See How Train hits landslide and derails In England

Landslip near Watford Junction station

Physinews Reports: A train has hit a landslide near Watford
Junction causing it to strike another train
and derail.
A man was treated for a neck injury and a
woman suffered chest pains after the
accident at the Hunton Bridge Tunnel.
Emergency services and engineers are on the

scene and trains in and out of London Euston
are facing "major disruption".

After several hours, another train was brought
in to move the 150 passengers from the 6.19
service from Milton Keynes to London

Danny Kelly, who was travelling on the train,
said "there was a jolt and scraping noises".

"We travelled a further 20 to 30 metres and
there was another sharp jolt. I believe this
was the moment we clipped the train heading
in the opposite direction," he said.
"Fortunately both trains were travelling at
slow speed.

"A man in the carriage in front of mine came
back to report that the window of the cab of
the other train had been blown out by the
impact and the driver was being treated.

"On our train, a lady right in front of me was
suffering from a heart flutter. The emergency
services boarded the train and they were
great with her, they sat with her throughout."

Engineers and emergency services are at the landslide near Watford Junction

The landslip was caused by torrential rains,
which have prompted an amber flood
warning in the East, South and South East of
England .

Network Rail said that although a "small
portion" of the train came off the track it
"remained upright". Another train travelling in
the opposite direction gave it a "glancing
blow", it added.

"Passengers are being transferred to
continue their journeys," a spokesman said.

"Initially, all lines of the West Coast main line
at this point were blocked but two of the four
lines reopened at about 8am and services
have resumed."

Some services have been cancelled and
the disruption is expected to last throughout
the morning.
London MIdland is advising passengers not
to travel.

"Our priority is to fully reopen the railway as
soon as it is safe to do so. A full
investigation into what happened will take
place," Martin Frobisher, route managing
director for Network Rail, said.

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