Photo: Female Student Raped and Killed By Her Father

Physinews: The father of honor student Daizsa Bausby has
been arrested and charged for her alleged r*pe
and murder. The 18yrs old girl was actually
preparing for her 19th birthday, when she was
suddenly found dead.

According to the police findings, her father,
Jerry K. Bausby, 40, r*ped and killed her.
Beautiful Daizsa's was found smothered to
death inside a Kansas City motel room after she
went to visit her dad sometime in March 2016
at the motel.

But last week, her dad appeared before a
Jackson County judge, and entered a not guilty
plea for her r*pe and death. He was charged
with murder in the first degree, sodomy, incest
and s*xual assault but he maintains his
The police are expected to tender "forensic"
evidences against the father in the next court

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