18+ View: Tell Me what's wrong with this Photos,Fashion Or Nakedness

Physinews, as a blogger I do check out some places where events rocking, shops at times clubs have seen a lot of clothes wored by ladies all in the name of looking sexy,  and lot more.
But taking a look at some in descent rags called fashionable clothes ladies put on today, I asked a lady last two week that why do you girls of nowadays dress nakedness, her replied was that either to look sexy to attract men or some of us put it on in search of husband..

I Physinews as a single guy am sorry I  can't pick a girl to be my future wife out of dressing naked or wearing in descent clothes and proposed to her and ask hand in marriage NEVER..

Have seen many dresses with these my small eyes especially in club, am not a club boy or go there to go do rubbish, I go there just to check things out as online journalist,
I review of all these I philsh out that most of these ladies that dress naked comes from rich family background, their parents don't have time for them or caution them, some are caution but disobeyed their parents.
below check out some clothes ladies of nowadays put on in the name of been sexy:

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