Policewoman KILLS Lagos Commercial Driver Area Boys On Rampage (graphic Pics)


Physinews:A policewoman attached to the igando in Lagos Nigeria Police station this afternoon at around 2:30 stop a bus driver in front of nnpc Police station and requested for there normal egunje but the driver came down and was pleading with the officer explaining to her that he just started work he dont have much on him. But she refused, insisting that her money was 500 naira while they erre dragging, one thing led to another the woman pushed the driver backward,
due to the rain that poured down the ground erre slippery the driver slipped and fell and hit his head on the roadside covet and turn into the gutter and.died on the spot, on noticing what they had done, the Police women took to there hills
Right Now the area boys blocked the Borg lane of the road causing heavy traffick, the road had been shot down for 4hrs Now
Ps. Ignore My blunders, let this get to the Wright authorities to put this randy officers in check

#modify: the dpo of igando police station arived at the scene, but where over powered by the touts, but the came back with full force and heavy gun shot..the area boys refused to give up...but the gun shot became something else then we took to our hills, d area were deserted. after some minutes we came back and coudnt find the corpse...it has been whisked away by this evil men...the case don die b that oo...naija my country!! which way?

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