Airdrop Telegram Bot Scam we need to take Note

PHYSINEWS REPORTS: It been long here guys, we have been busy on Physients Publishing live Soccers and Stories and makes some research to expose some devilish human living on the planet all they want is to steal your hard earnings and leaves their victims in Deep Sadness.

Today we discuss briefly about Telegram Bot Airdrop Scams Tricks Scammers use stealing People's Hard earnings, Firstly, they Opens a Telegram Bot configuring as Popular Coin using their real smart contract address inclusive link to their coinmarket cap,  Secondly they set the bot to make you refer 5 or above and join their channel 
Thirdly, they offer presale via the bot pending the countdown of the airdrop, when the time for the airdrop reaches they release some addresses to pay in for the airdrop to be send to the address they request for, Never send Crypto coin to receive airdrop, it's 💯% Scam. 

Never pay to receive Airdrop, these scammers also make screenshot of transaction of the said coin making their victim believe it's real, never pay they won't send any Coin please be Warned 

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