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NSFW: 12 Most Mysterious Things That Happened On The Internet

Physinews Crime Research monday post:I should warn you that some of this list of mysterious Internet scenarios going to be very unpleasant, so let’s consider this blog post to be NSFW. I must also caution those of you who do not want to see some things that get quite bloody. physinews have its PRIVACY POLICY FOR CHILDREN INSPECTS So if you’re not into interesting mysteries, catastrophic gore, or things that make you feel like ghosts are surrounding you while in your bed at night, turn back! by clicking homepage for another update

So we are going to list the 12 Most Mysterious Things On The Internet.
12- Find Emily Sander
Ths is another story that originated on 4chan. More of these types of stories are than I am comfortable with. As mild and entertaining as that site can be, some crazy things happens there. People have been murdered and the murderers will post the information on 4chan. For some reason. As is the case with this story. we must quickly explain a theme on 4chan first, however-
Posters there tend to do this thing where you have to guess what the last however many numbers of their automatically generated user ID (which is different in every thread in order to keep everyone as anonymous as possible) and if you guess correctly, you get something in return. Often times it gives you the privilege to ask the original poster, or the OP, to do something. Or other times, like in this case, the OP has already offered something and will give it up if a poster gets the answer correct.
So, back in 2007 this OP comes on 4chan and posts this-
Of course, people are skeptical and they think that OP is just trolling, so they play along. But then someone actually guesses their last two posting ID numbers correctly-
And the OP hands out some coordinates-
Nothing else is seen in that particular thread at this point, but people couldn’t leave it alone and decided to look for news from that general area. The coordinates are looked up on google maps-
And then the local news sites are scoured, until this is found-
If you look at the map and look at the little overlay that shows the distances on the map, this seems pretty likely to be true.
Everyone is on the internet, which means the psychos and murderers are too
11- Last Words
Here is one to keep you up. This is a website that lets you hear a bunch of recordings and read the transcripts of the final moments and transmissions of planes that have crashed. This is certainly not for the faint of heart.
Last Words
10- The Master Butcher
Armin Meiwes
Another good one. This is the story of a man named Armin Meiwes, known as the Rotenburg Cannibal, or the Master Butcher.
Armin used to post on website called Cannibal Cafe which was a website for people who shared an interest in that…area. Fetish. Thirst. Whatever you would call it. On this site Armin tried to get a volunteer to be eaten. Eaten! Who would volunteer for something like this? Well, a man named Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes. I suppose if you want to kill yourself, having someone eat you is probably the best option. If you want to die one of the most painstaking deaths possible, that is.
Armando  volunteered to be the victim of Armin and went to his apartment. There, they made a video together that documented the entire process which started with Armin amputating Armando’s penis. If it wasn’t enough that Armin took a knife and chopped this dude’s dick off then you should know that Armando originally requested that Armin BITE his dick off, but it was too chewy and didn’t work so they resorted to the knife. After that, Armando attempted to indulge in his own penile pleasantry but found his manhood to be rather chewy so he abandoned the attempt.

Armin left Armando to bleed out in the bathtub while feeding him a bunch of alcohol, painkillers, and sleeping pills before ultimately stabbing him in the throat, killing him, and then butchering his body. He ate quite a bit of Armando over the course of ten months before getting caught by the authorities.
More information on this case can be found here.
09- The Polaroid
From this source
“On June 15, 1989, a woman in Port St. Joe, Florida pulled off Route 98 into the parking lot of a Junior Food Store. She parked next to a white Toyota cargo van and entered the air-conditioned market. Moments later, when she emerged, the white van was gone, but in the vacated space beside her car, she found what appeared to be a Polaroid photo lying face down on the asphalt. She picked it up, and turned it over. The image she found was harrowing.”
This tale is certainly terrifying, especially for those with children. Hit that link above for more info.
08- The Webcam Suicide
When you hang around the internet long enough you’re going to stumble on shit like this.
Marcus Jannes from Stockholm was hanging out on an internet forum called “Flashback”, a Swedish site and told some people there that he was going to kill himself and, as you would expect, many people came out taunting him saying that he would not do it. Lo and behold, he did.
Here’s the video. I told you this was going to get rough.
07- The Homeless Woman With A Home
Have you ever heard a few strange noises in your home and thought it’s probably the house settling? Maybe you’ve heard footsteps and you pondered that your home may be haunted. Or perhaps you have had things go missing and thought that you were just an idiot who couldn’t find their shit. What if all of it was actually happening, though, and it wasn’t the house, a ghost, or your idiocy at work?
What if someone you didn’t know was living in your home and you didn’t know about it?
Sound implausible? I am sure this guy thought so.
06- San Pedro Haunting
There are a lot of tales of hauntings floating around on the internet, but few ever seem to be more than superstitions or misunderstandings of natural phenomena. The San Pedro haunting, however, has some fairly interesting points to it and you’ve probably never heard of it despite it being a rather well documented case.
The story is that of Jackie Hernandez and her house. The incidents started small and escalated into a worrisome situation, as you often hear. However, there was some physical evidence manifesting itself as the incidents went on that would worry everyone, whether you thought it was paranormal or not.
Her baby seemed to be getting small injuries that seemed unexplainable, or so Jackie said. There was also a sort of liquid substance oozing from her walls that, as the reports say, was sent to a lab and identified as human plasma, likely that of a male.
Here is the full story- The Haunting of Jackie Hernandez

05-The WOW! SIgnal
This one isn’t creepy. It’s just neat.
The WOW! signal is named so because the astronomer, Jerry Ehman, wrote “WOW!” next to the signal on the printout. It was an unusual signal that appeared on August 15, 1977  by the Big Ear- a SETI radio telescope. It did not resemble any of the signals we would get from naturally occurring cosmic phenomena so when Jerry saw it he wrote down the word that came to his head. It was detected for 72 seconds which is the amount of time that the Big Ear can detect any single signal for (because of the rotation of the Earth). That part of the sky has been scanned time and again since then and the signal has not been heard since.
Check out the video below for more information.

04- The Mackenzie Poltergeist
This is a rather interesting case- The mausoleum had remained undisturbed for centuries until 1998 when a homeless man broke into Sir Mackenzie’s to escape the weather (ominously known as just the Black Mausoleum). He broke into the tomb inside, perhaps looking for loot, and then all hell broke loose.
Click here to read the whole story.
PLEASE READ- I must caution you that the next, and final, three entries here are seriously disturbing and violent. Please stop here if you do not wish to have images burned into your mind that will never leave it. 
03- 1 man, 1 ice pick.

Luke Magnotta is the star of this story. This one is especially disturbing for me, a video that this man posted a few years ago where he had put kittens in a bag and then sucked all the air out of the bag with some type of compressor device. The kittens died. It was quite disturbing.
Another video came out shortly after that showing a man being killed while naked and tied down to a bed. The murderer then does all kinds of shit to the corpse, including dismembering it and having sex with it.
The internet came down hard and fast on this one. Internet sleuths put it together that the man who made the video with the kittens was the same man who posted this video. It turns out they were right. Luke Magnotta was sentenced to life imprisonment.
2- Anon Murders Someone
This one is not as graphic as the last one but it takes the number two spot because many people were a part of the experience. By that I mean this man was posting this to 4chan as it happened. 4chan’s format may be confusing for some, but just think of it as descending columns. That’s how you read it.

1-  The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs
This one takes the cake for me. This has got to be the most disturbing video I have seen on the internet. It’s not a mystery, but it certainly is creepy. This is pure evil. Sure, the 4chan guy uploaded pics right after he killed someone. Yea, Luke Magnotta killed a guy and raped him. There is something about this video, though, that really gets me. It is just so utterly brutal. I think it’s the noises that get me.
These two dudes were insane.  They committed a string of murders in Russia and filmed some of their excursions. This particular video somehow leaked out onto the internet. Here is the Wikipedia article on them

Well, folks. That wraps it up. Catch you next time. Sleep well…
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