Photos:Indian Boy With Tail Lives 18 years Before Its Finally Removed

The tail caused the teen excruciating pain when trying to sleep or sit down
Physinews: An unnamed boy in India has lived most of his life suffering from constant discomfort and pain.

The 18-year-old was born with condition called neurodevelopmental abnormality, which caused a tail growing from his back.

Surprisingly but his family didn’t want to remove the exessive tissue believed it was a good luck charm and even helped to hide it.
However, when pain became unbearable the boy’s parents eventually took him to Super Specialty Hospital in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

According to doctors, the condition can be detected and operated on soon after birth but in this case relatives became victims of superstition and social stigma.

Teenager secretly lived with 18cm tail for 18 years before having surgery
Luckily, a team of doctors managed to successfully remove the painful 18cm tail — believed to the longest ever reported — earlier this week.
Dr Pramod Giri, the head of the neurosurgery department, at the hospital, said: “This is an extremely rare case and we have not seen such an abnormality here before.

He was admitted only after he complained of extreme pain in his lower back, problems while sleeping and sitting.
The boy was also suffering from an extreme psychological issue because the tail was growing so he had to always adjust the tail in his cloths when sitting.

Doctors said the tail didn’t contain any bone or cartilige
The family was always aware but they ignored it and did not see a doctor as they were superstitious and considered it to be a good luck charm for the boy.

They hid his condition all these years worrying about the social stigma and also because it was not creating any health issue for him until now.

He is very happy. He is now very comfortable while sleeping and sitting. He says he feels more confident about himself now.”

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