, yet he had that dark aura that surrounded him, warning her of something unknown.

"I thought you would be relieved now that you have met your sister and know that Lucian is alive."

Yes, she should be more relieved but she wasn't. She had met her sister but she didn't know if they would ever be together again. And Lucian, yes he was alive but he could never be hers. She hoped that he was at least happy with Hazel. He deserved it after everything.

"Why did you love him?" Roshan asked suddenly. Klara knew he was talking about Lucian.

At first Klara liked Lucian because he had saved her, not just once but twice and then she liked him because he respected her and didn't treat her as just a body but as a human being. He showed her that he was a man who kept his word and protected and cared for other people. The opposite of what all the rumors said about him.

Klara had thought that she would like him less when she found out that he was married but as she saw his loyalty and love to his wife she liked him even more. Men like him were rare and difficult to find, therefore she had decided to become his second wife.

But slowly as she tried to convince him she realized that she was miserable. She went to bed every night feeling like the villain in the books she usually reads. The villain who tries to come in between the hero and the heroine. Klara didn't want to be the villain. She didn't want to go to bed feeling guilty and mean. She didn't want to be selfish or greedy. She knew she had to let him go, not just for his sake but for herself as well. Deep down she knew she wouldn't be happy after ruining someone else's happiness.

Then the day came, when Lucian finally agreed to marry her and she hadn't felt happy as she had expected, instead she felt strange and guilty. That made her realise that she indeed couldn't live with making the person she loved unhappy. How could that be called love? That was just her own greed. Yet, she had persisted for awhile because she couldn't imagine her life without him until she couldn't anymore. His heart already belonged to someone else, there was no meaning in just keeping his body so she let him go. She even helped him escape and after that even went to save his wife.

She smiled at her craziness. Irene was right. Love does indeed make us do crazy things. It had been very painful to let him go and she had felt very sad and empty but at least she was at peace with herself. She had felt proud of something she had done after such a long time.

Maybe loving someone isn't always fighting for them, sometime letting them go is also a way of loving and that she learned the hard way.

"He seemed like someone who needed love." Klara shrugged.

Roshan just looked at her, his eyes focused as though he was trying to read her.

"By the way, thank you for taking me to see my sister." She smiled.

Something in the way he looked at her change. He made her nervous. "What?" She asked.

"I haven't seen you smile before. You look beautiful that way."

Klara felt her cheeks burn. "Thank you." She said shyly, but then quickly tried to change the topic. "But you still haven't told me what you are? You said you are not a witch and I know you are no ordinary man, then…?"

"Then what?" He raised a brow.

"Then what are you? And don't try to lie to me or make things up." She warned.

"If I don't, I don't think you can handle the truth."

"Try me." She challenged.

Roshan watched her silently for a while. "I am a demon."




I lay in bed with Lucian while watching the clouds outside the window. He was sleeping while I was trying to figure out what the clouds looked like. One of them looked like a butterfly while the other looked like a scared ghost.
A scared ghost? That was funny but I didn't laugh or smile.
When I was younger, every time I felt sad I would watch the clouds. They would move, mix together and look like some funny creature that would make me laugh. I guess it didn't work anymore. Despite being happy that I was finally with Lucian I was still sad somehow.
Earlier he had told me to tell him everything, but as I started telling him I saw too much guilt and pain in his eyes, so I stopped.
"Why did you stop? Tell me." He said.
"Lucian, me telling you everything won't help you at all. It will only add to your confusion. It's better that you take your time and remember on your own. I will help you."
He looked at me hesitantly for awhile. "Alright, but just tell me one thing."
I nodded.
"What do I mean to you?"
I was surprised by the question. Of everything he could ask, of everything he probably wondered, I was surprised that he asked that particular question. Even if he didn't remember he still cared. He cared of whether he meant something to me or not.
"You mean everything to me. I loved you even when I hated you. I trusted you even when I doubted you. I was scared of you yet I felt the most safe with you. It doesn't make sense right? But then again nothing made ever sense with you. Even when I disliked you, doubted you and feared you I still fell in love with you. Do you know why?"
He just looked at me. "Because you are Lucian, man of light, my light. You have brought so much brightness into my life that I was unable to see anything else. I could just see your light and your love and I can still see it now."
A tear fell down his cheek and I wiped it away with my thumb. I didn't realize that I was crying too before he wiped a tear away from my face as well. Then he drew me into his arms and hugged me tightly.
"I am sorry I can't remember."
"It's alright." Maybe it was for the better. I feared that if he remembered he wouldn't forgive himself. Still, some part of me, the selfish part of me wished that he would remember. I didn't want to be the only one remembering all the precious moments we had together.
He drew me closer and as I lay in his arms he had gone to sleep quickly as if he hadn't had any sleep for days. And there I lay watching the clouds, happy and sad at the same time until he woke up again.
He squinted his eyes at me, "How long did I sleep?"
"Not very long." I smiled. "You seemed really tired?"
He nodded. "I have been unable to sleep since…" He stopped as if he was about to say something he shouldn't. "...for a long time." He then proceeded. "But strangely everytime you are with me I am able to sleep well."
"I am glad." I smiled.
"Hazel, it's not safe for you here. I will find a way to take you out of here."
"You don't have too. I can leave myself, but...but can't you come with me? I don't want to lose you again."
I knew he wouldn't agree but it was worth trying.
"There are things I need to take care of." He said.
"Do you really have to? Can't you just forget everything and start anew with me?"
He put his hand on my cheek and caressed it with his thumb. "I wish I could. But I feel like going crazy if I don't punish anyone."
I could see it in his eyes. Anger, betrayal, guilt, pain and vengeance. I should let him do what he wants if that gives him even the tiniest bit of relieve, so I just nodded. "Alright."
"But how will you leave?"
"There are people I trust that can take me out of here."
"Are you sure you can trust them?" He asked.
I nodded.
"Then why didn't you leave before?"
I was waiting for you, I wanted to say but that would only add to his guilt.
"I couldn't reach them but now I can." I lied.
Pierre was losing his mind these days. First the guard had told him he had seen Lucian then several other guards and maids thought that they had seen Lucian and now the whole kingdom was talking about how his brother could be alive.
But it wasn't only the talking that had been bothering him, it was the nightmares as well. He had dreamt of Lucian, towering over his sleeping body, putting his hands around his neck and strangling him. The dream would feel so real, that when he woke up in the morning his neck would feel sore and he would find fingerprints on it.
He was probably just being paranoid, but even tonight as he tried to sleep he could feel someone in his room, hiding in the darkness and waiting until he fell asleep so that it could harm him. He began to sweat and his heart thumbed inside his chest. He wanted to call the guards inside but he was afraid that rumors about him being scared of the darkness would spread in the castle. A king could not show fear so he swallowed the lump in his throat and curled in bed shaking and waiting for the night to end.
"Your highness. Are you ill? You don't seem well." A maid asked the next morning as she helped him get dressed.
Pierre slapped her across the face. "I am fine." He yelled. "Stop talking and do your work."
He was boiling over. He was supposed to get married and strengthen his position as a king, not have sleepless nights because of some baseless rumors.He needed to get married soon so he went to meet Alexander to set a date for the marriage.
Alexander was sitting at the table in the dining room, having his Lunch. When Pierre walked inside everyone stood up and bowed except for Alexander. He continued to eat without even looking up.
There was something about Alexander that Pierre didn't like much. He seemed very arrogant.
"I hope you are enjoying your lunch." Pierre said to get his attention.
Alexander put his fork and knife down slowly on each side of the plate then grabbed the napkin and wiped his mouth.
"I am." He looked up and then he arched one brow. "You don't look well."
"I am fine. Thank you for your concern."
"Oh...I am very concerned. I keep hearing rumors about your brother, that he might be alive. How can I let you marry my sister with such rumors circulating?"
Pierre cursed inwardly. He needed this marriage and these rumors were ruining all his plans. "I thought you were a man who didn't care about rumors?" Pierre said.
"You thought right. But this is about your brother you see, the one who is said to be the devil's son. By the way…, I am really curious. Why do they call him that?"
Pierre tried to think, but he couldn't remember exactly when people started to call his brother the devil's son. When he was little he just remembered his father warning him to play with Lucian and when he got older he just hated his brother. He always seemed to get all the attention whether it was from soldiers because of his fighting skills or from women because of his looks. Even his own wives and mistresses couldn't help but stare at him everytime he walked into a room.
He hated that man and he couldn't count how many times he wished his brother was dead. But everytime he and his father sent him to war, hoping that he would never come back they always got disappointed. Not did he just come back but he came back with victory and as a hero. People seemed to like him despite fearing him and despite the rumors. He couldn't stand that man and his guts.
"You know people just want something to gossip about."
"Don't underestimate gossip. It can cause a lot of damage." Alexander said standing up. "You need to take care of this mess before the marriage and if your brother is really alive then…"
"He is not." Pierre cut off anger building inside.
"I wouldn't be so sure if I was you." Alexander threw the napkin on the table then strode out of the room.
Lucian, that man, why was he still hunting him? Why could he just never disappear?!
Why?! Why?!
Grabbing the table cloth he threw everything off the table, his face turning red with fury. Some guards and maids came running into the room witnessing the mess he caused.
"I will kill whoever talks about Lucian. Do you understand?!" He yelled.
They nodded.
He turned to the guards. "Behead anyone who talks about him!" He said before stumping out of the room.
As he walked through the halls everyone looked at him as if he was crazed. They kept whispering and staring. He wanted to kill all of them but he would just prove that he was indeed deranged.
He went inside his room and found his wife Elsa there. "Get out. I need to be alone."
"Your highness, I need to tell you something."
"Not now. Leave!"
"It's Levi."
Pierre stopped. "What about him?"
"He says he saw his uncle. Lucian."




After messing around with Pierre for a while Lucian went back to his chamber. He had hoped to find Hazel even though they had agreed that she would leave while he was gone.
Lucian sighed disappointed. He knew it wasn't safe for her to stay, yet a part of him still hoped that he would find her here, because he already missed her. What had she done to him?
The air still carried her scent and he could vividly remember the warmth and softness of her body. The taste of her lips still lingered on his tongue and her sweet m.o.a.ns echoed in his ears. If she had still been here he would have pinned her to his bed again and this time he would have completed his task, but where was she right now?
Was she safe?Maybe he shouldn't have let her go. While pondering he noticed something on his pillow. It looked like a letter. He grabbed it and opened it.
It was from Hazel.
[ Dear husband.
I haven't left for good, I'll come back for you. Until then be safe and don't worry about me. I am somewhere safe.
I'll miss you.
Your wife. ]
Wife? The word echoed in his mind.
This is for slapping me wife. Are you planning on seducing me wife? Are you taunting me wife? No need to shy away wife. I'll be back wife.
He remembered saying those words. Those random memories, he tried to connect them together but he didn't succeed. One thing was sure, he had a wife and he loved her very much. If Hazel was his wife, he wasn't very sure, or maybe he didn't want to believe it.
Lucian burned the letter so that no one would find it then went to continue with his torture. He had nothing better to do anyway. Making himself invisible he teleported to Pierres room.
Pierre was getting ready for sleep and Lucian liked this part of the torture the most. He loved to see how his brother turned back and forth in his bed, with sweat running down his face and his heart thumping inside his chest. Tonight he wanted to scare him a little bit more so he walked near his bed making sounds with his footsteps.
Pierre's heart jumped inside his chest and he sat up quickly and looked around the room with wide eyes. "Who is there?" He whispered with a trembling voice.
When no one replied he looked around one last time and then slowly lay down again. He shut his eyes tightly and mumbled a few prayers.
Lucian waited till he calmed down before he could scare him again. He was enjoying this more than he should. He was so bent on scaring his brother and having his revenge that he even got Levi involved which he regretted already. Lucian wanted to keep Levi out of this fight.
When Pierre calmed down a bit Lucian went on with his mission. This time he moved a chair slightly so that it would make a creaking sound. Pierre shot his eyes open once again and his heart escalated but he didn't look around this time. He was too terrified. Lucian went ahead and touched him lightly on the back, so lightly that he would only think that someone was behind him.
Pierre stiffened then held onto his sheets tightly. He was fighting the urge to call for help. Lucian listened to his thoughts. His brother was trying to convince himself that it was all in his imagination and that he shouldn't be scared because Lucian was dead. He made sure of it. Maybe his men were trying to mess with him? But how? They got locked somewhere, or did someone escape?
Lucian froze for a moment. His men were alive? He never thought his brother would keep them alive for this long. He needed to find them, Pierre was already planning on killing them all tomorrow.
Lucian hurried to the dungeon where he thought that he might find them. He tried to listen or recognize their scent but it was dead quite and the stench was too much to bear, especially for his sensitive sense of smell. Now there was only one way to find them, to look through every cell.
He had to get them out tonight.
Lucian started to search every cell until he found Oliver. Oliver lay on the ground looking scrawny and lifeless but Lucian knew he was alive because he could hear his breathing.
He walked closer and was horrified to see his condition. He had almost no clothes and no meat on his bones.
"Oliver." He shook him slightly.
Oliver slowly opened his eyes but it was too dark so he could probably not see him.
"It's me, Lucian. I'll get you out of here."
It took him a moment to put the pieces together.
"Your Highness?" He breathed.
"Yes it's me."
Oliver stretched his hand and tried to follow where the sound came from. Lucian took his hand "I am here." He said.
Oliver eyes widened and searched in the darkness. "Your Highness. Is that really you?"
"Is" He was in disbelief.
"Where are the others?" Lucian asked. He didn't have much time.
"The others?" Oliver was confused and shocked. Lucian could understand why, so he gave him a moment to gather his thoughts. "I really don't know. They seperated us." He finally spoke.
"Alright. I will look for them and come back to you." Lucian said and stood up to leave but Oliver held his arm.
"Your highness. This time I really hope this is not a dream. I...I really hope that you have survived and… and if you haven't and came to see me in my dream then I hope you are in a good place."
Oliver had always been caring and soft spoken but this time his words effected Lucian deeply. His need for revenge increased and he couldn't wait to bring hell on earth for his brother.
"It's not a dream and I am not in a good place right now, neither are you. Wait for me and I'll take you out of here. "
Oliver nodded and Lucian hurried to find the rest of his men. He found several of them including Lincoln who surprised him with a hug.
Lucian held his breath because of the stench then cleared his throat uncomfortable by Lincoln's sudden reaction. Lincoln never acted on his feelings and he would think that Oliver would be the one to hug him rather than Lincoln.
Lincoln drew back immediately surprised by his own reaction as well. "I thought I would never see you again. How did you…?"
"I'll explain everything later. Follow me."
Lucian broke the lock on the cell with his hands and was thankful that it was dark so that no one could see then he took Lincoln to where he gathered the other and told him to wait.
"I'll find the rest." He said.
"I'll help." Lincoln spoke.
"It's too dark, you can't see. Just stay here."
Another person who surprised Lucian was Callum. In contrast to the others he didn't seem very surprised, in fact it seemed as though he was waiting for him.
"Your highness, I am glad you are safe." He said sounding as his usual self. His condition seemed better than the other but then again he was known for his stamina.
Lucian was glad to see that most of his men survived and they seemed glad to see him even though they were very confused and shocked at the same time. He could see that they had a lot of question but didn't dare to ask him anything.
Many of them were wounded and starved and could probably not walk without help but still he had to get them out.
"Your Highness, there are guards everywhere and as you can see we can barely walk let alone fight. We will get caught." A young soldier said.
"I took care of the guards. You only need to worry about getting out so help each other and I'll help you till the gate."
"What about you?" Oliver asked.
"I have to stay."
"But it's not safe here. We can't leave you alone." Lincoln protested.
"There is nothing you can do for me now in your condition. So I want you to leave and regain your strength. That's how you can help me."
"We will come back for you Your Highness."
"You better."




Klara sat in her room, thinking back of what Roshan had told her.
"I am a demon."
A demon? Klara had laughed even though he had sounded serious. "If you are a demon than I am an angel."
"I would believe you if you told me." He said.
The way he had looked at her back then had made her unable to breath. How could he say such words? Words that made her heart race and her body tingle. Words that made her cheeks burn and her breath hitch. Maybe he was a demon after all, slowly seducing her into the path of sin.
No! She needed to stay far away from him or else she might end up doing something she would regret.
"Klara?" Irene peeked her head from behind the door. Had Klara become deaf or did the people in this house not know how to knock on the door.
"Come in."
Irene opened the door further but she didn't step inside. "I just wanted to say that Hazel is here, in case you want to greet her."
Hazel? Klara stood up immediately and turned to the door. "Where is she?"
"This way." Irene said leading the way.
Halfway Klara started to question herself as to why she was so excited to meet Hazel. She never liked that woman so why?
No, she wasn't excited, she just wanted to make sure that Hazel was safe for Lucians sake.
"No need to convince yourself otherwise. I think you like Hazel." Irene said.
"This is rude. My thoughts are private." Klara said annoyed.
"Not if I can hear them." Irene mocked.
People in this house liked to mock Klara realized.
As they walked into a room the first thing Klara noticed was the woman sitting at the edge of the bed. As the woman turned Klara realized that it was Hazel. How?
Hazel's almost unrecognizable face lit with a smile.
"Klara. You are here?" She stood up.
Klara took a closer look and her stomach clenched. Who had done this to her? Hazels hair was ragged, her clothes torn and she looked thin, unhealthy thin and her arms were covered with bruises.
"Good lord, who did this to you?"
"I am alright." Hazel smiled. "What happened to you?"
Klara still had a few visible bruises on her face from her fight with Irene whose face now turned into one of guilt. Irene had apologized a hundred times and taken care of her but Klara knew she still felt guilty.
"Nothing much. You know I fight a lot."
Hazel nodded.
"I'll bring something to eat. Klara would you mind helping her change?" Irene asked.
"I can change myself." Hazel said quickly.
"I don't think you can even walk. I'll help you." Klara insisted.
Irene left to bring some food while Klara prepared a bath and brought some knew clothes. When she walked back into the room Hazel had already undressed, her body was covered with even more bruises and a few scars. Klara couldn't imagine what Hazel could have gone through.
Hazel quickly wrapped herself in a towel when she took notice of Klara then smiled. "You don't need to look so worried." She said.
"I am not, but you should be. As soon as you recover I am going to teach you how to fight and defend yourself."
"I look forward to that."
Once Hazel took a bath and got dressed they sat at the dining table with Irene and ate in silence. Everyone seemed to be lost in their own thoughts and for a moment Klara wished that she had Irene's ability so that she could know what they were thinking.
"You are probably tired so get some sleep." Irene told Hazel once they were done eating.
Klara had many questions to ask Hazel but seeing her conditions she decided to wait. It would probably bring back painful memories, she thought.
On her way back to her room she wondered where Roshan was since she hadn't seen him the whole day.
Wait! Why would she want to see him? She shook her head, she was losing her mind. As she entered her room her thoughts went back to Hazel. That woman must have gone through hell. Klara wanted to comfort her but at the same time slap her for her stupidity. Why didn't she come with Lothaire earlier?
With a sigh she began to untie her dress when someone suddenly cleared their throat. Turning around Klara found Roshan standing behind her with his arms behind his back.
Klara was sure that the room had been empty when she entered and that she had locked the door behind her, so when and how did he come inside?
"How…?" She began.
"I would tell you if you would believe me but you don't even believe what I told you last night."
"Well, it's not a believable thing you said."
"Nevermind, would you like to have a glass of wine with me?" He had been hiding a bottle of wine and two glasses behind his back.
Klara looked at the bottle in his hand. It had been so long since she had some mine so she thought it couldn't hurt to have some. Or maybe it was just an excuse to be with Roshan a little longer.
Before she could say anything Roshan already put the glasses and the table and began to pour some into each glass. "It doesn't hurt to have some, besides I am sure you have many question so why not ask them while having a taste." He put the bottle down then motioned toward the chair.
Klara went and sat down and so did he.
"I'll just have a taste." She said. She didn't want to get intoxicated.
"Suit yourself."
Klara grabbed the glass and took a sip but as the taste filled her mouth she realized she might have a little bit more than just a taste.
"Do you like it?"
Klara nodded. "Yes. It tastes really expensive."
"It is." He took a sip as well but his eyes stayed focused on her. His gaze was so intense that she looked down quickly.
"Don't look at me like that." She said embarrassed.
"How?" He asked putting his glass down slowly.
"…I don't know."
He seemed amused. "I think you do."
Klara looked up and met his gaze. Those Hazel eyes promised her things, things she didn't know but wanted to. What was he telling her with those eyes?
She wasn't very shy but the way he looked at her always made her blush.
Feeling nervous she gulped down the rest of the wine in her glass.
"I thought you would only have a taste?" He raised a brow.
A taste? Her gaze fell on his lips for a moment but she looked away quickly.
Roshan chuckled which embarrassed her even more.
"Want some more?" He asked.
Klara looked at the bottle again. She wanted to say no but the wine tasted so good and made her feel relaxed. Without saying anything she reached her glass out and Roshan poured some more into it.
"So you won't tell me what you really are?" She asked.
"I told you what I really am."
"A demon?" Klara said raising a brow in suspicion.
Klara sighed. "How do you expect me to believe that?"
"Think about it." He said "You do feel that I am different and I can do things normal people can't. So if I am not a witch than what am I?"
Was she really going to believe that he was a demon?
"If you are a demon than how can you look like this? Like a normal human being?"
"This is not how I actually look like. This is just how I appear to other."
"Then how do you actually look?"
He took another sip then put his glass down before looking her in the eyes. "Once you really deep down believe that I am a demon you might see what I really look like."
"Can't I see before that?" She asked.
"Only if I show you but I don't want to."
He narrowed his gaze. "It's not a pretty sight and you might never forget it."
Klara was getting frustrated. How did he expect her to believe him if he wasn't going to show her? Or maybe he was just messing around with. She gulped the second glass down then reached for a third one.
"You shouldn't drink so fast. Take it slowly." He said while pouring her some more-
Klara tried to drink slowly but she didn't know when she finished the third one and now reached for the bottle. Was this actually helping her? Then why did she suddenly miss Astrid and even Rasmus. She missed her home so much. Would she ever be able to go back?
What would happen to her know? She couldn't be living like this.
Klara reached for the bottle for the fifth time or was it the sixth she didn't know but Roshan took it out of her reach.
"I think you had enough." He said.
This annoying man. Why was he denying her a drink?
"Just one more." She said.
Wait, why did she sound so strange?
Strange women, Roshan thought. She had said that she would only have a taste but she almost drank the whole bottle. He had wanted to stop her earlier but she had looked so sad and so lost in her own thoughts.
"You are annoying." She said apparently drunk. "You.." She pointed "You were the one who suggested to have drink."
"Yes a drink. Not the whole bottle."
Her cheeks were flushed and she looked at him as though she wanted to fight him.
"I need more." She said stubbornly.
Standing up hastily she tried to reach for the bottle in his hand but lost her balance. Roshan quickly grabbed her by the waist with one arm while still holding the bottle with the other before she fell.
Klara looked up at him, at first startled but then slowly her lips curved into a smile. "You always hold me like this." She slurred.
"Oh well…" he let go of her and was about to take a step back when she wrapped her arms around him.
"I am not complaining." She said holding him tight. Roshan could feel her full b.r.e.a.s.ts pressing against his chest and her rich scent filled his senses. He needed to get away from her before he did something stupid while she was in this vulnerable state.
"I'll let you get some rest." He said trying to withdraw from her hold but she tightened her hold around him.
"Don't you want me?" She asked looking at him with a sad expression.
If she only knew, Roshan thought. Her mere presence had been torturing him all these days and he hadn't been able to think of anything but her.
"You don't find me desirable as well?"
As well? Who didn't find this woman desirable? Oh...she was probably talking about Lucian. Roshan felt jealousy stab him like a knife. She was still heartbroken.
"You are very desirable." He assured her.
Her arms slowly and sloppily went around his neck. "Would you kiss me then?"
Klara brought her face so close to his that he could feel her hot breath on his mouth. It took every amount of self restraint for him to not grab her by the hair and kiss her right there and then.
"Klara I…"
"You don't want me?"
God, she was torturing him.
"Would you make me your woman?"
Roshan stiffened. He knew this had nothing to do with him. He knew she was being like this because of Lucian and the alcohol but still.
"You don't say that to a demon."




Klara woke up feeling a bit disorientated. How and when she got into her bed, she couldn't quite remember. She wasn't even wearing her nightgown, which was strange because she always changed before going to sleep.
Not thinking further about it she went to freshen up. Once back into her room she changed into a new dress and began to comb her hair. What happened last night? She remembered drinking with Roshan, having one glass more of the delicious wine, but after that she just couldn't recall anything. She got probably wasted.
Foolish girl. You were only supposed to have a taste, she scolded herself.
Once she got ready she left the room and headed to the garden where Irene liked to serve tea every morning, but once she arrived only Hazel was seated there.
"Good morning." Klara greeted.
"Good morning." Hazel smiled.
Klara sat down and poured some tea for herself. "Did you sleep well?"
Why was she asking like she cared? But then she kept remembering all the bruises she saw and wondered if Hazel could even lay down without being in pain.
"Yes I did. You?"
"Well if you are not complaining then I can't say otherwise." She shrugged.
Hazel just smiled.
"I heard why you are here. I am sorry it turned out like this and I am forever grateful to you for saving and helping me."
"I am actually regretting it right now." Klara joked.
Hazel chuckled.
" Lucian alright?" Klara asked.
Hazel nodded. "Yes."
Klara looked down at her tea feeling suddenly strange in this situation but then she decided to say what she was really feeling so that she could get a closure and put everything behind her.
"Hazel. I Don't want to pretend like nothing happened anymore. Yes, I liked Lucian, I mean I still do but I just… I am not trying to get him anymore. I know I wasn't the nicest person to you and what I did was wrong but I was hurt and angry. Angry because...while I was waiting he got married to someone else. Hurt because he was the only person I ever liked but he couldn't be mine. Yes, I was selfish, I grew up learning to never give up but eventually I did because I wanted him to be happy and I wasn't the person who made him happy."
Klara felt her heart ache at the last sentence.
"What I am trying to say is…" She continued. "Is that Lucian belongs to you and I am not trying to change that...I just…"
"I know." Hazel cut off. "I have actually tried to put myself in your shoes. What if I liked someone very much and he suddenly showed up with a wife. What would I do? How would I feel? It's not like I could stop liking him suddenly just because he got married. I would probably be as angry as you were and project my anger onto someone else. It's understandable, you don't have to explain anything. I don't have any hard feelings for you."
Klara nodded a bit relieved that Hazel was understanding. Unlike her, Klara grew up using her fists instead of her mouth so she wasn't very good at explaining herself. This was actually the first time she had a long conversation with a woman other than her sister and it felt good.
"I can really understand why Lucian loves you." Klara smiled.
"You are not so bad yourself." Hazel said with a smug look on her face.
"Oh really?" Klara pretended to be surprised and Hazel chuckled. "By the way, where are the others?"
Hazel shrugged. "Irene said she had somewhere to be and the others, I am not sure."
Klara sighed. "You know, I am tired of just staying here. I want to go out for awhile. Want to join?"
"I am not sure. What if we don't find our way back?" She looked at the gate and just then it opened and Irene walked inside. "Well Irene is here, she could go with us." Hazel suggested.
"What are you two chattering about?" Irene said as she neared.
"Nothing. We just...I mean I wondered if we could go outside for awhile?"
"No darling it's very da…" She stopped as if changing her mind. "Actually you might want to with us somewhere."
"Yes, me and Hazel."
"Where are we going?" Hazel asked.
"Lucian released his men but they have a hard time reaching home safely."
Hazel stood up quickly. "Well then we have to help them."
"Yes. Are you ready to leave now?" Irene asked.
Hazel nodded.
"I am coming with you." Klara said.
"Let's go then."
Klara packed some food while Hazel went to fetch some water and Irene brought a few medical kits. When everything was packed Irene used her magic to transport them to where they could find the soldiers.
Klara gasped upon her arrival where the men were resting somewhere in the woods. Many were injured but most of them looked starved, their bodies only skin and boned. These men needed something to eat.
"Your highness." They noticed Hazel who was standing in the same place, frozen in shock. Then slowly her face turned into one of anger and concern but she tried her best to hide it.
"Oliver." She breathed looking at a young soldier who seemed to be in a very bad condition.
They all stood up and bowed.
"Your highness what brings you here?" They were all surprised.
"Lucian....sent me here to help you." Hazel stuttered.
They all looked at each other, probably wondering why Lucian would do that. Send his own wife to help them.
The one that Klara recognized as Lincoln looked at her questioningly but he didn't ask what she was doing there.
"You don't have to stand up, sit down. I got some food for you." She said and hurried to give everyone something to eat.
They looked happy and thanked her. Irene had already begun to tend to someone and Klara went to help. She went to a soldier who seemed to have hurt his leg.
"Can I look at it?" She asked kneeling down.
He looked at her surprised. "I am fine." He said.
"It doesn't look like it. Let me take a look." She said.
He just nodded with large eyes.
Klara looked at the wound on his leg. It was from a sword she could tell but fortunately it wasn't deep so there was no danger there. She just needed to keep it from getting infected so she began to clean it.
The man seemed uncomfortable and Klara understood that he knew who she was and having a princess kneel down and clean his wound could be distressing. When she was done cleaning she wrapped his wound with a piece of fabric.
"It's done." She said.
"Thank you." He breathed.
Klara went on to the next one and realized she knew this man, she just didn't know his name.
"Princess Klara, I didn't think I would see you again." He said. He seemed to be in a slightly better condition then the others despite having more injuries she realized.
"And you are?"
"Callum, My Lady and I am alright. I think the others need more help."
Klara looked around. No one seemed to be as badly injured as him and most of them only needed food.
"I'll help you first." She said and then without waiting for him to protest she began her task.
He didn't say anything else and got occupied with watching Hazel as she helped the others.
"You don't seem happy to see her." Klara said.
He averted his gaze and looked at Klara. "I thought Her Highness was dead." He got silent for a moment and inhaled deeply. " And even though I am very relieved to see her, I can see she has been through alot."
He was talking about the bruises and probably about how thin Hazel became.
Guards and maids without knowing usually got attached to the one they served the most and even though Callum was one of Lucians men, Klara could see that he was more attached to Hazel.
"She is strong, so she is probably fine now." Klara assured him.
"May I ask why you are here, My Lady?"
"It's a long story." Klara replied.
He just nodded but then took notice of Irene. She was hard to miss and all the men seemed to have their eyes on her. They weren't just looking, they were ogling and drooling.
"Who is she?" Callum asked staring at her.
Lucians mother, Klara thought with a shiver. And a witch by the way.
Klara still had a hard time digesting that fact. It would probably take her awhile and she still had many unanswered question on why everyone thought Lucians mother was dead, when she was very much alive.
"Just a friend." Klara shrugged. "I am done now."
"Thank you." He said.
Standing up she looked for anyone else who might need help but to her surprise Irene was very quick and took care of all those who were injured.
"I think we are done." Irene said brushing dirt off her dress.
"Yes," Klara said and then they both looked at Hazel who took her time to speak to everyone and make sure they were alright.
"She has a pure heart." Irene said watching.
Klara nodded in agreement. "She just needs to use her brain sometimes."
Irene chuckled. "You are funny."
Klara left to look for water to wash her hands with. As she found a bottle and grabbed it some pieces of her memory from last night came back. She remembered pouring more and more wine into her glass and drinking until she was wasted and, no, no!
She shook her head violently as her memory slowly came back. What had she done? How could she? No! God help her, she wished the earth would swallow her right then.
How would she ever be able to face him again and why did she even ask those questions?
"Is everything alright?" Hazel startled her. "You face is red."
"No, nothing is alright." She said waving with her arms, making the water splash everywhere. "I am so stupid."
"What happened?" Hazel asked worriedly.
"I asked him to kiss me. Why?!" She yelled.
Everyone who was busy eating their food now looked at them but Klara was too embarrassed to notice. "Why would I do something like that? I even asked him to make me his woman?" Klara wanted to die of embarrassment. No, she just wanted to die.
"Well," Hazel began trying to give her a sign that everyone was looking and that she needed to calm down. "Talk slowly. Who is he?"
He? He was an annoying man who made her feel things and do things she shouldn't. How would she face him now? He would see her as a woman desperate for love or maybe even worse, s.e.x.
Hazel looked at her with a frown. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Nothing is wrong." Klara said to embarrassed to even tell anyone. Walking passed a confused Hazel she went to sit down near a tree alone. She tried to come up with ways to avoid Roshan or explain herself as to why she acted that way, but nothing she came up with seemed logical.
"Maybe I can help?" Irene came twirling with a mischievous smile. Of course she listened to her thoughts. So annoying.
"How?" Klara asked. "Will you erase his memory or something?"
Irene laughed. "No. Memories are precious and shouldn't be erased."
"I was thinking that you could pretend as if you still don't remember or…"
"Or?" Klara strained her ears.
"Or you could act as if it's not a big deal."
"It is a big deal. My life is over Irene."
That seemed to only entertain her more.
"Then it's option number one I guess."




It was late and Pierre should have gone to sleep but instead he decided to drink. Sleep was not something he looked forward to these days especially with Lucian hunting him in his dreams, or more correctly his nightmares. Everyone around him were only making things worse by talking about Lucian all the time. Now even his own son claimed to have seen Lucian. Levi was probably just affected by the rumors as he himself was.
His brother could not be alive. He would not allow it.
"Your Highness." A guard barged inside Pierres chamber. Pierre who was about to pour some liquor into his glass stopped halfways and turned to the guard.
"Didn't I say that I don't want to be disturbed?" He asked outraged.
"Your highness, prince Lucians men are gone."
Pierre stood up with such force that the chair fell backwards.
"What do you mean gone?!" He asked.
The guard shook in fear. "They escaped."
"How can they escape?" Pierre yelled.
"I think someone helped them." The guard said looking terrified.
"Are you telling me now that my dead brother came back to life and helped them escape?"
Didn't sound logical but Pierre knew something wasn't right. There was someone who was trying to frighten him and he would find the bastard and make him leave this world in the most painful way.
The guard stood there shaking in fear. "I am not sure but someone or...something helped them out."
"And where are those who were supposed to guard the place?"
The guard shook even more as if he had seen something that terrified him to death and his face turned pale. "They are gone. We can't find them."
Pierre smashed the bottle on the ground making the glass shred into a thousand pieces. "I want you to find them and bring them alive or I'll deliver you corpse to you family. Do you understand?!" Pierre tried to hide his fear with anger.
The guard nodded and hurried away. Pierre fell back on his chair feeling defeated. Maybe his brother was alive. It would explain how Hazel disappeared and now even his soldiers. But how was that possible? Could Lucian really the devil's son?
"Your Highness, everything is ready. The rumors worked and people are now waiting for your return. To speed up the process we even spread rumors that Pierre is not mentally well to be ruling a kingdom and now the royal army are getting concerned. General Black has decided to visit to see if it's all rumors or not. That's when you need to strike and use your mind games on your brother." Julian explained.
"I don't need to do much. Pierre is already losing his mind."
Pierre had become aggressive since he found out that Lucians men had escaped. He had been killing his own men, beating the maids, never sleeping and only drinking. Lucian didn't think it would be this easy to make his brother lose his sanity. Everyone in the palace were already talking about his condition and it wouldn't take long before people outside knew as well.
"Good. General Black is a very powerful man. He is the one who leads the royal army and everyone in the army is very faithful to him. He is the one to impress. Once he loses hope in Pierre I'll introduce you to him."
Lucian nodded.
"And yes, don't try to use your tricks on him. Some people are just immune to it."
"I am not sure." Julian shrugged.
Would that explain why he couldn't read Hazel's thoughts?
Suddenly the door to his room swung open and Alexanders annoying sister stepped inside
"Alexander! I can't marry that...that man." She said with a wrinkled nose.
"Which man?" Lucian asked with the purpose to annoy her.
"Oh come on! You know who I am talking about. Pierre!"
"And why don't you want to marry him?"
"Because he is insane and no one likes him. You know I want to marry a charming man." She said crossing her arms and lifting her chin.
"Alright then. Pack your things. You can leave tomorrow with Jade. I need to stay here a few more day and take care of a few things."
She looked at him surprised. "Really?"
He nodded. "Oh god, thank you." She said looking up but then back at him. "I'll go pack my things. Don't change your mind." Then she left quickly.
Julian appeared again. "I'll send her brother once she is home."
The plan was to manipulate her brother into thinking that he was here and therefore he would never know that he had been gone for days.
"I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good night." He said and vanished again.
Alone again, Lucian wondered if his men reached home safely and since he had nothing to do for now he decided to go and look for them. He could of course teleport but then many question of how he got there would arise so he decided to ride.
The first place he rode to was Lincoln's home and his wife almost died in shock when she opened the door and found him standing on the other end.
"Yo..your highness?" She reached her hand out to touch him and he took her hand in his. "You are alive."
From the way he surprised her Lucian knew that Lincoln was not home yet. "Yes, and so is you husband. He will be home soon."
Her eyes widened. "He is alive?"
Lucian nodded and her eyes teared up. " he alright. When will he be home?" Her voice broke several times as she spoke.
"Very soon. Take good care of him." Lucian said
She nodded.
"I have to go now. Take good care of yourself as well."
"You too. I am glad you are alive."
Lucian was surprised that she wasn't mad at him for almost getting her husband killed. Now he had to make sure that Lincoln and all his other men got home safely. Waving goodbye he climbed his horse and rode away to find his men. They had to be somewhere close.
Lucian sharpened his senses to see if he could hear them or smell them, but instead he heard something else. Someone or something was following him. He looked behind him but saw nothing.
Lucian rode faster through the woods but then suddenly the horse stopped and reared causing Lucian to almost fall. Lucian tightened his hold tried to take control over the horse but it kept rearing wildly until he fell off and the horse rode away on its own. Lucian lay on the ground confused. Something had scared off the horse and Lucian could feel it nearing.
As he stood up many red dots that gleamed in the darkness surrounded him blocking his way everywhere and soon several bodies appeared from the shadows. These bodies did not belong to humans.
These beings were tall, with long limbs and claws. Their skin looked thicker than normal and somehow had a purple undertone to it. As they neared Lucian could see that they had some strange marks on their neck that looked like chains and they wore several earrings on their pointy ears. As they grimaze he could see fangs hiding behind black lips.
Whatever these creature were Lucian knew they wanted to hurt him.
One of them lurched trying to claw his face but Lucian was quick enough to reach for his sword and cut its arm off. The creatures stumbled backward holding his bleeding arm and the other began to attack viciously.
Lucian was very fast, dodgin their attacks he struck at every opportunity until all of them fell dead around him. Or maybe not. Just when he was about to put his sword back they suddenly rose from the ground, their bodies intact as if nothing happened.
They just looked at him with crazed eyes, striding toward him. What were these things and what did they want? He would ask them but they didn't seem like the type to communicate with words.
Lucian decided to save himself som trouble and teleported somewhere else but just then he felt something sharp tear the flesh on his back and before he could turn around one of the creatures clawed at his face.
They teleported with him?
Blood seeped down his face blurring his vision and anger built inside of him. He would not waste time fighting, he would just burn them. Setting their bodies on fire, he wiped the blood from his face but what he saw shocked him.
The fire got consumed, almost sucked into the creatures skin and the skin color turned from purple to grey. Smoke came out of their their nostrils and their eyes turned into a dark red.
They looked more mad than before.
Lucian was utterly confused. Maybe he was in a bigger trouble than he thought. These monsters were not dying.
Grabbing his sword he held it in a steel grip. There had to be someway to kill them. He would find their weakness sooner or later.
Just as they were about to attack they got distracted by something. They bloody red eyes darted around the darkness and they seemed slightly scared.
Lucian could see something moving very fast through the darkness and then suddenly something jumped out of the woods and began fighting the creatures. It looked like a man, holding a dagger in each hand.
Lucian watched stunned. The man, if he was one, was very fast. He striked precisely without missing once and moved with such ease and grace as if fighting was something he was born doing.
This time when the creatures fell to the ground they turned into dust. Lucian was confounded. Who was this man and how did he kill them all and so fast?
Now that he stood still Lucian could take a closer look at him. The man was tall and well built, with black hair that reached his shoulder and a tanned skin. His eyes were a mixture of brown and green and they stared at him with curiosity.
"You should have protected that fine face of yours." He said waving his dagger in circular motion.
"Who are you?" Lucian asked.
"Are you asking my name or are you asking if I am a friend or a foe?"
"I am asking both." Lucian said.
"Human name? Roshan. Demon name? Ramiel. Friend or a foe? Neither."
Demon name?
"What are you?"
Roshan or Ramiel grinned, showing long pointed fangs. "What do you think I am?" He said flipping the daggers between his fingers.
He was a demon. Why wasn't Lucian very surprised? In fact he thought that he might just have found the answers to his questions.
"And do you know what I am?" Lucian asked.
The man with too many names tilted his head to one side and arched a brow. "Do you know what you are?" He said pointing his dagger at him.
Lucian wasn't sure yet. Even though he proved to be a witch he felt like a demon. Something inside of him whispered to him everyday that he was a demon.
"I believe I am demon."
"Demons don't believe they are demons, they know they are demons. It's inside of you and it reminds you everyday of what you are."
This man just described what Lucian felt everyday. It meant only one thing, Lucian was indeed a demon. Then what about him being a witch?
"These things that you killed…" Lucian began.
"Yes, these hideous things were also demon. Different kind of demons." He explained.
Different kind?
"And by the way, burning doesn't work on demons, we are creatures of fire, and when you kill them you need to stab their spine. That's the only way they die."
"Why are you telling me? I could kill you."
The man swung his daggers and put them back in their pockets on each side of his h.i.p.s. "You could try." He smirked and began to walk away.
The man had confidence. Lucian still had some unanswered question so he followed him.
"Thank you for saving me...Re..Ro.."
"Roshan." He prefered to be called his human name. Interesting.
"And you are Lucian."
"How do you know that?"
"Every demon knows that."
"Why? How?"
Roshan came to a halt, then turned to him. "Because you are half witch and we hate witches."




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