Some Bad habits which Will Forever ruin your skin and Never Get Repairs

Physinews:Japanese women are very sensible to beauty. For them, beautiful skin means the skin without brown spots or dullness.
You don’t usually notice brown spots spreading, so it is better to prevent them before they get darker. In this article, we will show you what causes brown spots and how to prevent them.
Rubbing the skin
Those who take a good care of the skin tend to touch it a lot. Even if you wash your face with gentle foaming cleanser, you can rub the skin while washing your face or drying it with a towel.
Massaging, while or after washing your face, can also rub the skin. Even though you don’t use hands when you put foundation on your skin, pushing a sponge hard against the skin can cause brown spots.
Therefore rubbing causes brown spots, so you must wash and dry your face gently and put foundation without too much pressure.
Taking long, hot showers
Hot water strips your skin of the natural lipids – cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides – that provide a watertight seal around cells. This disturbs the skin’s barrier and causes water to evaporate, says Leslie Baumann, MD, director of the University of Miami’s Cosmetic Medicine and Research Institute. A reduction in lipids causes skin to feel dry and itchy. Limit showers to no more than 10 to 15 minutes, and use warm – not hot – water, suggests Doris Day, MD, a New York City–based dermatologist. The same rules apply for taking a bath: Keep bathing time short, and use warm water. When washing your face and hands, use warm or lukewarm water.
Eating sweets
When you take white sugar, there will be many bad bacteria in your body which can produce reactive oxygen and create aging pigment that creates dullness and brown spots on your skin.
Taking too many sweets which contains white sugar or sweet food causes brown spots. It may be hard for those who love sweets, but you should be careful not to consume them too much.
It is also recommended to change white sugar with brown sugar or honey in your cooking.
Lack of sleep
It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with brown spots, but sleeping well is important in order to regenerate your skin so that brown spots won’t get darker than they already are.
Lack of sleep is also the cause of aging the skin, so we should remember that sleeping is more important than removing your makeup or putting whitening products on your face.


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