France Uncovering New Terror Plots 'Every Day'

Physinews Reports: French authorities are foiling new terror plots
"every day", according to the country's prime
Manuel Valls said France faced a threat from
an estimated 15,000 homegrown radicals,
warning that despite the efforts of security
services, there "will be new attacks".

He was speaking to radio station Europe 1 as
a 15-year-old boy was arrested in Paris on
suspicion of planning an imminent
knife attack.
"Today the threat is at a maximum, and we
are a target," Valls said on Sunday.
"Every day attacks are foiled ... (including) as
we speak."
He warned that among the 15,000 people
suspected of being in the process of
being radicalised, 1,350 are under
"There will be new attacks, there will be
innocent victims...this is also my role to tell
this truth to the French people," he said.
The teenager detained in eastern Paris on
Saturday had been under house arrest since
April for suspected links to Islamic extremists
following a search of his home.
His arrest comes just days after a police
dismantled a "terrorist cell" of female
"commandos" in connection with an aborted
attack near Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral.
Four women, the 15-year-old daughter of
one of the women and a man were arrested
last week after an abandoned car filled with
gas canisters and diesel was found close
to the landmark.
One of the women was charged with
terrorism offences after telling police she and
an accomplice had tried to set the vehicle
alight but fled when they saw a man they
believed to be a plain-clothes policeman.
Three of the women are accused of planning
a separate attack.
Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said
they were acting on orders coming from
France is in a state of emergency following a
series of Islamist attacks which have left 238
people dead since January 2015.
Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a
number of the attacks including the Paris
attacks in November in which 130 people
were killed. It also claimed the man who
killed 86 people with a truck in Nice in July
was one it its "soldiers".
According to Interior Minister Bernard
Cazeneuve, police have arrested 293 people
this year for "links to terrorist networks".

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