Photo:Security Group Pours Pepper Into Sales Girls’ Private Parts

Physinews: A security group at Ochanja Main Market, Onitsha, Anambra State East Nigeria, has been accused of torturing five sales people. Four among them died, while the fifth, a lady, is presently battling to live. The security group was said to have carried out the torturing of the three men and two ladies on the instructions of their boss, said to be a trader in the market.
While the boys were tortured with machete cuts, grinded pepper was poured into the private parts of the ladies. The ladies were also alleged to have been brutalised.

One of the female traders in the market said: “One of the boys was inflicted with machete wounds at the office of the market’s security group, leading to his death.” The machete cuts, which were inflicted on the boy’s forehead, caused his immediate death.

The boy has been identified as Jekwu. Jekwu, two other boys and two ladies were sales persons to their boss, identified simply as Edimor. It was learnt that Edimor sells bathroom slippers. Edimor accused the five sales persons of stealing his N350,000.

Another trader said: “Edimor said that he told them to take the cash to the bank, which they did. They, however, returned to the shop after they saw that the crowd at the bank was much. The following day, they started searching for the money in the shop.

The three boys and two girls told Edimor they were not in possession of the money, but he wouldn’t believe them. “He invited the security group to do everything to ensure his sales people confess to the stealing.”

When the security grouped realised Jekwu was dead, they quickly rushed the other two boys to the hospital.

The two boys also later died at the hospital. The torture was said to have been too much for them.

“The girls were tortured with grinded pepper, which was poured into their private parts. The pain was said to have killed one of the girls at the hospital, while the other is still battling to stay alive,” another source said. When Edimor heard of the tragedy, he bolted, but police tracked and arrested him.

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