Kenya LADY Climb On Top Of Police Car With Full Nakedness (Photos)

Physinews: The world is coming to an end. The current happenings prove so. Teenagers have turned the world into Sodom and Gomorrah. They will do anything in the name of having fun. Be it sleeping around, grinding on each other or even pulling some dirty moves in church in the name of praising the Lord, our generation is indeed rotten.
Young girls who are the main victims will do anything for fame. Be it going for butt implants, sleeping around for fame, leaking their sex tapes or even dishing out nudies, we really need the Messiah to save us. AGAIN!

A video of a Kenyan girl shaking her big buttocks which look like implants or rather fake has surfaced online. In the video, the girl is busy shaking it and even goes ahead to expose her whole body. It’s not clear why she recorded herself doing such but it seems she was either on a Skype call or was entertaining someone.

But why? In this time and age do people still do such? Do they even think of the aftermath? Will you be proud when your children find your Unclad photos online? Whatever you choose, do it wisely or else one day in life, you will be left embarrassed. Just remember that the internet never forgets.

The incident attracted many passersby, some of whom cheered the plus-size woman, begging her to “give them more”. She did not hesitate. The woman went ahead to entertain the crowd, making it hard for the police to control her.

At first, many thought she was not in her right senses, but witnesses confirmed she was okay. When the scene began, the woman got on the top of the car with help from her neighbours, and sources indicate she did this because she thought her actions would chase the police officers away from the neighbourhood. Onlookers feasted their eyes on the Unclad woman, as others took photos and videos.

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