'I Lost My VIRGINITY To My Father & Fell In Love With Him' He Has Big………

Physinews: Psychologist-cum-businessman Adejoro Olumofin is famous on the social media for tackling various relationship/marital issues via his Instagram timeline "joroolumofin". Today, he shared Part 1 of the 3-part email he just received from a Nigerian lady.

Below is the email as sent by the lady to Olumofin:(The Reporter)

Subject: I have carried this burden for 17 years

Hello Joro,
First of all, I'm one of your biggest supporters. I love you and what you do. It's time for me to share. I don't want to start my life with a lie.

Please I need your advice, you can share too. All advise is key. I lost my virginity to my father when I was 15, he used to drink heavily and beat my mom up then. My mom left the country to U.K. to start afresh and also for financial stability. I blame my mom for leaving me behind here with him but I couldn't blame her.

The embassy wouldn't grant me and my brother and sister visa at that time. Over the years, I developed a love relationship with my father, first it was rape but later I loved him. I loved his feel inside me. During mid-term breaks I looked forward to going home to see him. We would make love all through. I even discouraged my mother when she wanted to come back. I was my father's girl.

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