"Mad" Woman Caught With Numerous Sim Cards And ATM Cards ( Pic)

Physinews: The lady, it was learnt, has been inhabiting the
spot in the most recent two years. The things
were found when the authorities of the Nigeria
Railway Corporation (NRC), who needed to
utilise the place, attempted to evacuate her.

A NRC authority, who talked about the state of
obscurity to NewTelegraph, said the disclosure
of the SIM cards, ATM cards and bank
employees came to them as an amaze. He

The woman has being living at the spot for
some time now.

Recently, a canteen was built close to the spot
where she is sitting, but some people who
patronise the canteen always complain about
the presence of the woman. To our surprise,
when we were about to evacuate her from the
spot, about 25 SIM cards, two ATM cards,
different bank tellers and a phone were
recovered from her. We don’t want another
incident similar to that of Clifford Orji where
human parts were recovered.
We suspect the woman has someone she is
working for. We are going to hand her over to
the task force because we don’t want to take
chances. The woman was behaving normally
when we moved close to her, but suddenly she
started putting up a strange behaviour and
pretending to be a lunatic. We don’t see her to
be what she is claiming.

A merchant, who distinguished herself basically
as Rebecca, told new telegraph that she didn't
trust the lady was a lunatic.

“She used to come to my shop to buy
detergent to wash her clothes and to bathe. I
was surprised when she started behaving
strangely now.

Whenever she comes to buy from me, she
always comes with crisp N500 notes. “There
was a day I closed late, I saw someone who
parked beside the road and was discussing
with the woman. But I did not hear what they
were saying.

Out of curiosity, I went to her the following day
to ask her who the person was. She said those
who come to visit her were her family members.
Government should clear lunatics from Oshodi
and its environs,”
Another broker, who did not need her name in
print, said the lady never asked for
contributions from passers-by. She said:

“We also want the police to beam their
searchlight on that angle, because she was not
soliciting alms from people. They should ask
her where she is getting the money she is
spending from, because we don’t want to lose
our children in the market.”

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