Photos: Naked Witches Family Fell From Sky In Zambia

Physinews Wonder Reports: This bizarre story was shared on Facebook. A 'flying family' of butt 'Unclad witches' allegedly 'lost fuel' and crash landed in Sowlezi, Zambia.

They had been on their way to Congo where they had been sent on a mission to suck blood and cause confusion. This is how it was narrated on Facebook:

There was drama in SOLWEZI this morning when a Ndola witchcraft family of four crash landed in SOLWEZI, the family was traveling from Ndola to Congo DR on a small bottle top and lost power in the middle of the journey .

" we were shocked when we saw people screaming from the top shouting NOO! NOO! , this forced us to go outside and check after we reached outside we saw a family of four which include a father , mother and children Unclad on the ground asking for forgiveness " an eyewitness explained .

When asked what happened the fallen wizard father said his family was sent by the higher powers to go and cause confusion in Congo and make sacrifices, we were tasked to kill over 20 people but as we reached SOLWEZI our flying powers finished all of the sudden and we fell to the ground.

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