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Chapter 156 Shift of balance

Music Recommendation: Respite- Fredrik Jonasson

After a few hours, Vincent sat in the mansion’s library with his legs stretched as he read a book. He heard a pair of footsteps approaching the room.

“… we have the biggest library compared to anyone in Skellington,” Vincent heard his sister Marceline’s voice.

The young vampiress stepped into the library with her friend, a boy named Maxwell Anderson, who lived with his family at the edge of the town. The Anderson family were one of the high-status werewolves.

Marceline continued explaining, “What book did you want to read? You will find all the unique books here, Max. Oh, Vince. I didn’t know you were here.”

“I hope you aren’t turning blind,” Vincent murmured, and his sister huffed.

“My eyes are perfect. Isn’t that right, Max?”

“You have lovely eyes, Marceline. Vincent must be joking,” replied the boy named Max, who had freckles on his nose and black hair.

Vincent could hear his sister boast about the things they had in the library as if she had read the books here when she hadn’t even touched any of them..

“I know. Everyone tells me that but I never bring it up,” the little girl laughed, “Aren’t I the most humble person in the room or what?”

One blind leading another blind, Vincent thought in his mind and returned to reading his book.

Though the mansion was big and Marceline could choose any place to sit and talk with her friend Maxwell, she decided to sit in the library room. Vincent ignored the two of them while they continued to talk to each other.

“Vince doesn’t attend the classes held by the governess, so it would be fine if you come and join with me,” the young vampiress suggested to her only friend. She added, “I usually don’t like anyone else attending the classes but I wouldn’t mind you there, Max.”

The boy named Maxwell offered a smile to Marceline and said, “I have to ask my parents.”

Marceline nodded and said, “If you need help, I would be more than happy to talk to them. We make a great team, don’t you think?”

“We do!” Maxwell agreed and said, “Marcie, my cook is making a special dessert today. You should come have it with me.”

Marceline beamed in happiness and said, “How can I refuse. Desserts are my favourite!”

“Mine too!” Replied the boy.

Marceline’s smile widened as she looked deeper into the boy’s brown eyes. She asked him, “When will you be able to turn into a wolf? I want to play!”

“If a pet is what you wish, you should find a bird that speaks as much as you do,” came the words from Vincent, whose head was still behind the book in his hand.

Marceline puffed her cheeks and said, “Are you reading or listening to us speak?”

[0)??? Vincent closed the book and got up, “Stepping out of the room for now before I get a headache.”

The little girl harrumphed and turned back to her friend. Maxwell smiled at the vampiress’s eagerness and said, “I am able to turn into a wolf, but the transformation is painful. I am still getting used to it.”

The young vampiress said, “I will be the first one you show, right?”

“After my family, yes, you will be the first one. I am excited to show it to you too!” replied Maxwell excitedly.

Marceline was fond of Maxwell, and the boy enjoyed her company. After all, this was the only friend she liked. Maxwell said to her, “We should go to my place and see if the dessert has been made.”

“If you insist,” replied Marceline, and she placed the book aside, knowing one of the servants would put the book back in its original place.

Three more hours passed, and it was time of the evening when the sun was ready to set in the sky when Vincent met his mother in the corridor.

“Have you seen your sister?”

“Wasn’t she playing with the puppy?” He asked her, and his mother shook her head.

“No, she isn’t,” and she sighed. “Your father is probably on his way back home and we need to leave to the Miller’s mansion to have dinner with their family. Why don’t you go and get ready and I will look for Marcie.”

Once Vincent was dressed, he came down from his room. On seeing his mother who was dressed, he asked her,

“Did you find Marceline?”

“She is at Anderson’s mansion. I have sent the servant to fetch her.” She bent down and sat on her heels, “Come here,” raising her arms. “Your shirt’s collar seems to be errant. Don’t I have the most handsome son?” She smiled, looking at him. “I cannot wait to see you grow up.”

“I can’t wait either,” Vincent muttered.

When his mother fixed his collar, she placed her hands on his shoulders and said, “About our earlier talk in the dining room. Don’t cage things and let them free, darling.”

A young Vincent stared at her before asking, “Isn’t that what everyone does?”

The woman smiled, her eyes holding fondness for her son, “You don’t have to follow what others do.” Holding one side of his face, she leaned forward and kissed her son’s forehead.

Hearing the sound of the carriage arrive, Lady Katherina heard her husband call from the hallways, “Katherina?”

His mother smiled at him and got up before walking to meet his father. Vincent made his way to the mansion’s entrance. After a while, he noticed one of the servants pass through the gates, walking back nervously.

“Where’s Marceline?” Vincent questioned the servant.

“Miss Marceline told s-she wouldn’t come with a servant and will return in Anderson’s carriage,” answered the servant, and Vincent frowned.

“That insolent brat,” whispered Vincent and dismissed the servant from his sight.

As he stood at the entrance, a firefly caught his attention that glowed on one of the pillars. When the young vampire walked toward it, the glowing insect flew, and he followed it. In time he caught hold of the firefly and watched light appear and disappear between the gaps of his fingers.

At the same time, a carriage approached the mansion and stopped at the front of the Moriarty mansion. Marceline and her friend Maxwell stepped out of the carriage, and the vampiress smiled carefreely.

“The dessert was delicious, I will be sure to let my cook hear about it,” Marceline’s chin and nose raised. “It was so soft that I thought I was eating clouds–What was that sound?”

Even Vincent, who was staring at his hand, looked up and in the direction of where he heard the odd sound. His eyebrows furrowed and he took a step in the direction.

“Vincent has Marceline returned?” Lady Katherina asked with a sigh, who was still walking in the hallways. Before the young boy could answer, he heard his sister’s scream.


Lady Katherina didn’t hear her daughter’s scream as she was yet to step out of the mansion, but she saw her son run towards the mansion’s gate. She frowned and called him, “Vincent!”

The young boy ran to the gates and on the way noticed the guards on the ground. Stepping out of the gates, he caught sight of three men who forcibly pushed his unconscious sister and her friend inside another carriage.

“Stop!” a young Vincent shouted, but the carriage was quick to leave and he couldn’t keep up.

His mother, who had followed him out of worry, saw the carriage leave while not knowing they were people waiting in the shadows.

Before any word could be exchanged, men came from behind and hit the back of Vincent and his mother’s head, carrying them in another carriage.

Chapter 157 Abducted by the resentful

Music Recommendation: Left Behind Bars- ASKII

In one of the forests where people didn’t come to pass, four carriages entered the place and stopped where the trees were dense. The men from the carriage quickly stepped down from it. Unsteady of carrying the unconscious people who belonged to the wealthy family, those people were dragged on the ground before tying their hands and legs.

On seeing a woman with silver hair dragged by her hands, one of the abductors questioned, “I thought we were only going to abduct children.”

“She caught sight of us and we couldn’t leave any witness behind. We picked up nine children. Four from Skellington and the rest from other places like Woodlock,” informed another man, who finished tying one of the unconscious girl’s hands to the iron pole.

There were twelve men who were part of the abduction. As they finished tying the victims, another person stepped out of the shadows who had not accompanied them in the quest of kidnapping the children who belonged to the high society. The man wore a scar on the left side of his face that ran deep. His nose was sharp, and he had a constant frown on his forehead with a scruff on his jaws as he stared at the children.

“The time has finally come to retaliate against the people of high society, who think they can look down at us as if we are nothing,” said the man with the scar on his face. His lips were turned down, and he continued to speak, “Tonight they will realise people are missing, and tomorrow we will send a proof of what we have and show them who is in power. One day we will have the same credibility as them. Money, status and power!”

“Yes!” Came the chorus words of his men.

One of the men who worked for the man with the scar asked, “Do you think the council and the members of the Inner circle will agree to our demands, Hellion?”.

Hellion clenched his jaws before unclenching it. After two seconds, he said, “It is because of their refusal to fulfil our demands that it has come to this. We will not sit back and receive their insults and injustice. I am sure none of you have forgotten how your families have suffered because of the disrespect.”

The men there nodded, anger in their eyes towards the entire high-status family, even though they were wronged by different men and women of the wealthy families. The elites. One of them said,

“We have to repay them for what happened to my wife! Clara worked for the family for five years without a break and when she fell sick, she was thrown out and my son died in my arms because I couldn’t afford to pay for him to be treated!”

“They have more than enough resources but refuse to help us! We must teach them a lesson they will never forget!” Said another man in the group, wanting the outcome to be quick and ready to put the people of the high society in their place.

Hellion raised his hand and calmly said, “For all the injustice that we have faced and suffered, they will be paid back twice. To let them know what we humans are capable of doing.”

With the snow all around the place, the weather was chilly. Hellion and his men huddled inside the hut and fireplace to keep themselves warm while leaving the children and Katherina to freeze outside in the cold weather.

As the night continued, the breeze in the forest increased. It picked up some of the loose snowflakes on the ground to move across the forest ground, where some of them came to settle on Katherina and the children.

A young Vincent tried to move his hands that were tied behind his hand. He tried to use all his force to free his hands, but the metal around his hands was strong enough to bend.

“Vincent!” He heard his mother’s voice, who was tied one pole away from him.

[0)??? “Mother!” Vincent shouted back, “Where are we?”

Katherina shook her head, “I am not sure. It must be somewhere far away from the towns that we know of,” her voice trembled because of the snow that had come to settle on her and her dress.

Vincent turned his head from where he was and noticed a small hut a few distances from them. The hut glowed from inside, light spilling from the windows.

He quickly looked around him and caught sight of other children around his age tied to different poles.

“Marcie! Marcie!” His mother called his sister’s name, who was still unconscious. The young vampiress finally woke up after several minutes and looked confused about what had happened.

“W-where are we, mother?” Marceline looked left and right. She tried to bring her hands to her side, but like Vincent, her hands were tied too. “What happened? Why are we here?” She looked at her mother in worry.

Katherina had no answers, as she hadn’t seen who had abducted them and brought them to an isolated place. But having a faint idea, she wondered if it was the group of humans who were attacking only the people of high society.

She offered her daughter a reassuring smile and said, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay. Your father must have already noticed us missing and he must be looking for us.”

The young Vincent had no idea where they were or what time it was now, or how long it would take before they would be rescued. He tried to listen to the men’s voices from the hut over the high wind.

“Why did you catch so many children? They belong to families we have nothing to do with,” said a male voice.

“They might belong to families that don’t concern us, but that is why we need them. There’s no point fighting with the people who are arrogant. Getting random children, their family will start to protest and pressure the council so that we can come to power like the other people from high society.”

Gifted with good ears, Vincent tried to listen to more of their conversation. Some of the children tried to free themselves, but nothing else happened apart from the metal clinking against the pole.

His eyes moved to his mother, who shivered more than he or others did. She had closed her eyes, trying to take deep breaths. Her skin was turning dry, and her lips cracked and had turned slightly purple because of the harsh weather.

It affected Vincent’s mother because she was no pureblooded vampire, unlike him and his sister. She was a human. Before the woman had married and turned into Katherina Moriarty, she came from a wealthy human family, where she was Katherina Hollands.

Thankfully the next morning, the heavy clouds made way for the sun’s rays to fall on them. They somehow survived the night but were weak with hunger and hadn’t been able to sleep in the treacherous cold.

“How are you doing?” Katherina asked her children and the others who were now awake.

Vincent nodded and asked, “How about you, mother?”

“Perfectly well,” Katherine tried to smile, but her body felt frozen. She tried not to show her weak side so the children wouldn’t lose hope. “It is good that it’s morning. Just a few more hours.”

The woman knew that if help didn’t come quickly, she would have to do something to help them to escape. But with her hands bound, there wasn’t much she could do. She used all her strength to free her hands, but it was of no use and the metal only bit into her skin.

One of the young vampiress started to shout in hopes someone would listen and said,

“I am going to tell my mother and father about this! Making me suffer in the cold! AHHHHHH!” Shouted the vampiress, and the human abductors reached there to scold her,

“Stay quiet! What are we going to do with this one?!” Questioned one of the men.

As if one child screaming wasn’t enough, a few more, including Marceline and her friend Maxwell, started to shout and call for help.

“I want to go back home!” Shouted Marceline, “Let us go, you pathetic cowards!”

Maxwell shouted along with her, “Get us out of here if you don’t want to be hurt!”


The first vampiress who started to protest warned the abductors, “You will be punished if you don’t let us go right this instant. My father will not be happy about it!”

The men tried to shut them up verbally, but seeing it was of no use, one of the men who stood near Marceline came to stand in front of her and slapped the vampiress across her face. The small girl was left shocked and stopped screaming as no one had ever slapped her until now.

A young Vincent glared at the guards, but knowing the position they were in and the disadvantage they had, he tried to assess the situation.

The other children didn’t stop screaming, making it hard for the abductors. After a minute, Hellion appeared in view, making his way to where the wealthy children were tied. The men stepped away while Hellion, the man with the scar pulled out a glove.

“Marceline! Quiet!” Katherina tried to hush her daughter when her eyes fell on the glove the man put on his hand.

The glove the man wore wasn’t ordinary. The back side of the glove had claw-like metal. While the small vampiress continued to shout, Hellion stepped forward.

“You humans deserve to stay away from us. Wasteful—”

The next second, the girl stopped talking as Hellion ran his hand through the vampire girl’s chest and pulled out her heart, dropping it on the ground. Blood dripped down the dead girl’s body, turning the snow around her red. The children who were earlier screaming and shouting suddenly turned quiet.

Hellion turned to look at the others and said, “Anyone else has something to say?”


Chapter 158 Death of a second

The small vampiress who had been killed two minutes ago was now being unchained from the pole. Hellion ordered his men,

“Take her body and her heart to Darthmore. Make sure to not get caught and bring back the carriage. You know the rules, if you get caught you are out.”

“Where do you want us to throw her body?” Asked one of the men who picked up the dead vampiress’s hands, and another man picked up her legs.

“Put her body in a place where people can see her,” said Hellion. He pulled out a folded parchment with his other hand, “Keep this next to the body.”

The two men nodded, taking the note, they left with the dead girl’s body along with two more men. The other children looked horrified, and Hellion smiled, “Did you think that we humans don’t have the ability to kill?” he chuckled.

Katherine said to Hellion, “You shouldn’t have to do this. Everything can be solved by sitting and talking about it with the people in charge.”

Hellion’s eyes shifted from the children to the woman. He hummed,

“Silver hair,” stepping in front of Katherina and staring at her. “You must be the wife of that pureblooded vampire. Moriarty. To think that our own kind goes and betrays us by joining the blood sucking creatures,” he spat.

Katherina tried not to instigate the man and tried to convince him to free them, “We never betrayed anyone. A human and vampire’s family binding–“

Hellion laughed at her, “Only a person who belongs to the high society will say it. You humans from the privileged families don’t understand what we people from the lower-class go through and how we are treated. Only a person from the pit will know the pain but you were born with a silver spoon.”.

“These children are innocent. Let them go. You can keep me here instead of them and I will make sure whatever your demands are, it shall be met. We can talk to the people of high status. They will help you,” and on hearing Katherina, Hellion clicked his tongue. She requested him, “You can keep me back here. Just let them go.”

“These children are the one’s who will help me in my goals this time. To treat them just the way we are treated. We unrecognised humans will come into power. We will not submit to the people of high society and will show what we are capable of. You will see it. The council that turned deaf and blind will finally see us,” Hellion proudly announced.

Katherina pleaded, “I know people who will speak to the council. My husband will talk to them.”

“The vampire you married? All of the high standing vampires and werewolves prefer that the lower-class exists so that they have someone to trample on,” Hellion glared at the woman. “Nobody cares when we die, all the elites care about is themselves and their family.”

When Hellion and his men left to return to the hut, Marceline turned to her mother with her eyebrows drawn together and asked in a low voice, “Mother, what is going to happen to us? Will we not return home?”

“Soon, Marcie,” Katherina could only assure her daughter with words.

Maxwell had started to sweat, and he whispered, “He killed Aliza… He will kill us too!”

After witnessing the small vampiress being murdered in front of their eyes, the others were left shaken.

“If we all can hold on a little longer and not instigate those men, we can survive this. Help will come and we need to preserve ourselves until then,” Vincent heard his mother try to calm everyone around her. But the children were spoiled brats who didn’t listen and had no understanding of why they were tied.

As the hours passed, no one came to rescue them and the anxiety only increased. In the meantime, Vincent stopped trying to unchain himself but used all his force to push the pole from the ground. The metal continued biting his skin, but he didn’t stop trying while pushing the pole with his back. Marceline turned to Maxwell, who was tied next to her and whispered,

“Do you think you can turn and get help?”

Maxwell quickly nodded and whispered back, “I can try.”

“Okay, be careful,” she whispered, hopeful that this was how they would get out.

“Maxwell, no!” Said Katherina on hearing the two children’s conversation.

But the young werewolf didn’t heed the woman’s cautious words and tried to change himself by transforming into a wolf. Soon Maxwell turned into a little wolf with a brown coat, who wriggled out of the chains. One of the men guarding the captives caught sight of him turning into a wolf.

“Catch the boy!” shouted the man, and soon some of them started to chase the young werewolf.

“Don’t let him escape from here!” shouted another man.

The small werewolf ran back and forth, surrounded by grown men with logs of wood and metal rods in their hands. On finding an opportunity, Maxwell slipped through the gap of a man who almost caught him. But his transformation wasn’t stable as he was still learning how to handle it, and soon he turned back to his human form.

The men quickly caught hold of him, dragging the naked boy back to where the other captives were held.

At the same moment, the men who had left with the dead girl’s body in the carriage returned. Hellion stepped out of the hut to meet them. One of them shook their heads and said,

“We didn’t find any movements from the council. I don’t think it is working. It’s like they don’t care about the dead body. Do you think we picked up the wrong person to kill?”

“If one body doesn’t suffice, we shall send them another one, and we will do it until they understand how serious we are,” Hellion appeared angry that the council didn’t accept his demands.

Hellion made his way to where the captives were, and his eyes fell on the naked boy. He questioned, “What happened to this one?”

“This one tried to escape just now by turning into a wolf!” Complained the man who pushed Maxwell to the ground.

“How brave…” Hellion’s voice drawled, and he said, “Your parents must be very proud and even you, to think that you could hoodwink us and put us in trouble.”

What have you done, Katherina whispered in her mind, watching Hellion step towards the boy, who said,

“Go on then. Turn back to your wolf self and I will let you go.”

Maxwell trembled because of the cold snow touching his body and fear settling in his eyes. He noticed the man wearing his gloves and his eyes quickly darted to look at Marceline, whose eyes mirrored the same fear as him.

Vincent watched the human step forward and close the distance between the boy and him.

Everyone had turned quiet, and Marceline, who gave Maxwell the idea to transform into a wolf, now regretted it. She wished to take back her words to fix the situation, but the mistake had been sowed, and it would now be reaped.

Marceline watched her friend trying to move backwards, crawling away from the human who looked down at him and smiled.

Hellion remarked, “All you little vampires and werewolves slowly turn just like your parents. Pompous, arrogant and looking down on us.”

“P-please, don’t hurt me,” Maxwell pleaded, and taking the opportunity, he tried to turn and use his small claws.

But the boy was no match to the adult, even if his opponent was only a human. Hellion used his clawed glove and swiped it across the boy’s face.

[0)??? “Arghh! Ahh!!” Maxwell screamed, feeling the skin rip and burn.

Unable to see her friend in pain, Marceline shouted, “Stop it! Stop it!” She couldn’t see her friend being hurt.

“Shut that one up,” Hellion ordered his men, and one of them picked up the metal rod and walked up to Marceline.

“Please, don’t hurt them! They haven’t done anything,” Katherina said to Hellion. “Your fight is with other people. You claim to be victims, but you are walking in the same steps as them. Please spare them.”

“Stop hurting, Max!” Marceline shouted, noticing drops of blood drip down her friend’s face.

Hellion picked up the boy by grabbing his hair and said, “Let me show what pain means.” Saying this, he dipped the bloody glove straight into Maxwell’s chest, and Marceline gasped with horror on her face. Her lips trembled, and her eyes widened.

Maxwell’s body was thrown to the ground right before Marceline.

The young vampiress couldn’t grasp what had happened as she couldn’t think. All she saw was her friend’s bloody face and chest that bled with deep wounds.

Tears started to fall from young Marceline’s face, and she said, “Y-you said help would b-be here, m-mother. H-help here. M-Max.” She continued, “Y-you- you said everything will be okay–AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Marceline’s scream echoed through the forest, and Hellion looked at his man who held the iron rod.

“Marcie, no!” Katherina shouted, but the man with the rod came to the young vampiress and swung the iron rod, hitting her head, and she fell unconscious.

Chapter 159 Taking Bait

Seeing Marceline’s body fall to the ground, a young Vincent and Katherina turned panic-stricken. Instead of things getting better with time, it was getting worse, and it seemed like it was only the beginning.

[0)??? “It seems like the children of the wealthy have difficulty understanding when it comes to following orders,” hummed Hellion, looking at the young werewolf’s body that lay dead on the ground. He ordered his men, “Take this one from here and send it to the council. This time make sure the body is hung on the council’s gates.”

“Right on it!” Replied the four men, and they picked up Maxwell’s dead body, carrying it to the carriage where the seat was bloody because of the dead vampiress they had earlier carried.

Katherina was shocked to see the death of two children and her daughter on the ground. Hearing the faint rattling sound, her eyes quickly moved to her son, who was trying to free himself. She quickly whispered, “Vincent, no! Please calm down!”

Katherina knew that anyone who went against these humans would fall straight into the pit of death. But her son, who was often calm, anger boiled in his veins, and he glared at Hellion. Katherina had tried to speak to Hellion because she knew shouting and fighting would lead to death. Situations like these need to be played well..

But the young vampire didn’t heed her words, and hearing the metal clink against the metal pole, Hellion and his men’s eyes shifted from Maxwell to Vincent.

“It looks like what you saw wasn’t enough to understand and need a lesson,” Hellion started to make his way to where Vincent was tied.

Hellion despised the creatures who weren’t humans, and he hated people who belonged to high society.

Katherina pleaded, “They are young and don’t know any better! Please forgive him and the others! I beg you!”

Seeing two innocent children die before her eyes, this was the most Katherina could digest. She wouldn’t be able to bear it if her children were taken away from her. Tears glimmered in her eyes with fear.

But Hellion didn’t like how Vincent glared at him as if he didn’t scare him. Though the vampire was a young boy, the human noticed how he looked at him… or looked down upon as if he was meant to be beneath his feet.

Blood dripped from the metal claws of Hellion’s glove on his right hand. He said, “This must be your son. Silver hair,” though he looked at Vincent, his words were directed at Katherina. “Why isn’t he a human like you?”

Katherina didn’t answer Hellion’s question as she was utterly scared for Vincent’s life. She could tell by the look Hellion gave her son that he wasn’t willing to spare him either. As if he wouldn’t stop until every person in here was dead.

“If you were a human, I would have spared your life, boy. You have no one but your mother to blame for sullying you with the blood of the vampires,” Hellion spat.

Hellion looked at the young vampire questioningly because when vampires and humans had children, there was a higher chance of the child born to them being a half-vampire than vampires. But what the human didn’t know was that the Moriarty family originated from a stronger bloodline of vampires, pureblooded vampires, whose kin would always be pureblooded vampires.

“Look at the way you look at me even though you are tied,” Hellion laughed, and his men stared at each other when he continued to laugh. He then bent down, sitting face to face in front of the boy. He threatened Vincent in a low voice, “Let me pull out your eyeball and send it as a gift to the council. Maybe that will be better.”

“Please! Please! Don’t hurt him! You cannot direct your anger towards the innocent children who weren’t the cause of your pain!” Katherina beseeched the human. Her chains clinked against the pole she was tied to, feeling restless and helpless as she couldn’t do anything to save her children or the others.

But the expression on Hellion’s face looked like he had already made up his mind. He brought his hand forward, pointing to the sharp metal that had traces of blood. When the metal came near Vincent’s eyes, almost about to touch it, Katherina shouted,

“Stop! You can hurt me as much as you want! But please don’t hurt them!! You may have children of your own, you should understand–“

“SHUT UP!” Hellion shouted back at her. “Children!? Your creatures took my fianc?? from me! They dragged her! Raped her and killed her once they were done! Where was justice then?!” His hand that was hanging in the air in front of Vincent’s eye slowly lowered. He turned to Katherina and spoke just above a whisper, “We were going to have a family. She had nothing to do with any of your conflict and was innocent. Why did she go through it?” His voice turned louder at the end.

Wanting to keep the unreasonable man away from her son, Katherina decided to risk herself as bait. She wanted her children and her family to be safe, that was all that mattered. She said,

“Your pain was caused by other vampires or werewolves… and never these children. You are getting to the same state as the people you so much hate, turning into th–“

Katherina stopped talking when Hellion glared at her and shouted, “I am like them?! Let me show you then!” He turned to his men and ordered, “Unlock her!”

One of Hellion’s men appeared behind Katherina and started to unlock the lock on the chains around her hands. During that time, Vincent continuously tried to break free his wrists, which had slightly loosened, but it was nowhere to break him free from them. Hellion, who saw the vampire boy struggling in anger, only brought a smile to his face.

“Who says one stone cannot hit two birds,” Hellion stated with one corner of his lips curling up with a smirk.

Once Katherina’s hands were free, she was pulled up by her arm by Hellion’s man. She was dragged before being pushed to the ground in front of Hellion.


Chapter 160 The cut short journey

Chapter 160 The cut short journey

Music Recommendation: Princess Margaret- Rupert Gregson

Katherina’s already weakened body since last night fell on the cold ground. She used all her strength to move away from Hellion. They were both humans, but she didn’t have any people to back her up or strength.

“Your boy seems to be as arrogant as those vampires and it doesn’t seem like me pulling out his eyes would do anything. But I know hurting you will bring him pain,” Hellion nodded. “If you had married a human, I would have let you go.”

But Katherina knew his words were untrue. The man had lost his mind and didn’t look like someone who could regain his sanity.

Hellion suddenly bent down in front of her, catching hold of the woman’s leg, who tried to struggle. He sunk the metal claws into her calf muscles.

“AHHHHH!” A high-pitched scream erupted from Katherina’s lips, and her face contorted in pain.

The metal claws had not only ripped through her dress or pierced into her skin, but he had pulled it down to tear the muscles in her leg..

“STOP HURTING MY MOTHER!” Vincent screamed at Hellion in despair.

The lower part of Katherina’s dress started absorbing blood from her wound. Her little ability to move was completely cut out. She held her leg, which was in severe pain.

“Shall I stop?” Hellion questioned the woman who was bleeding. “I can stop here with you and go to your son.”

“NO!” Katherina shouted while her eyes were closed and she tried to take a deep breath to handle the pain. “Don’t hurt him, please!”

Hellion turned to Vincent, where the boy, instead of looking scared, appeared angry and gritted his teeth. The man chuckled before he said, “You are lucky you have a human for a mother. If she was a vampire, she would have sold you out. They always think about themselves first and no one else. Maybe you can drink from her,” he laughed in delight.

“AHHHHH–ARGHH!” Katherina screamed louder than before when Hellion pierced the metal into her arm.

 At the same time, one of the men who had carried Maxwell’s body from there returned and said, “Hellion, there’s something we need your help with.”

Hellion, who was enjoying himself, looked disappointed that he had to pause his fun. He replied,


“What about this woman?” Questioned another man as Katherina was left unchained.

Hellion huffed, “If she can stand on her two feet, I will give you a gold coin. She won’t be able to move in her current state,” and saying this, he left with all the other men there.

The pain was unbearable and Katherina’s eyebrows drew together. She tried to breathe and her gaze raised and fell on her daughter, who didn’t move and then her son, who looked back at her.

She asked him in a feeble voice, “Are you okay, Vince?”

Vincent shook his head and replied, “How can I, when you are bleeding and in pain.” His eyes moistened because of their hopeless situation. In anger, he tried to pull the chains that kept him at the pole.

“Stop doing that! You are going to hurt yourself more!” Katherina’s heart broke on seeing her son like that. She said, “If the council sees Maxwell… they will come here soon to rescue us. Don’t do anything that will bring harm to you or your sister, okay?”

The young boy watched his mother continue to bleed, which wasn’t in small amounts as the snow turned redder. He asked her,

“What if the people who are supposed to rescue us don’t come in time?”

Katherina shook her head, “They will. They will come soon… Are you hungry?” She asked him because the children had been left unfed.

Vincent could tell what his mother was thinking and quickly shook his head, “No. You know me, I never eat in the morning.”

Katherina’s vision turned blurry and she nodded, “How could I forget,” she mustered a smile, but her lips trembled. “But isn’t that because you always drink some before the time of dawn? You haven’t eaten anything since last night.”

“I am fine, mother. You shouldn’t talk and save your energy,” the boy said with a frown and clenched his hands, turning them even paler than they already were because of the weather.

Katherina’s eyes moved to look in the direction of the hut and where the men had walked away. Vincent said, “Mother, if you can, you should escape from here. Don’t wait for us.”

The injured woman crawled on the ground, pushing her good foot to move. She reached where her daughter was and quickly checked her pulse. Feeling her heartbeat, a relieved sigh escaped from her lips. She then sighed as if unable to believe that she and her children were in such a mess. She was thankful that her daughter wasn’t dead and was alive. She then moved to where Vincent was tied.

Raising her shaky hand, she placed it on one side of Vincent’s cheek. She whispered,

“My kindest and smartest one. Do you know how much I love you and your sister?”

Vincent felt a tear slip from his eye and fall on his lap, “I do. And I love you more. The most.”

His words brought a smile on Katherina’s lips and she replied, “I know. I have always known it.” She continued, “What we are going through is only a moment that is meant to pass, my son. One day you will be safe and this will only be a memory.”

“You will be there with me, won’t you?” The young boy frowned as he stared at his mother.

“Of course,” Katherina didn’t want her son to lose hope, even though she somewhere knew how things would turn. The thought broke her from inside with the thought that she wouldn’t be able to see her children grow, but she wasn’t sure if her children would have a future if the council didn’t help them. “I will always be with you,” tears slipped from her eyes, and the young boy knew what his mother meant.

“You are losing too much blood,” Vincent whispered on seeing the blood trail from where her leg and arm had been stabbed; it had left a trail on the snow until she sat next to him.

Katherina’s eyes moved to look at her stained dress. She was feeling faint and couldn’t breathe well, while her body was losing energy. She murmured, “I am…”

She then turned to look at her son and said, “Don’t blame yourself or your sister for what has happened. Tell your father, I love him. Take good care of yourself, your sister and your father. It is unfortunate that things had to be cut short like this…”

“Don’t leave, mother!” Vincent shook his head, noticing the paleness his mother’s face held.

Using the last of her energy, Katherina leaned forward and kissed the side of Vincent’s head, “Keep me in your memories and in your heart.”

Katherina had lost too much blood, and the cold weather had worsened her. She pulled away from him, and the young boy and his mother’s eyes met while the woman smiled for the briefest moment before her eyes started to ink themselves with darkness. Frozen for a second, Vincent stared at her,

“… m-mother?”

His mother’s body lost its strength and fell on Vincent’s lap, dead.


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