Woman Caught Having Sex With Dog After Denying Husband Of Sex For 3 Months

Physinews:Shingai Mpofu, a Bulawayo woman , who was in the habit of refusing her husband sex was caught having sex with a dog around 1am.

According to report Shingai was caught by her brother Shabba late at night having s*x with his (Shingai) female dog.

Shabba narrating the the incident said

“It was around 1am when I heard one of the dogs making some funny noises. I then took a screw driver with the intention of opening the window to see what was happening, but to my surprise I found my sister naked busy having sex with the male dog. I then asked her what she was doing, but she turned deaf and dumb. When I rushed to wake up her husband and other tenants in the house, he then dressed up and ran away, “
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Shabba said he was shocked when he saw his sister having sex with a dog and alerted the sister-in-law Lynnia Siziba and the neighbors.

Lynnia speaking on the incident said his wife can go for months without touching her and when he tries to get her to,she threatens to shout.

Lynnia said

“Mpofu has always acted weird and she loved the dog a lot. Imagine she made me eat cabbage everyday while she fed the two dogs with meat and polony. For me to eat meat I had to steal the one reserved for the dogs in the fridge whenever she was away,” said Lynnia. he further added that his wife double crossed  with a dog.
woman caught having sex with dog
“My wife goes for months without having sex with me and when I tried to touch her, she became violent threatening  me . It seems she was satisfying herself with the dog and therefore I have decided to return home,“
In the morning, they reported the matter to police leading to her arrest. The man who is a security guard at nearby shops in Pumula North area of Zimbabwe would always leave by midnight and 1am as his mates kept wondering why.

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