HUSBAND Suspect Wife Of Adultery, Get Angry BURN DOWN Her House In REVENGE[ Photos ]

Physinews:It is said suspicion is a powerful tool of the devil to cause destruction. This has been proved true once again. Beatrice Moraa, a Kenyan housewife, has found herself the unfortunate victim of the devil. Here is her photograph.

Her husband suspected her of having a lover because she refused to relocate to the town where he worked. He decided to murder Beatrice and the children in revenge and then kill himself. Consequently, he burnt down the family home in an estate in Navasha in Kenya. Luckily for everyone, no one died. Here are photos of the inferno.
01002Right now, everyone is in pains. According to news reports, it has been a testy time. Here are what some Facebook users said.
Beatrice Wanjiku Soo sad hii Dunia zijue

Moses Eboso
 Moses Eboso It’s a mad ,mad world.

Carolina Kapienga
Lucy Ngujiri
Lucy Ngujiri MAY BE MZEE AKO NA KASORO KICHWANI,Anger is dangerous.
Will Beatrice ever get over the disaster? Certainly not, as she would keep remembering what suspicion can cause.

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