MOTOROLA The Notorious Warlord Killed in Bombing in Eastern Ukraine

Physinews: A notorious warlord has been killed in a
bombing in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk,
separatist officials said.

The separatist Donetsk News Agency said
that Arsen Pavlov, also known as Motorola,
was killed on Sunday in Donetsk when a
bomb exploded in an elevator in an
apartment building where he was staying.

He is one of several prominent warlords who
have been killed in bombings in the past year
which Ukraine watchers attribute to
infighting among the separatists. Pavlov
once admitted killing 15 prisoners of war.
Separatist officials have blamed previous
bombings on Ukrainian saboteurs operating
in the rebel-controlled areas.

The conflict between separatists and
Ukrainian government forces has been
raging since April 2014, killing more than
9,600 people.

Russian-born Pavlov, 33, worked in a car
wash before he crossed the border and
joined the separatists in 2014 before
becoming one of the most recognizable
faces of the Donetsk separatist movements.

Ukraine still has not adopted a law which
under peace accords signed in 2015 will
grant amnesty to Donetsk separatists.

Pavlov was one of the figures that the
Ukrainian government has used to back up
its assertion that people implicated in war
crimes should not be allowed to get away
with it.

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