With This Words you Melt her Hearth with Your Love

PHYSINEWS REPORTS: Do you love your girlfriend very much? Surprise the woman you love with love sms for her and she’ll never forget it. 

She will be very happy to know that she’s desired and loved. Just remember, every woman is crazy about tender words even if she seems very independent and strong.

Nobody knows your woman better than you or her family. You can create your own love sms taking into account her character and she’ll appreciate your efforts.

If you have some difficulties with romantic words, choose and send these love sms to her:

- I prayed to God every day He would give me the best woman in the world, and He gave me the best friend, beloved woman and caring lady in one person. Thanks for everything, my Love!

- My life is so perfect. Do you know why? Because you are my life. I love you very much.
My darling, what can be better than being with you and looking into your eyes? I see there reflection of your beautiful soul and great love for me. You’re the dearest woman to me.

- When did I realize I love you? It happened when I realized that I want to have children with you and spend the rest of my life next to you.

- Being with you is the best thing that ever happened to me. Our love make me better, happier, nicer and stronger. I believe we will go through all difficulties together because our love is stronger than anything. You make me happy.

- Only one word makes my heart beat faster – this is your name. Jessica, I love you.


What can be better to receive nice love sms messages from our man after you’ve woken up. Send your lovely woman some nice words to make her happy since morning:

- Good morning, My Life! You are my sunshine because your love heats me up. Wake up, my Sweetheart!

- Waking up is the favorite thing for me. It makes me think of you. I’m dreaming of that days when we’ll wake up together every morning.

- I’m sitting in my kitchen, drinking coffee, birds are singing outside the window. Life is beautiful. But there is something that worries me deeply: you are not here. I need my sunshine to wake up.

- I used to be the man who would sleep late. Waking up was not my favorite part. Now, I wake up with a big pleasure to talk with you and see your beautiful face. Good morning, my Angel.

- I want to be the first you hear in the morning and the last you hear before going to bed. It’s a warning for you. Wait for a call in 5 minutes.


Your lady will be happy to receive love you sms for her before sleeping. Every woman dreams of her man before bedtime. Write her:

- Sometimes it seems to me that you are not real. You are like an Angel from my best dreams. But I’m so happy to know you are my woman in reality. Have sweet dreams, my Love.

- I’d like to be your blanket, your bed or your pillow. I’m jealous! They are closer to you than me. But I’m be closer to your soul than anyting and anyone. Come in my dream, my Fair Lady.
Tomorrow will be big day. Do you know what I mean? Tomorrow I’ll love you more than today. Good night, Sweet Lady.

- I’m not dreaming of you. I can never fall asleep thinking of you. I’ll be waiting for you in my dream tonight.

- I can’t wait to be next you again. I wish you always were here. You are the best in my life. Miss you, my Dream Angel.

- Do you want to make your lady laugh? In that case, you should send funny love sms to girlfriend. Well, write her something like that:

- I have no breakfast in the morning – thinking of you. I don’t have a dinner in the afternoon – thinking of you again. I don’t have a supper in the evening – still thinking of you. But I don’t sleep at night because want to eat!

- Beautiful face. Sugar lips. Lovely legs. Well, enough about me. How are you?

- If you don’t answer me in 5 seconds, you will owe me 1000 kisses. You are late.

- You will got jail. You stole my heart.
Get out of my head! I can’t work.

These love sms for girlfriend will make her smile, laugh or even cry. The most important thing is to make her happy. Just remember that women are sensitive and tender. You can make her happy or sad only with one word. Speak words of love more often and prove these through actions. 

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