Photo: Dozens Wounded In Turkey Car Bomb Attack

Physinews Reports: A car bomb in Turkey's eastern city of Van
has injured at least 27 people, two of them
critically, according to reports.

The "large explosion" is understood to have
targeted the party's provincial offices in the
city, an MP for Turkey's ruling AK party told
CNN Turk.

It struck just 200 metres from the Van
provincial governor's office, security forces
said, tearing off the front of a four-storey
building and setting nearby cars
and buildings ablaze.

The broadcaster said two police officers are
among those injured and that no one is
believed to have been killed.

Footage of smoke rising from a building and
people running from the scene is being
broadcast on local television.

Turkish security forces have blamed
the militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)
for the blast.

There was no immediate claim of
responsibility for the attack.

It comes a day after two dozen mayors from
Kurdish-run municipalities, mostly in the
southeast, were stripped of office over
suspected PKK links.

The move triggered widespread protests,
with the pro-Kurdish opposition party
accusing authorities of carrying out an illegal
"administrative coup".

Four towns in Van province were affected by
the removals.

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