After This Thief Robbed a Native Doctor Reading What Happened To Him Will Keep Your Mouth Open For 2Hours

0 A thief who stole a wallet from a native doctor
was shocked when the item turned into a
dangerous snake in his hands. The guy tried all
he could to extricate the reptile from his hand
but to no avail, so he had no choice but to go
to the owner of the wallet and confessed what
he did.

According to Adom Online, the incident left
people baffled after they watched as a wallet
turned into a deadly cobra in the hands of the
thief as a result of "black magic".

It was gathered that the 27-year-old thief
identified as Mdu, had snatched the wallet from
the owner, not knowing that he was playing
with fire as the owner is a known witch doctor.

When he tried to open it to see what he got, the
wallet turned into a cobra that wrapped itself
around his hand.

A witness revealed that the terrified thief
tracked the native doctor who was about to
board a taxi and confessed that he stole his
wallet and wanted to return it.

“He stole a wallet from an old man; people
around are just saying the old man is a
Sangoma (native doctor), but no one knows
the man around. When he snatched the wallet
he went behind a billboard; that’s when the
wallet turned into a snake.

"The snake is not biting him but it's stuck in his
hands as he failed to throw it way; this is first-
grade black magic."

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