For having loud sex in hotel room, see what was done to man (photos)

Physinews: Some angry hotel guests have kicked down
a man’s door and beaten him up in the
middle of the night because he was having
sex too loudly.

DailymailUK reports that CCTV captured
the moment a businessman called Zhang,
took out his frustrations on another guest
at a hotel in the city of Beihai, in China’s
Guanxi southern province.

The incident happened October 13 after
Zhang and a group of his colleagues had
checked into the hotel ahead of a meeting
the following morning. But Zhang was
woken up by a couple in the other room
close to his having sex loudly. He decided
to call the couple to order at first but i
didn’t work as  he got a barrage of abuse
back from the other man,Lei Mou. As the
confrontation got louder, Zhang’s
colleagues numbering up to 10 made their
way into the corridor outside the door of

Eventually Zhang kicked down the hotel
door, before dragging Lei out while
punching and kicking him, and stripping
him to the waist. The group were then
caught on camera in the lobby where the
attack continued, before police were called
and split it up. Zhang eventually agreed he
had over-reacted, before agreeing to pay
15,000 yuan to Lei to settle the dispute.

Photos of their drama below:

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