Opay Balance adder || Palmpay Balance Adder Codes Sporty Bet Balance Adder Application

PHYSINEWS REPORTS: There's this Format used by Scammers this days to Scam many Nigerians Called Sporty Bet Balance Adder, Opay Balance Adder, Palmpay Balance Adder, One of my Subscriber that join Physients Group on WhatsApp DM me by sending video of the above adder which I fell to get this, he managed to send the Opay Balance Adder Application and Palmpay Balance Adder Application to be installed on my Phone which I installed, the Opay Requested for username and password while the Palmpay Requested for Code to Access, he said I have to pay for the Opay Login and Palmpay Code, as a Webmaster and app. Developer as far you configuration your app with Javascript there's no way the password or code can be hidden I have my way to track it and get it 😁😁.

Those guys playing the video of Opay Balance Adder, Palmpay Balance Adder on their videos they will never click on transaction history to show the Identity of the sender because of the process of running the scam app. One of their fellow guys make the transfer so people might think it's true, but it's 100% Scam...

Buying O'pay balance Adder Login || Palmpay Balance Adder and others relative app to enrich you illegal are all Scams...

I bridged in to the so called O'pay balance Adder trust me I got the Username and Password then send the 50k tag as not required to my O'pay from the app. after showing successful and the so called account will receive the money checking my O'pay Nothing added 😁😁 Same thing Palmpay Balance Adder they're all fake, Don't Pay anyone to get logins or code it's Scam and fake

I won't release the Username and Password plus the code for Safety Reasons but all I need to inform the public is never pay anyone to get code or Login they're all Scams.. you will never be Credited

If you have any questions or have application some guys sent to you , requesting payment for the code feel free to mail us HERE We will bridge into it and get the code to confirm to you it's fake..
Feel free to share this to safe others....

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