Grand Pa Raped 6 Year Old Girl Saying He Just Want To Know May Be She is a Virgin Or Not

Physinews: A 73-year-old man has been sentenced
to prison for defiling a six-year-old girl by
an Ugandan high court sitting in Mukono.

Moses Mutumba, a resident of Kyikondo
village, Namagunga-Nagojje Sub-county
in Mukono district, defiled a neighbour’s
kid, according to the prosecution.
Mutumba asked the victim to go to his
house after she was sent by her mother
to buy some items at the shop.

On getting to his house, he placed the girl
on a mat and had sexual intercourse with

Prosecution claimed that the accused
had intention to commit the crime, since
he lured the girl to his place.

Mutumba told court that the victim had
already had her hymen ruptured, saying
she had had sexual acts with other
people, therefore he could not have
caused her big damage.

The trial judge Margret Mutonyi observed
that Mutumba, a casual worker, admitted
to having defiled the victim but wasn’t
remorseful about his act.

The judge reasoned that Mutumba’s
conduct was disgusting and
embarrassing, especially as he was old
enough to be the grandfather of the girl.
Justice Mutonyi therefore condemned
him to 15 years in prison in order to
protect other children and society from

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