2 Burglars Raped For 5 Days NONSTOP After Breaking Into Home Of A Notorious Gay

Physinews: Karma, they say, is a b**ch. This time, karma came in the form of a male gay rapist
Two burglars got more than they bargained for recently after picking the wrong house to break into. Garfield Morgan, 54, and his 36 year old accomplice friend Kim Gorton are both career burglars, having stolen from hundreds of homes in their lives. But it’s unlikely they’ll go back to crime after the traumatic episode they experienced in the home of Harry Harrington…

Harry Harrington is 6’7 and weighs over 136kg of pure muscle. He’s a notorious gay se-x predator who has served time in jail for numerous sexual assaults. An aggressive and predatory offender, he’s not the kind of man you want to annoy. But that’s just what Morgan and Gorton did that fateful night.

Garfield and Kim broke through the backdoor of Harry Harrington’s house in Florida.

The heavily built Harrington caught them in the act and easily overpowered them.

Tied them up and for 5 days used them as his se-x slaves, banging their poor back ends almost to death he don't care what will happen to it(Funny? lol that's true)

Only a neighbor who heard cries and alerted the police saved them from their painful and horrific experience.

As you can see from their mug shots below, the men were extremely traumatized by their ordeal. What they went through is inexcusable, but many online commentators are saying that they deserved some kind of retribution for their crimes.

But…five days of being raped by a man is a bit much, isn’t it?
The men face burglary charges, while Harrington is facing another stretch inside prison for his actions.

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