Photos: Lady Mistakenly Set Her Private Part On Fire On Dancing Competition This is funny indeed and curious, the lady below mistakenly set her private part on fire during dancing competition, this happened in Kenya, when 20 contestant are on a competition for the best dancer of the year, the lady below was dancing while holding a  candle light, the audience focus on her to see how she want to dance with a candle light all of a sudden
she start waving the candle which some of the burning content dropped on her skirt but she didn't notice, she later dropped the candle down and start dancing on top, she knelt down bend her back and start dancing faster..

Unknowingly, her white skirt which the candle content dropped catch up fire, before she realise what is going her skirt burnt up, before the the security finally quench the fire, God Saves her, the fire only burnt little of her lap..

At the end of the competition she won and given series of prizes..
Photos of her below, if you want the video drop your comment below or contact us via our mail..

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