www.trxzdh.com ,www.usdctrx.com are 100% Scam Never Fall Victim Photos and Video Proof

PHYSINEWS REPORTS: We will never Stop Exposing Some Sites or any Scammers that 
Trying to put Pains on people thinking they are Smart 🤓 , trxzdh.com with below Screenshot

And www.usdctrx.com/ with below Screenshot

The above Sites are 100% Scam, what I understand about TRX mining is Deposit ones and withdraw for a year, According to contract, refer when your referer recharge you get bonus which will be credited to your promotional account to withdraw all, the one you deposited on your basic you get some percentages like 2% or 3%  to withdraw it Everyday for a year, but this TRX mining sites do change the game on a process given one or two tricks to steal your TRX , Like www.trxzdh.com shows to deposit up to 500trx to continue your withdrawing after depositing on your normal basic account

When you're trying to withdraw and your profile shows this 👇

Noting happens to your profile they deliberately make those pop up to steal your TRX,if you make deposit of the said TRX you can never get it back, so be wise and never fall victim to this thieves .....

And for www.usdctrx.com, you get to withdraw after receiving your trade profit without receiving it you can't withdraw, when you try to receive your trading profit it brings a pop up to deposit more like below video 

Never fall victim to deposit more because at the end of the day after deposit you won't be able to withdraw, the admin of this site profiles on Telegram was removed base on report of stealing people's TRX, he proceeded In opening another one and we follow up by chatting up at the end he blocked us see below screenshot for proof

After blocking we follow up on our other telegram profile to check we saw him active

Physinews Media will always expose this born to steal digital armed robbers and we have evidences on them, Beware and smart not to lost your hard Earnings on this useless sites , we risk our money to test this sites ones we detect any fraudulent act we held down here to expose them....

Do you want to expose any sites that scam you to help others not to fall victim reach us on mail here with your strong proof , we will surely publish it free of charge....

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